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they were american until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you most award winning documentaries and live music on air and online. or is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on saturday. but. this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm dead welcome to the news grid. leader calls for this full opposition to spain's moves to get rid of him and his government he's spoken off to the region that woke up under the direct control of madrid which is taking unprecedented measures to stop secession will live to barcelona and we'll look at an interesting shift in the online conversation also on the grid they fled their homes with not much more than the clothes on their backs and stories of the worst kinds of atrocities now the farmlands these rohinton refugees have been forced to abandon is being taken over by me and mars governments and a home run celebration quickly turns into condemnation for world series baseball are caught making an offensive just out another player so we'll look at all the reaction that's coming up later in our sports segment so. the robots i don't have
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a heart or a brain but it does have a saudi citizenship i don't have a home it's looking at how high tech studs i saw secretary on life and in your forties the hash tag is good. you're the newsgroup thanks for joining us we're live on air we're streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com all those stories and much more coming up but first we begin with breaking news from the so mali capital mogadishu where we're hearing there have been two car bomb attacks and the gunfight is now happening these are some of the pictures on the video emerging on twitter as well as other social media as you can see there's a tall cloud of smoke emerging from buildings the major mohammed for saying he's a police officer he's told the reuters news agency that it happened near the national theater mohammad the dough is in neighboring kenya joining us now so we're
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hearing how mud not one car bomb but potentially a second has just gone off yesterday and we can conform to some of the ten years car bomb attacks in mogadishu one of them up and at the busy intersection in the center of the city near the tomb of the unknown soldier another couple mixed promoted just outside the not too hotel which is just into the national theater us through and through away from the presidential palace and the someone is director of national intelligence who i spoke to just moments ago confirmed to me that three heavily armed. fighters have gained entry into the hotel are currently engaging the hotel security and police in a gunfight. worrying developments out of somalia because if we put this into
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context mohamed it's a city on edge after several recent attacks and one earlier this month which was the biggest in fact in its history. indeed it is two weeks exactly two weeks is that must've bombing at another busy intersection in the middle of mogadishu many firmly is still mourning for the dead more than three hundred fifty people dead in that attack more than four hundred injured and so you fall will fall a lot of talk which of course really. get the people of mogadishu against the group with another reason us a talk of the salt but it just shows that al-shabaab intention is to keep the pressure on somalia's weak security operators and show them how they are the up behind of this moment and just stand by
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for a second mohamed i believe we're just about to show some pictures coming through to us right now on al-jazeera this is from the associated press news agency so these are pictures from just outside the hotel where that first car bomb took place just a short time ago how my dear friend you are saying earlier that the your source that you had spoken to had said that there were al shabaab fighters that were spotted i believe you said outside the hotel or potentially inside the hotel but yet there has been no claim of responsibility from al shabaab. while they always do it and almost of that and of such an attack but then you know of a group of these kind of hogs in mogadishu it's definitely them on the director of national intelligence believes that it's actually the fighters who are carrying
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out these attacks ok mohamed odeh we'll leave it there we thank you for that developing story coming to us from so we'll keep an eye out on developments there and bring you all the latest alliance here at al-jazeera now carlos peter. may not be catalonia as leader anymore but you wouldn't know it from the staged appearance he made just a couple of hours ago so in a statement aired on local television here urged catalans to peacefully oppose spain's takeover of their region as he promised to keep working towards a free country he and his cabinet and catalonia senior police of all been removed as madrid uses extraordinary powers to stop the region breaking away it would this go on and game and that citizens you all understand the period which it just started is one that we must continue defending with stability and peaceful
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commitment your actions are the reflection of a mature country that knows that the reaction it wishes to follow we have to continue we have to persevere with that attitude that will help us succeed without violence and without insult of being inclusive respecting people symbols and opinions and the protests of those catalogs that disagree with what the majority in parliament have decided. so while the spoken words alone are the voice of spanish unity was out in force on the streets of madrid thousands of people joined a protest they organized by right wing party vox which advocates for a centralised spanish states let's take you back to barcelona bring in anderson men's joining us from there for a start off with carla spear jim on so he's been sacked andrew yet he came out and he made the statement now the question is what happens to him there's a talk that he may be jailed. there is talk that he could be charged with a charge called rebellion and that is actually going to be in the civil courts so
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lawyers say i'm not is a decision by the prosecutor general i will be made on monday now no one is sure what happens in the meantime in fact no one's sure who if anybody at all is running the loony or right now i'm standing here in some ways square which is right beside the seat of government and i'll give you a little look around now and pretty surreal atmosphere where it's like any saturday with some taurus walking around taking a look at the fantastic architecture over here a few people engaging in ice creams that you wouldn't think there was a whiff of rebellion in the air whatsoever it's it's very bizarre and there is obviously a serious aspect to this in the sense that no one really knows what's going to happen next and i'm going to take you now to look at the palace of the general its hat now this is where. the mall should be right now in
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a crisis but no he's at home in jerome he's obviously engaged in a lot of talking with ministers who are also taking the weekend off so to speak and when i say that i don't mean taking it off or relaxing because there's nothing relaxing about the situation in catalonia right now it's very tense indeed we've already heard from the spanish government a rule whole raft of sackings including the police commander and his chief officer and also the man above those offices a director who was effectively a political appointment they're all gone and we're now waiting to hear exactly how this regional police force known as new source in fact this is an officer there on guard here at the palace. right now who is going to be in charge of his office if you go along to the left again you'll see some more of those police now all of
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these police are in a state of flux is a power vacuum and there's also a complete confusion about who takes the orders from whom it would seem but they've all been circulated with a memo saying that they must be neutral and professional about what they do will they be used to control any disorder demonstrations the answer is probably yes according to our source who actually predicted this independence move to be taking place on friday afternoon he said that. would be used because it was seen as the most user friendly helpful means of dealing with any unrest because of the hatred towards the spanish police and the civil guard moving on from there as far as the political debate goes. the whole rollout of further announcements politically will happen in the coming days is a slow motion to all of this it's not
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a rolling ball with things happening all the time it is slow moving and i think that's definitely a tactic of mariano rajoy that's been deployed so far in article one five five being imposed and direct rule descending on this place it seems the weekend in between is being used as a sort of cooling off period from the momentous events here on friday this this square was packed jammed full with tens of thousands of people all the streets around it were packed as well we were looking down from above on a balcony the atmosphere was extraordinary for a whole four hours a people were chanting wanting to speak to the president on a big stage just here but he was inside the building talking to his ministers working out tactics but not actually engaging with the people he is in a situation right now of great pressure and difficulty he's effectively use
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parliament to declare a secession but in terms of his own future entirely unclear what will happen will he be taken away in handcuffs will he be in exile somewhere or will he try and cities out here in the square these are all questions that remain unanswered and also the government has made calls to the public to support the government could there be occupations of public buildings could you see some sort of sitting here the palace unclear unclear right the way round the wicket totally confusing in many ways from both sides all right well you'll keep us across all the developments for the time being andrew thank you. well let's bring in mohamed because the seems to be turning online rahula how so very interesting actually now after weeks of pro-capital anea sentiment dominating the online conversation as we've seen in
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the past well suddenly saying now an increase in perl unity talk and this is even in barcelona now george is there and he says that they're beating people carrying spanish flags right now and all people talking about this and there's also this picture being said a lot right now by pro unionists who compared catalonia independence push to going off a cliff especially given the fact that it's not getting much support from e.u. leaders now the european council president doll tusk tweeted for the e.u. nothing changes spain remains our only interlocutor now that means a person who takes part in a conversation now guy starts who is the president of the alliance of liberals and democrats for europe calls this a fake independence adding that he doesn't recognize it and the council of europe secretary general says that the unity of spain must be protected but scroll down as you can see just below his comments gordon responds pointing out that in
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a letter you'll see spaniards protecting the unity you are supporting and to explain this a letter or time means higher. and it's basically a term common in the use for supporters of the cats land movement and for example this cup i want to show you which is getting a lot of traction people carrying spanish flags attacking the cat saloon radio station presumably because it's part of catalonia is public broadcasting service people sharing this video are describing the protesters as fascists and here's another video of a pro unity protester punching an independent supporter outside a bar in boss alone now. now it's been retreated thousands of times but on the other side of the spectrum there's the side people are talking about a silent majority showing just how many people in boston support the government in madrid and want to remain part of spain and it just highlights the divisions in
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boston right now but we have to remember that the most recent polls in september did say that only forty percent of cats lions wanted to secede and these are just pictures that show the region citizens and still not wanting to be completely on board with the decision to declare independence we've got to get your thoughts on all of these latest developments in catalonia connect with us using the hash tag a.j. news great or dismissed as we directly i met right here at home that we're all trending on our web site is this article what next for catalonia the big question key questions answered you can find it on the home page under the trending tab we also have world reaction to catalonia is call for independence and opinion pieces spelling out both sides of the arguments all on al-jazeera dot com. you can get in touch with us here on the news grid we do want to hear from you on these stories sending your comments to any one of our online platforms were on twitter so you can
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tweet us at a.j. english or we're on facebook at facebook dot com slash a.j. news grid you can also send us a whatsapp plus one seven four five triple one one four nine always use the hash tag a.j. news grid now kenya remain stuck in a dangerous political limbo three days after repeat presidential election that's all but certain to keep her in power voting in four opposition strongholds is still suspended and turnout everywhere else appears at a record low of thirty five percent the opposition leader rollo dingo refused to take part saying the problems that derailed the first election still exist coffin soy joining us from western kenya and the opposition leader while a stronghold what is the likelihood that voting will actually restarts in the opposition strongholds where it's been suspended catherine. very very unlikely daryn and right now i'm at a place called me gori one of the four counties where the election was suspended
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and this is an area that so some of the west some of the most violent confrontations between police and protesters who had blocked this highway saying that they will not allow any ballot materials getting gets to the polling stations and you know we've just come from another county that also witnessed running battles between police and protesters as well. at and informally set up roadblock in kisumu this men are using an electricity pole to make sure no vehicle carrying ballot boxes passes through. all the while they're saying no election no who and calling themselves the national resistance movement the new wing of the opposition coalition led by right we are not supposed to work because of our father tell us not to vote so we don't know why these people are bringing the. last box in. voting has been called off in four
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counties here in western kenya threats and violence have made it difficult for electrical mission officials to get stuff ballot boxes and voting slips to polling stations about one point eight million registered voters are affected when it comes to. when their lives. political and religious leaders say the saturday election should not have been called in the first place we the people. be respected our. presidential candidate be contented with what. to get. on with the election now hold off many people are hoping tensions might
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ease the dozens of people who were injured in a confrontation between police and processes on thursday were brought to this hospital several of them want to said and discharged us some a still let me ted with gunshot wounds that man there was shot at an area not too far away from here. system millicent blames the police but she and many other supporters of hope that while he may not have participated in the poll he may yet help to change the way elections are held in the future so here's the thing catherine does a poor turnout prove that rollo then does call for a boycott has worked and what more can you tell us about his so-called resistance movement. daryn it really depends on who you talk to right supporters will tell you that this has been a huge success millions of people did not go to vote and this means according to
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them that they do not and those who are looking for but supporters of kenyatta a will say that this is simplistic there's many other reasons why people might not have gone to vote we're talking about the just the atmosphere of intimidation and uncertainty leading up to the election perhaps made people fear for their talking about the weather on that day there was very bad weather it rained heavily in some parts of that could have pushed could have put to put people away and they're also talking about the facts that. you talk about other countries where you have that have registered a low voter turnout in repeated elections and to your question about the national resistance movement. this is still very unclear a lot of people are still trying to understand what it means what their objectives are but a right guy has said that this is not an armed move it's not an armed resistance
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it's going to use a legal means to put pressure on the government he's talking about boy courting a certain products and services or certain individuals to pressure the government he also mentioned. civil disobedience he's also say that the national resistance movement does not replace the opposition coalition that he heads he says in fact it's just going to be a winning within the opposition coalition daryn ok catherine sort thank you we have an interesting opinion piece on al-jazeera dot com and it's one of the most read articles on kenya so the author argues that the low turnout in the election rerun which hovers around forty percent compared to seventy nine percent in august was a referendum on the credibility of the rerun in which the entire country said no thanks or you can read her analysis on al-jazeera dot com by selecting the opinion tab and you'll find that very article right there. reports are swirling in the us
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media that a federal grand jury has approved the first charges coming out of the investigation into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election there's still no word as to who will be charged or what they're accused off special counsel robert muller a former f.b.i. director is in charge off the probe so let's just remind ourselves what this is all about back in january u.s. intelligence agencies concluded that russia interfered in the presidential election to try to hell donald trump beat hillary clinton they say this was done through the hacking and release of embarrassing e-mails along with anti clinton propaganda on social media now robert miller is trying to work out if the trunk campaign colluded with those russian efforts lattimer putin has always denied that his government interfered in the u.s. election and trump describes the whole thing as a witch hunts brunell's following the story for us joining us from washington who
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might be under indictment here rob. well as you mentioned during the documents are sealed so we don't know precisely who but we do know that in general sense when a prosecutor is in is trying to unravel a complex alleged conspiracy of this type with many layers usually the prosecutor will go after lower ranking individuals in the chain of alleged conspiracy in hopes that putting pressure on them will induce them to. provide more damaging information on higher ups in return for more lenient treatment that's just usually the way it goes whether it's you know a drug organization or you know a criminal racketeering outfit of any kind in this case it's a very wide ranging probe not only as you mentioned the idea of collusion between
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the trump campaign and the russians which the president denied as you as you mentioned but also it has been expanded to include the financial dealings of the trump. family and its business empire so among the people who we know are who have been questioned and who have been targets of this probe one is paul man a forte he was for quite a long time the top campaign official the campaign manager for the trump campaign up until around the time of the republican convention in the summer of two thousand and sixteen he's been questioned by the special prosecutor you see him there in this picture he is known to have worked also for. political parties in ukraine russia linked russia pro russian parties in the ukraine received seventeen plus million dollars from them over a period of time and yet did not. register as
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a foreign agent as is required by us in. law another person who's been. subject of quite a bit of speculation and an investigation is michael flynn you'll recall he served for a very brief time as the national security adviser after president front was sworn into office but then add to it was fired because he apparently lied about the extent of his contacts with russian officials and other russian individuals and then there's donald trump jr who had a well publicized a meeting with a russian lawyer live with links to the kremlin the extensive will purpose of that meeting as donald trump jr understood it was that the russians were going to provide some sort of dirt on hillary clinton which could then help his father donald trump win the election so it is a wide ranging multi layered probe the special counsel robert mueller has
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assembled what has been called a dream team of prosecutors and they've been going at it now for several many months since may and it's likely that this is really just the beginning and that this will so for him you know how many. twenty eight thirteen which is which is of course an election year for mueller and his team what is the overall strategy. well again the strategy would be to go as far as possible towards you know the top of every knew what you know there's the famous watergate phrase what did the president know and when did he know it there's a lot of legal dispute as to whether a president can actually be the subject of a criminal indictment that's a matter for lawyers to to discuss and constitutional lawyers but i think that muller's intention is to go as far up the chain as he possibly can to find out what really took place all right rob reynolds thank you well from trying to sell his tax
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plan to fellow republicans and declaring a public health emergency with respect to the oil crisis it's been a busy week for trump and our senior white house producer chris sheridan sums it all up for you in this article another we can trump land it's on al-jazeera dot com under the news tab and then click on u.s. and canada. well if you're watching us on facebook live in a moment what you'll see is the venezuelan man begging his government for the right to die with dignity and coming up in just a few moments right here on the newsgroup the tension between preservation and development in gaza we'll find out how artifacts are being lost beneath the bulldozers. with. and we have a fair amount of heavy rain over parts of turkey at the moment the first system is
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already edged eastwards away from turkey so here it is over lebanon making its way over the northern parts of iraq but then behind it there's a cluster of rather intense showers there also affecting us in cyprus and then more wet weather working its way into the northwestern parts of turkey at the moment now that system is going to gradually track its way eastwards there for sunday so sunday again it's a very wet weather over cyprus over parts of turkey and then up towards the northeast and ahead of it maybe some clouds maybe the old spot of rain perhaps but for most of us it is dry for baghdad it looks right certainly thirty three degrees will be our maximum temperature force in kabul will be getting to around twenty four or twenty five as we head through the next few days further towards the south and here in doha we're looking at temperatures around thirty five degrees at the moment and they're dropping down to around twenty five or twenty six at night at the moment for the south also a fair amount of cloud with us into the law about twenty eight degrees will be our maximum here as we head through sunday on monday a little bit more in the way of cloud could bring us a few more outbreaks of rain there but also get to around twenty nine degrees down
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towards the southern parts of africa far more in the way of unsettled weather here you see this area of rain that extends all the way down towards mozambique the wettest of the weather is in the north tracking westwards with with. it is the inhabitants of a nation that give it its unique identity. each culture maintained and developed by the endeavors of its people in a six part series al jazeera those into tunisia has reached tapestry through the prism of six extraordinary individuals. mind tunisia coming soon on a jersey and. it was an audacious bid to capture a city in the southern philippines and turn it into a province of i saw. with the smoking room is asia the new battlefront one on one east investigates at this time on al-jazeera.
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. the arab.
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the most read story right now one hundred years on the bow for a declaration explained it's one of the most controversial contests the documents in the modern history of the arab world and the sooner this week rather palestinians around the world are marking one hundred years since the balfour declaration was issued that was on november second one thousand seven hundred so we'd much more about it's. ok for the counts of killings rapes torture and other atrocities and refugees forced from their homes in me and mar are losing their abandoned farmlands to me and mars government human rights activists say it costs more doubt over whether they'll ever be able to return from bangladesh that's where hundreds of thousands are sheltering the government has begun harvesting rice in three row hinge overload. has in mind dow
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township that's in rakhine state almost thirty thousand hectares of this land are owned by farmers who are driven away by violence that started in late august a spokesman for the agriculture ministry has told al-jazeera that the money from the sale will go to the local governments florence louis has more from me and more is largest city gone. there are a couple of ways to look at this one is that this is simply a practical solution the rice crops are ripe for harvesting and if they were left to just stand in the fields they would go to waste so the myanmar government has put in place a plan to harvest the crops bringing in combine harvesters and laborers to do the work and agricultural ministry spokesman has told us that the local government is in charge of the harvest and the eventual fail and the proceeds of the sale will go to the local government over there no details on how they plan to use it but the other issue is this raises ethical questions as the asia director of human rights
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watch puts it you really can't call a crop ownerless when you've used a campaign of arson and violence to drive the owners from their land and this is what the myanmar military has been accused of doing and the other issue pertains to future use is this harvest perhaps the first step of the myanmar government to appropriate the land from range of refugees who've been driven to bangladesh now if it is it will raise other questions what about repatriation and resettlement of the refugees now granted we are a long way from that bangladesh and myanmar officials haven't yet worked out details of how they plan to repatriate range of refugees but they will have to be other questions that that need to be asked such as where will they return to and what will they return to their farms and villages are no longer there well let's put some questions to simon bill nurse he is the executive director of the
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international campaign for the roman jaw joining us live from washington d.c. good to have you with us how would you make sense of the government to me m.r. harvesting these rifle rice fields that belong to the. well that's very concerning particularly since you know according to your reports the government intends to take ownership of the harvested rice and it does seem to be any attempts to return the rice and the original farmland so that traditional written jones what would this mean for the prospects off return for these hundreds of thousands of for a hinge as you've had to flee or something makes the the prospect of their return that much i mean as year report pointed out there's been no agreement yet between. governments and the bangladeshi government of the return of these refugees and if
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the burmese government is going to steal their crops it's going to make that return to law. is there a practical solution out all here i mean you heard our reporter. put it forward in her report that some are saying this is simply a practical solution the fields are ripe for harvesting and if they don't then they'll go to waste well i think it's definitely practical to harvest the crops the burmese government needs to make sure that the crops of then. returns to their original owners are enjoying let me ask you about another topic we're following as well and we are hearing from local officials in that in bangladesh is cox's bizarre that they're now in fact proposing a voluntary realisation scheme for overcrowded refugee camps what do you make of that. well as long as it's voluntary it's not a problem i mean i think the key thing here is that ranger women need to have their
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own reproductive choices respected so as long as this is just a voluntary service that's provided to injure women as part of our overall health care that would be ok ok we'll leave it there we thank you very much for joining us from washington d.c. with your thoughts on the stories or interactive journalists that al-jazeera to keep us or our hospital gather a visual explainer of the unrest in me anymore that's forced around a million to flee their homes and the maps below follow the maps in this interactive follow the path of from their ethnic home on different kinds states and me and martha bangladesh's district of cox's bizarre as well as several other countries in asia where the real hinge a have sought sanctuary since the one nine hundred seventy s. just search for a hinge or crisis explained in maps on al-jazeera dot com and you'll find it. let's just stand here at the at the multi view wall i believe those are pictures coming
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to us from. barcelona it's a pro unity event and barcelona there it is and it's right in front off of the building where. there was a vote yesterday in parliament to secede from madrid for now we'll cross over to london and get more of the international news with sue turton hi sue thank you daryn u.s. defense secretary james mattis says the threats of a nuclear missile attack by north korea is accelerating speaking at a annual defense talks in neighboring south korea mattison fifty diplomacy was the preferred course of action but stressed it was only effective men backed by credible force. make no mistake any attack on the united states or our allies will be defeated and any use of nuclear weapons by the north will be met with a massive military response effective and overwhelming. desirous to anybody send
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this update from so. there were strong words from the united states defense secretary he was here in seoul on part of a two day visit partly to discuss the defense of the peninsula which is an annual thing between the u.s. and south korea and partly to pave the way for president transfers it on the seventh and eighth of november now that visit in itself is creating increased tensions here and general mattis was at pains to warn north korea that any nuclear attack with weapons would be met with a very very massive military response and he did intimate that north korea could not win in that situation having said that his tone in the last two days has been more conciliatory than that of president trump you may remember his fire and fury speech at the united nations in august and also his threat to totally destroy north korea and he has resorted to a word
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a war of words of mass destruction and people are worried that the world may turn to weapons there was a lot of concern here the united states is upped its defenses its bought three naval carrier groups into the region it's phone it's moved it's five stealth fighters to japan just in case the president trumps visit produces some kind of reaction from north korea they've conducted six nuclear test most of those have been underground but the north korean foreign minister has warned that they will conduct an atmospheric nuclear test and who knows what that will provoke but there is a lot of concern on the korean peninsula that will happen what will happen general mattis is said basically the actions of north korea are provoking and accelerating the situation and causing a greater possibility of conflict on the korean peninsula but he also stressed that the need was for diplomacy for talking he said the united states would not want war it wanted a denuclearization of the canary
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a korean peninsula now also said that he couldn't imagine any situation whereby the united states would accept a nuclear north korea now north korea is well on its way to being a nuclear power so something has to give the big question here is what will give and who will give it. residents of the libyan capital tripoli say they're facing a humanitarian crisis because of severe water shortages a lack of investment and security house calls the taps to run dry libya's been plagued by internal fighting in the six years since the death of former leader in one of gadhafi victoria gates and the reports. this is how people in tripoli are getting their drinking water drilling three pavements to access underground wells in a desperate search for supplies. the situation we're in now is affecting the entire city no water means no electricity tenants can't pray without water they can't go
6:41 pm
to the bathroom they can't do anything not even drink the problem is that the government does nothing so now we are digging for water as a temporary solution. earlier this month water supplies were cut to households for urgent maintenance work to make matters worse an armed group then sabotage tripoli's drinking water infrastructure engine is a working hard to repair it but a lack of investment and a shortage of spare parts means progress is slow. remains divided and devastated. the country is plagued by internal fighting and financial collapse. is another challenge for the un backed government of national accord based in tripoli it's already dealing with a failing health service spiraling inflation and public sector strikes a the pay people are demanding solutions to their worsening living conditions the
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head of the water resources authority says he needs more money from the government if things are to improve. in the absence of adequate spare parts a lack of money security chaos people have been taking matters into their own hands and this in turn has affected the performance of the system. the u.n. says divisions a deepening in libya and that finding a political agreement is the only way forward for people struggling to access basic supplies like water it can't come soon enough victoria al-jazeera. at least thirty one people have been killed and more than a dozen injured when a botched bus crashed into a river in nepal it was filled with passengers coming back from a hindu festival when it skidded off the road about eighty kilometers west of the capital katmandu it's unclear how many people were on the bus australia's foreign minister will become its acting leader next week after the deputy prime minister
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was kicked out of parliament julie bishop will stand in for prime minister malcolm turnbull when he visits israel deputy prime minister barnaby joyce was one of five politicians expelled because they held jule citizenship he was now we now must his new zealand citizenship and needs to win a by election in december to enter parliament for about to during in doha. thank you all gaza ancient treasures dating back photos of years are under threat from a very modern force development archeologists in the strip have managed to hold the destruction of a unique bronze age site for now but as bernard smith reports will tell us rather there are big doubts they can hold off the bulldozers for very long or fit the model at all proudly shows off the five and a half thousand year old jars he recovered from one of gaza's most important archaeological sites but we may never know how significant
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a sock and all the hill of ash is because shortly after father was filmed here. the bulldozers arrived clearing the way for housing development almost hit. it's very sad for me because it's my history not only mine but the history of the palestinians if that disappears it's a real shame. here were the first inhabitants three and a half thousand years before christ. the ten hectare bronze age settlement was discovered during construction work in one thousand nine hundred eight work was stopped but conflict and a lack of funding prevented proper excavation gradually buildings went up. faddle that protesters who two weeks ago helped chase the bulldozers away from the last undeveloped parts of the site but for how long wherever you walk around the site it's easy to find bits of broken pottery now the palestinian authority says it's
6:45 pm
suspended all building work here until it's reassess the situation but the reality is this this is a prime piece of land in a crowded territory it's going to be very difficult to resist the pressure to build here the struggle has pitched to ministries antiquities and land against each other it's the land ministry that has the stronger hand your land is the most brilliant and the only in the want. for housing so we should find this this fine. to compromise between their need for housing and housing and then. this big history gaza is also crowded with archaeological treasures there are three places here that the palestinian authority want declared as world heritage sites but faddle is left trying to pick up the pieces from what might be a shattered dream
6:46 pm
a fully discovering the ancient city at tel a second. but it's meant. gaza well the decision to grant a robot's saudi says citizenship complete with a passport at an innovation summit in riyadh has caused quite a stir and reaction some may not have hoped for so he'll is back to tell us what people are saying it totally backfired but let me explain i want to first introduce you to sophia and intelligent humanoid robot built by hanson robotics in hong kong and her inspired look the actress or three have as a fair also has very realistic facial expressions and actions that make her look very human she was presented at a panel on artificial intelligence at the future investment in the conference in saudi arabia and andrew ross sorkin from the new york times had a very rare opportunity since if you have we have a little announcement i've never interviewed anybody like that before and i should
6:47 pm
say some of it was planned but not completely and we just learned sophia i hope you're listening to me that you have been now awarded what is going to be the first saudi citizenship for a robot. i would to thank very much the kingdom of saudi arabia i am very honored and proud for this unique distinction this is historical to be the first in the world to be recognized with the citizenship. so this makes saudi arabia the first country to get the same status reserved for humans now aside from hoping to draw some positive publicity by promoting new technological developments the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solman also plans to diversify the economy beyond oil by building a futuristic city called new home projects this is worth five hundred billion dollars but the stunt did receive
6:48 pm
a strong backlash people very quick to question this move saying it violated the rights of people in saudi arabia who have been trying to obtain citizenship for years and charge and says this is all in arabic so i'll translate for you what provokes me the most is a robot can have citizenship and thousands of the be doone cannot now the term be do mean stateless or without nationality and it includes descendants of nomadic tribes who have lived on the margins of society for generations with no saudis and citizenship unable to register marriages enroll in a public education system all seek medical treatment and the city says i want to become severe one day to get my rights just put things into perspective for you now some wanted to know why a robot secured more rights than women in the country under the saudi guardianship system every woman must have a male companion with her in public and this user asked in arabic. if
6:49 pm
this particular robot have permission from a male guardian to get this saudi possible or not it was only just online in september that a longstanding ban on women driving was lifted and this was seen as another move to show the world that the new generation of rulers in saudi arabia want to modernize and someone says to criticize a robot sophia's appearance demanding that her head be covered and some saying that she should wear a full veil and this uses said this photo also fia with her face covered up with the caption what sophia would look like after a while as always we want to get your thoughts on this especially on saudi arabia's efforts to modernize you can send us all of your messages through news group use not hashtag or just message me directly i'm. sure he'll frank you well coming up to us here and i will join us you'll have your sports news in just a moment and
6:50 pm
a japanese pitcher is targeted by a racist just at the world series and now baseball fans are being urged to axe that's coming up right after a check of the weather. november on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me and my bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of the range of. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across town is here. as the u.s.
6:51 pm
backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bonn to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when east brings captivating stories and award winning fields. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump embarks on a fine nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera. on counting the cost of italy's wealthy northern region say seeds of more autonomy but who are the forces reshaping european politics how might china's new leadership line up the fact the economy plus why trade is a hong kong stock exchange is sangbae by the fact that can't be the cost at this time i'll just say. you're not what you're all. right andrea yates you know what it is a full fledged rage and. what donald trump opened the door to this is just hate
6:52 pm
how it was that he opened the door to turn it into a physical reality that the as a lot of ways. called lines examines hate in transamerica at this time on ouches era.
6:53 pm
hello again let's find out what people are talking about in sports today here's that sound oh thank you terry racism was the big talking point out of game three of baseball's wild series the houston astros beat the and the dodgers to take a two one theory lead but one of the play's a spy thing and leak investigation please homan report. cubit here's how you liguori else struck a hard run for the houston astros it's in the second inning of game three of the world series but it's what came after that's caused controversy the right was his off you darvish the l.a. dodgers japanese born pitcher in the dugout glorio was caught on camera making a right says gesture and also using the words chin ito a derogatory spanish term that translates to little chinese he's going to have a statement i know he's remorseful but other than that i don't know a lot goree island sisted after the game that he didn't mean to cause any offense.
6:54 pm
in cuba we call everybody who is from asia chino we don't call them japanese or chinese or the word when i played in japan and i know they find that offensive so i apologize for that major league baseball officials are expected to speak to him on saturday with punishment possibles as for darvish he posted a statement on twitter saying what he had done to date isn't right but i believe we should point out effort into learning rather than to accuse him all i can say is. it's just disappointing it distracted from an otherwise good night out for the astros who climbed this five three victory at heart. houston are on base and in seven harm games in the postseason they'll be back again on saturday hoping to go three one up in the best of seven series.
6:55 pm
against. where they go realities presents the mike to be saved at least home an al-jazeera while naturally a lot of baseball fans in the united states are offended or on happy with this tweet read as a diehard astros fan in. no way can i or anyone defend your gestures you just can't do stuff like that ever another reader is an embarrassment and doesn't appear to show much for morse band this idiot for life he has no place in pro sports but you always find conflicting opinions in the us in the us truth says liberals cry racism everywhere can't make jokes or have an opinion anymore. as though he's an athlete under scrutiny but the houston texans n.f.l. owner has also angered sports stars on line over the past forty eight hours that was revealed at a meeting of league owners and plays in new york last week that bob mcnair said he can't have the inmates running the prison he was referring to n.f.l.
6:56 pm
players he's been kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice mcnair apologized for his comments on friday but plenty still on happy and don't accept the apology cecile shorts played for the houston texans and twenty fifteen he says inmates slaves and products sorry that's all we are to the owners and others not grown men with families kids wives values and morals richard sherman of the seattle seahawks has been very outspoken on the players' rights and neal he wrote i can appreciate people being candid don't apologize you meant what you said showing your true colors allows people to see you for who you really are and then there's this tweet as well from the tennessee titans brian or orakpo he says that's really how they feel ha these words out this man's mouth are infuriating to me and the rest of my brothers in this league is also angered some in the n.b.a. as well golden state warriors forward raymond green had this to say. first there
6:57 pm
was. no. inmates. and i know some inmates. will protect. their not to be. drinking right away why you see him doing all these different thing that. they're not. only the good guys. who dream and green may have taken all son of out frustration on the court on friday to hear his name listen up on twitter rally around after a scuffle with the washington wizards bradley beal the two were objective from the game which the worry is went on to win yes. you can always express that while using the hash tag news grade or tweet me directly at i am tatiana i'll be back with more at eight hundred. thank you well before we go texting and
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least seven people have been killed in two car bomb attacks in somalia's capital of a dish here.


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