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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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business update brought to you by always going places together. but.
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this is zero. carry this is the news hour live from joe coming up in the next sixty minutes the rerun of kenya's presidential election is marred by violent protests and opposition strongholds. iraq's prime minister rejects the kurds offer to freeze the referendum to session as he travels to iran to meet with leaders there. catalonia leader and parliament meeting to discuss hundreds plans to take control of the region. with the latest sports news including a home run record as the houston astros level baseball's world series with the l.a. dodgers. by. security forces and hanging. have fired live rounds and tear gas at protesters
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opposed to the presidential election rerun which is underway. no. opposition leader religion guy has asked his supporters to boycott what he called a sham election the polls opened a few hours ago except in a ding a stronghold of kisumu where some voting material hasn't even been delivered we don't want to end the lead. right now not to god no not to end the lawyer. for the country is that. whoever emerges that we know will be able to unite the country. but someone i've supported president who can jaso so much because we want to avoid we want love in our country so that we can work together in building a nation. shortly we will get the latest from katherine sawyer in the opposition stronghold of kisumu first though let's go to for me to miller in campbell county so the voting there were you are how does that compare to what you know about
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what's happening at other polling stations. or rachelle the scenes there are quite different to what we saw at a number of polling stations in nairobi this seems to be a significant turnout in this area it is of course a do you believe the governing parties stronghold so expectations were that people would come out to vote for incumbent president who are kenyatta but at some other polling stations in nairobi we saw people trickling in also a significant security prisons and talking to election observers there they said that the number of people coming in compared to the eight the election seem to be significantly lower now also in the opposition stronghold in kibera we have seen running battles between police and protesters there who by the barricaded entrances to polling stations who set fires and the police have responded with tear gas now
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a president who are killing our cost to his vote early in the day and he used that opportunity to urge kenyans to come out to vote saying that below those who weren't voting it is their democratic right but he was also saying that kenya has been in a period of electioneering for far too long and the cycle needs to come to an end so essentially because we have the opposition leader raila odinga not participating it's expected that who cannot or will win this election and possibly have no matter to return to the lives of many kenyans across the country ok for me to thank you very much now as for me to reference the president of kenya cannot he did cast his vote and while there he appealed for calm. he. requesting them humbly that they should turn out in large numbers cause their vote make their decision choose their leader. and. for our country to move on because i believe
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that we have. died as a country of electioneering it's time we move forward those who are desirous to vote should be allowed to. those who do not wish to vote it is also their democratic right. but no right supersedes another and i'm appealing to kenyans to please allow each and every one of us to exercise our right catherine joins us from his similar and western kenya so we're you are katherine have the polls open is there even really going to be an election where you are. holes have not opened michel and it seems from where i am and for mouths of asians is very unlikely that there's going to be an election taking place in this area we were at a polling station we actually struggled very much to get even one open polling
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station all of the more close so we finally found one and we spoke to electoral officials there who were saying the biggest concern and the biggest problem is actually getting materials to the various polling stations not just because of the security but also because people are just not willing to transport this materials to where they're supposed to be transported to those also concerned that electoral commission staff members like clocks have not come to work as well a lot of them citing security reasons so that has been a big challenge when we were talking to this election official so right now we are incandela one of the areas where protests have been sustained since since august and there's been running battles between police and protesters hard to have been running battles in other areas as well in the last hour or so we feel several ambulances zooming past heading in to this area perhaps going to pick up people who
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have been injured police have been firing tear gas at group of mostly men who are on the other side trying to push them back and then this people have been using slings to throw stones at police the very angry very first rated saying that they will not accept. when they will not accept his presidency as well catherine so alive for us and catherine thank you. tell us again though as a political analyst who joins us from nairobi and thank you for joining us did riley what did he have a fair criticism when he said that it was just too soon to have this rerun of an election because nobody could be prepared well basically this is a rerun was organised by the direction of the supreme court which had indicated
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that there was issued conduct this election within the period of sixty's and the election being conducted today is just within that six day period of course it ends by the first of november so or of course when over the world that at the moment the demands of nasa and reloading are is that they wanted the cleaning up of the entire process and making sure that matters to do with procurement matters to do with you know materials technology etc sure would be redone with what they termed as meeting their bare minimum months to the i b c so they're pulling out has been a result of those bare minimum good months not being met by the electoral body which is there i presume and what is interesting is of course that on that button do you think that that's a fair criticism on the other side but i think do you think that that's
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a fair criticism a fair critique. well but realistically speaking if we are to do electoral reforms before the rerun is done then the six day period is a limited period but that is the constitutionally granted period of official action done and that's how the supreme court pronounced so if i talk to go outside the six day period then it's obvious that we have to go back to the court or now it has to be done you know in an extra constitutional framework which means that these electoral period has to do no two laps first and that is why nasa and redwood being a has been seeking or pushing for a political solution to the present a challenge and not a legal solution ok so so what now you have a country where there are so voting happening in some places there's not voting
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happening in other places there is violent clashes what are the ramifications of this going to be and what's happening right now. it is evidence that voting is not taking place in very many other areas especially those areas that have been perceived to be those from hold areas for the opposition the main opposition but there are areas that are perceived to be jubilee or government stronghold areas voting is taking place now the challenge that arises after this voting is that we will the president and that you will a government and be able to get the sufficient votes to governor or to get the support from half of the county governments we have forty seven counties will be able to get support from twenty four counties and more than fifty plus one percent of the vote that one is supposed to to garner to be declared president so that is
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the question and then the issue is if we're told close to half the country does not participate in this election then how comfortable how easy will the president be or the g.m. instruction be in governing a country without the support of close to half the country thought that will in all provide a very serious political challenge. and will cause political instability to the governing process under president kenyatta if he wins after the elections today ok jarvis began by what they calling on you again throughout the day each other thank you. iraqi forces have launched an assault to recapture al qaim and rolla from eisel the towns on iraq's western border with syria are two of the armed groups last strongholds in the country leaflets were dropped out of there over the area northwest turned on by province on wednesday warning of this operation going to
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stephanie decker who is in erbil in northern iraq for us so the iraqi prime minister stephanie announced the start of this particular offensive in west on bar against put this in some perspective for us what is the significance of this operation. well there's a sense of course it is sort of the last territorial strongholds areas that i still still holds and one of those in particular is a town on the border with syria so border crossings are of course always incredibly significant this border in particular lies on the highway between that is good which is an area that isis still controls actually surrounds a small pocket of syrian government territory all the way to baghdad and i think symbolically as well everyone remembers sort of the eisel propaganda machine the video they showed of bulldozers bulldozing through the iraq syria border in two thousand and fourteen you know sort of playing down the idea of nation states and stablish in their so-called caliph it so i think you know will take you all that
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together this is sort of the last push by the iraqi forces together of course with the coalition support to push eisel out of iraq but it got as anyone will tell you just because the group has lost territory doesn't mean it no longer poses a threat because it still has the potential to carry out large scale and deadly attacks sleeper cells these kinds of concerns of course still remain very real so stephanie there is also skirmishes that are happening happening further north along the iraq syria syria border what do we know about that. yes has been ongoing sporadic fighting between iraqi forces and the shia militias backing them up and the kurdish question around. thirty kilometers south of the border crossing between iraq and syria it's complicated but it has to do with the repercussions of that controversial referendum that took place here last week last month and just to update you in the last hour or so they've been more clashes between iraqi forces
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and kurdish peshmerga in the town of mahmood that is around forty five minute drive south of or below from where we are what we understand. is trying to take back that area it is also disputed area it all has to do with disputed territory and a longstanding unresolved issues between baghdad and erbil that had perhaps been able to be ignored while they were fighting a common enemy and with that referendum with the controversy of holding that in disputed territories the fact that that's never been resolved now certainly everything coming to a head to that's what it seems stephanie decker live for us in erbil stuff thank you the rocky prime minister says his government won't accept anything but the cancellation of the kurds a session bid. in tehran for talks with iranian leaders both countries have large kurdish populations that oppose any talk of separation rox kurdistan regional government had offered to freeze its secession bid but iraq says that does not go far enough a change so he is
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a senior lecturer in middle east politics at the university of bradford he joins us now from leeds and we appreciate your time so. these two countries iraq and iran do they have the the same motivations the same concerns the same goals when it comes to the kurds. yes absolutely as it was confirmed this morning by iraqi prime minister iran stands with iraq shoulder to shoulder to protect the national integrity of the country. at this very sensitive time actually iran continues to play a very important role to protect our national. integrity for forty dollars just to give you a little bit of a context to understand almost this indispensable security rule or for iran for
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iraq on fifteen so fur october. general pulled from the very powerful iranian courts force along with some other iraqi commanders the go to kurdish commanders incur a coup and they say leave the city peacefully otherwise we're going to hit you from three points from here here and here and guess what in the matter of if you hours courts force along with shia militia and government managed to successfully capture this city this highlights it waves in which iran even after the defeat or almost defeat or twice as plays a very important security and political really help in iraq and to that point secretary of state rex tillerson said this aronian militias that are in iraq now that the fight against i saw is coming to a close those militias need to go home the foreign fighters in iraq need to go home and allow the iraqi people to regain control what what are their concerns rex
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tillerson and the u.s. is far is this this working with the two with iran and iraq goes. oh to be honest i'm not entirely sure what he means by the foreign fighters in iraq if he's talking about the shabby popular mobilization front since two thousand and sixteen it has been moralist part and parcel of iraqi security and defense establishment and we have to remember if it wasn't because of. probably all of iraq and i would be would be captured by the so-called islamic state you know in two thousand and fifteen how should the child be that he's so concerned about since two thousand and sixteen as i mentioned has been part and parcel of iraqi defense mechanism and they very very much doubted
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if we're going to see any time soon. this integrates to a small units and then eventually people go back to their homes i very much doubt that if that will happen any time soon i've seen shahid thank you very very much for your insight appreciate it. plenty more had and the news hour including getting farewell to ever feared monarch bangkok comes to a standstill for king county plans five day funeral plus. the city of boston has some of the highest income inequality anywhere in the u.s. i'm going to introduce you to a company that has a mapping system that really shows the economic divide all over this country that story coming up and while italian football or send an anti-semitism message on the pitch some fans fail to perceive it details coming up in sport the show.
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more than thirty people have been killed in an explosion at a fireworks factory in indonesia this happened at an industrial complex in the city of tang wrong just twenty five kilometers west of the capital jakarta a local official says all of the victims were factory workers the cause is still under investigation but we're going to get more information now from surreality for who is in jakarta so again this happening just recently but what information do you know about what caused this awful thing to happen. yes a huge fire has an explosion. this morning it's enough in a factory a firecracker around three hours away from jakarta north now according to the latest development or the report from police have stated there are now forty people i have been killed forty six are in casualties with
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a very critical condition and twenty two of them are still being searched where they're about so potentially they might be. you know under the rubble of the the fire so that's the latest development right now and quoting and according to the police officer the fire has been put down and the police are still doing further investigation so have they any thoughts on what may have caused this or is it just really too soon for for any type of official statement on that right. it is still very very very soon to find out the exact cause of the fiber according to the eyewitness this morning what they have heard is a huge noise or explosion and followed right after by a huge smoke and there was a another witness which is an end x.
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employee of the of the factory or the factory that. according to her it was a machine that has been. noise that she was noticed noticing and when she was working just yesterday before the incident happened but we don't have any and the statement officially from the police yet as to the cause of the fire was interesting also the fire factory. a factory has only been operating the last two months they've been established earlier this year but in terms of operation is only been two months and the total number of the factory workers there are around one hundred hundred two and west to low the police are still looking for the twenty as i mentioned earlier off where there are about but three of the employee are now under questioning those are the accountant and marketing. managers
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of the company it's reality thank you very much for the update on that fire thank you. tighter airport security measures will take effect for all passengers on u.s. bound flights starting thursday and the rules have been imposed by the trump administration and include stricter screening of passengers and electronic devices because paul and us more from hong kong's international airport. the new security measures are seen as a crucial test for cop a pacific an airline which prides itself on efficiency and speed particularly when checking in but u.s. bound passengers will no longer be in town facilities which are in the city instead they will have to come here to the airport the been told to come three hours before their flight as they will have to face questions about their trip details of why in particular they want to go to the u.s. they asked me like if i was here for business or pleasure. and they also asked me
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about my passport and they asked for a night's a copy of my generation which is a little strange because i don't came ha i had my boarding pass i think it's unnecessary. because i think we have enough security measures already you can go to the united states there's a new system but i don't like it if you know we've got the number of people how they feel about the new security measures and most of told us it's annoying and frustrating not cathay pacific is the only airline that's banned u.s. bound passengers from using facilities in the city or their bag drop off the facility here at the airports cathay pacific say they've increased the number of staff but there is still under tremendous pressure about fourteen flights a day to the united states. prominent civil rights organization that is advising african-americans not to fly on american airlines it's accusing the airline of a pattern of disrespectful and discriminatory behavior and separate cases one of the groups officials and a civil rights activists were kicked off flights american airlines says it will not
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tolerate discrimination and has offered to hold talks on the issue. the gap between rich and poor in the u.s. city of boston is one of the widest in america wealthiest five percent make more than a quarter of a million dollars a year and the lowest earning twenty percent that make less than fifteen thousand dollars a year every else on to has part two of our series on america's inequality. the divisions between rich and poor in america nearly side by side in two neighborhoods in boston on a tree lined street homes for those with access to wealth nearby rundown public housing units for those without. but now the area is changing as developers tear down the old and replace it with luxury apartments to cater to more rich buyers moving in and with the development as this place man saw all these families that live here and work here are being displaced because they can no longer afford the
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rat. like rita as an immigrant from mexico who is being pushed out by a landlord who has doubled her rent to nearly two thousand dollars a month well guess what we're trying to be strong but also we're upset because we don't have the money to pay the reality rita and people like her live with every day now part of new data mapping that shows the economic divide and how close together rich and poor live let's look at this neighborhood this dark blue neighborhood analytics company s three created a neighborhood by neighborhood breakdown of what it calls the will divide in america this is washington d.c. the darker the blue the wealthier the area the darker the orange the deeper the poverty and this is what the mapping showed in the area of boston where rita lives this neighborhood is called jamaica plain where the average household income is one hundred sixty nine thousand dollars a year more than three times the national average making this neighborhood one of
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the more affluent in all of boston. but just a few blocks away here in the forest hills neighborhood the story is much different here the household median income is only thirty four thousand dollars a year the hope is these maps prod people to think about inequality on a deeper level and maybe bring about change is the american dream viable it sure it sure should be it must be and how can we how can we make sure that it is viable not just for those of us who are privileged and wealthy but but that those opportunities are open to everybody a new way to identify the economic gaps in society the harder part is how to close them gabriel's on to. boston. at least four people had been killed in a train crash and southern fenland train collided with an army truck during a military exercise for the town of bor three of the dead are reported to be
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soldiers the fourth a passenger on the train eight people are being treated in hospital the inspector general is meeting with victims of alleged sexual abuse by its peacekeepers in central african republic on wednesday antonio terrace paid tribute to u.n. troops killed in violence last year he said he came to express solidarity gratitude and admiration nicholas hawke has the latest from bondi. and met with victims of sexual abuse by peacekeepers behind closed doors late on wednesday night he told al-jazeera that he will not tolerate any more abuse and all of these cases will be thoroughly investigated today he's meeting with the president with members of political parties religious leaders afters of civil societies all of those he hopes will bring back peace to this country on this visit he said that the root of the conflict comes from politics and politicians fermenting hate speech and he says that the solution will also come from politicians and politics
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a newly elected government that was elected back in january is going to be spearheading efforts for peace and so there's a lot at stake with this new government but some criticize it because there's not enough representation of muslims in that government the u.n. is backing the african initiative a group of african leaders that will come to central african republic in november to try to speak to various rebel groups and factions to bring long lasting peace to this area but of course the government here needs to address grievances that have been lasting for decades notably among the muslim population that feels discriminated against there are a million people most of them muslim that are displaced are living in neighboring countries for peace to come back they need to be allowed back to their homes and for the government to allow more dialogue between the christian and the muslims in this country. right and just a few moments ago had the weather. ahead on al-jazeera. or humanitarian
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situation. visits to warn about the world's worst cholera epidemic. take a look at the legacy of rock n roll pioneer. and the first football official involved in the scandal a sentence details in sport. from a fresh breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. where in the south america the wet parts which tradition is time the year and climatologically is the size of brazil paraguayan sometimes you go on the north of argentina is no exception but this is about the second or third time i've seen this in a week so this is definitely flood area you might think of brazil as a wet country generally speaking but right in the middle and indeed in the
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northeast has been drought ridden for a while. like anywhere else in the world makes it prone to forest fires this particular one is in a natural reserve full of biodiversity of course a quarter of it already burnt so would have been stunted deliberately unfortunately but not surprisingly the weather will not come to the aid of anybody trying to put this fire out there is no rain forecast for this part of or indeed most apart from the south north of the continent very different story this mass of white covering many countries as producing been producing seasonally heavy rain anywhere from costa rica up to guatemala. in the place where it's been focused to the point where with the city getting three hundred sixty one millimeters that is twice the monthly average and surprisingly it's possible that in this area we'll see a development of tropical cyclons in the next day or so. that'll be worth watching . the weather sponsored by cattle and always.
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it is the inhabitants of a nation that give it its unique identity. each culture maintained and developed by the endeavor the its people in a six part series. those into two news years rich tapestry through the prism of six extraordinary individual. mind when is the coming soon on a. short films of the who and inspiration. stories of three young women challenging the world around them.
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al-jazeera selects at this time. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour kenya's presidential election rerun is being marred by protests and an opposition boycott one person is dead and the opposition stronghold of kisumu security forces are using live ammunition and tear gas to disperse the crowds the iraqi prime minister says his government won't accept anything but the cancellation of the kurds secession bit at alibaba he is in tehran for talks with iranian leaders both countries. large kurdish populations and oppose any talk of separation at least
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forty people have been killed in an explosion at a fireworks factory in indonesia this happened at an industrial complex and tang arraignments about twenty five kilometers west of the capital jakarta. before he died last october thailand's king coming upon a today was the world's longest serving monarch during his reign spanning seven decades he helped to reshape the nation after world war two his five day funeral ceremony began on thursday drawing hundreds of thousands of mourners. from the capital bangkok. home in a year of mourning and reflection the people of thailand have said goodbye to the king. enduring late monsoon rains in searing heat hundreds of thousands of thais clad in black descended upon bangkok. packet come. arrived in the predawn hours i have to continue with our lives but i will do good things for him
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so his majesty will not have to worry full of ceremony and tradition of perception caring and opulent turn left the royal palace for the two and a half a kilometer journey to the royal crematorium crafted over the last eight months the elaborate crematorium is designed to represent a mythical mountain sending the late king to heaven here and one applause thousands have gathered there laying sandal wood flowers on this replica of the royal crematorium dozens have been set up across bangkok and across thailand giving thais the opportunity to actively participate in their king's funeral. decided that he was a young boy when he met. his father was the king's tutor for twenty six years in switzerland when some thai people. abandon us he said if the thai people have been. abandoned then and that was his and you and
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he's prefer. he wanted to to be there for thai people in thailand has progressed greatly under king put me upon some field that's part of the grieving yes for the man but also for the period of transformation he led the nation through first and foremost people grieving because they're saying goodbye to a part of themselves a part of their collective identity that was form and shape during the king's time he was called father by many thais even viewed by some as a demigod they see. as the least of all type people. the late king's son an heir king. corn will light the crematorium on thursday evening then traditional dances and performances will carry on throughout the night marking the end of the year of mourning it's got harder al-jazeera banco. domenech father is he says see it editor at the nikkei asian review and he joins us
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now from bangkok and we appreciate it. he's the only thing that so many people. have ever known and some of them as we just reported call him father what type of loss is it that they're feeling. it's an enormous loss as you say he's always been a feature of their lives he's moving on we are now at the very end of what you would call the boom upon era it will end on sunday when his relics are interred. and when we get through sunday we will be into monday which will be a completely new day and people will be putting themselves back together again it's a very solemn day in thailand this is the biggest rock formation that's ever been seen he's one of eight kings that have been cremated here one was cremated in london during the war but this is simply the biggest occasion that that's ever been
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there are hundreds of thousands of people around the kremlin tory i'm there at these facsimiles around the country where people are congregating there's more informal stuff i mean for example there's a huge exhibition center on the outskirts of buying called that is a sea of people in plaque who will congregate to. what what is his legacy. his legacy i think is. it's multifold but i mean the the one that is most commonly cited is the restoration of the monarchy from a very weak position in the thirty's forty's and fifty's he's left he has restored the monic a to the structurally you see today the second thing is the transformation of thailand if you go back to the end of the second world war the country was basically wrecked it was bankrupt this king brought thailand through the cold war era and he brought it through intact in
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a sense that is not apparent in the other countries in southeast asia which were seriously damaged in the cold war so if you look at cambodia laos. vietnam. and to a lesser degree myanmar which is a special story but if you look at those countries they're actually still in recovery whereas thailand is is a booming economy it's going through tough times at the moment. but it's strong and it's basically you know in the top forty economies in the world it's the second largest economy. and so his reign is a it was a transformational period that brought thailand into the modern world if you like and he was the king through that period and he will be remembered for that it's quite a legacy and. thank you very much. spanx senate is meeting to debate. article one fifty five that's to remove catalonia as
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political autonomy later karla's puts them on his holding a meeting in barcelona to discuss the region's response he has turned down an invitation to speak to senators in madrid so article one fifty five if it's if it's approved it expected to come into effect on saturday and thousands i mean averse to students and barcelona are demonstrating right now against spain's plans to dissolve his government pretty good sized crowd there and her sentiments is live in barcelona so. what's the latest with these protests. we should know i've got some information for you now this is unconfirmed by the government so that media reports local media reports maybe reports that it. is actually going to declare an election and that snap election will be on december
1:40 pm
the twentieth as the report goes and he will dissolve parliament we're expecting to a full moon in the coming hours. set to be in rome. local and know what he will say is unclear but this was definitely one of the options open to him and the idea behind it i would suggest is this trying to play. a hole in the spanish prime minister in instituting this one five five because the rollout of the one five football the summit which is expected to take place on friday is a demand for elections within six months so that was paul paul all the time it would seem that the government here will be challenging legally the one five five implementation suggesting now when those elections. taking place a democratic process where old votes will be. faulty. and new
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dissolved the parliament from the drip is over the air hosing direct rule with the runoff the other measures including the sacking of the government and the implementation of a whole set of goals involving control of the regional police force involving putting in government ministers to do the job with the existing government here this is going to put the whole thing to test so far all the mature government has insisted that any attempt to have snap elections told him in buffalo know just what would they will still roll out. so really this raises the stakes now another twist in this long running crisis which the news has filtered through to some of the demonstrators in the supreme court and mixed reaction and one of the speakers is
1:42 pm
calling out for some of her colleagues pushed on to move forward you know we've begun that's a reference to polls. where secession from spain it would appear that once again they've moved to the brink and tried a different tactic instead of pressing the green button. some of us in barcelona thanks sanjay. so what's at stake dozens of banks and businesses say they will move their offices out of catalonia the seeds could begin a ripple effect of losses and further complicating the cattle on in spanish economies cut along the u.s. secretary of economy says mature its takeover of the region's public finances has already cost more than five hundred forty million dollars catalonia accounts for about a fifth of spain's total economy with its exports tourism and also the country's second largest city economists predict this is session could increase spain's
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budget deficit from four point five to nearly seven percent the spanish government has already cut its two thousand and eighteen growth forecast pointing to the political risks in catalonia. they want aid chief is visiting yemen to say for himself that a terrier adding military in crisis the war torn country is facing severe food shortages and a cholera outbreak that's killed more than two thousand people atory again the reports. the conflict in yemen has been going on for more than two and a half years the u.n. says more than ten thousand yemenis have been killed and almost forty thousand injured since twenty fifteen eighty percent of the population is in need of humanitarian aid. on the verge of famine. the world's worst cholera epidemic as well the. major problems with the basic services like water and health education
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a saudi like coalition of countries has been bombing the capital and other parts of yemen to try to restore the internationally recognized government ousted by heathy rebels human rights groups accuse both sides of committing atrocities millions are on the brink of famine and the economy has collapsed. people are struggling not only because of the siege and on paid salaries but because prices have increased in an insane way it's causing a terrible amount of suffering. analysts say the depreciation of the yemeni reale means basic goods are out of reach for many yemenis. the. war has caused yemen's currency reserves to decrease and as halted oil and gas exports as well as donor support dollars in the market have dried up amid an increase in foreign currency demand yemen imports all of its goods this is led to a price increase. to add to the crisis the color outbreak has killed more than two
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thousand people and infected more than a million the u.n. is edging all sides to negotiate a political deal to bring the fighting. to an end victory. in qatar have jointly imposed sanctions targeting alleged leaders financier's and facilitators of iceland iraq syria and yemen and of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula eleven you many nationals a charitable organization and a supermarket make up the list of thirteen the sanctions against them include asset freezes and travel bans the two countries say the move strengthens their choice commitment to combat terrorism and terrorism financing jordan has more from washington d.c. . a number of yemeni citizens and two yemeni organizations are now in the sights of the us government and of several governments in the gulf that's because they've
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been accused of providing financial support to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula based inside yemen as well as two eisold in yemen these two groups have been accused of carrying out deadly attacks on yemeni citizens and institutions for several years now and as the u.s. treasury secretary steven minucci and said on wednesday these two groups pose a national security threat to the united states and to its allies what is significant about this new round of sanctions it's that it's being done through something called the terrorist financing targeting center this is an organization that was set up by the u.s. and by the gulf countries back in late may of course it goes without saying that just a couple of weeks after this organization was set up the blockade against the government of qatar was launched into question whether that country itself was doing enough to fight terrorist financing even though the government in doha has argued strenuously
1:47 pm
that it is doing its part and even signed a new member random of understanding with washington to prove its commitment there are still been questions from other gulf countries namely saudi arabia about. whether doha is doing enough to crack down on terrorist groups now with the joint announcement coming from washington doha riyadh and other regional capitals there might be no question that this work is actually taking effect the real question is whether the people listed on this new list of sanctions on wednesday will actually see their assets being frozen and find it impossible to travel anywhere around the world as the u.s. and other governments is found in other sanctions regimes the way that these will be successful will be if in fact money is cut off not just from the people accused of doing this financing but of course whether al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and i saw in yemen actually are star belt and lose their capability of launching new
1:48 pm
and deadly attacks it's the enforcement not just the announcement that matters in these situations qatar will implement a range of labor law reform some clued in the introduction of a minimum wage the reforms also aim to prevent employers from blocking employees who want to leave qatar to hire has been under international scrutiny over migrant workers' rights in the lead up to the two thousand and twenty two world cup there are an estimated one point five million expatriate workers and qatar most of homework and the construction industry. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud assange has now been in an egyptian prison for more than three hundred days his accuser broadcasting false news to spread chaos claims he and al jazeera strongly into nine hussein has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested and december while visiting his family. still ahead on al-jazeera. you know that's that's one of the most incredible games that you'll
1:49 pm
ever be part of. and sports attacks off to houston after a crazy game to the world series joe has all the details in just a bit. time
1:50 pm
for sport would show it how about the world series i knew you were going to say that because something here there was a wild game to baseball's world series in l.a. the dodgers and the houston astros hit eight high runs between them that have never been done before in a world series game and the astros came from behind to level the series at one one
1:51 pm
leasehold and reports. fifty four thousand fans in los angeles hard thing to see the dodgers double the world series lead and for most part of gang two it appeared they would do just that. cory sega had put the dodge's three one up in the six inning. and i had lost in ninety eight games this season after later they sent their standards exceptionally high but the astros staged a comeback in the eighth and ninth denning's to level the game at three three. and then this forced the teams to an extra inning where consecutive harm runs put houston in front for the first time.
1:52 pm
but still things will suffer more yes the old quick hoping the dodgers tie the game the game and send it to an eleventh inning. the astros then struck two more harm runs taking the games tally to write breaking the all time record in the. series. even more remarkable the i harness what hate my idea from play is all of whom had never hit one in a world series before st mirren has this time the asteroid is held on to that lays the best us devil series when god was going to see what i mean that's incredible game on so many levels so many ranges of emotion. and if you like october baseball you know if you like any kind of baseball. now that's that's one of the most incredible games that you'll ever be part of. the best of seven series is now tied at one one. and. you see the
1:53 pm
two teams head to houston with game three percent today. home an al jazeera. america's top competition the couple about that always continues to be dominated by teams from brazil and argentina to argentina played out the first semifinal on cheese day and now brazil's gremio has taken a giant step closer to the final after their last four encounter with boston of ecuador no one scored twice for gremio in a three nil victory in the first leg in the city of. the second leg is in brazil next wednesday or two top brazilian camps have been in second take competition in south america two on wednesday neither fluminense a or linger qualify for this year's couple about doris so they're playing in the corpus it americana and this quarter final was a rare dobby of the magic but there was only one goal to show for the occasion everton scoring for flamengo to give them a one no win in the first leg. german champions buy in munich have survived
1:54 pm
a scare on a controversial night in the german cup they were up against abi like sick who had a chance to take the lead in the first half when they were awarded a penalty for our tour of the dolls challenge on emil forsberg that decision was then overturned when the referee changed his mind and it led to angry scenes as the players headed to the tunnel for the referee then made himself even more unpopular when he sent off light cigs nabby cater for a second yellow card when he pulled down over the dusty who would join liverpool in the summer has now been sent off three times in seven games eventually it was lights agreed to the lead through emil forsberg but tiago levelled for eighteen time when his buy in five minutes later and it went to penalties slight six team a verna had his spot saved and by him go through six five on penalties in the next round. despite the best efforts of italian football officials to tackle anti
1:55 pm
semitism some ultra fans have once again overshadowed the players' tributes behavior of last year fans last weekend prompted efforts from the italian football federation on wednesday let's see a war t. shirts featuring the face of holocaust victim and frank because they warmed up for this area much against all the clubs ultra fans refused to make the trip to watch the game but some isolated supporters still sighing fascist songs alse way you venters ultras turned their backs to the pitch and sang the italian national anthem while a passage from an frank's diary was read ahead of the kickoff a former guatemalan football official has become the first person to be sentenced for his role in the fee for corruption scandal hectored three zero who was the secretary general of his football federation will serve eight months in a new york prison after pleading guilty to wire fraud and conspiracy the guatemalan pocketed one hundred seventy five thousand dollars in bribes from sports marketing
1:56 pm
companies to stay his federation to giving them contracts the judge also ordered to york to repay four hundred fifteen thousand dollars to guatemala's football federation or he is one of forty people implicated by the corruption investigation which was made public in two thousand and fifteen when several top officials were arrested in zurich ahead of the fee for congress the investigations have been led by the f.b.i. in the united states because much of the money was actually laundered through american bank accounts the defendants face various accusations of corruption bribery and money laundering. the new york red bulls were in hot form in the major leagues of major league soccer as they exist in wish the chicago fire from the playoffs playing in their first playoff game since two thousand and twelve the fire really didn't get going badly right phillips and sasha questions scored with within four minutes of each other to give the red bulls a first half lead and new york cruised to
1:57 pm
a foreigner win to advance to the eastern conference semifinal with toronto the vancouver whitecaps shook the sun as a earthquake says they beat them five nil nicholas miskito scored two goals in two minutes as the canadian side booked a western conference semifinal against seattle. now u.s. open golf champion brooks kept a has taken the lead off to the opening round of the world golf championship event in shanghai the american shots an eight under par sixty four which included this eagle on the eighteenth to take a one stroke lead headed gavin green and carried it. dustin johnson who is chasing his third title of two thousand and seventeen is full strikes back. that is a sport for now but to michelle joe thank you very much. rock n roll pioneer that's domino has died united states at the age of eighty nine. bar
1:58 pm
and thinking. you. are one of the biggest recording artist the one nine hundred fifty s. with hits like blueberry hill broke down barriers with the first black rock n roll stars to achieve mainstream pain that singing career began in one nine hundred forty seven and spanned more than sixty years. right. good memories there you can find out much more on our web site al jazeera dot com again that's al jazeera dot com keep it here peter on the other side of the break.
1:59 pm
was. the nature of news as it breaks because you can see there in the distance all shia militia vehicles to the dust you can see on the horizon there the peshmerga telling us are actually tanks with detailed coverage when the mine closed in one thousand nine hundred for many people lost their jobs scavenging is not making money from around the world this is supposed to last for
2:00 pm
a month but people tell us that it only lasts for eight days if you look around this is the only food available in this household. but is determined to have more with jeff to have to put up with. we wanted the word that's what i would call good news. trying to get them to just. jump on the truck. with the one today. just one college a zero.


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