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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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official tally a low turnout in the ses rerun presidential election in kenya. hello
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welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm melting that is also coming up i'm going to make sure that i don't promise b i'm going to get back to work on australian constitutional crisis surrounding jill citizenship for parliamentarians could topple the government. a u.n. panel blames the syrian government for a chemical attack that killed more than eighty people in april. the catalan crisis continues with the spanish senate due to debate removing autonomy from the region. now vote counting is underway in kenya after thursday's presidential election rerun
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the turnout was low after the opposition leader writer a didn't go cold for the vote to be boycotted by his supporters the election commission says the just over six and a half million kennelly kenyans call said ballots although four of the forty seven counties a still to vote then are going to vote until saturday well the turnout it calls around about thirty five percent of registered voters now in the august election that was announced by the supreme court turnout was more than double this it was around eighty percent with almost fifteen million ballots cast for me that miller is. correspondent live in the kenyan capital nairobi so still for districts have to vote for meter. well at least for that's what the electoral commission is saying that these four districts cry primarily opposition strongholds but the electoral commissioner mccarty said that it would exceed that
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amount there are other polling stations that didn't open for various reasons whether it's because of bad weather or other disruptions so there are a number of polling stations still to open that will only happen once the electoral commission confirms later today and it's not expected that these other polling stations all the outstanding votes would make much of a difference given that there was this boycott called by the opposition and if we look at the stern out of just over thirty four percent of ninety million kenyans registered to vote the question that arises ultimately is the legitimacy of the vote especially if they were a number of disruptions and also if those intimidation which is what to the electoral observation group in kenya says happened so there is a concern around what this vote will eventually mean forward conductor as it's expected he takes his second term as president indeed and there were no stipulations there were no specifics were there outlined by the supreme court so
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there's no threshold for legitimacy in terms of this really run the question is therefore i guess what is going to do and all of his millions of supporters who seem not to have turned out for this rerun. well considering that they observe this boycott we can see that the opposition leader raila odinga has a massive amount of support across the country especially in his strongholds but if we look back to the an old election of august following that railroading guide said he wouldn't approach the courts for remedy because he didn't have any belief that they were trustworthy and so he would look for other ways to to deal with what he was legit was rigging at that time he said that before going forward we don't know what he might do he may seek legal remedy considering there have been a number of issues preceding this election just the day before the election took place the supreme court had actually refused to hear an application that was asking
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for the perspire ment of the election ultimately because it couldn't form a quorum there weren't enough judges available to listen to this matter and there was a lot of criticism form international observation groups observer groups rather saying that you know this what appeared to be interference in the judicial system is certainly wiring and they would have wanted that they was they would have wanted a different approach to the saga surrounding the selection so we don't know if they are doing or will look for a legal way but he has said that his national super alliance is now a resistance movement they're looking at boycotts we don't know if they'll return to the streets if we'll see more protests as we saw in the weeks preceding this election for me to live in nairobi now an australian code ruling on the constitution of a dual citizenship for parliamentarians could see the government. lose its one seat majority the high court has ruled that five politicians were in eligible to hold
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office because the country's constitution says that joe nationals are not allowed to enter parliament now four senators were affected but the real focus is on of course the deputy prime minister barnaby joyce he's the only member of the lower house he's been affected and his expulsion means that the government prime minister malcolm turnbull's government has now lost its one seat majority now barnaby joyce says he's going to recontest his seat in a byelection that's likely to be in december until then the deputy leadership position remains open australia now faces weeks of political turmoil and if barnaby joyce loses his seat and the opposition labor party wins the support of m.p.'s from smaller parties then there could be a change of government without an election well joyce says he has had no idea he was a jew this isn't you know i know no reason to believe our system of any other
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country those trails born just a just a and you know i grew up. and i served in the nation's defense forces not narration political thinking but is trying to take the hits and take the sec for us but you know we'll buy the ticket we know the risks and ads and now i'm going to make sure that i don't crombie i'm going to get back to work while some people in australia think that the law banning jewel citizens from entering parliament is pretty much outdated the prime minister malcolm turnbull says the government will consider whether changes need to be made we'll closely evaluate the full implications implications of the court's decision which will now be carefully be carefully considered by strains and of course in particular bought the farm. more now from our correspondent andrew thomas in sydney. the high court's decision was essential a n.e.m.p. who'd been born abroad even to australian parents or whose parents had been born
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abroad should have done some investigation as to whether they had citizenship of another country and if they didn't then they were ineligible for australia's parliament when they stood and that applies to find any of the seven m.p.'s but they are considering crucially they have ruled that bobby joyce australia's deputy prime minister is in eligible to sit in holland so that has to consequences first it means that australia's governments which only had a majority of one in the lower house of representatives no longer has a majority a tall and if barnaby joyce does not win a by election now due in december in his area then the government in australia could fall because of this but second because australia is that the prime minister has also been a minister in the government making decisions when he wasn't eligible it throws into question all the decisions that he has been making and that opens up the possibility of lots of legal cases questioning some of the strangers government's big decisions over recent months and years now
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a un investigative panel has blamed syria's government for the lethal attack on a rebel held village in april it was a chemical attack more than eighty people many of them children were killed you'll remember those shocking pictures of the nerve gas having being dropped on the town of. almost six hundred people were injured well two days after that attack president ordered a u.s. missile strike on a syrian government airbase syria of course has repeatedly denied responsibility for this attack but the u.n. investigation was carried out in collaboration with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and it says the only official mission investigating chemical weapons in syria say what it says really matters here's our correspondent mike hanna. well the joint investigative commission or jim as it is known has presented a thirty three page report to the u.n. security council in it it says that it's received
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a number of allegations of the use of chemical weapons within the war in syria over the last few months it focuses though on two specific attacks the one that hunch a coup in it finds that the syrian government must be held responsible for that attack it admits that it did not send its fact finding team to the actual scene of the attack however two satellite imagery interviews with witnesses cell phone footage and importantly it found that the precursor used in the explosive that disperse the siren was identical to the precursor that had been stored by the syrian army when it was tested before the civil civil war began so it found that the syrian government must be held accountable it looked into the syrian claim that aircraft had dropped bombs on a warehouse where rebels had stored a chemical weapon but found that that particular theory could not be upheld and
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found incontrovertibly it says that the syrian government was responsible for that sarin gas attack the other incident it looked at was in omaha in september last year where jim found that i saw had used mortars to disperse mustard at a village and at least two people were killed in that particular attack now the mandate for jerm is due to be renewed by mid november earlier this week the u.s. brought a resolution asking that its mandate be renewed before its report russia vetoed that particular resolution what we'll be hearing over the next few days and weeks is discussion between russia and other members of the security council as to whether this report by jim can be seen as a fair unbiased and honest it will be russia's reaction to this which will determine whether or not it withholds its veto when the mandate for jim comes up when for renewal within the next few weeks. well professor one cole is from
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the university of michigan and he says a settlement is now needed. the regime is of course as this report shows capable of extreme viciousness. responsible for literally tens of thousands of. tortured people in jail and it has used chemical weapons on more than one occasion to level the playing field and the hope is that as things go forward the regime has been sufficiently weakened by the opposition that it will be forced to make some compromises there are members of that regime around himself who hope to go back to the status quo on ten twenty ten many of us don't believe that that would be possible however much iranian it's russian support they may have that regime is not what it was its army is much weaken and it will probably have to make
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some compromises and some of those compromises down the down the road may may involve some justice for victims. still to come here. we can be the generation that an opioid epidemic we can do a. president. crisis a public health emergency in val's. addiction in the united states. and an exclusive report about. yemen. from the united arab emirates. how i would sign says some tucking into western parts of europe over the next
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couple of days not just yet we still got the winds coming in from the atlantic always a mild direction nice and warm front here just pumping a little bit of walks up across that. western side of europe then across the british isles but as we go on through friday those winds come screaming in from the north fourteen top temperature in london believe you may it will feel cold and that when you add on the strength all the way in a row chilly northerly blouse coming through fourteen. amounts of wet weather into central policy if you will continue to push its way through the south woods as we go on through sas day vienna struggling to get into double figures by that stage for. central and eastern parts just fifteen of them paris and we're still hanging on to that northerly wind into the northeast of europe well scott with a top temperature just two degrees celsius ice any signs of or some of the wind pushing through some of the showers still in place just around the eastern side of
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the mediterranean just around crete pushing a little further research is starting to fizzle out as we go on through the weekends attempts well let me back to around twenty eight celsius not too bad in my bat with a high of twenty four. traverses
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take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera kenya's election commission says six and a half million people voted in the presidential election rerun the authorities though voting in several counties until saturday after opposition supporters boycotted polling station four people were killed. a un panel has blamed syria's government for a lethal chemical attack on a rebel held village in april more than eighty people were killed when the nerve agent sarin was dropped on the town of. it's one of the worst chemical attacks of the war and it sparked international outrage. the australian high court has disqualified the deputy prime minister and four senators from parliament because
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they held jewels citizenship barnaby joyce will recontest his seat in a byelection but his expulsion means the government's now lost its one seat majority in the lower house well cook is a senior lecturer of global politics at murder of university he joins us live now from perth via skype thank you very much for talking to us many people did extraordinary that are a country which is overwhelmingly comprised of immigrants has this jewel nationality consitutional. this this particular requirement which can exclude so many people. you know now think in some ways we can go back to the history of that was introduced in early on in the development destroying federation and i suppose there was some sense of people's allegiances my well going back to great britain more than i did to astrology so there was probably a high level of sensitivity around dual citizenship at that time but you know as
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you're signing i mean we're very much a country of immigrants into that extend you know questions of geo citizenship dancing to sort of why have the on the no one's been strong in these days and also the defense in the in the actual case revolved around ignorance ignorance of fuel of your citizenship status you know i mean in many cases in one tyson place you know the person is arguing that his mother put his name for the new really wasn't aware of it you know that kerry says people born british born parents. don't really aware of the fact that this simple status could end up with them having zero citizenship so clearly there was a lack of due diligence there was a lack of concern about this particular provision of the constitution i guess you know having been treated no one was really thinking about it some of them honest people ignored it and and questions it was a psychosis of joe citizenship oh you know just as you could arise and in fairly
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sort of weiser some people start i do understand the fact that you know quite a few of them it was simply an awareness that they had dual citizenship so this this quote if you like of the constitution that is nineteen zero one zero something i mean it now has the potential to to rock the australian government. oh absolutely i mean this is a losing their you know majority remains it's going to be much harder for them to get legislation passed through the house in the west me systems a lot of houses where the government resides in and when most of the working of government is done and when they're out of the simple and in clear majority that i had. to negotiate with members of minor parties and independents and i'll zoom away i have a much longer road to getting out things through and we're at the end of the year where you know it's legislation is generally bankcard it's called a bit of you had to pass before the christmas you know so i sort of gently
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christmas you know this is a particularly busy time and i guess we've also got to add in the fact that it's not a liberal party and as you know i think our manners division is sort of their them selves and no you are solely on the same song or on the sign pie it's a lot you know they're a complex situation all right in koch thank you very much indeed for taking the time to talk to the thoughts of. the united states top military officer is meeting his south korean counterpart meeting seeking place in the south korean capital seoul ahead of a visit by president trump in two weeks' time james mattis has been meeting song young moon before going on to the demilitarized zone between south and north korea tensions on the korean peninsula and the north recent nuclear tests of course will be topping the agenda in talks tony betty is that in seoul for a say jane's message and the defense secretary laying the groundwork for president trump's visit in a couple of weeks from now. yes this is
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a prearranged annual meeting that always goes ahead but it takes on new significance i think because of the increased tensions on the crimean korean peninsula mr matters went to the d.m.z. he made a statement there saying that the united states is not looking for war they want the denuclearization of korea but you know i think that's a change in tone from the one from president trump and you may remember his speech at the u.n. in august when he said fire and fury need threaten the total destruction of north korea that really raise the ante a lot and cause a few concerns around here because sixty five years on from the war people are still remembering what war can actually mean here there is concern there is heightened tensions i think the united states is concerned about what may happen during president trance visit there are three carrier groups that have moved into the region the united states is moving stealth fighters f. thirty five days to its base in okinawa so really there are concerns about what
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will happen there is no suggestion at the moment whether or not president trump will actually go to the d.m.z. there is a fear and concern that if he did so that would cause perhaps even more heightened tension and could provoke some kind of response from the north koreans they on the other hand are really a pretty the anti as well they've been threatening another nuclear test but this one unlike the previous six an atmospheric one so there are concerns that they may do that as a signal for president france visit we're not sure and earlier on in the trump presidency he was making suggestions that all of the u.s. is allies needed to take much more responsibility for their own defense is that something that is current and is that something that might be worrying the south korean. i think the south koreans in general are very worried about the situation i think you'll see one of the things on the table at the moment is that they want to do away with a fifty odd year old agreement with the united states that in the event of war the
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united states takes control of the south korean armed forces which number about eight hundred thousand the u.s. has about just under thirty thousand men here the north koreans were in the south koreans with a new government a liberal government of president moon are now talking about taking over the overall command in the event of conflict i think they're a little bit concerned about the rhetoric that's been coming out of washington from president trump they believe that this is not helping the situation so i think they want to take control in their own hands ok tony barely live in seoul thank you very much indeed. some news just coming in burundi that small central african country has become the first country to withdraw from the international criminal court now the. pullout takes effect today that's friday that's a year after it notified the united nations of its intention to leave the i.c.c.
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says were india's withdrawal doesn't affect on going court proceedings and that could be pretty critical i would bring you more on this development of course as soon as we get it but burundi has become the first country to lead the international criminal court. now catalonia is president has refused to hold early elections deepening the crisis in spain's autonomous region. says he would not hold a new regional election and less the central government agree to certain conditions andrew symonds explains. demonstrators defiant towards the actions of the spanish government are calling on their regional leaders to declassify session but before their march begins their hearing catalan media reports saying their regional president was planning to announce snap elections in a deal with a dread that would go one five five and avoid the imposition of direct rule.
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i mean is and we are completely opposed we didn't conceive of any other scenario apart from the declaration of independence we cannot conceive of any other elections the demonstrators change their plans marching to the building where president carlos was due to speak others went to his party's headquarters. we were protesting today against article one hundred five and all of a sudden we hear that pushed him on wants to call for elections we are totally against it we feel this is treason to the castle and. eventually announce that no decision had been made. here. you know that i am willing to call an election so long as there are certain guarantees so that we can hold elections under normal circumstances those guarantees of not being provided and after elections are not warranted my duty was to try to hold elections and to
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do it honestly and truthfully in order to avoid any impact on our institutions after the president finally did make an appearance these crowds seem to the main supporters of the earlier they had shouted traitor when reports emerged that he was going to actually you know it's just up. it's a veritable should you was then suspended by the stars. in madrid the spanish deputy prime minister said nothing had changed article one five five would go ahead on friday presuming that article is in this one i think contrary to what some say the procedure of article one five five does not mean a new political centrism but it means the beginning of the end of the repeated disobedience of the law or the interest of all and to the use of self-government against its own autonomy. there may have been some new twists but this crisis is now back to where it was nearly a week ago madrid intends to impose direct rule got the lonia and sockets
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government friday is the day when politicians will take big steps into the unknown with risks on both sides and the lives of millions of people could be affected andrew simmons pass alone. prosecutors in mexico say they've arrested one of the top heroin traffickers for. drug cartel and welfare liks was arrested on thursday of an apartment complex in an upscale suburb of mexico city chapters sons have largely taken over the cartel after their father was arrested last year and extradited to the united states. a prisoner in yemen has three can exclusively to al-jazeera about alleged torture methods used in secret jails that are run by the united arab emirates and its allies dozens of detainees have gone on hunger strike in the city of aden saying they're being abused victoria
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gave him the reports. human rights watch says there are at least eighteen secret prisons run by u.a.e. forces in southern yemen they include been made prison in aden al jazeera has obtained a voice recording of one detainee he says prisoners are regularly to. their various methods such as the electric shock waterboarding as well as forcing detainees to strip naked this is how they torture and different prisons they use different methods human rights watch says other detainees at the prison have begun a hunger strike in response to mistreatment it wants the u.a.e. and its allies to take action to stop the alleged abuse in a statement it said detainees should not have to refuse food to be treated humanely and free from abuse the u.a.e. and a yemeni proxy should stop denying responsibility for mistreatment and investigate
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and act on the complaints. of. the u.a.e. is part of a saudi led coalition helping the yemeni government fight the rebels have taken control of northern and central yemen including the capital sana'a more than ten thousand yemenis have been killed and almost forty thousand injured since twenty fifty. eighty percent of the population is in need of humanitarian aid and human rights watch says the u.a.e. has been arming and training yemeni special forces to fight local branches of al qaida and eisel it's documented dozens of cases of people including children who were detained by those horses and may have been subjected to torture the u.a.e. denies the allegations. lawyers though say nearly two thousand men have disappeared in southern yemen family members have been demonstrating for the release of their
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relatives for months victoria gate and be al jazeera. the president tramples declared opioid addiction a public health emergency in the united states the government will now have more power to address the issue and more freedom to change legislation is sought more than sixty four thousand americans died last year because of opioid addiction and overdose. says it has received no evidence from the united states to support american allegations of sonic attacks against its embassy in havana washington says at least twenty four officials and their relatives were targeted by a mysterious grating noise before falling ill now in response the u.s. is caught embassy staffing by sixty percent cuban officials say the allegations are the work of science fiction and believe the noise is caused by large populations of the cicadas insect.
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here with al-jazeera and these are our top stories kenya's election commission says six and a half million people have voted in the country's presidential election rerun the authorities for spent voting in several counties though until saturday because of his asian supporters had boycotted polling stations four people were killed in violence the australian high court has disqualify the deputy prime minister for senators from pollen and because they unknowingly held jule citizenship barnaby joyce will recontest his seat in a byelection but his expulsion means the government's now lost its one seat majority in the lower house while barnaby joyce says he had no idea that he was a jewel citizen. you know i had no no reason to believe any of the country those trails born just the justly and you know i grew up. and i
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served in the nation's defense forces not my reason to labels and people trying to take the hits and take the sec for us but you know we all bought the ticket we know the risks and. now i'm going to make sure that i don't crombie i'm going to get back to work a un investigation has found syria's assad government to blame for a lethal chemical attack on a rebel held village in april more than eighty people were killed when the nerve agent sarin was dropped on the town of. burundi has become the first country to withdraw from the international criminal court the i.c.c. the pullout takes effect on friday that sedate a year after it notified the u.n. of its intention to leave and the u.s. defense secretary jim mattis he is visiting south korea in preparation for president trump's visit in two weeks time he's met the chairman of the joint chiefs
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of staff general joseph dunford and this comes ahead of a planned visit as i say by donald trump president trump has declared opioid addiction a public health emergency. more than sixty four thousand americans died last year because of opioid addiction and overdose those are the headlines coming up next it's inside story. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. a young prince in a hurry mohammed bin strongman has a vision for saudi arabia's future he talks about radical change and returning his country to quote moderate islam but what exactly does he mean and can it be achieved.


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