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tv   Amazonia  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2017 7:32am-8:01am AST

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the judge says it isn't yet known what the accusations are that anyone charged could be taken into custody as soon as monday. u.s. defense secretary james mattis is in seoul to meet with his south korean counterpart it's his second visit this year and comes amid increasing tensions on the peninsula that is told reporters the military alliance between seoul of washington is iron clad. the united states did not accept a nuclear north korea make no mistake any attack on the united states or our allies will be defeated uni used of nuclear weapons by the north will be met with a massive military effect of an overwhelming in south africa two white farmers found guilty of forcing a black man into a coffin and threatening to burn of alive have been jailed there both said to the to more than ten years each the assault on victim large far was captured on mobile phone australia's foreign minister will become acting prime minister in the aftermath of the legal ruling that forced the country's second in charge to step
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down because highest court found that barnaby joyce and four other politicians were in eligible to stay in office because of their july citizenship the prime minister has decided against appointing a temporary deputy and instead has named julie bishop as astounded when he travels overseas later in the week i'll be back with more news in thirty minutes next on al-jazeera it's talk to al-jazeera. provoking debate challenging the established law and every single one of the three of thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes join many has sung for up front at this time on al-jazeera.
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the brazilian amazon an immense rain forest known as the lungs of the world because of its lush vegetation but this is not a story about the dangers of deforestation about those who have lived in and from this rain forest for thousands of years. the job of the valley indigenous reserve is the size of austria eight million hectares that are home to many of brazil's nearly one million indigenous people among them the largest number of non-contact to tribes in the world photographed only rarely from the air and it's here that ten indigenous people were reportedly massacred in august by illegal gold miners roamed these rivers the second such incident in this reserve this year the reason is of the government body in charge of protecting the reserves that for the night is barely functioning. to find out what was happening in this remote part of the amazon we flew first from sao paulo to my mouse the capital of amazonia state to
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meet the state prosecutor. fernando saliva paints a dire picture of the dangers facing indigenous tribes since the government more than halved the budget for tonight how difficult is it to find evidence of massacres of on contact and tribes in such a remote part of the amazon. when this is. this is going to put us in a for my. son's innocence. mean. mahmoud doesn't. want to see it. from him was there was a lot of songs on i mean. studying and this is a limited time. and then being kept on fast and this is. the
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days of being in this in for me into the flight what i thought. was human. was. i mean the kind of in my eyes are supposed to be that ship with them how vulnerable would you say that the isolated tribes are some are saying in fact that they are in danger of extinction. and worshipping one set. one of them's. into the proper form i was in you know. when that is. their last long enough to me or more but as ever i want to be that. disease let me. know when you've all been in thing. that the.
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people ever do that. i mean the. problem is in the end don't we. ask god to do drumming but and. in unison. i mean he would think was it just you so. what is going on. in the world. and then. there was a veil from going to resonate if you're going to be as easy. as . you might be in the. future you know who he is you need to be the end.
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user the middle of time what is the point of having a reserve if it's not reserved for the people it's supposed to be for. this only go. by gene and i. was even. but is there. something i feel so secure as is is there something underneath the board in full swing on this but if i just. know when i'm on the last. i mean simple soon the. last thing and system will be about one of them will have us all put on the defensive get lost this is. them skipping the police. and mokey force and saying you
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know. what i was up so i will use force and so needs i says from my spikes in the. back and use to bend them up because the pain in the butt always what is the importance of when there. is an openness. saying yes i mean the book you. for. the muzzle on is the most severe not use and. we go deeper into the amazon to. hear brazil colombia and peru share a border along the amazon or saudi munk river an area that has become a major drug trafficking corridor an indigenous leaders of the association of tribes of the java the reserve have agreed to take us there to see for ourselves just how unprotected they are. my knowledge would imply explains that they
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represent not just the six recently contacted tribes that live in the reserves but at least a dozen others whom they call the east the isolated ones who want no contact with the outside world. after seven hours we reach a key full night base along the river only to find that like many others it's been abandoned for lack of funds three villagers are guarding what's left of the base so it won't be pillaged. the. all boats are still there but there's no fuel nor anyone with authority to police the area. and there's no food left so they make do with bananas. in recent months invasions from illegal loggers miners and lang grabbers have increased they say danielle used to work with for night and is one of the few who has seen and spoken to members of an isolated tribe which she explains can be dangerous if they feel threatened i understand that you have had a personal encounter with the people who called the isolated ones the ones who have
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had no contact with the outside world can you tell me about that is that going to fill my pre-medical. ma that's. but in school with all the be made of. you and good enough will not. and memo final sort of being. so good. for nine year old push a pretty boy story you know god so if for last seen he got home a good timing. was. so good i think it's going to still. be pushed i'll fall as in no free no shake up better than i was in a way or any way. but get into my. sin no better not to say in a few local media now it was killed in one place and neither will say now what they
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said and i don't know if a lot see a lesson should be pushed a cinema so broad that if boys big. but what did you say to each other for a last scene or why don't you know why the scene follow nor what i say now i don't get into more cos it don't get in the car i speed because. they all do respond joining to say seeing the martian should i do. de forest. when i enter a course called oval they poised to go my heart that. high school across a tall ship people couldn't describe what they looked like he has no idea you got a video house but i think if you cost of capital but i seriously doubt that being daughter. it's been faced becky. you feel it's part of your job to
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protect them as well the isolated ones as well as your tribes. response. both pre-marital all my data. one of the top. guys that they. both want to shake i know they are. very motivated. intent do you know. my day when we saw quite back up the story. we started back up we saw you basically going to study up and being from what i gather then everyone seems to be in danger at risk right now is that is that how you feel we don't want to go if we had the same from my.
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yeah. pretty good. we do is. book a book you know an awful man stuff if you're not a book a good talk. about snooki. the short cut him for a nice budget can't be explained only by the need for government belt tightening. lawmakers representing brazil's powerful agricultural lobby are pushing to lift restrictions on exploiting this part of the amazon and regard for night as an obstacle they're pressuring president michel tema to open up the indigenous reserves. and the president depends on their support to block a series of impeachment bids in congress in the minority of the model but tribe sees for nice budget cuts as a first step towards losing all protection. my mind why did you set up the space
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why is it so important why was it so important. before it was in use in a. with you here where levy well they're both have that. big but only pork you're going to leave it in. this joint see and want to devolve though because the law goes. with columbia. what can i do with them of not but it was there from the. occupy maine used. to be in d.c. but yeah. not. well as the essay start to build as
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they start a face going it was a powerful lesson he didn't get the best of his yell at that event doesn't move the man to look fast but i guess about it you can truly feel my loop that you want to aim for now and for thirty days these days a bad boss in this scene she had well it made you get on jeopardy based on what they thought you see what i suppose the indigenous you have brought this on the property has that will be quick enough that i skim it is the easiest thing in the dow i'm boston zipper up there someday somebody from them in stock which you know what's the situation right now i wanna throw a fastball in that fashion the police can genies take from my a bass a dish down said m h e m e s sadly g.c. she does that she vibe is he. was in golden does that as they found a message on the wall that he was on general clark and he's got heated up with us
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now jim of the general respond maybe there's no contact that this is so moving to e.f. one that i believe that j.c. pull a complete truth known saw a lot is my contact going on contact that this is. we start with a simple there's a lot of areas will still ongoing jingoistic f.m. that i. if they hit the staff the compliment she said i mean she will hit total death. is the process we started for home a bridge we suppose policies as i think you can get by default like i have twice problem and you think that your community is about the non-contact and the contacted ones can survive unless the state increases its presence here yet sadly it is possible for an easy matter to live my day to the risk of shaders games that
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i don't know what he's you know give idea to his you know as a boy and i know damn well the comment that o'neill it was probably his your night is what i believe the mantle a joy when you see my son enjoy a gentle always a lot can play up to easy see if start is kept always you quantum w.l.m. of data follow and see the protests now and i think he got into the police stab you guys in two thousand and they don't have process to top out between each evil tackle all can agree that this is probably the job will prevail but what about the people from your tribe what about their future. before. the solution. i think it's best sadly but example i'm going to say that the sponge bob was contracted don't sign me get on the percentage of bombing. we start the now concede
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game on the s.c. stance and then does obvious contact and then it's coming that's going to start with a prop that we started to hit but in fact below from that it was even a fair tabel a projectile jab for you but i guess when you died you were d'espagne money say in a sauce but that's when you die this is a significant but i'm a nice guy and she i mean to get a badge of that v. that this is just so as i mean to get it that you could put out your instrument to must say i mean to focus on them in thought but i pulled up a couple of things in a seizure while for eighteen years i was the identity of a woman the i think that on the scene she had done this and i know you mentioned to me earlier that some of the drug traffickers that operate along that river here are out co-opting some of the people from the community tell me more about that and we stood by jack won't provide his own device of audio man does the heart doesn't and i feel now you know what the last call is so if i can see we start then once you've had a fact the g.g.
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project this. month. or the hopeless phone engine. a quote was made disability then at the end they say q yes i know you're not quite the last but example nephi has your own data different data can i use to be most. might appear to one of the little ab is easy my all probable told me that he's jones an acrobat but of the sounds you call kanina is so fights going after this mess on the job until you put his employer away jim in my team of the g.m. will be met the g.e. . gene also indigenous and i could. even. felt the g.g. or latest by jeep that i see put a boot up a different form of transport than you would does he. dao is so a program i said again you see it but i'm nice and program i said you l.o.l.
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man doesn't me ask this question you know what classical is are all the a because my father get it when he said i my far cheaper to write a space capabilities man the raiders w. ave a nap with the sound g g g cocaine and my just blasted humanity is of which it at least is going to be seen at the end but has there ever was a veiled patti page a woman or better so as a woman as well as doing the same she had the. a proper democrat sound like the sound of a mallet benjamin thinks are you do i gotta say as in chief vacate their side to be that by default the. scene which evaporates alabaster difficulties that sound payments on. indigenous give some color but ability scaling vision and this isn't you can see this column but i know a little thing is possibly diageo a bit on shall we start the puppet defies the. intel when he school students who do
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you blame most for the situation see much of the former police cover fallacy of the village caging established taboo knowledge of effort that we see in the i think you know vale might be speak you were made up but i suppose that's now at least a moment to rescale. pleasant up a standard gap on the probable infidel and tell us that. when for their own this isn't cheap. about fifty five hundred people belong to the reserves six contacted tribes we are taken to a community to meet the leader of the mio do not tribal chief tommy flotus. hidden in a group that are going for centuries to tribesmen try to fight off those who invaded their territory and some still do but their bows and arrows are no match for the outsiders guns the my you do not is made contact with the outside world about fifty
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years ago and are finding it difficult to maintain their way of life. that's why chief tommy insists on painting his face with traditional ceremonial paint made from the pod of a local tree for agreeing to a woman from a conversation. since he speaks no portuguese a peruvian missionary who lives in the community translates for us you know i asked him why his tribe decided to move into a reserve demarcated area for indigenous communities we were doing some of the we do some of. them it was too much of. a movie you know so i'm just in a new book. he did a concept called me lame us now told us we must join with us then maybe thirty five . but. maybe it was only.
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thirty. little money i like that but that's the main reason that it was it better before or after i ask movember we were done only. going to be done did it become ok to whom much is settled. my parts are certainly would i'm going to know who temperature don't we don't really know who is going to talk to you but pretty dumb over time but maybe he will tell me why tell me tell me the minute you got there others who talk under nobody i can tell he will dumbo it's a very cruel to most if they suddenly thought i ask him if there's any benefit from living in a reserve supposedly protected by the government. we don't trust the. sudden kill we so fucking something up getting done. bill can mean you can move i didn't you know not not named sedin maybe we don't need. that's good that it's
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the only addy i don't run in with the term young but just to keep time they gave me i named tommy and i can be a. good name dumbo i didn't tell you came to. be any maybe get into the king time take a view the king county now did i mention that they now have television and ask if he's not afraid of losing their culture we're not going to name him in the movie i don't know the new doll the substance of faces that's good with good need to know everything gumley said man i'm numb they need the i really don't really down with a man i lend you my knowledge he do i'm a new lady maybe with less good things you got us to the down low you've been down when young. maiden do something in it i wouldn't live. without but sick people in there wouldn't you know what i think they're getting something out is he worried
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that the reserve is no longer safe from invaders i didn't mean anything mean of some of the chocolate he says certain some of could tell he think they think the kid cheap. and he did where you work you don't have to make them or tell me who mark who much i think he meant didn't know me knew not then they gave me tell it i liked what says it's the talk of the summer i go to talking to mark who are considered just what he requests and then look at a study we don't know who much of the poverty we don't know that he took such a trip in the summer but i mean he got up. i asked him how he'll do that and he proceeds to show how he will hunt down and kill the enemy he says he's a warrior like his father but. but chief tommy want to signal that he doesn't see all outsiders as enemies. and asks that a company him in a ceremonial dance like you've got. it seems to be his way of telling us that
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people of different cultures and languages can understand each other even in these uncertain times. the amazon region has long been at the center of a major conflict preservation versus exploitation and it's a dispute that's increasingly putting in peril not just the rain forests vast natural resources but the lives of those who lived in it is almost as long as time . across the globe breathtaking efforts to clean up the planet sam are on the way in milan companies are turning to a radical solution biodynamic cement toxic pollution so this really is a living building that's constantly interacting with its environment earthrise
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trees it's the from to you know some of the battle for the environment trying to iceland a pioneering a new technique to reduce emissions earthrise looks at new ways of preventing air pollution and. there are a group of kids from tanzania halfway around the globe in new york where these children come from those who have the genetic skin condition known as albinism often live in fear of being attacked for the color of their skin al-jazeera first met up with in two thousand and fifteen after attackers chopped off his arm believing it would bring them luck the leases charity works with the shriners hospital for children in philadelphia to provide for static limbs this is a children's second visit to the united states to replace their original devices which they've outgrown seven year old baracoa is quick to put his new arm to. holding these children is a long term commitment every year they have to return to the united states for fittings and adjustments and every year their connection to their american friends
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gets deeper and i think while they're here they realize they're really not different when they're in the dead a dream house which is charity house they feel empowered. to.
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dissolves council and all of us not elections after the real.


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