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with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. and. where every. if so and live from studio fourteen you had al jazeera headquarters and jane dutton well come to the news grid protesting to stay united hundreds of thousands of
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demonstrators are on the streets of basra spain's government says the deposed cattle. can run in regional elections in december if he's not in jail to get the temperature in the streets of boston. stepping down the need of iraq's kurdish region has been under pressure to walk away from his job since the controversial secession referendum there we're now hearing the supersonic will not extend his presidential term to take over next and what does this mean for the region to explore these issues with our correspondent in iraq and a guest also on the grid another round of violence in the somali capital a double bombing and a ten hour siege of the hotel in mogadishu leaves at least twenty days just weeks ago a massive car bomb killed close to four hundred people it isn't. about their strength and capacity to kill will discuss this with
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a security expert who lives in mogadishu. and i mean a hearty the president of togo has broken his silence following months of protests demanding that he resign we have the online reaction for you to. expect to. hear the news good live on and streaming online through you tube facebook live and dot com show force in wasilla unaware hundreds of thousands marched to call for united spain dimon. strangers want catalonia independence bid to be dropped just two days ago the regional parliament voted to break away from the rest of the country the central government reacted by dissolving catalonians autonomy and dismissing its leader. but i don't have any joins us live from barcelona tell us about these demonstrations is looking rather quiet behind us i guess if we had
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enough and heading home and what is it that they want. certainly those people who work came out to the streets in support of unity in support of the central government in my dream people who kept on saying throughout the morning we are catalonian but we are also spaniards and actually many of them were carrying the one of catalonia and the spanish want to gather that was for them just to prove that both are basically two sides of the same coin the same was from the speeches that were happening on the stage most of the speech where in the language and it was a point to me by the organizers saying that you can be good and. the problem is that. they. were here earlier. this reprise and themselves as the silent majority of the people who were sitting at events were unfolding at
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a rather quick pace here in barcelona until the declaration of independence a few days ago now many of the people here say that the regional government does not represent them anymore and is. what they had wanted and it's it's the case of a minority over the will of a majority while you're talking how do you can see from those live pictures that people are getting a little bit heated up there i'm sure. that the majority don't want to go that way i'm also wondering what the feeling is they're hearing now that can run in regional elections i mean will the satisfy them is what they want for him. the politics. the politics i would say. you had all these dramatic events at the end of last week with the. triggering of
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article one five five in madrid which basically extended the. madrid over this autonomous region you have a regional government here that has been sacked by the doesn't accept because it says that it's now independent. i think. for many people to speak is what's going to happen next in this sense at some point. central government will have to make true of all the steps and measures it has promised it will carry out mainly over. the leadership of this region until the elections on december twenty first but nobody knows what will be the reaction. now we do know that the prosecutor general in madrid is supposed to file charges against him on this whole list of charges we do know that part of the.
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public funds after that. goes ahead well then he would have to appear in front of a high court and most of the people analysts we spoke to said that that would be in madrid going to take that trip to madrid he's going to follow any of that and then the looming question is is he going to take part in the elections regardless of what. if he's not charged taking part of in the elections is basically acknowledging that. part of spain that basically this region is under the direct rule of the central government in baghdad and the. liberation of independence went. a lot of gold in the air the moment nobody knows when they're going to drop but people are worried especially in view of. the day of the referendum and many do worry that that could happen again if indeed
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. his cabinet decide not to evacuate the premises. quarters of the regional government and police is forced to go inside and take him out. people have pretty concerned about. the country the impact that all of this is having on the stability and the economy as well. is a big issue here and. everywhere else since. around two thousand seven hundred companies are already left to other parts parts of the country and then you have the daily nomics of this region that at the moment is really the pending own central government in madrid. one point five billion euros per month for its basic needs now five hundred five hundred million of those have already been withheld from the government in madrid simply because it said that it was just
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going to give. basic needs for the region to continue to function as normal as possible that means the salaries of the civil servants and that kind of expenditure that the region has to face earlier actually under stage is very interesting you heard one of the speakers a former. minister say well the only reason people still have the job is because article one five five was triggered otherwise madrid could have very easily said ok we're suspending all kind of finances to the region a lot of the uncertainty ahead. on the other side if you walk around barcelona it feels like nothing happened ration of independence. even though everybody knows in the back of their heads they are expecting more dramatic moves and they just don't understand just worries to the extent it's going to go and what's going to happen
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next thanks for that. the inside story which is programming page has been running all day with patchy kohei and at the helm and a panel of gas attack is what happens next to the catalan region that's a big question isn't it you can find that not programs page on our website. he's been one of the main drivers of secession in iraq's kurdish region but president musser bizarrely says he will not renew his term when it expires on the first of november that decision comes just over a month after a controversial session referendum the vote lead to days of fighting between iraqi and kurdish forces now what goes on he wants is to divide presidential powers between the regional government parliament and the judiciary stephanie decker joins us live from the bill so stephanie come november that's what we're hearing at this stage anyway he's gone do we know anything more about the decision the why.
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yes he's issued a letter to parliament which is there what they're discussing behind me where he said that he doesn't want his term to be extended it's political speak again but basically his to his mandate is present expires on wednesday november the first that's when elections are supposed to been held here they've been delayed for spode for eight months so what's happening now is that parliament is debating how to sort of divvy up his powers in moving forward he's made it very clear that he doesn't want to do that why he's come under a lot of pressure jane recently because of this backlash to that controversial referendum especially from inside the political you know dealings inside this region it's not particularly a reason but he's always said he wouldn't run in november the first in these elections but you know it's the atmosphere that makes this so significant and it is the man himself who makes it so significant he's led this country for twelve years as the president you know he's a he's a figurehead really and one of the dynastic families the barzani in this region and
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interestingly all throughout this period we hadn't heard from him janey had actually talked into the spoken to the people and now just in the last hour or so we are hearing that he will be addressing the people in about two hours from now it will be very interesting to see what he will have to say all right so he goes house is likely to play out politically who's going to replace him i mean do we have any idea how that's going to work. well that's what they're discussing right now or the parliament but there is a feeling that because it is such a you know a powerful family that is already entrenched in a lot of the sort of crucial roles of the k r g for example you know there's talk of a lot of power going to his nephew who's the current prime minister national on barzani also his son must do by danny he is really in charge of the security apparatus of the of this region so you get a sense that you know any we've been told he is going to basically stay in politics he will remain as a pressure to get so he will be taking
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a back seat. of course it's significant jane and i think or there's been a lot of internal squabbles here the opposition will be trying to make as much gains out of this is possible but yes it is certainly a significant point in the history and the story of the k r g if we take up thank you. are we have to put together an interactive map of the region remind of the players what they control and what is at stake here you can see in the orange but the semi autonomous region of northern iraq that's governed by the kurdistan regional government type kurds in the search engine to find it but we're not done here come out as a nonresident fellow at the institute for middle east policy he joins me now via skype from his hometown of john it's very good to have you with us so bizarre and i doesn't want the job any war more easy walking away from a disaster from his disastrous calculation is this the right thing to do.
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must barzani should have should have not extended his term back in two thousand and thirteen if you had if you had not if you are not extending his terrorism back in two thousand and thirteen or at least in two thousand and fifteen when he extended his term for then for the second time then you would not have the current disallows that we have of course most verizon is resigning because because. he brought you know his miscalculations is his misjudgment is about holding that up front them and and and and going for the clearing in an independent state brought us you know disasters and collapse of our peshmerga call artist in can't cook another disputed areas and also other dividing the condition the condition society and kurdish the kurdish politic is so now he is resigning not only because you wanted or is a kind of keep a kind of president but because it's very hard and the but that's why he's.
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stepping down is stepping down again and you think you should because then and break up the pieces and how important is devolution of power here so i couldn't get you if you should step in and pick up the pieces sorry who should step in now who should take over who should try and better the situation. so this is this is this what i want to say you know most burglary has resigned has given that first to other people you know judiciary is already controlled by the k.g.b. . the prime minister is his nephew and also as deputy from the k d p as well as his son in law in the meantime you know the parliament has already been controlled by the kitty and that is not allowing the could just couldn't stand that the speaker of the could some parliament to to return to our beds now there are in the kurdistan region we don't know who will be the president in any way see no one will
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be different as the load that they have they have approved in the parliament today will not allow any and you want to replace much more than me but the only solution for the kurdistan region is you know by and by the support of international community we need an interim government an interim government to discuss with baghdad to resolve the issues with baghdad and we should cut we should end with the current leadership with the current political system and the current political system is a disaster for the kurdish people in the course of region and they in the past twenty six years especially after two thousand and three the current political system has not been able to bring prosperity and social just and democratic democracy for the for the kurdistan region the current disaster the current players are the result of the of the creditors of the last twenty six years now we are immensely in need of a democratic government a political system in which a parliamentary system will be functioning not a presidential system
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a presidential system will look at work in the kurdish society will not work in the kurdistan region even for iraq even in iraq you know somehow that the iraq had been successful in exchange of power because there are there is no there is no a president who called this all the power unfortunately back in two thousand and fifteen in the cruelest origin all the powers are being controlled by one person that. person is not is not responsible is not accountable and no other institutions wall well will question number has been checks and dollars in the quarter thought religion ok that's what where you come out of germany let's leave it there good to have you with us on the show let me just read out some comments that we've got phone on the facebook page mamma dear asking with the u.s. reaction do buzz on his decision to try you're saying design he has failed the kurds in himself he should leave the presidency of the kurdish region alone i think you've got your wish there and on twitter direst saying i wonder where there is the
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inverse of the right of self-determination in the un charter what is its use and have you got anything to say you can add like these comments please get in touch these are online platforms you can tweet us at a.j. english on facebook at facebook dot com slash a.j. news grid you can also send us a whatsapp message a plus nine seven four five or one triple one four nine and as always you can use the hash tag a.j. news grid somalia has fired its intelligence and police chiefs after an attack in the capital it all started on saturday evening when a suicide car bomb went off outside the nasa hubble hotel the attackers then stormed the building took hostages it took more than ten hours for troops to end the siege at least twenty nine people were killed says it was behind the attack catherine soy reports from neighboring kenya. hours after the attack on a hotel in mogadishu volunteers and rescue workers are still clearing the debris
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and pulling out. the siege is over and once again residents of this city are in mourning just two weeks after another attack the wost in somalia's history close to four hundred people were killed and dozens are still missing out how. two of the attackers were killed and three others were after a ten hour gun battle between our security forces and the terrorists we don't yet know the official death toll the rescue is still ongoing but the fight is over most of those killed were security forces this hotel is popular with government officials and members of parliament it's very close to the presidential palace and the president was supposed to hold a meeting here with somalia's five regional states and i'm going to. i was driving a truck at the front of the hotel. exploding at the gate of the hotel i don't know where two of my plants have gone i don't know if they're dead or alive i saw four
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dead bodies. claimed responsibility the group remains active in mogadishu and other up in areas even after being pushed out by african union forces and the somali government and despite constant tracks by u.s. forces in areas still under the group's control government officials say they have prevented more attacks but keeping people safe is proving difficult as it continues to take control of surrounding districts catherine soy al jazeera and later in the program we're going to be bringing in a security guest to talk about these issues because for years now the somali government has been at war with al-shabaab is take a look at this graph it shows just how many attacks the group has carried out in the last decade at least three hundred sixty in somalia alone and that's not even counting the attacks after february this. you're a special counsel robert mota is expected to announce on monday the first charges
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related to allegation alleged collusion between trump's campaign team and russian as on the stand that this is a big conversation online it is jane and it continues to grow and it can sound like a pretty dry topic really with another probe in to the two thousand and sixteen election but folks are still talking about it online it's one of the largest conversations we're seeing right now especially in the united states and as you can see there in parts of europe about seven hundred thousand tweets just in the last twenty four hours many are recalling this quote though from last week from a republican house member who said that congress will push for impeachment as soon as the first indictments are filed but it's not the first time we've heard people speak so confidently about impeachment if you remember in january thousands of women across the u.s. they came on to the streets for the women's march that was just a day after trump's inauguration from the get go there were signs calling for the
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president's impeachment as you can see there now fast forward a few days to when trump passed an executive order barring visas to people from several muslim majority countries trump told border officials to enforce his order even though courts overturned it and again had many calls specially online for impeachment then on february first texas congressman joe king castro he said that trump should be removed from office if he tries to make a symbol similar order again castro has repeatedly called for trump's and pietschmann in the months since then in june former f.b.i. director james comey had his hearing in congress where he testified that trump had tried to shut down the investigation into whether his campaign team colluded with russia many senators like robert blumenthal here he said that komi is firing suggested that trump had obstruct. justice was the first step towards impeaching
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richard nixon if you remember back in one thousand nine hundred seventy four but again it didn't happen when the u.s. independence day came around on july fourth many americans took to twitter to protest they were using the hash tag twenty fifth amendment now that's the part of the constitution that congress would use to impeach trump so you see the impeachment fever has grown and subsided repeatedly in the last tense ten months since donald trump became president a billionaire named thomas sayer he just funded occur marshall also to start it all up again. he's brought us to the brink of nuclear. obstructed justice and the f.b.i. and in direct violation of the constitution taking money from foreign governments threaten to shut down news organizations that report the truth. that isn't the case for peaching the dangerous president what is our government. i'm tom styer like you i'm a citizen in the us it's up to us to do something that's why i'm funding this effort
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to raise our voices together and demanded elected officials take a stand. donald trump of course responded to that ad on twitter calling steyer totally wacky and on hinged he's also responded to criticism over the course of this year accusing hillary clinton of corruption we've had many tweets like that and calling the national news organizations fake news and of course despite the repeated calls for trump's impeachment he's still the president do you think miller's investigation will in trump's presidency or do you think it's just another political headline you can let us know just be sure to use the hash tag aging in spirit while you contemplating her question are just going to bring you to the multi view it's dominated as you can see by these pictures coming to us from barcelona this is the area when i was talking a little earlier on and there was scuffles that had broken out then look at the massive security and a lot of people told us was telling us are really worried about any violence
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especially after the dramatic crackdown that we saw under the government we keeping an eye on that obviously and let's go to london lauren taylor standing by to give us the news from there lauren thanks very much indeed jane kenya's main opposition leader has branded the presidential election rerun a sham and called for a new poll within ninety days writing about church leaders and supporters in a part of nairobi that seen violent clashes since the election so far the election commission is putting president who can yet are ahead of all of the candidates with ninety seven percent most of the data supporters boycotted the vote it was basically the who are versus the who or who are the can. competing. is competing against it turns out that the turnout is three point five million but it is god known seven point two million. that's clearly visible.
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or is going to call a sham elections shambolic. not unwilling to talk. but the gender would still be the same agenda. to create a level playing field so that solution can be held in the next ninety days kenya's deputy president william ruto ruled out any talks about a new election when all the candidates were there on the eighth of august fifteen million kenyans supported in this election seven point six million kenyans would those who did not vote was asked to boycott the election by the opposition it is our choice that citizens make in kenya it is not it is not mandatory for anybody to vote it is our choice not to make tools to vote or you choose not to vote what we are against is mr odinga of use of militia and violence to stop
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citizens from it's advising their democratic constitutional right and he's succeeded in a very small section of kenya that is only nine percent of kenya he money to stop citizen from voting generally for have to who controls eastern libya has ordered an investigation into thirty seven unidentified bodies found to the east of benghazi they were discovered on thursday in the village of beer some of the victims had signs of torture and gunshot wounds to the head witnesses say the victims were arrested months ago i have to libyan national army. the u.n. emergency relief coordinator has described the humanitarian crisis unfolding as shocking the country is grappling with a cholera epidemic near famine and a civil war that shows no signs of ending the report. shocking and horrendous that's how the u.n.
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emergency relief coordinator describes the suffering he's seen in yemen during his five day visit to severely malnourished children hospitals with barely any electricity and met health workers who have not been paid for months it's been shocking to say the terrible impact of this manmade conflict all parties in yemen and those outside who support and have influence over them must do much more to ensure they respect international humanitarian law and protect civilians. saudi arabia and its allies launched a military campaign in march twenty fifteen against toothy rebels of forces loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh the saudi led coalition has been bombing the capital sanaa and other parts of yemen to try to restore the internationally recognized government of president abbott rebbie man so heidi heidi based temporarily in aden says the who these must disband but they insist they yemen's
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legitimate authority and accuse him of being a saudi puppet that i don't i know that. we are ready to work towards a solution we say to all yemeni groups let's find a solution the foreign powers involved are i'm here to fight for you here for their interests we're ready to walk towards a solution but that should be at least a response from the other side instead of waiting for decisions to come from abu dhabi or saudi arabia. well the beauty say they're ready to talk also threatening to intensify their retaliation against saudi arabia and strike military targets in the u.a.e. more than ten thousand yemenis have been killed and almost forty thousand injured over the two and a half years of fighting human rights groups accuse both sides of committing atrocities. the un is urging all sides to negotiate a political deal until they do the world's number one humanitarian crisis may only
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get worse victoria gates and be. iran's president has on rouhani says tehran will continue to produce missiles he told parliament that this does not violate international agreements iran says its missiles aren't designed to carry nuclear weapons so often contra contravention of the twenty fifteen deal to limit its nuclear program u.s. president has threatened to pull out of that deal and reinstate sanctions on iran. are you more you know i mean you object to our weapons we are going to manufacture and store any kind of weapons we need and this is to defend ourselves and the unity of our land and people and we will not hesitate to use them in the appropriate time to defend ourselves you know that we have built our building and will continue to build missiles and this doesn't violate international law or the international resolution we will continue to reinforce our defense abilities and to defend our national security if there is any violation of the united states his commitment we will react strongly. australia's former deputy prime minister has started his
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campaign to be reelected to parliament on friday the high court ruled rejoice was a dual citizen at the time of the last election and so was not eligible to stand choices since renounced his new zealand citizenship and is a favorite to retain his seat. they did he promised a ship to be held by ensign that's a big one and. let's hope that if the people of new england find it in their hearts to. give me a run of it again after the second of december that we can fix that problem might be outlawed. that's it for me back now to jane in doha. right now for those of you watching us on facebook live a look at how cartoonists in mexico are using rubble from an earthquake to make and fight corruption and then has been criticized for its crackdown on. it still enjoys a lot of support details after the break. we
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got some wet weather in the forecast for turkey some more heavy rain coming through here a lot of cloud still easing across at least the start of the mediterranean stretching up across turkey line of wet weather just pushes in across the black sea that will topple its way further east was to georgia seeing some very heavy right possibility of some snow too where the temperatures just eleven degrees celsius there for ankara we'll see the temperature forty back further as we go on into choose to actually just nine celsius with more right and snow just around georgia just spilling out of that eastern side of the black sea possibility of wanted to showers over towards armenia and azerbaijan but south of that it's fine and sunny thirty two celsius in kuwait city so some pleasant sunshine coming through here well so pleasant sunshine across the river but it's the highs here in doha of around thirty
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four thirty five degrees over the next couple of days meanwhile we're seeing a fair amount of sunshine to into southern africa over the showers showing that had we got some wet weather there just around us water pushing across into northern parts of south africa into mozambique still some lively showers lingering here at present brightening up there was to go on into the middle part of the way may well but the usual couple showers across much of central africa. it was an audacious bid to capture a city in the southern philippines and tone it into a province of i saw. with rai left a smoking room is asia the new battlefront one on one east investigates at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you.
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al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count folk abene dot . tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his death would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count at this time on al-jazeera.
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the. training page with several stories taking place we're going to focus on one and three initially hundred years on the balfour declaration explain i mean it's just sixty seven words long but it certainly launched but his body seen today as the world's most intractable conflict between the israelis and the palestinians because of all the latest updates looked like that's going to be brewing for some time now obviously keeping an eye on that as is the web team the criticism we've dealt with . as far as that is concerned and in the u.s. at number eight u.s. white lives matter there's a rally there that's been going on a sort of
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a real push back what you see from the other side of the street and it makes an interesting read as don doesn't want to close and the tense position which has been in the top ten ever since it ever since it started. the protests is. fed up with iraq against women so they're taking to the streets of paris to make that known the rally is part of the global me to campaign launched off of claims of sexual assaults by the phone producer avi weinstein it urges women to speak out against sexual abuse let's talk about this with david chaytor who is there what have people been saying to me but the message. jane just. back. from. something like. reported here.
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right. here as well. the size of the problem. but across many other cities. and i have with me one of the. four women here from. morton because. i've experienced sexual. harassment work.
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experience afterwards. the problem and also eighty percent of sexual harassment aggressions are in sight. not strangers eighty percent are not strangers. pretty serious and really. at the moment you get a maximum of. five thousand dollars fine for sexual. enough . for example.
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so this is. but the major problem today i mean at work for example. it was a right. should. work and not. right. promotion would. work. thank you very much with. a serious situation. very large. here in paris. from all right thanks for that david chaytor live has me more on that attack at a hotel in somalia's capital that killed at least twenty nine people al-shabaab says it was behind the bombing for years now international and regional forces have
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been helping the somali government fight the group the african union mission in somalia amazon is one of them the regional peacekeeping mission was established a decade ago with support from the african union and the u. n. amazon is made up of about twenty two thousand troops from several countries in the region the mission is expected to hand over power to the somali military by twenty twenty is also a u.s. presence back in april it deployed troops to train local forces the u.s. military has stepped up its operation against al shabaab its increase the number of drone strikes against the group mohammed shares a security and political consultant and joins us from mogadishu very good to have you with us or despite all of those players being there growing presence from the u.s. increasing number of drone strikes we see these sort of attacks from al shabaab what's going wrong. sorry
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if i correct you if i hear you correctly you're asking me what went wrong in terms of security now the fact that it's been an increase in drone strike that's fine go ahead and say that and then i'll bring in the international presence yes yes well well it's it's very shocking very. tragic incident of fourteenth of october and the follow up of incident only yesterday. attacked another hotel in mogadishu in broad daylight in the afternoon where people were having a tea. afternoon tea and just attacked the hotel it's a brazen attack that the shabab is been doing for the last couple of months and that people give different reason as to why but there are a number of factors that we can actually point to assume i would be aware in
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somalia now that this kind of a political crisis now between the federal government and the federal member states and wherever there is a political crisis in somalia we've seen evidence of exploiting that just increasing that attack against civilian targets and you've got a famine and as well and. exploits that they feed people on the condition that they join them so that's happening at the same time but you've got the african union there you've got a growing u.s. military presence how come they cannot get to the bottom of this how how come they cannot eliminate them. well it's it's it's very difficult question i mean everyone asking how come we
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have. a troop contributing countries of some and also you know the americans are here as well i mean how come. able to do such. a brazen attack on a broad daylight but as i said there are a number of things that need to look at this has happened and i'm looking at it if you go back in october twenty seventh they had a similar attack. somehow where. school graduates were celebrating graduation ceremonies it isn't an act of horror for also mileage for and for the international community what they do how they do it. it's
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it's not simple but there are things that we can look at the fact is that here in somalia this is a constant juncture of guard in terms of security of the somali security. you could only recall last month or the early of this month the c.d.f. the chief of staff of the forces resigned as well as the minister of defense and today in enough we have another another assignation this time but the intelligence intelligence. and also the police commissioner of both being fired because of the incident yesterday so there is a gap in terms of security here there is a gap in in terms of their capacity i'm sure you mean you are a. fuse here hair about the. optic article that the already fired juv of intelligence. on the.
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new york times complaining about lack of resources lack of capacity good intelligence service so you can already see that the somalis in terms of the security are really struggling struggling and are finding difficult to cope with the the the tactics that. are employed in both thank you for talking us through yet another day of extreme violence there mohammed. the target as president has spoken out for the first time since a wave of protests began in august least sixteen people have been killed in anti-government demonstrations demanding presidential term limits for a nursing day took power in two thousand and five cementing his family's fifty year rule out of palace reports. there was no sign of the on the
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wrist gripping togo as for want to sing bay walked into his party's annual congress told police president spoke publicly for the first time since violence aimed at him erupted two months ago. little dog and. you will agree with me that we are going through a tough political crisis in the country today those who are intoxicated those who lie have found allies in technology and can turn a righteous thing a simple man like me into a bloodthirsty dictator. until now on a single day has stayed off the public stage since opposition parties rallied to introduce a two term limit for the presidency he took power in two thousand and five after the death of his father who ruled togo for years it's africa's longest serving political dynasty. hundreds of thousands of people have rallied for the end of missing by family role since august opposition leaders say that instead of
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listening to the demands of the people the government has orchestrated a brutal crackdown at least sixteen people have been killed. we will free ourselves we will fight by all means necessary it's very important for us we have the people on our side and yet the president says he remains serene and optimistic. this jeff a moment should not let us forget that we are going through a crisis it is true that we have also gone through difficult moments in the past and we have to be bold courageous and patient to embrace the situation. his party's congress was a safe platform to address a social political crisis but west african leaders want him to do more. the region's trade block and the african union fear the instability with hundreds fleeing togo to ghana because of the young racist shallop bellus al-jazeera. and
6:47 pm
there for such a small country the conversation has been amazingly bold and consistent hasn't very consistent and it's been unified as well we've been following the conversation in togo since the protests started in august but the message among those online and on the streets is very much the same they want president. to resign now according to reuters news agency the government has banned marches and mass protests on weekdays but last week young protesters set up barricades with bricks and burning tires and threw stones at security forces police responded with tear gas now the hash tags driving the conversation on facebook and twitter have grown since the protests started the top two are togo is standing and togo is awake the messages shared online have not changed since august but continue to gain momentum we spoke to for ria nobody much she's a human rights activist very active online she had this to say we find it's very
6:48 pm
appalling and offensive that this bites the impasse that we are we over five hundred people who have fled the country at least fifteen that got killed and many others wounded and jailed the president of total has remained quiet and has never not even once address the citizens of this country about the ongoing crisis in togo instead he decides to attend the congress of his political party you need and still he's merely tainted that people have found technology to smear him that is absolutely disrespectful to the citizens of this country. this newspaper headline was from just after the last round of protests it reads the regime is ready to plunge togo and the region into instability but as we heard the president say he said quote we have to be bold courageous and patient to embrace
6:49 pm
the situation so does that mean what does that mean rather for those who want the president to step down and want term limits if you're in togo we want to hear from you be sure to tweet us your thoughts with hash tag or you can always write me privately at least. with the protests showing no signs of slowing down al-jazeera spoke to janine a baton a west africa researcher based in dakar senegal about the protests against the president for now saying ban how the crisis may be resolved you can find that on our website. thousands of people have marched in support of men mas military in the city of young gone the army has been criticized for a brutal crackdown on the rehang minority in the north western rakhine state florence noir reports from yangon. thousands marched some bussed in from neighboring states the rally organized by nationalists and military veterans is to show support for me and most troops the military has come under criticism from the
6:50 pm
international community for its ongoing crackdown against the range of minority in rakhine state people here say the criticism is on warranted we need to support of the military because they are defending the country we need to stand with our soldiers. by being here and supporting our troops we hope to reduce the criticism against our military. the army chief has defended the operation in rakhine as a counter offensive against an armed group of fighters that the government considers a terrorist organization the. nationalists monks at the rally say muslim or hindu or in rakhine who are trying to turn parts of the country into an islamic state this is one of the. a pro military event broke out in northern rakhine state in august others are planned for. a rally such as that is because the military the country. isn't a popular institution. some analysts say these events shouldn't be taken as
6:51 pm
a blanket support for the military they also show backing for the governing national league for democracy party or. in this instance the military and the ruling party appear to have taken the stand the fact the leader. has been criticized not only for not speaking out for the room but for defending the military's actions the support for both government and military at this event underscores one other thing there are very few people. who will speak out for the ranger florence. head on the news great in sport pakistan welcomes back its favorite sport cricket. heavy security.
6:52 pm
documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the. united nations has so many nationalities. with just you know different places but it's one that gives the kids of the ability to identify with the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have
6:53 pm
a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al jazeera. it's fun i want people actually runs for today for jane thank you so much right now pakistan is hosting its highest profile cricket match for eight years it sparked the cricket comes home they're playing sri lanka in the t twenty game in lahore it's the first time sri lanka has played in pakistan since a gun attack on their team in two thousand and nine ten thousand police have been deployed for the match in lahore after that incident it meant teams stopped going to practice on due to security concerns and
6:54 pm
a number of major players have pulled out of this match alyssa's the first time played in pakistan since that infamous attack eight years ago eight people were killed and seven players were injured major change stop going to pox on due to security concerns although zimbabwe did play games there in twenty fifteen twenty seventeen has seen an upturn for pakistan in march laura hosted the pakistan super league final featuring a number of foreign stars that also stage three t twenty internationals between pakistan and a world eleven in september. ared nine years down the line sri lanka are now decides to come back this is sending a huge signal to the rest of the world they were the affected party they were the party that was attacked they haven't all said the security arrangements are bored they want to help the people of pakistan bring back international stars and they are stepping up in order to demonstrate that they support the game and that the security arrangements are good now earlier we spoke to the sports editor of park
6:55 pm
sun's don newspaper ryszard mum and he's often asked optimistic about big games returning to pakistan but admits more must be done to assure foreign teams on the country's security. this is indeed a very storied day for pakistan cricket because it is a sort of a revival of international cricket in pakistan after almost eighty years it is ironic though that it was in two thousand one which was attacked in this very city of lahore and they have come back to revive the international cricket in pakistan but it does an absolutely great occasion i mean of course there are concerns of the foreign teams the leading teams in international cricket like australia and england because of course so much security right from the airport to the hotel to the stadium is really extraordinary and pakistan will have to do better i feel
6:56 pm
to ensure absolute safety and security of players and teams really to say that the dire. period that they have spent eighty years afic nominee and of course of terror is over and the teams will start coming here again right think it will still take a few months at least before we can say that it is fully revived the critics have been saying that why are all of. centric and what about the other leading cities like karate and of course the fans are a bit disappointed but i feel that with the west indies coming next month and hopefully the pakistan super league match is set to be played in karachi and lahore next year early next year i hope that will go a long way in convincing the other teams of foreign teams the i.c.c. and other players association to the star regular tours here in china.
6:57 pm
cricket comes home is the number one thing trending in pakistan today many people taking to social media to express their gratitude towards the sri lankan team for their courage and bringing international cricket back to the country com says eight years ago the sri lankan team left pakistan shaken and heard today they returned with renewed courage welcome back sri lanka here's a picture that was tweeted out by the government of pakistan with a caption saying pox on extends a warm welcome to the sri lankan cricket team as cricket comes home just soon she says already having goosebumps best of luck to both teams cricket one and terrorism a loss now let's hear from some of the fans who have been at the game. like come back to pakistan which is a. sign for a. very good sign so i think. as well because we love to enjoy you know matches and barbara starr live in france
6:58 pm
for the sri lankan team. because of the good grid decision to come into pakistan saw rio come to them and with the boarding school and goes well today now you can send us your views by using the hashtag a.j. news grid or tweet me directly add after underscore is. it's now back to change. and that will do for this newsgroup to same time.
6:59 pm
as native amazonian is increasingly struggling to survive in today's world. talk to al-jazeera travels to brazil to meet leaders of endangered tribes. and those trying to protect them at this time. and monday pointed wealth on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. you're not. one hundred. what it is a full fledged raving by what donald trump opened the door to this is just hate
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it was there. he opened the door at a time into a physical reality that the as allies in the. old lines examines hate in trucks america at this time on al-jazeera. well jews iraq. where ever you are. a country divided hundreds of thousands rally in the heart of the now self declared independent catalonia.


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