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tv   The Battle of Misrata  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2017 3:00pm-3:59pm AST

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standing and agree but. also all the measures to be taken will be initiated based on the resolutions handed down by the central government of iraq once again i welcome my brother and his company delegation welcome to your second homeland turkey. and the minute. you are a loon the prime minister with the iraqi prime minister will meet. together with the delegates. so if you're just joining us you were listening to the iraqi prime minister baddiel as well as the turkish president there giving a press conference in ankara so he was effectively visiting turkey to discuss potential joint steps against northern iraq kurdish regional government this of
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course following last month's independence referendum so them both men seem to be very much on the same page when it comes to the kurdish referendum the crisis of the kurdish crisis as it is being referred to by some both saying that they have mutual understanding that they in fact reject the kurdish referendum. here with al jazeera let me just update you on some of the other headlines i'm with you so protests have broken out in western kenya after a legal bid to postpone thursday's presidential election failed the supreme court said there weren't enough judges to hear a petition arguing the vote will not be credible the polls after the court an old president to her victory in august over irregularities here's katherine sawyer she has more from western kenya. as protestant have been out on the streets all morning long road to install the goldeyes. bonfire this is well they say that very angry
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but the supreme court. said that restraint that tomorrow not going to go well they were not. looking there were not even rather he. said you know with the police. brutality. just during protests people. being killed. including children. saying that police have killed must be bold people saying that was not you know it's very difficult even to see how things not wanting material will get you the money. and you can. see the people would want to blow to let you know that you. and a lot of tension so just before the press conference by earth and the iraqi prime minister what the kurdish regional government did is that it had suggested freezing
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the results if its secession referendum which had triggered that confrontation with the central government in baghdad so the kurds now saying they're ready for talks with baghdad and they want to ceasefire kurdish peshmerga forces have been fighting government troops near a key oil pipeline stephanie decker has more from near iraq's border with syria. well it's a very unexpected statement really because the k r g the kurdistan regional government has always said the results of the river and m were a red line the demand from baghdad was that the results needed to be before any dialogue to take place so now what we have is an offer from the regional government here saying let's freeze the and i think this kind of language is important see what that means whether baghdad accept it let's freeze the results let's have an immediate cease fire and let's go into dialogue now let me just explain to you where we are which i think has some part of that we are in northern iraq of course but it's at the point of triangle where there was fighting yesterday and i just
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behind us those mountains you see around two kilometers is syria and then a little further north you have turkey so this is a crucial point there was fighting here yesterday morning just a little further about twenty kilometers down from where we are between iraqi forces the shia militias and the peshmerga is a real concern that the plan was for the iraqi forces to come all the way up this border and essentially cut off the border crossing which is held by kurds on both sides and you have the iraqi prime minister today is currently on his way to turkey where he'll be meeting with the turkish president he will then be going to iran these are two countries that are hugely invested in what has happened here over the last week or so so i think interesting now the ball is in about is to court we're going to have to wait and see what his reaction will be to that offer from the curtis regional government here china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president xi jinping premier league chang was the only one to retain his spot in the seven man lineup but there's no clear successor to
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she further in strengthening further strengthening his grip on power and elaborate five day funeral is underway in thailand for king woman julia day a year after his death a quarter of a million people have lined the area outside bangkok scrammed palace to watch the golden chariots bring the late king's body to the crematorium complex those are the headlines al-jazeera world is up next day with us.
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only. with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. it is the inhabitants of a nation that give it its unique identity. each culture maintained and developed
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by the endeavors of its people in a six part series al-jazeera doughs into tunisia has rich tapestry through the prism of six extraordinary individuals. micronesia coming soon on a jazzier. a young mind a blank slate primed for the wonders of the world. of valuable and vulnerable. in their own words boys as young as nine reveal how they were indoctrinated and wrenched from their childhood into a life of unspeakable violence. lion cubs of i saw. a witness documentary at this time on a. al-jazeera is a very important fourth of information for many people around the world when all
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the cameras. dawn i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. when it's determined to have a boy we just have no i'm not jumping up. and just come down. we want to do bird more that's our communication. trying to get that like not. just. the look i jump on the drive. over the hill then today. just one colleges zero.
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this is al jazeera i'm dating obligato with a check on your world headlines protests have broken out in western kenya after a legal bit to postpone thursday's presidential election failed the supreme court said there weren't enough judges to hear a petition arguing the vote will not be credible the polls a rerun after the court an old president or her victory in august over irregularities the kurdish regional government in iraq has suggested freezing the results of its assessment referendum which triggered a confrontation with the central government the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and once a ceasefire kurdish peshmerga forces have been fighting government troops near a key oil pipeline well iraq's prime minister meanwhile has been holding talks on the kurdish issue with the turkish president. meeting with the unilateral measure taken by the kurds with regards to the referendum we regret such
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a measure we share the same views on the measure from the outset we agreed iraq's territorial integrity must be maintained and we are still keen on that this is why we cannot accept this referendum or the union lateral measure taken by the kurds israel has approved the construction of one hundred and seventy six new settlements units in occupied east jerusalem so this move aims to add to already existing illegal settlements structures in palestinian neighborhoods china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president xi jinping premier lisi chang was the only one to retain his spot in the seven man lineup but there is no clear successor to she further strengthening his grip on power. an elaborate five day funeral is underway in thailand for a king jr day a year after his death a quarter of a million people have lined the area outside bangkok. body to the crematorium complex the king reigned for seventy years his death last october
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plunged the country into mourning eleven human rights activists accused of supporting terrorist groups have gone on trial in istanbul they include the director of amnesty international in turkey a german national and a swede they were arrested in july they're accused of aiding kurdish on left wing armed groups like the fatah movement those are the headlines it's back to al-jazeera world that's next stay with us.
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the springtime flower experimental to me. to the sun and smoke on the winter's day. i know that the weather over paraglider looks pretty active at the moment and it's going to stay that way over the next few days you can see the main area of town right here that stretches through brazil that's been affecting us in rio is just now trekking away towards the north but it's behind that well we've got this little cluster of thunderstorms giving us some very very heavy downpours this likely to be more in the way if and when lightning move very large hail as well that system sticks around across the region as we head through wednesday and into thursday and as it sticks with this the temperatures will drop in asuncion say by the time we get to thursday we won't be any higher than around twenty three still lots of showers around there and some of these could be fairly potent towards the
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west is generally a quieter force in santiago the temperatures here just easing a little bit as we head into the day on maximum getting to twenty four degrees now a bit further towards the north a most of the cloud on our satellite picture is showing up from the southern parts of mexico all the way down towards columbia very heavy downpours here we've got a few imbedded circulations that are giving us some very in hans to areas of rain so lots of very heavy downpours to be found here but this whole system is gradually moving a little bit further towards the south and as it does so it should brighten up force in florida and in some parts of cuba including have ana and looks like a fine day there on thursday. there with sponsored by the time. with.


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