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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2017 10:00pm-10:33pm AST

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this is the only food available in this household. i'm counting the cost of italy's wealthy lower than region so you see two more autonomy but who are the forces reshaping european politics how might china's new leadership lineup affect the economy plus why traders at hong kong stock exchange are saying bye bye to the back country because at this time i'll just. use stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. i counsel and celebrate their parliaments vote to declare independence
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but the spanish prime minister sacks the region's government and calls a snap election. we've been there. we are not suspending the autonomy we are returning. to that region. live from london also coming up ten years a rerun presidential election is mob violence voting for opposition strongholds. vice president was suspended jail term for embezzling money to fund his playboy lifestyle and israeli settlers are accused of violence by palestinian on the farmers in the west. in the last hour the spanish prime minister has announced who's dissolving the
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catalan parliament and calling regional elections after it declared independence from the rest of the country mariano rajoy said their decision was based on lies and ford that's not we're not sure it will take place on december the twenty first mr premier of maybe that's. where the first measures that have been tossed are the following to depose the president of the council on government the position of the deputy president and all of the members of the council on government we will also abolish the delegation abroad known as the embassies except in brussels and the secretary general of the catalan police will also be suspended. thousands of people happy rallying in barcelona now live in barcelona showing their support for catalan independence they have been waving separatists flags chanting liberty in the catalan language and singing traditional catalan. citizens of catalonia in the coming hours we will have to maintain our country's
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poles most of all to monterrey in the public spirit and our dignity as we have always done with no doubt it will continue to be that way. for us with the latest reaction from the government but first let's go to how the. dritte now historic day the prime minister. pretty much pushing power over catalonia but almost tried guess trying to sweeten it with this suggestion that there will be elections. yes absolutely i mean the position of prime minister all along has been that this has nothing to do with the people of. this. region. but it was a matter. of the position always being that the referendum and all what happened has been completely. just simply not acceptable to the
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central government in my dream. been a very hectic day. over the past maybe forty eight hours i would go with all kinds of rumors and expectations from one side from the. result is that the regional government remain defiant prime minister from his position trying to have the regional government there. in that case he would have triggering. that happened the prime minister put it he had no other choice but to. refer to this article but he does say that this was a very sad day for spain and. quite calmly seem to be saying look it's business as usual we have just dealt with this in that kind of fashion get the
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politicians. believe this crisis can be dealt with quite. well i think at this point many would tell you that they're waiting to see the regional government. react to all of this yes he called he now the entire government including the president and the vice president mean that they will listen many would be many people would tell you no they will do that so what will happen next with. police to remove maybe from the generally tape which is the seat of the got the government in barcelona would they be. arrested certainly there's a lot of speculation when you speak to anyone here it all looks very calm it only looks like he is that the prime minister is falling is following and is using everything all the what is given to him through the constitution and through the
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various articles there but in reality how will that happen that is the big question that is worrying a lot of people bear in mind that there's a ready a lot of divisions i was talking just yesterday to someone who was telling me that there are big divisions among friends divisions within the families over does this matter whether you are pro independence or anti independence. that is going on people are afraid also of the domino effect it could have in the other regions of spain so certainly a lot of uncertainty facing this country at least for the next two months thank you take that question how did just. for us now life was how's been the reaction if any so far from the got some presents they must of saying this was going to calm. the government minister.
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is can tell you is that when we went from just off to. read. the. freedom. to people in the most difficult and celebrate free moments. the reaction. to what we're seeing here. it's been going on nearly four hours now people started heading towards this square which is right before the seat of government a government that's been sacked a government it's charlie on the show whether it will still function or whether there could be a rest of the presidential ministers no one is sure. that is going
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to pay well there was a series of rumors that this trouble would actually address this massive crowd which is actually quite crushed i can testify to that because it took me off for the hour with the crew to get the force the squad with equipment it was a really serious crush but no warm well no one can leave anyway but no one is moving and ever wanted to. see something for freedom for swords out in charge of the force from europe and a bunch of the soldiers the traditional folk. from the crowd basically assuring what is this boy this is new to new future but the reality to the world isn't in any way assured.
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something like that police chief has even been suspended. could happen on the streets now. if the madrid parliament decides to impose the decision is that the prime minister has my. response. just try one more time. that this. indeed physical on the streets with madrid imposing. so whether that's concerned about the future that's the last thing yes the answer to celebrate this is. that all that's hosting the on the only thing there is on our way to the. morning the nominee whether it's on the phone this month. with most of the front yard with police.
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in the room on the. switches in. which is seven thousand wrong with our most oblique model. what it. is i'm buying orders from spain. that's about to sign the commissioner of the most news but also replacing the top brass we all know that that's the sunshine to get this government this whole place good. of the whole wide ranging hour of the former far far greater. bag on this plane with a very very different approach that our current home celebrates a celebration on with our. watch up with us no doubt that i'm not sorry
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it has to be said that some are all around the couple right now it's not the money . our ever but the good news there's a big breakthrough and i can be sure that i don't know how many feet. but i have a voice without waiting it's a given that will lower the position all right but also possible number crunching in the morning. the much more. sinister against. the air. campaign officials have called off voting and full opposition strongholds as
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violence flares over thursday's presidential rerun at least six people have been killed witnesses say armed gangs roaming the streets kenya's election commission has appealed for calm while the results are still being verified turnout has been low around six of the health million kenyans cast their ballots say that's around thirty four point five percent of registered voters by contrast turnout in the oldest election was eighty percent or nearly fifteen million votes as kenya's election commission said more than one in ten polling stations failed to open due to what it described as security challenges mohamed atta reports from nairobi. kenya's second presidential elections in three months what designed to bring along political season two and. then now doubts they may provide any closure after all what we witnessed was a very low voter turnout into our climate of fear and intimidation and in that
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political environment is difficult for an election to be considered a credible with nearly all followers of opposition leader raila odinga heeding his call for a boycott. victory is not in question but some are already questioning whether the low tunneled will give president kenyatta a reasonable monday to pick up. the total voter turnout is a little over thirty percent kenyatta may have won there is no way he can be the leader of a few and form a government for old people voting on thursday was marred by skirmishes between police and stone throwing opposition supporters police used tear gas and fired live ammunition and blanks into the air to disperse them but the protest this big grouping quickly high about the situation was calm elsewhere for voting in kimbo outside nairobi and other strongholds of president kenyatta. the election comes after weeks of political twists and tongues in the central business district of ny
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rule b. this through almost empty the kenyan economy slowed sharply they see as businesses have held back on investments until after the elections many kenyans say they want these crisis. some even say the continued uncertainty is threatening their livelihoods down when is the does the we've been stuck at home since wednesday the children want to they want to eight and who else will provide for them yes we want a president if you wins if he is sworn in and it's fine as long as we can continue to work and our children kind of food and an education. a flawed election numerous call resulting in a controversial raid on which many stayed away from thought is the story of this presidential race there is hope it will have a happy ending but confidence is not high mohammed at all jazeera i don't become law. still to come on al-jazeera.
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celebrations in south africa. the next division. on the japanese devils. however got some rather cold plunging down across central europe over the next couple of days you can see how the clouds are already making its way from north to south long a lot of cloud here just tucked in behind this cold front and you can see how they are lined up from the north and that's why we're going to see that cold air starting to push its way and still there is high pressure for the west to things a little more settled ira cross the british isles over the next dial to where those cold winds they do come down into central parts of vienna warsaw struggling to get
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up to around about double figures over the next couple of days meanwhile got a fair amount of cloud of the rain that will sink its way further south with. brought just come back in across western parts but with that cold mobley past it really will feel quite shitty even though we're getting up to around fifteen celsius in london and paris a real nip in the air here for the south where we got fine in trial weather across northern parts of africa twenty five celsius forward that we're into the low twenty's to across northern parts of libya perhaps a little more cloud just sliding in here as we go on through sunday but i do suspect it will be a fair weather variety and dry the wet weather well that's for the south anywhere from the ethiopian hardens through the whole of africa i don't look across to the gulf of guinea. in the most heavily drugged country in the world if there's any country that would be experiencing p.t.s.d. it would be a nation that's been out war for four generations al-jazeera explores the reason
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those drones are there is to assist the innocent civilians they exist in off of drawing even they're not firing is them frightening because any moment think i'm bob living beneath the drum of this time of al-jazeera. welcome back the top story. this polish prime minister has announced he's dissolving the council on palm and on calling regional elections after it declared independence from the rest of the country. thousands of people are rallying in barcelona to show their support for independence they have been waving separatist
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flags and singing traditional songs. kenyan officials have called off voting in opposition strongholds violence flares over thursday's presidential run and the six people have been kept. has become the first country to international criminal courts the pullout takes effect on friday a year to find the united nations of its intentions. it follows accusations that the court focuses too much. says the withdrawal doesn't affect going proceedings. second largest city. the bahraini government isn't deliberating withdrawing. that may be. that the court has been siding with activists and opposition party you . slide on the government and the courts as.
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it is now pulling out. when you talk to. their concert not because they want. certain individuals to be held accountable they say that they've been right and they feel that. systems within the country may not be adequate to people who need. the government they have in the country that. we can deal with human rights abuses that may have been brought into the public. intermediation happening in the country. more than four hundred thousand people have fled to bring. back the country because it is not stable and peaceful we're not seeing the protests. and the government.
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interference from the international community and how. opposition rights and how to make decisions another country. they saw the. president has been found guilty of money to buy property on luxury cars to door and obiang who is also the country's second vice president was found guilty in absentia by a french quarter. from power. the vice president of equitorial guinea embezzled more than one hundred seventy five million dollars from his country's public funds to finance his playboy lifestyle in france the verdict on don't usually introduced legislation to deal with so-called ill gotten gains was hailed by his opponents and described by prosecuting lawyers as an historic decision then is an unprecedented and global message to court is sending to kleptocrats it is de beginning of the end for this rule of impunity and immunity is kleptocrats imagine
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and was attorney and universal unity of beings father has been president of equitorial guinea for nearly four decades a country made rich by its oil reserves but where nearly two thirds of the population live in squalor and poverty his sons multi-million dollar mansion in an exclusive suburb of paris has now being confiscated as well as many of the luxuries artworks and antiques inside the former butler of the vice president alleges that live behind his mansion walls with one full of whores alcohol and cocaine those days are definitely now over but at the paris courthouse a reminder of what life can be like for opponents who challenge the family's grip on their country or to live meanies through our stacia may the minister or the minister himself was giving orders saying do it is do that it happened at the ministry building in equatorial guinea the minister touching me that means did or
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didn't endear the activists who launched the campaign want to return the embezzling money back to the people it was stolen from but no mechanism is yet in place to do that investigations have also been launched against the presence of good one and the republic of congo but it could be months before they reach the court david chaytor al-jazeera paris. two white south african men have been sentenced to a total of twenty five years in prison after they were found guilty of trying to force a black man into a coffin and threaten to burn him alive. reports. there were tears on both sides of the courtroom in the so-called coffin case it was a case that laid bare the ongoing racial divide in post apartheid south africa on friday a judge sentenced tayo jackson to fourteen years and villa. to eleven years in prison the most appalling and. was to.
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again. video shot by the men on a mobile phone led to nationwide condemnation and eventually their arrests victor millo schwartz says he was taking a short cut on the men's farm when they kidnapped him drove him to another location forced him into a coffin and threaten to kill him in their defense the farmer say was trespassing they caught him stealing copper cables and said he threatened to kill their families and burn their crops but the judge pointed out this was not the first time the men had force someone into a coffin and their behavior had quote fueled racial tension and will say this case spotlights the haves and the have nots in south africa which is largely split along racial lines well heaven to come to terms with exactly who we are as
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a country with a country that is. on sexism. in sentencing the two men the judge said they showed no remorse their prison sentences should send a message to others that this kind of behavior will be punished and punished severely. deserve. capital as a man says he's worried about chaos in the middle east if the gulf crisis continues to escalate speaking to the us television program sixty minutes shake time in funny so the u.s. president told him washington could not let the crisis continue saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt cut ties with qatar in june and imposed a land sea and abu. i'm fearful that if anything happens and a military act happens this region will be in chaos i met with the president when i was in new york few weeks ago at the united nations of the united nations and the
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president showed that he is committed to find an end to this crisis so yes it is true here he suggested that we come and i told him straight away mr president we are very ready i've been asking for dialogue from day one and what did the other countries say it was supposed to be very soon this meeting but i don't have any response three palestinian farmers have been injured as they tried to harvest all of us when they were confronted by israeli settlers is the latest incident in a harvest season beset by harassment around illegal settlements palestinian farmers need special military commission. ari forces spent the day with one group near the village of self it in the occupied west bank in the pre-dawn light a handful of farmers gather for the chance to get to their land for a few minutes israeli soldiers open the gates. id papers are taken. and they
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go from being locked out to locked in they were cast fitting the branches isn't good for the trees but it's quick which helps when you have a six week old baby to tend to as well each family has just a few days not only to harvest lives but to carry out maintenance work that would normally be done throughout the year so. the trees don't get the trimming or fertilize and they leave the land doesn't get plowed or maintained so the production goes. the restrictions of the result of a separation barrier and military road that cordon off the nearby illegal settlement of. the palestinian agriculture ministry says of eleven million olive trees five hundred thousand cut off in this way requiring coordination with the israeli military to farm a recent un report said those trees were sixty five percent less productive than those that are regularly tended less than twenty kilometers away near nablus another group of palestinian farmers was confronted by israeli settlers three were injured earlier this month by an illegal israeli outpost in the same area settlers
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simply help themselves back in south we find and rummy's harvesting some of the nearly two hundred family trees they say they get two days access to do two weeks worth of work in february and seventeen days now at harvest time. at their mercy it all happens quickly as if we are stealing time we come a don't sometimes we wait until eight or eight thirty we wait in the cold sometimes they come late sometimes they come early it's the same when we leave ten hours after they first opened the gates unlocked once again the farmers expect another week or so of this restricted harvest season from then until late winter the locks will stay in place are a force that al-jazeera south eat in the occupied west bank. the wells top comic has on displaying their latest super cars and driving technology. but current fears asked so where it all to make us all doing enough to. pull.
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in the screw up in the japanese town of oil yaman near mt fiji forty seven year old tuckey she khumra keeps his most prized possessions some twenty modified and customized cars he's a real estate agent by day. and by night he races his souped up cars. techie she is known in japan as a social media ambassador of what may be a fading car culture he's worried millennialists those people aged eighteen to forty five don't share his love affair with the automobile even all. what that is today's young people came of age during the recession where their family didn't have a car so some of them didn't grow up knowing how fun and convenient cars can be took issue another car enthusiastic get together in parking lots on weekends to show off their old cause and check out others. most of those who gather are men in their
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forty's and fifty's among them only a few millennia less good mitt their peers just aren't interested. i know some people who has a t. to get a driver's license because a stripe and some expensive researchers in the us say there's been a continuous decline in the number of people under forty five getting driver's licenses and buying cars and manufacturers say they're selling fewer cars to young people since the global financial crisis in two thousand and eight some sociologists believe the century old love fair with the car may be a thing of the past. i think there's more to it than that it's rather more complex we have been seeing a financial crisis we've also just been seeing general trends for millennia used to delay that big life choices that getting married later than moving out of home later poly financial pressures partly other social pressures there is less reason to call turkey she and his friends believe millennial is no longer identify their
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freedom or personality with a car and that smartphones and high tech gadgets are how young people now express themselves car sharing and other services have also made it less essential to own a car. if japanese automakers want more young people to buy their cars they have to come up with truly stylish and unique cars if they do i think consumers will notice . and that's exactly what car makers are hoping to achieve at the tokyo motor show . a lineup of gleaming new tech savvy cars and prototypes to capture the imagination of those whose interest in cars may have been on the wane culture dirge on al-jazeera. to get much more news especially on the. decision today at al-jazeera dot com.
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one of the top stories today on al-jazeera the spanish prime minister has announced he's dissolving the parliament and calling regional elections after it declared independence from the rest of the country mariano rajoy said their decision was based on lies and fraud a snap election will take place on december the twenty first. mr premier of maybe. provide them with the first measures that have been tossed out the following to depose the president of the council and government the position of the deputy president and all of the members of the council on government we will also abolish the delegation abroad known as the embassies except in brussels and the secretary general of the council on police will also be suspended. thousands of people have been rallying in barcelona to show their support for catalan independence and been waving separatists and singing. songs. kenyan officials have called off voting in four positions strongholds as violence flares over thursday's presidential run at
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least six people have witnesses say armed gangs are running the streets kenyans election commission has appealed for calm while the ballots all still being counted . mammals government food aid into iraq on state after denying access to aid agencies for two months the u.n. world food program says malnutrition rates in the states are already above emergency levels before access was blocked the agency had been providing aid to about one hundred ten thousand range and muslims in the region. two white south african men have been sentenced to a total of twenty five years in prison after they were found guilty of trying to force a black man into a coffin and threaten to burn him alive martin is jackson. were convicted of attempted murder assault and kidnapping he did not guilty claiming they only intended to scatter. in last year's incident. has become the first country to
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withdraw from the international criminal court the pullout takes effect on friday a year after it notified the united nations of its intention to it follows accusations the court focuses too much in africa those are your headlines don't go away though up front. one hundred years since the british government paved the way for the creation of israel with its powerful declaration we also what the legacy is for israel palestine and beyond and out from special.


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