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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2017 3:00am-3:34am AST

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sports. thank you very much astros and dodgers fans will have to wait until friday's game three of baseball's world series to see if it matches the excitement
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of the first team next destination is used and astros fans will be hoping their team carries on the momentum of the coming from behind to make it one one after a wild again soon in his home in reports fifty four thousand fans in los angeles hard thing to see the dodgers double the world series lead and for most part of gang two it appeared they would do just that. it was was to. corey sega had put the dodges three one up in the six inning was god my god and i had lost in ninety eight games this season after later they sent this standards exceptionally high but the astros staged a comeback in the ninth inning to level the game at three three.
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k. i don't know this post the teams to an extra inning consecutive harm run for houston in front for the first time it was. the old but still things were far from martha yes the old quick helping the dodgers tie the game the game and send it to an eleventh inning the worse the astros then struck two more harm runs taking the games tally to right breaking the old time record in the world series. even more remarkable the i harness were hit by id from play is all of her and had never hit one in a world series before. and this time the astros held on to their late for this world series which was so. i mean that's incredible game and so many levels so many ranges of emotion. if you like october baseball you know
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if you like any kind of baseball. you know that's that's one of the most incredible games that you'll ever be a part of. the best of seven series is now tied at one one. this is the two teams had to houston with game three percent today. home an al jazeera. twenty five time grand slam title when a martina hingis has announced she will retire from tennis at the end of this week's w t a finals in singapore and has began a career as a professional way back in one thousand nine hundred forty three years later she was dominating the women's tennis winning three grand slam titles that included the australian open wimbledon and the us open she would go on to claim two more of the opens before retiring in two thousand and three because of persistent injuries she would return in two thousand and five and after some reasonable success well she tested positive for a banned substance so she called it quits again although she played a little bit intermittently never saw us made another comeback but she would quit
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singles and instead focus on doubles and achieved quite a bit of success in mixed doubles winning a total of seven grand slam titles including all four of them but it was doubles itself where she really had the most of her success winning all four slams in a total of thirteen titles the thirty seven year old will retire with a total of twenty five grand slam titles in a twenty three career that has certainly been colorful. some people knew it then and i mean still probably people think yeah after a year like this after a season like this but i think it's also perfect timing you know you want to start and on top and when you're already going backwards i mean i can ask for a better finish like that another thirty seven year old venus williams is hardly slowing down the american still hasn't finished yet williams has made the semifinals in singapore by beating spain's. seven five six draw it keeps you on track to win the season ending tournament for the first time in nine years and it
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continues a remarkable run in which she's made two major finals this year including losing. to wimbledon williams will face on the caroline wozniacki caroline garcia in the final for catalina purse is also in the same means and it's a good thing she made it before meeting elaine austin penco in the final round that's because she was beaten by the french open champion who took the match six three six one is in the race to finish the season as the world number one. and roger federer has reached the quarter finals at his hometown tournament where he launched his career as a ball boy called him twenty years ago the seven times for singles champion crushing frenchman ben whopping six one six three in boxing. now for a blast of the bloodhound it's a car that a british engineering team hopes will smash the world land speed record the aim is to eventually exceed a speed of sixteen hundred kilometers an hour in south africa the winnings reports
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on whether it passed its initial test. the dream is to go faster on land than ever before. bloodhound is the name of the jet powered car. the british team of developed over the years. and the new key in the southwestern corner of britain was the venue for crucial testing the whale wing commander andy gray and if anybody knows how to handle a spade it's him he set the fastest time of over twelve hundred kilometers per hour twenty years ago. but this is not only to break that bridge a thousand miles per hour which is over sixteen hundred kilometers per hour these tests were kept down to a mere three hundred twenty kilometers per hour below formula one's top speed a fifth of what they'll attempt at the next stage in south africa. this was about
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testing steering brakes suspension data systems on a jet engine sourced from a year zero five to talk. the wheels will be solid because rubber tires would never hold together at this pressure he said a project to run over ten years and you're at the cutting edge of technology in year one you certainly have to innovate to keep on the cutting edge so that when you get to year ten you move forward and you're still on the cutting edge of technology so i guess i would say it's this innovation. course so i'm finances. and in north west and south africa will be the place this team look to go to the next level and beyond as early as next year it's not quite all systems go for the world record attempt there is plenty of work still to do including a rocket motor to be a time. but bloodhounds lead partner chinese carmike it generally finance this project through to its conclusion the new contest was a success showing
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a pioneering teng the comeback a sound barrier with a new line speed record signed. chess and projects the size the mind rather than the body but all they sports in the case of the card game it's no deal the european union's top court has ruled against british players who argued they shouldn't have to pay a sales tax to enter a competition the tax is waived for sports the courts sitting around playing cards is not a physical activity and that's all the sports for me another update coming up again later. and that's it for the on to c.n.n. news out. but i'm back in just a couple of minutes with another full news bulletin and are monica to always keep up to date with the news on our web site al-jazeera dot com.
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that matter to you. al-jazeera. head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed job and was satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a study his biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories of the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. short films of hope and inspiration. small stories of three young women challenging the world around them. al-jazeera selects at this time.
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the u.n. blames the syrian government for a chemical attack that killed more than eighty people in april. for my headquarters in doha with me and. also ahead. of kenya's disputed election at least three people were killed during clashes with police. the crisis deepens as the regional president. in the snap election to break the deadlock and the u.s. releases some of the classified documents linked to the assassination of president john f. kennedy. a
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new report by u.n. war crimes investigators has blamed the ass out government in syria for a major chemical weapon attack in april more than eighty people including tens of children were killed with the nerve agent sarin was dropped on the rebel held town of conch a crude most six hundred people were injured the images of the moments after the strike sparked international outrage and over the following days the u.s. bombed a syrian government airbase and responds syria has repeatedly denied any responsibility for the attack well the united nations and the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons set up a joint investigation commission to find out who conducted the attacks today's report is the culmination of the stage of their work. we have a report from. now and a warning that you may find some of the images just being. this is one of the
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gasping for air moments after government warplanes bombed hunchy home on the it live neighborhood is a rebel stronghold within minutes hundreds of people were rushed to hospitals suffering asphyxiation and other agonizing symptoms after they were exposed to the nerve agent sarin gas. this is why more than a year later she survived but more than eighty people mostly children were killed. we are still traumatized by the attack we face the near death experience its impact remains what i get panic attacks from time to time and start banging your head on the. the attack triggered an international outcry and growing calls for sanctions against the syrian government. denies using chemical weapons but u.n. war crimes investigators say they gathered evidence to confirm the attack was
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carried out by government forces those who survived and chose to stay in kind when never fully recover from the ordeal. i still try to make them through their well up long term complications patients still suffering from blurred vision neurological problems and the biggest challenge of course the psychological impact of the attack people lost their loved ones and we still treat. the use or began helping others in the immediate aftermath before becoming a victim himself he woke up in hospital days later to devastating news. started carrying fix him to ambulances but many died on the spot i saw rescuers rushing into the area but as soon as they started the rescue the victims collapsed and died i collapsed but when i woke up i was told my family was gone. lost
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his father mother and two brothers he's one of many people who feel they have been betrayed by the world and left to struggle on. syria days after the attack the u.s. launched missiles into the base that was used by so you'd walk millions to drop sarin gas on hunch a home but the american response fell short of the expectations of millions of syria's father we. should have been a turning point in the syrian conflict and a wakeup call for the international community as well but i'll just. name all the un envoy for syria says he wants to accelerate talks between the sides involved in the conflict the next round of talks and used again engineer in late november seventh i'm a survivor says the focus should be on drafting a new constitution but we need to get the parties into real negotiation over
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where they leave prospect that they could begin to narrow the gaps and really negotiate. applying the logic my considered assessment and the media. if that for round eight and i would like to ask your support on this we should see if we can move some aspects of the agenda concretely forward just far beyond just exploration in indonesia goetia issue let's move on to other news now and three people have been shot dead during the rampage presidential elections and kenya voting was postponed at least four counties when violence broke out between demonstrators and police mohamad or the ports from nairobi. of the months of political uncertainty it's back to the ballot for the people of kenya falls these poll is already done of the most contested elections and can just history they are promising to be the most likely long as they need to get does that we have survived
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that we have seen people being intimidated in some parts of the country already is not a very good thing and downs of transparency you can see the diva process for those conspicuous lack of. a free atmosphere in which voters could be able to. and franchise themselves as far as wanting what is concerned. vaulting incubate or kenya sludge a slum was interrupted when protesters but it catered droops to polling stations police used tear gas and fired live a mission of blanks into the air to dispose of the protesters water lentulus the grouping us fosters they dispersed the playground of the olympic primary school in kebede tells the story of this election adequately usually these filled will be full of files of enthusiastic vaulters with accused into the alleys of the slum today they are. the protesters he has succeeded in ensuring as few people exercise
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their right to vote the police showed no mussy to those they arrested the violence was however the most pronounced in the city of kisumu in western kenya almost all the fatalities were here i do believe that even living in a fascist society where the government is essentially fresh. profiled a little community and definitely determined to. punish the no community. killings yes because the media fused to vote in this. election while tensions simmered in some opposition strongholds the store called me. they were peaceful since the voting in kimball outside will be strongholds of president to. no voting took place in four counties in western kenya results. today after voters in those counties i expected to vote right. right no danger was polling
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stuff in the run up to the vote is likely to be that the boycott of the poll in some parts of the country shows that iran is pointless and will do little to improve president kenyatta legitimacy if he is declared the winner. mohammed atta well just might will be kinder. to the u.s. now if president donald trump has declared opioid addiction a public health emergency the government will now have more power to address the issue and more freedom to change legislation it's estimated more than sixty four thousand americans died last head due to appear in addiction and overdose a white house correspondent committee health care it has more from washington d.c. . the white house president said that the opioid epidemic in the united states is the worst drug crisis in american history with the signing of this presidential memorandum the president says this is a critical first step in addressing the epidemic for too long we have allowed
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drugs to ravage american homes cities and towns we have led to our children and to our country to do everything in our power to address this national shame and this human tragedy. we must stop the flow of types of illegal drugs into our communities. thanks many people are disappointed the president has stopped short of declaring this a national emergency had that occurred this would have provided the necessary federal funding that states say they need in order to address this crisis instead by calling this a public health emergency what this will do is in essence redirect existing funds something that many critics say stopped short of the president's promise not only on the campaign trail but also as president still many acknowledge this is an
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important first step one they hope will push the u.s. congress to take measures even further catalonians president has refused to hold early elections deepening the crisis in spain's autonomous region collis push them on says he would not hold a new regional election unless the central government agree to certain conditions meanwhile the spanish senate is due to vote on friday on whether to allow madrid to directly administer caution on you anderson once reports from barcelona. demonstrators defiant towards the actions of the spanish government are calling on the regional leaders to declassify session before their march begins their hearing council of the media.


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