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yeah you know if you did he would have even. though you believe you are not. the kind of.
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your kind. of idiot all to. shove a gun on the wall the same. the whole. obama was because he. was. done stuff and said i wouldn't listen to that geisha. to get me way out of the little rabbit with the list of what's out look like. this. good god. what
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a day at the studio with the news. that the feds moved to the from just a few muslims to smooth it from him and feeling the good that they're about to be a. winner from perfectly honest. government to. stand up for what they're selling on is play it leave your thoughts on this for what it's all in the me he can have them no mickey second anything that.
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was. that was a mess from the field so i thought all done. in the had that shot. lead to the bomb and i thought i'm the chemical bomb that isn't that. a feat for muscle why any settlement when when and who was muslim in the distance a basket might do that but the had the in the same cogs i'm a good bit as good as love and love the had that beside the united forgot that got
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other side out of someplace. by this man on the passaic hudson. sauce about what it took me miss you know when we bought mashed fellas now if you had milk for us i'm but i'm not i know i didn't invent old women shoulder some water and i don't know what i thought that if you had to keep going to complain the family about i could do is to matter how do i do but i some agenda as a second set of the matter in the end that. slaughter adam slaughter. a little could have that. video because to my son the old shuffle i see it was a no just part of the feel but the mystique. the film wasn't there in the me something. that john nuff can do in
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a column about for getting up the walk. them with more that he had been up in a moment typing that deaf you can see what the female. in the middle from the mother thought and so frontal shot about hours ago i must be the one i'm so tired of the other jihads of the of in the from a did not offend they say to me and the kind of to what i did not want them to have. you should love so i it's a back of the gentle you know a couple of the could be of what is it. couldn't as is couldn't get out of that would that. but i'm not in was suburban the not the for the message me get any of us have a you haven't would have had a thought up. the scheme is one with a digit. on that outside listening to them i get the one that the other.
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pass. council by have that if it happens the time for something he she didn't. call him and yet. come to not so lots of the back of my god why would somebody who is one have left me on my lap i just love not war bullshit i mean shouldn't. that also nancy acting now get a better label of the woman sitting in the middle of get up just about how most of the mechanism does now. leslie kemeny on behalf of about an actor has to have
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a box somewhere in that. had the dough are some pub in the back was a modest cost not as cost lot of the same would come about. with a small feel swathe of enjoyed with the. welcome to this island out of medina and i was lost because of the in shock of my how bad the fear of getting to be what was told of my good death of a candle or made with wagner will not hunting with love and i but the chance of a plot to get there we are countless look and study and while young as one or two to that it started with a whole if you mock them nor that. none of that is that feeling of i'm gonna play the things that used to buy them and present.
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them with was that about the jet. kill and it definitely would hurt as you would. have thought but i will jim out of. the way or sort of mood when the next door would. feel any better. i did but he did that i knew i hadn't and. and asked about any and. lot of the. other. women and to me not that i'm seen as i suzanne i would just let it out for god then i would look at the nose in that event the. more i look in the gun. controllers i be the man and get in the can where had the by the high.
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but the list that. had them advice in the old came out of. the must have jim jim and jim jim the one i was. at the minute minyan in benghazi. and that it was over for. at the love of it would. then. but i don't doubt. that the. second news. lou and i had in the office. of them in the. back communally.
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that. i would just could not stand here. today mcinnes and now father i was more than good to have was not in what are known to be able to do when i'm out of town. couldn't like to vote on a. cut of the bill but got the resume on only the how to. reckon with. sea level kind of noise will be one of thirty. three work made from the good on fee months of the ledges of the ones that i know a few months but it. would look women up on my body they could be thinking for that
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on. them to comfort them how to bloody them to me i look a lengthy. thank you thank. you s. . the end. god then how do i know what i'm feeling i see on me and i see a lot slower a little when you know when what i know now that one was lucky or the woman with a couple over there what. and kaberle my home she would own the theater and the
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little boy and how do i want to know how don't solve this awful. the whole don't know when. and yet reasons that i know. little. late. for she loved ones are the loveliest. little almost the money enough. thank. you hmm. thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks. to both can. live in the heart of the for another one.
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i would normally be good yet again the police above any official had the insight i wish i were to learn the start of the book that god lit when i can call what i did to home and feel how the rush of the mobs startled me and they mocked him with a fire. and if i'm in the bedroom secondly sure a little i saw the. national on the can you has a gun to live on in a. home or going to goodwill in the wild not that i'm doesn't want. help i was also out of a muzhik the whole commotion of the notebook about the model. of. my
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. office reported that one of them you. with your little one got for the money from. someone different saw him most saw shop obvious on the bag. was. got the pull up and shout i'm here more than one of them and i want to. go to the bottom of so much to me on what. a must and sleep for what. will supply with the folks. that it's about to. become a most of what it's time to.
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google. for food before i. can. from that help make my book. got it up to the. general but either good because that would be good as it would
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have cost of the ticket zero had definitely. nobody in the us a measurement of. how would you know that in can america and with that as. a spy down the us by tell the other how to preserve our. limited options wouldn't. want to let us a shame about all that black skin as long as the lives of we'll. listen to some of the loves of a lot of your. a lot of fossil of jazz and other running. to solve and if we don't know what if more gonna add to the flood of the views of the only feasible is what. we are but in a small fee and it's
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a little cloudy off of the subsequent a mile of the five mile rather you've got the full bus also. and you can't show in the. dark one dose of sizes i. was. starting to get that was like. a little while. and you. say it. was from who was a woman. i was a tool for that's something you can't swing into food the brotherhood and then monthlies. for. the as. the as. the.
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thought and then them to what i will sort of i live it and here it was of a sausage was that. honey i'm a fan of the v.a. i was just a thought one we're on the air. and say by noon and have a definite tell us that. the one thought in the air that he had had a little fuck that going in the nick of a coffee cup i fastened on. the
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i. didn't. feel i loved to see that at the end let me tell it in the met and it was and. then you have
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a. million in the muscle. and in the stool. in the list would be. all over. at the top. of the safe and if it's in the study example you couldn't buy a stud the i don't yet but any of would does that how to get. it back on the money in the book is a lot of. other than with. either the the because. but obama has. gotten. to be in. the at. the top of the us by the end of it then the showed. up in front of them. and i have.
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to. feel a little malik and a little. bit of a let. for the look on the joy of apple i don't know me. for it's a really big day it. numbed in the muck and i'm telling. you. i'm talking to the.
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november on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me in my am bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of their agenda. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across to his years. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bone to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when he springs captivating stories and award winning fills. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump embarks on a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera.
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a young mind a blank slate primed for the wonders of the world. both valuable and found. in their own words boys as young as nine reveal how they were indoctrinated and wrenched from their childhood into a life of unspeakable violence. lion cubs of i saw. witness documentary at this time. it is the inhabitants of a nation that give it its unique identity. each culture maintained and developed by the endeavors of its people in a six part series i'll just read those into two news years rich tapestry through the prism of six extraordinary individuals. micronesia coming soon on a jersey on the. list to. have yet to have
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a lot more. than. we wanted them for that's what our community count thanks to give them. some. junk on the drug. world like the one today. just dumped on al-jazeera. hello i'm sue turton in london the top story say on al-jazeera the u.n. secretary general antonio is visiting the central african republic in a bid to draw attention to the front jar security situation where thousands of
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people have lost their lives and half a million have been displaced in violence between muslim and christian groups which the u.n. says has the potential to descend into genocide during his four day trip the u.n. chief is also expected to meet victims of sexual abuse by u.n. peacekeepers in an effort to address damaging allegations egypt's president has met his french counterpart in paris where they too have pledged to strengthen economic and military ties and the fattah el-sisi and the manual macro by them the revival of this new genre out came after italy and libya reached an agreement to stem departures from the libyan coast underlined the challenge for europe to face smugglers who continuously adapt to new realities on the ground but at the sicily. it's been a year since a so-called jungle camp in the northern french town of color was dismantled forcing
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out refugees and migrants who had set up makeshift homes there but far from ending the problem many have now moved to a new location so they can continue attempts to reach the u.k. natasha butler is in the town of wistrom where residents are divided in opinion over their new neighbors. an early morning ferry prepares to sail from the northern french port of to england it's a popular link across the channel but recently it's become a new route for some refugees to reach britain they tried to climb on to trucks that are boarding at least ninety refugees mainly from sudan have arrived here in the past few months and then numbers are growing you know with a kid you know it's only like what if it takes one year or ten to get to the u.k. we won't give up our dream. we sam is a small fishing town it was etched into history on d.-day when allied forces landed to liberate france in one thousand nine hundred forty four today it's facing
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a different struggle the mayor says many residents feel unsafe some local people are a fig finking of not being in security and i'm also as the tricky question for us to deal with the migrants problem here in the city the refugees sleep outside often in fields or woods this is where about thirty refugees sleep each night you can see some of their possessions on the ground his sleeping bags and clothes and there really is nothing here it's just a clearing in the forest and while some of them tell us is that the police come in the morning and tell them to move on good of all the police do is chase them from one street to another they chase them from the woods or from the port people don't want to see them walking in the streets but all human beings have a right to walk in the street. beyond the point. with winter approaching the hot food prepared by these volunteers as often they were in email adam who didn't want to show his face says he's a farmer who fled darfur two years ago that was the wars the government killers and
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our family are now the honestly. the only indulged in darfur up to here is so hard i don't know you don't know what's going on if you what the england is really like us or the middle east. but opinion is divided in the town these residents say they don't want the refugees on their doorstep. we can't go out now the shops are closed tourism will stop our house prices will go down we aren't safe from the cali region look what happened there no one here knows how many refugees managed to cross to the u.k. but with cali now a heavily policed fortress new frontlines such as this port are forming in northern france natasha butler al jazeera. it's been widely speculated across us media that the trump administration will partially relax a ban on refugees entering the country the president suspended all refugee entry to
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allow a review of vetting procedures that was later revised to allow refugees with a bona fide a connection into the u.s. well let's get the latest from gabriel alexander in new york who's been attending a briefing with the state department and department of homeland security come here you're reading this has the ban on refugees into the u.s. being lifted or not. the short answer to that is yes we expect that the trumpet ministration we're told will be signing a new executive order here sometime later tonight tuesday night here in the us that will end the one hundred twenty day ban on refugees coming into the united states that's the short answer but it's a lot more complicated than that because he is we're told that there is going to be an additional ninety day review on refugees coming from a leavened particular quote unquote high risk countries what exactly what which
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countries those are exactly they would not tell us in the briefing but presumably it's the same countries that have been mentioned previously which include among others iraq and syria now also while they are opening up the refugees possible back to the united states they are going to be increasing screening and increasing vetting of refugees coming into the united states or applying to come into the u.s. that will include looking into among other things social media accounts of refugees and their family members as well as taking all sorts of more increased by biological data from refugees and just overall increasing the screening process for the refugees that want to come into the country but clearly for these a lot refugees from these particularly eleven countries which include iraq and syria which are the vast majority of refugees are coming to the u.s.
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there is still going to be a case by case basis of allowing them in but not just opening the doors wide open a case by case basis per applicant that wants to get come to the u.s. so kate how is this likely to affect refugees currently waiting to get into the u.s. . well the good news is the ban is over the bad news is particularly for the refugees from these eleven countries it's still going to be an incredibly long process if not longer than what it was before so some refugee rights organizations already saying that this doesn't do a lot to help refugees in a lot of ways particularly adult males because they have to go through a secondary screening process that is much more rigorous than children or women do and that process is still in place and that's even being reviewed as well so well the headline is is that the ban on refugees into the u.s.
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has ended the sub headline to all of this is that there are still a lot of refugees in very vulnerable positions they're going to have a very very difficult time coming into the united states right now the u.s. admits about fifty five thousand refugees in the trumpet ministration has already said even before this announcement that they were going to decrease that number to about forty five thousand the lowest number in decades many thanks everybody found that making sense of that very complicated picture wall street down jones has opened at a record high following a surge and shares in the world's largest construction and mining company caterpillar the us stock market continues to break records on a daily basis of stock prices more than tripling since two thousand and nine but despite market volatility remaining at historically low investors on that wondering how much longer this rally will last i'll just say it was crystal salumi
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a small. with a nuclear armed north korea making threats international trade deals on hold and a revolving door for white house staff u.s. politics have been anything but predictable under the trumpet ministration. nevertheless stock prices have been steadily climbing recently passing twenty three thousand for the first time defying conventional wisdom that the market craves stability. since president donald trump selection the dow jones industrial average has shot up twenty six percent and shows little sign of slowing there are some signs of some cracks in some of the most a billion of forecasts but generally still looks like we have further run particularly because markets are a little bit fixated on what so far has been a stronger earnings season and some positive notes about possible tax reductions the market also continues to benefit from low interest rates and a policy of quantitative easing that started under president barack obama seven
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years ago starting the market on its current upward climb but if history is any guide this child won't last forever. and whether it's the stock market selloff that led to the great depression in one nine hundred twenty nine. or black monday in one nine hundred eighty seven the superstitious point out that the greatest market drops have taken place in october some warn that safeguards meant to stop such slides not kept pace with modern technology. do i think that something like that can happen again i mean anything's possible i think that with the advent of computer technology and the speed at which that technology is transfer on the market i think it's very possible i think it would be a very quick move for now however with the possibility of tax cuts on the horizon the market continues to skyrocket vester is hold on tight for the ride christian salumi al-jazeera new york. a surgeon at a london hospital has made medical history by using the latest technology to
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operate on a patient with the help of experts over seven thousand kilometers away cholera specialist. we worked with surgeons in mumbai to remove bowel cancer tissue from a patient they were able to view the procedure in real time using special headsets and appeared as a daters in the operating theatre to offer help to the lead surgeon now it's up up and away for one british adventurer tom morgan has flown twenty five kilometers across south africa strapped to a camping chair suspended from under helium balloon he reached heights of more than two thousand meters in scenes reminiscent of the smash pixar movie up. philip had the only algis there when you saw venus williams said i'm fine at taking counter at the w.c. a final and thing a detailed info. business
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all day brought to you by always going places together.
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business all day brought to you by chance are they always going places together. now time for the sport has found a end. thank you so much say well it's telling police are investigating allegations of behavior by lots founds supporters of the wrong club or accused to defacing their own stadium with graffiti. a lot syria's club president has responded by visiting at rome's main synagogue to apologize stickers of hole across a victim and frank wearing the shirt of their rivals roma were also found at the stadium the italian football federation is said a passage from frank's diary will be read before all league matches this week. will
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grow more and latvia will promote an annual initiative by organizing for two hundred young like you found to make a trip to. the no one to get the chapter of history which should be a warning for the future. earlier on we spoke to mark doidge author of the book football it's highly and director of the antidiscrimination division of football supporters in europe he said we shouldn't be surprised by the actions of these last year founds. last year has a particularly interesting found base. there's a small group there did she believe who have connections to far right politics nationalistic politics and there is a connection then to instruments of politics about say we are anti semitic but it's also historically linked with roma being seen as the club of the working class in the city and having connections to the local jewish population so it's about saying
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we're not roma we are different from the people of the city and there was really surprising about this is just what the club has done in particular which is to of credibility to take a couple of players into the local signal to the dogs and talking to the local people and engaging with those communities i think it's really symbolically very very important i think what's also important and i think is a really good example of best practice is where they've said they will take some young let's say founds to auschwitz this is something that's been done in germany dormant for example regularly take young people on education trips but what i would also recommend they do is they connect it to the local population because what doormen do is they link the nazi jails and dortmund to auschwitz so what they're showing is logical consequence consequence of if you treat someone and victimize and demonize the other then the consequences could be something quite catastrophic like the holocaust. carolyn of course given has beaten wimbledon champion garbin to
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become the first player to qualify for the last four at the season ending finals tuesday's other much in singapore saw venice williams prevail in an epic encounter with french going to land it was to thank you williams coming for the move in three hours of action so first win in the group stages. and the world series is the focal point for baseball right now for the sport is also prospering away from north america the netherlands are twenty two time european champions and to finish is just behind the traditional powers at the world baseball classic suggest that the dutch game is on the rise poor race reports from the netherlands. most always in baseball maybe on the world series but in this small town there the focus is firmly on the future the netherlands is a successful outpost of this all-american sport the national team has
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a hard core of holland born players boosted by talent from dutch caribbean islands like curacao where baseball is in the blood we represent the medals but also we represent curacao i think. i have it as a mixed feelings because my dream was always to move to the major leagues since i've been the megan i started thinking playing with the national team here and i've been going into the olympics i'm up with a world championship so i play tournament that i'm never dreamt of playing so you don't have only to make it to the major leagues to liberal baseball but you can play for the national team here and also megan and i would like the loss of a limb pick baseball after two thousand and eight was a blow to countries like the netherlands its reinstatement is a big chance for them to step up. now baseball isn't a major sport in the netherlands but they do have major leaguers in the national team the dutch have also batted well above their average with two fourth place
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finishes and at the world baseball classic now in the sport back in the olympics they're hoping they can hit even higher heights at tokyo twenty twenty the dutch may have the best chance in their history of a medal in japan with the pedigree of players like ken lee young currently playing in the world series with the l.a. dodgers but this is a team that has learned to slug it out without stars. never learn as we all can get along. with each other for such a long time is feels like just being with the boys and those guys are very excited to play in the olympics as well and i feel we have a good team to make it happen and i think we can go a long ways in the olympics and transfer medal also if. not many ambitious teams would answer no to that question but performances suggest that for the dutch it may be more than just hits and hope. all race al-jazeera who've top in the netherlands
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. now when you think dog ping scandal you don't often think of canines but that's what's been going on at the world's largest dog sled race organizers of the annual i did announce last week that for dogs had tested positive for a pound substance they've now named the handler of the dogs a full time race winner dallas seavey he denies the charges and has quit next year's race in protest. ok but it's a sport is looking for now let's get back to see you in london. well a note on how to live a happy life now penned by albert einstein as faddish one point three million dollars at auction in jerusalem the nobel prize winning scientists was on a lecture tour ninety five years ago when he wrote down his new sings his advice a calm and modest life brings more happiness and the pursuit of success compain with constant restlessness. that's in for mr tyson for this news hour i will be
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back in a moment with much more of the day's news don't go away. for
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years japanese have gone into the country's lush force for what they call. cool or forest baby thirteen years ago dr lee was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system. a lot of financial side or essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown that far as trying to cite reduces stress hormones and relax us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest instead of medicine in the most heavily drugged country in the world if there's any country that would be experiencing p.t.s.d. it would be a nation that's been at war for four generations al-jazeera explores the reason those drones are there is to assist the innocent civilians they exist in all for
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and even then not filing is then frightening because any moment they can bomb living the dream. this time al-jazeera.


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