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tv   The Wanted 18  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm AST

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is a mark of progress there's also a very real element of danger of course we should be conscious that in the corner. we have to go forward and. help bring peace and stability to our country. to the siege of the city. al-jazeera will travel to libya. to hear the stories of those who fought in the battle of misrata. al-jazeera well at this time. i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera procession parties in catalonia have registered
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a motion with the original parliament to proclaim and dependents from spain the move comes as the senate in the trade to pay its whether to grant prime minister special powers to sack the catalan president and his regional government catalonia president refused to hold early elections unless the central government agree to certain conditions so speaking in the senate said that he planned elections in catalonia so. they feel that i mean. if the senate approves this the president of the spanish government will dissolve parliament and call elections within six months my aim is to call elections as soon as possible we also ask you to authorize the following decisions to remove from office of the president the deputy president and the cabinet members of the catalan government. so what's happening right now in the parliament they are speaking on a vote that's coming up soon on this motion for independence cattle on leaders have been warned that
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a declaration of independence could see them charged with rebellion we will keep an ear and eye to that for you the u.n. says man maher has agreed to allow it to resume food aid to the northern rakhine state it was suspended for two months after a military crackdown began more than six hundred thousand muslim or henge i happened forced to flee to neighboring bengal deshon during that period they are still in high court has disqualified the deputy prime minister and four senators from parliament because they held dual citizenship barnaby joyce will recontest his seat in a byelection but his expulsion means the government has lost its one seat majority in the lower house kenya's election commission says six and a half million people voted in the country's presidential election rerun authorities postponed voting in several counties until saturday after the opposition vote with police four people were killed in the violence the media miller has the latest from the capital nairobi. well hearing what kenyans have said up to this point there certainly is concern around to what this election and the
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thirty five percent turnout my to represent between we're a sickly looking at two camps those that voted for president uhuru kenyatta and those who stayed away from the polls opposition supporters who heeded the school by the opposition leader raila odinga to boycott the election very much the focus will be going forward will be on the elections that are outstanding in some of those place also other areas where they weren't able to open polling stations due to a number of reasons not just the protests or the clashes that we saw between protesters and police at various points in the country especially in the western part of kenya speaking to kenyans in recent weeks many of them want to move forward there they're tired of being in this eternal election cycle and they wanted to come to an end now looking at this process been extended because of outstanding polling stations this certainly of frustration and that will add to the sort of polarized
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country that we're seeing when we look at people supporting the opposition and the incumbent president raila odinga bernie has become the first country to withdraw from the international criminal court the pullout takes effect on friday a year after it notified the united nations of its intention to leave the policy accusations that the court focuses too much on africa the i.c.c. says the withdrawal of us in effect ongoing court proceedings more than south africa has sentenced two white men to long prison terms for kidnapping and assault after they force a black man into a coffin and threaten to set him on fire or styles and theo jackson have been sentenced to eleven and fourteen years in prison respectively. is demanding food and medicine be allowed to reach parts of the syrian capital to alleviate the threat of famine there a tightening in the eastern suburbs of damascus has left many children severely
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malnourished. call the situation an outrage and humanitarian emergency. has been under siege by government forces since two thousand and thirteen with three hundred fifty thousand people trapped in that area i saw the headline. there after the wanted eighteen give it here. and then. i was just. living with.
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the only thing. i knew that. even that i never. i remember reading a comic book about. the story to a story about a teen. and his strange people and. it's
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a horde. maybe you think that those are all the same and they are stupid and lazy and just grazing all day with nothing going on that. maybe you should think again. i can't remember the comic book very well but that is for cows stick in my mind. there was little she was a peacemaker so i had thought that she was crazy. but. lose the herd see that i'm the oldest she didn't like the stance they don't want to
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work palestinians would prefer to riot and work through. the sex account and the madonna fan she was floated to pregnant as a thing and she fought. for to me means a rag heads ripped off again and then there was goldie. they are just about. maybe a few lists. like. this is how the story began. early one nine hundred eighty eight. we drove to israel. and israeli peaceniks agreed to send my town to college. at that time. and they had to buy
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all of them that comes. with. a lot and i shifted to a rehab time i thought. and. now by the end i know ha ha he wants to do that. you're.
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thirty. three in the minute because well and try and take a porch and restart it will bring back the best to hold we were part of and had finished. and back the or fall there was. the kind of. here. we have decided to invest so hard that we need to boycott products. most of our money comes from nova which is an israeli company we wanted to produce a project that would produce the milk that's needed by our children and populace.
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the group of people and that's our fault why wouldn't we have. to make milk available from local source instead of buying milk from israel. we have we don't have a culture of cause in palestine we have a culture of sheep and goats but. it was the first time i met a cow was in fact. britney if you could hear. and when the end of the songwriting you had into further ahead toward. the hear any manny mechanic. heard that the truck broke down on the way and that's the didn't have a clue what to do. of the kind of.
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yeah yeah you you look at me. which. is just so. everyone. can he says the cars are coming and we need some volunteers to help us. controlling them and driving them to their watch. again you know this was one thousand you know ok let's go and play. this is bit support or as it used to be doing but to father i meant to have to suffer the end. this is my town and those are my people. ten thousand people who gave israel and i had. the
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o.l. i. i know you. did you feel. the rights to keep. the o.l. . the ok to close the israeli army would take pity on them. there would be. the truck came and there was. a plane headed to the bar but he couldn't go because it was raining and the blood money. oh as the phone. what's going through was we were going to come to church fifty women least.
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get ready we don't do anything. feel. it minutely yeah. shout loudly as if yeah yeah yeah and. us now if there are no money was. yeah. yeah. jumped from the truck all over the place. here and there and here and there and i remember with a very nice. very nice soft smoking pants he was running in the
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minds of the mothers like chill his knees and he was running behind the cows and everybody was running behind the car. would remind you. know what to do. to check if it was. going to. listen to me it's all over. now follow me.
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this is never work. get it. the longest. if by. calling i am not so it seems likely. to see me but i'm a sort. of a government they are what they call that which i touch with their missile with. a
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hole in the side. a mirror the lower limb. a million then you seem to call in the. after years of. their use took it for granted you know the palestinians are happy you know we are providing them with jobs. they are enduring about the standard of living they forgot one thing that food money is nothing we want to do the nation. but us didn't ians we're not allowed to develop themselves they are not allowed to build any economy they're not allowed to have been a great cultural development. we couldn't even produce simplest things that people needed for their daily life such like milk or milk products etc our food is coming from israel our fruits are coming from israel our water is coming
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from israeli dug. water companies so they are imposing in fact the only thing they don't control is the air we breathe. one of the major. of the occupation is. trying to put into your head that you are some human you are not worth seeing you are not equal. but. palestinians we deserve to have a home we deserve to have our land we deserve to have our freedom and we deserve to have cows.
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is the first time i come back. twenty one years. if they. well something like america. you can do what. they want to people. like. when this happened. there was a lot of joy as if it is one of their families and best seller having
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a new york barn baby. mag and that i'll. be a. dollar no actually. i live like that i hear i like a lot yeah i. tell him no he's not going to get that like that. just flip. my face. one which you know very well given that the now dead end so what went didn't you. said they could look at. that some might get a little million. but don't michelle out of.
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the moment they just drove down to my town but we live just in the entrance of the tunnel but so what we started to make sounds so it's to make like this. for me as a teenager at that time it was about the fun and about you know proving that we can stop israeli. arabs and vans and products coming into our city.
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one of. the big. stories i because i threw stones and i remember i was almost a trap but i was like three meters away from the soldiers because they like went around us they almost got to me so it was a. great excitement. it was the second or third day when. brought
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a friend of mine who wanted to buy the israeli army. i think people suggested to him why don't you go and sleep in the front since you are you know you're wanted there is no place you can go. i said. uk. and. i saw like you know last night he left just before. i. thought oh no while
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our model cars now and then out. why. the sign for second guy so we had to go so we go to feed the fish. oh no good to find that you could lay down a few duff fish should they have a good shot now move. you've gone up seven duff hips i'm not subtle we know. i'm funny he was very active during the fattest uprising and he came and slept on the farm and we knew without but far secured at these shows we didn't speak to him we know him and he thrust. and also he was also i'm just awesome.
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i'm told so many is my cousin. and gets a hold everybody is somebody. got father was that it's only five or six families. the whole town it's more like one big family. she. should have thought as best let. or do i mean mission by hordes of people feel the need to use the book the cities you see on the ship the holy city or the love in the air force if it was a couple of a lot of us a little music. it wasn't only the cows in the milk that was. you know the victory gardens and planting tomatoes and potatoes and raising chickens
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and rabbits and etc so i know it was also part of a back age in the community that was working. in the form that it's. where. they can they can jump from a building to another. i never thought of princeton as a really physical place that exists. for me it was more like smurfs means. heaven. the occupation was talk by surprise they never thought of palestinians as having
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a good belief of this level of community organization that they will be able to do a massive civil resistance like that one encounter there and therefore they started it i just think to it. i love me so much i love. the noble name misha color of. another but the. old. still is a. that
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i was very worried that the example fits a whole it could spread out and then there will be facing a you know a massive civil p.d.'s out on the country where you know can lose their ability to control the life of palestinians and you know occupation without control doesn't work.
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any terrorists. in the most heavily drugged country in the world if there's any country that would be experiencing p.t.s.d. it would be a nation that's been war for for generations explains the reason those drones are there. innocent civilians. and they're not firing is them frightening because any moment think i'm living beneath the drone. this time al-jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be possible that you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're almost small but they're all metabo they're on the computer. and that's the
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way al-jazeera has evolved into a true media network. al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts folk abene dot. tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his days with one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count at this time on al-jazeera. and richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera procession parties in catalonia have registered a motion with the regional parliament for
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a claim and dependents from spain the move comes as the senate and madrid debates whether to grant the prime minister marianna or horse special powers to sack the cow on president and his regional government headline as president refused to hold early elections unless they central government of greater certain conditions so speaking in the senate said that he planned elections in catalonia so. but i. mean. if the senate approves this the president of the spanish government will dissolve parliament and call elections within six months my aim is to call elections as soon as possible we also ask you to authorize the following decisions to remove from office of the president the deputy president and the cabinet members of the catalan government let's take a look at what's happening in the cab on parliament right now a vote is due soon on this motion for independence leaders had been warned that a declaration of independence could see them charged with her belly and it will
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keep you posted on this the u.s. has me and maher has agreed to allow it to resume food aid to northern rakhine state it was suspended for two months after a military crackdown began more than six hundred thousand muslims to head to have been forced to flee to neighboring bangladesh during that period qatar as the mayor has revealed u.s. president donald trump has offered to hold a meeting at camp david to resolve the g.c.c. crisis shakes mean then home at all fannie mae the revelations in an interview with c.b.s. network sixty minutes program saudi arabia egypt and bahrain cut ties with qatar in june and imposed a land sea and air blockade with the president when i was in new york few weeks ago for the united nations the united nation and the president showed that he is committed to find an end to this crisis and yes it is true he he suggested that we come and i told him straight away mr president we are very ready i've been asking
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for dialogue from day one and what did the other countries say it was supposed to be very soon this meeting but i don't have any response kenya's election commission says six and a half million people voted in the country's presidential election rewrite authorities postponed voting in several counties until saturday after opposition fought with police keep it here on al-jazeera the wanted eighteen continues more news after that. that i was very worried that that example fits a whole could spread out and then there will be facing a you know a massive civil p.d. and so on the country where you know can lose their ability to control the life of palestinians and you know occupation without control doesn't work.
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any terror. the military governor came one day when his soldier ruled a power. bar saying they did. to take it for two for each with a number on its body. and he told us. that we have to remove the cars and get rid of them. and i asked him why he said and i quote the exact words. these scholars are dangerous for the security of the state of as i and. i told him i can't understand how can. be dangerous for the
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security of the state of missouri. that's very strange. are not allowed to speak or to question the military order you have to do it and for you you are forbidden to go to that place and if i know that you have been there just once you will be jailed. in the last.
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ten days. what are they talking about. me. and them it has no. been. a big deal. i couldn't.
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like it. the next day they met at a go or not and went to there. when he was there he found that there were no cows. you're. just.
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yeah. right. that he got crazy that when. so he issued a military order to start a shocking campaign for the. hundreds of soldiers took part in this campaign. after. all of a sudden we start seeing this. moving not with
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a list of names and numbers of one but a senior but one thing. you know. you need to see the army looking for the intifada. and they have their part of the cows in their hands and asking. where they were and therefore. now. the eighteen karat. i mean because.
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that's more dangerous for the security of the sake of whether right. i think at that time at least the first two years of the intifada almost every single person and that's horse felt that we were winning. we have. and they are active we have the determination and they feel hasty and not knowing what to do. with. the. blasted for eight days and here. finally. discovered their cows are
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and they won't play which belongs to. you guys again. must have not been much of an issue and. so with high level of bad this jury. got up and go. ahead and start. i mean for him and then. and the game. was. stellar morna stellar morna. the car was arrested or so he stayed present for
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a few days we felt sorry for him. and. i guess we have decided that. it's better to find another place for cows. they don't understand what was happening but i think they have been moving to look maybe they have felt something that the cows. like were political activists or whatsoever. i can't. i can't go on. you have to risk. it's not an option. you know there's really. don't want you to kill and this is the same story with the
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cows you know cows with palestinians meant. some troubles you know and i think the cows have been experiencing the lights you know been getting from one place to another. and bobby knew in. a one hundred. fifteen and i said you can doubt if that if it were if if. it can. be in half a half hour with the knowledge. i know we're not home jani would do with the fact that you know how but she was funny. that one had . a few who have very tired. really think chris turned out differently.
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you know we could have learned to live side by side. you know not really. sad for her leave a climate and i thought that any can feel. that. you couldn't sue for any idea that the fed. can act that mean you're hired. so i would but he told me to make coffee. he would be with him and. got me on e bay but his timing for movies. that he who on. the side of mash ever. played little league. game and that he's got in hand with the high of seventy five.
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times i've got a few i was writing with i didn't think. it was somewhere between breaking your. ass to go to the patients. in those days i was confronted with a problem that i could relate to during the longer days of curfew which is who is going to. distribute the milk.
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grabbed us out of our households they arrested many of us thought to charge they made life hell. i think normally people of the four years of. their life is totally paralyzed. but others a. lot there's a lot of us mon. ami going only myself because minutes no show who see only muslims who. are muslim or not mormon because in a muslim muslim is go home or go in a muslim a holy man. look after them on. a boat before the bonus of see some of them about move those fathers or.
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just. weird they are neo but i am in which i will add that. the look exactly when see i cannot in a qif can it it is you have. it. one affair and i thought the key of any. incentive.
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to give. one of them. promised. to
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get. things started to change in the sense that we were. taking our own decisions in our own hands but. coming from abroad. back away from the intifada activities in favor of negotiations people abandoned by the leadership and others me leadership insight it was the that's a. who has the best. interest not to have the father to continue and grow but to be quilted so that at some point there will be no leadership coming from inside from the street itself that will influence the positions after almost like lehman's you know. people start to put roses on the
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guns of the israelis here in better order and i remember. people driving in the cars celebrating all over the west bank and i think for us it was kind of you know it's it's too soon it's we are being. and we are celebrating. i remember. many many days we just drive to the desert or feast of the horde and we stayed for hours and hours in that desert because we didn't want to hear that khan's noise making. celebrating.
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the last day in the olympic park but i have been of any. realistic plan we were so close or at least this is what we thought that we were so close to the nation heard there was no need for the brits cows anymore and no need for the backyard farming and. no need for that into further self and he moved out of for had made his decision. don't do anything stupid and the intifada over.
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me and my friends we decided let's go and have a last demonstration was everything is almost a stabbing so let's try to go and and have a diminished. they managed to go through without all the blokes so we started to run. and saw another guy were coming our direction so i called them to come and hide with us but they felt it would be too dangerous.
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and just like a minute later we had three shots. people started to shout they shot and on they shot i thought. well yes. patient is evil. and we have to pay a price to get to develop the patient have to pay a price. it's
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a very heavy price. on the day my father came to my school. he told me but. i never met. and the first time i saw him. my father wanted to take me to the memorial ceremony. i thought it would be small. but when we reached the church was from the streets outside the church was for. i don't think everybody you know. and i don't know if it was only a memorial for dawn or for that father.
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and i mean. any. body form we can feel. about him i mean. it's really. really. listen to me you're feeling. i want you to. run.
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the. with the with the north. with the that what cathy had. but there was a woman in town that had been the doesn't. know so maybe she's an old cow living in one of those caves maybe she's even thinking of coming back to with the horde. or maybe she's dead and i'm only chasing a ghost. but sometimes to feel that life is still worth living you need to believe in something. i decided
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to believe in a white girl living in the cave. from dusky sunsets over this pruning savannah. to sunrise
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atop an asian metropolis and again it's been raining heavily in a good part of power grab a particularly. border area and there have been rather major hail showers the middle of argentina example of what's forming out to scott the moment that's five hundred thirty millimeters this is in power guy that's twenty four hours but of course it's probably in a shorter period than that now this is generally speaking or moving slowly isa's from what is areas up towards rio this is the area that's going to be particularly wet and most likely it's going to be the first part of argentina gets the bulk of it but if you remember from yesterday we're talking about the drier the middle of brazil it looks like we're seeing rather more showers likely this is on saturday sports over the current forest fire the fire in the national park but a good news from the west point of view north of the continent and we still got this massive cloud of a honduras and nicaragua now the support to ensure development both sides of this
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land bridge here so you got typically the heaviest rain in honduras as on just off the coast and others are either side you got the chance of developing a tropical cycle of some sort one in the eastern pacific one in the caribbean that were in the caribbean may well bring some pretty heavy rain to the cayman islands then cuba in the next two days the weather sponsored by qatar and face. november on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me and bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of the. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bone to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when east brings captivating stories and award winning film. as tensions on the korean peninsula
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remain high president trump embarks on a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera. oh is it when they're on line we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set. one but. a relationship basis is a dialogue tweet us with hostile stream and one of their pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.


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