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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2017 8:00am-8:34am AST

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provoking debate the corporate tax has not hurt job growth on the barack obama the way only do that and that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of a tree killings torture maybe you giving me room didn't give me that challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that he didn't try them didn't prosecute them you didn't show the show the one thing join larry has done for upfront at this time on al-jazeera. australian deputy prime minister barnaby joyce is disqualified from parliament for
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holding the july citizenship. a month ago robyn this is al jazeera life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes the u.n. blames the syrian government for a chemical attack that killed more than eighty people in april. violence miles kenya's disputed election at least three people were killed during clashes with police. plus the us releases some of the classified documents linked to this as a nation of president john f. kennedy. welcome to the australian high court has ruled that deputy prime minister barnaby joyce was wrongly elected for holding dual citizenship for other politicians of
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also being removed from office for holding jule citizenship now there will be a by election for the deputy prime minister's seat the ruling means that prime minister malcolm turnbull's government has lost its one seat majority and to thomas our correspondent following events or is this a new political chapter in uncharted territory really for the political establishment in australia. well so far in politics is never dull but this is pretty bizarre even by its standards this is the case as it was presented to the high court australia's constitution has a course of events which until quite recently you know have paid too much attention to what it says that no one can stand for parliament. could be a citizen of another country and that includes view citizens well in july one greens senator said that he just found out that he was in new zealand as well as an australian and he was on. his running in the investigation is carried out it's the
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other end pains and six of them had question marks over them the high court is considered their cases in a stand up guy who are the bone of rules or who have parents born abroad were citizens should have known they would your citizens and as a result of the stand a parliament when they did now for most of the five the implications to be honest and you want significant they are senators and australia's upper house they'll be replaced by other members of their parties but barnaby joyce is i m.p. in the lower house of representatives where australia's government only has a one seat majority he is now no longer an m.p. he's out of parliament the government has lost that majority if he in a pilot you coming out now in december fails to win what was his seat back then australia's government could fall he can stand in the center because he's now renounced his new zealand citizenship but if the opposition parties put up a candidate strong enough to beat him in december but could mean the end of
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australia's government and there is another legal kind of worms here bonnie joyce the dollar your phrase deputy prime minister but also a minister for the last year and a half making key decisions now anyway to challenge one of those decisions saying that he was eligible to be an m.p. let alone a minister making important decisions that that may well go through they might find that those decisions he has mayes. in balad as well so this has all kinds of knock on legal implications not least that back that this could be the start of the ball will overthrow his government welcome back to and of course there as a situation develops for the moment thank you. now a report by u.n. war crimes investigators has blamed the assad government in syria for a major chemical weapons attack in april more than eighty people including children were killed when the nerve agent sarin was dropped on the rebel held town of concha kuhn almost six hundred were injured the images of the moments after the strike
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sparked international outrage over the following days the u.s. bombed a syrian government air base in response syria has repeatedly denied any responsibility for the attack now the united nations and the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons set up a joint investigation commission to find out who conducted the attacks days report is the culmination of this stage of their work well mike hanna has more from the united nations. well the joint investigative commission or jim as it is known has presented a thirty three page report to the u.n. security council in it it says that it's received a number of allegations of the use of chemical weapons within the war in syria over the last few months it focuses though on two specific attacks the one that haunch a coon it finds that the syrian government must be held responsible for that attack it admits that it did not send its fact finding team to the actual scene of the
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attack however two satellite imagery interviews with witnesses cell phone footage and importantly it found that the precursor used in the explosive that disperse the siren was identical to the precursor that had been stored by the syrian army when it was tested before the civil civil war began so it found that the syrian government must be held accountable it looked into the syrian claim that aircraft had dropped bombs on a warehouse where rebels had stored a chemical weapon but found that that particular theory could not be upheld and found incontrovertibly it says that the syrian government was responsible for that sarin gas attack the other incident it looked at was in omaha in september last year where jim found that i saw had used mortars to disperse sulfur mustard at a village and at least two people were killed in that particular attack now the
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mandate for jerm is due to be renewed by mid november earlier this week the u.s. brought a resolution asking that its mandate be renewed before its report russia vetoed that particular resolution what we'll be hearing over the next few days and weeks is discussion between russia and other members of the security council as to whether this report by jim can be seen as a fair unbiased and honest it will be russia's reaction to this which will determine whether or not it withholds its veto when the mandate for jim comes up when for renewal within the next few weeks. now the u.s. defense secretary jim matters is visiting the south korean capital seoul is joined by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general joseph dunford it comes ahead of a planned visit by the u.s. president donald trump in two weeks time tensions on the korean peninsula and the north recent nuclear tests are expected to top the agenda in sheffield meetings
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tony burke is our correspondent following events force of course are these men are laying the groundwork for the president's visit but there are some thorny issues to be ironed out in the meanwhile. yes and one of them will be worked out what would happen in the event of a war and the moment united states forces would retain command of the south korean forces they number eight hundred thousand but since an agreement in the one nine hundred fifty s. after the korean war it was always agreed that the u.s. would take command but now with a new president a liberal president in south korea they're looking at the scenario that if it does come to a conflict that they want to be in control of their own forces i think that's a sign of a change in government but also because they're a little bit concerned perhaps of the rhetoric coming from washington and in particular from president trump so there are some concerns here as you say that the tensions have increased in recent months we've had this war of words if you like at the moment president trump using fire and fury threatening the total destruction of
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north korea but also now we see general math is math is taking a different stand he is saying that they're not looking for war they want a total denuclearization of korea that's a different kind of tone he was speaking in the demilitarized zone and that's something we don't know that president trump will visit and he said that he probably will not visit but then there is a surprise and if he does visit or doesn't visit that will have. conversations about that as well so at the moment increased tensions the u.s. of three carrier naval carrier groups in the region they are putting stealth fighters into. they're preparing for a worst case scenario but everyone is hoping that that doesn't come to that situation but we'll have to see when president from arrives here on november the eighth for the moment tony thanks for the update three people have been shot dead during the repeat presidential election in kenya voting
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was postponed in at least four counties when violence brokered between demonstrators and police has more from nairobi. after months of political uncertainty it's back to the ballot for the people of kenya cause these poll is a rerun of the most contested elections in can just history they are promising to be the most likely money. they need to get us that we have survived that we have seen people being intimidated in some parts of the country already is not a very good thing and downs of transparency can see video of the process for those conspicuous lack of. a free atmosphere in which voters could be able to. and franchise themselves as far as wanting what is concerned. vaulting incubate are kenya's largest number was interrupted when protesters but it catered droops to polling stations police used tear gas and fired live a mission on blanks into the air to dispose of the protesters water lentulus the
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grouping us fosters they dispersed the playground of the olympic primary school in kebede tells the story of this election adequately usually these filled will be full of files those. voters with accused into the alleys of the slum today they are. the protesters he has succeeded in ensuring as few people exercise their right to vote the police showed no mussy to those they arrested the violence was however the most pronounced in the city of kisumu in western kenya almost all the fatalities were here i do believe that even living in a fascist society where the government is essentially fresh. it's a profile of the world community and definitely determined to. punish the no community but these kinds of killings yes because the media fused to vote in this sham election while tensions simmered in some opposition strongholds the situation
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was called me. they were peaceful scene so voting in kimball outside nairobi strongholds a president who took no voting took place in four counties in western kenya results are not expected until saturday after voters in those counties i expected to vote i . didn't go was criticized polling stuff in the run up to the vote is likely to argue that the boycott of the poll in some parts of the country shows that iran is pointless and that will do little to improve president kenyatta legitimacy if he is declared the winner. mohammed at all just might will be kenya. well still ahead here on al-jazeera. we can be the generation that ends the opioid epidemic we can do at. present. crisis a public health emergency advance to overcome addiction in the u.s.
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also an exclusive report about alleged torture methods used in secret prisons in yemen by soldiers from the united arab emirates. we've got more wet weather pushing across the black say with some rather heavy showers and sundry downpours swirling away just around the side of the mediterranean and also going to make its way further east which as we go through the next few days just coming in across the levant this area cloud that we do have just around the black sea the caspian sea i will eventually push its way further south where so a chance of a few spots of rain coming through but for many. it does stay fine and dry here we go with those showers just spilling in across syria lebanon jordan some weather weather just coming out of that eastern side of the but for most said it will stay
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settled and sunny instead he settled in sunny across the arabian peninsula temperatures down a touch now and around thirty four thirty five degrees over the next couple of days that's really indicative of the sort of weather that we do expect to see right across the peninsula may well we see some rather wet weather into eastern parts of south africa around the eastern cape pushing up into southern areas of mozambique just spilling out of the tropics coming in across down towards botswana and into where mozambique nudging a little further north was welcome break coming into that eastern side of zimbabwe harare at around twenty one celsius joining up with the showers we have crossed central areas of africa all the way across the gulf of guinea. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our lives in taking the details let's gather saving lives is a dangerous job the vaccine talks on
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a good twenty four hours there are patients waiting because medicines for must be paid life's worth risking their lives a week ago one of the gang stops on the course on the road attacking it with weapons risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera i'm so whole robin a reminder of our top stories the australian deputy prime minister barnaby joyce has been disqualified from parliament holding jule citizenship the australian high court also removed for other politicians a report by u.n. war crimes investigators as blame syria's government for
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a chemical weapons attack which sparked international outrage in april more than eighty people were killed when the nerve agent sarin was dropped on the rebel held town of concha cool. three people have been shot dead during ten years repeat presidential election voting in four counties has been postponed due to violence. as president has refused to hold early elections deep in the crisis in spain's autonomous region pujols says he would not hold a new regional election unless the central government agreed to certain conditions the spanish said it is due to vote on friday or whether to allow madrid to direct the minister catalonia said his reports from barcelona. i demonstrators defiant towards the actions of the spanish government are calling on their regional leaders to declassify session but before their march begins their
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hearing catalan media reports saying their regional president was planning to announce snap elections in a deal with a dread that would go one five five and avoid the imposition of direct. point i mean is and we are completely opposed we didn't conceive of any other scenario apart from the declaration of independence we cannot conceive of any other elections the demonstrators change their plans marching to the building where president carlos was due to speak others went to his party's headquarters. we were protesting today against article one hundred five and all of a sudden we hear that pushed him on wants to call for elections we are totally against it we feel this is treason to the castle and. eventually announce that no decision had been made. the mission has been in the hands you know that i am
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willing to call an election so long as there are certain guarantees so that we can hold elections under normal circumstances those guarantees of not being provided and after elections are not warranted my duty was to try to hold elections and to do it honestly and truthfully in order to avoid any impact on our institutions after the president finally did make an appearance these crowds seem to the main supporter but earlier they had shouted traitor when reports emerge that he was going to actually you know it's just not the election his appearance was showed you was then quote suspended by his star. in madrid the spanish deputy prime minister said nothing had changed article one five five would go ahead on friday. the question does he want. contrary to what some say the procedure of article one five five does not mean a new political centrism but it means the beginning of the end of the repeated disobedience of the law the interest of all and to the use of self-government
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against its own autonomy. there may have been some new twists but this crisis is now back to where it was nearly a week ago madrid intends to impose direct rule or get the lonia and sackets government friday is the day when politicians will take big steps into the unknown with risks on both sides and the lives of millions of people could be affected andrew simmons how jazeera pass alone or a prison in yemen has spoken exclusively to al-jazeera about alleged torture methods used in secret prisons run by the united arab emirates and its allies dozens of detainees have gone on hunger strike in the city of aden saying being abused victoria. human rights watch says there are at least eighteen secret prisons run by you a forces in southern yemen they include bear ahmed prison in aden al jazeera has
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obtained a voice recording of one detainee he says prisoners all regularly to. their various methods such as the electric shock waterboarding as well as forcing detainees to strip naked this is how they torture and different prisons they use different methods human rights watch says other detainees at the prison have begun a hunger strike in response to mistreatment it wants the u.a.e. and its allies to take action to stop the alleged abuse in a statement it said detainees should not have to refuse food to be treated humanely and free from abuse the u.a.e. and the yemeni proxy should stop denying responsibility for mistreatment and investigate and act on the complaints. of. the u.a.e. is part of a saudi led coalition helping the yemeni government might the rebels have taken
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control of northern and central yemen including the capital sana'a more than ten thousand yemenis have been killed and almost forty thousand injured since twenty fifty. eighty percent of the population is in need of humanitarian and human rights watch says the u.a.e. has been arming and training yemeni special forces to fight local branches of al qaida and eisel it's documented dozens of cases of people including children who were detained by those horses and may have been subjected to torture the u.a.e. denies the allegations. lawyers though say nearly two thousand men have disappeared in southern yemen family members have been demonstrating for the release of their relatives for months victoria gate and be al jazeera. u.s. president donald trump has declared opiate addiction a public health emergency the government will now have more power to address the issue and more freedom to change legislation it's estimated more than sixty four
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thousand americans died last year due to opioid addiction and overdose our white house correspondent kimberly how it has more from washington d.c. speaking of the white house president said that the opioid epidemic in the united states is the worst drug crisis in american history with the signing of this presidential memorandum the president says this is a critical first step in addressing the epidemic for too long we have allowed drugs to ravage american homes cities and towns we owe it to our children and to our country to do everything in our power to address this national shame and this human tragedy. we must stop the flow of all types of illegal drugs into our communities thanks many people are disappointed the president has stopped short of declaring this
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a national emergency had that occurred this would have provided the necessary federal funding that states say they need in order to address this crisis instead by calling this a public health emergency what this will do is in assets redirect existing funds something that many critics say stopped short of the president's promise not only on the campaign trail but also as president still many acknowledge this is an important first step one they hope will push the u.s. congress to take measures even further. while staying in the u.s. the white house has ordered the partial release of secret government files relating to the death of john f. kennedy the thirty fifth president of the united states now he was assassinated in november nineteenth sixty three shortly after this footage was filmed he was shot in the head as his convoy made its way through downtown dallas shortly after this man lee harvey oswald was arrested accused of shooting the president but two days
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later while in police custody oswald was killed by nightclub owner jack ruby the following year a commission headed by chief justice earl warren looked at the evidence and concluded that oswald acted alone in killing kennedy but in january nine hundred ninety two the film j.f.k. by all of a stone captivated the public imagination with conspiracy theories including the alleged involvement of u.s. intelligence agencies in order to contain that congress passed a law promising the release of classified files relating to j.f.k.'s death within twenty five years or peter because nick is a professor of history at the american university in washington d.c. he says the documents that are being held back will be the most revealing. what we're trying to figure out after fifty four years is who actually assassinated john f. kennedy the public in the united states does not trust the warren commission report
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and it's not only since oliver stone's movie came out in one thousand nine hundred two from the very beginning the public did not believe that lee harvey oswald acted alone even today more than sixty percent of the american public does not believe that lee harvey oswald was the lone assassin why would why did lee harvey oswald shoot the president at the at a more difficult angle rather than when the motorcade was coming toward him and the book depository he shoots in a much more difficult agel going away with a mail order rifle that f.b.i. marksman were not able to replicate the shots so there is not a smoking gun we don't expect there is going to be a smoking gun people don't write down the conspiracy to assassinate a president but there are things that are going to come out about lee harvey oswald's very suspicious behavior in mexico city about lee harvey oswald very suspicious behavior in new orleans when he was meeting with as opposed to working with both pro castro groups and anti castro groups and there are some top cia
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officials who have got documents in this collection and these are cia officials who really were very very hostile to president kennedy well passengers headed to the u.s. can expect new security measures the u.s. says the measures on aimed at reducing the threat of terrorism ripples. the u.s. authorities say the new measures are in their words raising the bar on global security and arraigned reducing the threat of hidden explosive devices u.s. bound passengers will now face additional screening of electronics and short security interviews the u.s. department of homeland security is convinced terrorist groups a targeting aircraft flying to the u.s. together we have the opportunity to raise a baseline on aviation security globally and we can do it in a manner that will not unduly inconvenience the flying public let me be clear security is my number one concern our enemies are adaptive and maria we have to be
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adaptive as well around two thousand u.s. bound flights a day for more than one hundred countries will be affected. the measures on to controversial as president trumps failed travel ban on six muslim majority countries but security experts say the new rules will lead to further delays it's going to make things more complicated and i think you're going to have a lot of passengers very dissatisfied with the passenger experience it's so behavioral analysis will now be used to screen passengers focusing on their demeanor and travel background but the rest is that certain passengers may be unfairly singled out some are also concerned that placing additional security responsibilities on airline staff is unfair more than three hundred thousand passengers a day will be affected by the new measures but the airline industry have reacted with some criticism they say airlines weren't consulted and they also say putting the onus on ticket counter staff may not be the best way of enhancing security but
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all agree if you are traveling to the u.s. you need to turn up to the airport even earlier and gallacher al-jazeera at miami's international airport. the trading floor the whole gold stock exchange is closing its doors at the end of the month the venue which will soon become a museum symbolizes the city's growth into an international financial hub divya gopalan has more. with the bang and much enthusiasm goal rise of china based logistics company debuts in hong kong stock market initial public offerings from chinese firms are becoming more frequent with more than a thousand companies from across the border trading their shares on the. you have only with hong kong within greater china this large equity market place that basically is accessible as long as you are qualified company so without government interference you can easily come here with a size of china's economy that just pushes more of these quality companies to the listing opportunity here chinese entities account for about half the number of
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companies on the hong kong exchange compared with five percent in one thousand nine hundred seven and the territory transition from a british colony to a special administrative region of china hong kong has always been a financial hub but over the past two decades the nature of the city's markets have changed drastically along with china's economy chinese companies and investors looking for international exposure are now a huge part of the financial system but there is a nother big change y.p. taking place in the city's stock markets. the news that hong kong stock exchange is shutting down its trading floor by the end of the month has caught many by surprise despite the fact that it's used by only a few brokers now online technology and trading in pewter have made this place redundant before. many friends action news. reader exchanged. information the exchange has shrunk over the years but has always
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remained an important symbol. in the early ninety's a popular t.v. series captured the excitement on the exchange floor and the lives of traders in the red vests you think you're cool and i was proud. and resigned i don't think. so sensible now the class is like this when other arab although there are those who are less sentimental. i don't do close because admittedly not working there anymore because everyone is people in there it's the end of an era for you spend thirty years here with icon or one of the well financed or center is and. how can be a financial trading home from next month the trading floor becomes a part of a museum dedicated to the stock market making it yet another piece of home can't unique identity relegated to history if you've got talent al-jazeera hong kong.
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you want your knowledge is their arms a whole robin these are all top stories australian deputy prime minister barnaby joyce has been disqualified from parliament for holding jule citizenship the australian high court also removed four other politicians the ruling means that prime minister malcolm turnbull's government has lost its one seat majority there will now be a byelection for joyce's seat. a report by u.n. war crimes investigators blame syria's government for a chemical weapons attack which sparked international outrage in april more than eighty people were killed when the nerve agent sarin was dropped on the rebel held town of concha kuhn almost six hundred were injured three people have been killed in violence during kenya's repeated presidential election voting has been persuaded four counties due to the violence the election commission estimates forty eight percent voter turnout in the election boycotted by the main opposition. the u.s.
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defense secretary james mattis is visiting the south korean capital seoul he is joined by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general joseph dunford becomes the head of a planned visit by u.s. president donald trump in two weeks time tensions on the peninsula the north recent nuclear tests are expected to top the agenda in sheffield meetings. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has expressed concern over reported atrocities against the ring state to listen had a phone call with the me and army chief a senior general i mean normally carrying on thursday me and man security forces to support the government did ending the violence and allowing the safe return an ethnic group who fled the area there were more than eight hundred thousand refugees in camps across bangladesh following the military crackdown in me and our. catalonia as president has refused to call an early election. says he hasn't
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received enough guarantees from madrid that it won't impose director all if a new election is held the spanish senate is due to vote on friday on whether to trigger article one five five which would allow madrid to directly administer catalonia those were the news headlines i'll be back with more than thirty minutes next al-jazeera it's risking it all. six years after the death of gadhafi. al-jazeera travels to libya. to hear from some of those who fought his regime contributing to his downfall. the battle of misrata at this time on al-jazeera.


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