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to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that moves us forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life is part of life it's culture. it's to. jim . if. you want to do good that's. how you try to get there like. she. jumped from the truck. with children today. just to zero. zero. catalunya suppose later karla's to mach's calls for continued democratic
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opposition to the madrid government's direct rule. i'm richelle carey this is our sara live from doha also coming up in march the government takes over farmland abandoned by ira henge of fleeing persecution. a us grand jury approves the first charges into alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election plus. i'm very mean to run your growers are trying to maximize the country's flower power. because carlos foods the mont has called for continued democratic opposition to moderates takeover of the region he also said he will continue working to build what he called a free country the spanish government officially dissolved the regional parliament after declared independence on friday. but the. the best way to
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defend what we have conquered so far is to have a democratic opposition to article one five five this is the conclusion of the deliberate attempt against cattle who have for many centuries felt different we have to overcome any threats and to act in a civic and peaceful manner. understatements has more from barcelona. speaking for the first time since inside paula months after the seismic vote to declare secession address the country from jerome which is his home city and called on people to democratically resist what was going on he said these will be difficult times ahead and he asked people to be patient he also called on all parties involved not to use force but evidently he intends to stay in place even though he's been sacked along with the rest of his cabinet will he actually be
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charged well the prosecutor general is due to announce of course of action against him and possibly other ministers as well on monday now other developments of a long lease lions of the ruling party the p.p. having garcia a member of parliament and also a seven made a statement in which he said that the prime minister of spain had been brave in his actions and that the independent movement would see an end to its activities now so this is really a gulf between two sides that got bigger than ever and also now we have a position whereby the spanish government it's appointed a new leader of this aerial affectively the deputy prime minister of spain and she is in appointing a whole series of civil servants to actually engage in a take over but how this will all roll out is entirely unclear there are
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demonstrations planned on sunday and firm action from the spanish government is guaranteed right across the board it would seem. i mean our state media says the government will harvest rice from farmland abandoned by one hinge of families who fled violence in northern rakhine state the paddy fields cover seventy one thousand acres and monk tao the area worst affected in the crackdown by the me and more military against the russian ship florence loyals more from yangon there are a couple of ways to look at this one is that this is simply a practical solution the rice crops are ripe for harvesting and if they were left to just stand in the fields they would go to waste so the myanmar government has put in place a plan to harvest the crops bringing in combine harvesters and neighbors to do the work and agricultural ministry spokesman has told us that the local government is in charge of the harvest and the eventual fail and the proceeds of the sale will go
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to the local government over there no details on how they plan to use it but the other issue is this raises ethical questions as the asia director of human rights watch puts it you really can't call a crop own unless when you've used a campaign of arson and violence to drive the owners from land and this is what the myanmar military has been accused of doing and the other issue pertains to future use is this harvest perhaps the first step of the myanmar government to appropriate the land from revenge or refugees who've been driven to bangladesh now if it is it will raise other questions what about repacked relation and resettlement of the refugees now granted we are a long way from that bangladesh and myanmar officials haven't yet worked out details of how they plan to repatriate range of refugees but they will have to be other questions that that need to be asked such as where will they return to and what will they return to their farms and villages are no longer there. local
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officials in bangladesh has cox's bazar proposing a voluntary sterilization plan for overcrowded henschel refugee camps they want central government to approve a plan for both men and women aid groups at the camp say they're working with limited resources and a lack of family planning can make things worse yes vice president says the country will no longer fund what he says are an effective un relief efforts for persecuted minorities in the middle east and says funds will instead be distributed to rector you through the u.s. agency for international development. has more from washington d.c. . christian groups in the united states have long wanted their government to do something about what they see as the ongoing persecution of christians in the middle east especially in iraq our fellow christians and all who are persecuted in the middle east should not have to rely on multinational institutions when america can help them directly and tonight it is my privilege to announce that president
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trump has ordered the state department to stop funding ineffective relief efforts at the united nations pence's announcement was cheered by the evan jellicoe community which wields considerable political influence but officials at both the state department and the u.n. don't yet have a lot of details on the policy and funding changes this does not apply to all u.n. programs and it applies to programs that address the first cuban displaced religious minority communities usa id will be involved in the us state department well as well we continue to make sure that our aid efforts on the ground including in iraq which was part of this discussion are on the basis of need and we try to serve all communities based on need this isn't the first time the trumpet ministration has told you and funding in order to advance its policy agenda earlier this year it cut funding from the family planning program because of concerns over
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forced abortion in china something which the government in beijing denies however this plan to help a specific religious group is raising some concerns because it would use tax dollars to help a specific religious group not help an entire country in crisis. u.s. law has long been clear no public money can be used to pay for religious services education or proselytizing and even though presidents george w. bush and barack obama allowed religious groups to apply for federal grants to help the needy around the world these groups had to follow strict rules to make sure their programs served everyone regardless of faith one expert in the faith based initiative community says the trouble ministration could face lawsuits if it goes ahead with its plan the separation of church and state found in our constitution and the establishment clause in case law would really impede something of that sort think of vice president pence announcement what kind of degrade that aspect and
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have a lot of smaller organizations buying for these fines that might not meet the requirement of fundamental conflict at work trying to protect those being targeted because of their faith without breaching the u.s. is wall between church and state rosalynn jordan al-jazeera at the state department the u.s. defense secretary has warned north korea against escalating its nuclear and missile tests james mattis is in the south korean capital seoul for two days of talks he says the relationship between the two allies has taken on a new urgency and that heightened tension on the korean peninsula make no mistake any attack on the united states or our allies will be defeated any used of nuclear weapons by the north will be met with a massive military sean effect of an overwhelming time certainly is following developments from the south korean capital. there were strong words from the united
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states defense secretary he was here in seoul on part of a two day visit partly to discuss the defense of the peninsula which is an annual thing between the u.s. and south korea and partly to pave the way for president transfers it on the seventh and eighth of november now that visit in itself is creating increased tensions here and general mattis was at pains to warn north korea that any nuclear attack with weapons would be met with a very very massive military response and he did intimate that north korea could not win in that situation having said that his tone in the last two days has been more conciliatory than that of president trump you may remember his fire and fury speech at the united nations in august and also his threat to totally destroy north korea he has resorted to a word a war of words of mass destruction and people are worried that the world may turn to weapons there was a lot of concern here the united states is upped its defenses its bought three
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naval carrier groups into the region it's flown it's moved its five stealth fighters to japan just in case the president trumps visit produces some kind of reaction from north korea they've conducted six nuclear test most of those have been underground but the north korean foreign minister has warned that they will conduct an atmospheric nuclear test and who knows what that will provoke but there is a lot of concern on the korean peninsula that will happen what will happen general mattis is said basically the actions of north korea are provoking and accelerating the situation and causing a greater. greater happy possibility of conflict on the korean peninsula but he also stressed that the need was for diplomacy for talking he said the united states would not want war it wanted a denuclearization of the korean peninsula now also said that he couldn't imagine any situation whereby the united states would accept a nuclear north korea now north korea is well on its way to being
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a nuclear power so something has to give the big question here is what will give and who will give it. at least ten security personnel have been killed in separate incidents in afghanistan a u.s. soldier was killed and six others injured in a helicopter crash in logar province and in nearby gaza at least nine afghan police officers were killed in a series of taliban attacks on police checkpoints still ahead on al jazeera. government is struggling to contain a growing number of new hiv infections. and following the hollywood harvey weinstein scandal women say they feel they have a voice against sexual harassment. hello
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there our typhoon is working its way towards japan you can see it on the satellite picture this distinctive swirl here supporting the cloud away from taiwan but plenty of cloud ahead of it streaming already across many parts of japan the eye of the storm though isn't expected to affect tokyo until around twelve g.m.t. on sunday so we've got a while before then if we head down towards the southeastern parts of china here it's largely fine and dry force on sunday shanghai getting to nineteen degrees and for hong kong will be at twenty eight so a fair amount of cloud there for some of us in taiwan probably staying dry for most of us there and there's also a fair amount of cloud around the province that will be pepping up as we head through into monday bringing some heavier rain as it tracks its way towards the north now for india so really in the south we've got the monsoon still with us so here still want to roll the pokie showers there also affecting us in sri lanka but elsewhere largely fine and dry still an issue with pollution though for some of us in the northern parts of india but still temperatures making it to around thirty or
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thirty one degrees and it's a bit warmer forcing karate will be all the way out but at thirty four now here in doha it's definitely not as hot as it has been but still pretty well on temperatures up to thirty five degrees and that's ninety five if you convert into fahrenheit. with. provoking debate the corporate tax of north georgia growth on the barack obama that will but only do that enough not true chuckling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom arbitrary killings torture giving the rule didn't give me crap challenging the established line every single one of the three thousand people who was killed was a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute if you didn't get to show them one saw and join that he has son for up front of this time on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour catalonia suppose later karla's puts them on has called for continued democratic opposition against direct rule from madrid his plea comes less than a day after the spanish government dissolved catalonia is regional parliament following a unilateral declaration of independence in our state media says the government will harvest rice from farmland abandoned by range of families who fled violence and more than rakhine state paddy fields cover over seventy thousand acres in one pal an area worst affected in the crackdown by the myanmar military against the wreckage of. a federal grand jury and washington d.c. has reportedly approved the first charges and investigation into alleged russian
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meddling in the two thousand us presidential election yes media says it's not yet known what the accusations are but any one charge could be taken into custody as early as monday this is all being led by special counsel robert muller bob reynolds joins us now from washington d.c. with more on this this investigation rob has been plotting along plotting along a few weeks here and there but really nothing significant this is a pretty a pretty big development what do we know. well this is a pretty big development and i think it also. foretells that this investigation will carry on probably into next year certainly which is of course an election year here in the united states for members of congress now. the complex investigation of this sort normally prosecutors will start out by
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indicting a lower ranking individuals in that alleged conspiracy in hopes that they will then provide incriminating information on higher ups the focus of the investigation as you mentioned richelle is on the russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential campaign and on whether the campaign colluded actively with russia in that the probe has also been broadened to include a look into the financial dealings of the business empire no the president donald trump himself inadvertently triggered this investigation last may when he fired then f.b.i. chief james komi because as he later admitted on national television told me was actively pursuing leads in the russian matter now who's been indicted and for what we don't know yet but we will soon the targets of the molar investigation have
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included a one time campaign chairman for the trump campaign paul man a fourth and michael flynn who briefly served as the national security adviser in the trump administration before being fired after lying about the extent of his contacts with russian officials and muller has also questioned donald trump jr about a meeting that he took with a russian lawyer linked to the kremlin the stance of will focus of that meeting was russia's efforts to dig up dirt on. the opponent to drop in the presidential campaign hillary clinton in to pass that on to the campaign so there are a lot of moving parts in this investigation but this certainly is as you indicated a watershed moment that will find more in just a day or two to ok it's going to be
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a long twenty four to forty eight hours for some people rob thank you setting it for opposition strongholds in kenya's presidential election rerun planned for saturday has been indefinitely suspended police had fought with protesters in those areas during a polling day on thursday so unofficial results in a hurricane yada has won more than ninety seven percent of the vote but only a third of registered voters cast their ballots after opposition leader writing a call for a boycott at least six people having killed in the violence during this election the media miller is following developments in the capital nairobi. less than twenty four hours ago the syria in the western part of nairobi was religiously peaceful there weren't any demonstrations or protests following thursday's election but now that's all changed this was an area that housed at least thirty shops a restaurant a bar and even homes for people living in this area but he was attacked by
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a mob of protesters the people here are calling them gangs they say this area was petrol bombed bringing down any infrastructure and they've been left with nothing william is a painter who operated a small business in this area and william we were talking to you and you said that you felt victimized i felt victimized because expected this one we had almost got some deported common bar businesses. somebody is going to die today but was arrested so we expected to stay don't go out of business unfortunately the police came to us and if they took advantage of what we came upon down here are the real cons with a purchase or choice of files read so quickly you know when they made your own very secure finger or you would think. that you would be too we'll
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be talking about ari do as. you've. got us thank you william now william is just one of many people here who doesn't know what he'll do next he doesn't know where he'll go what they have tried to do is they've put up this makeshift fence to at least try and protect what's left me isn't very much when we moved out of this area further down the street we were met by a very aggressive mob of people who said we couldn't move any further they said they they would chase us out of the area if we try to stay too long this situation in where is is unsafe it's tense and people here say they're worried. voters in iceland are heading to the polls for the second parliamentary election in two years the prime minister was one of more than thirty women who have accused producer harvey weinstein of rape or sexual harassment kristen salumi takes
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a look at whether this will affect change in the workplace. by now it's a familiar story a young woman trying to make it as an actress put in a compromising position by a hollywood power broker kerensky lair is one of hundreds of women to come forward with her experience of sexual harassment in recent weeks it started with this man filmmaker harvey weinstein who lost his job after it was revealed he paid millions to silence his victims since then the spotlight has fallen on other powerful men including schoolers alleged harasser the filmmaker james toshack amazon studios executive roy price fox news anchor bill o'reilly and fashion photographer terry richardson have lost jobs as a result of accusations and even ninety three year old former president george h.w. bush has been forced to apologize for groping women in his wheelchair i feel like i have a voice and i don't have a fear anymore of saying it because i realize so many people went through it once
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it kind of felt like we could come out of the hole then i felt like ok i can i can be a voice to any social worker will tell you the problem is much bigger than hollywood one in five women say they've suffered some form of sexual harassment or abuse people are afraid of losing their job they're afraid of being reprimand the retaliated against isolated so even if they're legally protected that they could just face a lot of kind of social isolation at work but women traditionally under represented in leadership positions are increasingly finding strength in numbers whether it's here at the detroit women's convention where they're working to get more women elected as you can see it is a global movement or on social media where the need to hash tag has been used by millions of people sharing their own stories of harassment it's a movement according to the executive director of u.n. women that is having an impact around the world gender based violence is
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a universal problem what is called one and what binds women in the let's away the. is the facts that alone often when it happens and what makes the need to test tech exciting is suddenly for someone else to stand with you. and how do i mention school karen is still performing and teaching drama as well as an important lesson for women how to use their voice christian salumi al-jazeera new york. government is struggling to control a growing number of new hiv cases the country has one of the highest rates of new infections in latin america and our government has launched a campaign to target high risk groups a lot america editor with cinnamon reports. forty eight year old sandra who asks that we not use her full name was pregnant with her sixth child when she discovered
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her husband had infected her with hiv she says her first thought was suicide now she's undergoing treatment and is back working at her husband's small groom factory there as she could not but while the treatment will deal with the hiv she says it can't sweep away the stigma still associated with the disease. there are still many people who think they'll get infected if they just touch me even my best friend this is so terrible i still can't accept it sandra is one victim of an alarming health hazard in the last six years the hiv rate in chile has more than doubled the rainbow belligerent think that with a.j. we are between the age of twenty fifty years and mainly man you know but we are seeing everywhere you know new york gains or people although done the whole. men and women who are who are the infertile
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they don't usually use condoms. dr petit's believes that because treatment for hiv is now readily available in chile many young people have lost what he calls respect for the disease and so are no longer taking precautions with women of the year a new campaign is underway to underscore the need for safe sex at any age the government already distribute seventeen million condoms a year. but critics say the state needs to do much more for example sex education became mandatory in two thousand and ten but only for secondary schools. yes you know this i know what. we need to implement an education campaign from childhood to adolescence in every single school we need to reduce bureaucracy so people can get condoms more easily or if they're infected so they know where to go if the testing and treatment doctors here are calling the hiv rise an epidemic it shocked many and socially conservative chile a country that experts say must quickly deal not just with the disease but with the
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misconceptions and prejudices that helps credit you seem human just sent to chile for years barriers to international trade held iranian businesses back from blossoming but now iranian florists are hoping seeds of success lie on a global industry that's worth one hundred four billion dollars a year so what's holding them back same as robbie reports the fourteenth century persian poet hoffa's once wrote the roses beauty is very dear enjoy its petals when it is here in iran they take that quite literally from finally manicured streets to the vendors who sell roses by the basket for happy and sad occasions flowers are a part of daily life in iran some street lights even get their own flower beds. but iranians say they haven't been able to realize the industry's potential. one of the
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biggest challenges we face in iran is a lack of modern technology most of the expertise exists in europe and we haven't been able to transfer that knowledge to iran many runs greenhouses in vera mean a town a few hours outside to her own he says when sanctions were lifted after the nuclear deal things got better but to be competitive in the international marketplace iranian growers will need more help all the growers we've spoken to say the same thing they wish that their government would focus a little bit more time on helping them modernize their industry not just because of the economic potential but because unlike the things you normally associate with iran oil and gas nuclear energy growers say there's nothing controversial about flowers they're just beautiful and they make people happy. it might be a hard sell after all the global oil and gas industry is worth nearly one point seven trillion dollars a year and you can't run a car on flowers but he says in iran flowers can be a serious business too and that income from the agriculture sector could someday
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rival oil revenue money which. much as we care about seats in opec i think we should pay even more attention to the seats in the food and agriculture organization and pave the way for foreign investors in iran but getting anything made in iran to international markets is still a challenge. the main problem now is the high cost of exports we cannot compete with the main flower export in countries like hall and we don't produce flowers in mass quantities since the production is low it's mostly for domestic consumption but even half the flowers consumed domestically go to waste dying in transit are left unsold once they get to market it. in a meeting with president rouhani i asked him to help our producers with low interest long term loans so they could modernize their greenhouses modernization is very expensive those who are passionate about growing and selling flowers will tell you it's one of the best jobs in iran and that investing in new technology and
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infrastructure to reach on top markets will be money well spent as well as a chance for the country to show off its flower power is in basra zero very mean iran. and for the latest on what's next in catalonia after that vote for secession as well as the devoting the election in kenya at our website al jazeera dot com. these are the headlines on al-jazeera to post cattle on later karla's pushed them on has called for continued democratic opposition to measure its takeover of the region the spanish government officially dissolved the regional parliament after declared independence on friday but the from. the best way to defend what we have conquered so far is to have a democratic opposition to article one five five this is the conclusion of the
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deliberate attempt against cattle who have for many centuries felt different but we have to overcome any threats and to act in a civic and peaceful manner. there's a response from madrid this so-called process ended yesterday was a regional parliament in catalonia absolutely divided hof up the parliament was expelled the couldn't participate they didn't they didn't even dare to cast a vote openly could be secretly the formal person didn't even take the fore in that debate and he proclaimed looks as if they proclaim the republic of korea but twenty four hours afterwards who. republic of capital you know neymar state media says the government will harvest rice from farmland abandoned by families they fled violence in northern rakhine state that paddy fields cover more than twenty eight thousand
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seven hundred hectares and one dal the area worst affected in the crackdown by the me and more military against their ahead jeff. yes media is reporting that a federal grand jury in washington d.c. has approved the first charges and investigation over russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election the charges are said to still be under seal from orders from a federal judge special counsel robert muller a former f.b.i. director is leading that investigation australia's foreign minister will become acting prime minister after the deputy prime minister was booted out of office by the high court deputy prime minister barnaby joyce was one of five politicians expelled from office because they have dual citizenship he has now renounced his new zealand passport and will recontest to see any byelection in december julie bishop will stand in as acting leader when the prime minister malcolm turnbull travels overseas next week keep it here for his next more news after that. on counting the cost of italy's wealthy northern region say more autonomy. is
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reshaping european politics how might china's new leadership be economy plus why trade is. the back country because this time just. one hundred years since the british government paved the way for the creation of israel with its bowl full declaration we all support the legacy is for israel palestine and beyond and up from special.


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