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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:33pm AST

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negotiation francisco it's really been great to have your voice and your insight on this so stay close we're going to keep covering this we're going to come back to you francisco de borussia flechette us at the european council on foreign relations a really fantastic input there francisco thank you so what is happening now let's reset the table catalonia parliament has declared independence from spain and the vote fell this way seventy in favor ten against and there were many m.p.'s who actually walked out in did not vote either people celebrating right now in the streets barcelona but as we said there were m.p.'s who demanded a secret ballot some the did not want to participate they had left so the senate in madrid at this point as at the same time been debating whether to grant the prime minister mariano rajoy special powers to sack the cattle on president to sack the regional government that just voted for the clip there the clearing part of me and
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dependent so minutes after the cattle on parliament voted the prime minister. went on twitter and said this i call for calm from all spaniards the rule of law will restore legality and catalonia because he has consistently said that this vote this referendum all of it was illegal so we have hoda abdel-hamid who is in madrid first though we are going to go to andrew simmons who is at ground zero for all of this basically catalonia parliament barcelona this is quite a moment andrew it same that catalonia has been barreling towards this moment for quite some time it has now happened talk to talk us through how all this is played out. will it was a secret bomb a little cold the declaration of secession and it wasn't the president making that declaration as many had expected. over the past few weeks it was this eighteenth
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century building inside parliament voting in what they say was a completely democratic procedure seventy voted for ten voted against to put in blank papers prior to that we saw the departure of some of the opposition m.p.'s who had bitterly lashed out virtually accusing this government of illegal acts of not being a whole responsible of doing a dishonest thing of every insult they could throw at the m.p.'s they draped the castle on the flag and the spanish flag side by side in that chamber now what you can see in that live shot is an extraordinary scene are you confident in more people within the building it is.
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hubbub of debates and celebration if you will and you're also seeing them not sure they can see them in this shot but you're also seeing the e.u. flag sorry the united nations flag draped over a number of of parts of the building in fact three of them in total there is definitely going to be now an effort to internationalize this because it has failed so far with the e.u. not being in any way part of any mediation attempt the u.n. not having a view on it and no real intervention from any foreign state although the basque region has tried to help with mediation but what we're seeing now is all the demonstrations outside we've see a lot of people from all walks of life out there what you're not seeing all the millions of people who didn't want this to happen the silent large number of people who voted for m.p.'s who are against secession they don't have
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a voice here they undoubtedly will be pointed towards by madrid as it rolls out this article one five five which is described as repressive and also a tarion by the government here but collis pushed among who has been in the chamber but not actually speaking he is in a situation now where there is a big focus on his future will he be arrested it's quite possible will they arrest the rest of the cabinet the ministers who are responsible for getting this far away because they're all accused of breaking the law in fact technically all the m.p.'s who voted in this secret ballot are culpable in terms of the law however how that plays out remains to be seen richelle. ok andrew. andrew symonds live for us. barcelona thanks andrew let's cross now to madrid where
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hoda abdel-hamid has been live for us throughout the day so it's understanding that the spanish prime minister on a real hallway is back in parliament they are in madrid what do you know about what's happening now. has been since this morning ten o'clock local time inside the senate building here he did leave us some point the chamber where the liberations were happening what we were told is that i actually was following very closely the events unfold in barcelona and just a few moments ago you. and as we understand the vote. if i could stop you for just a moment what we are looking at now is the vote that you were talking about so just stand close this is the vote that the senate and the parliament in madrid hasn't been debating all day this is basically giving the prime minister avoid the
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authority to enact article one fifty five which would allow him to basically sack carlos puts them on and the parliament in barcelona just voted to declare independence so that's what this vote is that we are seeing. right now. so what has happened is the harlem and in madrid has voted to enact direct rule over catalonia basically their autonomy and that they have had for all this time is now null and void so there's two things on this collision course right the the parliament and madrid declared independence and the parliament in madrid responded by basically their autonomy and imposing direct rule that is what is happening and they're going it they're discussing the vote numbers right now so
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let's listen. to. food in favor two hundred ten fifteen again turn one abstention. the food is rejected particular vote. the problem in the group for the most. votes in favor two hundred and fifteen against and one abstention. next particular vote. only those put the most.
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two hundred ten fifteen i didn't and one abstention rejected and last. so my apologies for having to add interrupt you there are just wanted to know our viewers to know what it was that they were saying happening in the parliament in madrid and met at madrid is where you have been standing by live for us so what has happened is the parliament there has voted two to four direct rule over catalonia basically their autonomy it is gone it's now and void this is something that has been very consistent about the prime minister mariano rajoy has been very consistent about so what do we know about how this might play out. well there's
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a few steps. have to be taken after the vote the first one is that the cabinet will have to ratify this bill and that will happen actually sooner rather than later it was supposed to happen on saturday but for the latest we heard is actually that the cabinet will immediately after this vote maybe in a couple of hours just go as quickly as possible through and then it will have to appear on the official that's a very easy procedure it's online that will take no time whatsoever and then after that. prime minister but there is officially in charge of catalonia he actually spelled out earlier in his address to the chamber of the senate what will be the steps that he will take once this article is triggered. if the senate approves it the president of the spanish government will dissolve parliament and call elections within six months my aim is to call elections as soon
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as possible we also ask you to authorize the following decisions to remove from office of the president the deputy president and the cabinet members of the catalan government. ok so let's talk a little bit more about what article one fifty five is it lays out this way so the central government in madrid can take what the constitution calls all measures necessary to prevent an autonomy region from breaking the law that autonomy. this article one hundred five it has never been applied before so we're kind of in this unknown territory is how to said earlier the spanish government's options suspending the cattle on government removing leaders that includes the regional president carlos puts them on the government leaders and madrid can also take control of the cattle on police force which defied orders to close those voting station. and for the referendum remember how dramatic that particular day was
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madrid could also call for a snap regional election again those are all of the options that are on the table and no one really knows what's going to happen next let's bring back in someone who has a lot of insight into this has been getting us through all this francisco de boer shelah showed us at the european council on foreign relations joining us again via skype from the hague so francisco i'm not sure if you're relistening to all those options that i was laying laying out but this really is unknown territory as such is this a happy day for some people while a really sad day for others oh i think this is. i think we all agree that this is this is not a good day for. this is not a good day for going to learn and it's not a good day for first thing as a whole but there's a there's an important you know that i want to make that the loneliness of the enemy he's not suspended that generally does the exit. applies to countenance that
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you don't know me you know a little buggers remains so does the continent parliament is not suspended but day there is too there is indeed is direct rule of the political level that means that the government has requested and apparently has obtained consent to do this so the political level that is the sofa you consider and assume or insist i think is that this is a really really important key point that you're making so i'm going to actually ask you to repeat it to really drill down on this because the nuance of all this matters could you explain that again. yeah they generally don't is the executive board that that rules get along and that's again done in government entities it is laid out there who politically by going to switch him on this that you know that is the that is the two cent nineteen's and sodas they've got them in parliament ok there's restricted not done to me and this is true and these are decisions that we're seeing right now. ok so so having and let me just kind of remind people of
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what it what we're seeing here these are crowds that have been out there for quite some time as these dueling things have been happening happening in the different parliaments and you know francisco just a moment ago my colleague andrew symonds made a really great point that for all of these protesters that you see outside and have seen outside consistently over the past few weeks there are many many people that you don't see that are sitting at home that actually are not in favor of this could you put the foreign against in some sort of perspective for us. no because it's really complex is like your colleague is is pointing out to. like i said going back to independence supporting catalonia tends to stand has increased dramatically through the spanish economy grosses from a twenty percent to around forty percent forty something percent of these hides and that is a person that now in their got talent barnum and therefore also benefited by the by the electoral system and by that he's also true it is also true that
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a majority of got the lands do want a new political status but most of them want to believe because that is within spain home rule. and what we've seen and what he said before is that you have the independent is pushing for the political project on the rest of of catalonia and the other news is that it is true that article hundred fifty five is not well received think that the lonia in general it is supported by some forces think at the un positions the honesty is the main political bloc in a position under popular party they got on a socialist supported but with nurses some people because it's seen as as of course as very bad for gather at the loss of government and this is why. there are strings . with article two hundred fifty five hundred fourteen so don't start in principle this should be temporary in order to allow for elections and rouge normally deeper issue that the high political level which a minister told me probably. will as then to resign and the question is how do you
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demand that and this will be tricky and francisco what we've been seeing as you've been talking us through this. this is in the government building in barcelona. actually i'm going to be quiet and listen and what you're going to say in a moment is that callers push them out as well they expect and also address the crowd here so let's just listen in the spanish government is undermining our sovereignty and the institution. and therefore we have to commit to the constituent process of. republic this is an opportunity of social transformation. that will put an end to the rich started in one thousand eight men. are you committed to the process of building the catalan republic yes. long live the catalan
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republic. thank. you. next. half an address by mr deputy president of the catalan government. good afternoon members of parliament mass citizens of the
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republic i would like to say a few words. and was here. a list i will try it and to make it pleasant now we're talking about time where there are mixed emotion and full of hope and i would like to address all citizens to. those who are. very. we asked them to asked responsibly. being humble and generous and i would like to address also those citizens who feel concerned. about a legitimate concern if that's the way they feel it we want to ensure that that we are acting in good will with respect and love and we ask them
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to trust us. so that we can hold the challenges of nowadays and the future we are convinced. that we always ask for universal values. and if i'm a. universal values that the. christie and world made mention of brotherly love. equality in front of god and also in republican terms we talk about equality for eternity and freedom. with different terms weeks old expressed the same values these are universal values we are acting based on those values and i can we are convinced that in the best of the world the kind understand the will of our actions. because of those
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universal values. we have people who are many parts of the world who speak different languages. who we think can share these values that we wish to express in this number of colleagues we are convinced that we can share those values and that's why we wanted to return rate to our commitment in being a unique people a single people that is inclusive. integrating. there once to ensure equal rights for all their citizens also because we defend these values we think it significant to address other peoples in the world and also people in the rest of spain.
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we share many things with people from other parts of spain. most everyone here speak spanish we share also the spanish culture we also own that culture we have all sorts of feelings and therefore we would like to particularly address them to reinstate as we have done in many other occasions our commitment and will to build a future income and a better future this should be done with full respect with freedoms and that's why. we are addressing. the spanish people with the mechanisms of process where we are everybody to participate. we are committing to over this being at the
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service of our citizens and the citizens of the world long live catalonian long live the republic. under-vote colors puts them on president of catalonia. will address the following words.
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good afternoon to everybody. honorable president of parliament hundred of our deputy president members of parliament mayors people who today we are here supporting us and those who are following us here far from any corner of the world through the media. like to say a few words. that come from the bottom of my heart filled with emotion. and also with common tenting legitimacy this words wish to contribute to the important of this moment in time today the parliament of our country a legitimate parliament that has risen the elections of september twenty seventh and has taken a step that was very much awaited. the
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political representatives that were legitimately elected have adopted the mandate that was validated through the polls catalan citizens. in the next hours. we will have two people come. we have to remain acting peacefully in a civil manner and democratic manner as it has been the case in the past and will continue happening. the institutions and people are those who jointly build a people build a society a people cannot be built if we separate these two elements today mayors and members of parliament you here are here today presenting this union and
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this collaboration this solidarity between institutions and citizens so that we can really build this new people dear friend cattle and this is what we have to do it is in our hunting your hands to continue strengthening the basis that ensure that catalonia is not only a beautiful nation in europe they should suffice to understand the historic historical divide to lead us here. with a culture and. law that has been for many centrally but also all a society that has always responded peacefully and in a civic mana when facing democratic challengers
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the current challenges have become. democratic success. we have to be aware of this. so what you are seeing here members of parliament in barcelona the cattle on parliament talking addressing supporters just to an hour or so after this pretty historic pretty dramatic vote they took to declare an independence from spain so course the last person you heard from was carlos mont calling for calm
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and peace and acting in a civil manner and saying that their actions that they took today he says are based on a mandate that's the word he used a mandate from the polls back on september twenty seventh when that referendum happened and you can you can hear them singing. and. there we go can't quite hear it that well but i get a lot of emotion one of emotion and joy and the aftermath. let's listen for a moment. the the i am the. new i. phone the new the the new. the the. the.
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the you. know what you're hearing there was an anthem of catalonia a lot of pride they are that they're feeling and this sound and this moment and this vote this group this. this move that they have taken so while this is all been happening what's been happening in madrid is completely opposed to what's happening here hoda abdel-hamid has been covering all of this from the trip for us and a lot of defiance there and what we're hearing as at the spanish government is going to be convening in about ninety minutes about an hour and a half from now i guess to address what the next steps are what is your understanding of what's coming next from the government there and madrid.
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well their cabinet will be meeting in i think in the less than an hour but they will have to search in the weekly cabinet meeting session and followed by that extraordinary session now the introduced action is needed to ratify the vote that happened just. a while ago here inside the senate building and after that officially prime minister money and a boy would be in charge of now all of that plan was put in place before the commemoration of independence from bars in barcelona things might be changing maybe the measures were supposed to be taken my change might come quicker than expected we haven't heard much from the prime minister except for a tweet in which he called for calm and then coming out of the chamber chamber to the vote speak to some of the spanish media.
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but he also did say that what happened in barcelona the vote happened there was against the rule of law and order he called it a crime and he said that is exactly why we have article one five five without that are. so my apologies are you know there's a lot of moving parts when things like this are going on so let's kind of reset this and remind people what is happening so what you're seeing here are obviously crowds in barcelona that have been out for for quite some time crowds that obviously are there because they are happy about what has happened in the parliament in barcelona a vote to declare and dependents from spain but as my colleagues have very astutely pointed out you see a lot of support on the street but there are also people at home that are not
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supportive of what has happened so those are the crowds that you're seeing there meanwhile what's been happening in madrid which is where i hold it is is the government there has been discussing throughout the day how to deal with something that they knew was likely coming what you're seeing there is barcelona. so in madrid what's going to happen is it was just explaining the government has voted to . enact direct rule over catalonia to trigger basically article one fifty five and now there has to be discussion about how to proceed and what's going to happen next year actually hearing carlos puts them on and mariano rajoy actually on the same page about something both asking for peace and calm as you know spain is in this on unknown territory about what is going to happen next but there was a lot of jubilation and pride there in barcelona and i suppose a lot of consternation in madrid about what the next about what the next steps are hoda so. so again what is just happen is marianna. is in
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a position to proceed accordingly we're getting a little bit of reaction from the european commission and the reaction basically being no comment to we are still dealing with that this point. is spain so that is where things stand. right now there are some video right here. looks like people are simply leaving leaving madrid right now so when i go back to you now in madrid so this meeting our understanding is supposed to happen in about an hour or so is that correct. yes absolutely the prime minister who are left the senate. fifteen to twenty minutes ago were next going to see him during that cabinet meeting followed by this extraordinary cabinet meeting him from what we understand actually article one five.
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triggered we also are told just been told that the prime minister said that he will hold a press conference through all of this to explain his position and to explain more . clearly what are the meat immediate steps that will be taken. now if more than ever urgency here in madrid you know i've been following the deliberations in the chambers here for the past two days and there were some parties namely the socialist party which is the second largest group in the senate that was sort of trying to find a way out of triggering article one five they were back door negotiations with the authorities in catalonia idea of. calling for snap election was a way of getting out of this article one five five even if it had been triggered
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that it would be immediately suspended now none of that happened. he was also pushing to have sort of a gradual implementation of the measures government here plans to adopt catalonia but then things went very very quickly specially with a collaboration of independence coming out of barcelona where you did get a feeling that then all of a sudden all these parties who were in a sense behind the prime minister in the first place but they sort of hardened their position and rallied stronger behind this prime minister and then you got this.


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