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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm AST

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pople travel to me in my own bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of their agenda. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across to new zealand. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bone to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when east brings captivating stories and award winning film. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump embarks on a five nation tour to east asia nov on al-jazeera. at ten hours sage at a hotel in the somali capital is over but at least twenty three a day. sami
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is a than this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up under pressure after a controversial referendum iraq's kurdish leader is reportedly considering standing down. marching for spain's unity thousands. to drop its bid for secession plus. i mean reporting on moves to bring apex predators like wolves back to the scottish highlands after an absence of more than three hundred. says it was behind the siege of the house held in the somali capital that lasted for more than ten hours at least twenty three people died five fighters stormed the building on saturday after twenty in the area and took people hostage security forces killed two attackers and arrested three others catherine so i reports from
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neighboring kenya hours after the attack on a hotel in mogadishu volunteers and rescue workers still clearing the debris and pulling out mobile this siege is over and once again residents of this city. just two weeks after another attack the wost in somalia's history close to four hundred people were killed and dozens are still missing out how allowing two of the attackers were killed and three others were captured alive after a ten hour gun battle between our security forces and the terrorists we don't yet know the official death toll the rescue is still ongoing but the fight is over. most of those killed were security forces this hotel is popular with government officials and members of parliament it's very close to the presidential palace and the president was supposed to hold a meeting here with somalia's five regional states and i'm going to cry out i was driving a truck at the front of the hotel i saw
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a car exploding at the gate of the hotel i don't know where two of my plants have gone i don't know if they're dead or alive i saw four dead bodies. claimed responsibility the group remains active in mogadishu and other up in areas even after being pushed out by african union forces and the somali government and despite constant ass tracks by u.s. forces in areas still under the group's control government officials say they have prevented more attacks but keeping people safe is proving difficult as all continues to take control of surrounding districts catherine sawyer al jazeera. is a former somali minister of planning and international cooperation he says the government needs to urgently rethink its security and intelligence operations. i think the soldiers are doing everything they can but they're not getting the necessary equipment the intelligence that they require our intelligence agency is still
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unable to simply eavesdrop on on phone calls and many of these are tax are organized by people who are using mobile phones are simply cards are not registered yet and more importantly a lot of financial transactions is still take place with mobile money and that is virtually unmonitored by the by the federal government of somalia and that is simply unacceptable in this day and age well i think al-shabaab has been at it for well over a decade now and it has ebbed and flowed you had times where they would increase the number of attacks and the seriousness of attacks their top or fourteen mego bomb which by the way they have not claimed because probably it was the worst and they fear that it would create a backlash which is already dead certainly was another level i think the more important thing though here is the government needs to do a little bit more not only on the security front but on the political front right now the political crisis in somalia is not conducive to to security
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and stability of the country the federal government is in is in major crisis with federal member states and various other political groups and that is not helping the government. kenya's main opposition leader has branded the presidential election rerun a sham and called for a new vote within ninety days and supporters in nairobi a day after voting in opposition strongholds were suspended due to violence so far the election commission is putting president uhuru kenyatta ahead with ninety seven percent of the vote spoke out against the post-election violence that has left at least six people dead.
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how many i know has the latest now from nairobi. the results been targeted by the independent electoral commission in various parts of the country are dividing the people of kenya just like the election process before you opposition supporters are saying that the governing party they do believe party is tinkering with numbers to make up for very little hope the tunnel will cheat the government we've just come back from interviewing the deputy president of kenya william brutal he says that the time out is forty percent and they are more than ninety five percent of the votes cast and that it's just
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a matter of time before president who took. him. for another tom in office now what has kenya's most concerned however is the killings that have been going on in some parts of nairobi with some militias allied to politicians cutting out killings of different ethnic groups police say they're looking for the politicians will order those militias to cut talks. the leader of iraq's kurdish region is reportedly planning not to extend his presidential term masoud barzani has been under pressure to quit following september's controversial session referendum the vote triggered more than ten days of fighting between iraqi and kurdish forces appollo mentor of iraq's kurdish region will meet in the coming hours to discuss a plan to redistribute powers held by. stephanie decker joins us from a deal that's the capital of iraq's kurdish region so where does parliament stand at this hour stephanie. we've seen some m.p.'s arriving it hasn't started yet but
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the session is supposed to be starting right about now what we understand on the agenda first they will read out that letter the letter from president mustard but design and then they will debate it and as you mentioned what we expect is that letter to state that he will not extend his term false november the first that's this wednesday and then the distribution of his powers so in terms of you know some of the leaks that have been coming out perhaps more powers to parliament to the judiciary and also perhaps in the hands of his nephew as the current prime minister natural numbers on a so again i think we're not to wait and see what is going to come out of it but it's a closed meeting but we will expect a press conference behind us depending how long they're going to debate it to get the exact details of where we're going to go where we're going to move forward from now what's the plan and stephanie at this point if he does indeed step down. well there were supposed to be elections here parliamentary and presidential on
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november first as this wednesday that has been extended by this parliament for eight months now president barzani always said that he was going to run in these elections but people will tell you here that regardless of what he said the fact that actually officially he will no longer be president of this country nor will he run is something significant so certainly now what they're going to try and debate is how to move forward what kind of governing system body who will run you know this region in these eight months until you have these fresh elections but i think you know sami it is significant in the atmosphere that this is happening and the facts on the ground the fact that you know what is that he wanted his legacy to be kurdistan and independence he said in two thousand and sixteen i will stop being the president once we have an independent kurdistan while he had his referendum against all the advice of even his close allies and it has got fired in a spectacular sense the fact that you know iraqi federal forces have taken back all the disputed territories and more significantly also i think the fact that presell
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forces fully intend to retake the border crossing sami that the k r g controls with syria with turkey with iran that's a lot of the constitution but just goes to show how much they have lost because of that referendum the controversial referendum all right stephanie deck of the no doubt all day the all slate so in that parliamentary session gets underway thanks for now. and thousands are rallying in. a breakaway from spain demonstrates is a calling for the country to remain united the following is the. calling for democratic and peaceful opposition to madrid direct rule of the region through the independence. has the latest for us now from. now. but i didn't hear the question very well because. the spanish police were just. this sort of great.
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support just. under a lot of criticism here now this is really quite something. directions that thousands and thousands of people really here do you get a sense of how divided this region the. prime minister. that was that the man leadership. on the democratic process used. to get to the ballot this referendum he would. lead them making. here. the spaniards. if you can him
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who is in control. right now. right. now. on the. prime minister. to say. it has to be said that as we speak both. black and hispanic black eyes to. the building which is the seat. leadership it's a very tricky reaching down to that question. is at the post. he has not stepped up or say so far so you will have i think those who support this would look at him as a leader then you would have people here around me and.
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that is an issue. that we. keep. the national election regional elections that are set for the december twenty first but that's a tricky situation. simply because if he does accept to run in these elections then somehow he does accept that. part of spain and that the whole idea of independence seems to go out of the window on the other hand it's not it's not sure that's good. monday we'll be hearing from the general prosecutor. that filed charges against him we don't know exactly what these charges but one of them at least will be about sedition he would then have to go to with then have to go. forward and explain himself to some of the pieces from here to.
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bring us out of the color that going on behind her. was the one. piece of good news. the loved ones disappeared when i saw a link finds is to government how we city all of us haven't been so lucky. togo's president breaks his silence after months of protests against him. are now making good progress as it heads towards japan it will sweep across the country as we go through the remainder of sunday going on into monday tokyo has
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already seen sixty five millimeters of rain and there's the rain that we are concerned with not so much the wind it's the weak thai food if there is such a thing further south into southern parts of look at that for rainfall total nice hoffa meter of rain coming down in twenty four hours so the worst of that right will push up towards tokyo much of honshu sayings and break down poles but across the eastern side of honshu bright skies now starting to come back in behind and as we go on through monday pretty much a gone and done and dusted feature by this day's northern parts of honshu into hokkaido still seeing some wet weather wise skies do come back in this we go on through tuesday things start to calm down and the clear up operation can get on the way because inevitably there will be widespread flooding across a good part of japan meanwhile as fun a giant dry across a good part of china hong kong around twenty seven over the next few days some of the showers just making their way into central parts of vietnam the really wet
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weather will eventually push up into southern parts of vietnam as we've gone through the next couple of days with the showers to the south. that sank. five years after the siege of the city thank you the world travels to libya. to hear the stories of those who fought in the battle of misrata. al jazeera world at this time. vote.
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you're watching out zero time to recap headlines security forces in somalia have ended a siege more than ten hours after a gunman stormed the hotel holding hostages in the capital the attackers detonated two bombs that killed at least twenty three people and injured dozens more kenya's main opposition leader has branded the presidential election rerun. calling for a new vote within ninety days so far the election commission is putting president to head with ninety seven percent of the. thousands of people are rallying. to break away from spain we're looking at live pictures coming in from that palace who is calling for democratic and peaceful opposition to madrid's direct rule of the region are declared independence. and the
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rally is taking place biggest city in support of the military which is facing criticism over the anger crisis thousands of supporters of turned out on the streets of yangon six hundred thousand have fled state for bangladesh over the past two months queues the army of rape murder torture and arson the u.n. has called the violence ethnic cleansing. louis has more from yangon. this rally is organized by nationalists and. the. criticism leveled by the international community. because of what's taking place in northern rakhine state is unwarranted. tama. language word for the militate protecting national sovereignty. we
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have been trying to put across but what it's doing in northern rakhine state is the legitimate counter offensive against what the government considers a terrorist organization not such public demonstration of support for the military it's extremely rare it's not a right. in the country that the country fifty years before starting a democratic transition in two thousand and ten but one hundred has told us that support and the turnout at this event should not necessarily be equated with support for the military. to be aligned when it comes to what's taking place in northern state the government and in particular the de facto leader of this country. criticized with staying silent on the plight of the right for defending the military and one more thing this rally today highlight is that there is very little public debate. in myanmar. the search for those
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missing during the siege of the city of morrow in the philippines continues to claim victory over the probe the months of fighting. the story of one woman who received good news about her daughter who'd been kidnapped we met. a few months ago back then she was trying to retrieve her husband's body in a morgue united though it panders died tomorrow we in the southern philippines he was working there as a waiter when a pro i saw a group called them out to have several parts of the city last may their daughter just so was missing too jossy asked for help from the police and the military looking for signs that may lead to her daughter the days dragged into months and she was already losing hope. months later we travel to joss's hometown to tell her the good news. what you. just saw was
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held hostage by the multi-group but after months in captivity she was able to escape we brought her to mother are we hoping that the military could help facilitate the reunion but it is not easy a bureaucratic process has to play out still they are lucky enough to talk to each other on the phone. i'm looking. i'm so happy. when the malta sees parts of my wee city hoping to set up an islamic state its fighters took several thousand civilians hostage in the course of the month long battle many civilians have either been released or escaped government records show less than eighty families have registered their missing human rights experts say
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that number may be higher that is because many feared the stigma that if they come forward registering their missing loved ones their relatives may be accused of collaborating with them out. the philippine military has declared morale we liberated from the pro ice a group after months of fighting most of morality is now left in ruins over a thousand people have died and hundreds of thousands more displaced you can agreement here you know the ones you really have to read you. another set of bodies retrieved from the front line in this small bag are bones of five people like so many others here they will be buried in a mass grave nameless victims of a brutal conflict. we see at the southern philippines. chile's government is struggling to control a growing number of new h.i.v. cases the country has one of the highest rates of new infections in latin america
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and now the government has launched a campaign to target high risk groups latin america and its newman reports from santiago. forty eight year old sandra who asks that we not use her full name was pregnant with her sixth child when she discovered her husband had infected her with hiv she says her first thought was suicide now she's undergoing treatment and is back working at her husband's small group factory there as she could not get one of the treatment will deal with the hiv she says it can't sweep away just stigma still associated with the disease yet. there are still many people who think they'll get infected if they just touch me even my best friend this is so terrible i still can't accept it sander is one victim of an alarming health hazard in the last six years the hiv rate in chile has more than doubled the main bubble asian infected with hiv we are we doing the age of twenty fifty years
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and mainly man you know but we are seeing every day you know new york gains or people although than fifty years fall. and women who are who had infected they don't usually use condoms. dr petit's believes that because treatment for hiv is now readily available in chile many young people have lost what he calls respect for the disease and so are no longer taking precautions with women of the year a new campaign is underway to underscore the need for safe sex at any age the government already distributes seventeen million condoms a year. but critics say the state needs to do much more for example sex education became mandatory in two thousand and ten but only for secondary school students new to this i want to run we need to implement an education campaign from childhood to
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adolescence in every single school we need to reduce bureaucracy so people can get condoms more easily or if they're infected so they know where to go if the testing and treatment doctors here are calling the hiv rise an epidemic it shocked many in socially conservative chile a country that experts say must quickly deal not just with the disease but with the misconceptions and prejudices that helps credit you seem human santiago chile. togo's president has spoken for the first time since a wave of protests began in august at least sixteen people have been killed in anti-government demonstrations demanding presidential term limits for. power in two thousand and five cementing is family's fifty year rule charlotte ballasts reports . there was no sign of the on the wrist gripping togo as for want to sing bay walked into his parties and your congress told police president spoke publicly
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for the first time since violence aimed at him erupted two months ago. you will agree with me that we are going through a tough political crisis in the country today those who intoxicate those who have found in technology and can turn a righteous thing a simple man like me into a bloodthirsty dictator. until now on a single day has stayed off the public stage since opposition parties rallied to introduce a two term limit for the presidency he took power in two thousand and five after the death of his father who ruled togo u s it's africa's longest serving political dynasty. hundreds of thousands of people have rallied for the end of missing by family since august opposition leaders say that instead of listening to the demands of the people the government has orchestrated a brutal crackdown at least sixteen people have been killed.
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we will free ourselves we will fight by all means necessary it's very important for us we have the people on our side and yet the president says he remains serene and optimistic. this joyful moment should not let us forget that we are going through a crisis it is true that we have also gone through difficult moments in the past and we have to be bold courageous and patient to embrace the situation. his party's congress was a safe platform to address a social political crisis that west african leaders want him to do more. the region's trade block and the african union fear the instability but hundreds fleeing togo to ghana because of the young racist challenge ballasts al-jazeera animals like bears and lynx last seen centuries ago are being reintroduced into the wild across europe and scotland one project hopes to bring back wolves after an
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absence of more than three hundred years another is reintroducing red squirrels the clock reports. rugged and remote in the heart of the scottish highlands the alladin wilderness reserve it is stunning to behold but it's a view shaped by men. think i mean looks amazing but it's not what scotland used to be scotland used to be a great forest you know much of britain. that forest was slowly ripped out by centuries of ship building an industry full lister wants to return this land to how it once was and as well as already planting nearly a million trees he plans to release and control animals that have long since disappeared the large carnivores present made up the ecosystem such as. rick shot out. to create a large scale fifty thousand acre wilderness. and to bring back.
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like many rewilding such as this full believes this would help restore the balance of nature and keep the populations of red deer in check which reached destructively high numbers now it's not just keystone species like wolves and bears that are in the frame much less controversial but just as important is the action being taken over red squirrels here in scotland. the red squirrel has been squeezed out of much of the british isles by its great counterpart scotland is one of the last stronghold but even here it's under threat within scotland as the situation pretty much the whole of the northwest doesn't have any rights. and so that's saying that this project to reintroduce the last. was on the morning health inspection take them across and then release them in specially built nest boxes it's a project that engages the local community college murdoch works on a nearby state and keeps an eye on the new arrivals i think it's
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a wonderful idea and i do and. this is done in several places new very successfully undescribable but really still. set up a little population see from the goodies and should be hearing back it on a dell red squirrels have already made a comeback there's also a focus on wildcats the breeding program is being attempted to help restore a national population which is dwindled to dangerously low levels all in all the concept of rewilding is one which if properly managed can help species of all sorts thrive and also perhaps help people connect with nature the way it once was. al-jazeera the scottish highlands. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now does here in our security
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forces in somalia have ended a siege more than ten hours after a gunman stormed the hotel holding hostages in the capital the attackers detonated two bombs killing at least twenty three people and injuring dozens more. kenya's main opposition leader has branded the presidential election rerun a sham he's calling for a new vote within ninety days so far the election commission is putting president ahead of kenyatta ahead with ninety seven percent of the vote or dinger spoke out against the post-election violence that has left six people dead.
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thousands of people rallying in barcelona against catalonia to break away from spain demonstrators once the country to remain united catalonia is deposed leader carla spews demand is calling for democratic and peaceful opposition to madrid's direct rule of the region after at the club independence. the leader of iraq's kurdish region is reportedly planning not to extend his presidential term masoud barzani has been under pressure to quit following september secession referendum the parliament of iraq's kurdish region is meeting to discuss redistributing his powers cuba is denying any involvement in the attacks that led to more than twenty u.s. embassy staff being recalled from heaven or the u.s.
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says the staff were injured at their office and in their homes washington says haven't a failed in its obligation to protect diplomats on its territory. those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story so stay with us . in control of catalonia spain pushes back fire in the government and the police chief but will that simply exacerbate catalans ambitions to split what happens next this is inside story.


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