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very. short films of the hook and inspiration. stories of three young women challenging the world around them. al-jazeera selects at this time.
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this is zero. caliber on g m a donald this is the news hour live from london coming up anger as it's confirmed an election we one will go ahead in kenya the opposition calls on supporters to boycott thursday's polls. and anti terror operation against supporters of iceland other groups seize qatar impose sanctions on some yemeni nationals. israel is accused of the systematic abuse of young palestinians when they're arrested in occupied east jerusalem. and china's president xi jinping reveals his new leadership team bots there's no potential successor. above eighty seven in doha with the latest sports news including the l.a. dodgers clayton pretty sure puts on the pitch perfect performances the most expensive player in baseball clinches victory in game one to boot see.
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a very warm welcome to this hour with news kenya's presidential run election will take place now on thursday a last ditch attempt to delay it failed after five judges didn't turn up to the supreme court to hear a petition kenya's opposition leader riley is urging people to boycott the vote was president who are kenya says it must go ahead peacefully mohammed a deal with from nairobi. they gathered here on four hours waited for the man they want us president and the big announcement he had promised to make the opposition leader i loading guys boycotting that iran presidential poll he says nothing has changed you know. the. rebels are ready to be in the. news business. or
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dingoes national supplies coalition also will now be transformed into what he called a resistance movement he supporters say that will heed his call we want to stand. yes confide to us when we come not any chance disappointing to say at times this time we have to sacrifice whatever it is our life yes actually five maybe not kill ourselves. just as david but i got announced earlier that the petition to delay the vote could not be hot because of lack of judges only two of the cult seven judges had showed up in the supreme court had a mild the original election held on august eighth saying they had been massive it glad it is president who who took in yet always seeking a second tom has said that i'm bottle must go ahead tomorrow. we have yet another but unity. to show the world.
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that we. are a free. modern state. with just hours to go before kenyans head back to the polls a general mood of where the nose of the country the cup with the might all be household emptied out they did last august when many people left the city to go back on the boat in the middle and yes many on the one think that some are hitting opposition holds for a boy cause they independent election and bundlers commission says it's ready to hold the elections papers books and some of the material have been delivered to polling stations across the country but the chairman of the commission is complaining of threats to his stuff and safety come old given t. the security while out to walk with me the decision to serve your country at home in the hollywood disposability mid-wife in a democracy becomes as risky as going to war then without
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a list for the last two months kenya has had a tense post-election period marked by protests police shootings and legal battles it's unlikely things they support would bring old autonomy and mohamed atta while jazeera arabic and. kenyan piece of also used tear gas to disperse protests in opposition strongholds catherine so why has more western. as protesters have been out on the streets all morning they block road using stones and gold as been lighting bonfires as well they say they're very angry and particularly after the supreme court this is the first straight that tomorrow they're not going to go to where they will not recognize all working out and when there will not even wrap up night here. they said they also angry with the police. brutality since all passed during protests thousands of people who have been killed including
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children and people you say human man who are saying that police have killed most most people people burning out greece saying that well not really it's very difficult even to see how things like pulling material will get. to the people who would want. to see how that would happen because a lot of the area and a lot of tension well i'm joined now by agnes it it's time who's the director of g.b.'s africa a london based consultancy firm i guess a very warm welcome to the program you and i was just sitting chatting because we've been talking about the story for some time now it seems to be reaching some wards although i don't want to say a conclusion way too early to say that but to morrow we'll what happens be seamlessly just. you know julie i mean of discussing this of four of the two along says that august elections so their national will go ahead as you hide but
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president kenyatta was suddenly win and you'll be the lawful president but it will be up on him to unite kenya or and address of the least use that people have highlighted like fight corruption you know investigate their election related. end and certainly ensure that all the issues that kenyans are violated are resolved and bring the country together so it's a low for well actually we went to build this he will win his second term but it will be appoint him and i mean there is a cause for optimism knowing president kenya terror and he's legacy he seems like a very same politician who is commitment to kenya is is probably beyond politics and so israel odinga and their food you read the complete the conversation we've had this evening saying that if you don't vote it's your democratic right and you'll be protected and also from the opposition well odinga saying that those who boycott election boycott basically if they're not protests let the people exercise
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the next democratic word and that we can move on why did the supreme court not block the ball so they cited lack of korra and that's a very unsettling for when kenya is faced as such uncertainty to use quorum rather than a legal argument to not to hear the paul paul case it's very unfortunate but also julie it was a little bit too it was huge hairy you know it was it was far very last minute and or wady today was a national holiday which had already been declared so was almost impossible to bring the corum together but i would think that every kenyan would sacrifice their time to ensure that we are able to to move this country forward for an ordinary kenyan how unsettling has this been for a country that has a you know a deep respect of the ballot box. you know julie you are completely right the kenyans have in huge numbers turned out to exercise this almost like
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a hope that politics can be a force of good but these this feeling of teague it's been going on for so long been complaining for over two years now these certainly imagined need for kenyans to move on and get on with or without but we call it the politics of moving on to kenya but how does a nation move on if there isn't a legitimate opposition i mean this while a dingo he's talking about you know taking the people who follow him and kind of moving into something different is that a worrying development i mean how how does a sensible pragmatic opposition kind of rise up in the current landscape you know this did not begin yesterday kenya's politics is normally very messy but the kenyans are very resilient where we have been faced with challenges like we are now been able to address them through reforms two thousand and seven we change our constitution so i am certain that allowed to go will hold the government
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accountable as i'm as an opposition leader despite despite what is calling for movement and i'm hopeful i mean i still have that these two leaders will sit together and chat the way forward for the country but he was the have a very independent institutions the judicial courts which i support have done very well in sort of guiding the way forward through our law so that will be another alternative interesting to see what happens to our advice thank you very much. now in a joint news with the u.s. qatar has imposed sanctions targeting alleged leaders the nancy s. and facilitators of eisel in iraq in syria and in yemen and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula eleven yemeni nationals and a charitable organization and a supermarket make up the list of thirteen the sanctions into asset freezes and travel bans the two countries say the move strengthens their joint commitment to combat terrorism and tariff financing well as jordan has more now from washington
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d.c. . a number of yemeni citizens and two yemeni organizations are now in the sights of the us government and of several governments in the gulf that's because they've been accused of providing financial support to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula based inside yemen as well as to i sold in yemen these two groups have been accused of carrying out deadly attacks on yemeni citizens and institutions for several years now and as the u.s. treasury secretary steven nugent said on wednesday these two groups pose a national security threat to the united states and to its allies what is significant about this new round of sanctions it's that it's being done through something called the terrorist financing targeting center this is an organization that was set up by the u.s. and by the gulf countries back in late may of course it goes without saying that just
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a couple of weeks after this organization was set up the blockade against the government of qatar was launched into question whether that country itself was doing enough to fight terrorist financing even though the government in doha has argued strenuously that it is doing its part and even signed a new member random of understanding with washington to prove its commitment there are still open questions from other gulf countries namely saudi arabia about whether doha is doing enough to crack down. on terrorist groups now with the joint announcement coming from washington doha riyadh and other regional capitals there might be no question that this work is actually taking effect the real question is whether the people listed on this new list of sanctions on wednesday will actually see their assets being frozen and find it impossible to travel anywhere around the world as the u.s. and other governments it's found in other sanctions regimes the way that these will be successful will be if in fact money is cut off not just from the people accused
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of doing this financing but of course whether al qaida in the arabian peninsula and i saw in yemen actually are star belt and lose their capability of launching new and deadly attacks is the enforcement not just the announcement that matters in the situation it's still to come on the al jazeera news hour israel approved plans for one hundred seventy six new jewish homes in occupied east jerusalem al-jazeera joins colombia's anti narcotics cases they look to eradicate the booming cocaine use. and how a book by one of the holocaust victims is helping italian football confront anti semitism peter we'll have the story coming up later in sports. iraqi kurdish leaders have offered to freeze the outcome of last month's controversial vote for secession the vote triggered
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a confrontation with the central government which responded by seizing huge areas of disputed territory the proposals unlikely to be accepted by baghdad which is demanding the results be an old nearly thirty thousand kurds have been displaced from the city of perth which has suffered sectarian tensions since they rocket forces took control of it staff to decker has more from iraq the iraq turkey hoarder. it's coming down to the detail of the language but important language the k r g kurdistan regional government offering to freeze the results of that controversial referendum calling for an immediate cease fire and dialogue between baghdad and erbil now baghdad has made it very clear that there will be no dialogue until the results of that referendum are meaning making it void it's a complicated situation it all has to do with disputed territories land issues who controls what that stretches back years and years and years and one man we've been speaking to his family owns this law and says that nothing none of this can be
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resolved through military means. the stability of the new we want happiness we want brotherhood there's been enough killing among us war solves nothing this needs to be resolved through dialogue and killings need to stop all of the killings if kurdish turkish arabs it doesn't matter everyone just needs to be happy these are hugely challenging times for the kurds of northern iraq anyone you speak to here will tell you that with completely unexpected what's happened over the last week or so the iraqi forces together with the shia militia are taking areas of territory that had previously been held by the kurds disputed territory of course but certainly it's just one of the challenges this region also faces huge economic issues mounting debt at the moment and i think more specifically when it comes to the international community people here will tell you whether it's civilians whether it's peshmerga whether it's politicians that they feel abandoned by the international community that they were embraced when they were fighting iceland now
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they feel that they've been completely left alone and they stumble court has ordered the release of a human rights activist accused of having links to illegal armed groups into the director of amnesty international in turkey as well as a german and swedish national they're accused of aiding kurdish and left wing groups funded terror organizations by turkey as well as the movement blamed for last year's failed coup if i am guilty of the activists face up to fifteen years in prison. but this in me in march have blocked humanitarian workers from entering account the displaced within gymnast thems in northern rakhine state meanwhile in baghdad aid agencies say conditions that range refugee camps are deteriorating well then six hundred thousand of course the border for me and in the last two months alone time dear child who reports from coke's is bizarre. just try and imagine you're trying to take care of the health care facilities for the population of the city of
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washington d.c. that is about the size of a population of refugees who crossed over to bangladesh in recent days from me on my plus those who arrived there in recent years that would make up close to one million the size of the population we're living in squarely refugee camps all across not there just isn't and i was hospitalized bads in this part of cox about there's one government on hospital with about two hundred bats and now they're in ok about about sixty bad and a field hospital recently opened by red cross and red cross together which has a sixty bad hospital there needs to be a lot of in-house patients sent to where patients would be actually admitted most of the clinics we see our mobile clinics now here we can see woman friendly space which supports gender based violence as well as maternity issues health related problem for woman lactating problem mothers how to take care of their children etc in the long run the government needs to find
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a solution to provide hospital care facilities for a lot of these people in growing refugees who are staying in various camps and major challenge and good for local and international aid agencies as well as for bangladesh government in coming days u.s. president. have two stories this week his former rival democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton to russia the latest report that clinton's team financing allegations of ties to most schools now white house correspondent kimberly how can the ports. for months u.s. president donald trump has endured persistent questioning from the media and condemnation from his democratic critics and even those from his own party repeatedly he's portrayed congressional and f.b.i. investigations into possible collusion between his presidential campaign and russia as fake news but now feeling potentially vindicated trump on wednesday went on the
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offensive seemingly energized by reports the campaign of his twenty sixteen presidential opponent hillary clinton was one of those who paid a former british spy to assemble a dossier containing sleazy allegations against the president that also linked his campaign to russia the whole russian thing is what it's turned out to be this was the democrats coming up with an excuse for losing an election they didn't know what to say so they made up the whole russia hoax there's also the decision by republicans in the house of representatives to formally investigate the twenty ten sale of a u.s. uranium mining company to russia prior to the deal the f.b.i. had reportedly compiled evidence of bribery and kickbacks just by control of large swaths of u.s. uranium being handed to moscow the deal was approved by the us state department well clinton wasn't secretary of state well i think the radium sale to russia and
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the way it was done so underhanded with from endless amounts of money see fast i actually think that's watergate modern age clinton has discounted the reports calling it nothing more than mudslinging from her conservative critics aimed at diverting attention from alleged russian ties to trump associates the same baloney they've been peddling for years and there's been no no credible evidence by anyone in fact it's been debunked repeatedly and will continue to be debunked as special counsel is investigating for ten. trump ties to russia but this week it was also reported the brother of the chairman of hillary clinton's presidential campaign john podesta is also in the spotlight yet another indication both the republican and democratic twenty sixteen presidential campaigns may now be in the f.b.i. sites can really help out zero washington the u.s. has confirmed new security screening measures were applied to all flights to
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america from abroad this includes short security interviews with passengers check in or the boarding gate sparking concerns over flight delays and extended processing time some of the carriers affected into the air france cathay pacific egypt air emirates and look terms are overall some three hundred twenty five thought i was an airline passengers on about two thousand commercial daily flights will be affected the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has been evacuated from a u.n. camp for displaced people inside sudan after security guards fired tear gas at protesters demonstrating against president salva kiir making haley had earlier met the president to discuss ways to end the four year civil war that has displaced millions of people have morgan reports now from juba. the united states back south sudan when it became independent after a friend of mine twenty eleven but for more than three years now south sudan has been locked in a civil war the u.s. ambassador to the u.n.
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nikki haley hopes to convince president salva kiir to make peace i didn't come here to talk i came here to basically say the time for action is now we're not waiting anymore we need to see a change and we need to see it right away and there is nothing that they can say at this point we have lost trust in the government and we now need to regain that trust and the only way to regain that trust is through the actions of taking care of all of the people present here is the president of everyone not just one tribe not just one group fighting broke out in south sudan in twenty thirteen when president here accused his former vice president riek machar of a coup a peace agreement supported by the us was signed in twenty fifteen but there was more violence less than a year later forcing my charge to flee the country in september of this year the u.s. sanction to government officials and the former military chief of staff put the reeling the peace process but south sudan's government now says it's ready to work for
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a deal. the president also assured her excellent of the ambassador that the government would also be observing cessation of hostilities sort of basically to create a conducive atmosphere for the dialogue and also to show the government's commitment that. all political disputes and conflicts in the republic of south sudan as far as the government is concerned can only be resolved through dialogue but humanitarian situation has only gotten worse as the word dragged on more than half of the population here rely on aid to survive and the united states is the largest donor providing more than seven hundred million dollars per year them back to the scene concerned at how bad it gets to those in need and how aid workers are protected eighty two have been killed in the conflict so far. a quarter of the twelve million population has been displaced. there have been reports of atrocities committed by all worrying parties from sexual abuses to killings based on ethnicities many children have no access to proper education analysts say those committed to peace
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must work harder parties to the peace agreement who are strongly convinced that the peace agreement need to do more to ensure that. there is restore some trust in the state and that people don't have to flee across the border just a few hours in south sudan may not solve the country's problems or end the war but u.n. ambassador hayley hopes it's at least the start morgan al-jazeera. a new report accuses israel of the systematic abuse of young palestinians arrested in occupied east jerusalem and says teenagers are detained in the middle of the night accused of throwing stones at soldiers and question without a lawyer present. five decades of israeli occupation and many scenes remain the same young palestinians throw stones at israeli soldiers who respond with tear gas but now report from
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human rights organization beat salaam and hama kid says israel is ignoring special laws to protect the rights of minors and teenagers when they are detained after a protest that this is an age in which people. are more vulnerable and can actually be scarred for life traumatized for life through such experiences and so you want to have special protections in place. the report's authors say the justice system in israel lacks any understanding of due process when handling palestinian teens specifically in occupied east jerusalem and the west bank we have a system in which on one side police officers prosecutors judges the jails will all and always be israeli and in this case you have you know that a student teenagers who are always on the receiving end of this of this reality
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sixty teenagers suspected of stone throwing were interviewed for the report some were arrested in the middle of the night which is forbidden under israeli law seventy percent of the boys arrested did not know they had the right to remain silent a third of the boys did not speak to a lawyer they said they feared being harmed and were pressured to sign involuntary and sometimes false confessions in ninety five percent of the cases the boys were questioned without a parent or relative being present most were threatened and interrogated and could be held in harsh conditions in a cell for days or weeks human rights groups don't see israel changing its abuse of palestinian teens any time soon sad and difficult conclusion that we are unlikely to see any. meaningful change in these fantasies in the absence of any documentation. is really police say the report is in our curate and
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misleading. culture dirge on al-jazeera. israel's approved plans for hundred seventy six new jewish homes in occupied east jerusalem the expansion of the no if silent settlement will make it the largest in the city israeli ministers are also expected to vote on sunday on the controversial bill that would bring illegal west bank settlements around jerusalem under the jurisdiction of the city and move the palestinians call annex a should also reports now from occupied east jerusalem. not xian dominated hillside site in occupied east jerusalem it was built exclusively for illegal jewish settlers in the heart of the palestinian neighborhood of job. armed guards keep watch now with approval for one hundred seventy six new homes it's said to triple in size for jani and she low that's all to the good a commercial development providing more housing i don't mind if. it's the in the
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west which if you're focused. i don't think they should mind if. that's all the palestinian neighbors like. it's part of a bigger plan. if this expansion keeps happening it will be a threat to bear on the nearby villages eventually these creeping settlements will push israel coupled with the bond novels across east jerusalem israeli flags signify the change imposed on neighborhoods by fifty years of occupation more than two hundred thousand israeli settlers now live in the east of the city but this isn't just about increasing the israeli population within east jerusalem it's also about expanding the definition of what is considered jerusalem on sunday ministers are expected to vote on the controversial greater jerusalem bill which would see illegal settlements in the occupied west bank brought under the jurisdiction of the jerusalem municipality the palestinians that is an extension of west bank territory combined with recent work to the long delayed settlement of give out time
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a toss which would physically cut off palestinian areas from any future palestinian state campaigners fear a decisive moment the fact that israel is doing it in a letter. telling the world that we are not going to peace but we're going to an extension last week israel announced the approval of more than two thousand six hundred new units in illegal settlements in the occupied west bank its plans in and around jerusalem also moving ahead putting further pressure on already dimmed prospects for a two state solution kerry force it out. zero zero he parties to salute still to come on the al-jazeera news hour west african leaders call on toll goes needed to do more to resolve a political crisis that's left ten protesters dead riding the subway with the barcelona police force so soon be facing a major test of their loyalty. and an upset in the race to finish the season as the world's best female tennis player details coming up with peter in sport.
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hello the storms have been rumbling around greece and turkey randi jean and dickie belgariad been spreading themselves out as quite a long line of potential but they're not quite as strong as they were how he said that they will still produce yet more rain heavy bursts than further west we've got a tug of fairly warm weather this wood high is just below zero it settled with and i'll attempt slowly rising in twenty five in madrid twenty in paris that was the case on wednesday and that that you see the sort of the tongue going in this general direction sort of stay warm in france and maybe even in germany right i think we're going to see it tumble down and get disappeared in the flow so you end up really getting colder in germany in poland maybe austria the tempest in the teens but then rain will start to fall rain not snow you'll notice and by this time
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paris gone down to sixty but madrid is to have a twenty eight so for spain portugal is nice and warm and at the same times all gone and settled down we've got the sun back out in greece bogan area and in turkey but for the time being used to get that circulation it would use big showers as far south as the gulf of say it's maybe even reaching north and egypt which is in the low twenty's that's the forecast for thursday friday slightly dry. on one. floor. and you are changing color as america struggles to contain its worst of a drug crisis for lines looks at the devastating impact it's having on the children
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left to pick up the pieces. of this time on al-jazeera. some. six years after the death of gadhafi. al-jazeera travels to libya. to hear from some of those who fought his regime and contributed to his downfall in . the battle of misrata at this time on al-jazeera.
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our mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera kenya's president has our supporters to vote in thursday's when one of the presidential election but also said they must refrain from violence while kenyan pisa fired tear gas at opposition demonstrators who say the vote won't be free or face cuts on its face sanctions on eleven yemeni nationals and to get many entities in a joint operation with the u.s. sanctions target leaders financiers and facilitators of eisel well as al qaeda in the arabian peninsula iraqi kurdish leaders have offered to phrase the outcome of last month's controversial vote for sis. the u.n. secretary general has visited one of the regions worst affected by the increasing violence in central african republic until near the terraces in the side eastern time of. where more than one thousand eight hundred people are currently sheltering ikhlas hoch is following the visit and the latest from buying
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a set. and turn of the terraces visiting the camp here in bangkok probably one of the most dangerous regions in central african republic just on the outskirts of this county are the former selector fighters armed to the teeth and inside the city are christian vigilantes also on a few months ago the united nations humanitarian chief came to this area and said there were signs early signs of a genocide a project to kill in displaced muslims this is a country where a lot of people are suffering and a country that is forgotten by the international community and we have a need to address the suffering of the central african republic and people and at the same time to support the government that is now committed to the reconciliation in the country in order to make it through conciliation possible and for that we also need to strengthen the united nations force and to get serious once more boots
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on the ground and that's why he's here ahead of a u.n. security council meeting in november where the budget of the u.n. mission here will be revised and he hopes to have more troops and more money to help the troops here do their job. west african leaders from the regional group echo us are calling on togo's president to do more to resolve the country's political crisis at least ten people have been killed in anti-government protests since august amid growing frustration over delayed constitutional reforms for organizing big took power in two thousand and five cementing his family's fifty year will mohamed el baradei reports. people from togo second largest city soko de i would turning home after days of being on the run from government forces they left behind their homes and their businesses after clashes with police left four dead and dozens injured. it's been six days now that we've not worked since
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tuesday there was nothing to me except we had to manage with a bowl of rice we're now it is time for us to have change in this country. to code is traditionally a pro-government city but president for an acim based crackdown has turned even his staunchest supporters against protester wrapped it in august calling for an end to africa's longest ruling dynasty the simba took power in two thousand and five after the death of his father since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. the government tried to control the spiraling prices by limiting protests to weekends and even cutting the internet the opposition with used to cancel protests and government forces broke up demonstrations shooting at protesters and arresting dozens many say constant police brutality and intimidation tactics by the government forced them to flee. if. it was in the evening when there was a lot of noise there was a huge crowd in the streets and rigid not know that there were soldiers behind us i
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was running home they followed me court me and i was able to escape but one of them shot me in the leg twice. the government denies using excess force and togo's minister of security says police are responding to armed protesters. at the hospital and some of you have already been informed one person died by gunshot and three were wounded where did people get shot and by whom security forces are not the only ones who have these weapons. the united states has called on togo to uphold its citizens' human rights and is asking both sides to solve the dispute peacefully but as discontent with the symbols government continues to grow it seems unlikely that either side is willing to back down mohammed omar d.c. al jazeera. but the spanish government poised to take control of the catalonia region where protests are taking place in barcelona on friday midget's parliament vote on article one five five we imposing direct will on the semi autonomous region
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following events in the kaplan capital. this demonstration. of two groupings school teachers and parents protesting what they say are false allegations from the spanish government of indoctrination in the education system here in terms of produce a session they say that's not the case many of them protesting are in fact against the session then there's another grouping which is the defense committee for the referendum and they are intending to march to parliament with their message the steam is rising here in the sense that there is more and more suggestion that there is now a path towards a declaration of secession from spain and in fact the real john kerry who is the vice president. has in fact told associated press that quote there is no option
12:39 am
but to proclaim a new republic one of the big issues we're seeing at the moment is the future of the regional police force because a lot of people fear that they're going to be under pressure when article one five five goes into effect on friday. the terror alert level maybe only one below maximum but that's not worrying these police officers as much as the political conflict aside from their orders not to give any opinions publicly and to conceal their faces from t.v. cameras they'll be facing as much pressure as cattle on politicians when direct rule is imposed from madrid.


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