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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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business update brought to you by chance are always going places together. but. this is al-jazeera.
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you're watching the news hour live from our headquarters in doha i'm dead you navigate that coming up in the next sixty minutes protests in kenya as the supreme court fails to rule on a case that would have delayed thursday's presidential election. iraq's kurdish regional government offers to freeze the results of its a session a referendum. with a promise of common prosperity chinese president xi jinping remains at the helm of the world's second largest economy. with the latest sports news including the most expensive player in baseball clayton kushal pitches and to victory in game one of the world series. hello we begin in kenya that's where the. presidential election will go ahead on
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thursday despite an eleventh hour legal challenge so that bid failed because the supreme court said that there weren't enough judges to hear the case opposition activists want to the vote the phone saying it won't be credible it sparked protests in western kenya take a look that is the stronghold of the opposition candidates right loading and they're angry about the election saying it won't be free nor fair so the poll itself is a rerun after the supreme court and no president or a kenyatta victory in the first election that took place in august they decided irregularities in the vote think of himself as boycotting thursday's poll is also asking his supporters to stay away so shortly we'll be getting the latest from catherine sawyer who is at the site of the protests as you can see right there but first we'll cross over to family there miller she's joining us from nairobi so that supreme court ruling on the elections did not happen five either as we're reporting
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there weren't enough judges i suppose the most obvious question is why weren't there enough judges. will of course of this petition that came before the supreme court only happened in the last day or two and that's why the voters would want to the supreme court to rule on whether or not they would be an election based on two major things one that the opposition leader raila odinga had withdrawn from the race and secondly that the electoral commission chairperson that just in the last week said he couldn't guarantee a free and say election given the political climate at this time the court the justice of the supreme court tomorrow god then said when addressing the court today they couldn't reach a quorum because not all the judges seven of them would not be present they were only able to bring together two and he cited illness and traveling commitments as the reason behind act so this has raised a lot of questions around how this would happen just hours before this election would take place ultimately giving the supreme court the opportunity. to rid itself
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of making that very important decision so late in the game allowing the elections to take place so there is a lot of speculation around why this has happened so late and the opposition are saying that they have an announcement on the way forward that announcement possibly expected today what do we expect there. will throughout this period to really opposition to say that they won't take part in the election and that's off to the supreme court initially will they should be a rerun based on its findings with regard to the petition taken to them by the opposition leader you have not looked not long after that rather the opposition said they were going because they don't feel that the election would be free and fair so this is been their position throughout we do expect the opposition to reiterate that today it would appear that they were banking very much on the election being postponed and now that won't happen they really don't have very much room to maneuver they do have a rally beginning in nairobi where they say they expect their supporters to come
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out support to the national super alliance as well as protests possibly against the this will not a judgment this announcement by the supreme court so we do expect them to continue the stance especially saying that they would demonstrate even on election day ok if i'm with us thank you for that update from nairobi itself and speaking of the opposition let's now cross over to catherine sawyer she's joining us from an opposition stronghold itself can you just tell us what the reaction there has been . testing all morning long road using stones and gold does they were. high is there very angry they say but secretly asked at the supreme court speech they say though they feel more emboldened they're not going to vote tomorrow they're not going to recognize a working out so we are you spread are you proud. they say they're first straight
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ahead and they're also angry with what this police brutality several people dozens have been killed here during protests protests since august human rights groups say that these people including children have mostly been killed by police or people who are very frustrated very angry but today they're largely peaceful and we've seen a huge presence of police as well the police are pretty much keeping out of their way daryn you say that many people have been telling you that in fact they are not going to the poll on thursday but let's talk about some who may want to are they even able to do that if they want to. there is a lot of daryn this city is a cosmos this is a cosmopolitan city and there are people who perhaps who would want to go and vote but they are fearful so i don't expect a lot of people to go and vote most of the people here are saying we will not go to
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vote today's protests were pretty much being led by the governor. has told them to stay home so they say that's what they're going to do in the last few weeks daryn we've also seen groups of people disrupting training sessions of electoral commission officials who are supposed to oversee the elections it's very difficult also to see how things like a ballot materials are going to get to the various polling stations here in this region daryn ok catherine story thank you catherine giving us the update from western kenya from an authorization stronghold we'll speak to a little later on. the kurdish regional government in iraq has suggested freezing the results of its assessment referendum which triggered a confrontation with the central government so the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and they want a cease fire kurdish peshmerga forces have been fighting government troops near a key or oil pipeline stephanie decker joining us from near iraq's border with
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turkey so it seems that what the kurds have done is that they've thrown the ball into the prime minister had that in the court has there been any reaction to their offer that's been put forward. absolutely we've had no reaction yet the prime minister is in turkey's meeting with the turkish president right now turkey's literally just behind us there's a little river that flows divides the two countries and syria is just a few call which is that ways of this is also a crucial point where fighting was yesterday coming back to the politics nothing yet there's been a statement from the minister for. turkey saying that this is nothing but a tactical move that's turkey talking about what's happening here inside iraq of course turkey has a lot of interests when it comes to the kurds and that referendum also did not go down well at all when it came to the turkish presidency now we're going to have to wait and see what the kurds are saying as you mentioned that they will freeze and i think that word is important because baghdad wanted the total and nominate the
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referendum results. saying we will freeze it we will then they want to immediately cease fire because there's been quite a few skirmishes here over the last couple of days and then we want dialogue with baghdad all sides have been calling for this dialogue going back to the constitution along the parameters of the iraqi constitution was to make it simpler means trying to read the the disputed territories which should have been resolved ten years ago under the iraqi constitution but anyway what we're seeing at the moment is a message we're going to have to wait and see what kind of reaction the government in baghdad is going to take to that stephanie stand by for a second because let's just look at the latest offensive that's taking place so iraqi government forces there launching an offensive to recapture the last part of iraqi territory still in eiffel's hands i saw her suffered two major defeats in iraq in recent months after fierce fighting in both as well as how we saw obviously suffered the the focus very much over the past few months has been on mosul and how
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we've done more recently in in syria as we know so how do we expect this battle coming up to unfold. while there has been an ongoing battle by the iraqi force. says and the shabbier shia militias in this area in unbar province to push back it hasn't gotten the same kind of media attention if you will the significant part of this is because they mention today that they dropped leaflets on a climb is the border town if you will bordering iraq with syria and i saw still holds that border crossing it is significant because it lies on the main highway to baghdad and also it's the last border crossing that i still hold and i think certainly symbolically when i. came through talking about you know breaking down borders establishing their so-called state islamic state this will be the last moment of dismantling all of that but again having said that it hasn't actually militarily started yet we do expect it to start quite soon but the message is out
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there that they're going to carry this out so again it's part of just mopping up finishing off the last areas of eisel control got it ok stephanie tucker thank you . china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president xi jinping premier the quick change was the only one to retain his spot in the seven man lineup but as adrian brown explains there is no clear successor to see. the guessing game over who will be china's new top decision makers is finally over . the line up includes five new faces all over sixty the men they've replaced to reach retirement age as expected president xi jinping and premier league a chunk retain their posts though but once again no woman was selected for the past week president she has been stamping his authority on the party a party he still warns is threatened by the virus of corruption. you know you
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have a young it's the world's largest political party the c.p.c. must behave in a way commensurate with the status this is as close as thoren journalists get to chinese leaders the president said he welcomed objective reporting but not apparently from some of the world's biggest news organizations who were not invited to witness the leadership stab you in theory one of these new leaders will replace huge in paying as president in five years time but the presidency is not the most powerful political position in chinese politics party secretary is xi jinping holds that title and is expected to keep it for many years to come analysts say that she can manage that because he's surrounded himself with yes men. so this is a dangerous phenomenon because. china is a closed system so if the official now being promoted to congress do not have
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a track record of efficient governance a track record of reform and everybody is just telling seeing. what he wants to hear than this becomes just one big echo chamber one small the president spoke of his dream to make china great again and for the party to align itself more with the people people like wang wei wa who until a few years ago was a farmer but now sells fruit and vegetables in a beijing market she earns around twelve hundred dollars a month much more than she did working the land and says she's already achieved one of her dreams. when i was a kid my dream was to be able to have a steamed bun with every meal but today i can eat whatever i want. it has been a defining few days for chinese politics giving xi jinping the authority to push his vision of what china should look like by the middle of this century adrian
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brown al jazeera major well let's just take a closer look at some of the key figures and she is leadership team so as we said there is premier league chang was the only one to retain his spot alongside she has mainly responsible for overseeing the economy and leaving the cabinets the next and seniority is legion and show who have actively serves as she is confidant and chief of staff has been by she sighed during state visits and other important occasions there is also joe logie who's been overseeing promotions in the party for the past five years so that makes him a key figure and she's campaign to promote supporters and control the political hierarchy will speak to jeanne-marie yes sure she's a senior fellow at the university of london school of african and or oriental and african studies that so as excuse me joining us from london good to have you with us al jazeera so how significant is it that we saw him unveil sort of the leadership but how significant is it that he's broken with tradition and he's not
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included clear a successor. it's extremely significant i think there are two is very significant takeaways from the last week the first is the speech that she gave of course that was very long it was three and a half hours most of it was a summary of what's been going on for the last five years and most people haven't really been following it because they thought it was a bit too boring they were looking for economic reform and there wasn't much sign of it what she included in that speech is as you know this reference and indeed the layout of a new era of socialism with chinese characteristics that is extremely significant and to understand the lineup of the standing committee the politburo it's important to see it in that context she is looking at a significantly strengthened socialist country by twenty forty nine he's laid down another marker which is a very strong state by twenty thirty five we already have you know the close up market which is twenty twenty twenty twenty one moderate prosperity what she has
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done with this lineup has been to show that he has not put in anybody under sixty anybody who will be able to be a successor to him in the in in the next the next party congress exactly so what does the absence of. tell us about how long he actually intends to rule. well i said so first i'm not sure that you can assume that there isn't that there is an absolute absence of an heir what we're looking at is an absence of an obvious heir now that is unusual but it's unusual simply in the last two terms under under just a minute hu jintao. didn't appoint an heir done shopping appointed many years and lost many of them before he finally came up with gentlemen ok this is what he said recently as well he said about guiding the international community towards a more just and rational new world order when it comes to international issues on the global stage sort of issues do you expect him to be top tackling. i think he will take a very different approach because he comes at it from very different reasons she
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jumping is not looking at creating a voice a chant on a world stage just for the sake of it she jumping is looking at global issues because he needs to tame global voices in order to manage domestic change at home we're looking at a at a socialism which is predicated on the idea of seeking truth from fact it's a bit of a long story to go through so i won't go into the details now but essentially it's about objective thinking it's about saying ok we want to get to this goal we're going to get to that goal if everybody believes we're going to get there and to get there the kind of truth we're looking at is the truth we're going to create on the ground for that you can't have lots of foreigners coming out with inconvenient voices you can't have inconvenient voices at home either so i think has done has been to come up with an idea. i beg your pardon story a lot of unity of common. a community of common destiny which is a very different idea about how the world should work or i want to leave it there thank you very much i apologize for interrupting you but we'll have to leave it there we thank you very much for speaking to us from london thank you you're welcome once more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including we're live in
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istanbul that's where eleven human rights activists are going on trial plus. two point soldiers grabbed me they forced themselves inside of me i screamed they strangled me and covered my mouth the u.n. was criticized for not prosecuting peacekeepers accused of sex abuse and central african republic and it's the late late show when this all origin time semifinal and so for america's top club competition don't have the details that's coming up a little later in sports. first though i mean maher and bangladesh have agreed to repatriate hundreds of thousands of who've fled violence a million mars northern rakhine state more than six hundred thousand have crossed into bangladesh that's just in the last two months but us lawrence louis reports from yang on there is very little detail on how the repatriations will actually take place the end of one journey but the start of another struggle hundreds of
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thousands of rohingya refugees have been making their way to bangladesh since the myanmar military launched a brutal crackdown in august the rohingya say they had no choice but to leave. we left our homeland because the people in rakhine were killing us they shot at us they took out hassle and burnt our houses so we have come here they're safe here but life in bangladesh is difficult the camps are overflowing people here are entirely dependent on the country and humanitarian agencies are feeling the strain bangladesh and myanmar have now taken the first step towards repatterning recent arrivals they've signed a memorandum of understanding but there's very little detail about how the process of returning rohingya to me and ma will take place. after joint working group and verification the two countries have agreed to arrange different steps so that these
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people can return to their homeland safely and honorably in secure conditions. myanmar leader aung san suu kyi in an address to the nation last month said myanmar was ready to start a very for cation process following the same principles as the nine hundred ninety three agreement with bangladesh under that deal could return if they could prove their residency and had national identity cards or other relevant documents issued by the authorities but the myanmar military still a very powerful institution here said in a statement that the verification process would also have to be in accordance with the nine hundred eighty two citizenship law a law that's been used to deny citizenship to the radia. but after what they've lived through and many refugees have been given consistent accounts of murder and rape at the hands of myanmar military and buddhist mobs many were hidden yet will choose not to return to a country that seems intent on keeping them out you know florence florence is
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joining us now from yangon and it's an interesting idea of it's being put forward but here's the thing many questions about how you actually enforce it and. even have the paperwork needed proper documentation that's needed for the. well that's an extremely good point now many of the rohingya who left for bangladesh barely had the chance to escape with their lives many of those who've crossed into bangladesh suffered from gunshot wounds knife wounds burn injuries they saw their homes entire villages being set alight especially those who left in the early days of the brutal military crackdown which the men now in the army calls a legitimate counter offensive and which the u.n. says is a textbook example of ethnic cleansing but many but some of the recent arrivals don't bear the same sort of injuries now some have said that they left because they heard about what was happening in neighboring villages and they were fearful they would be next some say they were threatened and told to leave so it is conceivable
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that someone or maybe perhaps a small handful would have had the chance to gather some of their documents before they left for bangladesh but at this point we know so little about the repatriation process the verification process now the both countries and bangladesh have said they still need to set up a joint working group to sort out the details in the resettlement program and we still don't know what sort of criteria will be used to determine who actually is a little too returned if it is as the army says should be based on citizenship then many of the region you know won't be able to return because myanmar doesn't consider them citizenship and then also of course we have to consider other things such as will. apologize florence louis was reporting for us from yangon sorry about the connection there now the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in india to meet with the prime minister narendra modi the three day visit follows a stopover in pakistan on tuesday and you're in
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a press conference with india's foreign minister tillerson said the united states share the same regional security current concerns as new delhi. in our discussions with pakistani leadership yesterday that. we had a very open frank exchange around the concerns that the united states shares with other regional partners and allies india but also afghanistan. that there are too many terrorist organizations that find a safe place in pakistan for which to conduct their operations and attacks against other countries we have extended. certain expectations we have of their government and their leadership to deal with in particular these organisations eleven human rights activists accused of supporting terrorist groups have gone on trial in istanbul in turkey they include the director of amnesty international in
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turkey a german national and the swede they were arrested in july they were accused of aiding kurdish and leftwing armed groups as well as the goodman movements blamed for last year's failed coup attempts cinemas joining us from just outside the court and is that will so you have these human rights workers activists going on trial what are you hearing about how the trial is unfolding inside the courtroom. yes there in currently the trial is ongoing the hearing is ongoing right now the lawyers are defending the suspects there that they're doing their pledge right now but this is the morning we have been talking to the lawyers of those suspects who have been telling us that the indictment the accusation file is actually empty in their own words saying that the accusations are based on presumptions suspicions
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rather than concrete evidence is that those suspects are involved in any crime only other hand there are other human rights organizations are present it is here from turkey and outside turkey there are diplomatic mission representatives mainly from germany and u.k. also members of the parliaments are here to give support to these suspects and their relatives and all quality m.p.'s who is in charge of the who when rights commission in the parliament is also here they are all getting there are observing to a hearing right now there is one more new development there in actually that one of the executives of amnesty international named todd out of college the lawyers ask from the judge that turnout could spoil should be removed from this whole trial because the not college was actually detained in is mare right before those other activists have been detained in istanbul's because the prince's island according to
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the indictment against tonight kalid she has been he has this encrypted mobile telephone application which is used by the girl and has who have been accused to be behind the failed coup it's around in turkey and our coach is also accused of having some money transactions with the girl in this movement so the lawyers are requesting that his file should be separated from other human rights activists in the morning. there was a hope there was an expectation that today a midterm decision could be revealed and there will be a release decision but it seems that the hearing is going to take a little bit longer mostly late afternoon we will keep updating you there in all right so then we'll speak to a little later on thank you in a few moments we'll have the weather with steph but still ahead on the al-jazeera news our white syrian refugees are experiencing a sharp rise in violence against them in neighboring lebanon on vinyl rights for thailand's longest reigning monarch. and saying story how an
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italian football club is fighting anti semitism details coming up a little later in sports. from brisk. to the war trying to those of southeast asia. and i know there is a bit chilly for some of us in europe at the moment particularly in the southeast these pictures are from a village in kosovo where they haven't seen snow for the last fifteen years but now it's really quite a covering of it and it's not the only place either many places in the southeastern parts of europe a c. either some snow or some rain is he some have very heavy rain in serbia sixty four millimeters there also lots of wet weather in romania and also in bogota area as well so pretty impressive rainfall totals across many parts of southeastern europe
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and elsewhere we are where you haven't got rain snow and it's all brought in on some rather brisk winds in this whole system is very slowly slipping away towards the southeast as it does so this still a risk that it could bring a sim very intense amounts of rain during the day today so particularly for the southeastern parts of greece and maybe just into the northern parts of turkey they could be more very heavy downpours that could cause a bit of disruption as well as that they could also be some very large hail and destructive winds as well now. with us a slipping down towards the southeast and instead we're going to watch the next weather system as it gradually sweeps its way across europe that's working its way into the very cold air that is already in place over parts of russia and as it does so is turning to snow so for some of us here they could be some fairly significant snow still to come. the weather sponsored by cats on these. sites. six years after
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the death of gadhafi. i'll just travels to libya. to hear from some of those who fought his regime contributed to his downfall. the battle of misrata at this time on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know that it turns out in the butt to be because you have a lot of people that you buy their own political issues. the people who believe that tell the real stories just mended is to do the work in-depth and the reason we don't feel in favor of us across the globe.
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you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera here are the top stories protests have broken out in western kenya after a little bit to postpone thursday's presidential election failed the supreme court said there weren't enough judges to hear a petition arguing the vote will not be credible china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president xi jinping premier league chang was the only one to retain his spot in the seven man lineup but there's no clear successor to she further strengthening his reply. the kurdish regional government in iraq has suggested freezing the results of its assessment referendum which triggered a confrontation with the central government the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and want to ceasefire. the violence against syrian refugees in lebanon
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has risen sharply in recent months there have been several attacks and a growing number of politicians are demanding syrians return home and has our report from beirut. kicked beaten and thrown to the ground the syrian refugee pleads with his attackers to stop the assault was filmed and posted on social media by a group of lebanese men who can be heard on the video accusing their victim of joining protests organized by refugees against the mistreatment they face in lebanon and demanding that he prays the country. have faced similar violence originally from aleppo a rocka they've been sheltering just outside of beirut with their families since shortly after the syrian uprising began more than six years ago last year both were beaten not far from where they live i do says after speaking out about the attack
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to local media they face repeated threats by the lebanese neighbors. we came here to save our children from death and illiteracy we came to survive an expected to be treated with respect and live safely but it's been the other way around we now live in fear every day and. human rights groups have warned repeatedly about returning refugees back to a country still at war and many refugees fear if they go back to syria they may face arrest or conscription into the syrian army but that doesn't seem to concern a growing number of lebanese politicians. across lebanon the syrian refugee sentiment is now plastered on posters and billboards like these put up in recent weeks by a political party demanding they go home earlier this month president michel own also said it was time the world help syrians to return back to their country if you
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continue doing this not at that if you continue to exist today then mobilize your community again and it is your day that the you know the impact of the scene as i created this for you. and in the next four months until the elections comes this is really something lebanon has a long and complex relationship with refugees as well as almost one and a half million syrians there are also more than four hundred fifty thousand palestinians many descended from those who fled after the creation of israel. years ago together the communities make up almost a quarter of lebanon's population of six million which is why some politicians say they want the syrians to leave mourning lebanon its own history of sectarian divisions will only worsen if they remain. in al-jazeera beirut let's make. a middle east researcher for human rights watch is joining us from beirut itself so this must be very concerning for you and for human rights
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watch the rise of anti syrian sentiment taking place in lebanon and the rise of violence against syrian refugees from your research what have you seen. absolutely we've over the past few months and really the us years seen a very troubling rise in anti refugee sentiment it visions of refugees from their homes and actually physical violence against refugees on the street this is coming from the against the backdrop of statements over the past year from politicians really rising rhetoric against refugees of the country scapegoating them for lebanon's problems and really calling for them to go back to syria i think it's really important to note that lebanon has actually done a lot to support your refugees there's more than a million and a half syrians in the country the highest per capita number of any country in the world are really putting richer more powerful countries to shame in their responses but at the same time lebanon has been a place really troubling policies that have made life incredibly difficult for syrians here and this is the latest in in the latest rhetoric against refugees is
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really just the last stop the foreign minister is a bit of a seed has said that they will the party will be performed proposing in advanced and logical plan for addressing the syrian refugee crisis that i understand is meant to take place this week i want to ask you what that plan what you think the plan is going to be but what would you like to see in that plan. so there have been a number of competing plans over the past years put forward really to start pushing refugees back across the border. there's a lot of debate happening right now in lebanese parliament among politicians on the best way to move forward with this really from a human rights perspective this is the wrong question lebanon under international law cannot push syrians back into a war zone that would be illegal riffel moment under its obligations under international law and so really lebanon need support from the international community to continue to support the refugees who are here there's no question that at some point syrians will need to go home if the war is ended once syria is safe
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no i've spoken with hundreds of syrians across the country none of them have told me they want to stand lebanon and so we fully understand the lebanese government's concerns in the burden that they've borne over the past six years but right now syria is not safe there are no real safe zones in syria and the idea of forcibly pushing somebody back across the border really just out of the question at this point you talked about this a moment ago saying that lebanon they cannot forcibly return refugees to syria under international law but at the same time when refugees in lebanon not only syrian refugees but palestinian refugees as well when they lack legal status in the country how difficult does this make their lives there it makes it incredibly difficult and so really over the past few years the lebanese government has been in place different policies that have made it more and more difficult for syrians to maintain status to the point where now but eighty percent of the one and a half million syrians in the country do not have legal papers in this country that means that they can't move around freely for fear of arrest in many cases they
1:37 pm
can't work to support their families children have trouble attending school we're seeing rises in child marriage and child labor as a result of this and so life is really getting more and more difficult to the point where thousands of people are actually deciding because of this indirect pressure to actually pick up and go home themselves which is also extremely concerning given the ongoing security situation inside syria all right thank you for speaking to us from beirut. morocco's king has fired four government ministers over delays to a seven hundred million dollars development project for northern region shaken by protests the royal palace issued a statement saying the minister of education health housing and a junior minister have all been removed people in the mountainous area have been holding protests through the past year over their economic situation the demonstrations were triggered by the death of a fishmonger whose produce was confiscated by police. demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud hussain who's now been and been in
1:38 pm
an egyptian prison for more than three hundred days he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos a claim that he and al-jazeera strongly deny saying has repeatedly complains of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley's in south sudan to meet the president in hopes of finding a resolution to the civil war so on tuesday haley visited south sudanese refugees and western if you opium she told a group of reporters that she was quote mad that the international community has let the conflict go on for so long so sudan spiraled into civil war in twenty thirteen after a dispute between president salva kiir and his former deputy a nearly three hundred fifty thousand refugees have flooded into almost ninety percent are women and children. this is an international crisis this is not just
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ethiopians problem this is an international crisis and when you look at the thousands of people here and you see that they're supposed to have one hundred clinics for took thousand people and there's six thousand people in one clinic and it's a problem i mean they're there trying to make ends meet and you know working on food shortages but at some point you have to look at say no one deserves to live like this so that was nikki haley speaking earlier on have a morgan joining us live from south sudan's capital juba so what you have is fighting in south sudan head by you also have a humanitarian crisis that is unfolding talk to us about the significance of nikki haley's visit amongst these factors. well daryn let's remember that first of all nikki haley is about the house she is the highest u.s. official to visit down from the company's creation and this visit comes after u.s. seems to be taking a slightly tougher stance on south sudan and
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a previous obama administration in september or two government officials and one former chief of staff has been sanctioned by the u.s. government and they've threatened to withdraw eight u.s. contributes about more than seven hundred million dollars annually in aid to eight organizations here in south sudan and we're talking about a country that relies heavily on aid more than six million people have the population rely on humanitarian assistance and nikki haley made it very clear that she's she's going to talk to the president in fact she already did and she made it very clear that she's the she's that she's going to stress on humanitarian action as access is going to stress on protecting aid workers eighty two aide workers have already been killed in south sudan's conflict and more than a dozen have disappeared or have been abducted so she made it very clear that she's going to talk to the president about humanitarian access about how aid money is being spent about how humanitarians are being treated in this conflict and she says she's quite concerned that not enough attention is being given to the crisis in south sudan which has been going on for more than four years now besides cutting
1:41 pm
aid as the u.s. has suggested and you're reporting to us right now what else can the u.s. actually do to resolve. the situation how much leverage does the u.s. have. one of the moment barry it doesn't look like the u.s. has much leverage they have already sanctioned like i said they've sanctioned to government officials and one former chief of staff it's not clear if they're going to push on from one of the former for more sanctions on other government officials and if they are they have tried previously under the obama administration and in nikki haley might even try to do it herself she tried to push for an arms embargo to put an end to south sudan's conflict or at least to cut the arms supply to bring down the level of fighting around the country but that has so far not gone so well and it's not clear if she's going to try to push for it again and it comes down to the security council and how the consensus between the members of the u.n. security council so at the moment cutting aid may seem like an option to the u.s.
1:42 pm
but the issue is this is the only lifeline for like i said more than half of the country's population and if she cuts it it's highly unlikely that the government would be affected but it will in fact affect the people on the ground got it ok morgan thank you. well the u.n. secretary general himself has praised peacekeepers struggling to contain increasing violence in the central african republic and when you go terrorists called their contribution heroic at a reef laying ceremony in the capital bangui he told blue helmets that he appreciated their work in extremely difficult circumstances but warned fighting between religious groups could escalate into genocide but human rights activists say the un is not doing enough to prosecute french soldiers and peacekeepers who have been accused of rape and sexual abuse in the central african republic nicholas reports on just a warning some of the contents in his report is disturbing. it was
1:43 pm
thirteen years old when her family took refuge by french military camp to escape the violence in her neighborhood. one of the soldiers to ask her to fetch some water inside the tent thinking she was safe she did as he asked to playing soldiers grabbed me they forced themselves inside of me i screamed they strangled me and covered my mouth when they would die and they let me go. human rights organizations believe several children both boys and girls were raped by french soldiers who were there to protect them some were forced to have sex with dogs and even took pictures of the act friends opened an investigation but prosecutors dropped the cases saying there was not enough evidence to charge the soldiers involved the french troops left in late two thousand and six since the violence and the displacement of people has intensified it's left to the united nations peacekeepers alone to bring back stability to this country with one mandate protecting the civilian population.
1:44 pm
but a un investigation revealed that some peacekeepers in central african republic are violating their mandate and sexually abusing girls daniela not her real name says she was gang raped by three congolese peacekeepers in june. she was somebody i don't feel good i feel guilty i'm scared to talk about it i don't trust them anymore. human rights groups fear there are many cases of sexual abuse by soldiers that go unreported the new secretary general says he has zero tolerance for abuse the un is investigating cases and putting measures in place to prevent this from happening again but so far no one has been arrested or charged. if countries old denies ations that claim to defend human rights and rights of women on able to bring justice the miss will bring irreversible damage and may break the trust people have in these organizations there's some comfort fernandez from her father
1:45 pm
it's not your fault you're not to blame he says we love you some day we will get justice nicholas hawke al-jazeera. afghan officials say the taliban have claimed responsibility for an attack that killed nine soldiers in the western province after an army base was targeted the government says its air force was called in for support and killed seventeen taliban fighters it's less than a week after forty three soldiers were killed in an attack on a military base in the southern kandahar province an elaborate five day funeral is underway in thailand for a king. a year after his death so a quarter of a million people have lined the area outside bank. to watch golden chariots bring the late king's body to the crematorium complex. for seventy years his death last october the country into mourning joining us live from bangkok so preparations
1:46 pm
wade have taken just about a year talk us through what we expect to see in the funeral ceremonies. are in a way as you mentioned the ceremony will last for five days already. did with a behind closed doors buddhist zero many inside the grand palace inside the hole where the king's body has been. royal family. and also senior members of the thai government the public will take place. people lining the streets. say a final farewell. for. the end of an era for this country as it transitions from one to another. and that at least two hundred fifty thousand people will. this is probably as close as they can
1:47 pm
get where about five hundred meters from the funeral. and the government of the palace is a wreck that struck just like that behind me with photos. of the late king right around the country to people to be able to come here there are big screens that can watch the ceremony take place live and also lay flowers at the portrait hall of the late king all right so when we thank you for that update from bangkok. last year a little over two million u.s. workers were paid at or below the federal minimum wage of seven point two twenty five dollars and a that's seven and a quarter dollars that is so in a two part series al-jazeera looks at the growing divide in the u.s. between the earning haves and have nots john hendren has this report from the city of st louis that's a misery. until this august betty douglass lived on faith hope in ten dollars an hour. she's the main breadwinner for a son with autism another with
1:48 pm
a brain tumor a nephew and her brother who's recovering from back surgery last night i didn't know i had a sixteen year old i had to make sure they say that i saw very homey this morning even though you work for a restaurant. they all live with a doting matriarch and not much else and they let the company that telling me that they want three hundred dollars or they cut my service off so on just taking that as that take day by day. each work day for ten years she walks to a bus stop to a job serving burgers at mcdonald's at fifty nine she hasn't seen a doctor since her sixteen year old son was born now the state of missouri has taken away the pay raise she and other workers who've earned for months across the u.s. cities like los angeles chicago and washington d.c. are raising their minimum wage. but here in st louis the lowest paid workers are
1:49 pm
actually seeing their paychecks get smaller st louis voted to increase the minimum wage from seven dollars and seventy cents an hour to ten dollars but missouri state legislature voted to override that blocking cities like st louis from setting a higher wage. so as fast food workers across the country fight for better wages here they protest the dollars they've lost two to be exact plus thirty cents every hour. and when the police shut them down they take it outside and nobody has a bottom that that was possible living is going up every day st louis restaurant two or armor what miss says that's not the american way like the idea of government getting involved in telling me how much to pay my people earn it what car the american dream i didn't but but to determine how much my employee makes well why don't you build my business then for me and get me out of the mix betty douglas has
1:50 pm
now returned to her old pay i don't as i keep getting up in the morning or by the time right now at night i don't want to get up and as she serves others her family will have to do with even less have a very good thank you john hendren al-jazeera st louis. coming up all these sports news on the news hour and joe will tell you who's through to the final four at the season ending women's tennis event that's coming up in just a moment see you in a minute.
1:51 pm
hello again time for the sports news here is joe there in thank you so much for the
1:52 pm
l.a. dodgers have opened their first world series since nine hundred eighty eight with a victory over the houston astros stop it show who owns thirty three million dollars a season delivered when it mattered most to lease home and reports the agency's got it at thirty nine degrees celsius the world series began with the warmest on record players and because she was in hot form two. strokes first. lifted in the air they were doing that in contrast the stoppages opposite dallas was hit for a high run of his opening pitch. stopped chris tyler the fourth player to hit a laid off in game one of the world series. well by spalls most expensive player continue to rack up the strikeouts and one time she appears on here only to change the way and then the set kushal made
1:53 pm
a race slip in the fourth inning to allow the astros to level the game just like that it's the end of the fourth. just in tone a put the doj is back in control in the sixth inning and i abandoned. ship to jersey. because she was struck out eleven bad as are the seven innings and allowed just the ray hits as the dodges went on for three want a victory. campbell. was to use really good hitting team you know. a lot of homes i don't strike out and so there's a lot of. there's a little room for error so you know it was important for me to establish pitches be able to throw multiple thanks for strikes and. thankful is able to do not tonight and made a few mistakes obviously broken got me in and threw one pretty much down the road a career that he popped up they could've gone a long way to so. you know for the most part though it was it was you know i'll
1:54 pm
take it the contents dropped into when i was in twenty eight minutes the shortest won't series game since one thousand nine hundred ninety two go back up again on wednesday with gang two of the best of seven series home and just era. in time for giants river plate their own trying to reach the final of south america's top cup competition the couple about the thought as the two thousand and fifteen champions were up against fellow argentine sideline use in the first leg of the semi fun on the side it was but it wasn't until late in the second home that revote got the breakthrough nastiest coco scored in the eighty second minute to give them a one zero victory the second leg takes place six chewstick. italy in football club last year you say they'll wear shirts with anne frank's face at the next game off the anti semitic behavior for their phones these high in football federation is also set a passage from frank's diary will be read before all the matches this week last
1:55 pm
weekend supporters defaced that own stadium in rome with graffiti and stickers showing the holocaust victim wearing a jersey of their rivals the cops president has responded by visiting rome's main synagogue with players to apologize and pledge to take further counteraction against anti semitism. ok let's go more latvia will promote an annual initiative by organizing for two hundred young let's you found to make a trip to auschwitz no one could get the chapter of history which should be a warning for the future mark deutsch is the author of the book football italia and director of the anti discrimination division of football supporters europe he told our jazeera that we shouldn't be surprised by the actions of this group of latino fans last year has a particularly interesting fan base. so there's a small group there did she believe who have connections to far right politics nationalistic politics and there is
1:56 pm
a connection then to. instruments of politics about say we are anti semitic but it's also historically linked with roma being seen as the club of the working class in the city and having connections to the local jewish population so it's about saying we're not roma we are different from the people of the city and they was really surprising about this is just what the club has done in particular which is to of credibility to take a couple of players into the local cigarettes and dogs and talking to the local people and engaging with those communities i think it's really symbolically very very important i think what's also important and i think is a really good example of best practice is where they've said they will take some young fans to auschwitz this is something that's been done in germany dormant for example regularly take young people on education trips but what i would also recommend they do is they connect it to the local population because what doormen
1:57 pm
do is they link the nazi jails and dortmund to auschwitz so what they're showing is logical consequence consequence of if you treat someone and victimize and demonize the other then the consequences could be something quite catastrophic like the holocaust. now world tennis number one simona halep will be looking to place at the semifinals of the dump e.t.a.'s season ending tournament in singapore surely she plays six seeded caroline while in the days of the red group match alina's fiscally know who is ranked fourth at this tournament takes on caroline garcia who is number eight and they're trying to reach the final four and keep their hopes alive now third seed carolina place is already through after thrashing wimbledon champion got binya move on choose day she lost just for games to win this encounter six two six two in sixty two minutes when her group despite still having one much left to play. venus williams prevailed in an epic encounter with
1:58 pm
french open champion the yelena. williams came through after moving crazy hours of action it's her first win in the group stages home this event. all right that is always sport for now have plenty more for your look at later during ok joe we'll see you later on thank you for this and that's it for the news hour on al-jazeera shall carry with you in just a moment you'll have all the latest updates all the latest news everything you need to know that's coming up in just a minute with rebels there without zero. it
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. was. november on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me and my bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of the range. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across tunisia. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in
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bone to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when he springs captivating stories an award winning film. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump in the box on a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera. provoking debate challenging the established law and every single one of the three in all thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes join mehdi has sung for up front at this time on al-jazeera. protests in kenya the supreme court fails to want a case that would have delayed.


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