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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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we wanted the bird. but i would. just. jump on the drive. with the wind today. this time zero. weather someone telling someone to read the. thing it's how you approach an individual and if it is a certain way of doing it you can just buy story and fly out. a tense stand off as the spanish government scraps catalonia is parliament
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following its declaration of independence. is there life from. dennis also coming up a u.s. grand jury reportedly approves the first charges into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election. the u.s. defense secretary walls north korea that any use of nuclear weapons will bring an overwhelming response. now suspended indefinitely kenya's election commission calls all fighting in four opposition strongholds with fears of more violence. but first the spanish prime minister has announced he's dissolving parliament and
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calling regional elections to be held in december this follows its independence declaration there's tension in the country which awaits the next moves by both sides andrew simmons has more from barcelona. the moment catalonia declared secession from spain a wave of euphoria across barcelona a mix of intense emotion elation and danger because of the uncertainty of what comes next they cheered they hugged one another they cried and they keep. posted what they see as a new nation it all started unfolding hours earlier at the catalan parliament passionate sometimes angry debates a sense of anticipation on one side dread on the other dozens of mayors have been invited ceremonial sticks by their sides to. a story.
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it wasn't long before his wish came true a secret ballot slowly but surely moving as parliament into the history books most opposition members walked out in disgust leaving the spanish national flag and the catalan flag draped over their benches then came the count again slow with reaction to every yes. seventy votes for ten against into abstention. and the catalan national anthem this time striking a different call before long another vote in madrid this time the senate making a decision on article one five five direct rule moving to the spanish government a large majority. two hundred fourteen for forty seven against approval for prime minister mariano rajoy to sack the regional government and impose sweeping powers back in barcelona these politicians and supporters hardly look like people
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about to go into the background president colors push them all called for calm. citizens of catalonia in the coming hours we will have to maintain our country's polls a most of all to montane that peace public spirit and our dignity i think we have always done with no doubt it will continue to be that way this is an extraordinary moment but it's historic to find the right the way across this eighteenth century building of the mix moods it was sure was on the brakes and the sticks you see are from the more right across the yard here to express. you don't see the look back at what o'clock it was of course was the. independent. independence is heartbreaking sad and distressing
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that is how all the catalans who are not pro independence feel including very democratic pro independent supporters that cannot shed this destructive operation based on lies fraud and impositions it is causing on the social fiber of catalonia looking to madrid for the next move catalans who are angered or saddened or also fearful of what will happen in mariano rajoy is already using his new powers dissolving parliament calling elections in december and listing those he's sacking . friday night in the center of barcelona a city known more for its football its beaches and sunshine than any resistance to state power and it's a policy time for a large number of people packed. into a square in front of the seat of government how long will the smiles last night so many questions along with the local sobering historic night goggles between those
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who want to be in spain and don't hear it's never been. andrew simmons i would use a bustling. now reports in the united states say a federal grand jury in washington d.c. has approved the first charges in the probe over alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election now the charge is led by special counsel robert muller said to be still sealed under orders from a federal judge so far it's not known what the actual accusations are that anyone charged could be taken into custody as soon as monday an official has more from washington d.c. . we know that robert mueller has been conducting his investigation over the past five months or so if it's true and this grand jury has decided that and documents can be issued then that's a fairly speedy process if you look at two significant cases in the past from
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american political history bill clinton and richard nixon it took a grand jury almost a couple of years to come up with indictments there know how to grand juries what well essentially people are impaneled they come along they are given evidence from the prosecutors they are allowed to issue subpoenas and at one stage when the prosecutor believes he's a strong enough case he sits down with the grand jury there are new judges and new defense attorneys there they just lying to the grand jury this is the case i believe we have and i would like to be able to present this to a jury where i believe we will be able to secure a conviction on these charges and if the grand jury believes the prosecutor at that point they will approve the indictment the indictment then is prepared and issued to the person at the center of the investigation normally within twenty four to forty eight hours no the indictment here been has. unsealed so we don't know who has been charged and what they have been charged with if indeed that is the case but this would be very significant you've got to remember that robert miller over the last few months or spoken to
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a number of people very close to donald trump including michael flynn his short lived national security adviser joe cousteau who is his son in law but also a special adviser in the white house holds a very powerful position in the oval office and of course paul minor for two at one point was a campaign chairman for the trump election campaign and of course at some point his home was even searched by f.b.i. agents so what we're waiting for now is to find out who is being charged and what they've been charged with and that will be important because then we will see just how close they are to donald trump and to the trump campaign and just hope course this investigation takes us into twelve to the white house the u.s. defense secretary has warned north korea against escalating its nuclear and missile tests james mattis is in the south korean capital seoul for two days of talks he says the stress of a nuclear attack from the north also known as the d.v.r. k. is excel orating if it remains on its current path of ballistic missiles and atomic
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bombs he will be counterproductive in effect the d.p. r. k. will be reducing its own security let's go live now to our correspondent tony betty he is there in seoul and. apprehension and say is the defense secretary is in seoul laying the groundwork for donald trump's visit which is due to take place in about a week and a half from now. a lot of heightened tensions here on the peninsula it's always pretty heightened when you've got ballistic missiles and nuclear missile test being conducted by the north koreans but also the visit of president trump is causing some concerns particularly because of his his war of words of mass destruction i mean basically people are very concerned about the rhetoric that's been coming from president trump they think the concern we worsen the situation here and they're very concerned about what may happen when he visits on the seventh
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and eighth of november general mattis has been here paving the way for that visit but also this is part of the annual talks that they have with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and also the defense secretary comes here they talk about the policy and the way ahead they've reinforced in every reiterated their mutual defense policies and they're also talking about defense plans what will happen in the event of any attack but general mattis while he did say quite clearly today that any attack on u.s. or their allies will be met with considerable force his tone over these last two days has been one that's been more conciliatory i think than president trump has been he said they're not looking for war they want a denuclearization of the korean peninsula but there are tensions here the u.s. has moved in three carrier groups into the region they've also moved their stealth fighters to japan so just a precautionary measure but they've also refused to move tactical nuclear weapons
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of their own to the korean peninsula as some politicians want but you're right tensions are increasing here and we can only see what will happen because north korea is very unpredictable and this war of words is war of words at the moment people are fearful it may lead to something else though indeed in this fee brothel atmosphere mr mass is also had words of reassurance for south korea as you've already said rededicating the united states' efforts to support its allies. yes and that's very important for for south korea because of course you know they're well outnumbered by one of the biggest armies in the world in north korea they're not as well provisioned as some armies and certainly south koreans have very good weapons but they're also very mindful about what may happen now there are some people here that want to tear up an agreement that was made with the american military more than fifty years ago after the korean war whereby in the event of
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conflict the americans have control of the south korean military which numbers about eight hundred thousand so some people are asking that that should be reviewed and the control in any form of conflict should come under south korean responsibility and that probably is an indication of that that some people are a little bit worried about president trump and his rhetoric tony betty live in seoul. now gotta mahler's former president. will be tried on corruption charges on friday a judge ruled in favor of a request to charge him with bribery and tax avoidance totaling several million dollars his vice president was in office roxanne about debt is also facing trial both of them resigned in twenty fifteen after un investigators linked them to a massive corruption ring lots more to come here at al-jazeera including the humanitarian crisis in the libyan capital tripoli because of. his.
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classic find out how design is in hong kong and turning trash into high end fashion . however got some rather cold air plunging down across central europe over the next couple of days you can see how the clouds are already making its way from north to south long a lot of cloud here just tucked in behind this cold front and you can see how the i suppose line up from the north and that's why we're going to see that cold air started to push its way and still there are high pressure further west things a little more settled there across the british isles over the next dial to where those cold winds they do come down into central parts of vienna warsaw struggling to get up to around about double figures over the next couple of days may wobble
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got a fair amount of cloud of the rain that will sink its way further south with. broad skies as i say they do come back in across western parts but with that cold mall the past it really will feel quite sure even though we're getting up to around fifteen celsius in london and paris a real nip in the air here for the south where we got a fine in try whether across northern parts of africa twenty five celsius the forward that we're into the low twenty's to across northern parts of libya perhaps a little more cloud. in here as we go on through sunday but i do suspect it will be at the fair weather variety and dry the wet weather well that's further south anywhere from the ethiopian hadas through the whole of africa i don't look across to the gulf of guinea.
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the and. the and. traverses take a look at the top stories here it out is there a spade has now officially taken over catalonia is government the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy has stripped catalonia of its autonomy and called for new elections to be held in december and this all came within an hour of the castle on paul and issuing
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a unilateral declaration of independence. a federal grand jury in washington d.c. has approved the first charges in the investigation of a russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election that's according to reports in the united states so far though it isn't known what the accusations are but anyone who's charged could be taken into custody as soon as monday the charges will be led by special counsel robert miller. u.s. defense secretary has warned north korea against escalating its nuclear and missile tests james mattis is in the south korean capital seoul for two days of talks and says any attack by the north would be met with a massive response the north would find overwhelming. now unofficial results from kenya's presidential election rerun have put president a little kenya in the lead with ninety seven percent of the vote compared with less
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than one percent for. the leader of the opposition he of course boycotted this exercise the electoral commission suspended voting indefinitely in full of positions strongholds at least six people have been killed in violence since the days repeat poll catherine sawyer now reports from those opposition strongholds in the western part of kenya kisumu. at an informally set up roadblock in kisumu this men are using an electricity pole to make sure no vehicle carrying ballot boxes passes through. all the while they're saying no election no who and calling themselves the national resistance movement the new wing of the opposition coalition led by right we are not supposed to work because of our father. so we don't know why people are bringing
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a. box in. voting has been called off in four counties here in western kenya threats and violence have made it difficult for electrical mission officials to get stuff ballot boxes and voting slips to polling stations about one point eight million registered voters are affected when it comes to stuff . when their lives. are political and religious leaders say the saturday election should not have been called in the first place. the people. being respected. tended toward. with
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election hold off many people are hoping tensions might so dozens of people who were injured in a confrontation between police and protesters on thursday were brought to this hospital several of them want to said and discharged some are still at metered with gunshot wounds that man there was shot at an area not too far away from here. system millicent blames the police but she and many other supporters of. hope that while he may not have participated in the poll he may yet help to change the way elections are held in the future catherine soy al jazeera western kenya. the very latest now from a correspondent for major miller who's in the capital nairobi to meter so much uncertainty so much we don't know so many of this is that with with this a last couple of days what is the actual status of this presidential election rerun . well martin in theory it would look as if
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president incumbent president uhuru kenyatta would begin his second term in office once the electoral commission tallies the final votes makes a final announcement and he's eventually sworn in with seven point three million votes so far but they are a number of challenges ahead we do know that the electoral commission says that at least three thousand six hundred polling stations haven't open to toll at least on election day and even on this extension on saturday nights out of about forty thousand that represents about one point seven million voters who didn't have the opportunity to vote at all we know the opposition called for this boycott and it appears to be successful considering that raila odinga got about six point seven million votes in august this time around only seventy two thousand of the supporters came out to vote so largely they've heeded the school buy or dinner to stay away from polling stations but also there is an activist who has applied to
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the supreme court to again have this rerun of an old based on the fact that a dingo withdrew from the election it doesn't fulfill constitutional requirements and of course then this vote wouldn't be legitimate the i.e.c. does have a legal provision to announce the final result without elections taking place in some of these areas most of them in the western part of the country where the opposition has as a lot is very popular but they of course are a number of challenges going forward considering that we are expecting to see legal battles and also dealing with an electoral commission that has faced a lot of criticism even though this time they are trying as best they can they say to verify the results as they should i can imagine the media so do we think that those four districts in the west of the country that are opposition dominated
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do we think that they're even going to both or try to stage the election rerun. conditions in those areas have almost been impossible for the electoral commission even when extending or saying that we won't have an election on saturday they've given no date as to when that will happen and of course the electoral commission is supposed to announce final results within seven days of from when the election first took place they say that these areas are in secure and there's no way they can get in there as we saw our colleague catherine sway talking about just how difficult it is for the electoral commission to hold elections in these areas we continue to see protest action both in the western part of kenya and in pockets in the capital nairobi the electoral commission is really faced with a dilemma around whether or not it should eventually announce results without elections happening there or if it can push at some stage to convince people to
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vote but we know railer thinkers told his supporters don't go to the ballot box all right for me to live in nairobi thank you for the united kingdom says military action should be considered against those responsible for chemical weapons use in syria now this follows a un investigation the blamed the syrian government for a lethal attack that took place in april more than eighty people were killed by siren in. the syrian government rejects a un report mike hanna ripples from un headquarters in new york. the security council debate is about women peace and security but in coming days the chambers likely to become the scene of heated argument about the future of the joint investigative mechanism jim its annual mandate needs to be renewed before the seventeenth of next month the g.m. as it is quite frankly the best who will have it has been created by unanimous vote
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. it has demonstrated that it is highly professional. impartial. so we have. to let's let's use it frankly collectively but the key the key priority now is to recreate consensus i consider that we have the moral and political responsibility to succeed here in its latest report jim found the syrian government accountable for a sarin gas attack and it looked province earlier this year more than eighty civilians died many of them children the report says evidence gathered from eyewitnesses satellite imagery and mobile phone footage indicate the attack was carried out by syrian government aircraft and that samples of chemical compounds used in explosives lifted from the scene are identical to those found during an inspection of syrian bomb stocks before the complet began earlier this week russia
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vetoed a security council resolution calling for jim's mandate to be renewed maintaining it first wanted to judge the objectivity of the latest report. and in a move likely to raise the level of argument the u.k. says the security council must pass a chapter seven resolution which would allow armed force to be used there must be a chapter seven security council resolution to do what we said we would do. we all agreed in advance that if we were in the scenario then they would be a chapter seven resolution to impose accountability or whoever used chemical weapons in syria the question now will russia hold to the supreme and will formally reject jim's findings and we'll that security council veto for the tenth time since the syrian conflict began mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. now people in the libyan capital tripoli have been reduced to drilling through pavements in
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search of water because a breakdown in main supplies a lot of investment and security has caused the taps to run dry. reports. this is how people in tripoli are getting measuring he moved to drilling three pavements to access underground wells in a desperate search for supplies in the. situation we're in now is affecting the entire city no water no electricity tenants can't pray without water they can't go to the bathroom they can't do anything not even drink the problem is that the government does nothing so now we are digging for water as a temporary solution. earlier this month supplies were cut to households for maintenance work to make matters worse an armed group then sabotaged tripoli's drinking water infrastructure and it is a working hard to repair it but a lack of investment and
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a shortage of spare parts means progress is. good after the libyan remains divided and devastated. the country is plagued by internal fighting and financial collapse. is another challenge for the un backed government of national accord based in tripoli it's already dealing with a failing health service spiraling inflation and public sector strikes a the pay people are demanding solutions to their worsening living conditions the head of the water resources authority says he needs more money from the government if things are to improve. in the absence of adequate spare parts a lack of money security chaos people have been taking matters into their own hands and this in turn has affected the performance of the system. the u.n. says divisions a deepening in libya and that finding
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a political agreement is the only way forward for people struggling to access basic supplies like water it can't come soon enough victoria gating be al jazeera. in hong kong the fashion industry is trying to cut a more sustainable dash by reducing waste millions of tons of materials are wasted worldwide by the industry craig lisa reports from hong kong. victor kong is searching for inspiration he's designing a collection the new fashion label b.y.t. but he can't use just any material the hong kong based company is sustainably conscious which means he has to design clothes out of waste textiles. the fabrics are coming from different suppliers some of the stock from manufacturing and some of them are eco friendly material we have to think harder and consider more not just focused on how to make the clothes fashionable or trendy. one hundred billion garments i'm a globally every year most of them manufactured in china where waste is
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a major issue some companies have begun to tackle a problem finding cost savings in solutions such as recycling water the technology is now getting more mature you know to to be able to to. to treat waste and i think you know we're in the forefront. in the technology one of the reason to be in the forefront is want to find new ways of treating waste and being able to share the same knowledge and to add to the whole industry globally the industry creates ninety two million tons of waste any early which environmentalist say is unsustainable what we need to do is unlock the design solutions and the technological solutions and of course scale this within the industry and create a market for it so that we can recycle all of this waste to highlight the problem sustainable fashion advocate region. created the eco chic design awards the world's first catwalk
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a vent to encourage designers to think about the environment ten finalists put their reputations on the runway at hong kong fresh in week with collections created by up cycling textile waste saying recession has to be important because we don't have enough resources to carry on the way we are the industry leaders say change has to also come from beyond the runway from governments from brains and consumers runs are really beginning to understand the importance of a transparent supply chain of publishing the first and second to supply chain and consumers that we do beginning to understand that they need to know more about the fashion supply chain and for us consumers that means taking more notice of where the clothes we purchase come from and more importantly what they made off and also buying fewer clothes by taking better care of the ones that we already are craig leeson al-jazeera hong kong.
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time for sake a look at the top stories here it is they are the spanish government has announced in the country's official gazette that it's taken over the castle and government and fire the region's police chief the spanish prime minister mariano rajoy stripped catalonia of its autonomy and call for regional elections in december within an hour of the catalan parliament issuing a unilateral declaration of independence a federal grand jury in washington d.c. has approved the first charges in the investigation of a russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election that's according to reports it isn't yet known exactly what the accusations are that anyone charged could be taken into custody as soon as monday the charges will be led by special counsel robert mueller. the u.s. defense secretary has well north korea against escalating its nuclear and missile tests james mattis is in the south korean capital seoul for two days of talks he
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says any attack by the north would be met with what he called a massive and overwhelming response it remains on its current path the blissed the missiles and atomic bombs will be counterproductive in effect the d.p. r. k. will be reducing its own security. unofficial results from kenya's presidential election and put president a who can yasser in the lead with ninety seven percent compared to less than one percent for the opposition leader raul odinga who boycotted the election rerun the electoral commission suspended voting indefinitely in four opposition strongholds because of fears of more violence. the united kingdom says military action should be considered against those who carried out chemical attacks in syria that follows a u.n. investigation the blamed the syrian government for a lethal attack in april in which more than eighty people were killed in the sarin
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gas attack in qana. the. former president also presently there will be tried on corruption charges on friday a judge ruled in favor of a request by the country's prosecutor to charge him with bribery and tax avoidance totaling several million dollars. on counting the cost of italy's wealthy northern region safe seat to more autonomy but who are the forces reshaping european politics how might china's new leadership be economy plus why traders at hong kong stock exchange are saying. it can't be because at this time on al-jazeera. the emotions are high in barcelona. could be that intense political drama as catalonia pushes for independence but can the region afford to go it alone what on.


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