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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2017 7:00am-7:34am AST

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what happened was he was started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was really going to become a soldier and a job an investigation reveals how even the smallest device used deadly environmental and health we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travel around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera. i think. it was an audacious bid to capture a city in the southern philippines and turn it into a province of myself. with rai left a smoking room is asia the new battlefront one on one east investigates at this time on al-jazeera.
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heightened tension in kenya as a repeat presidential election opens amid the opposition's calls for a boycott. of all rahman this is al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes bidding farewell to a revered monarch bangkok grinds to a halt for king upon me palms a five day funeral. brazil's president survives a key parliamentary vote to put him on trial for corruption. and classified documents into the assassination of john f. kennedy are set to be released more than fifty years after his death. welcome to the program polls for the controversial presidential run in kenya have just opened opposition leader raul odinga has withdrawn from the election and has
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our supporters to boycott the vote it comes as the protests over the polls continue in and around my robey the u.s. state department is voicing concern over efforts to undermine the electoral process so how did we get there well on august the eleventh who can yet or was declared the winner of the initial presidential election hell three days earlier but his rival reloading there was quick to cry foul saying the result was hacked and manipulated he took these four delegations to the supreme court and on the first of september judges declared the elections invalid and ordered a rerun within sixty days more than a month later suddenly withdrew his candidacy from the rerun saying he still didn't believe the election commission could ensure a fair race. well let's cross to our reporter for media miller is in the capital nairobi for me to obviously the polls
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have just opened a great deal of tension around this rerun of the vote what are people there saying to you. people here say they are determined to vote they they say it's a democratic right and they won't be to tears by this boycott that's been called by the opposition leader raila odinga of course that boycott would primarily affect his supporters rather than people coming out to vote believe however this isn't the case in all areas of the country especially strongholds the opposition strongholds with the opposition of course has a strong presence there are there's concern that people trying to vote would be prevented from doing so prevented from going to the polling stations we do know there are some areas where ballot boxes and ballot material election material hasn't been delivered or can't be distributed in fact they aren't officials
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available to mandy's polling stations because of the security situation and also if we look at what some of the observer missions have said the european union as well as the carter center have reduced their observer missions in kenya of that election citing security concerns and we also know that the commonwealth observer mission has withdrawn entirely so these tensions the polarized people in the country as well as concerns around security certainly would affect this poll that is starting to rain here nairobi possibly affecting the turnout for the time being but the greater concern of course would be this boycott and the security situation or for the for me to leave it in the capital nairobi let's go to another major city in kisumu where catherine sawyer joins me from really an opposition stronghold and of course one wonders what the situation is like considering the opposition leader has told his supporters katherine to avoid going to the polling stations.
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absolutely so hill and it's been such a struggle just getting a polling station that's open this morning in the last hour we have gone to four polling stations that are closed roads many roads have been blocked using stones and boulders as well then we find our way to this polling station and find a bit of a panic here because transporters who are carrying the voting materials had not arrived and also one not answering their call so there was a bit of a panic there finally the boss calling covering the ballot boxes has arrived and but there are no voters we managed to get one person who is interested in voting just you and your mori thank you very much for joining us you went to your polling station and you found it closed could you just explain to us. what happened and how you felt about it i woke up in the morning exercise my question right works went to
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my polling station and i found this close and it's i was disappointed because. i b c has a responsibility to give me an opportunity to vote. when elections are called and so i came in here to look for officers who explains to me that the first logistical problems because of the stuff did not appear so why have you taken the stand i mean a lot of people here. are not voting and it will be also a danger to you in a way just taking the stand so why. i think it is the right of every citizen to check out across time to vote or not to vote considering all the factors the fact that we went into an election if of august election was a mild because of irregularities and i b.c. was given a chance to call another election in sixty days in accordance with the prevailing
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of the existing law. and that a number of issues how did raise especially by the opposition i b c has assured us that they have addressed most of those issues i believe that it is important that we turn up and vote if certain things don't want us to quiet then we still have very close to election court and having those issues rectified amount yeah thank you very much joshua i hope you have that opportunity to exercise your right and. just to say you know joshua is one person who's saying he's going to vote but millions of people here are saying they're not going to vote this region has about two million voters and just to paint a picture in august in the last election this polling station was full of people queues of people waiting to vote so now as you can see there's nobody and we're
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being told the situation is the same in other polling stations in this area as well ali i managed to speak to the returning officer that's the main. electoral commission official in kisumu central and he said that he has not been able to deliver ballot boxes to any palling station in this in this area in kisumu central because of the security reasons so it will be interesting to see how the day plays out today so he'll indeed and of course we'll follow vents with both you and for me to katherine thanks so much. the cremation ceremony of the late king jr day has begun the cremation is the main part of the five day funeral service it's being led by the late sun ra mother tend to the much loved tie king died just over a year ago have to rein in for seven decades when he has moved from bangkok. the funeral ceremony lasts for five days but of course the main day he's thursday when
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the late king jr day will be cremated there are actually two cremation ceremonies one a symbolic ceremony and then the main cremation which will take place late on thursday evening in a purpose built funeral site a purpose built crematorium on a site just outside the grand palace before then it's a very slow procession taking the broil containing the body of the late king from the grand palace where he has been lying for the past year eventually making its way just outside the gates to that funeral site but it's a very slow procession will take around three hours before they arrive there so you know. as you can imagine it's a very hot day in bangkok but that hasn't stopped thousands of people coming out onto the streets the palace says it was expecting some two hundred fifty thousand people to fill the streets around the funeral site to say a final goodbye to the late king put me on a do new day. brazil's
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a lower house of congress has voted to reject corruption charges against president michel tamer he was in hospital when the vote was taken the seventy seven year old has since been released after being treated for a union. obstruction he's accused of taking bribes which he denies the lower house has voted in his favor them decided he will not face trial at the supreme court on charges of criminal conspiracy and obstruction of justice has more from buenos aires. president michel tamar has done it again he survived a vote in the lower house of congress which wanted to suspend them for up to one hundred eighty days so the supremes court could try him on corruption charges he did the same back in august by a similar vote although he's one of the most unpopular presidents that brazil has ever seen with population and with popularity ratings of around four percent he one managed to win enough support in that congress so that the opposition could not get the two thirds two thirds of votes necessary one congressperson at
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a time came to the microphone they were given fifteen seconds to speak before the microphone was cut off to say yes or no vote as to whether they supported michelle tam or not he is accused of taking bribes by j.b.s. a massive meat packing for some of that conversation was recorded he all along has denied the charges he is part of a much larger criminal investigation known as a lover's yard or the car wash scandal which is implicated hundreds of politicians and business people across brazil some of them serving time in prison some of them waiting to be tried some of them plea bargaining saying they're going to name names but michel tema has a skate he will serve out the last fourteen months of his time in office he says to push through vital measures to boost brazil's ailing economy to get it back on track but he has survived but he is a much that we can the president the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has been evacuated from
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a un come for displaced people in south sudan after security guards fired tear gas at protesters demonstrating against president salva kiir nikki haley met the president to discuss ways to end the four year civil war that has displaced millions of people here morgan has more from juba. the united states backed south sudan when it became independent after a friend of mine twenty eleven but for more than three years now south sudan has been locked in a civil war the us ambassador to the un nikki haley hopes to convince president salva kiir to make peace i didn't come here to talk i came here to basically say the time for action is now we're not waiting anymore we need to see a change and we need to see it right away and there is nothing that they can say at this point we have lost trust in the government and we now need to regain that trust and the only way to regain that trust is through the actions of taking care
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of all of the people present here is the president of everyone not just one tribe not just one group fighting broke out in south sudan in twenty thirteen when president kiir accused his former vice president riek machar of a coup a peace agreement supported by the us was signed in twenty fifteen but there was more violence less than a year later forcing my charge to flee the country in september of this year the u.s. sanction to government officials and the former military chief of staff put the reeling the peace process but south sudan's government now says it's ready to work for a deal. the president also assured her actual into the ambassador that the government would also be observing cessation of hostilities in order basically to create a conducive atmosphere for the dialogue and also to show the government's commitment that. all political disputes and conflicts in the republic of south sudan as far as the government is concerned can only be resolved through dialogue but humanitarian situation has only gotten worse as the word dragged on more than half of the
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population here rely on aid to survive and the united states is the largest donor providing more than seven hundred million dollars per year them back to the scene concerned at how bad it gets to those in need and how aid workers are protected eighty two have been killed in the conflict so far. a quarter of the twelve million population has been displaced there have been reports of atrocities committed by all worrying part from sexual abuses to killings based on ethnicity many children have no access to proper education analysts say those committed to peace must work harder to the peace agreement who are strongly convinced that the peace agreement. is. in their state and that people don't have to flee across the borders a few hours in south sudan may not solve the country's problems or end the war but u.n. ambassador hayley hopes it's at least
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a start. well still ahead here. also a legal battle that. strict. giving women the right to choose to stay with us here. from the clear blue sky of the doha moon. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city. hello the weather is gone all stormy now in the eastern mediterranean has produced fairly heavy showers over turkey to spread slowly east was to the caucasus is bringing wind up from the south across egypt from afraid that's not particularly where we've seen a bout twenty seven in beirut and twenty four in jerusalem as the writing on the shelves well they really do very much the coaxes not on thursday and back still got
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ninety degrees was tearing up a twenty seven the day after little change either so big fluster in the eastern med hasn't had very much effect to be honest in levant and beyond thirty three in baghdad thirty four in kuwait the wind is not particularly prominent we've noticed humidity fluctuating around the gulf recently thirty four could be fairly humid thirty focus is no prevailing breeze at the moment and this is true down to abu dhabi it's still near forty in mecca and the breeze here indicates it's coming from the south as a result that it could be a little dusty so lousy twenty nine he made when i was here and it was of course in the last three months in southern africa we're seeing proper rain develop once more and more specifically in south africa this line that's just light but now in cloud on thursday come friday looks like a fairly stormy potential over jo'burg and crossing the top. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. and listen when they're on
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line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on saturday a member of the ku klux but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make the actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching officer i'm still raman a reminder of our top stories polls for the controversial presidential run in kenya
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are now underway kenya's opposition leader i loading there is urging people to boycott the presidential vote on thursday the president. is calling on kenyans to participate in the rerun. also the elaborate cremation ceremony for the late time making a point home of the new day has begun it's considered the main part of the five day funeral service that is led by the late son of the mother to the much loved tycoon died just over a year ago after reigning for seven decades. brazil's president michel tamer will not face trial on corruption charges after congress voted in his favor the seventy seven year old has been released from hospital after being treated for a year in real obstruction he was accused of taking bribes which he's always denied . secret documents about the assassination of us. president john f. kennedy all to be released on thursday present some past all the rise the release
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of the records findings of a van government investigation into kennedy's killing in one nine hundred sixty three were controversial had to construct as will from dallas fifty four years after president john f. kennedy was assassinated on a dallas street most americans still do not believe the findings of the official investigation that alone of the gunman lee harvey oswald was soley responsible radically deny the strike the public's doubt born of these seconds captured by news cameras in one nine hundred sixty three when oswald was killed moments after his arrest. and apparently outraged dallas businessman had taken the law into his own hands shooting oswald before he could ever be tried the combination of a dead president and a silenced suspect before a backdrop of cold war paranoia then what became an industry which relied on
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conspiracy theories that generate millions of dollars in sales of books and magazines it's much more fun to believe in conspiracy hugh aynesworth is the only journalist who witnessed both kennedy's assassination and oswald's killing he rejects the conspiracy theories that russia or cuba helped to kill the president or that the us government itself had wanted kennedy dead worth says the release of the investigation records is unlikely to satisfy those claiming to search for the truth as it isn't known and then anything the opportunities will still show will magazines and t.v. . and you know they used up half the declassified records are expected to center around oswald history including a cia personality study and information about his visit to the cuban and russian embassies in mexico in the weeks before the assassination the records may also include information about covert cold war operations potentially an embarrassment
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to the u.s. government but as for the kennedy assassination itself the records are expected to reveal any bombshells and x. still marks the spot where j.f.k. was slain the site now a tourist attraction draws a daily crowd of people intrigued by what's likely to be the for ever mystery of kennedy's death heidi joe castro al-jazeera dallas. takis president reza the one says he's ready to support iraqi plans to reopen a crude oil pipeline that runs from oil fields in kirkuk the pipeline which hasn't been used since twenty fourteen would bypass iraq's kurdish region and one made the comments after meeting iraqi prime minister hideout a baddy in ankara there have been more protests in barcelona as the spanish government seems poised to take control of the catalonia region of
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friday but its parliament is due to vote on article one five five reimposing direct rule of the semi autonomous region and two sevens reports now from boss alone. this demonstration is of two groupings school teachers and parents protesting at what they say are false allegations from the spanish government of indoctrination in the education system here in terms of gross secession they say that's not the case many of them protesting are in fact against the session then there's another grouping which is the defense committee for the referendum and they are intending to march to parliament with their message the steam is rising here in the sense that there is more and more suggestion that there is now a path towards a declaration of secession from spain and in fact the real john kerry last who is the vice president of catalunya has in fact told associated press that quote there
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is no option but to proclaim a new republic one of the big issues we're seeing at the moment is the future of the regional police force because a lot of people fear that they're going to be under pressure when article one five five goes into effect on friday now a legal battle is underway in the u.k. is highest court over northern ireland strict abortion laws campaign groups say the penalties for illegal abortions are too tough and breach women's rights beat barca has more from belfast. so are you it's a mother of two during her first pregnancy doctors discovered that her child's skull haven't formed and there was no chance of survival outside the womb she asked for a medical term and nation but was given a blunt response to consult to spy on my thought i would ask unsaid. i'm sorry but i'm not going to present for anybody unlike the rest of the u.k.
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abortions in cases of fatal fetal abnormality and rape are illegal in northern ireland punishable with life imprisonment it left sarah with little choice and said that most of these babies don't hide a full term but yes i would have to contend tells me passed away and at that point i said highline no when the baby passes and i said like when the neighbor and they said no one for the bed of the baby's brain the trekkers lever is necessary so you wake so you can pay two weeks before you pass instead twenty one weeks pregnant she made the difficult decision of ending her pregnancy in england where abortions allowed so is case prompted a legal challenge by northern ireland human rights commission here at the high court in belfast to rule that existing laws were in breach of the european correction on human rights but earlier this year following an appeal by the attorney general in northern ireland that ruling was overturned the legal battle
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now goes to the highest court of the u.k. the supreme court in london we hope that the supreme court will agree with us that our law not only breaches women's rights but that it should be changed to enable women to access abortion services at home in northern ireland without having to travel the abortion debate divided northern irish society it's fiercely opposed by social conservatives including the leading democratic unionist party largely on religious grounds few political parties are prepared to tackle the sensitive issue head on but some campaign groups well for progressive compassionate society we should be providing you know medical emotional financial support for women and life affirming health care you know to protect them and their unborn baby you know the intentional killing of a human being is not health care and never well they are for many northern irish women seeking abortions already a difficult decision to make without having to board
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a boat or plane and travel to england scotland or wales where the u.k. government is offering free abortions. whether that will also apply in northern ireland in future is a question for the u.k.'s highest court the park out to zero belfast female politicians in the european union say their own parliament has failed to protect staff from sexual harassment the accusation came during a debate on an emergency motion to improve laws on workplace abuse and gender equality several female european politicians have come forward with their own stories of harassment me too i have been sexually harassed just like millions of other people in the european just like millions of other women in the european union and i think it's about time that we very clearly say that we should not be ashamed but that the perpetrators should be ashamed because sexual harassment is such a widespread problem all over the european union and we will need legislative steps
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in order to combat this problem or donna coker is a law professor at the university of miami and she says there are a number of contributory factors that can lead to harassment in the workplace. it is the case. very often when women are sexually harassed their primary objective is to succeed in the work that they have set out to do to not allow the harassment to stop their career and so it's very understandable that when you don't have cultural change in place when when you feel that you are isolated when you don't have the kinds of reporting structures that work and you don't have the kinds of investigation and chain of command changes in place that women even powerful women. are relatively powerful women are unlikely to come forward and i think that what you
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see and what's needed is both a kind of cultural change and then you need structural changes wow so in the united states of course many of our workplaces are at will employment. and when you have those kinds of workplace rules in place then it makes all workers very vulnerable but particularly women who are suffering sexual harassment so i think you have to see the both the cultural change in those structural changes working hand in hand britain's first major exhibition looking at this response to war and cold flicks post nine eleven opens all those day in london just baldwin when you take a look at nine eleven a defining moment in the twenty first century with untold consequences consequences that continue to kill and devastate today artists like all of us have been affected
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by the events and they've used their skills to process and understand contemporary conflict justice artists from previous generations have painted their reflections on war. a marble surveillance camera by way way former british prime minister tony blair looks out from a collage with images of blindfolded detainees and riot police force in the us to increase security. maybe when we go to public events that awareness that you know terrorists can be indiscriminate and hit at any place and any time a german artist walks the streets of new york in a suit covered in dust from a car bomb in iraq a life size shadow of a predator drone stenciled on the floor the twin towers represented as neon light wells good contemporary artists who are constantly absorbing everything around them
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are a position to interpret our world and help us make sense of that. homesick a film of fear and frustration by syrian artists ferrar circassian he now lives in london but his parents remain in their damascus apartment a work by kurdish iraqi artist walid c.t. explores the destruction caused by conflict breaking apart homes families buildings those artists are often drawing on those really testimonies of their own lives and i think that helps us create that bridge to really experience to border understanding and and helps us and understand those consequences of conflict a painting of contemporary damascus a reflection of chaos and devastation artists defining and teaching us what life has been like for many after sixteen years of conflict since nine eleven jessica
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baldwin al-jazeera london. you're watching al-jazeera himes the whole raman these are our top stories voting is underway in kenya for a controversial presidential rerun but several polling stations in opposition dominated areas are lying empty after calls to boycott the vote the election commission has said it cannot guarantee the election will be credible as protests continue the cremation ceremony of the late tyree king jr day has begun and the creation is main part of part of the five day funeral service is led by the late king's son the tenth the much loved monarch died just over a year ago after reigning for seven decades brazil's president michel tamer will not face trial and corruption charges after congress voted in his favor the seventy
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seven year old has been released from hospital after being treated for a year in ri obstruction he was accused of taking bribes which he's always denied the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has been evacuated from a u.n. camp for displaced people in south sudan after security guards fired tear gas protesters demonstrating against president sounds like here nikki haley is calling for greater international efforts to support a resolution to nearly four years of conflict that's displaced millions of people female politicians in the european union say their own parliament has failed to protect staff from sexual harassment the accusation came in during a debate on an emergency motion to improve laws on workplace abuse and gender equality sexual harassment has been in the spotlight since allegations were made earlier this month against a top us film producer harvey weinstein's. catalonians parliament will meet on
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thursday to discuss its response to madrid's plans to take control of the region politicians will discuss what to do with the central government imposes direct rule by triggering article one five five on friday catalan leader. has turned down an invitation to speak to senators in that i'll be back with more news in thirty minutes next on al-jazeera it's the strip to stay with us. as native amazonian is increasingly struggling to survive in today's world. to al-jazeera travels to brazil to meet leaders of endangered tribes. and those trying to protect them at this time.


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