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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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five countries have sent eight hundred fifty five messages of congratulation. off these eight hundred fourteen came from heads of state or government all the leaders of political parties or important organizations on behalf of the c.p.c. central committee i wish to convey our sincere appreciation to them all. so our accounts. strong should you in jail you don't show that you shall. share your child in machines here. being dogs you go. showing you war she should die and it john will go away until you've gone through deep. they were coming going sheer. for t.v. . we have just how the first plenary session of the nineteenth central
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committee and they elected a new central leadership i was relaxed yet general secretary of the c.p.c. central committee i see this as not just approval of my work but also encourage him and that's will spur me on. here always and by their tears are you telling him that she palomino it charlie of hundred. nine wish to present to you the other six members who have also being elected to the standing committee of the political bureau. so you can see down home there comrades the could shout. even to them their comrades. why younger comrades. loaning their comrades one who knew. dollars from
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their comrades charlotte see. how. comrades hundreds. she don't want. the good chunk of our dear. drunkard you chung with she have a way of conveying the provides year for me on the. two hundred you wait. because. there are. may teach you that are what you go about your leave with. get off. comrades be could charm served on the political standing committee of the eighteenth c.p.c. central committee while all the others were members of the political people of the eighteenth c.p.c. central committee you can learn more about them from the media so i
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generally. what i would be all she needed drawings we're only about in. gardens here. shen down home to do woman i seen it. all my evening couldn't just roll shimmy and owns all. who are sure you mean overall john paul. here on behalf of the newly elected central leadership i wish to express our heartfelt thanks to all of the members of the party for the trust they have placed in us we will work diligently to meet our duty for free our mission and be worthy of their trust. who are through the when. all men sort of can both of whom. you know they love you know that. head here. should you about your huge will or.
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will be all. for me our own told our lord. over the past five years we have set out a broad agenda some tasks have been completed while others need more work this party congress has set new goals and new tasks we must make coordinate his efforts to see the food. chain work hard and the. cone workers are sure who to eat general a sushi that shushan that. can the are your shins sorely. wrong should you about. sherry's are she about to with the air. junk schools that this year
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we're on do you bring in a fund. leash or. do you go by him or be on your ship they are very near for no will be all you are creeping. towards should only you you should. should you and that you're there. sure monkhams or the so be all. with decades of hard work socialism with chinese characteristics has entered a new euro in this new context we must get a new law and more importantly make new accomplishments the coming five years between the nineteenth and the twentieth party congress is a period in which the time frames of the two centenary goals will converge not only must we deliver the first centenary goal we must also involved on the journey
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towards the second centenary goal as i look ahead to the next five years i see several important junctures and the signposts. are levi here on the january cargo carrier file so to draw near. geiger counter far should you ding dong by a drone will mean. very good care of long. before this year michel kong trouble for you to rattle. almost youngs on the aging in chung sure she should teaching to the t.v. she should be in the leash in their. gin then we usually go from the guy. she ending we the. sheer cargo found young fools who gene young to you don. what isn't. true are means only the
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switching the young guy good kind of funk. though you should see it. in two thousand and eighteen we will mark the fortieth anniversary of the launch of reform and opening up. reform and opening up is a crucial move that has shaping china's future forty years of reform and opening up has made it possible for our people to lead decent and even comfortable lives who will review our experience and build on the good momentum to continue modernizing china's system and capacity for governance and make determined efforts to comprehensively deepen reform and open china still wider to the world we will see that reform and opening up complement and rainfalls each other it is my conviction that's the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation will become
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a reality in the cause of reform and opening up. our own ego and here. trying hard i mean only cheated on you. when was young she was five in the year two don't draw the sure how far down. from one and me google it. all means young g.'s you lost your whole sure sign we have are shifting the question really. being there really are five grams or. so you don't go to a sheer chairmen five that are warm and wall to show the. final future. in two thousand and nineteen will mark the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china will act on
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a new vision for development and strive for sustained and healthy economic growth that's benefits people in china and around the world we will continue our efforts to accomplish all the tusks laid down in the thirteenth five year plan develop new blueprints for china's future and see the flourishing of all our endeavors these efforts will contribute towards a more prosperous and strong peoples republic arlene are living in woman's young men generally shall come shortly. chairman general of wait either here for the shop. whom home for you lucia you go women feel big. almost young as you trend down shown by julie
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chen your engine talking you know cheered by all the chairwoman that are more. when we are allowed to eat you i mean the man harsh and what a shallow sure she will warm the front no movie off. jen she mean very drunk she follows that you. know many draw a hall. meeting good young homes or what and then mean for the guy simple guy. what are intriguing change here then mean going home for you. what's in sheen. strong lord i mean there's so many for even if wade being in the hall. in two thousand and twenty we will establish a moderately prosperous society across all magics this is
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a society to be enjoyed by each and every one of us on the march towards common prosperity no one must be left behind we will mobilize the whole party and the whole country in a resolute push to deliver on our pledge and they eradicate poverty in china the aspirations of the people to live a better life must always be the focus of our efforts we must remain committed to the people centered philosophy of development strive to ensure and improve living standards and make steady progress towards in hunting our people sense of fulfillment happiness and security and towards realizing common prosperity for everyone. i have no doubt in my mind that our people's lives will see further improvement year after year. are they are using it.
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or majority in a large room or going to. show me you. wrong going down the. wrong the army will change you show me a year by an air charter from bargain mall. we're going to. sure issues your shower so you problems and. you know you'll have a young man's. shoes gentleman joining you. from woman on longer parenting to me she's young radar showing me. yet i'm going to initiating way that. so walk with me. when we are young ball from god she. you only you saw your mean for should i. mean.
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sure i mean twenty inches down your guns are lucia on my own. trunk old sheep shit is your opinion of. almost young children each if she found a tin can she being to bar the humans of cheating the john grisham. each unbound out chunk back to them on their side show usually. three going from war far cry to jimbo with the how long are you there. in two thousand and twenty one we will mark the centenary of the communist party of china for the party which fights for the eternal wellbeing of the chinese nation the centenary only ayesha seeing the prime of life as the world's largest political party the c.p.c.
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must behave in a way commensurate with this status its history makes it abundantly clear that's the c.p.c. is capable of not only spearheading a great social revolution but also imposing a great reform on itself we as its members must always have a youthful spirit and the full rather be the servants of the people the vanguard of the times and the backbone of our nation exercising full and rigorous governance over the party is the journey to which there is no end. we should never entertain the idea of taking a breather or halting our steps instead we must continue to rid ourselves of any virus that erodes the party's fabric make great efforts to foster a healthy political environment of integrity and generate waves of positive energy
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throughout our party which can then building to a mighty nation wide force driving china's development and progress. from one hand down or to mean its own corner while i'm sure. where father no job. from morning to me so the scene was a. junction doing way home to chair arm chair fog and me. home sheer young home cook going to me you've got to. go again then in a meaning. with our way the. fog and the train go sheer sort of. going back out again to. the communist party of china
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and the chinese people have gone through trials and tribulations these experiences have taught us that peace is precious and development must be valued with confidence and pride the chinese people will be steadfast in up holding our country's sovereignty security and development interests we will also work with other nations to build a global community with a shared future and make new and a greater contributions to the noble cause of peace and development for all humanity. these are to me a ship each year to you and your family and me share all machines are going to mean g.-d. you car to me she'll call you want to leave their. fung you will.
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see your chance here. the people are the creators of history it has to then that we all all our achievements as long as we firmly align ourselves with the people and rely on them we can and will have found less energy to forge ahead come rain or shine. so you sure. fire one. or more for you and go it's either on your side on war or souls all. she's you've got and grow strong sure that your whole strong father. cherami and barely our dear of fog of war.
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as the saying goes it is better to see once than to hear one hundred times we encourage members of the press to visit and see more of china we hope that after the party congress you will continue to follow china's development and progress and learn about and report on more time mentions of china or pushy are going bother you mages. or you go cook by midyear shot or you're either jinnie. so it's always way organ hard haul giulio she minds here in question she could argue. we do not need to lavish praise from others however we do work on objective reporting and constructive suggestions for this is our model. not angling for compliments
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be content that's my integrity feels the universe thank you thank you thank you so these are live images coming out of the chinese capital beijing where the president xi jinping has just spoken and revealed to be seventeen alleged by himself will be that will rule china for the next five years listening in of course is also our correspondent outside an interior minister andrew thomas he's been taking and of course the detail of what you have to say lester is begin with the line or perhaps no great surprise is there around drew the five new faces in the standing committee were perhaps known to that inner circle. they were there all very close to she this really does show that he has consolidated his power very interesting though there is no obvious successor among
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those five new men at this stage in the presidency you would expect one of them at least to be in their fifty's in other words to have a chance of taking on the mantle from xi jinping in five years time because of the retirement age by convention in china you'd need to be under fifty eight at this stage to stand a chance of doing the full two terms from five years' time and all of these men are in their sixty's none of them are in their fifty's and that in itself is very significant she is suggesting at the moment that there's no rival to him on that highest tier of the party they are all men of course no women among them no great surprise there i'll just draw your attention to one or two that this new standing committee of the politburo leigh shanshu a man who's been really president she's right hand man very very close to the president he has come right up with him from his. in the 1980's when the two of them were part of the running of different provinces in china he's known him for
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a very long time one of his most trusted lieutenants and he is now elevated to that top tier another man i'll draw your attention to wang yang he was leading the poverty alleviation scheme over the last few years under president xi he has really prioritized that presidency and he wants that poverty alleviation scheme to continue it's interesting that one young has got this promotion he's also the man who's been dealing with the united states on economic affairs trade affairs so foreign investors will be quite happy that somebody who is quite close to that relationship that crucial relationship between china and the u.s. in economic terms is now on the top table a very long introduction actually from president xi we didn't expect him to talk for that long introducing his team he talked about a new look the new achievements in the new era this new era of favorite phrase of president she's throughout this congress he talked about the opportunity for the flourishing of all our endeavors with boundless energy he said his team would never take a breather while this is the same now these seven men are the most important men in
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china two of them the president and the premier have been there already for five years but five new they are the most important men in china and arguably the most important seven men now in asia and of course he did touch on many of the subjects that he did touch on what we could go in that very long three hour speech he talked about security talked about international relations he touched briefly on all of those issues and i think the international press will be still very interested in how he sees china's relationship with a much wider community when there are such contentious issues such as the south china sea for example in taiwan. absolutely well the south china sea he was talking about in that speech three and a half hours in fact for just under a way to go now in some ways a lot of the commentators are saying that was president xi proving that he is still a fit man able to talk for three and
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a half hours even at sixty four he was showing that he isn't really somebody who needs to take a break and he's going to be here for a long time that's almost incidental there although now that we see the lineup we've seen maybe he does want to stick around beyond the next five years but yes on subject matter south china sea certainly he was talking about proudly building those islands on taiwan he has said that he aims for the reunification of china and of course he considers taiwan part of china he wants to see it re integrated into the broader china likewise hong kong likewise macau bring all those parts of china together he told you not long speech and again in the one just now about getting more involved in the international community he talked particularly about climate change leading the way being in the driving seat as these described it in this congress on that issue but also lending assistance to other countries and helping them with their system of government suggesting that they could take a few hints from what happens here that i'd have to go down the democratic route the western routes and other countries there is another option and this is it and he's talked about being more involved in other countries certainly and in terms of
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modernizing this economy he wants to alleviate policy poverty completely by twenty twenty he's on track to do that one person's being lifted out of poverty here every two and a half seconds and if that rate continued will in fact slightly he will achieve what he calls his moderately prosperous society with no poverty to buy twenty twenty but he wants to go further by twenty fifty have china as a modern developed country this is all about she's a new era he sees a first era on the chairman mao all about establishing the communist party establishment china was a great power the second era under deng xiaoping that began in the one nine hundred eighty s. the opening up the economic growth the phenomenal growth has been. since then in china this third era as he sees it begins now still growing but more balanced growth more spread among the people of china and more balanced in terms of harmony as he sees it between the economy and the environment that as well is
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a very important thing that has been coming up again and again through this congress and again in those words as if to use his team just now well that really is as public as chinese politics gets those men now will go back and they will start to work out how to put into practice what she has been talking about all week here indeed we will get more analysis throughout the day as well from the shore many contributors and correspondents for the moment hundred thanks for joining us from beijing. move on to the day's other news now and on a day a band of refugees entering the u.s. was due to expire the trumpet ministration decided to once again allow them into the country be fewer of them and with tougher vetting policies as gabriel is under reports from new york there's still lots of confusion about the new rules. for refugees around the world looking for a safe place to call home the doors to the united states are once again open but with limitations the trumpet ministration is technically resumed refugee admissions
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to the u.s. but vetting will get tougher the stuff addresses phone numbers and e-mails will now be collected from not only refugee applicants but also potentially their family members the government will be asking for information dating back ten years social media accounts will also be scrutinized but for refugees from eleven what the administration has described as high risk countries another ninety day period has been put in place to further review the vetting process refugees from those countries not yet named will only be admitted on a strict case by case basis leaving many people in limbo. it's all just one part of president trump's controversial effort to limit immigration which is sparked protests and court challenges ministration says the new measures are to protect national security but opponents see the new betting
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procedures as a thinly guised effort to bar muslims from the country and sends a message that you know they can go through the most difficult of circumstances they can endure incredible hardship and still be faced with this blanket kind of mission that they have to prove that they're worthy of being resettled and they deserve to be safe and secure. last month president trump lowered the number of refugees allowed into the country to forty five thousand the lowest number in decades the trumpet ministration says the new bedding percy gers are a way to protect america against terrorism but the fact remains that not one single person admitted to the united states as a refugee has ever been implicated in any act of terrorism gabriel's on doe al-jazeera new york. labrat five day funeral is due to get underway in thailand for king palmer donya day a year after his death a quarter of
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a million people are expected to line the area outside bangkok's grand palace to watch the golden chariot bring the late king's body to the crematorium complex. reigned for seventy years his death last october plunged the country into mourning now the kurdish regional government in iraq suggested that freezing the results of its a session referendum which triggered a confrontation with the central government now the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and want a cease fire kurdish peshmerga forces have been fighting government troops near a major oil pipeline stephanie decker has more from the whole. tensions remain high between the two forces the kurdish peshmerga and the iraqi forces which are backed by the shia militias been two incidents one earlier on at the close of the border with syria in an area called mahmoudiyah there was an exchange of fire this
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is around thirty kilometers south of a border crossing called fish now this area is a border crossing between iraq and syria it's also an area that will pipeline it heads through to turkey then for this to be exported so it's a significant area and there are rumblings and rumors that the iraqi army wants to take that but there's also been an incident in mahmud this is southwest of revealed between pressure and from what we understand the hatch to shabby with a few fatalities on the side and also reports of the first large apple rested some of them there is a pool for dialogue between both sides they've both accepted it but it hasn't happened yet and of course what we're seeing now is a maneuvering when it comes to holding and taking territory that is disputed some areas as the u.s. secretary of state said he said perhaps receiving maneuverings but we are seeing maneuverings to the two thousand and fourteen positions before the fight against eisel started but what the iraqi army seems to be doing is pushing into areas that
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were held earlier on two thousand and three even as far back as that so it's not clear what exactly is going on but it is clear that the situation certainly militarily remains tense and those pools of dialogue at the moment officially not going on. so the arabia appears to be trying to break away from his ultra conservative image with the crown prince pledging a whole multiverse and open country but i'm a big says he wants a society that accepts all religions and strict past destructive ideas. like you to rattle the kingdom staunch conservatives the king that recently decided to let. women drive by the middle of next year. in a mcnally we would like to return to what we were before a country of moderate islam that is open to all religions and to the world seventy percent of saudi people are younger than thirty and honestly we will not wait another thirty years before dealing with extremist ideas we will not spend the next
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thirty years of our lives dealing with destructive ideas we will destroy them someday and immediately. you're watching all just their homes the whole romany's roll top story china's communist party has revealed its new top leadership headed by president xi jinping premier league kenya was the only want to retain his spot alongside she who broke with recent president by failing to include a clear successor among the seven man lineup present she said the new members of the standing committee have many challenges ahead of them some workers are sure. that socialism with chinese characteristics has entered into a new era the new era must showcase these new faces i need to have new action in twenty eighteen we will have the fortieth anniversary of opening up it is a very important thing of determining the fate of china forty years of reforming
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and opening up has led chinese people to their moderately prosperous society and are becoming richer and richer we need to draw from this experience and continue to modernize the governance and system of china the u.s. has to accept refugees again but with tougher vetting measures the trumpet ministration has ended a ban on new arrivals but people from eleven countries regarded as high risk will be restricted to a case by case basis these countries haven't yet been identified. the kurdish regional government in iraq has suggested freezing the results of its a session referendum which to get a confrontation with the central government the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and want to cease fire saudi arabia appears to be trying to break away from its ultra conservative image with the crown prince pledging a more moderate and open country mohammed bin still man says he wants a society that accept all religions and moves on from its strict past and destructive ideas his comments are likely to rattle the kingdom storage
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conservatives. also people in thailand gathering for the start of an elaborate five day funeral for king jr day who died last year a quarter of a million people are expected to line the area outside bangkok's grand palace to watch golden chariots bring the late king's body to the kremlin torreon. will be live in bangkok later in the day back with more news in thirty minutes to stay with us here on al-jazeera the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germany is satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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and. campaign has ignite.


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