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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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class attendance has improved the volunteers also at the security guards sank. six years after the death of gadhafi. soldiers the world travels to libya. to hear from some of those who forges rajiv contributed to his downfall. the battle of misrata at this time on al-jazeera. and this is defo not said whether someone looking for someone is very rare but the truth i think it's how you approach an individual and if it is a certain way of doing it you can just. get a story and fly out. this
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is. hello i'm c. ters and this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes council leader speaks for the first time since spain imposed direct rule he's calling for a democratic opposition to madrid's take over. at least ten people are killed in two call bomb attacks in somalia's capital of edition. the world food program issues a desperate plea for money to help millions of people who are starving in a democratic republic of congo. in doha with the latest sports news including an incident of racism this houston astros player being suspended from the world series i'll have more on the story later.
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first to somalia where at least ten people have been killed in two car bomb attacks in the capital mogadishu the first targeted a hotel where the country's president was expected to host a meeting a suicide bomber rammed a vehicle into the building and detonated the device somali please say gunfire could be heard from inside the second bomb went off near the former parliament house building and appears to have targeted the military. i was driving it took to the front of the hotel i saw a car exploding at the gate of the hotel i don't know where two of my clients have gone i don't know if they're dead or alive but i saw for the bodies. of the dow is following the story for us from neighboring kenya mami we've been talking over the last hour or so about a gunfight still going on in that hotel what is the latest situation.
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well sue the gun four thousand now come to on and somali special fully police and security guards of the hotel have managed to kill the three or four fighters who gained entry into the hotel immediately after the car exploded and now we've been told by rescue workers that there are a few of the buildings around the hotel that call ups due to the big blast and they say some people might be under the rubble of course this is a hotel that is very popular with government officials members of parliament live in there and this could probably be one of the reasons why al-shabaab has chosen to attack is but it was also the venue of a meting as you said there between president mohammed aglow for you on the leaders
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of somalia's regional states five of them and they were very to drop a plumb for what the government is calling a massive also against al shabaab of course this comes just two weeks after the worst atrocity also in mogadishu that attack also by al-shabaab is there a sense really that this group is gaining ground again in this particular area. yes indeed and this is a major concern for not only mogadishu residents but citizens across all molly al-shabaab has been cutting out brazen attacks in recent past the wost of which happened on the fourteenth of october barely fourteen they say go no one expected them to carry out such an attack so cruel to the time they cut it out on a talk which of course the people of somalia but when you come from the unger
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people have against al-shabaab they are also really frustrated with the government which has shown that it is good the very weak security operators and it's one of the things the government wants to address with the missing between the president and the regional states al shabaab has also been taking some key districts around mogadishu including the town of buddy where about forty five kilometers away from the couple told us that to dig down on one of the major roads entering the city and one. used in the past to carry out these are toxic and government officials now say that with these districts falling one after another it's becoming increasingly difficult for them to avoid attacks like the ones that happened this evolving many thanks a moment for bringing us that update. let's take you now to spain where we've heard from catalans regional leader for the first time since madrid sacked him dissolved
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his parliament and called a new election from minister mariano rajoy impose the measures they missed on stage his declaration of independence color speech to months reply as they measured he's calling for democratic opposition to madrid's takeover. there's a message that i want to convey is that what i'm saying is that we have to be patient but actually have to have perseverance and. it is clear to us that the best way to defend what we have achieved so far is to have a democratic opposition to article one five five this is the response to the deliberate action against catalans who have for many centuries felt different we have to overcome any threats and to act in a civil and he still manner or not wish to use for. life or is him barcelona and indeed by the square which should be the seat of power and catalonia under who's in charge. well what's happening
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right now is. a whole set of. people. but. i think was struggling probably to understand. and hopefully we can come back to america while when we establish a bestselling. hunger in the democratic republic of congo has soared in the last year leaving seven point seven million people in urgent need of food aid in the cut region more than three million people that's one quarter of the population are going hungry and need urgent assistance and internal power struggle there has given way to tribal violence that has also left thousands dead since august twenty sixth seen with more than
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a million people displaced in there's been an alarming thirty percent rise over the past year of acute malnutrition in the region the world food program says it needs twenty seven million dollars to support its work from september to december twenty seventh team and the executive director of the un's world food programme david beasley is in the d r c on a four day mission he spoke to us about the situation from goma in the east of the country. but the bottom line is we need money and we need money fast we're literally are talking about in just the cost side region of three point two million people that are dearly malnourished i mean it's bad as bad as it gets literally hundreds of thousands of children if we don't receive funds and food and access immediately will die over the next couple of months now and the r.c. alone you have seven point seven million people severely food insecure but almost
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half of that is in the side region all because of nothing but man made conflict it is wrong it's on the step the bill this is a country being international community has spent billions and to continue to have this type of mismanagement in government and corruption in conflict is absolutely unacceptable from the international community and we're doing everything we can to see innocent victims of conflict then you have thousands upon thousands that are hiding in the forest there heidi you know and you have militia you have rebels also in the bush if thank just in the past couple days our team we we've got pictures of videos of homes of villages huts that have been burned down to the ground we have see pictures of the capitated men and women and children it's a very desperate situation in the region. well i think we've and our problems with
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the link to new and simmons is live for us and you just explain to us now and it is in power now in catalonia. good question because no one is quite sure if you look at the square here the government building that overlooks it the spanish national flag is in place it hasn't been brought down there is no evident presence within the building we can see the police guarding it but no presence here but it is a weekend and the president is in fact in drona which is his home city and he's been walking around quite freely and addressed the country on television that clip you saw earlier on his supporters saying that this is going to be a tough very tough time but overall they're in favor of moving forward with the session of course the detractors and there are many of them it has to be said it
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sort of seems like fifty fifty when you walk around asking people in the city they say that this is going the wrong way everyone is quite concerned about what's going to happen next because madrid has made it quite clear that police chiefs are being replaced and they have orders to move in and make sure that there's no civil disobedience furthermore the government intends to replace the ministers here and push them out of self there will be the prosecutor general looking at the situation on monday with a view to pressing charges that could mean arrests and it could mean trouble with me right now is quite a prominent political activist here in barcelona please step forward and join us on this program on the radio silver gray what do you say to this situation are you prepared to go out and try and protect that building and stop the police. from
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entering it and arresting the president because he is according to the prime minister of spain guilty of illegal acts or certainly i'm ready to to protect decoupling institutions because we have a mandate because it got one government got a mandate from the gut on people to proclaim in-band and that's what happened here if madrid tries to rest with the morning or any other minister of it would be another example that they are not willing to engage in dialogue in a negotiation the only one mediation of forgotten people so of course me and many other of my fellow gotland will be here for that thing follow but put it this way pushed him on set of his t.v. address that has to be peaceful but he does want support however how can it be peaceful if you're going to try to stop security forces from arresting a president that's not going to be an easy situation that's going to involve
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violence as. by elements even moderate ones violence today place i mean we've seen scenes that are unsettling in democracy you cannot just order to police forces to do politics when you have a political problem you address it doing politics you cannot just ask the spanish police to come here and arrest the president because the cut them people do not want this what about this division now that's even more of a gulf between yourselves and those that feel proud of their culture but they don't want secession i understand that there's a lot of people who do not want in the band but i would like to remind them that there was a referendum on the first of october and a majority of those that voted voted in favor of in the bands and the law was very clear if we have a mandate that is a majority of people voting in favor of independence we will declare independence.
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but it wouldn't a better solution have bean elections at the end of the day to actually go back to democracy as a savior really if you will if if the support really was there in a real majority for a push him on his party and secession then that would have been a clear answer i don't know if elections will be in the solution to this problem but if you propose to call an early election and you have madrid that says we are going ahead with the article one hundred five which involves removing the leadership removing the head of the police removing the head off that got them on public media of course we can actions and it would solve the situation because if you have another election and there is another majority in favor of independent will you try to arrest put them on again because he has another monday please bring the benchwork with tough madrid done if in another election the point abandons parties one. thank you very much indeed for joining us so they have
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a sewer clear. views from someone on the independence side of the fence of course there are many millions who would disagree here in catalonia right now there is a goal of dividing the two sets of opinion and it's unclear how this is going to move forward but you see a long way to go andrew symonds there with the very latest from barcelona an official results from kenya's repeat presidential elections suggest president who are kenyatta as one more than ninety seven percent of the vote but his mandate appears to be weak turnout is estimated to be less than thirty five percent and that studio opposition supporters heeding a call to boycott the poll the election has also been marred by violence with voting suspended in some opposition strongholds from me to miller reports from the capital nairobi. less than twenty four hours ago the syria in the western part of nairobi was relatively peaceful there weren't any
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demonstrations or protests following thursday's election but now that's all changed this was an area that housed at least thirty shops a restaurant a bar and even homes for people living in the same area where he was attacked by a mob of protesters the people here are calling them gangs they say this area was petrol bombed bringing down any infrastructure and they've been left with nothing william is a painter who operated a small business in this area and when we were talking to you and you said that you felt victimized i felt victimized course expected is one we had almost got some people would come and bargain oh no businesses do somebody is going to die today but was is not. so we expected because they don't go out of business unfortunately the police came to us i mean they took advantage of nothing he came
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he burned down here the real cancer the purchase of choice of oils bread so quickly you know when they made your own very big trigger finger or you would think. that you would be to be choking dari dunes. we're very sorry. about us thank you william now william is just one of many people young who doesn't know what he'll do next he doesn't know where he'll go what they have tried to do is they've put up this makeshift fence to at least try and protect what's left me isn't very much when we moved out of this area further down the street we were met by a very aggressive mob of people who said we couldn't move any further they said they they would chase us out of the area if we try to stay too long this situation in where is is unsafe it's tense and people here say they're worried.
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as much more to come here on the news hour. where a surge of asylum seekers. double capacity. charges are filed into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixth election. and it's a record breaking night at the under seventeen. we'll have all those details later in. the number of refugees arriving in greece has risen sharply over recent months putting a huge strain on facilities and. housing far more people than they were built to cope with the policy is to keep new arrivals on islands in the aegean while they apply for asylum on the mainland and they are the. reports.
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these afghan syrians and africans are living in a tent city there isn't enough room for them in moria the government run camp on lesbos and they are vigilant about refugees who are in the camp crashing their lunch arrivals on the eastern islands in the aegean sea have increased from an average of fifteen a day to almost one hundred a day in the last six weeks all seeking asylum in greece in the terms of the agreement between turkey and the european union turkey promises to prevent as many people as possible from entering greece illegally anyone who makes it is forced to stay here of sure if they wish to apply for asylum on the mainland that says the mayor of lesbos is turning the island's into an effective buffer zone for the e.u. . in turning this island into a prison is the wrong policy it punishes those who showed solidarity instead of rewarding them for it's criminal and unfair to divide europeans into first and
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second class citizens and we are definitely in a second class we don't have the same rights as other europeans or even other great . authorizes won't allow us to film inside moria camp currently hosting five thousand people more than twice its capacity and a record high since the e.u. turkey agreement came into force in march last year that's because the agreement for the greek government for moving new arrivals to the mainland they sleep ten to a tent not everyone has a mattress or a blanket there are no washing facilities so the air is rank overcrowding and waiting a deepening the mental health problems of people who've already fled war discrimination imprisonment and rape and mentality of the people living in the camps as one of the . prisoners here and his say. a lot of the activities that one would see in. any normal prison situation. gangs threats of violence violence. sexual assaults drug
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abuse and the problems go beyond mental health says a nurse who works inside moria we see a lot of upper respiratory tract infection and just the common cold that's given to everyone so it's all the more a virus that's just spreads superfast across europe refugee numbers are down on last year but not here and in this corner of greece the people forced to look after the new arrivals are feeling the strain jump several plus al-jazeera lesbos the u.k. says military action should be considered against those who've carried out chemical attacks in syria a year an investigation has blamed the syrian government for an attack in april more than eighty people many of them children were killed when sarin gas was dropped on the town of khalid shaikh hoon the u.k.'s ambassador to the u.n.
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says the security council must now follow through on its promise to hold the attackers accountable it's now the fourth time that the gym has found the syrian regime responsible for using using poisonous gas against its own people it now falls on the security council to act on these findings and to deliver justice not just for those kills and maims on that tuesday morning six months ago but also for all the victims of assad's brutality u.s. defense secretary james mattis says the threat of a nuclear missile attack by north korea is accelerating speaking at the annual defense talks in neighboring south korea mattis insisted diplomacy was the preferred course of action but stressed it was only effective when backed by credible force. make no mistake any attack on the united states or our allies will be defeated any used of nuclear weapons by the north will be met with
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a massive military response effective and overwhelming tony badly if following developments from the south korean capital. there were strong words from the united states defense secretary he was here in seoul on part of a two day visit partly to discuss the defense of the peninsula which is an annual thing between the u.s. and south korea and partly to pave the way for president transfers it on the seventh and eighth of november now that visit in itself is creating increased tensions here and general mattis was at pains to warn north korea that any nuclear attack with weapons would be met with a very very massive military response and he did intimate that north korea could not win in that situation having said that his tone in the last two days has been more conciliatory than that of president trump you may remember his fire and fury speech at the united nations in august and also his threat to totally destroy north
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korea he has resorted to a word a war of words of mass destruction and people are worried that the world may turn to weapons there was a lot of concern here the united states is upped its defenses its bought three naval carrier groups into the region it's flown it's moved its five stealth fighters to japan just in case the president trumps visit produces some kind of reaction from north korea they've conducted six nuclear test most of those have been underground but the north korean foreign minister has warned that they will conduct an atmospheric nuclear test and who knows what that will provoke but there is a lot of concern on the korean peninsula that will happen what will happen general mattis is said basically the actions of north korea are provoking and accelerating the situation and causing a greater possibility of conflict on the korean peninsula but he also stressed that the need was for diplomacy for talking he said the united states would not want war
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it wanted a denuclearization of the canary a korean peninsula now also said that he couldn't imagine any situation whereby the united states would accept a nuclear north korea now north korea is well on its way to being a nuclear power though so something has to give the big question here is what will give and who will give it. u.s. media is reporting that a federal grand jury has approved the first charges in the investigation into russian meddling in last year's presidential election the judges are said to still be sealed under orders from a federal judge special counsel robert muller a former f.b.i. director is leading the investigation is looking into whether truong campaign officials colu did with russian efforts a robbery and also has more from washington d.c. . we don't know yet who has been indicted by special counsel robert muller in the grand jury working with him or what the charges against them might be but we do
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know who has been looking at in his probe of russian meddling into the u.s. election and possible obstruction of justice in interference in the probe and the financial activities of some of the trump family businesses and some of the trump associates among the people who have been looked at very closely are michael flynn he served briefly as the national security advisor in donald trump's white house as before being fired another person is paul man a ford who ran the campaign for time in two thousand and sixteen he has extensive dealings had extensive dealings with ukrainian political parties but failed to. declare himself as an agent of a foreign power as is required by u.s. law other people that the probe has focused on our rights priebus who served as
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president trump's chief of staff for a time until this past summer and sean spicer who was a well known as the president's chief spokesman the white house press secretary in all there are perhaps half a dozen people who are in the inner circle at the white house at one time now in standard prosecutorial conduct one goes after the smaller individuals first how far this probe will go is as yet unknown. you're watching the news hour here on al-jazeera still to come concerns grow that hundreds of thousands of ranger refugees may never be allowed back in to me how mom. i'm saying this robin very mean iran were growers are trying to maximize the country's flower power. i'm venus rising the fifth seed which turns to the season ending final for the first time in a year coming up and spoke. with. we
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have a fair amount of heavy rain over parts of turkey at the moment the first system is already edged eastwards away from turkey so here it is over lebanon making its way over the northern parts of iraq but then behind it there's a cluster of rather intense showers there also affecting us in cyprus and then more wet weather working its way into the northwestern parts of turkey at the moment now that system is going to gradually track its way eastwards there for sunday so sunday again it's a very wet weather over cyprus over parts of turkey and then up towards the northeast and ahead of it maybe some clouds maybe the old spot of rain perhaps but for most of us it is dry for baghdad it looks right certainly thirty three degrees will be our maximum temperature forcing couples will be getting to around twenty four or twenty five as we head through the next few days further towards the south and here in doha we're looking at temperatures around thirty five degrees at the
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moment and they're dropping down to around twenty five or twenty six at night at the moment for the south also a fair amount of cloud with us it's a law about twenty eight degrees will be our maximum here as we head through sunday on monday a little bit more in the way of trying to bring us a few more outbreaks of rain there but also get to around twenty nine degrees down towards the southern parts of africa far more in the way of unsettled weather here you see this area of rain that extends all the way down towards mozambique the wettest of the weather is in the north tracking westwards. with. short films of good and inspiration. small stories of three young women challenging the world around them.
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acts at this time the story that had the greatest impact on me would probably be the magic on a massacre thirty four miners died and we were there were no very few television things on that spot at that time to dismiss some of that story develops the story and films and. i like to tune that i want to view in malaysia like al-jazeera english because the news is not sent it and you don't miss any of the news and you call them based on like.
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a comeback reminder of the top stories aaron al-jazeera council only has deposed later colace which the mom has called for continued democratic opposition to the spanish government takeover of the region two car bombs have exploded in somalia's capital mogadishu killing at least ten people says it carried out it's. the world food program is pleading for more money to help deal with food shortages in the democratic republic of congo it's a seven point seven million people are in urgent need of food aid. myanmar's government says it has put in place a plan to harvest rice from land abandoned bahrain henge a family is in northern iraq and states more than six hundred thousand revenge a half fled to bangladesh since late august after a military crackdown by myanmar's military human rights groups say the decision to harvest the rice raises questions about whether the refugees well ever be allowed
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back florence louis has more from young gone there are a couple of ways to look at this one is that this is simply a practical solution the rice crops are ripe for harvesting and if they were left to just stand in the fields they would go to waste so the myanmar government has put in place a plan to harvest the crops bringing in combine harvesters and laborers to do the work and agricultural ministry spokesman has told us that the local government is in charge of the harvest and the eventual fail and the proceeds of the sale will go to the local government although there are no details on how they plan to use it but the other issue is this raises ethical questions as the asia director of human rights watch puts it you really can't call a crop ownerless when you've used a campaign of arson and violence to drive the owners from their land and this is what the myanmar military has been accused of doing and the other issue pertains to future use is this harvard's perhaps the first step of the myanmar government to
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appropriate the land from revenge or refugees who've been driven to bangladesh now if it is it will raise other questions what about repatriation and resettlement of the refugees now granted we are a long way from that bangladesh and myanmar officials haven't yet worked out details of how they plan to repatriate range of refugees but they will have to be other questions that that need to be asked such as where will they return to and what will they return to if their farms and villages are no longer there. for more on this i'm joined by daniel agger a who is senior lecturer at greenwich university and a former legal adviser at the international commission of jurists. and thanks very much for coming in first of all i think i would like to get your reaction on this whole idea in a minute she is saying that the rice feels that the range where have a saying where only less well this speaks of
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a larger human rights violation and across me amar and that is the system of land tenure is broken the majority of people don't have legal rights to the land in which they live and work and it lends itself to land confiscation and a government that is has policies that result in hundreds of thousands of people fleeing land expropriation is not really a big step the military and the command has talked about bengalis returning to their original land as a kind of reason for this ethnic cleansing as it's being called but is this part of it as well do you think that this whole wanting to take over the slums not just because of the rice but possibly rich and other things there are a lot of natural resources that are under exploited in wreck and state but i don't think that this is the land grabbing is the cause of this conflict it's an ethnic religious nationalist conflict but it seems likely that land grabbing will be one
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of the results what do they do now bangladesh is saying they don't want to stay there that that is being appropriated by the minute change one to three hundred do now well unfortunately this shouldn't be a big surprise to the international community human rights organizations have been warning both the international community the diplomats in me amar and the government that this is a precarious situation and that this kind of exodus could be a result of these human rights violations international community needs to now support the rohingya in bangladesh make sure the cause. don't just fall in one country but also the neighboring countries need to be involved they need to put pressure on me m r two a to uphold human rights and finally leadership is needed at the national level not just from aung san suu kyi and the government but public intellectuals academics civil society organizations all need to speak of for human rights and reckon state
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very good to get your thoughts thanks very much gary tuchman is there a pleasure and i get right to hollywood actress who sparked a global campaign against sexual harassment and sell the rally that she was silent for twenty years but won't stay silent any longer rose mcgowan is one of more than thirty women who have accused producer harvey weinstein of rape or sexual harassment chris is telling me takes a look at whether this will affect change in the workplace by now it's a familiar story a young woman trying to make it as an actress put in a compromising position by a hollywood power broker karens claire is one of hundreds of women to come forward with her experience of sexual harassment in recent weeks it started with this man filmmaker harvey weinstein who lost his job after it was revealed he paid millions to silence his victims since then the spotlight has fallen on other powerful men including schoolers alleged harasser the filmmaker james toshack amazon studios
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executive roy price fox news anchor bill o'reilly and fashion photographer terry richardson have lost jobs as a result of accusations and even ninety three year old former president george h.w. bush has been forced to apologize for groping women in his wheelchair i feel like i have a voice. and i don't have a fear anymore of saying it because i realized so many people went through it once it kind of felt like we could come out of the hole then i felt like ok i can i can be a voice to any social worker will tell you the problem is much bigger than hollywood one in five women say they've suffered some form of sexual harassment or abuse people are afraid of losing their job they're afraid of being reprimand. retaliated against isolated so even if they're legally protected that they could just face a lot of kind of social isolation at work but women traditionally under represented
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in leadership positions are increasingly finding strength in numbers whether it's here at the detroit women's convention where they're working to get more women elected as you can see it is a global movement or on social media where the need to hash tag has been used by millions of people sharing their own stories of harassment it's a movement according to the executive director of un women that is having an impact around the world gender based violence is a universal problem what is also called one and what binds women in the mets away the. is the fact that alone often when it happens and what makes the meat to test tick exciting is suddenly someone else to stand with you. and your school karen is still performing and teaching drama as well as an important lesson for women how to use their voice kristen salumi al-jazeera new
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york. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalists or hussein who has now been in an egyptian prison for more than three hundred ten days is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny my word has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december visiting his family the british navy has dismissed nine sailors after they failed the drugs test the career served on eight u.s. vigilant one of four royal navy submarine which carry nuclear missiles earlier this month a submarines captain was relieved of his command after what was described as an inappropriate relationship with a crew member. for years barriers to international trade have held iranian industries back from blossoming but the potential of the flower industry is something that could help the country's florists cash in on a global industry worth one hundred four billion dollars
9:40 pm
a year so what's holding them back same the seraph it went to vironment just outside the capital tehran to find out the fourteenth century persian poet hafez once wrote the roses beauty is very dear enjoy its petals when it is here in iran they take that quite literally from finally manicured streets to the vendors who sell roses by the basket for happy and sad occasions flowers are a part of daily life in iran. some streetlights even get their own flower beds. but iranians say they haven't been able to realize the industry's potential. one of the biggest challenges we face in iran is a lack of modern technology most of the expertise exists in europe and we haven't been able to transfer that knowledge to iran. runs greenhouses in very i mean a town a few hours outside to her own he says when sanctions were lifted after the nuclear deal things got better but to be competitive in the international marketplace
9:41 pm
iranian growers will need more help all the growers we've spoken to say the same thing they wish that their government would focus a little bit more time on helping them modernize their industry not just because of the economic potential but because unlike the things you normally associate with iran oil and gas nuclear energy growers say there's nothing controversial about flowers they're just beautiful and they make people happy. it might be a hard sell after all the global oil and gas industry is worth nearly one point seven trillion dollars a year and you can't run a car on flowers but he says in iran flowers can be a serious business too and that income from the agriculture sector could someday rival oil revenues. much as we care about seats in opec i think we should pay even more attention to the seats in the food and agriculture organization and pave the way for foreign investors in iran but getting anything made in iran to international markets is still a challenge. the main problem now is the high cost of exports we cannot compete
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with the main flower export in countries like hall and we don't produce flowers in mass quantities and since the production is low it's mostly for domestic consumption but even half the flowers consumed domestically go to waste dying in transit are left on sold once they get to market. in a meeting with president rouhani i asked him to help our producers with low interest long term loans so they could modernize their greenhouse modernization is very expensive. those who are passionate about growing and selling flowers will tell you it's one of the best jobs in iran and that investing in new technology and infrastructure to reach on top of markets will be money well spent. as well as a chance for the country to show off its flower power. zero very mean iran. so what is still to come on the news hour an on call brawl sees two players ejected
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from an n.b.a. game. on long passes rubbish is another person's treasure how this company in hong kong is designing clothes out by switching. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of wood winning programming from around the world powerful documentary as we were running away for our life from a brutal regime kills its opponents debates and discussions we're getting comments
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on what the international community should do how worried should we therefore be that this guy has the nuclear codes on a scale of one to ten ten challenge your perception. al-jazeera. archaeologists in the gaza strip have managed to halt the destruction of a unique bronze age site now discovered only twenty years ago in office and vital glimpse of what life in the region might have been like thousands of years ago but our senior officials have earmarked the site for residential their allotment and it
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smith reports from gaza. fadel at our proudly shows off the five and a half thousand year old jars he recovered from one of garza's most important archaeological sites but we may never know how significant sack and all the hell of ash is because shortly after father was filmed here. the bulldozers arrived clearing the way for a housing development. because he wants to add it's very sad for me because it's my history not only mine but the history of the palestinians if that disappears it's a real shame it's palestine here were the first inhabitants three and a half thousand years before christ. the ten hector bronze age settlement was discovered during construction work in one thousand nine hundred eight work was stopped but conflict and a lack of funding prevented proper excavation gradually buildings went up. faddle
9:46 pm
the protesters who two weeks ago helped chase the bulldozers away from the last undeveloped parts of the site but for how long wherever you walk around the site it's easy to find bits of broken pottery now the palestinian authority says it's suspended all building work here until it's reassess the situation but the reality is this this is a prime piece of land in a crowded territory it's going to be very difficult to resist the pressure to build here. the struggle has pits two ministries antiquities and land against each other it's the land ministry that has the stronger hand is the most brilliant in the earlier in the wall and in mean for housing so we should find this this find. to compromise between the need for housing and housing and then him. and speak the history
9:47 pm
garza is also crowded with archaeological treasures there are three places here that the palestinian authority want declared as world heritage sites but faddle is left trying to pick up the pieces from what might be a shattered dream a fully discovering the ancient city tell a second burn it's made our jazeera gaza now time for sports atlanta is endow. we start with m.l. bay and he's an asher is has a yearly gary l. could face suspension in the world series after he made a racist remark and gesture to a los angeles dodgers pitcher during their win over the dodgers in game three home on reports. q but here's how you liguori else struck a hard run for the houston astros in the second inning of game three of the world series but it's what came after that's caused controversy the right was his off you darvish the l.a. dodgers japanese born pitcher in the dugout grio was caught on camera making
9:48 pm
a right says gesture and also using the words chin ito a derogatory spanish term that translates to little chinese he's going to have a statement i know he's remorseful but other than that i don't know a lot goree island sisted after the game that he didn't mean to cause any offense or wasn't. in cuba we call everybody who is from asia chino we don't call them japanese or chinese thought of the word when i played in japan and i know they find that offensive so i apologize for that major league baseball officials are expected to speak to him on saturday with punishment possibles as for darvish he posted a statement on twitter saying what he had done to date isn't right but i believe we should point out effort into learning rather than to accuse him all i can say is. it's just disappointing it distracted from an otherwise good night out for the astros who climbed this five three victory at heart.
9:49 pm
houston are on base and in seven harm games in the postseason they'll be back again on saturday hoping to go three one up in the best of seven series. was was just. with a good ryall is present some i used to be sued at least homan al-jazeera manchester city have maintained their five point lead at the top of the english premier league but they were made to work hard on saturday at west brom they took the lead thoroughly roy sunday but jay rodriguez equalized for west brom for nineteen years scored for city before writing stirling made it three one that would be a late goal from the home team the city held out for three two when. in other results manchester united scored late to defeat tottenham one nil there were also
9:50 pm
wins for all snow levels and stoke and champions chelsea won one nil away almost now the biggest club competition in african football the calf champions league is at the final stage egypt's drawing one one with weed out casablanca in the first leg of the final the return leg is on november the fourth and actually last it reached this stage of the tournament back in twenty thirteen now england are the under seventeen world cup football champions for the very first time thanks to a five to win in the final against spain in kolkata but the event is just as memorable for the host nation india this is the seventeenth edition of the events and will go down as the most attended in its history going into the final the total number of spectators had reached a historic figure of nearly one point three million fans and of course it was england's day with a big win over the spaniards sonando dar is the c.e.o. of india's domestic football competition in the i league he was also part of the team that assisted pfieffer in organizing the under seventeen world cup he's
9:51 pm
hopeful that this will be the beginning of something special for the sport in india and says the foundation is already there. it's a ball in that it's fake what that means i would say at the domestic level football is the number one sports interest. people should domestic football that domestic cricket in india definitely it's international cricket which is switchable. but domestic football use number one sport that the football is following its huge oak in india the needs are all as an average crowd also but the colors of the match which switches back to square they could stay there and. the ball is glory and the. the balls that really should have been focusing on school in the men's suits need you to scan your introducing dawn and set on the do fifteen and eighteen level and i think that step steps the possibly that we are trying to create to
9:52 pm
bring you more golf people creates into the game which to church would you know. supply the best if you did last of this in your dreams about football has always been above that but i think the world cup has taken that ball the passion that. simona halep ball and of the tennis season as the well number one issue as she has caroline both nike to thank for that the dane beat carolina pesca in the semi's at the w t a final test of it was the irony other player who could have overtaken had it in the rankings are now out of the tournament unthinkable with nucky goes through to the final show phase of enos williams in that final venus came from a set down to end caroline gothia is run in the tournament the number five fade winning in three sets the last time venus took the title back in two thousand and eight but she hasn't been in the final of the season ending tournament for eight years. martina hingis ended hacker a on
9:53 pm
a losing note the retiring with player and have gotten a chunk young john defeated by a man and a lot of cover in the. in a seven to twenty five times grand slam champion and not just on thursdays he cannot correct it for a third time following this form of. golf world number one dustin johnson will go into the final round of the world golf championship event in shanghai holding a six shot lead he carded a four under par sixty eight on saturday to sit well clear of second place brooks kepcher if johnson wins on sunday it will be his fourth world golf championship title in five events. the golden state warriors game with the washington wizards was overshadowed by an on court fight draymond green and bradley beal work and jacked it from the game when they strapped in the second quarter other players also joined the scrum there's been plenty of bad blood between the two teams since last season players from both sides have clashed on at least two occasions and been the
9:54 pm
start of the game the warriors eventually rallied from eighteen points down to beat the washington wizards one hundred twenty to one hundred seventeen meanwhile james harden had twenty seven points eleven assists and ten rebounds for the houston rockets his triple double helped them to a one hundred ninety two ninety three win over the charlotte hornets. now the big big wave surfing toys are only for the most daring competitors at the best of times but the latest stop in maui has been featuring some epic wipeout the waves during friday's round one with thirty five to forty feet high about ten to thirty meters among the victims of support team and its jet ski a y n e n was scored the highest single waves of the day with an impressive eight point nine zero on venice giant wave. one of the most popular drive is enough car is preparing to retire at the end of the season junior has twenty six race wins to his name and is set to move into
9:55 pm
the commentary box next but in a wild of multitasking the drive in made jumps like mine look easy when he surprised view is in charlotte with this. already. right here we've got. thirty seven in concord. thirty six in lincoln very very chilly we've got a forecast for today. will be around the low seventy's and we're going into martinsville speedway this weekend obviously a big race so many really really cool temperatures of fifty to fifty three degrees . will be some showers early in the morning. for the race itself so make sure that you. saw the sports so it's back to you thank you in hong kong monday's on the way to help guide the fashion industry toward sustainability well one hundred billion garments will be my globally this year but millions of tons of material will be wasted grayson takes a look at what hong kong design is all doing to reduce the waste. victor kong
9:56 pm
is searching for inspiration he's designing a collection of a new fashion label b.y.t. but he can't use just any material for hong kong based company is sustainably conscious which means he has to design clothes out of waste textiles. the fabrics are coming from different suppliers some of the stock from manufacturing and some of them are eco friendly material we have to think harder and consider more not just focus on how to make the clothes fashionable or trendy. one hundred billion garments i'm a globally every year most of them manufactured in china where waste is a major issue some companies have begun to tackle the problem finding cost savings in solutions such as recycling water the technology is now getting more mature you know to be able to to. to treat waste and i think you know we're in the forefront. in the technology one of the reason to be in the forefront is
9:57 pm
we want to find new ways of treating waste and being able to share the same knowledge to add to the whole industry globally the industry creates ninety two million tons of waste any early which environmentalist say is unsustainable what we need to do is unlock the design solutions and the technological solutions and of course scale this within the industry and create a market for it so that we can recycle all of this waste to highlight the problem sustainable fashion advocate redress created the eco chic design awards the world's first catwalk a vent to encourage designers to think about the environment ten finalists put their reputations on the runway at hong kong freshen week with collections created by up cycling textile waste the same fashion have to be important because we don't have enough resources to carry on the way we are but industry leaders say change has to also come from beyond the runway from governments from brains and consumers
9:58 pm
. rams are really beginning to understand the importance of a transparent supply chain of publishing the first and second to supply chain and consumers are we beginning to understand that they need to know more about the fashion supply chain and for us consumers that means taking more notice of where the clothes we purchase come from and more importantly what they made off and also buying fewer clothes by taking better care of the ones that we already kraig least in al-jazeera homegrown. from am and teamhair on the news hour but my colleague lauren tyler will behave with you in just a moment with much more of what they say. news
9:59 pm
has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the frame that good logical rational crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not go on well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. for years japanese have gone into countries lush course for what they call. or forced baby thirteen years ago dr ching li was one of the first to conduct research on forced bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system what
10:00 pm
a lot of find aside or essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown that far as trying to cite reduces stress hormones and relax us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest in the state of medicine. subzero temperatures the stream altitudes. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan bribed by ordinary joined us to what we do high up there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all. of this time on al-jazeera.


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