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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm AST

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in a global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. yes . we want to do good. but. you're not going to get the. jump on the drug. over the winter doing. this stuff on their own. at least three days in kenya as protests against a disputed election prevent voting in parts of the country.
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out of there are watching al jazeera live from london also coming up. no end to the standoff in catalonia as the regional president or jacks the idea of early elections. dozens are killed in an explosion at a fireworks factory in indonesia. and the supersonic car that speeding straight into the record books. at least three people have been killed on election day in kenya in a vote that has been marred by violence and an opposition boycott about a dozen others were injured in casino one of several areas where election materials have not been delivered. is among the four opposition strongholds where voting will now be hell. on saturday the government says it's because of security challenges
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are made available as more from nairobi. protesters lighting fires and throwing rocks leaving some polling stations empty and police responding with tear gas or what's characterized voting day in nairobi's opposition strongholds other polling stations have not opened a toll officials too frightened to report for duty really explaining ourselves very clearly. there is no reason for anybody to take any violent action against i b c officials a.b.c. officials should be allowed to conduct their duty. and as they conduct their duties it is a right of a kenyan. in any particular part of the country to either decide to vote or not. the opposition called for its supporters to boycott the polls after a lack of reforms at the electoral commission also withdrawing its presidential candidate raila odinga at many polling stations voting did go on as normal even
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if in lower numbers compared to august election they indicate does that we have survived that where we are seeing people being intimidated in some parts of the country or it is not a very good thing in terms of transparency you can see video of the process while incumbent president to work in yard is assured of victory is concerned that some of his jubilee party supporters may stay home guaranteeing a low voter turnout by mid day at this polling station in kenya home county of. less than a hall of registered voters had cost their ballots. in organise this polling station had long queues this time despite the area being a governing party stronghold far fewer voters have turned up. with potentially six million opposition supporters staying away analysts say a poor voter turnout and the conduct of the electoral commission could impact the
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legitimacy of the selection. the media miller al-jazeera nairobi alice speaks out as a lot of though who's live in nairobi for us so most of the polls have now closed what happens next. well the vaults while being calm to until a few minutes ago in most polling stations now they are all but in most of all sporting stations on the falsest malls and home to their cars to transits harding's sun time which then puts together. the results from. the polling stations from each of the two hundred on mine to constituents is before transmitting the final results to the mush will tollywood sent that which is going to tani that is old school is again full they had results coming from the different parts of the country its. however. it won't be until after
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so today well some all counties are hot the elections postponed call them out we would be receiving on all to come this elections would not go down in history as being at the most a three more years of why in the history of kenya but also probably the most time out because of the not only the call from the opposition leader a loud dingo was boy called of the cold weather the polls are saying his supporters to stay away but also poll tested sticking to the streets and blocking roads as well as stopping people fiscally from bolting whether it is going to bring any closure many people dolled out many say even if president who can is the clear the winner it won't much good to miss it to his presidency. monetary life there with us from nairobi thanks miles.
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president carter's push them all has refused to hold a snap election unless spain central government agrees to certain conditions he says he hasn't received enough guarantees from the tories that it won't impose direct role on the tone of this region if a new election is held thousands of protesters have gathered outside the catalan government headquarters in that is a patient of his speech. you know that i am willing to call an election so long as there are certain guarantees so that we can hold elections under normal circumstances those guarantees of not being provided and there for elections are not warranted my duty was to try to hold elections and to do it honestly and truthfully in order to avoid any impact on our institutions well the scottish national senate has been discussing the government's plan to strip government of its powers let's take you to madrid speaks out as it was hold up til
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hammy's and how the how is that debate going. well today there is a very robust debate and we've been listening through for the past two hours or so and what you do get is really a lot of finger pointing at the regional government the view here from madrid is that for the past month or so they have been trying their best to reach some sort of compromise between the two sides as the deputy prime minister put it all but when madrid go to the return is what was a lot of noise they point to the fact that actually the catalan leader was supposed to be here in madrid attending that debate happening at the moment in another chamber here at the senate and the last minute yesterday he did announce that he was coming here there is a representative that is attending the but for many of the lawmakers we've been listening to this is actually approved the regional government is not intent on
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trying to find any compromise and really the message you get is that tomorrow come tomorrow the article one five five will be triggered even though it will it is something very difficult for the government here in madrid it's never been triggered before ever since the constitution was ratified back in one nine hundred seventy eight somehow even though they say it's for to reimpose the rule of law ensure economic stability to ensure social cohesion is a big step for the government in madrid it's entering uncharted territory and certainly that is a source of anxiety for many in spain who don't know what's going to happen next in madrid thank you. the head of the international committee of the red cross says he is overwhelmed by
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the scale and magnitude of the rich crisis more than six hundred thousand refugees have crossed into bangladesh in the last two months following a military crackdown in mammals northern rock hein state after visiting a field hospital in a refugee camp the red cross chief said the people there are in desperate need of aid and shelter or meanwhile the u.n. special rapporteur for me amal young he has just presented a report on the country's human rights situation as you can see he joins us live now from the united nations thanks so much for being with us on the program i know you're calling for a strongly worded resolution to be passed by the u.n. security council what are the likelihoods that china will agree to and what will this is cheese anyway. well i do certainly hope that china will agree to this strong security council resolution now this will be the first ever security council resolution on me or my and i hope with
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a strong resolution. abuses and violations by the security forces will start immediately and that it will not happen again we have heard so many times many talks that never again. will happen or the united nations will not accept a new and more atrocities and here we are seeing another round of atrocities unfolding right in front of our eyes to what extent should. the civilian government of myanmar be held responsible for what has been happening to the revenger. well i think she really needs to step up her leadership and really try to convince the military to to stop further violent violence or has and i think at the end of the day she since she is the de facto leader of
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a country that at the end of the day as she herself will cannot avoid being held responsible for these atrocities there was so much hope wasn't there an optimism when she was elected how disappointed have you been by her response to what's happened with the written job recently i have been very disappointed and baffled because this is not the kind of myanmar that she was fighting for and i still hope that she is i said earlier step up early and really try to stop further violence is happening in not only in me but throughout the rest of the country there's been a lot of talk a lot in only in a kind throughout the rest of the country right there's been a lot of talk also about how the range of refugees currently in bangladesh could be
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returned to their homes in. state but if they go back they face even more abuse i mean they still won't be recognized will they as an ethnic group they'll still be treated as illegal immigrants many of them may have had their land actually sees they would have homes to go home to. well they don't have any land. but they won't have any houses because all of the houses are burnt down most of the houses were burnt down and unless the discrimination the law the decades long discrimination by law practice and policy are removed then the kind of life that they will lead when they go back to miramar will be pretty much the kind of life that they had before leaving. plus their kind of security what kind of security will they have is another very serious concern and if they can't return home which many of them can't at the moment what should happen to them because of course
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bangladesh has made it clear that it will not take them permanently they are stuck obviously as we've seen in those refugee camps what should happen to her in the near future well first i have to say that bangladesh has been very generous in receiving and opening their borders but i think they have to return if they want to return and the international community must pressure the government to make situations conducive for this sustainable return of the population so that they can return in safety and dignity or it really good to hear from you that's young he lay joining us there from the united nations in new york thanks so much for your time. thank you. all right still ahead on the program after a year of mourning toil and says goodbye to. the city of boston has some of the highest income inequality anywhere in the u.s.
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i'm going to introduce you to a company that has a mapping system that really shows the economic divide all over this country that story coming up. and i once again the eastern med and particularly tookie has been suffering big thunderstorms that they're falling apart now but it still looks like we'll be there trucking through turkey and then the caucuses not in the immediate future try to look so right but saturday they come back once more by which time with and show us hitting the coast of lebanon maybe northern syria is temperatures in the middle twenty's now apart from that it's still quiet ish whether the temp is going to just thirty five again in baghdad staying around twenty seven in the fall for around to cli interrogatively real change to that for the sas it's
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a quiet picture at the moment the breezes in particular strong says softly running out so the western side of society which keeps temps in the high surtees little bit dusty otherwise is nothing particularly prevailing we are seeing her rain redevelop in southern africa is a good line of plaid that runs out of d.r. congo through angola and back then diagonally to the eastern side of south africa had a few showers recently in johannesburg there in the forecast for friday and of course we've had some pretty big thunderstorms recently the stretch time to cross it in a towel towards durban at least sixteen degrees the same is happening once more and that right i'll move north and redevelop of a mozambique. hour
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again and reminder of the top stories on around as they are at least three people have been shot days in election related violence in kenya prompting officials to delay the vote in four counties. president says he won't call a snap election until spain central government agrees to certain conditions. and
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the un special rapporteur for me and mine has called on the de facto leader. to do more to tackle him military's crackdown on ranges in northern rakhine state. a report into a chemical weapons attack which killed at least eighty people in northwestern syria . the un had hoped to conduct further investigations into who was responsible but that proposal by russia and ally of the syrian government is less families of the concha can attack feeling abandoned by the world reports. this is one of the gasping for. after government twelve planes. hold the it live neighborhood is a rebel stronghold within minutes hundreds of people were rushed to hospitals suffering asphyxiation and other agonizing symptoms after they were exposed to the
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nerve agent sarin gas. this is why more than a year later she survived but more than eighty people mostly children were killed. we are still traumatized by the attack we face the near death experience its impact remains what i get attacks from time to time and start banging your head on the walls the attack triggered an international outcry and growing calls for sanctions against the syrian government. denies using chemical weapons but u.n. war crimes investigators say they gathered evidence to confirm the attack was carried out by government forces those who survived and chose to stay in kind when never fully recover from the ordeal. i still try to victims through their
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will up long term complications patients still suffering from blurred vision neurological problems and the biggest challenge of course is psychological impact of the attack people lost their loved ones and we still treat them. their use or began helping others in the immediate aftermath before becoming a victim himself he woke up in hospital days later to devastating news so. i started carrying fix him to ambulances but many died on the spot i saw rescuers rushing into the area but as soon as they started the rescue the victims collapsed and died i collapsed but when i woke up i was told my family was gone. lost his father mother and two brothers he's one of many people who feel they have been betrayed by the world and left to struggle on it all ravaged syria days after the attack the u.s.
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launched resize into the base that was used by so good walker aims to drop sarin gas or hunchy hold but the american response fell short of the expectations of millions of syria's forefather hunch or should have been a turning point in the syrian conflict and a wakeup call for the international community as well but al-jazeera. an explosion at a fireworks factory in indonesia has killed at least forty seven people and injured dozens the blast happened as an industrial complex in the city of tuggeranong west of the capital to counter a local official says all the victims were factory workers sorry little more from jakarta. a firecracker factory exploded in the city of tongue gronk twenty five kilometers or west of. local residents reported hearing a loud explosions before seeing a cloud of smoke above the warehouse more than half of the factory workers were
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killed or injured many of the dead burned beyond recognition families have been asked to identify the bodies by dental records or by the jury victims all wearing according to police officers and rescuers many of the bodies were found trapped at the back of the warehouse possibly trying to find a way out management are being questioned by police investigating the cause of the blast the factory has only been operating the last two months employing around one hundred people. the u.n. secretary general is meeting central african republic top officials in an effort to end fighting in the country and tony good terrorists is also vowed to investigate sexual abuse by u.n. peacekeepers because harker's the latest form. and to met with victims of sexual abuse by peacekeepers behind closed doors late on wednesday night he told al-jazeera that he will not tolerate any more abuse and all of these cases will be thoroughly investigated today he's meeting with the president with members of
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political parties religious leaders of civil societies all of those he hopes will bring back peace to this country on this visit he said that the root of the conflict comes from politics and politicians fermenting hate speech and he says that the solution will also come from politicians and politics a newly elected government that was elected back in january is going to be spearheading efforts for peace and so there's a lot at stake with this new government but some criticize it because there's not enough representation of muslims in that government the u.n. is backing the african initiative a group of african leaders that will come to central african republic in november to try to speak to various rebel groups and factions to bring long lasting peace to this area but of course the government here needs to address grievances that have been lasting for decades notably among the muslim population that feels discriminated against there are
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a million people most of the muslim that are displaced are living in neighboring countries for peace to come back they need to be allowed back to their homes and for the government to allow more dialogue between the christian and the muslims in this country after a year of mourning thailand's late king has been cremated king came upon a ten year day who died last year age eighty eight the world's longest serving monarch and as we count it as a hell of a stability in her brain which stands seven decades he's lived a funeral ceremony began on wednesday during hundreds of thousands of mourners. passengers flying to the united states will face tougher security measures at the airports from thursday the new regulations imposed by the trumpet ministration could include short security interviews check and that was all concerns about delays to pick up pollen has moved from hong kong's international airport. the new security measures are seen as a crucial test for cop
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a pacific an airline which prides itself on efficiency and speed particularly when checking in but u.s. bound passengers will no longer be able to use the in-town checking facilities which are in the city instead they will have to come here to the airport the been told to come three hours before their flight as they will have to face questions about their trip details of why in particular they want to go to the u.s. they asked me like if i was here for business or pleasure. and they also asked me about my passport and they asked for a night's a copy of my generation which is a little strange because i don't came ha i had my boarding pass i think it's unnecessary. because i think we have enough security measures already if you go to the united states that's a new system but i don't like it it take too long you know we've off the number of people how they feel about the new security measures and most of told us it's annoying and frustrating cathay pacific is the only airline that's banned u.s. bound passengers from using facilities in the city or their bag drop off the
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symmetry here at the airports cathay pacific say they've increased the number of staff but there are still under tremendous pressure about fourteen flights a day to the united states where the gap between rich and poor in the u.s. city of boston is one of the widest in america the wealthiest five percent make more than a quarter of a million dollars a year while the lowest earning twenty percent less than fifteen thousand. to of all series on america's inequality. the divisions between rich and poor in america nearly side by side in two neighborhoods in boston on a tree lined street homes for those with access to wealth nearby rundown public housing units for those without. but now the area is changing as developers tear down the old and replace it with luxury apartments to cater to more rich buyers moving in and the whiff of development is this place man saw all these families
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that live here and work here are being displaced because they can no longer afford the rent. like rita as an immigrant from mexico who is being pushed out by a landlord who has doubled her rent to nearly two thousand dollars a month. we're trying to be strong but also we're upset because we don't have the money to pay the reality rita and people like her live with every day now part of new data mapping that shows the economic divide and how close together rich and poor live let's look at this neighborhood this dark blue neighborhood analytics company s three created a neighborhood by neighborhood breakdown of what he calls the will divide in america this is washington d.c. the darker the blue the wealthier the area the darker the orange the deeper the poverty and this is what the mapping showed in the area of boston where read it
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lives this neighborhood is called jamaica plain where the average household income is one hundred sixty nine thousand dollars a year more than three times the national average making this neighborhood one of the more affluent in all of boston but just a few blocks away here in the forest hills neighborhood the story is much different here the household median income is only thirty four thousand dollars a year the hope is these maps prod people to think about inequality on a deeper level and maybe bring about change is the american dream. buyable it sure it sure should be it must be and how can we how can we make sure that it is viable not just for those of us who are privileged and wealthy but but that those opportunities are open to everybody a new way to identify the economic gaps in society the harder part is how to close them people is on do i just see it in boston. now a british engineering team has taken
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a major step closer to attempting allowing speed world records they bloodhound successfully tested their groundbreaking and will eventually try to exceed a space of sixteen hundred kilometers an hour in south africa. reports. the dream is to go faster on land than ever before. bloodhound is the name of the jet powered car. that a british team of developed over nine years. and a new key in the southwestern corner of britain was the venue for crucial testing the whale wing commander degree and if anybody knows how to handle speed it's when he set the fastest time of over twelve hundred kilometers per hour twenty years ago . but this time is not only to break that bridge a thousand miles per hour which is over sixteen hundred kilometers per hour
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these tests were kept down to a mere three hundred twenty kilometers per hour along formula one's top speed a fifth of what they'll attempt at the next stage in south africa. this is about testing steering brakes suspension data systems on a jet engine sourced from a euro far to talk. the wheels will be solid because rubber tires would never hold together at this pressure he said a project to run over ten years and you're at the cutting edge of technology in year one you certainly have to innovate to keep on the cutting edge so that when you get to year ten you move forward and you're still on the cutting edge of technology so i guess i would say it's this innovation. course so in finances. the husking pad in north west and south africa will be the place this team look to go to the next level and beyond as early as next year. it's not quite
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all systems go for the world record attempt there is plenty of work still to do including over to to be attached but bloodhounds later part chinese carmike it generally say they'll finance this project through to its conclusion the new key test was a success showing a pioneering taking the comeback a sound barrier with a new line speed record in their site. the roman catholic pope has opened a direct line it to the heavens by dialing the international space station. this is space station and we hear you loud and clear. or pope francis asked the crew some of life's big questions including man's place in the universe italian astronaut replied that despite the bird's eye view of earth he too remains perplexed pope francis is the second to call space.
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and reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera at least three people have been shot dead in election related violence in kenya prompting officials to delay the vote in four counties about a dozen others were injured in the opposition stronghold of which is one of the four counties where voting materials have not been delivered overall forty three people have been killed in election related violence since the august selection victory of president or her kenyatta victory was later overturned by the supreme court prompting thursday's we run. this update from nairobi well in the most part some particularly in. halls there was violence particularly young people. relentlessly trying to. vaulters from. the polling stations and also not allowing all together polling station calling officials from taking polling material to the different stations where votes were supposed to have
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been cast. independent electron bonders commission to elections. elections in. counties. catalonia president says he won't call a snap election until spain central government agrees to certain conditions. he hasn't received enough guarantees from madrid but it won't impose direct rule on the autonomous region if the new election is held thousands of protesters have gathered outside the capital and government headquarters to show their support for them all he says is up to the catalan parliament to move forward with a mandate to split from spain the u.n. special rapporteur for me a man has called on the defacto leader aung san suu kyi to do more to tackle her military's crackdown on the hinges in northern rakhine state over six hundred thousand have crossed into bangladesh in the past two months. an explosion at
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a fireworks factory in indonesia has killed at least forty seven people and injured dozens of blast happened at an industrial complex in the city of tire west of the capital jakarta a local official says all the victims were factory workers. and those are the latest headlines here on al-jazeera inside story is coming next by. the young prince in a hurry mohammed bin song has a vision for saudi arabia future he talks about radical change and returning his country to.


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