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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 297  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2017 3:32am-4:01am AST

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organization was set up the blockade against the government of qatar was launched into question whether that country itself was doing enough to fight terrorist financing even though the government in doha has argued strenuously that it is doing its part and even signed a new member random of understanding with washington to prove its commitment there are still been questions from other gulf countries namely saudi arabia about whether doha is doing enough to crack down on terrorist groups now with the joint announcement coming from washington doha riyadh and other regional capitals there might be no question that this work is actually taking effect the real question is whether the people listed on this new list of sanctions on wednesday well actually see their assets being frozen and find it impossible to travel anywhere around the world as the u.s. and other governments have found in other sanctions regimes the way that these will be successful will be if in fact money is cut off not just from the people accused
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of doing this financing but of course whether al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and i saw in yemen actually are starved out and lose their capability of launching new and deadly attacks is the enforcement not just the announcement that matters in these situations we have plenty more ahead on the news allan including why the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. is evacuated from a camp for displaced people and found saddam. president paying unveils china's new leadership team but there's not a potential successor and how a book by holocaust victims helping italian football confront anti semitism page has more on that story and for. that u.s. ambassador to the united nations has been evacuated from the u.n. camp for this. people in south sudan after security guards fired tear gas at
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protesters demonstrating against president silva care nikki haley had earlier met the president to discuss ways to end the four year civil war that's displaced millions of people have the morgan reports from juba. the united states backed south sudan when it became independent after a friend of mine twenty eleven but for more than three years now south sudan has been locked in a civil war the us ambassador to the un nikki haley hopes to convince president salva kiir to make peace i didn't come here to talk i came here to basically say the time for action is now we're not waiting anymore we need to see a change and we need to see it right away and there's nothing that they can say at this point we have lost trust in the government and we now need to regain that trust and the only way to regain that trust is through the actions of taking care of all of the people present here is the president of everyone not just one tribe
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not just one group fighting broke out in south sudan in twenty thirteen when president here accused his former vice president riek machar of a coup a peace agreement supported by the us was signed in ten to fifteen but there was more violence less than a year later forcing my charge to flee the country in september of this year the u.s. sanction to government officials and the former military chief of staff put the reeling the peace process but south sudan's government now says it's ready to work for a deal. the president also assured her actual into the ambassador that the government would also be observing cessation of hostilities in order basically to create a conducive atmosphere for the dialogue and also to show the government's commitment that. all political disputes and conflicts a little particles are so that as far as the government is concerned can only be resolved through dialogue but humanitarian situation has only gotten worse as the word dragged on more than half of the population here rely on aid to survive and
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the united states is the largest donor providing more than seven hundred million dollars per year then better to seem concerned at how bad it gets to those in need and how it workers are protected eighty two have been killed in the conflict so far . a quarter of the twelve million population has been displaced. there have been reports of atrocities committed by all worrying parties from sexual abuses to killings based on ethnicity many children have no access to proper education analysts say those committed to peace must work harder parties to the peace agreement. need. to. south sudanese. some trust in their state and that people don't have to flee across the borders a few hours in south sudan may not solve the country's problems or end the war but u.n. ambassador hayley hopes it's at least the start people morgan al-jazeera. the u.n.
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secretary general has visited one of the most dangerous places and central african republic almost two thousand people a colony sheltering in a refugee camp in the town of. after a dramatic rise in the conflict between in recent months nicholas hawk reports from . alive but the fear remains. that her two children were among hundreds of muslims praying in a mosque when a christian vigilante started shooting at them. scores were killed were all peacekeepers eventually came to the rescue bringing them to this church for protection. since then every night and identified gunmen come back and shoot towards the church. they want to kill us and all we want is for this violence to. but guess who is regarded as one of the most dangerous places to be in central african republic christian militias control this town or do you
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escort our minders told us it is too dangerous for us to venture out alone christian vigilantes are accused of killing muslims animosity is said to be fanned by politicians and local leaders. on the other side of this conflict are the selected muslim fighters located just outside of town they're accused of targeting christians both groups are said to be responsible for attacks on u.s. forces and aid agencies the violence in the regent is said to have displaced an estimated one million people mostly muslims the safety and security of these people depends on the presence of u.n. peacekeepers in the eyes of some but they are the only force capable of bringing stability back to the country but human rights groups accuse some of them of sexually abusing those they are meant to protect the u.n. secretary general says he has zero tolerance for this about the sexual abuses allegation against un peacekeepers what is being done to address this why there are
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cases coming up again and again we have national. international victims' rights advocate i have appointed we have now signed more than eighty countries a compact. to guarantee that there will be no impunity because peacekeepers come from countries and they are subject to the legislation of those countries we are taking a number of other measures to put the victims in the center and i'm visiting victims here. and we are creating a number of conditions. that we have to be fully implement the challenges for those who have fled never seem to end aid agencies are cutting food rations because of lack of funds from international donors as a result children are not just going hungry in some places they're dying of malnutrition. the secretary general says what's happening here cannot be ignored
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for fatigue med her world is marked by the walls of a church but at least for this time being she and her children are safe nicholas hawk al-jazeera by guess who essentially i'm tony harris has again called on member states off the un to hand over evidence concerning the death of one of his predecessors predecessors dag hammarskjold died in a plane crash while on a peace mission to the ben congo and nine hundred sixty one a un commission report and to the death has been handed over to the president of the general assembly mike hanna reports from the united nations. a memorial service for un peacekeepers have been killed in the central african republic and turn your good terraces there to remember the dead at the same time is urging further investigation into the death of another u.n. peacekeeper who died on the continent. the plane carrying secretary-general dot com a shelter crashed while he was on a peace mission to the then congo nearly sixty years ago initial inquests
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attributed the crash to pilot error but following the emergence of new evidence in recent years the un appointed an eminent person tanzanian judge mohamad chanda ottoman to launch a new investigation and this has now been handed over to the president of the general assembly the report though is inconclusive saying more information is needed as to the cause of the crash them in person considered it plausible that an external attack or threat may have been the cause them in person also noted that it remains possible the crash was an accident caused by pilot error without external interference and that it was plausible that human factors including fatigue played a role in the crash. there are uncontested claims that the u.s. and the u.k. had intercepted radio traffic in the area at the time of the crash and while not specifically naming the states the secretary general has called on u.n. members to allow an independent search of classified archives that could cost
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further light on the crash and less member states make that decision the death of dad is likely to remain a mystery mike hanna al-jazeera united nations u.s. president on trial has criticized his former rival hillary clinton and her campaign team after two reports lent them to moscow the latest report claims that clinton's teen financed a dossier of allegations linking trump to russia a white house correspondent kimberly hellcat reports. for months u.s. president donald trump has endured persistent questioning from the media and condemnation from his democratic critics and even those from his own party repeatedly he's portrayed congressional and f.b.i. investigations into possible collusion between his presidential campaign and russia as fake news but now feeling potentially vindicated trump on wednesday went on the
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offensive seemingly energized by reports the campaign of his twenty sixteen presidential opponent hillary clinton was one of those who paid a former british spy to assemble a dossier containing sleazy allegations against the president that also linked his campaign to russia the whole russian thing is what it's turned out to be this was the democrats coming up with an excuse for losing an election they didn't know what to say so they made up the whole russia hoax there's also the decision by republicans in the house of representatives to formally investigate the twenty ten sale of a u.s. uranium mining company to russia prior to the deal the f.b.i. had reportedly compiled evidence of bribery and kickbacks just by control of large swaths of u.s. you're rainy and being handed to moscow the deal was approved by the us state department well clinton wasn't secretary of state well i think the radium sale to russia and the way it was done so underhanded with tremendous amounts of money see
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fast i actually think that's watergate modernised clinton has discounted the reports calling it nothing more than mudslinging from her conservative critics aimed at diverting attention from alleged russian ties to trump associates the same baloney they've been peddling for years and there's been no no credible evidence by anyone in fact it's been debunked repeatedly and will continue to be debunked as special counsel is investigating potential trial. ties to russia but this week it was also reported the brother of the chairman of hillary clinton's presidential campaign john podesta is also in the spotlight yet another indication both the republican and democratic twenty sixteen presidential campaigns may now be in the f.b.i. sights can really help get out zero washington. female politicians in the european union so they are in parliament has failed to protect staff from sexual harassment
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the accusation came during a debate on an emergency motion to improve the was on workplace abuse and gender equality sexual harassment has been in the spotlight since allegations made earlier this month against top u.s. film producer harvey weinstein several female european politicians have come forward with their own stories of harassment in the workplace me too i have been sexually harassed just like millions of other people in the european just like millions of other women in the european union and i think it's about time that we very clearly say that we should not be ashamed but that the perpetrators should be ashamed because sexual harassment is such a widespread problem all over the european union and we will need legislative steps in order to combat this problem still ahead on the news out as well as accused of the systematic abuse of young palestinians when they're arrested and occupied east jerusalem. will take a look at the legacy of rock'n'roll pineal that domino. and an upset in the race to
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finish the season as the world's best female tennis player details coming up with nato. hello the heat wave such as it was is over on the east coast the u.s. and eastern canada that's a cold front the did what it's supposed to book colder air in but the real cold air is tucked back here coming over the canadian prairies in into the plains of the u.s. at the moment chicago is it telling denver the twenty six this is much colder but what you can see from this is what's happening down the desert southwest in particular in california where l.a. hitched hit forty forty two degrees on tuesday which is quite ridiculous when cities thirty six creeping down to thirty one but it's not till after the weekend
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we get down to where it should be about twenty four but the same time to remember the temperatures were denver's now down to eleven is coldest tuckey in across the plains some snow is likely but the majority is going to be here north dakota wisconsin and then across the great lakes that looks quite stormy a mass of right followed by a turkey in snow stories and next in winnipeg eleven in chicago still in the teens the eastern seaboard and eighteen you'll notice down in dallas in texas south of that temperatures nothing to worry about of course they don't vary a huge amount we got big sunshine in the sky for cuba in jamaica there is rain around but it's concentrating a bit further west anywhere from panama up to guatemala. thank you. so. six years after the death of gadhafi. al-jazeera the world travels to libya.
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to hear from some of those who for his regime contributed to his downfall. the battle of misrata at this time on al-jazeera. it is the inhabitants of a nation that given its unique identity. each culture maintained and developed by the endeavors of its people in a six part series. those into two years rich tapestry through the prism of six extraordinary individual. mind tunisia coming soon wanted.
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to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories kenya's opposition leader urging people to boycott the presidential vote on thursday but president hu kenyatta is scorning on kenyans to participate in the rebound. brazil's president michel to not want to face trial on corruption charges on the congress voted in his favor the seventy seven year old has been released from hospital after being treated for you an area destruction he was accused of taking bribes which he's always denied. and the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has been evacuated from the u.n. can. the displaced people in south sudan security gone guards fired tear gas at protesters demonstrating against president salva care nikki haley is calling for
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greater international efforts to support a resolution to the nearly four year conflict that's displaced millions of people. now an elaborate five day funeral has begun and bangkok for thailand's late king doing a day a funeral ceremony was held at the grand palace where the king rama the ten lighting candles in front of his father's coffin and more than one hundred monks chanting prayers the much loved to tie king died just over a year ago after reigning for seven decades well let's get more on this now with thirty people.


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