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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm AST

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it is well documented that changing rain patterns or spend was to abandon flooded nest warmer ocean temperatures have diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastic also killing penguins in colombia transforming urban waste into building long distance for same for the west blasting the war finished. in just ten years and in singapore fragile forms and living building anything you do on land on the ground doesn't make sense to do that on a building now can we mike of not just decorative but from a market biologically productive first rise discovers cutting edge solutions for sustainable city at this time.
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spain's deputy prime minister science they said the money i was taking a risk after the news leader after madrid seizes control. hello again i'm sure with al-jazeera life and also coming out government takes over fall and abandoned by the red hinge are fleeing persecution. first delayed now suspended kenya's election commission calls all the info strongholds with fears of move on. find out how a company in hong kong is designing clothes out of waste material. and we're going to go live to barcelona the head of the popular party that's a posse of cools all of the prime minister. it's. thinking that in the capital of
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catalonia let's listen to have a guy i'd be all. continued to following the path he set himself to follow and he did not falter. his only concern was the future of all cattle and. stability of the country and. the future of all this pain. and there's a considerable. part of the continent is heading that way to time came. and he has taken this brave measures. that is suspending the government the catalan government that tried to carry out. against the spanish government and in addition to days he said he's going to call elections on december
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twenty first. and. by doing so. all men and women will decide about the future and to do it with top boxes with proper. voting slips and with results that. are rolled and. results will be truthful preserved. that. will. give us the option for the first time in governess history to harm us. another type of government. through the muck to see we will be able to. leave aside those independents parties that have
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tried to divide the society and to. put aside. those prior to that have tried to make. all the cattle and who feel cut and then spanish make them invisible. through the ballot boxes in democratic fashion. and with real possibilities catalan people will be able to vote . those who states that. we're saying that the holy by implementing article one five five was. suspending south called them and they got a bunny. however yesterday you know it was shown you've
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got ananya. now. has a president that discontent about the real issues focus on the. i would like to talk about the importance of the election to be taking place there will be electing candidates to form a new government. with the site also about the future of our children. and the future for the rest of spain. i'm not talking about normal regional elections assert we are talking. elections. we use to regain the mark to see consistent. and to ensure that i don't need to normality dirt the point of those elections.
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and that's why right there you see how v.a. garcia albi all who is a representative in catalonia all of the ruling party the ruling party the party the popular that's a party of course is the prime minister mariano rajoy listening to this with us is our correspondent andrew symonds and andrew there we have a representative of the madrid government in barcelona basically talking up what is going to happen next talking about article one five five as being a resumption of the democratic path if you like and throwing ahead today's december twenty first elections. i think many people here might think that is wishful thinking that it will be a fairly straight forward path but yes you're right he did emphasize that as far as he was concerned roy took brave measures in sacking this entire government and indeed some civil servants as well and the police chief of the regional police here
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he went on to say that he regarded the independent test which is the pros secession movement as being over having finished off he said that this was the end for it and those who staged the coup he said have shown that they were wrong and they are now being replaced and the president has been replaced of course all of these measures happening in a whirlwind off through a slow motion sequence of events that led to all of this. sainz santamaria who is the deputy prime minister of spain as soon as the role of president of the region of catalonia or the nation of quetta loony as the government here would have it but the government here is nowhere to be seen right now we do know that on friday night as all those crowds were completely crammed into the square in front of the seat of government the government buildings
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where ministers would discussing that tactics on what to do now when it appears that they will face warrants of a rest for various charges on monday when the prosecutor general intends to follow up what he regards as crimes these ministers according to t.v. three the catalonia t.v. station according to t.v. three these ministers all went to their homes on friday nights but they said nothing they were tweeting they were making any statements they did not respond to my on a roll hallway when he then announced the suspension of. parliament no response whatsoever they're lying low we don't know where color speech tomorrow is he is reported again by t.v. three and some other media as possibly being in jail rona which is where one of his homes is so it is a really quite surreal atmosphere in barcelona on saturday. you wouldn't guess that
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there's been such a seismic move in politics here everyone seems pretty well in a some sort of state of delayed shock when you look more closely at their expressions also we're seeing that there are a series of demonstrations being planned for sunday not saturday sunday they are not only demonstrations in support of the government you might call it the outgoing government you might call it the government that stays here and defies any move to to actually unseated but we don't know what's going to happen there are interesting if not disturbing times ahead all right andrew for now thank you very much indeed andrew symonds there our correspondent keeping us abreast of all the developments in the offing there. now meanwhile say media is reporting that the government is to
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harvest rice from fatherland there's been abandoned by written differently who fled violence in northern iraq and state now the paddy fields cover more than seventy thousand acres in mound that's one of the areas worst affected in the crackdown by the mia mom military against the ranger florence louis has more from young gong. there are a couple of ways to look at this one is that this is simply a practical solution the rice crops are ripe for harvesting and if they were left to just stand in the fields they would go to waste so the myanmar government has put in place a plan to harvest the crops bringing in combine harvesters and laborers to do the work and agricultural ministry spokesman has told us that the local government is in charge of the harvest and the eventual fail and the proceeds of the sale will go to the local government although there are no details on how they plan to use it but the other issue is this raises ethical questions as the asia director of human
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rights watch puts it you really can't call a crop ownerless when you've used a campaign of arson and violence to drive the owners from their land and this is what the myanmar military has been accused of doing and the other issue pertains to future use is this harbors perhaps the first step of the myanmar government to appropriate the land from revenge or refugees who've been driven to bangladesh now if it is it will raise other questions what about repatriation and resettlement of the refugees now granted we are a long way from that bangladesh and you are not officials haven't yet worked out details of how they plan to repatriate range of refugees but they will have to be other questions that that need to be asked such as where will they return to and what will they return to if their farms and villages are no longer there. and we're also hearing that officials in bangladesh is cox's bazar of they're proposing
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a voluntary sterilization scheme for overcrowded refugee camps now they want central government to approve a plan to launch the said tim is full range of men and you bet to me is the women aid groups in the camp say they're working with limited resources and the lack of family planning can make things even worse that's speak now to phil robertson he's the deputy director for asia human rights watch he's joining us now from bangkok on skype what are your thoughts and about this proposal that we've had about the range of men and women be offered several ization well we think that providing education on birth control and family planning and of course sterilization is one of the options there is fine but these programs are to be strictly voluntary there cannot be any sort of intimidation or compulsion that there be any any real pressure from the bank of the government use such services and is there any indication is there any indication phil that there would be any compulsion as part
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of this program well they're all saying it's voluntary right now as we learn more walls. these these things tend to take a lot of their own i mean you know our concern is that some point down the line local officials program staff of these programs may receive orders that you know they want to compel compliance the right to get people but do you think it's a reason what will happen do you think it's a reasonable request from the outset that the range of population is limited if you like. well i think i mean i don't think that is a reasonable proposition the proposition is family planning as a service with all its variations and all its methods should be provided to record the use to use or not use as they like you know when you start talking about limiting population through births you're on a very slippery slope and absolutely absolutely. many of many governments you know who are hosting large groups of refugees try to do this you know it should not be
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permitted culturally how does contraception and family planning sit with the nation. well i mean i think we have to understand the circumstances of the road and if you pull in the camps understand that i mean many of these people are poor they're coming from very rural areas where they have limited ability to move around because of restrictions on their movements by the government they don't have access to health services much less money to buy those services you know so it's it's not something that has really ever come up you know when you don't have access to services you don't think about them unless it's something that's life threatening and in these cases family planning was not seen as life threatening it was seen as something that just was not in their scope of understanding on a regular basis now it isn't front of them and they've got to make some decisions but you know i mean this is a very conservative culture. it's very patriarchal women's voices tend to be
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marginalized so i think it's going to be you know interesting situation i mean how does this play out and you know the women for instance going to assert that you know look i don't want to have any more children and will they be able to a purse where their husbands to allow that go through you know we don't know yeah these are these are really difficult issues out there. just to clarify then as far as you know consent it would have to be if this indeed to be religious. in the camps and. this is have to be monitored very very strictly in very cast indeed oh yes oh yes i mean i think the u.n. f.p.a. and the international n.g.o.s would be watching this very very closely and it shouldn't just be sterilization there could be other methods of family planning that are on offer as well i mean let's let's let's provide the full gamut of services ensure their voluntary and ensure that they're monitored very closely to
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make sure there are no abuses ok phil robertson always good to which he thank you you thank. lots more to come here at al-jazeera including the u.s. defense secretary he warns north korea that any use of nuclear weapons will bring an overwhelming response. and problems more problems for those in the libyan capital tripoli this time because a severe water shortages. hello there well first of all let's have a look at our typhoon then it's gradually working its way towards the north and as it does so it's throwing plenty of cloud ahead of it so for many of us in q two and across honshu we're already seeing some gray weather and some wet weather as well that system is running its way northward fairly slowly so we're expecting it to
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start affecting tokyo there as we head through around twelve g.m.t. on sunday that's when we're expecting the center of the storm to work its way towards the city as we head through into sunday though for japanese time around lunchtime the storm will be here just around key issue and then gradually over the next few hours that we work its way towards the northeast as it does so though it will be weakening so the winds won't be too much of a feature by the time it reaches tokyo instead the main problem with the system is going to be with the amount of rain it could easily give us a problem with flooding eventually though as we head through monday that system will pull away towards the northeast in behind it will be a lot quieter so tokyo will get to around seventeen degrees and it should be fine down to was the southeast plenty of fine weather also here for the southeastern parts of china for shanghai will get to around ninety around twenty eight in hong kong i think around the policy of taiwan though there will be more clouds and a few outbreaks of rain.
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in the most heavily drugged country in the world if there's any country that would be experiencing p.t.s.d. it would be a nation that's been out war for four generations al-jazeera explores the reason those drones are there is to assist the innocent civilians they exist and offer a growing haven they're not filing is them frightening because any moment they can bomb living beneath the drones this time of al-jazeera. all right these are our main stories here at al-jazeera spain's deputy prime
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minister soraya sciences center mariya is taking over the running of catalonia as government in barcelona madrid has filed the castle and government leaders and the chief of police in the aftermath of friday's independence decoration. mammal state media says the government will harvest drives from falling land that's been abandoned by ranger families who fled violence in northern rock kind state the paddy fields cover more than seventy thousand acres in mt all that's the area west affected by the crackdown carried out by the me and ma military against the ranger . voting in full of positions strongholds in kenya's presidential election rerun which where it was planned for today saturday has now been suspended police had fooled with protests in these areas actually own polling day which is on thursday unofficial results showing that president kenyatta has won more than ninety seven percent of those votes cost but only
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a third of registered voters that she did that they call said ballots after the opposition leader rather a day called for a boy because at least six people have been killed in violence that has accompanied the election for me to mila is following developments from the capital nairobi. less than twenty four hours ago the same area in the western part of nairobi was relatively peaceful there weren't any demonstrations or protests following thursday's election but now that's all changed this was an area that housed at least thirty shops a restaurant a bar and even homes for people living in this area but he was attacked by a mob of protesters the people here are calling them gangs they say this area was petrol bombed bringing down any infrastructure and they've been left with nothing william is a painter who operated a small business in the same area and when we were talking to you when you said
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that you felt victimized i felt victimized because expected this one we had almost got some people would come and bargain oh no businesses do somebody is going to die today but was arrested so we expected to stay don't go out of business unfortunately the police came to us and if they took advantage of what we came upon down here the real cons are the purchase of choice of files bread so quickly you know when they made your own very big trigger finger or a roof they. were raised so. that you would be ready to be talking about ari. as. we are very sorry. about us thank you william now william is just one of many people here who doesn't know what he'll do next he doesn't know where he'll go what they have tried to do is they've put up
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this makeshift fence to at least try and protect what's left me isn't very much when we moved out of this area further down the street we were met by a very aggressive mob of people who said we couldn't move any further they said they they would chase us out of the area if we try to stay too long this situation in where is is unsafe it's tense and people here say they're worried. people in the libyan capital tripoli have been reduced to drilling through pavements in search of water that's because of a breakdown in main supplies a lack of investment and security calls the taps to run dry they tore a gaze in the reports. this is how people in tripoli are getting their drinking water drilling three pavements to access underground wells in a desperate search for supplies in the. situation we're in now is affecting the
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entire city no water no electricity tenants can't pray without water they can't go to the bathroom they can't do anything not even drink the problem is that the government does nothing so now we are digging for water as a temporary solution. earlier this month supplies were cut to households for maintenance work to make matters worse an armed group then sabotage tripoli's drinking water infrastructure engine is a working hard to repair it but a lack of investment and a shortage of spare parts means progress is slow. after the libyan remains divided and devastated. the country is plagued by internal fighting and financial collapse. is another challenge for the un backed government of national accord based in tripoli it's already dealing with
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a failing health service spiraling inflation and public sector strikes a the pay people are demanding solutions to their worsening living conditions the head of the water resources authority says he needs more money from the government if things are to improve. in the absence of adequate spare parts a lack of money security chaos people have been taking matters into their own hands and this in turn has affected the performance of the system. he wins says divisions a deepening in libya and that finding a political agreement is the only way forward the people struggling to access basic supplies like water it can't come soon enough victoria gate to be out is there. the u.s. defense secretary has warned north korea against escalating its nuclear and missile tests james mattis is in the south korean capital for two days of talks and he says the relationship between the two allies has taken on a new urgency amid heightened tension on the korean peninsula make no mistake any
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attack on the united states or our allies will be defeated any use of nuclear weapons by the north will be met with a massive military seans effective and overwhelming more now from tony badly his in seoul. there were strong words from the united states defense secretary he was here in seoul on part of a two day visit partly to discuss the defense of the peninsula which is an annual thing between the u.s. and south korea and partly to pave the way for president transfers it on the seventh and eighth of november now that visit in itself is creating increased tensions here and general mattis was at pains to warn north korea that any nuclear attack with weapons would be met with a very very massive military response and he did intimate that north korea could not win in that situation having said that his tone in the last two days has been
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more conciliatory than that of president trump you may remember his fire and fury speech at the united nations in august and also his threat to totally destroy your career he has resorted to a word a war of words of mass destruction and people are worried that the world may turn to weapons there was a lot of concern in the united states is up to its defenses its bought three naval carrier groups into the region it's flown it's moved its. stealth fighters to japan just in case the president trumps visit produces some kind of reaction from north korea they've conducted six nuclear test most of those have been underground but the north korean foreign minister has warned that they will conduct an atmospheric nuclear test and who knows what that will provoke but there is a lot of concern on the korean peninsula that will happen what will happen general mattis is said basically the actions of north korea are provoking and accelerating the situation and causing
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a greater. greater happy possibility of conflict on the korean peninsula but he also stressed that the need was for diplomacy for talking he said the united states would not want war it wanted a denuclearization of the canary a korean peninsula now also said that he couldn't imagine any situation whereby the united states would accept a nuclear north korea now north korea is well on its way to being a nuclear power so something has to give the big question here is what will give and who will give it. now it's being reported that a federal grand jury in washington d c has approved the first charges in the investigation of a russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election now the charges are said to be still sealed under orders from a federal judge special counsel robert muller a former f.b.i. director is leading the investigation so far we don't know exactly what the
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accusations are but anyone who is charged could be taken into custody as soon as monday now australia's foreign minister will become acting prime minister after the deputy prime minister was kicked out of office by the high court the prime minister currently barnaby joyce was one of five politicians expelled from office because they had dual citizenship he's now renounced his new zealand passport and will reconsider recontest his seat in a bar election in december. in hong kong fashion designers are trying to craft a more sustainable dash by reducing waste millions of tons of material is true in a way world wide by the industry craig they some reports from hong kong. victor conte is searching for inspiration he's designing a collection of a new fashion label b.y.t. but he can't use just any material the hong kong based company is sustainably
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conscious which means he has to design clothes out of waste textiles. the fabrics are coming from different suppliers some of the stock from manufacturing and some of them are eco friendly material we have to think harder and consider more not just focus on how to make the clothes fashionable or trendy. one hundred billion garments i'm a globally every year most of them manufactured in china where waste is a major issue some companies have begun to tackle the problem finding cost savings in solutions such as recycling water the technology is now getting more mature you know to be able to to. to treat waste and i think you know we are in the forefront. in the technology one of the reason to be in the forefront is we want to find new ways of treating waste and being able to share the same knowledge to add to the whole industry globally the industry creates ninety two
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million tons of waste any early which environmentalist say is unsustainable what we need to do is unlock the design solutions and the technological solutions and of course scale this within the industry and create a market for it so that we can recycle all of this waste to highlight the problem sustainable fashion advocate redress created the eco chic design awards the world's first catwalk a bent to encourage designers to think about the environment ten finalists put their reputations on the runway at hong kong freshen week with collections created by up cycling textile waste i sent. i have to be important because we don't have enough resources to carry on the way we are in the industry leaders say change has to also come from beyond the runway from governments from brains and consumers brands are really beginning to understand the importance of a transparent supply chain of publishing that first and second to supply chain and consumers are really beginning to understand that they need to know more about the
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fashion supply chain and for us consumers that means taking more notice of where the clothes we purchase come from and more importantly what they're made of and also buying fuel clothes by taking better care of the ones that we already are craigslist and al-jazeera homegrown. terrorism to look at the top stories here at al-jazeera spain's deputy prime minister soraya sciences center maria to say here over the running of catalonia is government in barcelona madrid has fired the castle and government leaders and its chief of police in the aftermath of friday's independence decoration session supporters of warned there resist any takeover and it's not clear if the sacked regional leadership will willingly surface side b.m.r. said media says the government will harvest rise from farmland abandoned by range
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of families who fled fathers in northern rock kind stayed the paddy fields cover more than twenty eight thousand hectares in mt door that's the area worst affected in the crackdown by the meum our military against the ranger searching in for opposition strongholds in kenya's presidential election rerun planned for saturday has now been indefinitely suspended police had fought with protesters in those areas during polling day on thursday unofficial results show president a who has won more than ninety seven percent of the vote. the u.s. defense secretary has warned north korea against escalating its nuclear and missile tests james mattis is in the south korean capital seoul for two days of talks make no mistake any attack on the united states or our allies will be defeated uni use of nuclear weapons by the north will be met with a massive military effective and overwhelming u.s.
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media is reporting that a federal grand jury in washington d.c. has approved the first charges in the investigation of a russian meddling in the twenty six sixteen presidential election special counsel robert mueller a former f.b.i. director is leading the investigation it isn't yet known what the specific accusations are but anyone charged could be taken into custody as soon as monday all right there is the latest headlines for us here at al-jazeera inside. emotions are high in barcelona that it. could be that intense political drama as catalonia pushes for independence but can the region
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afford to go it alone what on.


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