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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2017 10:00am-10:33am AST

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as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump mbox in a foreign nation to. november on al-jazeera. is it whether online we were in hurricane. almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on sect. one but. a relationship basis is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. and else its new leadership line up for the cementing the power presidential thing by not including
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a clear successor. i'm richelle carey this is a live from doha also coming up china will be on the agenda as well as u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson visits india a trip being closely watched by pakistan. getting down their weapons kurds say they'll freeze the results of a session of the talks with iran plus. two point soldiers grabbed me they forced themselves inside of me i screamed they strangled me and covered my mouth. with criticised for failing to prosecute its peacekeepers accused of rape and sexual abuse and central african republic. china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president xi jinping the mare. was the. only want to retain as top spot in the seven man lineup
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but there is no clear successor to g. which what all committee members age at least sixty so that means they need to also take over the next party congress in two thousand and twenty two further strengthening she is firm grip on power from work or social. that socialism with chinese characteristics has entered into a new era the new era must showcase these new faces i need to have new action in twenty eighteen we will have the fortieth anniversary of opening up it is a very important thing of determining the fate of china forty years of reforming and opening up has led chinese people to their moderately prosperous society and are becoming richer and richer we need to draw from this experience and continue to modernize the governance system of china andrew thomas isn't beijing so enter the composition of this new standing committee what does this tell us about his ambitions. well you've made the point really these are all
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relatively old men they're all in their sixty's at this point in a ten year presidency traditionally by convention you'd expect to see somebody in their fifty's elevated to that top tier she himself was ten years ago when he was fifty four he was seen as the coming leader the man of waiting in the wings she does not want that he doesn't want anyone to be seen as the coming leader someone who could eclipse him over the term of his presidency and as a result all these men are in their sixty's that in itself is very significant there's also an admission of women you german mao said that women hold up half the sky has never been a woman on the standing committee of the communist party and there isn't now so that hasn't changed but i think you all seriousness the most important point is the age of those who are on the standing committee and the fact that even though one or two people were talked about in their fifty's who could have made the top table they're not there that suggest president she wants to be seen in complete control of his party but ten chile the leader beyond twenty twenty two so who are the key
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players going to be what are they going to focus on what are their priorities. let's run through a few names for you they're all loyalists and the one who is closest perhaps to president xi is a man called leisure and sure now the two of them alike that president xi and leisure i'm sure you have been together right back into the early eighty's when they were both young party officials and heard a province and they really stuck together ever since so go right loyalists there right by she side others noted names there wang dan he's been leading president she's priority antipoverty drive over the last few years this is a promotion they and that's seen as having gone well and he's now at the top table he's also been leading some of the talks between china and the united states on economic affairs so foreign investors will be relieved to see somebody at that top table who knows that relationship that crucial relationship of course with donald trump making trade between china and the u.s.
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such a hot button issue well they've got somebody there who knows that issue very very well one other name or they get to geology he's the youngest of them all at sixty he's been elevated to run the anticorruption drive the thing is made so much of a lot over the last five years he said in his introduction xi jinping that he wanted to continue to root out the virus implicitly of corruption in the party well this man. is going to be the man to do it in terms of what they're going to do well in his introduction to his new team president she said this was a new look at these men for a new achievement in the new era that phrase again the new era coming up that been two previous eras the first to establish the communist party state under chairman mao the second and then shopping and afterwards the economic liberalization was made china rich president xi sees this moment as the start of a third era to continue economic development but being more balanced in that developments wealth more among chinese people and in harmony as he puts it with
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nature taking the environment more seriously he also is suggesting a more certain approach to far. and affairs getting involved in other countries assistance to other countries as they need it and he wants to try and bring all the parts of china as he sees it back together means bringing hong kong macao firmly back into the fold but also of course taiwan president xi considers that part of china he wants to do something about that in his second term i enter thomas live for us in beijing andrew thank you here is extra state rex tillerson is now in india it's his latest stop in a tour that has taken him to saudi arabia qatar afghanistan iraq and pakistan pedicle haina ports on the messages tillerson is likely sending with this time spent in both pakistan and india during his time in office president donald trump has had his fair share of visits with foreign leaders some one better than others. but he reserved a special honor for india's prime minister dream o.t.
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the first to have a private dinner with him in the white house just the first sign that the troubled ministration would take a different tact in the region that was laid out in the u.s. secretary of state speech previewing his trip where he only had a few passing comments about pakistan pakistan two is an important u.s. partners south asia our relationships in the region stand on their own merits we expect pakistan to take decisive action against terrorist groups based within their own borders that threaten their own people and the broader region. the u.s. has long claimed both relationships are basically equally important but when tillerson spoke about india his was a noticeably different tone casting it as a critical economic and military alliance in this period of uncertainty and somewhat. india needs a reliable partner in the world stage i want to make clear that our shared values and vision for global stability peace and prosperity the united states is that
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partner. with india as you it's optimism that's powerful democratic example and it's increasing stature in the world stage it makes perfect sense that the united states at this time should seek to build on the strong foundation of our years of cooperation with india in india tillerson will visit a cultural site the gandhi museum have a news conference and actually sleep in india he didn't do any of those things in pakistan the u.s. might deny it but with this visit it is sending a clear message to both pakistan and india that it does in fact have a favorite political gain al-jazeera. they kurdish regional government in iraq has suggested freezing the results of a succession referendum which triggered a confrontation with the central government the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and they want to cease fire kurdish peshmerga forces have been fighting government fruit's near a key oil pipeline stephanie decker joins us live from the iraqi syrian border so
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is this kind of a stand down a timeout stephanie. well it's a very unexpected statement really because the k r g the kurdistan regional government has always said the results of the river and i'm we're a red line the demand from baghdad was that the results needed to be before any dialogue to take place so now what we have is an offer from the regional government here saying let's freeze the end i think this kind of language is important see what that means and whether baghdad accept it let's freeze the results let's have an immediate cease fire and let's go into dialogue now let me just explain to you where we are which i think has some part of that we are in northern iraq of course but it's at the point of trying to where there was fighting yesterday not just behind us those mountains you see around two kilometers is syria and then a little further north you have turkey so this is a crucial point there was fighting here yesterday morning just a little further about twenty kilometers down from where we are between iraqi
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forces the shiite militias and the peshmerga is a real concern that the plan was for the iraqi forces to come all the way up this border and essentially cut off the border crossing which is held by kurds on both sides now very briefly so this is these are important things richelle and you have the iraqi prime minister today is currently on his way to turkey where he'll be meeting with the turkish president he will then be going to iran these are two countries that are hugely invested in what has happened here over the last week or so so i think interesting now the ball is in about is to court we're going to have to wait and see what his reaction will be to that offer from the curtis regional government here ok stay close and away just so let's go back to you now stephanie in erbil put this in context for us how much progress iraq has made in the battle against what this this next step means. well i this is a was the byproduct of the fighting and the skirmishes that we've seen between the iraqis and the peshmerga because i sill is almost largely territorial defeated in
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this country it does still have pockets particularly what you're talking about in on bob province this is west iraq bordering syria and now what they're saying today they have dropped leaflets on an area called this is the iraqi side of iraq syria border still held by i saw this is been in the build up for a while richelle they've been fighting in this area they've been taking villages and towns and now it seems that they are in the final preparations for the final push on the border area it hasn't happened yet but warnings have been dropped in the form of leaflets they've done this before with the coalition has done this warning residents about what is imminent it's important because it's some of the last territory that i still hold it's also important because it's a border crossing and it's on the main highway to baghdad from syria the syrian side is also still held by i still so once they achieve that i think you know it's hasn't started effectively as a military operation yet it would essentially be cutting off the last border crossing that i still hold and of course propaganda machine was very much about the
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state about you know cutting down foreign imposed borders so this would be sort of coming back to that and then very briefly there's also concern because it's such a complicated story richelle is of the iranian influence of the iranian militias of territory that you know iranian influenced military brigades hold there is a concern of course if that area falls into those kinds of hands and iran would have a swathe of territory that gives it access you know from iraq to syria to lebanon and so all these forces are at play it is geopolitical it is regional it is complicated but again when it just coming back to the basics of that offensive the warnings are out there the actual military offensive hasn't started as of yet ok stephanie decker live for us in our field thank you. u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order introducing tough new measures on refugees coming to the united. dates he previously banned new entries for one hundred twenty days while his administration conducted a review that ban has now expired and has been lifted so the new measures include
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more rigorous vetting and screening of all asylum seekers and for the next ninety days people from eleven countries consider to be high risk while only be allowed in on a case by case basis administration however hasn't named those countries careless on the reports from new york that there are still lots of confusion about the new rules. for refugees around the world looking for a safe place to call home the doors to the united states are once again open but with limitations the trumpet ministration is technically resumed refugee admissions to the u.s. but vetting will get tougher the stuff addresses phone numbers and e-mails will now be collected from not only refugee applicants but also potentially their family members the government will be asking for information dating back ten years social media accounts will also be scrutinized but for refugees from eleven what the administration has described as high risk countries another ninety day period has
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been put in place to further review the vetting process refugees from those countries not yet named will only be admitted on a strict case by case basis leaving many people in limbo. ok it's all just one part of president trump's controversial effort to limit immigration which is sparked protests and court challenges ministration says a new measures are to protect national security but opponents see the new bedding procedures as a thinly guised effort to bar muslims from the country and sends the message that you know they can go through the most difficult of circumstances they can endure incredible hardship and still be faced with this blanket kind of mission that they have to prove that they're worthy of being resettled and they deserve to be safe and secure. last month president trump lowered the number of refugees allowed into
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the country to forty five thousand the lowest number in decades the trumpet ministration says the new bedding percy gers are a way to protect america against terrorism but the fact remains that not one single person admitted to the united states as a refugee has ever been implicated in any act. terrorism gabriel's andro. new york still had al-jazeera i'll tell you why syrian refugees are facing abuse and violence in lebanon. hello welcome to international weather forecast across eastern parts of europe we've got this area of low pressure which is causing some real problems at the moment a line of thunderstorms extending into western parts of turkey meanwhile across
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more northwestern areas you got these frontal systems pushing in across the u.k. and through into ward scandinavia further towards a science working relatively dry and fine across the iberian peninsula and parts of france sunshine there temperatures into the twenty's now further north ates looking pretty wet and windy winds shooting through the baltic region and some coldish air with it too cold but still across more eastern areas and there's that low pressure center is slowly filling so the energy of the storm is gradually decreasing with time through into thursday storms obadiah that stage this frontal system pushing up against cold air is going to use quite a bit of snow as it pushes into words moscow during the course of the day and roughly mild air pushing further towards the north so seventeen isn't too bad for want of this time of the deep low pressure system towards the west into north africa it's looking fine in many areas but we have got this low pressure down through the gulf assert giving some heavy showers on the coast of libya in particular further towards the east so it should be fine in karachi in the day with
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highs of thirty one.
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you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president xi jinping premier league chang was the only one to retain his spot in the seven man lineup but there is no clear successor to further strengthening his grip on power the kurdish regional government in iraq has suggested freezing the results of its session referendum which triggered a confrontation with the central government the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and want a cease fire. the u.s. has to accept refugees again but with tougher vetting measures ministration is ended the ban on new arrivals of people from eleven countries were part of his high risk by washington will be restricted to a case by case basis. russia has walked the un from extending its investigation into one of syria's worst chemical attacks at least eighty three people were killed
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in the suspected chemical attack on the world rebel held town of. april u.n. war crimes investigators say they have evidence syrian government forces were behind it russia as an ally of president bashar assad has accused the u.s. and the west of rushing to judgment mike hanna has more from the u.n. . the annual mandate of the joint investigative mechanism of the u.n. which is investigating chemical weapons attack in syria expires on the seventeenth of november the us wanted to renew that mandate now however russia together with bolivia and the security council argued strongly that they wanted to wait until the next report of jim comes out and that's in two days' time u.s. insisting that russia is holding off on extending the mandate for another year because it wants to see the contents of that jim report before deciding whether it will russia insisting that it doesn't want to politicize everything but it does
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need to hear the report before it commits itself to granting jim another years access to investigate syria's chemical weapons use so the situation now it does not mean that the body investigating keppel call weapons attacks will be ended that vote will still be coming book war november the seventeenth what it does mean though is that we will wait for the release of this next report of the joint investigative mechanism on thursday and see then russia's reaction to the report see whether the u.s. claims that russia would decide whether or not to continue to back jim on the basis of that report important to note too that this security council meeting is the ninth time russia has a veto a resolution involving syria since the civil war began in two thousand and eleven violence against syrian refugees in lebanon has risen sharply in recent months
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there have been several attacks and a growing number of politicians are demanding syrians return home and he has tire reports from they were it. kicked beaten and thrown to the ground and this syrian refugee pleads with his attackers to stop the assault was filmed and posted on social media by a group of lebanese men who can be heard on the video accusing their victim of joining protests organized by refugees against the mistreatment they face in lebanon and demanding that he prays the country i'm going to. have faced similar violence originally from aleppo and rocca they've been sheltering just outside of beirut with their families since shortly after the syrian uprising began more than six years ago last year both were beaten not far from where they live i do says after speaking out about the attack to local media face repeated threats by their lebanese neighbors.
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children from death and electricity we came in to survive and expected to be treated with respect and live safely but it's been the other way around we now live in fear every day. human rights groups have warned repeatedly about returning refugees back to a country still at war and many refugees fear if they go back to syria they may face arrest or conscription into the syrian army but that doesn't seem to concern a growing number of lebanese politicians. across lebanon the syrian refugee sentiment is now plastered on posters and billboards like these put up in recent weeks by a political party demanding they go home earlier this month president michel own also said it was time the world help syrians to return back to their country if you continue to do is this not if you continue to you know exhibit a and mobilize your community against seaton's and it's a good day that the you know the impact of the scene is and created this fear. and
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in the next four months until the elections comes this is really something lebanon has a long and complex relationship with refugees as well as almost one and a half million syrians there are also more than four hundred fifty thousand palestinians many descended from those who fled after the creation of israel. years ago together communities make up almost a quarter of lebanon's population of six million which is why some politicians say they want the syrians to leave morning lebanon's own history of sectarian divisions will only worsen if they remain. in al-jazeera be right. there and secretary general has praised peace keeper struggling to contain encreasing violence and central african republic and call their contribution heroic at a wreath laying ceremony and the capitol he told helmets he appreciated their work
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and extremely difficult circumstances that war fighting between religious groups could escalate into a genocide i'm very proud of your families i'm very proud to serve in the same united nations very soon. and i'm looking to all of you. whoever's this was yes we don't want you to believe you were always more effective serving the. we are here to serve the. second prize also for the people we care for as your example is something that's i will always remember your second fars is something that we were we've always known but even rights activists say the un's not doing enough to prosecute french soldiers and peacekeepers soup been accused of rape and sexual abuse and the central african republic nicholas hawke reports animal or in some of the content in his report it is disturbing. the days it
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was thirteen years old when her family took refuge by french military camp to escape the violence in her neighborhood. one of the soldiers to ask her to fetch some water inside the tent thinking she was safe she did as he asked to playing soldiers grabbed me they forced themselves inside of me i screamed they strangled me and covered my mouth when they were done and they let me go. human rights organizations believe several children both boys and girls were raped by french soldiers who were there to protect them some were forced to have sex with dogs and even took pictures of the act friends opened an investigation but prosecutors dropped the cases saying there was not enough evidence to charge the soldiers involved the french troops left in late two thousand and sixteen since the violence and the displacement of people has intensified it's left to the united nations peacekeepers alone to bring back stability to this country with one mandate
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protecting the civilian population. but a un investigation revealed that some peacekeepers in central african republic are violating their mandate and sexually abusing girls daniela not her real name says she was gang raped by three congolese peacekeepers in june. i mean i don't feel good i feel guilty i'm scared to talk about it i don't trust them anymore. human rights groups fear there are many cases of sexual abuse by soldiers that go unreported the new secretary general says he has zero tolerance for abuse the un is investigating cases and putting measures in place to prevent this from happening again but so far no one has been arrested or charged if countries old denies ations that claim to defend human rights and rights of women on able to bring justice the nys will bring irreversible damage and may break the trust people have in these organizations there's some comfort from it as from her father it's not your fault
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you're not to blame he says we love you some day we will get justice nicholas hawke . palestinian teenage boys have been interrogated in israeli prisons without lawyers present that's according to a new report accusing israel of systematically abusing young detainees in occupied east jerusalem statements from sixty youngsters suspected it stone throwing showed seventy percent of the boys did not understand that they had a right to remain silent and feared being harmed thirty percent of the boys to dot speak to lawyers before questioning some of those who did used and interrogators phone and ninety five percent of the cases boys who were in the interrogation room on their own without parents or any other relatives but i allowed as the executive director at the tesla on the israeli information center for human rights in the occupied territories he says palestinians should be properly represented in israel's traditional system dispassion laws that protects the rights of minors of
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teenagers out there especially because of the understanding that this is an age in which people. are more vulnerable is can actually be scarred for life and traumatized for life through such experiences is so you want to have special protections in place we have a system in which on one side is. police officers the prosecutors judges the jailers we're all in always be israeli in this case you have you know palestinian teenagers who are always on the receiving end of this of this reality is of course even though the laws have no formal protections it need to be upheld we end up in a reality that is consistently demonstrates that it's put a stain on teenagers do not receive the protections that they deserve. protesters in france are demanding the release of journalists being held in egyptian prisons
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the protests took place during president abdel fatah a visit to paris reporters without borders say there are twenty journalists being detained in egypt in cells protesters want french president manuel not prone to condemn the arrests as violations of human rights and al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist move hussein who's now been in an egyptian prison for more than three hundred days his accuser broadcasting false news to spread chaos claims he and al jazeera strongly deny you saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family. kenya's top court is hearing a last minute argument to suspend thursday's presidential election the polls are rerun after the supreme court an old president who had gone out as a victory in the first election in august over irregularities opposition says there haven't been the reforms necessary for a clean vote opposition leader i loading is boycotting the poll
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a note written by albert einstein on how to live a happy life is fetched one point three million dollars at an auction in jerusalem the nobel prize winning scientists was on a lecture tour in japan ninety five years ago when he wrote his message and gave it a career instead of a tip so what does it say a call in modest life brings more happiness in the pursuit of success combined with constant relentlessness einstein is more famous for his theory of relativity than his theory of happiness but i think he was on the something. these are the top stories on al jazeera china's communist party has unveiled its new leadership team headed by president station playing premier league chang was the only one to retain his spot in the seven man lineup but there is no clear successor to see further strengthening his grip on power.
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that socialism with chinese characteristics has entered into a new era the new era must showcase these new faces i need to have new action in twenty eighteen we will have the fortieth anniversary of opening up it is a very important thing of determining the fate of forty years of reforming and opening up has led chinese people to their moderately prosperous society and are becoming richer and richer we need to draw from this experience and continue to modernize the governance system of china and the kurdish regional government in iraq has suggested phrasing the results of a referendum which triggered a confrontation with the central government the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and want a cease fire iraqi forces are launching an offensive to recapture the last part of iraq a territory still and i still hand so they have been dropping leaflets warning civilians of the imminent assault. for two major defeats in iraq and recent months after fierce fighting in mosul and also in hawaii the group polls territory in the west
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near the border with syria. the u.s. is set to again except refugees with tougher vetting measures the ministration has ended a ban on new arrivals but people from eleven countries were crowded as high risk by washington the labor stricter to a case by case basis russia has blocked the un from extending its investigation into one of syria's worst chemical attacks at least eighty three people were killed in a suspected chemical attack on the rebel held town of conscious april then war crimes investigators say they have evidence syrian government forces were behind it the u.n. secretary general has praised peacekeeper struggling to contain increasing violence and central african republic continue to terrorise call their contribution home roic at a wreath laying ceremony in the capital he told blue helmets he appreciated their work extremely difficult circumstances but also warned fighting between religious groups could escalate into a genocide. those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera keeper
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different parts store inside store here then more news. facing realities your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent ordered that order hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be. here the story. on talk to how does iraq at this time. pakistan gets a warning from the us do stop aiding groups secretary of state rex tillerson is on his first visit to islamabad at a time when the u.s. is considering giving india a greater.


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