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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2017 5:00am-6:00am AST

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still remain high president trump embarks on a five nation tour to the facia november on al-jazeera. his native amazonian is increasingly struggle to survive in today's world. talk to al-jazeera travels to brazil to meet leaders of endangered tribes. and those trying to protect them at this time. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from my headquarters in doha
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with me it is a problem coming up in the next sixty minutes at least twenty three people were killed in a gun and bomb attack in the somali capital and gunman still holding hostages and among the. leader can contest the dissent. to mark calls for opposition to direct rule. under pressure after a controversial referendum iraq's kurdish leader massoud barzani is reportedly to extend his term. you can feel the heat and smell the sulfur. will take you up close to one of africa's most active volcano. at least twenty three people have been killed in coordinated attacks in the somali
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capital. it began when two car bombs exploded and gunmen stormed a hotel where the president was due to hold a meeting place a thirty hostages have been rescued from the building so far but many remain trapped inside the home of the reports from neighboring kenya. this is the target of the first explosion the two hotel a stone's throw away from the presidential palace a car was driven up to the gates of the hotel before exploding causing a blast that was hot across the city at least three heavily armed fighters then stormed into the hotel shooting anyone in sight and i'm going to rely on you i was driving a took to the front of the hotel and i saw a car exploding at the gate of the hotel i don't know where two of my clients have gone i don't know if they're dead or alive but i saw four dead bodies. and two he's popular with somali members of parliament and other government officials
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the hotel was also the venue of a meeting between the somali president mohammed of the life of the module and the leaders of somalia's five regional states. the second car bomb exploded at a busy intersection in the heart of the city and near security. few expected al-shabaab fights us to cut out such brazen out talks in mogadishu so soon after the recent must've truck bombing the wost in somalia is history but evidence of the city are still coming to tom's with a talk to weeks ago which left three hundred fifty eight people dead four hundred injured and another fifty six missing. al-shabaab was a victim from the couple in two thousand and seven it has maintained its control in many rural areas of central and southern somalia since then the group was prevented resilient able to replace commanders and flight is killed by u.s. strikes and in fighting with somali forces and african union peacekeepers. fighters
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recently gained control of several areas outside mogadishu including but even a strategic town forty five kilometers from the capital government officials say preventing attacks in mogadishu is proving harder districts around in the cup it'll fall to the flight as one after another mohammed atta well just it will become. well there have been a number of attacks in the somali capital since the beginning of this year the biggest strike happened on the fourteenth of october at least three hundred fifty eight people were killed and more than four hundred injured arm corp al shabaab has claimed responsibility for many of the incidents the group has between seven to eight nine rather thousand fighters partly controlled the capital mogadishu in two thousand and six before being forced out in an offensive led by the african union in two thousand and eleven although its long lost control of most towns that still dominates in many rural areas well jim out as small as
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a somali journalist and he says attacks will continue if the government doesn't take action against armed groups many somalis. widely. and well. thank you very similar. but it seems the government it's not that interested in investigating and preventing and i think if they write and prevent such acts they might get someone with. but they seem to be focusing on political infighting between the president and regional leaders and that they have lost the price. they should be focusing on. rather than other political life and i think. it's the government's and that's the money. that's feeling tonight and a couple of weeks ago when i tried. three hundred so i would say the government
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should be able to once the government technically is in control only in once and they should be able to manage and so with that city let's move on to other news now in catalonia is deposed later karla's purge tomorrow is calling for democratic and peaceful opposition to the spanish government's direct role at the region madrid strips catalonia of its autonomy and dissolve the regional parliament heart a battle on a declared independence on friday it's a crisis that's divided spain and catalans anderson's reports from barcelona. their sinking long live spain this is the response to the breakaway declaration from barcelona on friday the demonstrators are unionists government supporters in madrid waving spanish flags thank god that i am cattle and i am spanish and it is a moment in which we need to be more united be praised and to do something definitive
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. as the demonstrators in madrid called for the jailing of the catalan leader colors pushed them all he was freely walking around his home city of jerome surrounded by supporters and media the prosecutor general is set to announce charges. more made a t.v. address to catalans calling for peaceful support. it is clear to us that the best way to defend what we have achieved so far is to have a democratic opposition to article one five five this is the response to the deliberate action against capital and who have for many centuries felt different we have to overcome any threats and to act in a civil and peaceful manner. for those watching in barcelona there seem to be as many doubters as supporters. and i don't agree with making unilateral declaration because in the end even if the people who participated in october the
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first have more of the g.t.c. they don't have legal that here at the seat of power the palace of the generality tat it was unclear who was really in control one secession activists said large numbers of students had contingency plans to guard the building it would have to to defend. the people. that the police not be able to arrest the president right now the spanish national flag still flies here unlike the city of jerome or where pushed him on his spending the weekend it was unceremoniously lowered but it pleased a lot of people you. know i'm not afraid of independence because this is what we wanted and we're behaving according to our politicians are leading us down the right path. in my opinion i've never felt spanish i've always had
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a catalan identity so i felt very excited and at the same time worried what events may come next which may be complicated and hard. back here in barcelona the government palace is guarded by mosses the regional police force its commander. trip arrow who is already on a charge of the dish and has now been sacked along with a director above him officers have been warned they have to be neutral we're hearing now that some ministers have had their police protection withdrawn and pushed him on has had its security reduced should he returned to his office here it's possible he could be arrested and it's very likely that his supporters will come to his defense and do some of those al-jazeera barcelona. well let's get more on this now with a honorable intervene a director of iberian studies program in the freeman partly institute for international studies at stanford university he's joining us live via skype from
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palo alto very good to have you with us on alex as they are so what do we need to look out for on monday in terms of how the spanish government imposes the direct rule and how the deposed government responds just how much it may or may not resist is the main issue is whether or not the catalan stations are going to return to their offices and if they do will the spanish government send the police to arrest them if that occurs will the people the students have announced that they will be in the streets trying to prevent the police from the resting their leaders. the the question right now is who over the long term is going to be able to demonstrate capacity to govern the territory it's not a simple to say will really clear the cut and republic there has to be a demonstration that has taken effect and also on the side of the drug government it's very simple to say from madrid that they deposed intercut the government plus
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one hundred forty functionaries civil servants and. from now on they will be ruling coming in from madrid it has to occur it has to. be in the legitimacy to all those public workers to continue to do their jobs rather than block madrid's borders and it remains to be seen what will happen and how much of that legitimacy will also depend on how money on a at a whole imposes a direct will i mean how much pressure is he under to not further aggravate this very tense situation and drive more people into the dependence camp. that is a really very question and it has been rather surprising that he has not already acted on these instincts which unfortunately from the intentions that he voiced were going to be a very harsh take over it seems to be proceeding gradually and slowly we will see
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that is the case my impression is that is all the discourse not publicans are going to be public but he is under pressure from the e.u. to avoid the harsh methods that we saw in the two first and of the next photo the twenty first off of december goes ahead as planned could that actually be in effect a referendum. but this but this time recognized by the spanish government on cotton one is independence. announcing the. economist elections for the center twenty first which is very soon is a very shocking proposition also furthermore people have not noticed that that day falls in a thursday typically elections whether in catalonia or in spain happen on a sunday for obvious reasons people go to vote on a sunday and the electoral colleges can be open on a sunday because many of them are schools they're probably buildings they're going to be busy on thursdays so it's not clear to me would would he intends to do by
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choosing that particular date is he boycotting the elections himself before before allowing them to proceed secondly if indeed they go on and i'm sure that we're going to be seeing now the legal parties begin the election campaigns very very soon if they proceed then is he going to ban certain parties that is the problem and that's part of the c.p. does he will indeed install if look at government got money of the government will not be legitimate and will be resisted a very interesting and unprecedented few months ahead and spanish politics john ramon visine i thank you very much for your time and your and fights on this thank you pleasure. let's move on now and vote counting is underway and iceland for the second parliamentary election in two years early tallies suggest that the ruling independence party is ahead followed by the left green movement prodding mr b.
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on a bed index and call the vote after the three party coalition collapsed over scandals linked to his independence party unofficial results from kenya's repaired presidential election suggest president hu kenyatta has won more than mind to seventy percent of the vote but his mandate appears to be weak with a low voter turnout and opposition supporters boycotting the vote for the miller reports from nairobi. this is all that's left of these businesses and homes in water west of nairobi they were burned down by protesters throwing pixel bombs. event as one guy worked here he says they knew the attack was coming but they couldn't stop it he says the attacks based on ethnicity often targeting people who have voted on friday one man was beaten to death young. demonstrations have followed thursday's presidential rerun which was boycotted by the opposition and the areas which are opposition strongholds are bearing the brunt
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of it. mary oma a mother of two says it was peaceful until now she spent the night out on the street scared she and her children would be burnt in their home. while mom had to go on what we as women are so angry because we slipped outside our kids was scared they were even storms being thrown one just missed my son's i you can imagine tear gas being thrown and i have children we heard more of the same from other people living here. to quickly turn to the political tensions they say they don't want a president to. to stay in office while just a third of voters turned out results of the presidential rerun so far indicates that kenyatta has more than a seven million votes and many in this area are angry it's not easy moving around this area groups of protesters are blocking roads ready to stop anyone they don't
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want to round stops are closed some boarded up their owners here they'll be looted there are many police officers patrolling the area but many here say they don't feel protected police are accused of using excessive force when dispersing protesters human rights groups say they've killed between fifty and sixty people following the election sometimes there which fired tear gas canisters at crossroads there also goes all died because police are cutting out operations in this desert edibles house to house opposition sometimes kicking rebels and women people out but diplomats and beating them. the police say they're trying to stop the violent protests and criminals. reality for many years though is trying to survive a political battle being fought on the streets. in nairobi we're plenty more ahead on the news hour including continues to deny involvement in
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the bizarre case of sanuk attacks on the u.s. embassy in. verily in iran were growers are trying to maximize the country's flour. and it's a record breaking night and day on the seventh of a football world cup but india the other will have the details and spoke to. the leader of iraq's kurdish region is reportedly not planning to extend his presidential term past november parliament is due to meet on sunday to redistribute the palace held by muscle but as he's been facing mounting pressure to quit following september's controversial secession referendum iraq's government opposed the vote calling it unconstitutional stephanie decker has more from ebi. there hasn't been an official announcement but certainly according to sources in kurdish
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media it seems that present massoud barzani has sent a letter to parliament where he says he will launch be seeking an extension of his presidential term and this is expected to be debated in parliament on sunday what it means basically his term would have ended november the first technically legally his term as president expired in two thousand and fifteen now elections are supposed to been held november first present result he has always said he would not have run in these elections that have now been postponed for another eight months time it's complicated but the bigger picture is certainly significant once we hear an announcement that he will not be extending his term he will no longer be president he was behind this controversial referendum against the advice even of his allies and the backlash that we have seen here too that has been incredibly unexpected people here absolutely shocked about what has gone on and what continues to go on so certainly it will be a significant announcement it is what we expect but again we haven't had the
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official announcement as of yet a mass grave of thirty seven bodies has been discovered near the libyan city of benghazi that's according to local sources they say those killed opponents of renegade general kiley for hoffa they were discovered in an area under his control the bodies of signs of torture and gunshots it's also been reported that half a has opened an investigation into the incident. the u.n. emergency relief coordinator says hey shocked by the humanitarian conditions in yemen he made the comments at the end of a five day visit and he called on all sides to do much more to respect and to national law and be reports. shocking and horrendous that's how the u.n. emergency relief coordinator describes the suffering he's seen in yemen during his five day visit to severely malnourished children hospitals with barely any electricity and met health workers who have not been paid for months it's been
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shocking to see the terrible impact of this manmade conflict all parties in yemen and those outside who support and have influence over them must do much more to ensure they respect international humanitarian law and protect civilians. saudi arabia and its allies launched a military campaign in march twenty fifteen against toothy rebels of forces loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh the saudi led coalition has been bombing the capital and other parts of yemen to try to restore the internationally recognized government of president abbott rebbie man so heidi heidi based temporarily an agency says the who these must disband but they insist they yemen's legitimate authority and accuse him of being a saudi puppet that. we already to work towards a solution we say to all yemeni groups let's find a solution the foreign powers involved are i'm here to fight for you they are here
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for their interests we're ready to walk towards a solution but that should be at least a response from the other side instead of waiting for decisions to come from abu dhabi or saudi arabia. well the the say they're ready to talk they're also threatening to intensify their retaliation against saudi arabia and strike military targets in the u.a.e. . more than ten thousand yemenis have been killed and almost forty thousand injured over two and a half years of fighting human rights groups accuse both sides of committing atrocities the u.n. is urging all sides to negotiate a political deal until they do the world's number one humanitarian crisis may only get worse victory gates and be al jazeera egypt has launched a major shake up of its security services one week after an attack in giza province that left at least sixteen police officers dead mohamad thirty of hegarty has been named the new chief of staff of the armed forces here places like more to ghazi the
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two men and not related the head of national security has also been sacked along with several generals and other senior leaders for several years the military has been dealing with a campaign of attacks in the northeastern part of the sinai peninsula cuban officials have denied any involvement in events that led to more than twenty u.s. embassy staff being pulled out of her via the u.s. says the staff were injured by sonic waves directed at their workplace and residences washington says have a lot of failed in its obligation to protect diplomats on its territory cuba says there's no evidence attacks took place mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . relations between the u.s. and cuba continue to deteriorate in the wake of what u.s. officials described as a covert a sonic attack last month the u.s. withdrew all non-essential personnel from the embassy in havana following what they
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said was a series of staff falling ill because of some kind of sonic attack now the u.s. did not provide any evidence and said that it could not establish exactly what the so-called attack was but now cuba is fighting back the foreign minister is visiting d.c. at the moment and this is what he had to say. your money is showing the so-called attacks are on just whatever the type of attack whatever the incident it is completely false the foreign minister also described the whole incident as and i quote political manipulation aimed at damaging bilateral relations now important to note that the u.s. has never directly accused cuba of being responsible for the illness of its diplomats however it did say that cuba has not done enough to investigate the causes of those cuba's position very clearly there is no such attacks underway
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there have been no attacks and even if there were certainly cuba has got nothing to do with it but all of this is got to be seen as well in the context of the trumpet ministration relations with cuba we're reestablished under a bomber under the trumpet ministration things have changed substantially from the very beginning a president making very clear he is not that happy with these increasingly warm relations with cuba now we've seen a continual deterioration emerging from these claims of some kind of covert sonic attack. chinese government is struggling to control a growing number of new h.i.v. cases the country has one of the highest rates of new infections in latin america now the government has launched a campaign to target high risk groups are latin america editor no three and human reports from santiago. forty eight year old sandra who asks that we not use her full name was pregnant with her sixth child when she discovered her husband had
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infected her with hiv she says her first thought was suicide now she's undergoing treatment and is back working at her husband's small broom factory there as she could not live but while the treatment will deal with the hiv she says it can't sweep away the stigma still associated with the disease. there are still many people who think they'll get infected if they just touch me even my best friend this is so terrible i still can't accept it sander is one victim of an alarming health hazard in the last six years the hiv rate in chile has more than doubled the rainbow belligerent think that with a.j. we are between the age of twenty fifty years old. man you're not but we are seeing everywhere you go in your gains or people all the whole. and women who are being inserted
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they don't usually use condoms. dr petit's believes that because treatment for hiv is now readily available in chile many young people have lost what he calls respect for the disease and so are no longer taking precautions with women living here a new campaign is underway to underscore the need for safe sex at any age the government already distributes seventeen million condoms a year. but critics say the state needs to do much more for example sex education became mandatory in two thousand and ten but only. for secondary school students you would have us i want to go through and we need to implement an education campaign from childhood to adolescence in every single school we need to reduce bureaucracy so people can get condoms more easily or if they're infected so they know where to go if the testing and treatment doctors here are calling the hiv rise an epidemic it shocked many and socially conservative chile
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a country that experts say must quickly deal not just with the disease but with the misconceptions and prejudices that helps credit you seem human centavo chile still ahead on the news our refugee facilities in greece a buckling under the pressure as more people arrive on its eastern islands. will tell you about the modern threats facing gazans thousand year old treasures. and venus rising the fifth seed returns to the season ending final for the first time in eight years that's coming up and. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello finally the typhoon has been hanging around for a long time is heading with some more speed now towards the main islands of japan
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it's here at the moment in within twenty four hours it should pass pretty close to tokyo still rather weak typhoon strength but typhoon all the same so wind and rain as a minimum and that's where most of the energy is in this part of the world if you come a bit further west the further south so you covering most of china by this time the northeast monsoon is tucked in we are injecting some moisture so some clouds the east coast of china because of the typhoon but otherwise it's a quiet looking period at the moment even where the breeze goes back up over the high ground it's generally no more than one or two rain showers dries looking picture in vietnam less so in the far south doesn't cambodia could be a little bit wet a particularly cambodia you see the bright top class in this general area and we've seen a good spread of malaysia and indonesia they are all represented by satellite picture repeated in the forecast in the next two days and you can't really rule anywhere out the potential for rain does exist is just the right time of the year the monsoon trough is you well know has had a long way south is more or less falling apart but for the next few days at least
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we've got the rain potential in southern india and especially sri lanka. the weather sponsored by cats are always. one. place you are right. and you are changing color as america struggles to contain its worst of a drug crisis four lines looks at the devastating impact it's having on the children and i'm left to pick up the pieces of. heroin children of this time on al-jazeera. we're here to jerusalem bureau coverage israeli palestinian affairs we cover this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the
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united nations and cope with all this for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens there matters. good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are top stories at least twenty three people have been killed in coordinated attacks in the somali capital. that began when two car bombs exploded and gunmen stormed a hotel where the president was due to hold a meeting. still being held by fighters. because. it will be allowed to run. in december was calling for democratic
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and official in the spanish government. and in kenya a president who has won more than mine he seven percent of the vote that supported unofficial results from the repeat presidential election but turnout was low and suspended and some opposition strongholds the election has been marred by violence . the philippine government has declared victory of approach fighters in the city but many residents are struggling to return to their lives the search for missing loved ones continues as more on name bodies are connected from the frontlines. god has a story of one woman who received some good news about her missing daughter we met jossy upin is a few months ago back then she was trying to retrieve her husband's body in a morgue united though it panders died tomorrow we in the southern philippines he
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was working there as a waiter when a pro i saw a group called the mouth to have several parts of the city last their daughter just so was missing to jossy asked for help from the police and the military looking for signs that may lead to her daughter the days dragged into months and she was already losing hope. months later we traveled to joss's hometown to tell her the good news. what you. just saw was held hostage by the multi-group but after months in captivity she was able to escape we brought her to mother are we hoping that the military could help facilitate the reunion but it is not easy a bureaucratic process has to play out still they are lucky enough to talk to each other on the phone.
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i'm so happy. to give him normally. when the mall to seize parts of the city hoping to set up an islamic state its fighters took several thousand civilians hostage in the course of the month long battle many civilians have either been released or escaped government records show less than eighty families have registered their missing human rights experts say that number may be higher that is because many feared the stigma that if they come forward registering their missing loved ones their relatives may be accused of collaborating with them out. the philippine military has declared morale we liberated from the pro eisel group after months of fighting most of my doubt is now left in ruins over a thousand people have died and hundreds of thousands more displaced you can agree
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me here you know the ones you really have to read united. another set of bodies retreat from the front line in this small bag are bones of five people like so many others here they will be buried in a mass grave blameless victims of the brutal conflict. are we see it the southern philippines we all must state media says the government will harvest a rise from farmland abandoned by one hundred families who are fleeing the violence and northern rock state the paddy fields cover more than twenty eight thousand hectares and long gone the area worst affected in the crackdown by the myanmar military against the revenge a community we has more from young gone. there are a couple of ways to look at this one is that this is simply a practical solution the rice crops are ripe for harvesting and if they were left to just stand in the fields they would go to waste so the myanmar government has
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put in place a plan to harvest the crops bringing in combine harvesters and laborers to do the work and agricultural ministry spokesman has told us that the local government is in charge of the harvest and the eventual fail and the proceeds of the sale will go to the local government over there no details on how they plan to use it but the other issue is this raises ethical questions as the asia director of human rights watch puts it you really can't call a crop ownerless when you've used a campaign of arson and violence to drive the owners from their land and this is what the myanmar military has been accused of doing and the other issue pertains to future use is this harbors perhaps the first step of the myanmar government to appropriate the land. from ranger refugees who've been driven to bangladesh now if it is it will raise other questions what about repatriation and resettlement of the refugees now granted we are a long way from that bangladesh and myanmar officials haven't yet worked out
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details of how they plan to repatriate ranger refugees but there will have to be other questions that need to be asked such as where will they return to and what will they return to if their farms and villages are no longer there. the number of refugees heading to graves has surged in the past two months put in a huge strain on the facilities camps built to host seven thousand refugees and are dealing with twice that number most arrive on the island of less balls from where john swap last reports. these afghan syrians and africans are living in a tent city there isn't enough room for them in moria the government run camp on lesbos and they are vigilant about refugees who are in the camp crushing their lunch rivals on the eastern islands in the aegean sea have increased from an average of fifteen a day to almost one hundred a day in the last six weeks all seeking asylum in greece in the terms of the
5:37 am
agreement between turkey and the european union turkey promises to prevent as many people as possible from entering greece illegally anyone who makes it is forced to stay here of sure if they wish to apply for asylum on the mainland that says the mayor of lesbos is turning the islands into an effective buffer zone for the e.u. . turning this island into a prison is the wrong policy it punishes those who showed solidarity instead of rewarding them it's criminal and unfair to divide europeans into first and second class citizens and we are definitely in a second class we don't have the same rights as other europeans or even other great . authorizes won't allow us to film inside moria camp currently hosting five thousand people more than twice its capacity and a record high since the e.u. turkey agreement came into force in march last year that's because the agreement for the greek government for moving new arrivals to the mainland they sleep ten to a tent not everyone has a mattress or
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a blanket there are no washing facilities so the air is rank overcrowding and waiting a deepening the mental health problems of people who've already fled war discrimination imprisonment and rape and mentality of the people living in the camps as one of the prisoners here and his say. a lot of the activities that one would see in. any normal prison situation. gangs threats of violence violence. sexual assaults drug abuse and the problems go beyond mental health says a nurse who works inside moria we see a lot of upper respiratory tract infection and just the common cold that's given to everyone so if. a virus that's just spreads superfast across europe refugee numbers are down on last year but not here and in this corner
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of greece the people forced to look after the new arrivals are feeling the strain jump al-jazeera lesbos. out as they were is demanding the release of his journalist mark with hussein has now been in an egyptian prison for more than three hundred days he's accused of forecasting false news to spread chaos which he and strongly deny well has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail. right to the democratic republic of congo now where tourists with a taste for adventure can visit a lava lake on top of a volcano mount near our gong go as one of the world's most active volcanoes welcomed web went along with a group of tourists to follow it it's julio kember's job to take tourists up an active volcano and you're going as lava lake in a crater at the top of its forested slopes in the democratic republic of congo goes up every day and never gets boring when i arrive there i see i can see through the
5:40 am
lava lake you like a new feeling. because it's very beautiful nearly one hundred fifty people were killed in the nearby city of goma when it last erupted in two thousand and two. and this is where it started they never gave me inside. and then when they arrived here explored came out but don't be afraid it's not up and. it takes about five hours to climb much of the way following an old larger stream. of molten rock blasted out long ago form the part. written directions of come from split side ranges say from here it's better to go up and down if it happens again from here at the summit and you can just about see hills in the distance which are in neighboring rwanda the borders between here and there and here is
5:41 am
a crater for my previous eruption lake just about visible and on it sure is congo's eastern city of goma and here is the rim of the crater of mount. and down there is a lava lake and from where we're standing you can feel the heat and smell the sulfur it was the noxious gases that killed many in two thousand and two and whose plumes attract tourists today congo's conflicts have affected access in the past but it's been open to visitors since twenty fourteen just amazing mindblowing. so beautiful the walk up here than you can see the spectacle it's just amazing that it is can't get up here without the help of the porters from the villages below the volcano tourism is growing at it but by the much needed income for about eighty families. this walk up says a lot it does space school fees for us children build our houses buy you seeds for
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farming and also take care of other needs. but it when the sun sets in the smoke clouds clear that it glows brightest it crosses constantly cracks the liquid rocks him as below and reveals the beauty of a lethal lover malcolm webb al-jazeera. in the democratic republic of congo now for years barriers to international trade have had iranian businesses for the lifting of sanctions iranian florists to cash in on a multi billion dollar global market same bus ride report the fourteenth century persian poet hafez once wrote the roses beauty is very dear enjoy its petals when it is here in iran they take that quite literally from finally manicured streets to the vendors who sell roses by the basket for happy and sad occasions flowers are a part of daily life in iran some street lights even get their own flower beds. but
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iranians say they haven't been able to realize the industry's potential. one of the biggest challenges we face in iran is a lack of modern technology most of the expertise exists in europe and we haven't been able to transfer that knowledge to iran many runs greenhouses in vera mean a town a few hours outside to her own he says when sanctions were lifted after the nuclear deal things got better but to be competitive in the international marketplace iranian growers will need more help all the growers we've spoken to say the same thing they wish that their government would focus a little bit more time on helping them modernize their industry not just because of the economic potential but because unlike the things you normally associate with iran oil and gas nuclear energy growers say there's nothing controversial about flowers they're just beautiful and they make people happy. it might be a hard sell after all the global oil and gas industry is worth nearly one point
5:44 am
seven trillion dollars a year and you can't run a car on flowers but he says in iran flowers can be a serious business too and that income from the agriculture sector could someday rival oil revenue money which. much as we care about seats in opec i think we should pay even more attention to the seats in the food and agriculture organization and pave the way for foreign investors in iran but getting anything made in iran to international markets is still a challenge. the main problem now is the high cost of exports we cannot compete with the main flower export in countries like hall and we don't produce flowers in mass quantities since the production is low it's mostly for domestic consumption but even half the flowers consumed domestically go to waste dying in transit are left unsold once they get to market. in a meeting with president rouhani i asked him to help our producers with low
5:45 am
interest long term loans so they could modernize their greenhouses modernization is very expensive those who are passionate about growing and selling flowers will tell you it's one of the best jobs in iran and that investing in new technology and infrastructure to reach on top markets will be money well spent as well as a chance for the country to show off its flower power is in zero very mean iran. so ahead on the news hour federer shines once again and his hometown details the passing out.
5:46 am
right. now but. discover a wealth of wood winning programming from around the world paul full documentary as we were running away for our life from a brutal regime to see so performance debates and discussions we're getting comments on what the international community should do how worried should we the whole be that this guy has the nuclear codes on a scale of one to ten ten challenge your perception. al-jazeera.
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thank you all just from the galveston have managed to stop the destruction of a unique bronze site that offers a glimpse into what life in the region might have been like thousands of years ago when a smith reports of it the. tower proudly shows off the five and a half thousand year old jars he recovered from one of garza's most important archaeological sites but we may never know how significant tell us sakon all the hell of ash is because shortly after father was filmed here the bulldozers arrived clearing the way for a housing development foremost it was because he wants to it's very sad for me because it's my history not only mine but the history of the palestinians that this appears it's a real shame it's palestine here were the first inhabitants three and a half thousand years before christ. the ten hector bronze age settlement was
5:48 am
discovered during construction work in one thousand nine hundred eight work was stopped but conflict and a lack of funding prevented proper excavation gradually buildings went up. faddle the protesters who two weeks ago helped chase the bulldozers away from the last undeveloped parts of the site but for how long wherever you walk around the site it's easy to find bits of broken pottery now the palestinian authority says it's suspended all building work here until it's reassess the situation but the reality is this this is a prime piece of land in a crowded territory it's going to be very difficult to resist the pressure to build here. the struggle has pits two ministries antiquities and land against each other it's the land ministry that has the stronger hand gaza is the most polluted in the world. in bad need for housing so we should find this
5:49 am
this far in there to compromise between the need for housing and housing and then him to. respect the history. is also crowded with archaeological treasures there are three places here that the palestinian authority want declared as well heritage sites but faddle is left trying to pick up the pieces from what might be a shot to dream a fully discovering the ancient city tell a second burn it's made out zira gas at the time for sport while his tatyana thank you very much english premier league leaders manchester city were made to sweat on saturday to maintain their five point lead at the top of the standings they were an action against west brom away from home they took the lead through lever i thought i j rodriguez equalized for west brom fan and a new scored for city before ryan stirling made it three one that would be
5:50 am
a late goal from the home team the city held on for a three two win in the fourth when you analyze so we can see three chances we. receive two goals we created the know how many and we call gestures course three so of course in that tension in the groove when titles you need to be clinical and in that position good football isn't predictable you believe is the only never is done in other results champions chelsea won one nil away at bournemouth that also went for arsenal liverpool and stoke and in the early kick off manchester united scored late to defeat tottenham one now i like a lot of performance independent of the result. the result is zeros the result is one one mine mine feelings the players and the team will be the same because i think. they gave absolutely everything every ball was like
5:51 am
the most important ball of korea the biggest club competition in african football the caf champions league is at the final stage egypt drew one one with weed at casablanca in the first leg earlier on on saturday the return leg is on november the fourth i lightly last reached at this stage of the tournament in twenty thirteen england under seventeen wild football champions for the first time thanks to a five to win in the final against spain in kolkata but the event is just as memorable for the host nation india this is the seventeenth edition of the event and will go down as the most attended in its history going into the final the total number of spectators had reached the historic figure of nearly one point three million fans and of course it was england's day with that big win over the san. fernando dar is the c.e.o. of india's domestic football competition the i league he was also part of the team
5:52 am
that assisted face in organizing the under seventeen wild copy is hopeful that this will be the beginning of something special for the sport in india and says the foundation is already there. it's a bowling against a bottom and sides would say at the domestic level football is the number one sports interest. what should do most of the ball that domestic cricket in india definitely it's international cricket which is which is. that domestically what you see number one sport that the football following is huge and you know the league. has an average crowd of about eight thousand match which is which i think it's quite a good day and that's what is growing and the the football set really should have been focusing on school in the men's need to be you mean skating you're introducing do on them and sit on the doing fifteen and eighteen eleven and i think that's that's that's the part to me that we're trying to create
5:53 am
to bring you more golf people know kids into the game which future would you know. supply the best in the last of us and yet teams about football has always been there but i think the world cup has taken that but the passion of that tennis now and roger federer has reached the final of his hometown tournament for a third tape the time that the wild number to thrash to belgian fun in the swiss indoors tournament and on saturday the swift losing just three games in total in the match the final score with six one six two in a match that lasted just one hour federal will now go on to face rajan time when magic thing that putter in the final. simona halep will end the tennis season as the women's wild number one thanks to caroline wozniak in the dane beat carolina up to survive in the semi of the w t a finals in singapore that's because it was the army off a player who could have overtaken her at the ranking that she's now out of
5:54 am
a fact he goes through to the final. phase venus williams venus came from a set. down to end caroline garcia's run in the tournament the number five seed winning in three sets the last time venus took this title was back in two thousand and eight and she hasn't seen in the final this season ending torment for eight years. martina hingis ended her career on a losing note the retiring swiss player and partner john young john were beaten by to may have and today i love aaj cover in the double semi's the twenty five time grand slam champion announced on thursday she'd hung up her record for a third and final time following this week's tornado. lewis hamilton has a commanding sixty six point lead at the top of the formula one drivers championship standings but his rivals have not given up just yet on saturday ferrari sebastian vettel raced into pole position for sunday's mexico grand prix
5:55 am
bettles in a difficult position because even if he wins here the title could still go to hamilton off to the race the britain who qualified third fastest needs to finish fifth if at all wins to ensure for f one world title. while number one dustin johnson will go into the final round of the wild golf championship event in shanghai holding a six a shot lead he carded a four on the past sixty eight on saturday to sit well clear of second place but kept if dobson wins on sunday it will be his fourth world golf championship title in five events. more lights out. all right to hong kong now where the fashion industry is trying to cut a more sustainable dash by reducing waste millions of tons of materials are thrown away worldwide by the industry craig lisa reports. victor conte is searching for inspiration he's designing a collection the new fashion label b.y.t.
5:56 am
but he can't use just any material the hong kong based company is sustainably conscious which means he has to design clothes out of waste textiles. the fabrics are coming from different suppliers some of the stock from manufacturing and some of them are eco friendly material we have to think harder and consider more not just focus on how to make the clothes fashionable or trendy. one hundred billion garments i'm a globally every year most of them manufactured in china where waste is a major issue some companies have begun to tackle the problem finding cost savings in solutions such as recycling water the technology is now getting more mature you know to be able to to. to treat waste and i think you know we're in the forefront. in the technology one of the reasons to be in the forefront is we want to find new ways of treating waste and being able to share the same
5:57 am
knowledge to add to the whole industry globally the industry creates ninety two million tons of waste any early which environmentalist say is unsustainable what we need to do is unlock the design solutions and the technological solutions and of course scale this within the industry and create a market for it so that we can recycle all of this waste to highlight the problem sustainable fashion advocate redress created the eco chic design awards the world's first catwalk a vent to encourage designers to think about the environment ten finalists put their reputations on the runway at hong kong freshen week with collections created by up cycling textile waste then recess and half. in person because we don't have enough of the face to carry on the way we are the industry leaders say change has to also come from beyond the runway from governments from brains and consumers runs out really beginning to understand the importance of a transparent supply chain of publishing that last one second test supply chain and
5:58 am
consumers that we did beginning to understand that they need to know more about the fashion supply chain for us consume is that means taking more notice of where the clothes we purchase come from and more importantly what they made off and also buying fuel clothes by taking better care of the ones that we already craig leeson al-jazeera hong kong thank you for watching by for that. a new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way we treat. our impeccable service remains but now comes the breaking. business school. the home to prove this is the sweetest.
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selects at this time in colombia transforming urban waste into building long years just before same for the west blasting the war we can finish each other. in just ten years and in singapore fridge go farms and living building anything you do on land on the ground doesn't make sense to do that on a building come we might have not just decorative but can we make it biologically productive earthrise discovers cutting edge solutions for sustainable city at this time on al-jazeera. at least twenty three people were killed in a gun bomb attack in the somali capital with hostages taken in a.


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