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one but. this is a dialogue tweet us with a stream and one of your pitches might make. join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera thanks to the. five years after the siege of the city. al-jazeera will travel to libya. to hear the stories of those who fought in the battle of misrata. al jazeera world at this time. zero.
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carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the presidential election is marred by violent protests and opposition strongholds at least one person has been killed. protests against madrid's plans to remove autonomy from catalonia but the next move of the region's leader as i'm clear postpones a key speech. iraq's prime minister rejects the kurds offer to freeze the referendum on secession as he travels to iran to meet with leaders there. with the latest. record is the. level of baseball's world series body and i don't just. violence has erupted in opposition strongholds. and kenya where people are heading
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back to the polls for the second time and in just over two months voting for a new president got underway earlier on thursday except for in consumer who were most polling stations are closed because of security concerns police there fired live rounds and tear gas to break up protests against the vote and at least one person has been killed twelve others injured the opposition leader raila odinga asked his supporters to boycott what he calls a sham election a claim rejected by his rival the president. but election observers are concerned some kenyans have been intended aided and may not vote out of fear president kenyatta he has appealed for calm the vote is a repeat of the first presidential poll that was an august but the supreme court they declared that invalid so shortly we'll get the latest from katherine sawyer in the opposition stronghold of kisumu first though let's go to mohammed who is in the capital nairobi this is been a really tense really dangerous situation with people being harmed in and tear gas
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what's the latest there were you are mohammed and nairobi. keep being aware of the most obvious and all free loading go supporters in the cup you told me they have been trying all they come to issue of the voting takes place here. why are charred streets and fall and electricity polls just to remind us of the violent pull out took place earlier here one of the streets of the protests have moved a little. behind with about one hundred a few hundred meters away and police are still involved in clashes with protesters who have in a way succeeded in ensuring that no one vaulted out the olympic primary school one of the biggest polling stations here in kiev being the police are firing
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teargas and live minissha in the air to try and this past them but every time they succeed the group of young protesters keep on coming back all right mohamed we will check back in with you in the meantime let's cross now to catherine sawyer he joins us from consumer and western kenya and catherine as we said at the top of the newscast we know at least one person has been killed in all this today what do you know about the circumstances of that. at the hospital where this young man died he is nineteen years old he was shot on the thigh he was bleeding profusely so health workers couldn't contain that now since then we have seen a stately stream of ambulances coming in and out of this hospital this hospital is
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very close to some of the areas where confrontations between police and protesters are still going on so people are still brought being brought in with various injuries just before i came on air show there's a man who was brought in he had this injury right here on his head health workers still trying to contain that as an emergency several other people have been badly injured as well so there's been that going on and a lot of roads leading to some of these areas have been blocked young people saying who are mining those improvised road blocks saying that they do not want any poly materials getting to some of the polling stations and earlier we were at one polling station it was in fact very difficult to get an open polling station so we got to this one ballot materials where there had just arrived but then. the last electoral commission officials were there saying that it's very difficult for them
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to dispute distribute distribute this polling materials to the various polling stations because of security reasons also because transport transporters and other people who were supposed to be taking this polling materials are just saying no we can't another problem they told us is that start of the electoral commission that clocks and people who are supposed to carry out this election have stayed away they're saying that they are fearing for their security so richelle it seems very very unlikely from our observation that there's going to be an election here today recap and so alive for us. catherine thank you. president has called off an expected announcement leaving the political situation unclear a report suggested that carlos approached the mob was going to announce plans for regional elections and december and drop a declaration of independence spain senate plans to debate the employment taishan
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article one fifty five of the constitution which allow suspension of catalonia political autonomy also thousands of university students are protesting in barcelona demonstrating against spain's plans to dissolve catalonia as the government is going down to andrew symonds who is live and barcelona so andrew what what we know about when and where we may actually hear from carlos poached them on there was a sentence a patient about the statement there's an announcement he was supposed to make and that it's been suspended i believe it's a language they're using not cancel per se so what do we know about where and when we might hear from him. well that is the big question that's the question what good you would cope with the camera there right away it's a question that the students in the demonstrators all round this well what should house is the policy of general the tax that is where the government is that is
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where the president should be making a statement to the world post volumes all through school where he was going to make mistakes with the whole country was awaiting its own local media was reporting that he was going to allow a snappy lecture and that the clooney goes would take the ladies out of the situation with the group that he's intending to impose direct rule in the coming hours tomorrow possibly friday all to one five five being imposed on the comfort zone look at the people some of them with the shouts and rachel in response to that because we will we will see who was. just to the president to call us who was going to actually affect to move around the whole issue of secession and just go for election. post duration with politicians ministers many people what is going to happen is where does this mean that he's going to
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change his mind is it just a procedural thing is there a deal. with madrid no one knows who is to those questions not even some of the politicians that was supposed to be recession starting soon which would have involved in the fight and some decisions three options in the end we were aware of one was holding elections without any moves towards declaring secession. was just declaring secession. then going for elections on the food one was to declare us a session without any elections now the party would talk about the ruling party. has seen demonstrations. but also outside forces and there is no government the scene which is the center left party and the vice president of
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the faulty head of that announced. twenty four hours ago that there could be decision out of something. secession and of course was to show a very fluid situation. will look through mariano rajoy as. some sort of when do whole piece sticking with his mind that even if they could elections they still roll forward to imposing direct rule because of the. well the referendum the closer you get that could have declared independence. quite confusing but also confusing themselves absolutely it's so fluid and thank you for keeping us up on it we will check back in with you andrew symonds live in barcelona and plenty more ahead in
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the news hour including a former argentinian president as accused of trying to derail an investigation to benefit iran. congress votes to prevent a corruption trial against president michel tomorrow. and while italian footballers send a message on anti-semitism on the pitch some fans fail to receive it details coming up with cho in sport. brazil scandal hit president has survived a second parliament vote on whether he should be tried on corruption charges seventy seven year old timber was in a hospital when this vote was held in al voids trial of the supreme court on charges of obstruction of justice and leading a criminal investigation earlier in august congress voted against trying him on separate bribery charges to our has record low ratings with only three percent
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rating his government positively and more has more from. president michel tema has done it again he survived a vote in the lower house of congress which wanted to suspend them for up to one hundred eighty days so the supremes court could try him on corruption charges he did the same back in august by a similar vote although he's one of the most unpopular presidents that brazil has ever seen with popular with popularity ratings of around four percent he won managed to win enough support in that congress so that the opposition could not get the two thirds two thirds of votes necessary one congressperson at a time came to the microphone they were given fifteen seconds to speak before the microphones cut off to say yes or no vote as to whether they supported michelle tam or not he is accused of taking bribes by j.b.s. massive meat packing for some of that conversation was recorded he all along has denied the charges he is part of a much larger criminal investigation known as
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a lover shot or the car was a scandal which is implicated hundreds of politicians and business people across brazil some of them serving time in prison some of them waiting to be tried some of them plea bargaining saying they're going to name names but michel tema has a skate he will serve out the last fourteen months of his time in office he says to push through vital measures to boost brazil's ailing economy to get it back on track but he has survived but he has a much that we can the president. iraqi forces have launched an assault to recapture. the towns on iraq's western border with syria or two of the armed groups last strongholds in the country stephanie decker reports some are more than iraq. ready for the final phase the iraqi prime minister has given the go ahead now the tosk of these men is to push out of the last areas of western anbar specifically
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which is the border town with syria the group still holds. we have been encountering some sporadic attacks but they are weak especially since the last defeat the most holiday and. the enemy is in a desperate situation right now and hopefully will retake all the remaining areas from. iraq's army and police together with pro-government sunni tribal fighters and the hash shadley or shia militias are part of the offensive. we are now engaging in the offensive to retake. we have received full military support from the iraqi army to participate in this offensive the tribal fighters have now become a supporting force in this offensive we aim to help that and after we retake these areas we will take control of security with the help of the iraqi forces. the campaign will also be backed by coalition air support and ground advice the towns
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of time of the last few territories isis still controls in iraq many here feel that it won't be a long protracted battle but ridding eisel of its territory in iraq does not mean the group's threat has been eliminated it is still capable of carrying out large scale attacks the announcement of the all comes at a time when iraqi forces together with shia militia are involved on another front sporadic fighting with the kurdish peshmerga in the aftermath of that controversial secession referendum is putting huge pressure on air beale and the leadership many kurds believe that. offensive is an attempt to divert attention from. the border with iraq and. to reassert federal control over the border crossings that the kurdistan regional government currently controls. every. iraqi prime minister says government won't accept anything but the cancellation of the kurds a session bed. for talks with iranian leaders both countries have large kurdish
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populations that oppose any talk of separation iraq's kurdistan regional government had offered to freeze at secession but iraq says that does not go far enough. following developments from tehran. iran for talks with iranian leaders the main topic of the kurdish referendum. for living in the north of the country no doubt that he was feeling like he was politically supportive environment here into a very strong message for rocky's back home nothing short of a complete. referendum. freezer suspension of his iranian stronger message iran's first vice president hungary say that the vote was an act of sedition. to push a political model similar to encouraging its kurdish people to pursue rights and
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representation within a national framework to keep their country whole. also reached out a hand of friendship northern iraq is still a part of iraq so two very clear signs from leaders of both iran and iraq here in iran today that they're both on the same page and that neither country will tolerate any compromise to iraq's territorial integrity. argentina's former president cristina kirchner has been ordered to testify in the investigation into the bombing of a jewish center in one thousand nine hundred four. conspiring to derail an earlier inquiry to benefit iraq government members from tehran allegedly carried out that attack that killed eighty five people traceable reports and. it was a death that shocked argentina i'll bet the only man was found with a shot in the head in january two thousand and fifteen he was a prosecutor investigating the bombing of a jewish community center in the capital when
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a scientist more than eighty five people were killed he was found a day before he was scheduled to testify before congress against former president cristina fernandez and her alleged ties with iran. while the world says that this is the right time to seek justice and. the previous administration controlled the justice system and had managed to block the investigation now there is an investigation that will hopefully let us know what happened christina has already attended this courthouse several of my time is to be questioned about the accusations made by prosecutors. her administration had a secret deal with iran that guaranteed iranian officials that were allegedly involved in the attack against the jewish community center for. four years ago argentina signed a memorandum with the iranian government that would allow argentina authorities to interrogate suspects nice man said but the administration's real motive was to do
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business with tehran. says that the investigation against kirschner is politically motivated. the riddle it's from interpol when they were lifted says that we wanted the iranians to walk around freely we want to the solution because you cannot be judged if you not present we want an argentine judge questioning the suspects last sunday christina kirshner was elected a senator or she has become a staunch critic of the current administration. since leaving office businessmen and politicians close to her have been detained accused of corruption on wednesday former planning minister who was detained and stripped from immunity i mean that is . the same justice used by the previous administration is being used by some sectors of this one the truth is most argentinians do not trust the justice system
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because the real structural problems are never discussed. the circumstances surrounding the murder. remain a mystery in the meantime the families of the victims of the community center continue to await answers and justice. joins us live now from atlanta so. what are prosecutors saying what are they alleging is is the deal the deal that was in place with iran. well cristina kirchner has just to enter this courthouse where she supposedly going to hand them a paper which is her testimony and then she's going to be that person has already been targeting we were going to. hear in argentina for corruption and manipulating the country's currency for example but this time she's being investigated for treason and apparently it's one of the accusations against her that worried her the most prosecutors want to know whether there was
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a much more in that memorandum that was signed between argentina and iran they want to know whether the government the current administration kish or administration tried to do that deal in order to get cheap oil and gas and exchange and in exchange of grain argentina would be selling grain to iran also there's lots of questioning and the judge wants to know about a meeting that happened between argentina's foreign minister at the time the madam and with iranian officials in syria we have spoken to several experts on this specific case and what they're basically telling us that initially the accusations against kirshner were very very weak that there was not enough proof however they're saying that this investigation is ongoing kirschner of course is saying that all of this is happening because there's was a change in government and she's now being politically persecuted terse is there a chance that she could actually end up being detained i understand you say she went into that building to sell. well cristina kirchner was
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elected as. a sunday even though she came in twice in the province of one side is against the ruling party she still has immunity and over three million people voted for her so that means it's a very very sensitive issue in argentina however in the last two years since she left office we have seen several members of her government detained and even when state planning minister. who is a congressman was trip to from immunity and detained so of course nobody really knows what could actually happen to her but just as in argentina has been accused in the past of bending towards power so nobody here is just the possibility that she could be detained in the coming future. a lot of us are insiders prison thank you. dozens of detainees have gone on hunger strike in the human a city of aden saying they're being mistreated by united arab emirates forces here
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in rights watch watch the u.a.e. and its allies in the war and yemen to take action to stop the alleged abuse militarization of many of yemen's port cities is also creating major problems for local residents some of inch of a reports. this is as close as you can get to the omaha military barracks under the control of the u.s. government the ancient port city on the red sea has been an important export route for yemeni coffee for centuries but with militarization of key locations people here are struggling to earn a living and i mean the entire seaport is a military base for the arab coalition forces all the workers at the port and fishermen are now allowed to enter the sea fishermen are allowed only to fish in the area which is far and very costly for fishermen to get to. they have removed all of the sea port facilities all the installations access is denied we are not allowed to work at the port or fish in the sea we are all left jobless that's not the only thing people complain about in port cities such as. an hour than many
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places have makeshift jails and locals accuse security forces of abusing inmates now in. this witness found by the associated press news agency says he was tied up beaten humiliated and abused in a prison in iraq after that i want to doctor. lawyers and family members say there are eight hundred secret prisons being run by the u.a.e. and local forces in southern yemen and nearly two thousand men have disappeared. family members have been demonstrating for the release of their relatives for months and now human rights watch says dozens of prisoners have begun the hunger strike in our then jail conditions have never been great but activists say mistreatment has verse and they say detainees shouldn't have to refuse food to be treated humanely and to be free from abuse the u.a.e. denies the allegations its forces are part of the saudi led us back coalition fighting who the rebels who have taken control of northern and central yemen including the capital sanaa. thousands of people have been killed in the last two
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years and yemen faces some of the world's worst humanitarian crises with the abuse of hundreds of detainees in addition to all of their problems and rights campaigners wanted to stop some of the job when i was there. the british defense secretary appealed to politicians in the u.k. to stop criticizing saudi arabia as it effects arms sales to the country michael fallon angered rights groups by saying a fighter jet deal with saudi arabia was being compromised and a british politicians have openly criticized saudi arabia over its intensive bombing campaign of yemen the u.n. says the war there is kill more than ten thousand people and injured more than forty thousand. and unfortunately we had a technical issue there but we kind of summarized what it is michael fallon said so now let's go to develop thankee who's the deputy director of a prevent horgan ization the defense human rights and she joins us from london on
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skype hello thank you very much what do you find. what do you find the most troubling about what mr fallon said when his comments yesterday was incredibly revealing i think the most finally so that we've been very concerned for a long time to even my government does not. even write she's an engagement with the kingdom of saudi arabia and i think what we saw yesterday was. missing that for this government that well many piracy is on sale and actually i think he may want to send something to mind that's. clearly something that the government is not intent on doing so do you feel that he basically was just saying what people say behind closed doors that he simply said out in the front for everybody to hear. yes i think the math released yesterday but what was
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he shameful about his comments was the way in which he can be speaking to shut down his fellow m.p.'s from raising these incredibly important concerns about the arabia's execution of juveniles the execution of peaceful protesters and its use of force confessions and torture. in the trial so bella there are a lot of countries that deal with saudi arabian there are a lot of countries that buy and sell weapons do you see that is it mutually exclusive can you do that and then also still speak out against human rights as it is possible in your view to do both it's not only possible for the u.k. government to speak out much more about human rights we actually saw with the previous government under david cameron that he was prepared to publicly call on the kingdom not to execute juveniles not execute peaceful protesters this is something that treason my government doing and we've seen over the last the last year or two that the kingdom team or want to be says has intensified so i decided
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that much better direct concerns in the sidelines or behind closed doors had been shown not to be in a time kind of this government started our human rights in its engagement with the king kingdom by privately and publicly. bella thankee with the reprise thank you very much bella al-jazeera is demanding the release of maternal samudra saying who has now been an egyptian prison for more than three hundred days is accused of broadcasting false has to spread chaos claims he and al-jazeera strongly deny his saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested and december all visiting with his family. ok time for a weather and los angeles rob is there no longer a record breaking temperatures there slowly cooling down on tuesday that gave the whole world series baseball game if you probably already know yes. forty two degrees is down time and i beat
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a hundred forty year record now as it's been cooling down since then temperatures near the thirty mark with are still about eight above where you might expect to be but want to construct a bit further north and east actually around the apex of this will thing here developing the area of low pressure why do you think well just have a look at this this is the current setup area of low pressure frontal system in the middle of nowhere the northern plains states and north dakota heading towards the great lakes well why is that of interest where do you think this might be pacific coast allowed to case now this is lake superior after a winter storm even late autumn storm and that's what's coming our way least a way once again this is the spin as we see it on thursday a temperature of thirty me up is fifteen chicago but snow not far away close with a picture if i take you to the next forty eight hours this thing winds up but is there running through wisconsin into the great lakes area whipping up the wind and
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of course the ways than talking behind it cold air so united a single figures with three winnipeg five in minneapolis seventy in chicago obviously snow went through the snow more on the canadian side but that's a proper early winter storm and just shows you how much it can affect the great lakes and the temperatures right about michel. still ahead on al-jazeera at least forty seven people were killed in an explosion at a fireworks factory and the nation. and a legal battle like a challenge northern ireland's laws restricting abortion. and behind bars the first corrupt football official involved in the people scandalous sentence throw out all the details and support. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our own lives in taking these roads. saving lives is a dangerous job the vaccines takes on
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a good twenty four hours there are patients waiting for these medicines for most of the things life's worth risking their lives a week ago one of the gang stops some vehicles on the road but that can be a good one for the risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera. we're here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happened and what happens there matters.
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watching al-jazeera hears every the top stories right now presidential election rerun is being marred by protests and. opposition boycott a person's been shot dead in the opposition stronghold of kisumu security forces have used live ammunition and tear gas to disperse the crowds. long as president has called off an expected announcement leaving the political situation pretty unclear before it suggested that carlos car less pressure put him on was going to announce plans for regional elections in december spain senate plans to debate the implementation of the constitution's article one fifty five which allows suspension of cattle on his political autonomy dozens of detainees have gone on hunger strike in the u.
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many city of aden saying they are being mistreated by united arab emirates forces human rights watch wants the u.a.e. and its allies in the war in yemen to take action to stop the alleged abuse. back to one of our top stories now the political situation in spain dozens of banks and businesses say they will move their offices out of catalonia if it's a seat however catalonia secretary of economy says madrid's takeover of the region's public finances have already cost more than five hundred forty million dollars catalunya accounts for about a fifth of spain's total economy with its exports tourism and the country's second largest city economists predict a succession could increase spain's budget deficit from four point five to nearly seven percent spanish government has already cut its two thousand and eighteen growth forecast pointing to the political risks in catalonia. lecturer at university barcelona and a saudi law schools and joins us live from barcelona and we appreciate it it seems
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like if this secession were actually to happen that it would be financially economically bad for everybody involved is that right. yes it is right the thing is during this last year's debate has been so focused in one. explaining the potential effect. that you were just mentioning and just. thousand companies are living. people or many people who are supporting independence were not aware. of the facts . from. the question of independence from the top.
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what is now going to happen because we haven't spoken about this. limbo if you will that this uncertainty has been cast over spain this right now it seems to already now be causing economic issues even just being certainty of it. understand. i said that even just this this limbo. you seem to be there seem to be economic impact just from that. you cannot make import. carrying the economy. even. more.
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so it's something that. is farther than just economy it's going to be. going to the police. so calling for new elections was the only way. in avoiding. for catalonia reaching. so do you think if economics weren't driving this debate that perhaps there would be a different turnout of people were really aware of what the financial impact of this could be. definitely majority of the society were not aware of the economy in fact i would certainly say
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that. because it hasn't been explained. and then get condom is not something very static and predictable so one thing. could happen and then we have. to get interference and putting pressure or. the. two companies so. many companies. i would say expected one. thank you very much. tighter airport security measures will take effect for all passengers on u.s. bound flights starting thursday the new rules have been imposed by the trump administration and includes stricter screening of passengers and electronic devices to be gopalan has more from hong kong international airport. the new security measures are seen as a crucial test for cathay pacific an airline which prides itself on efficiency and
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speed particularly when checking in but u.s. bound passengers will no longer be able to use the in town facilities which are in the city instead they will have to come here to the airport the been told to come three hours before their flight as they will have to face questions about their trip details of why in particular they want to go to the u.s. they asked me if i was here for business or pleasure. and they also asked me about my passport and they asked for a night a copy of my generation which is a little shame because i. had my boarding pass i think it's unnecessary. because i think we have enough security measures already if you go to the united states there's a new system but i don't like it if you know we've off the number of people how they feel about the new security measures and most of told us it's annoying and frustrating not cathay pacific is the only airline that's banned u.s. bound passengers from using facilities in the city or their bags drop off the
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sympathy here at the airports cathay pacific say they've increased the number of staff but there are still under tremendous pressure about fourteen flights a day to the united states david chaytor has been speaking to travelers at paris's charles de gaulle airport. the new security measures were introduced by. adding to the delays that some passengers are facing on transatlantic flights to the united states also of course there's been a lot of fog but the american administration who are sponsible for safety say that as threats evolved so to counter measures to combat them security officials say these new measures should make it more easy to detect any explosives that might have been planted on any parts of the electronic equipment and the passengers queuing for this flight to new york this afternoon on air france anyone particularly bothered by the list of questions they faced. what you've got to this
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is a it's a question of this. is that what. about. the difference i think it's a good start but it's. very efficient for the moment because. everybody could. take. the white house say steps are necessary for the country's national security and only designed to increase the safety for passengers if that is the case and how long before these sort of a scene on short haul flights and domestic flights. before he died last october thailand. was the world's longest serving monarch during his reign spanning seven decades. to his. trying hundreds of thousands of mourners. in the capital bangkok. culminating
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a year of mourning and reflection the people of thailand have said goodbye to the king. in during late monsoon rains in searing heat hundreds of thousands of thais clad in black descended upon bangkok bucket come sunk for the bat arrived in the pre-dawn hours god will have to continue with our lives but our will do good things for him so his majesty will not have to worry full of ceremony and tradition a procession carrying an opulent urn left the royal palace for the two and a half kilometer journey to the royal crematorium crafted over the last eight months the elaborate crematorium is designed to represent a mythical mountain sending the late king to heaven. here and one of thousands have gathered there lang sandalwood flowers on this replica of the royal crematorium dozens have been set up across bangkok and across thailand giving thais the
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opportunity to actively participate in their king's funeral when you. decided that he was a young boy when he met. his father was the king's tutor for twenty six years in switzerland when some thai people do not abandon us he said if the thai people have been. abandoned then and that was his new and he's profound meaning he wanted to to be there for thai people thailand has progressed greatly under king put me upon some field that's part of the grieving yes for the man but also for the period of transformation he led the nation through i think first and foremost people weeping because they're saying goodbye to a part of themselves a part of their collective identity that was form and shape during the king's time he was called father by many thais even viewed by some as a demagogue this is. as released
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a type people. the late king's son an heir king. corn will light the crematorium on thursday evening and then traditional dances and performances will carry on throughout the night marking the end of the year of mourning it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok. a legal battle is underway and the u.k.'s highest court over northern ireland's strict abortion laws campaign groups say the penalties for illegal abortions are too tough and for a twins writes parker has more from belfast heart. so are you it's a mother of two during her first pregnancy doctors discovered that her child's skull haven't formed and there was no chance of survival outside the womb she asked for a medical term and nation but was given a blunt force leave the consultant to spy on my file. i'm sorry but
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i'm not going to present for anybody unlike the rest of the u.k. abortions in cases of fatal fetal abnormality and rape are illegal in northern ireland punishable would life imprisonment it left server with little choice and said that most of these babies don't hide a full term but yes i would have to contend tells me passed away and at that point i said highline no when the baby passes and i said like when the neighbor and they said no one for the bed of the baby's brain the trekkers lever is necessary so you discount every two weeks so you can pay two weeks before you find i think it is past instead twenty one weeks pregnant she made the difficult decision of ending her pregnancy in england where abortions allowed so it was prompted a legal challenge by northern ireland human rights commission here at the high court in belfast to rule that existing laws were in breach of the european convention of human rights but earlier this year following an appeal by the
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attorney general in northern ireland that ruling was overturned the legal battle now goes to the highest court of the u.k. the supreme court in london we hope that the supreme court will agree with us that our law not only breaches women's rights but that it should be changed to enable women to access abortion services at home in northern ireland without having to travel the abortion debate divided northern irish society it's fiercely opposed by social conservatives including the leading democratic unionist party largely on religious grounds few political parties are prepared to tackle over sensitive issue head on but some campaign groups will for progressive compassionate society we should be providing you know medical emotional financial support for women and life affirming health care you know to protect them and their unborn baby you know the intentional killing of a human being is not health care and never well day for many northern irish women seeking abortions already a difficult decision to make without having to board
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a boat or plane and travel to england scotland or wales where the u.k. government is offering free abortions. whether that will also apply in northern ireland in future is a question for the u.k.'s highest court. belfast at least forty seven people have been killed in an explosion at a fireworks factory in indonesia this happened at an industrial complex in the city of tang arraying about twenty five kilometers west of the capital jakarta all victims are believed to be factory workers and the cause is still under investigation has more from jakarta a firecracker factory exploded in the city of tung twenty five kilometers away. local residents reported hearing a loud explosions before seeing a cloud of smoke above the warehouse more than half of the factory workers were killed or injured many of the dead burned beyond recognition families have been
4:47 pm
asked to identify the bodies by dental records or by the jewelry victims all wearing according to police offices and rescue as many of the bodies were found trapped at the back of the warehouse possibly trying to find a way out management are being questioned by police investigating the cause of the blast the factory has only been operating the last two months employing around one hundred people secret documents about the sasha nick sasa nation of u.s. president john f. kennedy are to be released on thursday it's been authorized by president on a trump and it was also decided several years ago that this would happen findings of this investigation into kennedy's killing war and nine hundred sixty three they've always been controversial pastor reports from dallas. fifty four years after president john f. kennedy was assassinated on a dallas street most americans still do not believe the findings of the official
4:48 pm
investigation that alone and gunman lee harvey oswald was soley responsible radically deny these drug the public's doubt born of these seconds captured by news cameras in one nine hundred sixty three when oswald was killed moments after his arrest. and apparently outraged dallas businessman had taken the law into his own hands shooting oswald before he could ever be tried the combination of a dead president and a silenced suspect before a backdrop of cold war paranoia then what became an industry which relied on conspiracy theories to generate millions of dollars in sales of books and magazines it's much more fun to believe in conspiracy hugh aynesworth is the only journalist who witnessed both kennedy's assassination and oswald's killing he rejects the conspiracy theories that russia or cuba helped to kill the president or that the us
4:49 pm
government itself had wanted kennedy dead worth says the release of the investigation records is unlikely to satisfy those claiming to search for the truth as it isn't now and then anything the opportunities will still show will magazines and t.v. . and you know the usual that the declassified records are expected to center around all's wild history including a cia personality study and information about his visit to the cuban and russian embassies in mexico in the weeks before the assassination the records may also include information about covert cold war operations but tension an embarrassment to the u.s. government but as for the kennedy assassination itself the records aren't expected to reveal any bombshells and at still marks the spot where j.f.k. was slain the site now a tourist attraction draws a daily crowd people intrigued by what it's like to be the for ever mystery of
4:50 pm
kennedy's death heidi joe castro al jazeera dallas. still ahead on al-jazeera. that's that's one of the most incredible games that you'll ever be part of and support hats off to houston after a crazy going to the world series joe has all the details in just a moment. all
4:51 pm
right time for sports joe some baseball yeah you'd be happy about it because there was a wild game of baseball's world series in l.a.
4:52 pm
the dodgers and the houston astros hit eight high runs between them that a never been done before in a world series game and the astros came from behind to level the series at one one elise home reports. fifty four thousand fans in los angeles hard thing to see the dodgers double the world series lead and for most part of gang two it appeared they would do just that. to corey sega had put the dodges three one up in the six inning. and i had lost in ninety eight games this season after later they sent their standards exceptionally high but the astros staged a comeback in the eighth and ninth denning's to level the game at three three.
4:53 pm
this forced the teams to an extra inning where consecutive harm runs put houston in front for the first time. but still things will suffer more yes the old quick helping the dodgers tie the game the game and send it to an eleventh inning thank the astros then struck two more harm runs taking the games tally to eight breaking the all time record in the world series. it was even more remarkable the i harness what hate my idea from play is all of whom had never hit one in a world series before getting into their hands this time the asteroids held on to that lays the best us devil series when i was able to see what i mean that's incredible game on so many levels so many ranges of emotion. and if you like october baseball you know if you like any kind of baseball now that's
4:54 pm
that's one of the most incredible games that you'll ever be a part of. the best of seven series is now tied at one one. just the two teams head to houston with game three percent today at least home an al jazeera. venus williams has just won a high stakes tennis battle with wimbledon champion got to be near mcgregor with her straight sets victory putting her into the semifinals of the finals in singapore. and eliminated of course and it also means that she misses out on the chance of reclaiming the world number one ranking while carrying the piscator has already made it through that and it's a good thing she did it before meeting yelena stopping code final round that's because she was beaten by the french open champion who took the match six three six one pesca is another one is looking to finish the season as the world's one. south africa's top club competition a couple of hours continues to be dominated by teams from brazil and argentina to
4:55 pm
also in time contemplate out the first semifinal cheese day now brazil's grimier has taken a giant step closer to the final after their last four encounter with barcelona ecuador the one scored twice for them you know in a three no victory in the first leg in since you want to kill the second leg is in brazil on wednesday. german champions by munich have survived a scare on a controversial night in the german cop they were up against abi like sick who had a chance to take the lead in the first half when they were awarded a penalty for the dons challenge on facebook that decision was then overturned when the referee changed his mind and it led to i'm mary scenes the players headed to the tunnel leipzig start of the second half having a player sent off but eventually took the lead from the spec five minutes later hotel going levelled eighteen time when his buy in and it went to penalties like six team a burner at his spot kick saved and it's by him who go through six five on penalties
4:56 pm
. well despite the best efforts of italian football officials to tackle anti semitism some ultra fans have once again overshadowed the players' tributes the behavior of last year fans last weekend prompted action from the italian football federation on wednesday let's hear war t. shirts featuring the face of holocaust victim and frank as they warmed up for this area against a long year the club's ultra fans refused to make the trip to watch the game but some isolated supporters still sang fascist songs elsewhere you ventus is ultras turn their backs on the pitch to sing the italian national anthem while a passage from and frank's diary was read before kickoff a former guatemalan football official has become the first person to be selected for a sentence for his role in the fee for corruption scandal had to three zero who was the secretary general of his football federation will serve eight months in a new york prison after pleading guilty to wire fraud and conspiracy the guatemalan
4:57 pm
pocketed one hundred seventy five thousand dollars in bribes from sports marketing companies to stay his federation into giving them contracts while he's one of forty people implicated by the corruption investigation which was made public in two thousand and fifteen when several top officials were arrested in sura head of the fee for congress the investigations have been led by the f.b.i. in the united states because much of the money was laundered through american bank accounts the defendants face various accusations of corruption bribery and money laundering. us champion brooks kept a has taken the lead off to the opening round of the world golf championship event in shanghai the american shot an eight on the paul round a sixty four which included this eagle on the eighteenth day on strictly to head a gap in green and carried it to bomb that world number one dustin johnson is chasing his third title of two thousand and seventeen is four strokes for the back . now chest and bridge exercise the mind rather than the body but it's all they
4:58 pm
sports while in the case of the card game it's no deal the european union's top court has ruled against british players who all keep they shouldn't have to pay a sales tax to enter a competition the tax is waived for sports the court says sitting around playing cards is not a physical activity all right now peter will have more for you later michel thank you very much thank you for joining me for this news hour probably back on the other side of the break with more news keep it here. with. provoking debate the corporate tax of not hard job growth on the proper bottom of the way. tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of a tree killings torture giving. up challenging the established line every
4:59 pm
single one of the three and all thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute the putin. joined many has done for our front at this time on al-jazeera. it's the cheapest rail service in the d.r. congo the largest country in sub-saharan africa the swallow crosses half the country from lubumbashi to a labor. it's the only link between remote villages and the outside world. the swallow has been around for more than fifty years like a local bus it stops a virtually every station passengers clamber for remaining seats people cram into whatever space they can find. nearly two thousand people all together three times the officially permitted capacity for those who want to able to find a place or who can't afford a ticket there's always the route. travelers have to remain alert
5:00 pm
a lapse in attention could be fatal. the danger comes not just from above. even at the moderate speed of thirty kilometers an hour a tree branch can cut like a machete. al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count folk abene dot. tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his death would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count at this time on al-jazeera.


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