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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2017 2:00am-3:01am AST

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it was an audacious bade to capture a city in the southern philippines and turn it into a province of myself. with the smoking room is asia the new battlefront one on one east investigates at this time on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. i know i'm right matheson this is the news live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes reversing course on a controversial travel ban the white house well again allow refugees to enter the u.s. but with stricter vetting measures. more infighting for trump with fellow republicans in congress as he tries to make progress on his legislative agenda. ahead of the united nations arrives in the central african republic has local people say the un's not prosecuting peacekeepers accused of sexual attacks. and the virtual reality revolution that lets a surgeon in the u.k. operate on a patient in india seven thousand kilometers away. ok
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let's start with the rare case of party disunity two top republican members of congress have issued a blistering attack on the head of their party president donald trump the dramatic clash with the senators comes as trump is trying to push forward his legislative agenda can really hawk it reports from washington d.c. . his promise to repeal obamacare has failed money to build a border wall with mexico remains in question so hoping for a legislative victory donald trump on tuesday went to capitol hill seeking support from fellow republicans for some of the steepest tax cuts in a generation this will be the lowest rate in more than eighty years so this would be just before leaving the white house he spoke to reporters to explain how his tax reform plan will ensure his keeping a campaign promise to get americans back to work our plan can be summarized in three simple words jobs jobs jobs but what was supposed to be
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a serious day of policy discussion quickly devolved into a bitter fight with the governing republican party itself for months trump's been alienating some of the most senior members of his own party on tuesday it got even more personal for two centers. senator bob corker will leave the senate next year went on a blistering attack against trump before the president arrived on capitol hill i was one of those that hope that you know he would rise to the occasion as present and aspire to to lead our nation instead of dividing it the worst of it is going to be just the cold the facing if you will of our nation's top reacted almost immediately tweeting multiple times lashing out at corker as a senator that couldn't get reelected not even for the position of dog catcher but it didn't end there late tuesday republican senator jeff flake announced he
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wouldn't run again in twenty eighteen delivering a second attack against romney on the senate floor we were not made great as a country by indulging in or even exulting our worst impulses turning against ourselves glorifying in the things that divide us and calling fake things true and true things fake. the white house denied the in-fighting is a distraction from the president's agenda the president he's a fighter we've said it many times before the people of this country didn't elect somebody to be weak they elected somebody to be strong and when he gets hit he's going to hit back in fact that's exactly what the president promised on the campaign trail to rid washington establishment politicians he believes do not deliver for america's middle class can really help get al jazeera washington evan seyfried is a political strategist he's president of song consulting it's a public affairs firm he's also the author of g.o.p. g.p.s.
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how to find the millennial isn't urban voters the republican party needs to survive he's joining us now from washington d.c. give us some context here how unusual is this situation that we find ourselves in with the president is receiving this level of criticism from his own party this is unprecedented to be honest with you a two sitting senators from the president's own party are going out and criticizing the president and saying that he has no moral compass and he's dragging us into the muck and the mire and senator bob corker this morning when even further and said that world leaders can't take his word or trust his word and could be leading us into a world war that is unprecedented of course there are members of the house who of an opposition party will say that about a president but we've never heard it from a senator in the same party as the president neither bob corker nor jeff flake are seeking reelection to the senate does this leave them open to criticism for just
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finding their voice at the point where they've got nothing else to lose. well bob corker yes absolutely is open to that criticism because he went out any endorse trump he went out and he said he is fine he will be a good president and he stump for him he wanted to be as secretary of state or even vice president at the same time when you look at jeff flake jeff flake was never warm to trump in july two thousand and sixteen trump met with republican senators and jeff flake stood up and introduced himself as the other senator from arizona the one you didn't attack for getting captured jeff flake has never like donald trump and i think the feeling is mutual jeff flake did stand up and has repeatedly done so but he did also hope that the president would turn and become presidential when he took office that never happened and jeff flake came out over the summer and said this is not appropriate behavior by the president and since then his poll numbers have cratered and he was up for reelection next year and he faces
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a very be faced a very stiff primary challenge from a woman who believes in conspiracy theories and all of the polls both public and internal showed jeff flake getting demolished by her so he stepped aside today to enable a more you know sane republican to run and try and retain the seat for republicans jeff flake did tell the senate quote i have children and grandchildren to answer to and so mr president i will not be complicit if critics like jeff flake and bob corker step down on these simply grabbing headlines but catering responsibility of actually having to do in this ng to follow it up. well you have to ask yourself who else would have joined jeff flake and bob corker there really aren't other republicans willing to publicly go out and criticize the president at least there are none who are elected officials in the congress most of them believe that right now the republican party is in a fever and they're just waiting to have it and in waiting for it to break they
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won't stand up because they know that if they criticize the president they too will see their poll ratings plummet and face a primary challenge from the right any member of the house who does that steve bannon and his nationalist wing are ready to go in and pounds and take them out they believe that if they were to stand up then a lose their seat and somebody who is much more pro trump and much more of this type of or approving of this type of behavior by the president would be in there for years even after president trump is no longer in office we should be making a calculation that they can wait it out sorry to interrupt you but we shouldn't lose sight of the fight that john mccain has being very critical of president and he's so there's no sign of going he's setting a standard there and yet these senators are making these statements at a point of which they basically have nothing left to lose they're going to leave leave the senate well john mccain also has nothing left to lose he was just reelected in two thousand and sixteen and with his brain cancer he has liberated to be able to do and say what he wants he knows the chances for him to be reelected
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the u.s. senate and six years are minimal and that he probably won't be running for reelection or even be there and there aren't that many republican senators or congressmen who are in that unique position yes there are members of the senate like ben sasse lisa murkowski and susan collins who will say from time to time something isn't right but we are hearing full throated attacks of the president from john mccain same with bob corker and now jeff flake. however i don't think that there are many republicans who are willing to go out and join him on the firing lines if republicans like call curve flake and ultimately mccain leave the party heading into the twenty eighteen elections do you think the republican party in the us is changing its politics its changing its profile. the republican party in the united states is in an identity crisis and it's in the midst of a us civil war we are seeing that more nationalist leaning folks who identify with
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breitbart and the president really assert themselves while people whose pledges myself who are more conservative are not going out and fighting they're trying to wait it out i think the waiting it out is actually a bit of a mistake because if we are just going to sit there while bannon attacks i think that we're going to have big problems and find big losses and find ourselves effectively neutered because we are able to go out and push our policies and what we believe in let's remember that today's attacks from the president on senator bob corker because bob corker was concerned about the national debt and the deficit because of our tax reform package we're pushing all of these tax cuts but we are putting them forward with a way to pay for them and that's where bob corker was very concerned because that's been republican orthodoxy for decades and for the president to lash out like that over the bob corker is talking about something being or adhering to the republican party's policies is a little astounding so i think that we are seeing
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a willingness on the part of people who are not speaking up to abdicate their own principles and principles are only such if you stand by them when it's inconvenient i want to ask you finally mentioned before that you were the author all of a book called how to find the millennial as an urban voters the republican party needs now donald trump's core voting base is older white men going forward they're not going to form a significant part of the republican party do you think that candidates like trump in the future are going to have a much tougher time with the republican party persuading the members of that party as the demographic demographic changes. absolutely the republican party is in a demographic crisis we've relied on white voters and rural voters to sustain us as a party and all of our federal elections every four years we lose four percent of all whites in america because of people passing away at the same time millennial
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are growing as a generation and though the most ethnically diverse generation in the united states and when you have only one in five millennial is identifying with the republican party that's a huge problem on top of that republicans are losing millennial and younger voters a pew research study in may of this year found that between december twenty fifth teen and may or march twenty seven teen the republican party among voters eighteen to twenty nine lost twenty three percent of its members that's unheard of it doesn't ascribe a reason why but one can certainly deduce that the rise of president trump had something to do with it overall millennial who are americans age eighteen to thirty five are the generation that least approves of the president of the united states in fact their disapproval rating is in the high sixty percent while to the seventieth percentile they really do not like what the president is pushing they feel he is divisive at times racist and that he is actions are uncalled for and
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when you have a generation that's turning its back on a political party like that you're not going to be able to sustain yourself for the long run evan siegfried is a political strategist and author we really appreciate your time thank you very much indeed thank you john but ministration is reversing course on a controversial travel ban that will once again accept refugees into the united states the new policy has been announced by the white house about ninety minutes ago this year the president trying to put a hold on the refugee program as part of a larger u.s. travel ban. u.n. secretary general has praised peacekeepers struggling to contain an increase in violence in the central african republic. south of money for troops who died in the conflict antonio tattooists called their contribution had oic a guitar or someone that fighting between religious groups could escalate into a genocide i'm very proud. i'm very proud to serve
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in the same united nations very soon and i'm looking to all of you. go out with us . yes we don't want you to make you will always more in serving the. we are here to serve the. people we care for. you something yes i will always remember. you where we've always known. human rights activists say the un is not doing enough to prosecute french soldiers and peacekeepers who've been accused of rape and sexual abuse in central african republic for many victims the wait for justice may never end because hawke reports. the days it was thirteen years old when her family took refuge by french military camp to escape the violence in her neighborhood. one of the soldiers to ask her to fetch some water inside the tent
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thinking she was safe she did as he asked to playing soldiers grabbed me they forced themselves inside of me i screamed they strangled me and covered my mouth when they would die and they let me go. human rights organizations believe several children both boys and girls were raped by french soldiers who were there to protect them some were forced to have sex with dogs and even took pictures of the act france opened an investigation but prosecutors dropped the cases saying there was not enough evidence to charge the soldiers involved the french troops left in late two thousand and sixteen since the violence and the displacement of people has intensified it's left. alone to bring back stability to this country with one mandate protecting the civilian population. but a un investigation revealed that some peacekeepers in central african republic are violating their mandate and sexually abusing girls. not her real name says she was
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gang raped by three congolese peacekeepers in june. i don't feel good i feel guilty i'm scared to talk about it i don't trust them anymore. human rights groups fear there are many cases of sexual abuse by soldiers that go unreported the new secretary general says he has zero tolerance for abuse the un is investigating cases and putting measures in place to prevent this from happening again but so far no one has been arrested or charged if countries old denies ations that claim to defend human rights and rights of women on able to bring justice the miss will bring irreversible damage and may break the trust people have in these organizations there's some comfort from it as from her father it's not your fault you're not to blame he says we love you some day we will get justice nicholas hawke . bunny more ahead on the news hour including this is silly and beaches that were
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once a paradise but in a reminders of the perils migrants face in the mediterranean plus. quality of education around the world it just isn't adding up a damning examination by the u.n. . in sports the country where baseball has found an unlikely home. the kurdish regional government has suggested it freezes the results of its independence referendum which has triggered a row with iraq's government the kurds and i say they want a ceasefire and they're ready for talks with baghdad the developments follow fighting between kurdish peshmerga and the iraqi government forces near a key oil pipeline close to iraq's border with syria and turkey seventy deca has more from the hook. tensions remain high between the two forces the kurdish
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peshmerga and the iraqi forces which are backed by the shia militias been two incidents one earlier at the close of the border with syria in an area called mahmoudiyah there was an exchange of fire this is around thirty kilometers south of a border crossing called fish now this area is a border crossing between iraq and syria it's also an area that will pipeline it heads through to turkey then for this to be exported so it's a significant area and there are rumblings and rumors that the iraqi army wants to take that back there's also been an incident in mahmud this is southwest of revealed between fresh matter and from what we understand the hatch to a shabby with a few fatalities on the side and also reports of the first marriage to have the arrested some of them there is a pool for dialogue between both sides they've both accepted it but it hasn't
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happened yet and of course what we're seeing now is the maneuvering when it comes to holding and taking territory that is disputed some areas as the u.s. secretary of state said he said perhaps receiving maneuverings but we are seeing maneuverings to the two thousand and fourteen positions before the fight against eisel stories about what the iraqi army seems to be doing is pushing into areas that were held earlier on two thousand and three even as far back as that so it's not clear what exactly is going on but it is clear that the situation certainly militarily remains tense and those pools of dialogue at the moment officially not going on russia has blocked the u.n. from extending an investigation into one of syria's deadliest chemical attacks at least eighty three people including children were killed in a suspected chemical attack on the rebel held town of concha coom in northwestern syria in april u.n. war crimes investigators say they have evidence that syrian government forces were behind the attack mike hanna has more from un headquarters in new york. the annual
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mandate of the joint investigative mechanism of the u.n. which is investigating chemical weapons attack in syria expires on the seventeenth of november the us wanted to renew that mandate now however russia together with bolivia and the security council argued strongly that they wanted to wait until the next report of jim comes out and that's in two days' time u.s. insisting that russia is holding off on extending the mandate for another year because it wants to see the contents of that jim report before deciding whether it will russia insisting that it doesn't want to politicize everything but it does need to hear the report before it commits itself to granting jim another years access to investigate syria's chemical weapons use so the situation now it does not mean that the body investigating keppel call weapons attacks will be ended that
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vote will still be coming before november the seventeenth what it does mean though is that we will wait for the release of this next report of the joint investigative mechanism on thursday and see then russia's reaction to the report see whether the u.s. claims that russia would decide whether or not to continue to back jim on the basis of that report important to note too that this security council meeting is the ninth time russia has vetoed a resolution involving syria since the civil war began in two thousand and eleven. egypt's president has met his french counterpart in paris for the two have pledged to strengthen economic and military ties. and emanuel macro also discussed the violence in libya and security in the middle east the french leader has faced calls from rights groups to raise allegations of torture and political repression in
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egypt but has insisted it's not his place to lecture another leader david schaper reports from paris the egyptian and french president spent two hours talking over lunch at the lease a palace but lessons on human rights were not on the menu the fight against terrorism was the main course aides did say though individual cases of imprisoned activists were raised during the course of a private discussion between the two leaders but both men were challenged on human rights in egypt when it came to the press conference. i believe in the states and so in the same way that i want to accept lessons from any other leader on the heart to govern my country i do not give lessons to others. that the gypsy people refuse all violent practices dictatorship and disrespect for human rights but i'm responsible for a hundred million egyptian citizens in this unstable context which i'm talking about extremist ideology won't accept living with others in peace but it is very
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important to know that we do not make use of torture practices and human rights. and. fight against the proliferation of terrorism they are creating. radicalized they from. egypt is the biggest market in the middle east for france's weapons industry but some analysts believe it's the wrong approach to bring back stability to the region. if we can fit it in the short term we will fight against terrorism but in a second phase there is a risk for destabilizing egypt people will naturally ask for more democracy. the human rights group reporters without borders staged a demonstration outside the hotel with egypt and president is staying in the french capital their cues to him of wanting to mummify journalists to gag them and blindfold the head of the group said it was impossible today to be independent and
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free journalist in egypt david chaytor al-jazeera. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who's now been in prison in egypt for more than three hundred days he's accused of broadcasting false news and to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family people in gaza now have a choice of mobile phone networks after a second palestinian provider was given permission to launch their israel had been refusing to allow palestinian equipment into gaza or issue palestinian licenses but has been in smith reports. are still only in the strip through israeli mobile phones. in the palestinian territories just like anywhere else in the world you will find people. in their mobile phones but here it's because they're usually
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waiting for something to happen because in guards around the occupied west bank they only have access to slow two g. technology it's taken eleven years of negotiations with the israelis and the palestinians to be allowed access to three g. technology and that equipment has only just started arriving in the west bank it hasn't been allowed here into garza so while in garza the arrival of a new mobile phone operator is welcome if you're being called charges down or people really want is access to high speed internet on their mobile phones and in the gap in the market that's been left the israeli companies have slipped in with their three and four g. technology because while they're not licensed to operate in the occupied palestinian territories of course their signals drift across on the world bank estimates that those israeli companies have taken a twenty percent market share from the palestinian companies at a cost to the palestinian economy of hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue. china's president xi jinping has cemented his grip on power after the
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communist party added his name and ideology to the nation's constitution she's entering his second five year term as the most powerful leader in decades the communist party congress voted on its final day to establish she's thought on socialism as one of china's guiding principles this means that any move to challenge him will be seen as a threat to the rule of the party. the chinese people and the chinese nation embrace brilliant prospects on the bright future living in such a great era we are all the more confident and proud and also feel the heavy weight of responsibility upon us so we must have the courage and resolve to build on the historic achievements made by the chinese people under the leadership of the chinese communists generation after generation and create a new accomplishments befitting of this great stride forward to an ever promising future. is a senior associate with east asia program at the stimson center which was social
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security but she says she's consolidation of power will make china a stronger player on the world stage elevating the same level and he is really. the supreme leader of china chinese communist party and the leader for the next five or even longer even more years like ten years when we have seen in the past five years increasing assertiveness coming out of china and we all know that the president. designer of that policy honestly believes that china is becoming stronger revitalisation. the chinese nation and the chinese people are coming to a reality so china more space china has more power more resources and he is willing to use those power and those resources to establish. in the world on the world stage so with him being elevated to the same level as. he will have
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absolute to carry the foreign policy agenda. fit. that he will be more assertive. still ahead on al-jazeera sixty taking stocks the u.s. a share markets having a good run but is it going to last. and in sport find out why officials from italian football club and that c.e.o. had to visit rome's main synagogue to make an apology. welcome back now as we take a look at weather conditions across the americas we've had a night to have weather system going through the carolinas which caused quite extensive damage from the strong winds which may have been linked to turn arctic
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activity that's yet to be confirmed but the system is now swept right on through as you can see but we still got some showers towards the eastern seaboard monye standing up into parts of canada cold air taking down behind this system so if you look at the for cash a maximum of just nine degrees so any early showers clearing away so bright conditions for new york and washington d.c. fine across much of the florida peninsula there maybe miami still seeing some early rain across the rest of the south it's fine fine in denver colorado and across western areas a lot of sunshine but you know that low pressure system across western parts of canada not pushes further towards the east during the following twenty four hours in the circulation with it as well so winnipeg may see some snow later on otherwise it becomes slightly model there for chicago at fourteen into central parts of america in the caribbean for most of the islands weather conditions not looking too bad plenty of sunshine but through the isthmus we continue to see some pretty heavy showers and some longer spells of rain the winds converging from both directions so
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what one in guatemala heise here of just eighteen. november on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me in my am bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of there again jeff. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across to new zealand. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bonn to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when east brings captivating stories and award winning films. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump mbox on a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera.
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the. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. is to accept refugees once again the jump administration's reversing course on a controversial travel ban but it's bringing in tough new vetting measures normal admissions being suspended from eleven countries regarded as high risk. donald trump and two top republican senators have clashed ahead of a meeting on tax reform the president's pushing for progress on his legislative
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agenda which has stalled in congress. the u.n. secretary general has praised peacekeepers in the central african republic who are struggling to contain violence between religious groups but human rights activists say the un isn't doing enough to address accusations that troops have sexually abused boys and girls. ok let's get more on one of my main stories the new white house a refugee policy gabriel and his own is joining us now from new york gave as far as i can tell the ban seems to have been lifted but it also seems to be raising more questions than answers. yeah it's quite confusing quite frankly and even. local refugee advocate organizations that we've been speaking to this evening are quite confused about what all this means let's kind of set the table on what we know now the refugee ban on refugees interesting or coming to the united states is now over over in a general sense president donald trump tuesday evening signed this new executive
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order a six page document that makes it very clear that the ban on refugees coming to the u.s. is now over that was a ban that was in place for one hundred twenty days that's sort of the easy part but the more complicated part is this there are a levin administration described high risk countries which they did not name by the way where there is still a ninety day review of the vetting process in place so what does that mean for the refugees from these eleven countries it means that technically they can come to the u.s. but they're still in limbo because there's still a ninety day hold as they reevaluate the vetting process so the administration officials and and homeland security officials are telling us that refugees will only be admitted to the u.s. from those countries on a case by case basis now what countries are those they won't tell us but presumably based on previous information would be afghanistan primarily syria and elsewhere
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and that's important because syria is where many refugees come from right now into the united states so all of this is being laid out here as well as for all refugees coming to the united states new vetting process is in short those vetting process is now include looking at home addresses emails and phone numbers of not only the refugees but refugees family members as well dating back ten years from five years also and this is notable u.s. government now going to start scrutinizing the social. accounts as well of any person applying for refugee status in the u.s. gave all of these additional processes and additional searches that the immigration officials are going to be carrying out in the u.s. means not only is going to be intensive work for the immigration of officials in the u.s. but it's going to take a lot of time and that's going to mean a lot of more delays and that yeah it is officials we spoke
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to at the department of justice in a background call were asked about that will this increase the amount of time that refugees are processed to get into the united states they won't really answer that but i think the underlying answer is pretty clear and that's yes it is going to take probably a lot longer and refugee agencies are saying this because particularly going to hurt male refugees because they go through an even extend more extensive a vetting process than children or women do and that process is still also under review so you've heard this word a lot in the last minute or two that review even though the u.s. has opened their doors up to refugees again there's still a lot of reviews going on in many ways and it's still very complicated and there's still a lot of the most vulnerable people around the world that need safe place to call home and while the u.s. is opening its doors again it's still going to be very hard for many people to get
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through those doors. and a lot of firsts in new york thanks very much indeed. man more on bangladesh have agreed to work together to repatriate hundreds of thousands of who fled violence in the north of the rocketing state more than six hundred thousand have crossed into bangladesh in the last two months but as far as louis reports from young gone there's very little detail on how the. this will take place . the end of one journey but the start of another struggle hundreds of thousands of rohingya refugees have been making their way to bangladesh since the myanmar military launched a brutal crackdown in august the rohingya say they had no choice but to leave. we left our homeland because the people in rakhine were killing us they shot at us they took out hassle and burnt our houses so we have come here they're safe here
2:37 am
but life in bangladesh is difficult the camps are overflowing people here are entirely dependent on eight the country and humanitarian agencies are feeling the strain bangladesh and myanmar have now taken the first step towards repatterning recent arrivals they've signed a memorandum of understanding but there's very little detail about how the process of returning rohingya to man mall will take place. in an address to the nation last month said myanmar was ready to start a very few cation process following the same principles as a nine hundred ninety three agreement with bangladesh under that deal could return if they could prove their residency and had national identity cards or other relevant documents issued by the authorities but the myanmar military still a very powerful institution here said in a statement that the verification process would also have to be in accordance with the nineteen eighty two citizenship law
2:38 am
a law that's been used to deny citizenship to the arabia. but after what they've lived through and many refugees have been given consistent accounts of murder and rape at the hands of myanmar military and buddhist mobs many rohingya will choose not to return to a country that seems intent on keeping them out florence. yangon. well as that of a crisis deepens aid groups in bangladesh are asking the international community for more help one hundred times in reports. in cox's a bazaar the lines for food and other forms of aid distribution only get longer. with more than six hundred thousand room him to refugees having fled to bangladesh for me and more since late august and already dire situation grows more critical by the day on monday at a pledging conference for the or hindu refugee crisis at the united nations in geneva the hope was to raise at least four hundred thirty four million dollars there were hanging a refugee situation clearly represents
2:39 am
a humanitarian situation that currently cries out the loudest for help by day's end it was announced that international donors had pledged a total of three hundred forty four million dollars funding u.n. officials say will be used for medicine water food and more let me also as i think we should all do join you in thanking bangladesh and their leadership of its prime minister for having given an example to the whole world. now for. keeping board there's open to a population affected by very serious violations of human rights and protection issues officials in bangladesh have called the situation untenable. just one of the reasons why bangladeshi n.g.o.s are calling on the united nations and other international aid agencies to utilize them or in their response to the crisis all
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we need there in well roll call it is local and walls well what is in the label what if you know that. that's. there's no way we will kill and what isn't lost is very low. numbers and high. as conditions at makeshift camps for hinder refugees have gone from bad to worse bangladesh's government has been searching for solutions one proposal that has been floated would entail moving the refugees to a camp that would be built on an island off the coast of bangladesh but even in its early stages many don't see this idea as viable though the island is not to their level so until the the place is not suitable for them we can not use them in there because they have no one to as we had to consider that so it is but for
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now it is basic shelter and supplies that are needed most as the exodus continues more aid is finally arriving but far more will be needed mohammed him and his ear a two day conference is underway in sicily focusing on what's being described as the world's deadliest migrant crossing the organization for security and cooperation in europe is trying to stop refugees crossing the mediterranean on overcrowded boats to get to europe across iran one hundred fifty thousand people have made the journey this year when the migrant crisis has transformed into sicily some areas on the italian island are now reminder of the risks people face trying to reach here up the honeyed reports. the landscape of some of sicily's most secluded beaches is changing since the middle of the summer there are more and more abandoned boats coming from across the mediterranean. is an environmentalist who now spends his time documenting their arrivals of these
2:42 am
migrant boats. ninety nine percent of the boats arrive from those on board are mainly north africans so they are economic migrants who have no chance of getting residency that's why they arrive in this way that it won't be recognized we know little about them and they have total freedom here eighty boats are now stranded here including this one that could have never made it across the sea alone authorities suspect a large mothership somewhere at sea this patching migrants in smaller numbers people here. it takes twenty four hours from the minute. time these. the minute they're arrived. the people on board dispersed as quickly as possible and nobody knows how many. where they come from or where they going to do. this is the usual tactic running
2:43 am
towards the hills and from there to the mainland all this trying to be security forces but with little or no. i seem to be using this route to infiltrate you i think it's. quite plausible that these fighters will go somewhere either they will go home or they will go elsewhere i think we better be attentive law enforcement agents will have to cope with this specific challenge and that's a huge challenge. security is also a concern for people like capello who lives near the beach and often sees groups of migrant walk by her own and most of it it's very worrying there are more and more people should be doing background checks to identify them the revival of the tunisian route came after italy and libya reach an agreement to stem departures
2:44 am
from the libyan coast underlying the challenge for europe to face smugglers who continuously adapt to new realities on the ground but of the many that al-jazeera sicily. still ahead an al-jazeera in sports venus williams survives an epic encounter at the w t a finals in singapore.
2:45 am
an examination of schooling around the world has found governments aren't passing the test one in five children don't finish primary school and one hundred million
2:46 am
can't read challah bellus reports. in the slums of nairobi this is the glorious academy at school a lower fee private school more than half of kenya's children attend them what we found now. they go to low fee private schools because state schools are too crowded and respected private schools are too expensive for me. to wish in cost ten dollars a month but for that price could teach is a hard to come by and they can be up to sixty students in a class there is a motivating us and making us to get to meet and when they need so we know that this bit of them have been listed their class is a really policing florez and then they are essentially facing most of that take eunice goes annual assessment of global education says many governments are passing the buck to teaches and not taking accountability the report reveals there are no
2:47 am
regulations on class sizes in almost half the countries of the world only one in six governments publish annually to cation reports and only one in five guarantees twelve years of free education as many as half or more of children around the world do not learn the meaning of that is expected and that. skills in reading in mathematics either because they don't finish school or because they are in school and not. why two hundred sixty million children is to mated not to be in school one hundred million can't raise the widening inequality is made worse by drop an age education down six years in a row they teach us. to retain of them here. we have to follow the money which we don't have. solutions are needed beyond the classroom and this
2:48 am
latest snapshot of global education says it's time to start at the top shelob ls al jazeera. i want to have bells surgery at a london hospital from a team of doctors but only one of the doctors was in the room at the time virtual reality technology means doctors around the world have been able to share the consultation as an embargo reports it could become common practice. to enter the virtual space with my colleagues from around the world to discuss a case which is going on behind me in theatres some real time advice about the case preparing keyhole surgery on a patient at a london hospital and four surgeons are sharing their expertise but only one of them is actually here the others represented by blue avatars a colleagues in india in the us and us another london hospital they're all using the same type of virtual reality headset as the man leading the operation shafi ahmed joining so really i'm going to go to the patient record i'm going to just open up. what's called mental
2:49 am
reality we can see things in that space so for example we can see the patients x. ray and the kind of findings from endoscopy for example of that this is founded in front of me actually pick them up and turn them around actually walk or they round things objects which actually get information i find it really adding to the interaction amongst those group individuals across the globe after the virtual consultation professor homage team successfully remove a tumor from the patient an elderly woman and. this lady needs a scope it worked in a collective me where the technology is clearly impressive and has major implications for the way surgery is carried out but this headset isn't cheap it costs around three thousand dollars the hope is that eventually it will be affordable around the world but it's going to come down to become cheaper and
2:50 am
cheaper and accessible to everyone around the globe and that's the hope that we will have to make sure that we can share these technologies to make what a better place head now. next reality medium is the new prince you're computing that over the next five or ten years is going to transform the world quite frankly in ways that the smartphone could never touch professor ahmed also hopes that this kind of technology will allow students in other countries to access both class training by a smartphone or computer and this is the right call and no. al-jazeera. time for the support here is andy thank you very much well it's holly and police are investigating allegations of anti semitic behavior by let's see oh fans supporters of the rome club are accused of defacing their own stadium with anti-semitic graffiti a lot syria's club president has responded by visiting at rome's main synagogue to apologize stickers of holocaust victims and frank wearing the shirt of their rivals roma were also found at the stadium the italian football federation is said
2:51 am
a passage from frank's diary will be read before all league matches this week. romo in latvia will promote an annual initiative by organizing for two hundred young like you found to make a trip to auschwitz no one could get the chapter of history which should be a warning for the future. earlier on we spoke to mark deutsch author of the book football it's how you and director of the anti discrimination division of football supporters in europe he said we shouldn't be surprised by the actions of these last year fans. last year has a particularly interesting found base. there's a small group there did she believe who have connections to far right politics nationalistic politics and there is a connection then to instruments or politics about say we are anti semitic but it's also historically linked with roma being seen as the club of the working class in
2:52 am
the city and having connections to the local jewish population so it's about saying we're not roma we are different from the people of the city and they was really surprising about this is just what the club has done in particular which is to of credibility to take a couple of players into the local cigarettes and dogs and talking to the local people and engaging with those communities i think is really symbolic and very very important i think what's also important and i think is a really good example of best practice is where they've said they will take some young let's say founds to auschwitz this is something that's been done in germany doormen for example regularly take young people on education trips but what i would also recommend they do is they connect it to the local population because what doormen do is they link the nazi jails in dortmund to auschwitz so what they're showing is as logical consequence consequence of if you treat someone and victimize and demonize the other then the consequences could be something quite catastrophic
2:53 am
like the holocaust. carolyn of course given has beaten wimbledon champion garbin to become the first player to qualify for the last four at the season ending finals tuesday's other match in singapore saw venus williams prevail in an epic encounter with the french open winner lane it was to thank you williams coming from the mills in three hours of action so first win in the group stages. and the world series is the focal point for baseball right now but the sport is also prospering away from north america the netherlands are twenty two time european champions and to finish is just behind the traditional powers at the world baseball classic suggest that the dutch game is on the rise poor race reports from the netherlands. most always in baseball maybe on the world series but in this small town near amsterdam the focus is firmly on the future the
2:54 am
netherlands is a successful outpost of this all-american sport the national team has a hard core of holland born players boosted by talent from dutch caribbean islands like curacao where baseball is in the blood we represent the medals but also we represent curacao i think. i have a lot of mixed feelings because my dream was always to move to the major leagues since i've been megan i started thinking playing with the national team here in auburn going into the olympics i'm up with a world championship so i play to win the most that i never dreamed of playing so you don't have only to make it to the major leagues to live out of baseball but you can play for the national team here and also megan and i would like the loss of a limb pick baseball after two thousand and eight was a blow to countries like the netherlands it's reinstatement is a big chance for them to step up. now baseball isn't a my just sport in the netherlands but they do have major leaguers in the national
2:55 am
team the dutch have also batted well above their average with two fourth place finishes and at the world baseball classic now in the sport back in the olympics they're hoping they can hit even higher heights at tokyo twenty twenty the dutch may have the best chance in their history of a medal in japan with the pedigree of players like ken lee young currently playing in the world series with the l.a. dodgers but this is a team that has learned to slug it out without stars. never learn as we all can get along. with each other for such a long time is feels like just being with the boys and all those guys are very excited to play in the olympics as well and i feel we have a good team to make it happen and i think we can go a long ways in the olympics and transfer medal i will say for sure. not many ambitious teams would answer no to that question but performances suggest that for the dutch it may be more than just hit and hope. all race al-jazeera who've top
2:56 am
in the netherlands now when you think dog ping scandal you don't often think of canines but that's what's been going on at the world's largest dog sled race organizers of the i knew i did what announced last week that for dogs that tested positive for a pound substance they've now named the handler of the dogs a full time race winner dallas seavey he denies the charges and has quit next year's race in protest. ok. that's a good time for making money in the us a stock prices are soaring they've tripled in the past eight years but some on so show it's going to last as it is kristen salumi has more. with a nuclear armed north korea making threats international trade deals on hold and involving door for white house staff u.s. politics have been anything but predictable under the trumpet ministration.
2:57 am
nevertheless stock prices have been steadily climbing recently passing twenty three thousand for the first time defying conventional wisdom that the market craves stability. since president donald trump selection the dow jones industrial average has shot up twenty six percent and shows little sign of slowing there are some signs of some cracks in some of the most a billion of forecasts but generally still looks like we have further run particularly because markets are a little bit excited i what so far is but it's broader earnings season and some positive notes about possible tax reductions the market also continues to benefit from low interest rates and a policy of quantitative easing that started under president barack obama seven years ago starting the market on its current upward climb but if history is any guide this trend won't last forever. and whether it's the stock market selloff that led to the great depression in one nine hundred twenty nine. or black monday in one
2:58 am
nine hundred eighty seven the superstitious point out that the greatest market drops have taken place in october some warn that safeguards meant to stop such slides not kept pace with modern technology. do i think that something like that can happen again i mean anything's possible i think that with the advent of computer technology and the speed at which that technology is transfer on the market i think it's very possible i think it would be a very quick move for now however with the possibility of tax cuts on the horizon the market continues to skyrocket vester is hold on tight for the ride christian salumi al-jazeera new york. i'll be back in a couple of minutes with more on. it
2:59 am
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