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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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no we want to stay here livia and die here in bangladesh. right. this is al jazeera.
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lone welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a ten hour siege at a hotel in the somali capital is over but at least twenty three dead. under pressure after a controversial referendum iraq's kurdish leader is reportedly considering standing down. i. can use opposition leaders contemplate their next move was the fallout from the presidential election rerun continues. down there. and from where we're standing you can feel the heat and smell the sulfur will take you up close to one of africa's most active volcanoes. says it was behind a siege at a hotel in the somali capital mogadishu that lasted for more than ten hours at
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least twenty three people died firefighters stormed the building on saturday after twin bombings in the area and took people hostage the security forces killed two attackers and arrested three others catherine sawyer reports now from neighboring kenya. hours after the attack on a hotel in mogadishu volunteers and rescue workers still clearing the debris and pulling out. the siege is over and once again residents of this city. just two weeks after another attack the wost in somalia's history close to four hundred people were killed and dozens are still missing out how. two of the attackers were killed and three others were. battle between security forces and the terrorists we don't yet know the official death toll the rescue is still ongoing but the fight is over most of those killed by security forces this hotel is popular with government officials and members of parliament it's very close to the
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presidential palace and the president was supposed to hold a meeting here with somalia's five regional states and i'm going over really well i was driving a truck at the front of the hotel that i saw a car exploding at the gate of the hotel i don't know where two of my clients have gone i don't know if they're dead or alive but i saw four dead bodies. claimed responsibility the group remains active in mogadishu and other up in areas even after being pushed out by african union forces and the somali government and despite constant asked tracks by u.s. forces in areas still under the group's control government officials say they have prevented more attacks but keeping people safe is proving difficult as all continues to take control of surrounding districts catherine soy al jazeera ok let's get more on that for you talking to us now. he's formally a somali minister of planning and international cooperation he joins us live now
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from istanbul. pushing the events of the past thirty six hours together with what happened ten days ago some people are saying this is somalia's nine eleven is that a correct interpretation of what we're seeing. certainly the top or fourteen mega bombing or somalia is nine eleven over four hundred people killed many more are still missing and the human and financial loss was simply unimaginable i think people are are are absolutely outraged right now and are waiting accountability by the government and i think there is just too many can dollars is going on coming out of the government right now people want to hear that there is going to be some tangible steps that the government will take to prevent repeated attacks by the terrorist group al-shabaab in mogadishu and other places what can the government do
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well i think first of all what we need to do is a paradigm shift in the standard operating procedures of the security services i think the soldiers are doing everything they can but they're not getting the necessary equipment the intelligence that they require our intelligence agency is still unable to simply eavesdrop on phone calls and many of these are tax are organized by people who are using mobile phones sim cards are not registered yet and more importantly a lot of financial transactions is still take place with mobile money and that is virtually unmonitored by the by the federal government of somalia and that is simply unacceptable in this day and age seems to be taking this and it seems to be capable of taking this to a whole new level is this the beginning of a new campaign on the part. well i think al-shabaab has been at it for well over
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a decade now and it has slowed you had time where they would you know increase the number of attacks and the seriousness of attacks their top or fourteen mega bomb which by the way they have not claimed because probably it was the worst and they fear that it would create a backlash which you already did certainly was another level i think the more important thing though here is the government needs to do a little bit more not only on the security front but on the political front right now the big political crisis in somalia is not conducive to security and stability of the country the federal government is in is in major crisis with federal member states and various other political groups and that is not helping the government i was recently in mogadishu a week ago and the entire city is simply impassable right now about ninety percent of the roads are closed people are having hard time moving from one location to the
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other and we're still having attacks of this is scale so we really need to rethink our strategy in terms of how we approach the whole security system but more importantly also the political front. in istanbul thank you. bodies of thirty six and identified people have been found in a village near the eastern libyan city of benghazi some of the victims are signs of torture and gunshot wounds to the head locals say they were critics of the renegade general he five ta who controls the area he has ordered an investigation. kenya's main opposition leader has branded the presidential election rerun a sham and called for a new poll within ninety days. church leaders and supporters in nairobi a day after the repeat vote was suspended due to violence so far the election commission is putting the president of the kenyatta ahead of all other candidates with ninety seven percent of the vote but doing a spoke out against the post-election violence that's left at least six people dead
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. all. yes ok our correspondent joins us live here on the news from nairobi mohammed you've been gauging reaction there at the highest level what are people saying. well it depends on who you talk to you talk to the opposition supporters they will
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tell you that this is a shambolic election the numbers being bundled down released by the electoral commission they say a lie and of the government tinkering with the results as we speak they point out this was a much more easy and quick process given that people want only one vote and that it shouldn't have taken all this long for results to be announced now when you talk to the government or not is to just go from speaking to the deputy president of kenya william ruto. has been out for two posts and they have gotten more than seven point five million votes cost. for president. so much is happening in terms of the to and fro coming from the different parties but what is most concerning to people. of militias who have been cutting out talks
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on. in the slums of nairobi and also in some parts of the country that is what has many kenyans concerned how can those people who support mr kenya say this election was free and fair i mean just watching the pictures a few days ago there were obviously areas that were democratically a complete vacuum people weren't even getting to the polling stations the international observers weren't going to the polling stations. the day when people. voting in some areas particularly positions hold. whole different country. from the government. hold elections again in both places they've also been people who just simply.
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the government is saying is it is their constitutional right anyone who wants to stay away from the election to stay away on. how many votes on hospital. bills votes or they say caused. problem with. many thanks. now the leader of iraq's kurdish region is reportedly planning not to extend his presidential term most of the buzz on he has been under pressure to quit following september's controversial succession referendum the vote triggered more than ten days of fighting between iraqi and kurdish forces the parliament of iraq's kurdish region will meet in the coming hours to discuss a plan to redistribute powers as held today by mr step dekker joins us live now from erbil stuff why have we not heard from mr buzz on the on camera himself talking about this. it's
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a very good question i don't have the alter to that it seems to me that you know the people here are being drip fed that final moment now he has always said that he would not run in the november first election but you know the actual fact when that is confirmed when it happens it is a big deal peter so for the last two weeks or so there's been rumors that he would be stepping down he wouldn't be extending his term and then he was supposed to announce it a few days ago there are rumors that went away parliament was supposed to convene yesterday that didn't happen and then yesterday sort of throughout the afternoon in the evening more and more sources were coming out saying the president sent a letter here to kurdistan regional parliament where he was suggesting a way to you know disperse his powers for the interim period of course november first is wednesday the parliament voted to extend to postpone the elections by eight months so i think we have to wait and see what exactly gets debated here to close session but we are expecting them to tell us something at the end of that about how it looks pretty certainly all indications seem to be that he will not be
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the president as of wednesday going forward but does that mean as far as the people that do his job or whoever follows him if he steps away from being in office does he or does his family more to the point i guess step away from being in power. that's the crucial issue here the barzani's are you know a dynastic family when it comes to this region together with the taliban is there. been you know splits and divisions among those two families for a very long time many people will tell you just because president. is no longer officially the president it means his powers are not weighed it is perhaps a way of simply sort of keeping the family's hold on power there are rumors that perhaps that post in the interim will go to his nephew the prime minister next of on barzani he also has his son must who is in charge of the security forces the intelligence would have apparatus so that barzani still have a substantial hold on power but i think you know this sort of off the mark for the fall out of that referendum is that you do have divisions in finite internal
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kurdish politics the opposition parties have a louder voice they're trying to really you know play on this card where they blame him for what we've seen unexpected really loss of territory disputed territory of course and also the fact that the federal government has said that it is going to take back control of all the border crossings that the k r g could told they could do that but it really is it's a massive step back from the status quo ante that they had to certainly his critics will tell you that what he wanted to be his legacy has become a huge mistake but he had one of this peter let's wait and see what we're going to hear over the next coming hours coming out of department understood one last brief point stuff does he risk making himself unpopular because the turnout was very healthy and the percentage of the vote in favor of secession was relatively speaking huge. well you know barzani is always said actually was quoted in two thousand and sixteen saying you know the day that there was an independent kurdistan will be the day that i will cease to be the president he wanted this to
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be his legacy you know the referendum he said he what it was there right he said and it was simply a yes or no vote it wasn't legally binding supporters of him will say well you know according to the iraqi constitution this should have been resolved the disputed territories at least ten years ago so we're just going to go ahead and do it anyway it wasn't anything that had a legally binding point now his opposition will tell you that it is all about timing and he was warned by everyone by the united states by his allies by turkey who was a neighboring bride and that this was not the right time according to sources he was offered a deal to postpone the referendum by two years and to those accounts certainly he went ahead anyway and certainly now we're seeing you know the k r g regionally isolated because you have iran together with turkey together with baghdad now trying to forge their own way you have the united states who pretty much said iraq needs to stay a unified country and the fallout is something that i don't think even he would have expected so i think it's going to be very interesting if we finally hear from
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him what he is going to say people will tell you he's not going to take responsibility and say you made a mistake again this is all speculation but i think it is significant to see what he has to say how he has assesses what has happened here over the last few weeks steph thanks very much. thank you for your own news stories who haven't done. so much my daughter read piece of good news for filipino searching for loved ones who disappeared in the fight against my soul but others weren't so lucky. and cuba fights back against allegations that it was behind mysterious attacks on the u.s. embassy in havana. and in sports news operations underway in the horse pakistan has to host its most important critiquing the noise. spain's government says the deposed leader called a speech
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a moment will be allowed to run in regional elections. which is calling for a democratic and peaceful opposition to madrid's direct rule of catalonia the region lost its political autonomy after the catholic vote to declare independence sort of the latest for us here on the news. what do you think will happen next. something for everyone in. this country certainly today. the people who do i want to remain. on the streets making their voices heard just about an hour before they start this protest and they're ready tens of thousands of people probably you can see in the background they carry the spanish flag carrying the flag which is the one with the sort of thinner red and yellow stripes now the message.
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here and they want to remain. here heard them thinking. zamboni. was. no good. and we need democrats. to push. more demonstrations on the streets because. the referendum looks pretty. pretty dangerous
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a point. could be.
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thanks very much. in support of the military which is facing criticism over the crisis. of supporters of turned out on the streets of young gone six hundred thousand range of muslims have fled rakhine state for bangladesh over the past two months they accuse the army of rape murder torture and the un has called the violence quote textbook ethnic cleansing florence lou joins us live from younger on the signal they're sending out here with this protest today . this is a protest organized by nationalist military veterans and it's essentially to show support for the military that's been accused of ongoing violence against a minority in northern rakhine state and the people that we've spoken to here out
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here they want to defend the military against the criticism from the international community because they believe the military is merely defending the country's sovereignty and that is. has been pushing. in northern state is nothing more than a legitimate. against a group that the government has designated as a terrorist organization. also heard another narrative that was being pushed by extreme nationalist right wing. the muslim minority in northern rakhine state were trying to implement an islamic form of government in certain parts of the country is what the myanmar military is fighting against but this is something for which there is no proof how much of the protests we're looking at and looking at pictures that we've lifted from facebook there and
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just how much of this protest is in the minds of the people who are demonstrating clearly separate from supporting the military or supporting the civilian government because again over the past two or three days there's been silence from. that's a very good question randi such as. a particularly institution. allowing a democratic transition in two thousand and ten and as you mentioned a civilian government. that the military is still a very very powerful institution in this country now is one. doesn't necessarily. support for the military now in this instance in the handling of the. refugee crisis the military appears to be on the same page as the
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government and the. she has been silent she hasn't spoken up. and she's been criticized not only for that but also for defending the military. support. for not just the military but the government lawrence thanks very much benjamin's walky is an independent southeast asia analyst who joins us on skype from what he in thailand benjamin's a lucky i'm not being sarcastic here what is the point of having that protest when the people started leaving that northern state of recalling at the end of august and there are six hundred thousand. living in a semi permanent state across the border in bangladesh why why does the military and the civilian government feel the need to put together that kind of demonstration. well they're clearly very very sensitive to the criticism they've
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been receiving by by the west and most recently the united states has proposed targeted sanctions against certain members of the military and the country simply doesn't appreciate and as you rightly point out neither the military nor the civilian government appreciates the kind of criticism coming from the west it also needs to be pointed out however that the criticism is in fact limited to the camp of the international community led by for example the united states and europe and does not include china and another whole block of the international community which has had nothing but praise and support for for the response there is a crisis and is there anything in the imagery of this that we're watching known is pretty strong stuff that if you were a range of muslim who's literally fled from what your life was before and you are only existing in living in what you're standing up in and you were living in a refugee camp is there anything that you are seeing in young going today that would make you believe that trickle down message that we've had from the civilian government and the military over the past what three weeks saying look come back it
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will be ok we will address these issues. you know it's fairly clear that those statements were made for the benefit of the western camp in response to its criticism but if you're living in bangladesh at the time at this moment you're seeing not only what has happened to you personally not only the death in the family members the raising of villages on the compensation and sit and sale of your cattle but now you're seeing a rally as far as far away is yang gone that has really been pointed out seems to be not only supported by the military itself but also by the civilian government led by aung san suu kyi the message is clear and it's unequivocal that you are not welcome back in that if you do come back there's really not much to return to there's nothing by way of physical infrastructure for you and certainly there's no old political support for you nationwide no wishing to put words into your mouth benjamin do you get the sense however that the military and also the civilian government beyond making the right noises for those people who want to impose even
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more sanctions on the government there that they cannot or will not do any more than they have done. will it become the status quo there will be no six hundred thousand who live in a semi permanent state across the border in bangladesh. yes it's essentially mission accomplished right the u.n. is call it textbook ethnic cleansing and what you have is a northern rakhine state that has been cleansed ethnically of its reclined or sorry of its range of population and given the message that's being sent today or rather being reinforced today there's not a whole lot more that the civilian government needs to say because because how many more people are there really and more people are still leaving the country then they are coming back and so once that once the region is cleansed of a constituency that has no domestic champion and whose international champions are the west are away and with a tenuous relationship at best with the government there's not much needs to be
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done in yangon to maintain this interim as well he thanks very much. known a few moments we'll have the weather with everton but also still ahead here on the news hour togas president breaks his silence off two months of protests against. lebanon is kind of his trade turn south some farmers are finding luck with a new crop. and sports teams ninth inning stern around sees the dodgers levelling the world series and he's here with that story in about twenty minutes. nice pink skies by the time half. hour as the sun sets in the city of angels. just a week ago typhoon land was hitting japan and now we're looking at another system making its way through it's been downgraded to a tropical storm but in this case we are still looking at some damaging winds hundred forty kilometers per hour on those gusts they will move through very
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quickly thirty seven kilometers per hour pushing further northeast was very close to tokyo within the next two or three hours or so but really i think a greater significance will be the amount of rainfall that we have coming for ahead of the storm we've already seen sixty five millimeters of rain coming in to tokyo and further south some massive rainfall totals two hundred sixty four millimeters of rain there in. just in the south this location in the hof a meter of rain has fallen in the space of just one day the wetter weather the windy weather is now making its way further northeast which is a said within the next two or three hours tokyo will see the center of the storm passing a very close by flooding rains mudslides certainly a possibility it will sweep its way through as we go on through monday and by this time tomorrow we're looking at the system making its way away from hokkaido it will be gone by the time we come to choose day but floods will continue. the way
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sponsored by the time he's. five years after the siege of the city. al-jazeera world travels to libya. to hear the stories of those who fought in the battle of misrata. al-jazeera world at this time. sometimes pictures of the only way to truly tell a story and al-jazeera so goes the extra mile to use some of the latest new camera gear and technology to make sure these images are innovative to be a bit over the edge of it's not just sitting behind because it's about giving to both of them the view. with the team whenever needed. as
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a child of political refugees i've always been aware of different kinds of stories in different kinds of sensitivities al-jazeera is a space for that. you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour security forces in somalia have ended a siege more than ten hours after al-shabaab gunmen stormed a hotel holding hostages in the capital mogadishu it's hackers detonated two bombs that killed at least twenty three people and injured dozens more. kenya's main opposition leader has branded the presidential election we run a sham and called for a new vote within ninety days so far the election commission is putting president out of the head with ninety seven percent of the vote thousands of people are
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marching in young gone in support of me and mas army the minority muslim community accuses the military of rape murder torture and arson in the current state six hundred thousand of them have fled in the past two months. the un's emergency relief coordinator has described the humanitarian crisis in yemen as shocking the country is grappling with a cholera epidemic famine and a civil war that shows no sign of ending his victoria gate and. shocking and horrendous that's how the u.n. emergency relief coordinator describes the suffering he's seen in yemen during his five day visit to severely malnourished children hospitals with barely any electricity and met health workers who have not been paid for months it's been shocking to say the terrible impact of these manmade conflict all parties in yemen and those outside who support and have influence over them must do much more to
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ensure they respect international humanitarian law and protect civilians. saudi arabia and its allies launched a military campaign in march twenty fifteen against the rebels of forces loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh the saudi led coalition has been bombing the capital sanaa and other parts of yemen to try to restore the internet. recognized government of president abbott rebbie man so heidi heidi based temporarily an agent says that he things must disband but they insist they yemen's legitimate authority and accuse him of being a saudi puppet now that. we already to work towards a solution we say to all yemeni groups let's find a solution the foreign powers involved are i'm here to fight for you they are here for their interests we're ready to walk towards a solution but that should be at least a response from the other side instead of waiting for decisions to come from abu dhabi or saudi arabia. while the heathy say they're ready to talk
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also threatening to intensify their retaliation against saudi arabia and strike military targets in the u.a.e. more than ten thousand yemenis have been killed and almost forty thousand injured over the two and a half years of fighting human rights groups accuse both sides of committing atrocities. the un is urging all sides to negotiate a political deal until they do the world's number one humanitarian crisis may only get worse victoria gate and be al jazeera. the target president has spoken for the first time since a wave of protests began in august at least sixteen people have been killed in anti-government demonstrations demanding presidential term limits. to power in two thousand and five cementing his family's fifty year rule and shahla palace. there was no sign of the on the wrist gripping togo as for want to sing bay walked
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into his party's annual congress told police president spoke publicly for the first time since violence aimed at him erupted two months ago. you will agree with me that we are going through a tough political crisis in the country today those who intoxicate those who lie have found allies in technology and can turn a righteous thing a simple man like me into a bloodless a dictator. until now on a sing that has stayed off the public stage since opposition parties rallied to introduce a two term limit for the presidency he took power in two thousand and five after the death of his father who ruled togo for thirty eight years it's africa's longest serving political dynasty. hundreds of thousands of people have rallied for the end of missing by family role since august opposition leaders say
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that instead of listening to the demands of the people the government has orchestrated a brutal crackdown at least sixteen people have been killed. we will free ourselves we will fight by all means necessary it's very important for us we have the people on our side and yet the president says he remains serene and optimistic. about this jeff a moment should not let us forget that we are going through a crisis it is true that we have also gone through difficult moments in the past and we have to be bold courageous and patient to embrace the situation. his party's congress was a safe platform to address a social political crisis but west african leaders want him to do more. the region's trade bloc and the african union fear the instability with hundreds fleeing togo to ghana because of the young racist bellus al-jazeera. cuba is
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denying any involvement in alleged sonic attacks that led to more than twenty u.s. embassy staff being recalled from havana the u.s.'s the staff were injured at their offices and in their homes washington sense of honor failed in its obligation to protect diplomats on its territory cooper says there's no evidence the attacks actually took place mike hanna has more now from washington. relations between the u.s. and cuba continue to deteriorate in the wake of what u.s. officials described as a covert sonic attack last month the u.s. withdrew all non-essential personnel from the embassy in havana following what they said was a series of staff falling ill because of some kind of sonic attack now the u.s. did not provide any evidence and said that it could not establish exactly what the so-called attack was but now cuba is fighting back the foreign minister is visiting d.c. at the moment and this is what he had to say last year my only showing the so-called
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attacks are on just whatever the type of attack whatever the incident it is completely false. the foreign minister also described the whole incident as and i quote political manipulation aimed at damaging bilateral relations now important to note that the u.s. has never directly accused cuba of being responsible for the illness of its diplomats however it did say that cuba has not done enough to investigate the causes of those cuba's position very clearly there is no such attacks underway there have been no attacks and even if there were certainly cuba has got nothing to do with it but all of this is got to be seen as well in the context of the trumpet ministration relations with cuba we're reestablished under a bomber under the trumpet ministration things have changed substantially from the very beginning a president making very clear he's not that happy with these increasingly warm
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relations with cuba now we've seen a continual deterioration emerging from these claims of some kind of covert sonic attack. the search for those who went missing during the siege of the city of morocco in the philippines continues the government a clear victory of a pro i saw faces earlier this month after months of conflict there through an indoor gun as the story of one woman who received good news about her daughter had been kidnapped we met josee upin is a few months ago back then she was trying to retrieve her husband's body in a boric united though it banished died in meadow we in the southern philippines he was working there as a waiter when a pro eisel group called them out to could sure of several parts of the city last me their daughter jess so was missing to jossy asked for help from the police and the military looking for signs that may lead to her daughter the days dragged into
1:39 pm
months and she was already losing hope. months later we traveled to joss's hometown to tell her the good news. what you. just saw was held hostage by the multi-group but after months in captivity she was able to escape we brought her to mother are we hoping that the military could help facilitate the reunion but it is not easy a bureaucratic process has to plea out still they are lucky enough to talk to each other on the phone. i'm so happy. to give him no longer. when the mala to seize parts of matter we city hoping to set up an islamic state
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its fighters took several thousand civilians hostage in the course of the month long battle many civilians have either been released or escaped government records show less than eighty families have registered their missing human rights experts say that number may be higher that is because many fear the stigma that if they come forward registering their missing loved ones their relatives may be accused of collaborating with them out. the philippine military has declared morale we liberated from the pro eisel group after months of fighting most of my dowry is now left in ruins over a thousand people have died and hundreds of thousands more displaced you're going to remain here you know the ones you really have to review. another set of bodies retrieved from the front line in this small bag are bones of five people like so many others here they will be buried in the mass grave nameless victims of
1:41 pm
a brutal conflict similar in dugan we see at the southern philippines australia's former deputy prime minister has started his campaign to be reelected to the parliament there on friday the high court ruled the barnaby joyce was a jewel citizen and therefore could not serve under the rules of the constitution which the choice has renounced his new zealand citizenship and as a favorite to retain his seat. they promise the ships beheld the bands and that's the big one and. let's hope that if the people of new england find it in their hearts to. give me rather again after the second of december that we can fix that problem up. when we come back and he's here with the sports news including this one venus williams makes history and singapore she moves within sight of the double teaming tight. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage the bit where every day but the message is
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a simplistic you have been trained good logical rational crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks. in some reaction break. oh. yes and the story builds steam jobs much better marketeers than bill gates when people need to be heard they thought they were american until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you model and board winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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tourists with a taste for adventure in the democratic republic of congo are in for a treat moment and yet the congo is one of the most active volcanoes in africa it's also home to one of the world's biggest lava lakes hikers can experience the sights like never before al-jazeera is malcolm webb went along with one group of lucky tourists. it's julio kember's job to take tourists up an active volcano. in a creator at the top of its forested slopes in the democratic republic of congo goes up every day and says it never gets boring. i see i can see the lake you like
1:44 pm
a new feeling because it's very beautiful nearly one hundred fifty people were killed in the nearby city of goma when it last erupted in two thousand and two. and this is where it started. inside in this so and when they arrived here explored came. but don't be afraid we've not been there. takes about five hours to climb much of the way following an old larger stream. of molten rock blasted out long ago form the part of the reason directions of come from split side ranges say from here it's better to go up and down if it happens again from here at the summit and you can just about see hills in the distance which are in neighboring rwanda the borders between here and there and here is a crater for my previous there option lake kivu just about visible and on it sure
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is congo's eastern city of goma and here is the rim of the crater of mount. and down there is lava lake and from where we're standing you can feel the heat and smell the sulfur it was the noxious gases that killed many in two thousand and two and whose plumes attract tourists today congo's conflicts have affected access in the past but it's been open to visitors twenty fourteen us just amazing mindblowing . so beautiful the walk up here. is packed it's just amazing that it is can't get up here without the help of the porters from the villages below the volcano tourism is growing it why the much needed income for about eighty families. this work elp says a lot it does space school fees for children build our houses buy you seeds for
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farming and also take care of other needs. but it when the sun sets in the smoke clouds clear but it glows brightest it across constantly cracks the liquid rocks him as below and reveals the beauty of a lethal lover. malcolm webb al-jazeera mountaineer a gong go in the democratic republic of congo police in mexico have been tasked with protecting one of the world's most endangered creatures every year thousands of female turtles return to the same beach where they were born to lay their eggs nearly all species of turtles are at risk because approaching and habitat destruction. china has unveiled the world's largest ship to install offshore wind turbines the two thousand ton vessel can install turbines at sea much faster than before china is the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases and has taken big steps to develop alternative power sources the country's been pushing for offshore wind turbines since the cost of building them on land has shot up. as
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promised we always make space for the sports news here only thank you so much pizza while pakistan is about to host its highest profile cricket match for eight years they play sri lanka in its twenty game in lahore ten thousand police have been deployed with sri lanka playing in pakistan for the first time since a gun attack on their team bus back in two thousand and nine well eight people were killed in the incident and seven players were injured it meant seams stopped going to pakistan g two security concerns since then the only test playing nation to visit pakistan has been zimbabwe and despite a world eleven playing an exhibition series in september a number of major players have pulled out of this match more than ten thousand men have been declared. to be rude to me no road is a burden because there's the issue of national prestige is the issue of national. at the moment and. obviously the most important. to the well
1:48 pm
there certainly. is nine years down the line three longarm now decides to come back this is sending a signal to the rest of the world they were the affected party they were the party that will attack they haven't all said the security arrangements are bored they want to help the people of pakistan bring back international stars and they are lost every hour in order to demonstrate that they support the game and that the security arrangements are good now well joining us now from karate is rashad mahmood sports editor of one of pakistan's leading newspapers door shut thanks for joining us just give us an idea as to how important a day this is for pakistan cricket. this is indeed a very historic day for pakistan very good because it is sort of a revival of international cricket in pakistan after almost eighty years it is ironic though that it was in two thousand one which was attacked in this very city
1:49 pm
of lahore and they have come back. actually to get in pakistan but it does an absolutely great occasion although pakistan has won the series already there is so much hype so much enthusiasm in the entire nation people are throwing their stadiums they're ready to be glued to the t.v. sets so it is a really a festive occasion a great occasion for pakistan visit huge security operation in place of course the city pretty much on lockdown is it feasible would it be feasible for it same to pakistan for a longer period of time for a test series perhaps well you're right of course there are concerns of the foreign teams leading teams in international cricket like australia and england because of course so much security right from the airport to the hotel to the stadium is really extraordinary and. pakistan will have to do better i feel to ensure absolute safety and security of players and teams really to say that the
1:50 pm
dire. period that they have spent eighty years of ignagni and of course of terror is over and the teams will start coming here again right think it will still take a few months at least before we can say that it is polluted by and just tell us whether or not at the moment you think it's possible for other cities in pakistan to house games because all the recent matches that of been tired of being in the hole. yeah that's like that that that's quite a major criticism here because the critics have been saying that why are all of the horse centric and what about the other leading cities like karate and of course the fans are a bit disappointed but i feel that with the best of these coming next month and hopefully the pakistan super league match is said to be played in karate and lahore next year early next year i hope that will go
1:51 pm
a long way in convincing the other teams of foreign teams the i.c.c. and other players association to start a regular two hours here in china. of joining us from crushing pakistan thank you so much for your time. world series is affectively down for best of three shoots out the series level after the houston astros suffered a ninth inning implosion the l.a. dodgers winning game four six sat malik reports. to the. series after his racist gesture in game three. of the houston astros was arguably lucky to be on the field for game four of the world series against the los angeles dodgers. instead after an apology and giving response from the target you darvish he's been banned for five games at the start of next season. gorilla made little impact in this game. but his team was one up and in front of the three one series
1:52 pm
lead in the six. george springer with the home run for the astros. in the seventh inning cody bellenger finally stepped up for the dodgers. thirty nine about the injured doubled and scored the tying run. miracle or not the game swiftly changed direction. poised at one one in the night the astros pitchers were unable to close out the game as the dog just scored five runs. the doj is run out six to win it and the series is now level up to two brothers who came to the series. like we're at. you know this this series up to this point we played four games and there's been so many emotional swings and we're dead even right now and it's a three game series and we've got a race going tomorrow so i know that in our clubhouse we feel good it probably doesn't surprise a ton of people that it's at today to how the games have gone and where we've won
1:53 pm
or where they've won. you know can can always be debated but. these are big games you know i think every game feels like a game five or a game seven or a critical game you don't you don't ever roll into a game thinking that you can get away with lose and it's. the two teams who need to get to this sunday in houston so we'll malick al-jazeera well have a boxing champion and see joshua had an unexpectedly tough not defending his talk as he eventually stopped challenge it cost him in round ten second only taken the fight to twelve days notice. that pulled out through injury now while some doing from the eighty thousand crowd in cardiff with many believing the referee stopped the bouncing see the brits and are doing just enough to record his twentieth straight professional when. people want to see my foot like the flies off. every time and i was the live in up and down now and again
1:54 pm
a snatch both of his eyes bleed and if you see my shorts and boots. they are pure white and now that pink photo but. but i do understand people want to see him unconscious and always tried and the restaurant is to let the fire live on another day lewis hamilton could win his fourth formula one world title later on this sunday at the mexican grown prate the mercedes driver only needs to finish fifth all bets it's a wrap up the championship his closest rival is sebastian vettel who qualified in pole position hamilton will start third on the great. it's really great to have that response here and in the end it's the fans that really create the atmosphere so the energy is electrifying and i'm looking for tomorrow we can even get a good race and some i know how a pool and the tennis season of the world number one and she has a crime doesn't yaquis to thank the dane baiting carolina pliska for in the semi's
1:55 pm
of the w. finals in singapore pliska was the only other player who could have overtaken how up in the rankings but she's now outs. he is through to the final which starts in the next hour. and she will face venus williams in that final venus came from a set down to end the caroline garcia's run in the tournament the number five seed winning in three sets at thirty seven she's the oldest woman ever to reach the final of this so it's. ok but it's a sports looking for now peyton and he talked a little i'm sure thank you very much. eleven on the back of ali is notorious for its highly lucrative cannabis industry but in recent years this illicit trade has suffered because of the war in syria cross the border so some are now turning to another crop as empty as tired explains. cannabis is big business in lebannon according to the government bulis it trade is worth more than a billion dollars a year much of the crop is process that plants similar to this one to make his
1:56 pm
sheesh which is shipped across the middle east and around the world. but increasingly these fields are starting to disappear over the years the military has launched periodic crackdowns across the eastern because valley setting fire to plants and causing major losses for growers when she comes from a long line of cannabis cultivators he says despite the risks his family had often been able to make healthy profits but not anymore. we had to stop hashish cultivation because although it was lucrative and the environment here is excellent for growing it was illegal we faced several challenges because we were small dealers and couldn't keep up with the big dealers who can export that has shisha brought one of the biggest issues facing the cannabis industry in recent years is their traditional smuggling routes through syria have been blocked because of the war tired of the uncertainty many farmers have turned to another crop to revive
1:57 pm
their fortunes grapes for making wine. this vineyard was planted just a few years ago it produces grapes of such high quality that it is already being made into wine michelle who had been in the house she she destry for decades but gave it up to make wine says growing cabernet instead of cannabis was an easy choice. in the end we want to live with dignity and with a clear conscience rather than living with the fear of being fugitives that's why i was one of the first people to leave the drugs business because everyone here wants to live a dignified and legal and. this winery was set up to allow small scale wine growers to work together as a cooperative it's part of attempts to help them crack the competitive lebanese market with their own vintages. since january more than one hundred
1:58 pm
thousand bottles have been produced here which is still only a fraction of the eight million bottles of wine lebannon produces each year but with profits from grapevine cultivation started to surpass earnings from kind of his growing there is little doubt there will soon be more wine then we'd hear. al-jazeera in the eastern because valley. was sammy is next i'm back later to see that.
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