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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2017 2:00pm-2:33pm AST

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always in this household. and it. would have to have. we want to divert that's our community. not. jump on the truck. of the building today. this time colleges era. the rerun of kenya's presidential election is marred by violent protests in opposition strongholds one person has died.
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alone welcome m p t w watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead iraq's prime minister rejects the kurds offer to freeze their referendum on secession as he travels to iran to meet leaders there. at least forty seven people killed in an explosion at a fireworks factory in indonesia. and protests against madrid's plans to seize control of catalonia as the regional parliament meets to discuss that issue. violence has erupted in opposition strongholds in kenya where protesters are rallying against the presidential election rerun voting got underway early on thursday except for consumer. stations remain closed over security concerns the
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police there fired live rounds and tear gas to disperse the crowds one person was killed the opposition leader ran a i saw his supporters to boycott what he calls a sham election the supreme court and all the first poll held in august because of irregularities. the. requesting them humbly that they should turn out in large numbers that's their vote make their decision choose their leader. and. for our country to move on because i believe that we have. as a country of electioneering it's time we move for those who are desirous to vote should be allowed. those who do not wish to vote it is also their democratic right . but no right supersedes another and i'm appealing to kenyans to please allow each and every one of us to exercise our right. to want to end it there.
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was no not. for the countries that. we have a my does that mean that we will be able to unite the country. i've supported president a hurricane jaso so much because we want to avoid we want love in our country so that we can work together in building a nation well shortly we'll get the latest from catherine sawyer in the opposition stronghold of soon let's cross to for me to miller. county for me to i would describe the turnout so far today. well as it gets later in the day we are seeing fewer people coming to this polling station in kiambu but they certainly has been significant activity here through the day however it really can't be compared to what we saw in the august eighth election where there was eighty percent turnout the the concern really is how people might
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have been prevented from getting to polling stations in different areas in the road we specifically a couple of polling stations we were at in that area of people there were trickling in slowly they did say that the process was going smoothly they were in and out far quicker than in august but in other areas like kibera which is an opposition stronghold we've seen people throwing stones we've seen of polling stations barricaded blocked with rocks and the police retaliating with tear gas and polling stations there least two of them haven't opened making it impossible for some people to cast their vote today so it's been a different scenario depending on where you go with in nairobi and in surrounding areas depending on whether or not opposition supporters have a significant presence in that area given that they've boycotted these polls we can see people behind your shoulder. queuing up it looks as if they feel safe enough it
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looks as if they feel it might be organized well enough particularly just in one location. well certainly here people you know are confident of about the how the vote has gone today and they say they've had to come out because they only have this opportunity every five years it's been very orderly very peaceful here not a very high security presence specifically because it is a jubilee party the governing party stronghold but one other polling station we visited in nairobi we did see some difficulties with the technology that's been used in this election of course it was used for the first time in august and this is also where the electoral commission fell short if we look back to the supreme court ruling that came following that election which ultimately a null to the result there were issues around transmission of results but in this particular case in nairobi at this one polling station we did see that the the kits
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used for voters wasn't working properly they weren't being identified and so voters names had to be taken down manually so you know it looks as if they would continue to be concerned around some of the conduct of the electoral commission the technology that's used in addition to potentially a low voter turnout given that at least potentially six million people have boycotted this vote for media thanks very much catherine sawyer joins us live from kisumu in western kenya catherine one protester shot dead by the security forces what happened. i'm actually right outside the hospital where this protester was brought up we saw a lot of ambulances going to this area very close to this hospital where confrontations between police and protesters have been happening police were firing tear gas at a group of young men young men were with hallyu thing or using things to throw
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stones at police we heard gunshots earlier on so this young man he's nineteen years old he was brought here with a gunshot wound to the i he was bleeding profusely doctors say they couldn't stop that the several other people that had been brought to this hospital twelve people have been brought here with different. different injuries four of them others have gunshot wounds as well so the situation is very tricky roads. i have been blocked and we had a very hard time just trying to get around to some of this areas and the people that we talked to they're saying that they are making sure they want to make sure that no polling materials get to the areas that they're supposed to get to we were at one of the few polling stations that were actually open but there were no voters and we spoke to electoral commission officials there who were saying that a big problem is really just trying to get this material to the polling stations
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not just because of security but because service. providers transporters nobody wants to transport this material and also staff members of the electoral commission including clocks are you know too afraid to come to work so in this area it's called the central there are about three hundred ninety nine. electoral commission workers and at that time they were only around four who had arrived we are told a little more have arrived but still a very small number so peter it's very very unlikely that there's going to be an election in this area that was my next point. we're looking at pictures as you're talking to us of soldiers or security forces on the streets there is what looks like a mob further away in the camera shot the election itself in that area it's not that it's just happening slowly or it's a low turnout just to be clear we're not talking about the election not happening at all in that area the election is not
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happening at all in this area peter i can tell you that we even struggling this morning to get to a polling station that is open in this one polling station that we've got some which also doubles up as a tallying center the materials were there when we got there the materials had just arrived but then like i said officials of the electoral commission there were saying they just cannot get this materials to the polling centers that they're supposed to be getting to people have blocked roads saying that they will not let any ballot materials get to those areas a lot of security concerns not just for the that's electoral commission official and stuff but also election observers who are here we saw some of them in hotels but we haven't seen them out on the ground in polling stations or in areas where we are in where police are engaging with protesters so yes there is no election
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happening right now and i doubt it's going to happen today catherine thank you very much. iraqi forces have launched an assault to recapture and rawa from the tons on iraq's western border with syria two groups last strongholds their leaflets were dropped over the area in the northwestern anbar province on weapons day warning of the operation stephanie is following developments from northern iraq . well there's a sense of course it is sort of the last territorial strongholds areas that i still still holds and one of those in particular is a town on the border with syria so border crossings are of course always incredibly significant to this border in particular lies on the highway between that is the which is an area that isis controls actually surrounds a small pocket of syrian government territory all the way to baghdad and i think symbolically as well everyone remembers sort of the propaganda machine the video they showed of bulldozers bulldozing through the iraq syria border in two thousand
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and fourteen you know sort of playing down the idea of nation states and stablish in their so-called caliph it so i think you know taking all that together this is sort of the last push by the iraqi forces together of course with the coalition support to push out of iraq but again as anyone will tell you just because the group has lost territory doesn't mean it no longer poses a threat because it still has the potential to carry out large scale and deadly attacks sleeper cells these kinds of concerns of course still remain very real. the iraqi prime minister says his government won't accept anything but the cancellation of the session bit about he is in tehran for talks there ronnie and leaders both countries have big kurdish populations and oppose any talk of separation iraq's kurdistan regional government had offered to freeze its secession bit but iraq says that does not go far enough. at least forty seven people have been killed in an
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explosion at a fireworks factory in indonesia the incident happened at an industrial complex in the city of tang arrangers twenty five kilometers west of the capital jakarta a local official says all the victims were factory workers the course is now being investigated well for more on this let's talk now to saudi elect who's in jakarta for us sorry what else do we know. well the latest development by the local authorities yes there is they have identified more body has been killed is over forty in numbers and forty six has been taken into hospital in a very critical conditions right now the police are inviting families to come forward to identify the bodies as it's very difficult for the police right now or the hospital to identify what it as because of the cause of the burnt on their face
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some were charged and therefore the police are now calling our families also to identify the body three of the managers of the of the employees of the factory are in question we still haven't find out yet just yet on an official statement why or how the explosions started and i witnessed this morning who is an ex employee by the factory worker express has sadness and also witnessed the panic as you know many of the workers are trying to escape from the explosion and the local residents were also helping in assisting and she also expressed our explain that many of these workers were actually women that were victims of the explosion sorry thank you. still ahead here on al-jazeera a former argentinean president is accused of trying to derail an investigation to
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benefit iran. and the legal battle that could challenge a northern island strict abortion law. how the weather is relatively quiet in japan for the time being as virtually no cloud to see what cloud there is further north running to the yellow sea and north korea have not seen much rain forecast to come out of it and is just cloud here as it money runs into the finals of honshu to her car to still leaving tokyo in the sunshine at twenty degrees beijing still at twenty as well no significant breach on the edges just sunshine now there is rain returning to the side of honshu in q shoes well there's significant circulation but
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a bit further south off your screen there is still that tropical cycle spinning around heading study towards japan but beyond that it's now gone quiet the northeast monsoons tucked into china we've got dry. air from shanghai down to hong kong and back towards the viet is border and beyond that vietnam looks dry that is thirty and hanoi already present low humidity thirty's well the cloud does increase but some get to saturday that's all courtesy of what's spinning on the very edge of your screen at tropical soccer and tropical storm heading towards japan but this stage it just increases the cloud but it might bring some significant rain for a time to the eastern side of taiwan otherwise just cloud. a young mind a blank slate primed for the wonders of the world. of valuable and found.
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in their own words boys as young as nine reveal how they were indoctrinated and wrenched from their childhood into a life of unspeakable violence. lion cubs of i saw. this documentary at this time. you're watching al-jazeera remind us of our top stories for you today kenya's presidential election rerun has been marred by protests and opposition boycotts one person was shot and died later in hospital in the opposition stronghold of his son with security forces using live ammunition and tear gas to disperse the crowds. the
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iraqi prime minister says his government won't accept anything but the cancellation of the kurdish secession bid he's in tehran for talks with iranian leaders both countries have big kurdish populations and oppose any talk of separation. at least forty seven people have been killed in an explosion at a fireworks factory in indonesia incident happened at an industrial complex and tang around twenty five kilometers west of the capital jakarta. the spanish senate is meeting to debate the implementation of article one five five to remove catalonia as political or ptolemy the catalan leader college speech amount is also holding a meeting in barcelona to discuss the regional response he's turned down an invitation to speak to senators in madrid article why. five five is approved and implemented it's expected to come into effect on saturday thousands of university students in barcelona are demonstrating against spain's plans to dissolve the cattle and
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government under simmons joins us live from barcelona so andrew the latest on the protest has it shaping up. well the protest is shaping up in the sense that it's now march and it's heading here to the palace of generally. the seat of government in barcelona right now and it is set to be sacked wholesale well it could be less than forty eight hours time but nothing is. predictable about this crisis because in the last hour there have been reports that. in fact reports that are now actually multiplying reports that the president is actually intent on calling. december the twentieth he has actually said that as far as he is concerned we understand that this could
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be the only option available now we'll be hearing more from him in the coming half an hour possibly less and he'll be speaking from this building now. has been. dress the senate which is going to set in place the rollout of article one five five in the coming hours and day on friday it is due to come into place that will take a power from this regional government it will also impose the rule of law effectively from madrid. and a whole raft of other measures could it be. is trying to call the bluff of money on the oil in the sense that he's taking his control of announcing elections himself rather than article one hundred five doing it because that's one of the main aspects of this article one five five mariano rajoy direct
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role and cools elections presses the button for calling elections through the senate from madrid and gets control of that situation imposing ministers to can. this government instead of it happening naturally as it is now unnaturally madrid would make out because he says all of the actions in calling this referendum october the first which was declared illegal and wrong in every aspect but adrian stocks were going to be hearing we think from the president is that none of the moves taken with article one five five was strictly constitutionally legal and the government has been going through every line of the constitution with teams of lawyers to challenge it it's already said that it intends to appeal against the article one five five being triggered and it's also picking out a number of issues such as one in which article one five two directly contradicts
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one five one and actually imposes the need to have autonomous rule here along with a president and a parliament julie elected by the people now the lawyers will be arguing that article one five one takes a lot of way and therefore it is not the true implementation is the wrong use of one hundred five should i say rather one flight on. the situation now is adrian that this is not by any way if it's true going to guarantee a smooth run with the voters here because catalans many of them don't want to see this not only that there are rumors that many ministers within the coalition government here are unhappy as well of the p.t. cat party which pushed him on his president also is known to be conservative but not your wrist in terms of secession whereas the coalition
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partners they see is a center left and seen as. independent run parliament party which is solely up to september and that party is very angry indeed we hear right now. and thanks very much. under tina's former president cristina kirchner has been ordered to testify in the investigation into the bombing of a jewish center in one nine hundred ninety four she's accused of conspiring to derail an earlier inquiry to benefit iran government members from tehran allegedly carried out the attack that killed eighty five people to raise about an hour from buenos aires. it was a death that shocked argentina that the only man was found with a shot in the head in january two thousand and fifteen when he was a prosecutor investigating the bombing of a jewish community center in the capital when a site is more than eighty five people were killed. he was found
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a day before he was scheduled to testify before congress against former president cristina fernandez and her alleged ties with iran. while the world says that this is the right time to seek justice and. the previous administration controlled the justice system and had managed to block the investigation now there is an investigation that will hopefully let us know what happened cristina kirchner has already attended this courthouse several by that time is to be questions about the accusations made by prosecutors. claimed her administration had a secret deal with iran that guaranteed iranian officials that were allegedly involved in the attack against the jewish community center in one thousand nine hundred forty. four years ago argentina signed a memorandum with the iranian government that would allow argentina authorities to interrogate suspects nice man said that the administration's real motive was to do
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business with tehran. says that the investigation against kirschner is politically motivated that. the riddle it's from interpol when they've lifted one says that we wanted the iranians to walk around freely we want to the solution because an argentine or you cannot be judged a few not present we want an argentine judge questioning the suspects last sunday christina kirshner was elected a senator or she has become a staunch critic of the current administration since leaving office businessmen and politicians close to her have been detained accused of corruption on wednesday former planning minister who was detained and stripped from immunity i mean that is . the same justice used by the previous administration is being used by some sectors of this one the truth is most argentinians do not trust the justice system because the real structural problems are never discussed. the circumstances
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surrounding the murder of. remain a mystery in the meantime the families of the victims of the community center bombing continue to await answers and justice. and. now a legal battle is underway in the u.k. is highest court over northern ireland strict abortion laws campaigning group saying the penalties for illegal abortions are too tough and breach women's rights need backing off from belfast. hard. sorry you it's a mother of two during her first pregnancy doctors discovered that her child's skull haven't formed and there was no chance of survival outside the womb she asked for a medical term and nation but was given a blunt response for its liver consultant to spy on my file. i'm sorry but i'm not going to present for anybody unlike the rest of the u.k. abortions in cases of fatal fetal abnormality and rape are illegal in northern
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ireland punishable with life imprisonment it left sarah with little choice and said that most of these babies don't kind of full term but yes i would have to contend tells me passed away and at that point i said highline no when the baby passes and i said well like when the neighbor and they said no one for the better the baby's brain the trekkers lever is necessary so you are free to wake so you can pay two weeks before you pass instead twenty one weeks pregnant she made the difficult decision of ending her pregnancy in england where abortions allowed so is case prompted a legal challenge by northern ireland human rights commission here at the high court in belfast the rule that existing laws were in breach of the european correction on human rights but earlier this year following an appeal by the attorney general in northern ireland that ruling was overturned the legal battle now goes to the highest court of the u.k. the supreme court in london we hope that the supreme court will agree with us that
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our law not only breaches women's rights but that it should be changed to enable women to access abortion services at home in northern ireland without having to travel the abortion debate divided northern irish society it's fiercely opposed by social conservatives including the leading democratic unionist party largely on religious grounds few political parties are prepared to tackle the sensitive issue head on but some campaign groups will for progressive compassionate society we should be providing you know medical emotional financial support for women and life affirming health care you know to protect them and their unborn baby you know the intentional killing of a human being is not health care and never well they for many northern irish women seeking abortions already a difficult decision to make without having to board a boat or plane and travel to england scotland or wales where the u.k. government is offering free abortions. whether that will also apply in northern
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ireland in future is a question for the u.k.'s highest court may back out zero belfast secret documents about the assassination of u.s. president john f. kennedy are to be released today findings of a government investigation into his killing in one thousand nine hundred sixty three were controversial heidi jocasta reports now from dallas fifty four years after president john f. kennedy was assassinated on a dallas street most americans still do not believe the findings of the official investigation that alone of the gunman lee harvey oswald was soley responsible. deny the striking the public's doubt born of these seconds captured by news cameras in one nine hundred sixty three when oswald was killed moments after his arrest. and apparently outraged dallas businessman had taken the law into his own hands
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shooting oswald before he could ever be tried the combination of a dead president and a silenced suspect before a backdrop of cold war paranoia then what became an industry which relied on conspiracy theories to generate millions of dollars in sales of books and magazines it's much more fun to believe in conspiracy hugh aynesworth is the only journalist who witnessed both kennedy's assassination and oswald's killing he rejects the conspiracy theories that russia or cuba helped to kill the president or that the us government itself had wanted kennedy dead worth says the release of the investigation records is unlikely to satisfy those claiming to search for the truth as it isn't known and anything the opportunities will still show will magazines and t.v. . and you know they used up half the declassified records are expected to center around oswald history including
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a cia personality study and information about his visit to the cuban and russian embassies in mexico in the weeks before the assassination the records may also include information about covert cold war operations potentially an embarrassment to the u.s. government but as for the kennedy assassination itself the records are expected to reveal any bombshells and x. still marks the spot where j.f.k. was slain the psychedelic tourist attraction draws a daily crowd people intrigued by what likely to be the for ever mystery of kennedy's death heidi joe castro al jazeera dallas. this is al-jazeera these are your headlines so far one person has died after violence erupted in opposition strongholds in kenya where protest as a running against the presidential election rerun voting got underway earlier on
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thursday except for in kisumu where most stations were being closed over security concerns but police there fired live rounds and tear gas to disperse the crowds the opposition leader ran a dingo has asked his supporters to boycott what he called a sham election kenya's president of the kenyatta cost his voting to to end on where he appealed for calm. and the. requesting them humbly that they should turn out to move large numbers that's their vote make their decision choose their leader . and. for our country to move on because i believe that we have. died as a country of electioneering it's time we move for those who are desirous to vote should be outlawed. those who do not wish to vote it is also their democratic right . but no right supersedes another and i'm appealing to kenyans to please
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allow each and every one of us to exercise our right iraqi forces have launched an assault to recapture al qaim and rob from i saw the two towns on iraq's western border with syria are two of the armed groups last strongholds in the country leaflets were dropped over the area in northwestern anbar province on weapons day warning of the operation to come. iraqi prime minister says his government won't accept anything but the cancellation of the kurds a session bit of adi's in tehran for talks with iranian leaders iraq's kurdistan regional government had offered to freeze its secession bit but iraq says that does not go far enough. at least forty seven people have been killed in an explosion at a fireworks factory in indonesia the incident happened at an industrial complex in the city of tongue around just twenty five kilometers west of the capital jakarta. thousands of university students in barcelona demonstrating against spain's plans to dissolve the castle and government catalonia as president promised which is due
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to speak shortly. prominent american civil rights organization the end is advising african americans not to fly on american airlines is accusing the airline of a pattern of disrespectful and discriminates very behavior american airlines has offered to hold talks about that it's up next inside story with patty. israel's accused of the systematic abuse of palestinian boys an occupied east jerusalem summer detained in the middle of the night accused of stone throwing.


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