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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture by his office in india he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that moves us forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life it part of life is culture. that is determined to have a goal you have to have no i didn't. know how. we wanted the word but that's our formulation are you trying to get there not. just. jump on the truck. get a little build one today. this time on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. everyone i felicity bar welcome to the live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes at least three dead in kenya as protests against a disputed election prevent voting in parts of the country. no end to the standoff in catalonia as the regional president rejects the idea of early elections. iraqi forces launch an offensive against the last stronghold in the country. and dozens die after an explosion at a fireworks factory in indonesia. and. sports news including eight. for a world series record as we used to master a strong level with the l.a. dodgers.
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and we begin this news in kenya where at least three people have been killed on election day in a vote that has been marred by violence and an opposition boycott about a dozen others were injured in one of several areas where election materials have not been delivered his email is among four opposition strongholds now be held today the government says is because of security challenges i meet a man has more now from the capital nairobi. protesters lighting fires and throwing rocks leaving some polling stations empty and police responding with tear gas or what's characterized voting day in nairobi's opposition strongholds other polling stations have not opened a tall officials too frightened to report for duty. explaining ourselves very
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clearly. there is no reason for anybody to take any violent action against i. should be allowed to conduct their duty. and as they conduct their duties it is the right of a kenyan. in any particular part of the country to either decide to vote or not. the opposition called for its supporters to boycott the polls after a lack of reforms at the electoral commission also withdrawing its presidential candidate raila odinga. at many polling stations voting did go on as normal even if in lower numbers compared to august election the indicators that we have survived that we are seeing people being intimidated in some parts of the country or it is not a very good thing in terms of transparency you can see with you the process while incumbent president to work in yard is assured of victory is concerned that some of his jubilee party supporters may stay home guaranteeing a low voter turnout by mid day at this polling station in kenya as home county of.
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less than a half of registered voters had cost the ballot in august this polling station had long queues this time despite the area being a governing party stronghold far fewer voters have turned up. with potentially six million opposition supporters staying away analysts say a poor voter turnout and the conduct of the electoral commission could impact the legitimacy of the selection. for me to malaya al-jazeera nairobi. or the opposition stronghold of casino has experienced some of the worst violence there is catherine so is there and sent this report. it's been running battles almost all day between police important just as in parts of we're at a place called can barely hear police have been firing tear gas at a group of mostly young men who are behind this trucks have been trying to push
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them back but the men have been using slings to throw stones at the police the police are also using water cannons to disperse the crowd has been very difficult also getting to this particular location a road blocks have been set up by people have been put out by people we spoke to some of them were trying to get through and they were saying that they want to make sure that no ballot materials get to the various polling stations or people here are very angry and frustrated they say that they will not recognize are who are looking at a win there will not recognize his presidency either. this is not our election just looking at us but we will do our only election we will not recognize. several people who have been injured were approached to this hospital some like this man had gunshot wounds. and this nineteen year old succumbed to his injuries
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he was shot on the fly but housework his city could not stop the bleeding. we've visited appalling station it's been a struggle just getting an open polling station we are at one polling station which is one of the main ones in doubled up as a tiling center as well and just to paint a picture for you in august in the last election this place was full of people waiting to cast their ballot now nothing is happening ballot boxes and by a lot of people i spoke to officials of the electoral commission here who said that the biggest problem is just getting this materials to the various polling stations in this region and also they're saying that it's also difficult to get stuff members of the electoral commission to come to work a lot of them are citing security reasons. now to our series mohammed oh he joins us live from nairobi and know we know the polls have closed what happens next.
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well yes felicity the polls have closed and vaulting also in the polling stations ha's and that in most parts of the country it was a fairly easy and quick call horses on the old us the eighth elections when the election officials had to count votes for six different elective causations now votes are trickling to constituency toiling centers in the two hundred ninety constituencies of course the country this was a process of my past in the last election and the supreme court had found fault with a lot of ones all the results from the polling stations and the constituencies are put together then every constituency will then send that is all strong national telling santa however it won't be until sunday or monday when we will have the outcome of this. election because all counties are hard elections
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postponed because of the violence and. rioting that. my colleague catherine mentioned in the heart report of that so it would mean what happened today the novotel tom out as well as many people boycotting the elections are really going to do a lot of damage to the legitimacy of the outcome of this polls. all right mohamed odeh live in nairobi with the latest thank you. council only has president carter's pritam or has refused to hold a snap election unless spain's central government agrees to certain conditions he says he hasn't received enough guarantees from the trades that it won't impose direct rule on the autonomous region if a new election is held thousands of protesters had gathered outside the catalan government headquarters in anticipation of his speech under simmons joins us live
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now from barcelona a bit of an anticlimax that was in there to andrew what's been happening. it certainly was an anticlimax but no shortage of drama here because of course time is running out now it's only twenty four hours before article one five five gives direct rule at some madrid and it appears that nothing will stop that now short of something even more dramatic happening than a possible deal between madrid and barcelona and that appears to be what was happening without any shadow of doubt there were negotiations going on in direct ones perhaps the complete dark cloud over what exactly was going on but it was the case because a number of reports went out about certain deals going on and a suggestion that there was going to be an announcement by colus boojum on to actually call a snap election december the twentieth was mentioned that sort of detail and then
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there was a sudden announcement from his office that he would make a statement to his people and then following on from that off to the was a lot of very harsh reaction both political and on the streets to its very much condemning that form of action of calling his elections and not actually declaring secession then you had an announcement that he was suspending that was the terminology from his office suspending that statement and went on to actually do it a few hours later this is what he had to say. you know that i am willing to call an election so long as there are certain guarantees so that we can hold elections under normal circumstances those guarantees of not being provided and ever elections are not warranted my duty was to try to hold elections and to do it honestly and truthfully in order to avoid any impact on our institutions. so how do people in catalan and in specific you know
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how do i feel about what's been happening. well there were some allegations that the president was a traitor by some of the the protesters when they thought he was going the other way and actually accepting the the idea to have snap elections and now people are pretty much still in shock over this whole article one five five process because it means that their lives are going to be the same they could face more economic problems here and furthermore the law and order issue is going to be ruled from madrid and there will be more demonstrations it seems and those who really want to see secession are really wanting parliament behind me to make a really bold that and declare it now it was declared on october the tenth by president posable but he actually then suspended it suit soon afterwards yes that suspension was an article the tenth was on october the tenth and now we have
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a situation where the parliament could impose it that's what some people are calling for and others many of them politicians have changed their minds feel it's too early to do that and they're pushing the other way what i can tell you is this that this is a minority government it's a one hundred thirty five seat parliament and that the coalition one partner in the coalition has actually threatened to pull out if there is any move towards having elections so the whole thing is quite complicated but effectively it's two processes the parliament behind me now discussing what it's going to do about article one five five what can it do it could declare secession it could actually try to to push for elections itself rather than have the president call it and then you also have the senate will be in session on friday and so will the parliament be in session again the senate will be going through a process of instituting committing article one five five to law and that means
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suddenly you. going to have the government sacked here parliament sort of without a government there anymore and we'll have a government imposed people representatives from madrid will run it technocrats possibly will run the whole thing and then have their own elections rolled out by the senate will actually announce those elections sometime in the next six months so this you might ask is a bit odd but no the position is this this will be direct roll it will punish the people who actually put through the whole idea of having a referendum and pushed it through and illegally as with would describe it went ahead with that referendum which voted in favor of secession what will happen at the end of all this no one is sure it is the are known that article one five five has never been instituted throughout modern history of spain so therefore there is
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an unknown factor to what's going to go on so maybe there could be more twists on friday no one's quite sure whether or not we actually will hear them push them all here in the parliament we're not sure he may well apologies that we lost or we can still hear him but we lost the picture there of under simmons in barcelona well hundreds of companies have started moving their legal bases outside of catalonia because of fears it will decide to secede catalonia secretary of economy says madrid's takeover of the region's public finances has already cost more than five hundred forty million dollars the region accounts for about a fifth of spain's total economy with its exports tourism and of course having the country's second largest city barcelona economists predict a session could increase things budget deficit from four point five to ninety seven percent the central government has already cut its twenty eighteen growth forecast pointing to the political risks in catalonia. sonia and also is an international
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politics lecturer at the university of barcelona she says many catalans are not prepared for the impacts the session from madrid would have on the economy. the thing is during this last years debate has been so focused on why should be allowed why we should be allowed to vote the sector hasn't been very clear explaining the potential effects like you canonical ones that you were just mentioning and just want to two weeks over a thousand companies are living their headquarters moving them to other parts of spain people or many people who are supporting independence were not aware of all this potential effects. ration from spain you know the question of independence from spain top so they are feeling not only shocked but also scared of what is now going to happen because we haven't spoken about any of this potentially
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but. you're watching the al-jazeera news still ahead the u.k.'s defense minister tells them pains not to criticise saudi arabia for fear of hurting on sales. but the u.s. expected to declare the opioid epidemic as a public health crisis we bested a company that made a fortune selling the pills as medicine. during power of venus williams another big win for the thirty seven year old to have the action in school. first a report into a chemical weapons attack which killed at least eighty people in northwestern syria . the un had hoped to conduct further investigations into who was responsible but that proposal was vetoed by russia an ally of the syrian government is less families of the conflict in attack feeling abandoned by the world and
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a warning you may find some of the images in her report disturbing. this is want to go. after. government warplanes bombed hunchy home on the it live neighborhood is a rebel stronghold within minutes hundreds of people were rushed to hospitals suffering asphyxiation and other agonizing symptoms after they were exposed to the nerve agent sarin gas. this is one of more than a year later she survived but more than eighty people mostly children were killed. we are still traumatized by the attack we face the near death experience its impact remains what they get attacks from time to time and start banging your head on the walls. the attack triggered an international outcry and growing calls for sanctions
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against the syrian government. denies using chemical weapons but u.n. war crimes investigators say they gathered evidence to confirm the attack was carried out by government forces those who survived and chose to stay in kind when never fully recover from the ordeal. i still try to victims through their will up long term complications patients still suffering from blurred vision neurological problems and the biggest challenge of course is psychological impact of the attack people lost their loved ones and we still treat. their use or began helping others in the immediate aftermath before becoming a victim himself he woke up in hospital days later to devastating news so. i started carrying thick seems to ambulances but many died on the spot i saw
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rescuers rushing into the area but as soon as they started the rescue the victims collapsed and died i collapsed but when i woke up i was told my family was gone. but lost his father mother and two brothers he's one of many people who feel they have been betrayed by the world and left to struggle on. syria days after the attack the u.s. launched resized into the base that was used by syrian warplanes to drop sarin gas . but the american response fell short of the expectations of millions of syria's forefather we. should have been a turning point in the syrian conflict and a wake up call for the international community. iraqi forces have launched an assault to recapture. from the towns on iraq's western border with syria are among the armed groups last strongholds in the country seventy deck
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reports in northern iraq. ready for the final thing the iraqi prime minister has given the go ahead now the task of these men is to push eisel out of the last areas of western anbar specifically i'll climb which is the border town with syria the group still holds. we have been encountering some sporadic attacks by isis but they are weak especially since the last defeat in mosul holiday inn and here we are the enemy is in desperate situation right now and hopefully they will retake all the remaining areas from. iraq's army and unbar police together with pro-government sunni tribal fighters and the hashed all shadley or shia militias are part of the offensive. we are now engaging in the offensive to retake our and. we have received full military support from the iraqi army to participate in this offensive the tribal fighters have now become
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a supporting force in this offensive we aim to help that and after we retake these areas we will take control of security with the help of the iraqi forces. the campaign will also be backed by coalition air support and ground advice the towns of time of the last few territories isis still controls in iraq many here feel that it won't be a long protracted battle but ridding eisel of its territory in iraq does not mean the group's threat has been eliminated it is still capable of carrying out large scale attacks the announcement of the all crime offensive comes at a time when iraqi forces together with shia militia are involved on another front sporadic fighting with the kurdish peshmerga in the aftermath of that controversial secession referendum is putting huge pressure on air beale and the leadership here many kurds believe that this offensive is an attempt to divert attention from sporadic fighting we're seeing northwest of there along the border with iraq that
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many believe baghdad's ultimate aim is to reassert federal control over the border crossings that the kurdistan regional government currently controls stephanie decker al-jazeera. well the iraqi prime minister says his government won't accept anything but the cancellation of the kurds secession bids are the other body is in terror for talks with iranian leaders both countries have large kurdish populations and oppose any talk of separation iraq's kurdish regional government had offered to freeze it secession but iraq says that doesn't go far enough the u.k. defense secretary has signed it human rights groups by appealing to british politicians to stop condemning saudi arabia saying it's affecting almost sales to react michael fallon told a commons defense committee that a fighter jet deal was being compromised by the british politicians have openly criticized saudi arabia for its intensive bombing campaign of yemen the un says the war there has killed more than ten thousand people and injured more than forty
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thousand. to repeat certainly to this committee that obviously. the other criticism of serbia arabia in this parliament is not. leave it there but we need to do everything possible to encourage both the revier towards but i believe they will commit to those two we continue to work on the. well i'm joined on the studio by andrew smith the spokesperson for the u.k. based organization campaign against the arms trade thanks for being with us i mean i think i know what you going to say but what is your stance to what the defense secretary actually said to that committee or his comments were disgraceful they were shocking he was literally asking parliamentarians to prioritize arms exports over human rights and democracy and to join him in doing so but i know that when i worked for an m.p. i'm voting for him because i want them to represent wishes of constituents or to speak for mines i certainly don't want them to stay silent on issues of
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a kid abodes simply so it michael fallon can sell even more weapons. isn't the reality though that he was simply voicing what some business is obviously privately think that by criticizing saudi arabia british politicians can actually harm the u.k. economy and u.k. jobs i mean u.k. many u.k. jobs are dependent on those arms sales whether we like it or not that it that is the reality is that well and when it comes to jobs we're talking actually a very small sector of the economy arms export jobs account for roughly zero point two percent of jobs in economy and we are talking about very skilled people and we want to save your skills put to good use and industries which can benefit is of engineering such as positive areas such as renewable energy such as low carbon technology which is very somewhat skill sets what we don't want to see is government willingly ignoring atrocities which are taking place where it's very terrible human rights abuses which have been waged against saudi people for decades or is the atrocities which are being waged against the people of yemen where we
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have seen one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in the what'll being unleashed and that has been fueled by u.k. arms by u.k. fater dismay u.k. bombs and support every step of way by politicians like michael fallen it is big money of course and that's the reason why many countries not just the u.k. do you sell arms they do so sell weapons to nations with bad human rights records and that's something that is going to carry on isn't it it's purely a matter of finance and business when when you're when you're the government of a country and you're trying to prop up the economy and you try to get this if you're going to try get jobs the reality is you have to deal with countries that may not necessarily like their policies but i think was that france between trading with a country and selling it weapons we don't have any problem with the idea of trading with what we do object to is the political and military support for regime despite the terrible war it is waging against the people of yemen i understand that to end for global arms trade is obviously a matter for them not a sprint was
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a lot of very big in chess in there but we all want to move towards a world which doesn't have weapons where people are not selling weapons and the immediate priority has to be to keep arms out of war zones like yemen and arms away from brutal dictatorships like saudi arabia really good to have you thanks very much different exactly with their thank you. al jazeera is among the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein who's now been in an egyptian prison for more than three hundred days he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos claims he and al-jazeera strongly denied saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested last december of visiting his family. an explosion at a fireworks factory in indonesia has killed at least forty seven people and injured dozens more the blast happened at an industrial complex in the city of tire and west of the capital jakarta a local official says all the victims were factory workers sorry lity has more from
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jakarta. a firecracker factory exploded in the city of tongue twenty five kilometers or west of. local residents reported hearing a loud explosions before seeing a cloud of smoke above the warehouse more than half of the factory workers were killed or injured many of the dead burned beyond recognition families have been asked to identify the bodies by dental records or by the jury victims all wearing according to police officers and rescuers many of the bodies were found trapped at the back of the warehouse possibly trying to find a way out management are being questioned by police investigating the cause of the blast the factory has only been operating the last two months employing around one hundred people. i still had this news from london after a year of mourning thailand says goodbye to its late king. the president discusses
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life's big questions would be an international space station crew. but it's only warming up the. bloodhound which aims to reach a speed of sixteen hundred kilometers an hour. and i once again the eastern med and particularly tookie has been suffering big thunderstorms that they're falling apart now but it still looks like they'll be there trucking through turkey and then the caucasus not in the immediate future three looks all right but saturday they come back once more by which time will find showers hitting the coast of lebanon maybe northern syria is temperatures in the middle twenty's now apart from that it's still quiet ish weather the temp is going to just thirty five again in baghdad staying around twenty seven in the fall for
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around to cli in terror and a real change to that for the sas it's a quiet picture at the moment the breeze isn't particularly strong says suddenly running out to the western side is saudi which keeps tempers in the highest thirty's you know a bit dusty otherwise there's nothing particularly prevailing we are seeing her rain redevelop in southern africa is a good line of plaid it runs out of d.r. congo through angola and back then diagonally to the eastern side of south africa a few showers recently in johannesburg there in the forecast for friday and of course we've had some pretty big thunderstorms recently the stretch time through kwazulu-natal towards durban at only sixteen degrees the same is happening once more and that rain all moves north and redevelop of a mozambique. november on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me in my am bangladesh bringing more focus
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to the plight of their agenda. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across to his years. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bonn to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when east brings captivating stories and award winning films. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump mbox in a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera. it was an audacious bid to capture a city in the southern philippines and turn it into a problem. with the smoking room is asia the new battlefront point to a nice the best to get at this time on al-jazeera. and
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again undermines at the top stories here only al-jazeera news at least three people have been shot dead in election related violence in kenya prompting officials to delay the vote in four counties. as president says he won't call a snap election until spain central government agrees to certain conditions. and iraqi forces have launched an assault to recapture two western border towns from i so. let's get on our top story now that is the election on the violence that we've seen in kenya political analyst. joins us from the capital nairobi thanks for being with us on this what have you made of the election so far to kill or the violence
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that we have seen and of course the mo turnout. well initially expect more incidences of. destruction of property and lives but it's been very minimal but it's still it said that we've lost our three loaves are too big and there's been a bit of a destruction of roads because the demonstrators were lighting fires in the canyon broad's but i generally speaking need to be very useful the only source of concern because the electoral body this committee now for the time out about it that we have to wait to see their frame of numbers but one would have expected for a higher turnout so that our president can justify. well that's the problem isn't it for ken yes and his party if the turnout is pretty three very low then surely riley will use that as a way of appealing against the election saying that is illegitimate because so many people didn't turn out to vote. yet that that is going to be the case
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because in the last couple of weeks president come out and told all the registered voters to be sure there are today they're going to cast their ballots well mr loading those indicated to their supporters to participate in their local process so if a president. fifty percent plus one of the registered voters to come and you know vote for him then we used that on as a very good talking point talking to all kenyans and everybody has to listen that is what has got more weight than our president going out on and he to give him you know serious political capital as he moves forward to go to the supreme court or maybe in civil disobedience. it's a very uncertain time isn't it for the kenyans ordinary kenyans how does kenya move on from this i mean how can it end that uncertainty what needs to happen is it is a sense a sense that there needs to be some sort of political dialogue between kenya. and
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how can that be organized will it ever happen. well the. absence of leadership and what you may require to do as a nation is to get president. travel down to the conversation and agreed that we needed to clean up because for our electoral body if they declare president. fifty percent of kenyans you know believe that if they declare. that we now fifty percent of kenyans we know to believe that so at the end of the day we need president kenyatta and the loading up of our conversation so that we have. a predictable systems for unpredictable outcomes. of their unpredictable systems for a predictable outcome so nobody knows actually what is opening today when people go in the cast their ballots over how how their vote is going to be counted so that at
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the end of the day you have a winner now if you don't deliver for president. there's a very a chance that it's going to be left up in the land after every election people will go to the supreme court the election is merely afraid to go to another election but if i think the supreme court through the election was free fair and credible then people may resort to civil disobedience you know so much of the country doesn't a smoker joining us there from the capital nairobi appreciate it thank you. the u.n. mission to mali says three of its soldiers have been killed in an explosion in the north of the country says two soldiers also hurt which happened when that convoy hit an explosive device the area has been controlled by al-qaeda linked fighters for several. now after year of mourning thailand's lake king has been cremated king came upon a dead new day who died last year aged eighty eight was the world's longest serving well that is five day funeral ceremony began on wednesday during hundreds of
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thousands of mourners so high the reports from the capital icac. culminating a year of mourning and reflection the people of thailand have said goodbye to the king or don't you there. enduring late monsoon rains in searing heat hundreds of thousands of thais clad in black descended upon bangkok bucket come sunk arrived in the pre-dawn hours will have to continue with our lives but i will do good things for him so his majesty will not have to worry full of ceremony and tradition a procession carrying an opulent turn left the royal palace for the two and a half a kilometer journey to the royal crematorium crafted over the last eight months the elaborate crematorium is designed to represent a mythical mountain sending the late king to heaven. here and one applause thousands have gathered there laying sandalwood flowers on this replica of the world crematorium dozens have been set up across bangkok and across thailand giving
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thais the opportunity to actively participate in their king's funeral when you get loose on the side of that he was a young boy when he met. his father was the king's tutor for twenty six years in switzerland when some papers do not abandon us he said if the thai people have been. abandoned then and that was his new and he is profound meaning he wanted to to be there for thai people thailand has progressed greatly under king put me upon some field that's part of the grieving yes for the man but also for the period of transformation he led the nation through first and foremost people grieving because they're saying goodbye to a part of themselves a part of their collective identity that was form and shape during the king's time he was called father by many thais even viewed by some as
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a demagogue this is. as released a type people the late king's son and heir king. lit the crematorium on thursday evening it was followed by traditional dances and performances they carried on throughout the night marking the end of the year of mourning scotter al-jazeera bangkok. right now the u.s. president donald trump is declaring the opioid crisis to be a public health emergency by declaring an emergency the government will have more funds to address the issue and more freedom to change legislation it's estimated more than sixty four thousand americans died last year due to what addictions and that isis. joins us live now from the white house staggering figures those and some might say why is it taken so long to declare it to be a public emergency. a lot of people asking that very same question felicity given
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the fact that the president did campaign about this extensively he did in august say that he would declare this a national emergency and even this was recommended by his own commission on the opioid crisis in the united states however it appears the president he is still talking but has stopped short of declaring it a national emergency instead declaring it a public health emergency why is this working important well it all has to do with funding and timing what this means is that the president is essentially stopping short of his own commission's recommendation to declare this a national emergency which would have freed up federal funds for almost a year instead just an lao ng the flexibility of the states for ninety days to address this some people say it's a really good first step but it does fall short of where they had hoped the president would go in terms of the fact that this is a crisis that is gripping so many in the united states president still talking right now but it was just a few moments ago that he actually declared the emergency let's hear what he said i
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am directing all executive agencies to use every appropriate emergency authority to fight the opioid crisis this marks a critical step in confronting the extraordinary challenge that we face as part of this emergency response we will announce a new policy to overcome a restrictive nineteen seventy zero rule that prevent states from providing care at certain treatment facilities with more than sixteen beds for those suffering from drug addiction. secondly more money is going to be spent on trying to combine us opiate addiction and opioid deaths what else might happen. well a couple of things what this is going to free up is this ability of the states to kind of redirect existing resources that's a big first step the other thing that it will do and this is a big one for the trumpet ministration overall is kind of cut the red tape when it
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comes to bureaucratic delays try and sleep streamline this if you will through this presidential memorandum and the other thing that it will do to is it will allow the states kind of to address this in their own backyard so this is something that outs is really important so many say on the front lines of dealing with this crisis but at the same time there is a little bit of disappointment and even some criticism because what this doesn't include is the extra funding that would have come with the national emergency declaration that's why a lot of people who are in that room even are disappointed they say this is a good step they hope this will sort of initiate further action at the congressional level but for now it is a little bit short of what the president had promised not once but multiple times again on the campaign trail and also as he was president says recently as august saying that this is something he would do declared a national emergency that appears the president has not done that all right so i can believe the white house thank you well president trumps announcement is
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certainly a blow to the manufacturers of prescription opioids who've made a fortune selling the pills for years she has written c. reports. i heard you farmer based here in stamford connecticut is often identified as the originator of the us is opioid epidemic and it's never been easy to hold them to account. the company pioneered the aggressive marketing it with the release of oxycontin one thousand nine hundred seven up until then such narcotics derived from the opium poppy were reserved for cancer patients and palliative care the rate of addiction to pain patients who were treated by doctors is much less than one percent the company courted doctors eager to treat chronic pain with assurances that opioids were safe and all addictive. financial incentives were also offered other pharmaceutical companies also followed the strategy and
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soon opioid sales rocketed in the u.s. but so too did opioid deaths ten years ago purge you pharma finally admitted it knew its drug wasn't the miracle cure for pain it said it was paid out six hundred million dollars in fines but as of last year the company's estimated to have made some thirty one billion dollars from the drug states around the country are suing the company or exploring legal action whether this is a public health crisis there's no bigger public health crisis and and then right now it's not just about getting a paycheck for the state it's about rehab for people addicted to drugs and also the kind of education reforms that would hopefully prevent a certain like this again not only does but you know what i was filming anywhere near its headquarters and also declined our request for an interview however the company did want to use a statement which said in the u.s. it is committed to working collaboratively through addressing the opioid crisis.
9:44 pm
but even as opioids face scrutiny in the u.s. oxycontin is going global in may twelve members of congress wrote to the world health organization with this warning the. and recklessness of one company helped spark a public health crisis in the united states that will take generations to fully repair we urge the w.h.o. to do everything in its power to avoid allowing the same people to begin a worldwide opioid epidemic the w.h.o. has yet to respond to the letter which has congresswoman marcy kaptur concerned one county and her state of ohio leads the nation in per capita u.s. deaths i would say do not let these medicines be used in your country i don't want to call them medicines do not let these pharmaceutical products be used in your country. without very careful review and tight control oxycontin is already being marketed as an internationally proven low risk treatment
9:45 pm
for chronic pain to doctors and consumers globally we know that effective medicine can change the us politicians are warning the world to be vigilant see al-jazeera connecticut the roman catholic pope has opened up a direct line to the heavens by dialing the international space station. this is space station we hear a loud and clear. process ask the crew some of life's big questions including man's place in the universe italian astronaut paolo nespoli replied that despite the bird's eye view of a. perplexed but francis is not the first pontifical space in twenty eleven his predecessor benedict the sixteenth's also made contact with astronaut. and so has all the prior predator drone surveillance cameras and
9:46 pm
a new exhibition in london showcases all of what created since nine eleven. no deal the european court trumps called hoping to be recognized as sportsmen and women. with peta.
9:47 pm
well again a major exhibition has opened in lungs and looking at all its response to war exhibition covers the sixteen years of conflict since the nine eleven attacks in the u.s. is world renowned artists such as i way way just a couple when i went to take a look nine eleven
9:48 pm
a defining moment in the twenty first century with untold consequences consequences that continue to kill and devastate today artists like all of us have been affected by the events and they've used their skills to process and understand contemporary conflict justice artists from previous generations have painted their reflections on war a marvel surveillance camera by way way former british prime minister tony blair looks out from a collage with images of blindfolded detainees and riot police force in the state it's that increase of security anxiety maybe when we go to public events that awareness that you know terrorism can be indiscriminate and hit at any place and any time a german artist walks the streets of new york in
9:49 pm
a suit covered in dust from a car bomb in iraq. a life size shadow of a predator drone stenciled on the floor the twin towers represented as neon light wells. good contemporary artists who are constantly absorbing everything around them are any position to interpret our world and help us make sense of that. homesick a film of fear and frustration by syrian artists ferrars circassian he now lives in london but his parents remain in their damascus apartment a work by kurdish iraqi artist walid c.t. explores the destruction caused by conflict breaking apart homes families buildings those artists are often drawing on those really testimonies of their own lives and i think that helps us create that bridge to really experience to border understanding in and helps us understand those consequences of conflict. a
9:50 pm
painting of contemporary damascus a reflection of chaos and devastation artists defining and teaching us what life has been like for many after sixteen years of conflict since nine eleven jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. now with peace. for the city thank you so much astros and just fans will have to wait until friday's game three of baseball's world series to see if it matches the excitement of the first to next destination is used and astros fans will be hoping they team holds on to the momentum of the coming from behind to make it one one after a wild game two it is home in reports. fifty four thousand fans in los angeles hard thing to see the dodgers double the world series lead and for most part of gang two it appeared they would do just that.
9:51 pm
was to cory sega had put the dodges three one up in the sticks inning was god and i had lost in ninety eight games this season after leading they sent their standards exceptionally high but the astros staged a comeback in the eighth and ninth innings to level the game at three three was. ok i know this post the teams to an extra inning consecutive harm run for houston in front for the first time was. the over but still things were far from our yes the old quick helping the dodgers tie the game the game and send it to an eleventh inning the were with the astros then struck two more harm runs taking the games tally to right breaking the all time record in the
9:52 pm
world series. was even more remarkable the eye harmless were hit by different play is all of her and had never hit one in a world series before. and this time the astros held on to their late for their first ever world series win was so. i mean that's incredible game on so many levels so many ranges of emotion. and if you like october baseball you know if you like any kind of baseball. now that's that's one of the most incredible games that you'll ever be a part of. the best of seven series is now tied at one one. hundred. seventy six the two teams head to houston with game three of the sun today holman al-jazeera. twenty five time grand slam title with a martini has announced she will retire from tennis at the end of this week's w.t.
9:53 pm
finals in singapore fellow thirty seven year old venus williams is hardly slowing down versus the american system a year hasn't finished here it's williams has made the same a finals in singapore by beating spain's garb in your movie seven five and six for it keeps her on track to win the season ending tournament for the first time in nine years and it continues a remarkable run in which she has made two major finals this including losing to move her to wimbledon williams will face either caroline wozniacki or caroline garcia in the final four. in the press is also in the same ease and it's a good thing she made it before meeting elaine off the pain go in the final round that's because she was beaten by the french open champion who took the match six three six one is in the race to finish the season as the movie number one.
9:54 pm
now for a blast of the bloodhound it's a car that a british engineering team hopes will smash the world land speed record the aim is to eventually exceed the speed of six hundred kilometers an hour in south africa the winnings reports on whether it passed its initial test. the dream is to go faster on land than ever before. bloodhound is the name of the jet powered car. that a british team of developed over nine years. and a new key in the southwestern corner of britain was the venue for crucial testing at the will we can command and degree and if anybody knows how to handle speed it's him he set the fastest time of over twelve hundred kilometers per hour twenty years ago. but this is not only to break that over to thousand miles per hour
9:55 pm
which is over sixteen hundred kilometers per hour these tests were kept down to a mere three hundred twenty kilometers per hour along formula one's top speed a fifth of what they'll attempt at the next stage in south africa. this was about testing steering brakes suspension data systems on a jet engine sourced from a year on far to talk to. the wheels will be solid because rubber tires would never hold together at this pressure he said a project to run over ten years and you're at the cutting edge of technology in year one you certainly have to innovate to keep on the cutting edge so that when you get to your ten you move forward and you're still on the cutting edge of technology so i guess i would say it's this innovation backed by course so i don't finances. the husky nepad in north west and south africa will be the place this team look to go to the next level and beyond as early as next year it's not quite
9:56 pm
all systems go for the world record attempt there is plenty of work still to do including a rocket motor to be a time just that bloodhounds lead part not chinese comm i could generally sidel finance this project through to its conclusion the new contest was a success showing a pioneering teng the comeback a sound barrier with a new line speed record family and i signed the. south america's top club competition the cup a limited audience continues to be dominated by teams from brazil and argentina to argentina clubs played out the first semifinal on tuesday and now brazil's got to me or has taken a giant step closer to the final after their last full encounter with barcelona of ecuador no one school twice the gremio you know for me no victory in the first leg in the city of the kill the second leg is in brazil. wednesday. the new york red bulls were on heart for me in major league soccer as they extinguished
9:57 pm
the chicago fire from the playoffs in their first playoff game since twenty twelve the fire really didn't get going bradley right phillips and sasha. schooled within four minutes of each other to give the red bulls a first half lead and new york cruised to a full no wind to advance the eastern conference semifinal to run to. the vancouver whitecaps shook the center's a earthquake says they beat them five no mesquita scoring two goals in two minutes as the canadian side of the western conference semifinal against seattle. u.s. open champion brooks kept a has taken the lead after the opening round of the world golf championship event in shanghai the american shot an eight under par sixty four which included this eagle on the eighteenth to take a one stroke lead ahead of gavin green and kid of h. appy brown that world number one dustin johnson who is chasing his third title of twenty seventeen he's four strokes further back. chastened bridge exercise the
9:58 pm
mind rather than the body but of they sports well in the case of the card game it's no deal the european union's top court has ruled against a british players who argued they shouldn't have to pay a sales tax to enter a competition the texas waived for sports the court says sitting around playing cards is not a physical activity. and that's all this fall for the i'll have another update later. they said we will look forward to that from you a little much for the by ments. us about it from me on the music scene here in london and i far away judy macdonald will have more news for you in a couple of minutes time thanks for watching up on.
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