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tv   Living Beneath The Drones  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2017 4:00am-4:34am AST

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that nobody had any. need don't you want to thank you gentleman from ohio i don't know how you have ended up. going to this and i wondered how so many people here really doesn't know the few i'm going to hear proudly drew i want you in that i get from you know. national get it. the reason those drones are there is to assist the innocent civilians not to harm by the way the average missed distance of an artillery round is about a thousand feet the most accurate mortars average missed this tense around three hundred feet and in fact remotely piloted aircraft drones because of their number one defining characteristic and that's persistence allows us to provide the greatest degree of ethical oversight and for season when weapons are actually being
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used than any other means of force application at a distance. but others are critical of a system that allows bombs to be dropped on a console by people sitting in command centers up to seven thousand miles away. i think the worry is. is the technology enabling an attitude that war is somehow both precise i.e. no mistakes and easy i.e. no consequences or at least no consequences for me that's a very slippery slope because it makes it easier to undertake decisions that should be weighed with the most serious consequences. like so many in afghanistan i at school is too poor and too far from a hospital to get treatment. but there's no jubilant kureishi discovers some
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families will do almost anything to try to cure their loved ones taking them to shrines but those in charge use bizarre methods to cure them. by stop people are war on chain. six walks on their feet so i'm up for going to hounds and was looking like a present i was shocked. when the combat. soldier said. i'm counting the cost of italy's wealthy lol the region safe seats are more autonomy but who are the forces reshaping european politics how might china's new leadership lineup the fact the economy plus why trade is the hong kong stock exchange is sangbae by the fact that it can hear the cost at this time i'll just
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lay it out and under put it well on i j z the u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts folk abene dot. tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his days with one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east.
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killing the count at this time on al-jazeera. and all over the problem and the headlines on al-jazeera and at least twenty three people have been killed in a coordinated attacks in the somali capital mogadishu that began when two car bombs exploded and gunmen stormed a hotel where the president was due to hold a meeting fighters are still holding hostages in the hotel expenses callus purge them all they deposed leader of the cutline regional government will be allowed to run and regional elections in december madrid stripped of its autonomy after a declared independence on friday urged him on as calling for democratic and peaceful opposition to the spanish government's direct role off catalonia. but of the from so who gives. the best way to defend what we have conquered so far is to
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have a democratic opposition to article one five five this is the conclusion of the deliberate attempt against cattle who have for many centuries felt different we have to overcome any threats and to act in a civic and peaceful manner unofficial results from kenya's repeat elections suggest president hu to kenyatta has won more than ninety seven percent of the vote botched turnout is estimated to be less than thirty five percent where the opposition supporters boycotted the vote voting was suspended in some opposition strongholds after clashes between police and protesters. cuban officials have denied any involvement in events that led to more than twenty u.s. embassy staff being pulled out of heaven or the u.s. says the staff were injured by sonic waves directed at their workplace washington says have on a failed of its obligation to protect diplomats on its territory the leader of iraq's kurdish region is reportedly not planning to extend his presidential term past the venda parliament is due to meet on sunday to redistribute the palace held
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by massoud but designing he has been facing mounting pressure to quit following september's controversial secession referendum iraq's government opposed the vote calling it unconstitutional but counting is underway in iceland for the second parliamentary election and to here is early tallies suggest that the ruling independence party is ahead followed by the left green movement from minister be on a benediction called the vote after a three party coalition collapsed over scandals linked to his independence party. as the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us living beneath the drawings continues next thank you for watching. through. continuing his journey into the mountainous region of mungo hard at the pakistan
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border our reporter najib will look for a she has heard about the shrine but people with mental health problems are kept in cells chained to the walls. that gentleman actually. cherished. that she. should. run. away with all that we're going to get there she's got. their own shrines all over of going to stand which attracts people with different medical conditions who hope to be cured through prayer and charms but that the shrine near jalalabad the mentally ill are chained and only given limited food mainly bread black pepper and tea they are not allowed to wash and are kept
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here for up to forty days many have lost touch with the reality around a hundred. and. many here suffer from p.t.s.d. the psychological legacy of the war some as the result of fighting the suicide attacks others from drones. some of the men here for once amongst the most respected in their communities. is a former commander of the afghan national army. now he struggles with p.t.s.d. . sounds almost never that you take the course and that's one reason i'm going to judge by those that may. but i feel. my love. for the
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visual. richard you can see them additionally so look at what you can either because you're my mother mother you. are the one i got i might well be one of them and one must have taken the mantle piece of who killed him i'm not one of the question the. commander nabby's family live only a few kilometers away. last year year next . you know i. thought session you know. that i'm a good hour you know that's i'm sure all of them do i think but.
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even with the nicobar we got brotherhood summit on the. mind on good. judgment on with the nature of the field other drama got to talk about image and get a whole lot. about it while it was it is a major thing it was a good what are you washy cussed out because what i might bother just as the daughter we're. going after the down on paper for the. family once had a very comfortable lifestyle. but since come on they're not became ill they've lost everything. his eldest son also has mental health problems. his younger son is now forced to support the family by selling coal. dust come with you. know while we were there. we just thought.
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it would make it was too much you know we should. work it was just used an awful lot of the media got what do you make that you did they got it it got it it got out of commission. they go to got go to go on with at all with. the. like it or not in the market an army is an essential part of that and our very good army i want to hire them by last week our young yeah i'm right here i am around the i am but i'm a post article but i'm alone and i think that my stand on this are minute and that the model that i'm going to have on the end of the story that jump out of that i'm the same one that may come or. who i don't move the satellite with harlots with us and if our best literature by any means but i want to show more
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years i want to go on was publishing of measure doc was going to measure me only what would your mission not and decided to run him by that there was no woman that he liked the idea of us the nobody made me borrow money their suffering. who wants to run. the whole. shebang. the whole danny sit on whiskey the rest of the week i wish i was. that even got. me a golem hater is one of the guardians of the shariah. he has no medical training and limited knowledge of islam but he tells nigel look ratio his family has been in the business of what he terms curing the mentally ill for over one hundred years
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passing on the tradition from father to son how little discipline he does but by the. way whatever he does from what us that we don't. know. that idea why did. ok i love oh no it was you know at the moment when it. comes to much of what i don't want to. she learned. that it doesn't have that much of. what they want and i want. another guardian again with no obvious islamic or medical training writes down alternative names for of love and blows his blessing onto this young mentally disturbed effect of the war
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. going on no. more many. years it doesn't exist. in the rule of afghanistan f f i child gates some headache or something their families believe that if they take to mullah if you read some koran then you will gate will but what i saw in this shrine was different i didn't see any koran it was just some piece of paper and himself was writing in it you know. you know i'm really. not a lot of the love africa dot com our problem is you doxology that maybe alarms are not what is your dog sort of the shuttle or available to a lot of followers that have been difficult. the shrine's caretaker. started working here a month ago from kabul he is known to some inmates as she didn't. finish on the did
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they want to know as much barnyard so want to. push it down the design of the. murti gun issue no bullshit issue by there. is. no mood to change that. north among. the men and women. stuff has my thinking so i come to the northwest of mononoke that i say go with these in age as a way to get through these who did want to watch a watch or whether. they got a. good one. thank you you know. that it was you know what a little bit. about a general. but did in a cookbook that without my not. but. i don't know if you two met up
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to me i must tell you when you get bad i began as a hooky not just. the car out of the job i was not going to. like most others shed gould is being held her against his will another victim of the war and the system he shows clear signs of p.t.s.d. . married with four young children he was driving a truck for the u.s. forces when his convoy came under attack from the taliban he managed to escape from his burning vehicle but missed many others dying. his family say the surrounding area was then bombed by drones. the more all the more the rumor got started. and i know i told you. and i mean. now that's going to be our way shall not just be that he said i was an
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onion always goes on and i'm a hard ass book it was like i'm going to. god i'm a partial god i'm a kind i guess she just what our love how does it not make love to hear from it that it has. so much idea there will resign over the well my giant. market as you are a lot of what i'll just do what the song she didn't she did the person show this and i call my book so. that's the whole whatever i am very good then the oldest one of the diary but just give it just go with you because you know if you're not good enough. where my did i just think about what they went. out of their pocket and drew with that again that's not the budget rule that a lot of they. don't know. how to talk about how it can work out that the person
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shopping not like there's a knock on that other particles you know it's not obvious to me my time has come up that you know that i'm. i do not understand why much and so i mean just as i want to be just a. moment that's like a bad check not the same as all and i kind of like your style so whereas you. know i don't know how your dollar bill is now not what it was under the scenario one is not. well enough to come think i get it was. you know we're. doing. a lot of money. when you're thirsty much. less.
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you know they don't. look up to the top of the well there's a lot of good work they would. like to. do you know that you don't you know i mean. oh yeah i was a. young guy i was the guy that i mean this time i don't want to go back when i was with i mean that i'm going to write. the. shrine selling talismans as cures are common here but not your beloved chris she and our afghan cruel are shocked at the practices at me ali baba. they decide to
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head back to the clinic in mazar e sharif to find out from dr ali me whether these men could suffer long term harm as a result. didn't die system i see them there. as all that icky the kind that will destroy was injured i'd be so close but second it will be so sad must. destroy them even i mean what about him what would you guess that language will tell you hold money she could all come true that i was the gentlest i mean if i was just you that your soft and wonderful they were to lose it but not make each other well i don't want to cut his kid this just cut the shot. almost to see he got hurt well and looks i'm a comedy. even a bit you know let me love me when i go to do genre going to jail for some kind of well as each of you going to. join the second that you've kindly beast react
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understand if you can call me who are your quality when i was young last time to get it done. but challenging of religious shrine is no easy task. earlier this year for condom malik's other a twenty seven year old religious graduate attempted to stop those at the shrine in central kabul from claiming their amulets and charms could heal people the mullahs tired of her interference falsely accused her of burning a koran within a few minutes she had been beaten to death by the furious crowd and. the incident caused unprecedented protests throughout the country and international outrage. the police were unable to say for come the nevertheless najibullah quraishi decides to confront the regional chief of police for eastern afghanistan about the me ali baba shrine.
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and fellow. american but my. mother was younger with empty hands at the muslim when. all of my denise than. economy if. i only actually wanted to know how come i asked the as how this subject question well it is either way you can give. mislead shopaholic want to show us your comment about her that you. can't even get a majority of stock in my mom and i will make around me diddy what will the source kitty hydrocarbon when i didn't go out there cause i'm not of the what me thing where you most of the men with any course is broken into jelly we don't want to be getting one has that because i was getting about ikea stuff so who's the father now . but naji bullah qureshi has little faith in the police taking action in the immediate future and is concerned at the extreme distress of one of the patients
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currently held at the shrine. he decides to travel to the north of kabul to meet shared goals family. javelins brother saudi is going to take us to his home to meet his family to find out why they didn't take you to the doctor i mean why they are believing that if they put them on jane he will be gate that well so these are all the questions i'm going to find out. if my. shared goal for to put them into hiding against the russians in the one nine hundred eighty s. but his family say it was the more recent attack on his convoy and subsequent bombing by drones the triggered his mental illness. where south of
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a cell phone was really only for what i. think of the war you know the move there. ok. and then you shot him in the gut as i said you. know we need to. share cool was once the respected head of the family bringing up his younger brothers like his own children but his mental illness has made him problem to violence even towards them. began to show. them when. she shot him and then make other better.
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i mean. the changes left his children frightened and confused. maybe. she saw. me. there i don't know what you mean the people you go to. there was. that i think. going to be with. my.
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the effects of the war and the bombs are etched on people's faces everywhere yet there is no end in sight and drones are seen as the way forward not only by the u.s. at least eighty different countries right now on the formal military side have drones are using them within their military it is a technology that has gone from being science fiction to abnormal to the new normal of both war but also all the rest of civilian life the iraq war three point zero is a great illustration of the proliferation of drones and that every single actor and the fight from the u.s. military to the iraqi military to the iraqi militias that are really are rainy and
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to isis are all using drones. i'm not worried about the exploitation of aircraft around the world because ninety eight percent of the use of drone operations does not involve the use of force is there to provide oversight overwatch increase the knowledge of what's going on in an area so that operations can be conducted in a much more precise fashion. they keep using drones they did then to stop that and they are a stand in afghanistan and they will be in afghanistan for another decade or so that's why i can't see any any good future. of showgirls brothers decide to visit him at the shrine. joins them on the three hour journey but share goals mother is too weak to travel with them. and their
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family. that mission. i mean. you know. the brothers weren't previously away or it would have cost them less to have shed gold treated at a government hospital forty days at the shrine doesn't come cheap. you're . going to have. no money. no matter what i value. i have. i know you got now how do you know what i was going to. share girl hasn't eaten properly in twenty days but he still happy to share the eggs and dried fruit from
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his mother with his brothers. despite their mental health problems the men here are treated more as prisoners than patients. for many in afghanistan their entire homeland has become a prison. this is a nation traumatized by war. family abandoned their mountain home and numbed after a drone killed five people in the next village they fled hoping to escape the drones but it seems there is no escape.
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and there i wanted to have a very. good afternoon after if you. were. going to. but when i saw insurgents now spreading into afghanistan from syria and iraq the fighting is expected to escalate it's very likely the number of trauma operations will actually increase. for the afghan people who have suffered almost forty years of conflict the silent threat from above is likely to remain for a long time to come. hello
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it looked like a winter storm and it must die feel like a weird storm this thing went through the upper midwest is expanding throwing the cold air eastward on that line cold front has left behind it this maximum temperature cargo plus six winnipeg plus one that was double figures twenty four hours before even denver's down to forty it's still hot in l.a. thirty here that is going back down to normal just give it another day or two the same time given the slight easing of the cold dropped about plus eight in chicago plus four in winnipeg the east coast is going to take a bit of a hammering not just was briefly feeling quite cold trying to night we're still keeping the teams in new york but we're also feeling a lot of moisture in here this looks particularly wet even potentially stormy some time the next few days a wet to start off with and here is the picture then for monday sun's out chicago plus nine i think you can say your city into early winter by this stage now let's drop south here we've got very active but tropical weather this massive white cloud
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hides to tropical spinners one is south of san salvador overland it's just disappearing in a mass of rain the next one not well represented here is potentially a development through cayman islands cuba and bahamas. that is that you have to have all of that shit. that. you wanted the burden that's a militia. trying to get them down to just. jump on the truck. all of the one today. this stuff on al-jazeera november on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me and my i'm bangladesh bringing more
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focus to the plight of the region jeff. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across to new zealand. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bonn to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one a one east brings captivating stories and award winning feel. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump mbox on a five nation tour to east asia nov on al-jazeera. his native amazonian is increasingly struggle to survive in today's world. talk to al-jazeera travels to brazil to meet leaders of endangered tribes. and those trying to protect them at this time.
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