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tv   Mediation And Assassination  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am AST

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west blasted the war we can finish there i was in charge you know to make me just thank you. for a chicken farms and living building anything you do on land on the ground doesn't make sense to do that on a building not just decorative biologically productive birthrights discovers cutting edge tradition for sustainable city at this time. period that we have extensive network people with and actually share it with. them. hello i'm maryanne demasi in london area top stories on al-jazeera iraqi kurdish president massoud barzani is stepping down the kurdish polman has approved his request not to extend beyond november the fust has been on the precious since last
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month's controversial secession referendum vote which the iraqi government says was illegal led to days of fighting between iraq and kurdish forces are accused of failing to support the kurdish people but he says the referendum results can never be erased one on one. according to the law the presidency can be extended by the parliament however i inform the parliament that i will not extend my term i will not accept any abed but in the law to extend my term as president stephanie decker has more now from air bill. it is massively significant just briefly this is a man who's been president for twelve years this is a man who fought baghdad for kurdish rights he is a huge figure when it comes to the history of this region whether people say this was expected or not the way he's leaving under the circumstances of the backlash of this referendum which he really wanted to be his legacy you know the fact that ninety three percent of kurds three million voted for independence and that it's
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backfired in such a way and it is a very very difficult thing for him to swallow. you do have die hard supporters of various of these sort of you know it's a very sort of dynasty asked family. you know the theme here the bottom line is in the taliban he's already seeing people outside parliament with guns we drove through them quite sort of doglike with sticks looking for an opposition member who'd been criticizing by design and while we were there well that's turned quite violent some of those were actually seemed to break into parliament and attacked some of the opposition media there there were riot police at the entrance so you have to question how they got in so i think very interesting times now how this is going to go forward crucial is for there to be some kind of a unity if a blame game ensues between the two parties the fractures within kurdish politics that could be dangerous well now to our other top story this hour hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets of boston calling for spain to stay united the
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rally is the biggest show of force yet from the so-called silent majority who don't support catalonia is independence but some were demanding the arrest of sacked catalan leader carl has pushed him and the crisis came to a head on friday when castle and politicians voted to declare their region an independent republic. now kenya's main opposition leader has called the presidential election rerun a sham and demanded a new vote within ninety days rather adding them at church leaders and supporters in nairobi a day after the repeat vote was suspended due to violence the election commission is putting president her kenyatta are on course for victory with ninety seven percent of the vote it was basically two who are versus the who who are the key that completely. is computing a good turnout the turnout is three point five million but it is god knows them from two million. the achille basically through or is
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going to call a sham elections shambolic. unwilling to talk but the gender would still be the same wouldn't. go to create a level playing field so that solution can be held to the next ninety days. somalia's government has fired its police and intelligence chiefs in response to two suicide bomb attacks in the capital mogadishu at least twenty seven people died in saturday's attack which ended with a siege in a hotel the armed group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility as is the second attack in the capital in two weeks. renegade general hurley five to who controls eastern libya has ordered an investigation after thirty six on identified bodies were found in a village east of benghazi they were discovered on thursday some of the victims had signs of torture and gunshot wounds to the head they are the latest in
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a series of apparent mass killings in territory controlled by half dozen libyan national army. top stories i'll be back in about twenty five minutes time see then . the northern cemetery. principal burial ground of the city of stock. last resting place for sweden's most celebrated citizen. not far from alfred nobel whose famous prize is bear his name lies another
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illustrious. count falcon bernadotte a visible. like nobel his name is linked with peace as the first u.n. mediator in the arab israeli conflict. unlike nobel his life ended violence. like van adult who want to make peace. have a chance of doing so because of the literally understand the deeper roots of the conflict. on the seventeenth of september one thousand nine hundred forty eight shortly after arriving in jerusalem. but ended office was assassinated. the killers right wing israelis the stern gang
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people with seen this true patrick. they got off scot free. and one of them from me. the king the prime minister or feels for. this is the story of how peace can be frustrated by extremism. our assassination can turn the tide of history. with consequences that still scar the middle east. this is the story of killing the count. february one thousand nine hundred forty five. count fall could buy an adult is about to board a nazi plane bound for land. as vice president of the swedish red cross
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he was leading the biggest humanitarian effort of world war two. he had come to germany to negotiate with heinrich himmler nazi minister of the interior. this meeting would secure the release of thousands of concentration camp person use. by the end of the war byrne adults mission known as the white buses. would successfully evacuate thirty thousand prisoners of over twenty nationalities to safety in sweden. one third of them were jews.
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in the aftermath of war those jews who had survived the holocaust began to leave a continent that had become for them a personal hell. after there was. a big guy. like the birds to flee to palestine. the lists of ships they discovered that. they didn't the l.o.'s. country. the british the ruling all thirty in palestine had decided to put a stop to the tide of jewish immigration.
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the tide the pumpkin swelling since fascism had begun its march across. in one thousand nine hundred thirty six local arab objections to both british colonial rule and mass jewish immigration into their homeland erupted into a full scale revolt. jewish settlements in palestine had been protecting themselves against sporadic arab attacks with the defense militia. the haugen up.
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in thirty six in the face of. suddenly it dawned. the younger generation that unless they are. to undertake the military effort in the country the jews won't be able to stay so. defensive a source changed into an offensive he says. a more extreme group now emerged from the hard. cold era going to. the national military organization in the land of israel. in march nine hundred thirty seven we're going to launched a series of bomb attacks. against arab cafes markets buses
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and trains. with the cycle of violence in palestine growing. the british decided to act. as a dangerous palace a conference is hoping to arrive at the solution of the arab jewish problem of palestine. after a conference in london and attended by both arabs and jews the british government produced a white paper setting a limit on the jewish immigration to palestine for the next five years to bring peace to the beyond that it would be left to the arab majority to decide to the jews this was complete betrayal soon the british would feel their
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anger. on the twenty sixth of august one nine hundred thirty nine. it a gun started its own war against the british killing two offices in a bomb attack. six days later the whole well it's descended into war. the air going on in egypt we called off its campaign. so as not to hinder britain's fight against what they called the jews' greatest enemy in the well. german nazi is. but within a splinter group now emerged led by a man determined to fight on. of
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a hamster and thought that britain was a greater enemy of the jews than down through germany. and he wanted to continue to fight the british during the second world war. you know order to expel them. in july one thousand nine hundred forty stern created a new militant break away from him gone called lefty or fighters for the freedom of israel. to the british it was simply the stern gang. the fate of falcon bernadotte would be determined by these men. they wanted the british out of the middle east the germans wanted the british out of the middle east so decided to make common cause with the nazis tried to make contact with them
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and stumble the nazis weren't interested nothing came of it. it was a mixture of stupidity and fanaticism they thought that they have should join the enemy of england in order to obtain help for the girls in palestine which was just stupid they were very brave and very stupid people. in february one thousand nine hundred forty two during his arrest in tel aviv by the british. after him stan was shot dead. on the six the november one thousand nine hundred forty four lead he commanded now by yet sack shania struck back in an unexpected place. cairo. two assassins killed lord moyne the british minister resident in the middle east
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outside his home. it's hard for me. was a terrorist and not just he but the other members of the stern gang defined themselves as terrorists and wrote that terrorism is a perfectly legitimate means for expelling the foreign occupier from the land of israel. after the end of world war two in one thousand nine hundred forty five as jewish organizations were honoring bernadotte for his work with the white buses. many of the holocaust survivors trying to enter palestine found their way barred.
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britain had refused to raise immigration limits set before the war. to the jews the betrayal now seemed even greater. having one one draw britain found itself fighting another. this time against jewish militant groups. what developed was the kind of competition. it was the most extreme the. and.
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violence and death right the streets of jerusalem. and tel aviv has been the sign of a critical situation. palestine continues to present one of the most obstinate problems of today. responding with a draconian counter-insurgency campaign. the british arrested in. imposing the death penalty on the convicted insurgent. in response. under the command of another future israeli prime minister menachem
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begin bombed the king david hotel. the main base for the british administration in palestine. killing british arabs and jews alike. by october one thousand nine hundred forty seven jewish underground groups had killed one hundred twenty seven british servicemen. three have been inspected found his majesty's government feel left out in the absence of a settlement fee mess few. british forces of the british administration from. britain had washed its hands of a problem of its own making. the fate of palestine now lay with the
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united nations. only really in november one thousand nine hundred forty seven the un general assembly adopted resolution one eight one recommending that palestine be partitioned into separate arab and jewish states. knows of the united nations the solution to recommend partition brings while divination among the jewish community in the rose of ahmed chalabi. this was the first ever international recognition of the long hoped for jewish state. but the extremists saw no cause for celebration. they thought that the jews had the absolute right to the whole of
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palestine. and that the borders of the jewish state shouldn't be defined by any foreign bodies like the united nations so they wanted greater israel as it existed in biblical times. in april one thousand nine hundred forty eight going to forces began a military operation to take control of arab areas assigned to the jewish state under the partition plan. extremist militias joined the effort but soon they had overstepped the mark. left that is the stern gang and you'll go in as the british call them participated in one famous atrocity which was of course conquest and massacre which occurred in
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the village of the area seen on the ninth of april one nine hundred forty eight when about one hundred villagers were killed most of them civilians. the palestine mandate is ended britain is relieved of about sudan and cunningham takes leave of the troops are shown exemplary patience in a thankless task ten weeks or more not acquired complete with the departure of the last high commissioner of palestine the british mandate was of. that same day in tel aviv david ben-gurion declared be establishment of the state of israel. thank. the celebrations would be short lived.
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within hours the egyptian air force would bomb the capital of the newly formed state. at the same time the armies of egypt jordan syria and iraq crossed the borders into palestine. was the maintenance of modern security and just as an urgent question for concern in new york the united nations faced a major challenge to its power and prestige. the first arab israeli warring. on the twentieth of may nineteenth forty eight the united nations named its first mediator in palestine. the man who would take on the task was
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count full cabin adopt. the white bus and. he was from that noble family he was a relative of the king and just saw what he could deal very good with people meeting high and making compromises and things like that. at the end of may nine hundred forty eight bernadotte left paris for the middle east. seen off by his american born wife estelle. in a pointed to echo of the white buses campaign bernadotte is had his specially chartered plane painted white with the u.n. and red cross marking us. into the final count but it is cut by united nations as must help mediate it was time record ever. made him
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above suspicion of how to vanish into. eternity here. first time his first task was to bring about a cease fire. which needed that he went to the different capitals in kind of shuttle diplomacy. which he really invented because everybody was very impressed about his energy here at the the temple we used when he was traveling around and there you can see he made all possible efforts to bring this ceasefire about. after only ten days in the middle east bernadotte scored his first success on the ninth of june he announced a four week truce. if it had been food federal politicians knowing all the tricks i'm not sure he would have succeeded better because. they
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were surprised of his total openness he never had this diplomatic roundabouts all the time and many people say that that was a clear advantage. by the end of june after weeks of diplomacy bernadotte was finally able to unveil a new plan for peace in palestine. bernadotte was a realist and he did not want to abandon the un partition plan but he wanted to modify it to fit in with a new reality on the ground. and if you look at the map of the un partition plan it doesn't make much sense it's three jewish enclaves with kissing points and then there is the arab state which is also fragmented
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so basically what you wanted to do is to give the jews the whole of the galilee in the north and the coastal plain but to deprive them of the negative and to give the negative to the arab state that there was not to be an independent palestinian state by this time the arab part of palestine was to be incorporated with france. despite there being no independent state allocated to the palestinians bernadotte proposals did include one key provision for them. the right of return for refugees expelled by force from their homes in israeli controlled areas. as for how can i bear no doubt proposed the right of return and he managed to obtain a un resolution that this is
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a humanitarian right that can be ignored with no limits or numbers the complete and immediate right to return. and burn a dots planning included one more provision which would outrage the israelis. in his first peace plan which i think was his biggest mistake he said that jerusalem would be inside the arab state because there was no possibility whatsoever to have that use agreed to something like that. under bernadotte supplant judaism's most holy place would come under the control of the arabs. jewish militants decided they must fight on in defense of jerusalem. the campaign against
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bernadotte was building and plans were soon being laid for killing account. with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. where every.
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everything you do is being animal it's being weighed and measured for intelligence agencies are they attack us to do things in secret that are unlawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. they could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. i know i'm maryam namazie in london here's a quick recap of the stories making headlines this hour the iraqi kurdish president asad barzani is stepping down kurdish polman has approved his request for his time not to extend beyond of them but the fust zani has been on the precious since last
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month's controversial secession referendum a vote which the iraqi government says was illegal led to days of fighting between iraqi kurdish forces barzani says the referendum result can never be erased. well norman. according to the law the presidency can be extended by the parliament however i inform the parliament that i will not extend my term i will not accept any a bed with a little to extend my term as president hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of barcelona are calling for spain to stay united rally is the biggest show of force yet from the so-called silent majority who don't support catalonia bid for independence some were demanding the arrest of sacked catalan leader carter's push to mont the crisis came to a head on friday when catalan politicians voted to declare their region an independent republic. kenya's main opposition leaders called the presidential election rerun a sham and demanded a new vote within ninety days while ridding the met church leaders and supporters in a part of nairobi that seemed violent clashes since the vote election commission is
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pushing president to her kenyatta are on course for victory with ninety seven percent of the vote but being a told his supporters not to take part renegade general holly five who controls eastern libya has ordered an investigation after thirty six are identified bodies were found in a village east of benghazi some of the victims had signs of torture and gunshot wounds to the head they are the latest in a series of apparent mass killings in territory controlled by a highly for libyan national army thousands of brazilians have protested against the sexual harassment of women in the wake of the harvey weinstein scandal the demonstration in the french capital comes after dozens of actresses accuse the hollywood producer of sexual assault and rape weinstein denies the allegations. but taliban has killed thirteen police in an attack in northern afghanistan fighters stormed
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a police checkpoint in could as problems early on sunday morning only one policeman managed to escape the battle alive i have the news hour in about twenty five minutes time more news then. the greek island of rhodes. a world heritage site today it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in europe. rose's hotel is one of the oldest on the island.
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in the summer of one nine hundred forty eight count foca bernadotte the un's first mediator for palestine had chosen the island as his headquarters. for the arrival of his american born wife estelle and their two sons full care and bed to ease the tension as ben about waited for the official response to his proposals to end the war that had broken out in palestine. after two weeks relaxing with his family. bernadotte set out on another round of shuttle diplomacy. with him warning one day he came with the red cross here before he's had as a put this all and i put it all that i was allowed to travel with him in the world i did they feel as though they had two drills and. but i was told to stay the
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course. but adults had come to jerusalem to meet the israeli foreign minister moshe ret. israel's response to bernadotte plan was total rejection. i think they saw him as an enemy of the jewish state he was going to reduce by large measure the size of the state the jews were to have so they regarded him as pro arab basically and he was in some ways a an agent of the british government who were regarded rightly or wrongly by the israelis as anti zionist. after the failure of bernadotte first plan and with a full week troops coming to its end. fighting broke out again palestine.
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three days later bernadotte accompanied by his wife estelle flew into la guardia airport in new york. he wanted to impress on the security council the urgent need for firm and decisive action. that united nations. and.
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back in the middle east and with a second fragile truce in place bernadotte began a new round of negotiations. but securing that peace seemed impossible. like an shandor and that but often he didn't have anything definite convinced either the arabs or the israelis that he had read authority or power so there was a lot of resistance from both sides to his proposal for their give up about. in mid august and exhausted bernadotte flew to sweden.
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he was to chair the international red cross conference. and it was a chance to see his family. he took me out for a whole day we went to see a movie enters or football and things like that and i remember afterwards to having my father for myself a whole day was a headache and a fantastic thing to happen. once. before returning to the middle east he arranged to meet estelle in paris three weeks later. for her birthday. it was a meeting he would never make. during the first two weeks of september one thousand nine hundred forty eight bernadotte
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spent what would prove to be the last days of his life in rhodes putting the final touches to a revised peace plan. completed on the sixteenth of september it contained a major concession to israel jerusalem the city would no longer be under arab control it would be administered by the united nations. but this change had come to light. six days earlier in an apartment in tel aviv's ben yehuda street the commanders of leahy the stern gang had come together to seal the fate of falcon bernadotte. nothing ailing more voted against the assassination of then the door. doctor he
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said i have. voted for the s.s.a. nation and its hawkshaw me cost he's voted in favor of the assassination of the un envoy. so it was two against one that's how the decision was made. on the seventeenth of september one thousand nine hundred forty eight at ten o'clock in the morning. count full cabinet office landed at kalandia rathole just north of jerusalem. shortly after his three car convoy arrived at the mandelbaum dates. the crossing points into the west and jewish part of jerusalem.
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waiting at the gates was a liaison officer assigned to him by the israeli government. captain moshe. for their father count notice that mr hellman was armed with a pistol so he turned to him and said no no no no you have to get rid of that pistol give it to the other officers here you're under the protection of the un and when you're protected by the un there are no weapons. with no military escort no protection other than the u.n. flag. burning docks convoy and so the jewish jerusalem. after a few hours spent visiting the former british governor's house they headed to the y.m.c.a.
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for the night. as they left andres soho a french colonel traveling with the u.n. convoy asked tillman to do him a favor. them when he thought it better not thought right away the liaison officer swapped seats in burn adults car and goes to sit in another car in the convoy care should be the move the upload. and switches with colonel servo who asked for the chance to thank bernadotte for the red cross campaign that had saved his wife from a german concentration camp a. little strong. so rose wife had been liberated by one of the white fusses. his gratitude would cost him his life. heading towards the y.m.c.a.
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the three car convoy was suddenly halted. an army jeep pulled out from the side street to block the road. three men an israeli army fatigues sprang out of the jeep. they are they block the road kill you and then two of the assassins come out steinberg and then machete and puncture the tires of the vehicles in front. of a galley shed a hour before your they show no they don't know which car the counties in and then suddenly the count opens the window of his car so he can see what's happening. to show you his the shots from that they are bad news the image of we'll show up for you then they identify him and yehoshua cohen goes to the car puts his schmeiser submachine gun in through the window and unloads on everyone sitting in the receipt
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of a shot of the. six bullets tore into a band of dogs left arm throat and chest. cohen kept firing pumping eighteen bullets into colonel sorrow. in a matter of seconds the assassins had made their escape. by five o'clock in the afternoon bernadotte lay dead in hospital alongside him colonels. i heard it on the radio which was a bit deplorable in many ways the news had come first of all it was a swedish king and he baited with members of the family who would inform my mother and that debate carried on so much that the swedish radio assumed that
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the family had been told but we hadn't so therefore it came as a bit of a shock and i got up and went to my mother and said something's happened to my father and she said i felt that i had a feeling. she knew that he was there. and the next day bernadotte body left israel on the same white plane that had carried him in search of us. it was on its way to paris where bernadotte had been due to present his second peace plan to a un meeting. and to meet his wife to celebrate her birthday. politicians and diplomats
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representing their countries of the un meeting in paris came to all the airports to pay their last respects. with the assassination of its mediator the u.n. had failed its first great test. that evening bernadotte body arrived in stockholm and was carried to the family home. why father lay in a room in our house. but my mother didn't think it a good idea and neither did i that i should go in and see him like that so i didn't have a saw him. five
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days later swedes came on to the streets of stockholm to bid farewell to bernadotte . ninety year old king gustav arrived to mourn the death of his beloved nephew. scouts and red cross workers from the two organizations bernadotte chaired the coffin along its way to the northern cemetery. when. in israel prime minister david ben-gurion
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ordered an immediate hunt for the killers. but it soon became apparent that the hunt was not what it seemed. moshe hilman the liaison officer traveling with bernadotte had recognized the driver of the jeep used by the assassins of the unlawfully much as they are so yeah my dad went to moshe dyan who was then the military commander of jerusalem and said to him listen i received a threatening letter that said hilman be careful why because he knew one of them but he said he didn't want to mess anything up and diane said to him you know what let's leave things in secret for the time being we didn't hear we didn't see. with bernadotte death his plan also done right. but the legacy of his assassination had only just begun. israel covertly strengthened
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during the truce successfully launched a series of military operations to drive out the arab bombings. israel at the end of the forty eight war was interested in retaining its conquests and all the territory which it had in its hands which included of course all of galilee and a the negative were going to have relinquished them in line with what the bernadotte had planned. i doubt that. in one thousand nine hundred forty nine a series of armistice agreement was signed in bernadotte former headquarters in roads between israel and a tower of neighbors. but the solutions bernadotte had been seeking and had paid for with his life remained elusive. but if of course the jerusalem
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problem is still under resort that this day and then of the want of the city to be part of the arab state or under international administration the proposal for the immediate return of fifty g.'s if that had happened relations between the zionists and palestinians would have been a better more able to find the common future for palestine but for the thing. with israel victorious ben-gurion announced a general amnesty. bernadotte killers were freed to return to normal life in the new state of israel. yahshua cohen would head south to the newly occupied negative to a kibbutz called sday bucca. in years to come prime minister david ben-gurion would make this place his home. you're sure calling
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was one of the founders of this that will kill you but says the booker and was the closest member of the kibbutz to bring gloria they were going to get there before the morning march in the evening march and they were talking in the were friendly and i thought to myself wow this was the guy when gloria wanted to fly anywhere he wanted to find him to crash in and now they're their friends. while bernadotte killer became a friend of the prime minister. one of the men who ordered the killing would eventually rise to that role himself. but. very humiliated when the right wing swept to power for the first time in one nine hundred seventy seven. menar him begun the former. became prime minister.
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yitzhak shamir the former lead he commander became speaker of the israeli parliament the knesset i never have. been beginning with i and show me a target. for this is not really unusual. except that show me of all of the honest to goodness door with which begin with not. personally led. operations. under a palestinian uprising the first intifada provoked a brutal reaction. of
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ours say f. those stop or these horses of the riots of flying start with this or wounding people it's yours lies. in one thousand nine hundred ninety two israeli politics veered to chop the left. sacked rabin leader of the labor party came to power as prime minister. he quickly began to secure peace deals after decades of struggle with the arabs. but right wing extremism was still alive in israel. and in november one thousand nine hundred ninety five while attending a peace rally in tel aviv. itzhak rabin like bernadotte
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paid the ultimate price for the pursuit of peace. he was killed by one of his own countrymen. a peace which had seemed within reach. was once again snatched away. when in sweden the memory of file cabinet art has faded. except in this place. the royal palace in stockholm. on the twenty fifth of february two thousand and twelve king called gustav of
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sweden announced that his newborn granddaughter would be cold estelle. is that he was the wife of a former bengal and now to me it's a clear rare demonstration that they want in some way to. do aamir khan benadryl and if this baby would have been and always i guess he would then they would forgive. second in line to the throne princess estelle may one day be queen of sweden. or christening has rekindled public interest in by an adult's life story. but in this house in gothenburg there is one man for whom the count story has been
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a life's work. in one nine hundred fifty seven son a person was a member of a swedish un but tiny and guarding the armistice line between egypt and israel. this his first contact with the struggle in the middle east would shape the remainder of his life. last truth. i. saw how. i had the right to touch. oh. so i have let. it go.
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and we had a couple. of laughs. tori off for us that's. all. i had i thought. that disassociation mediation and assassination was the start of a lifetime's work. on a person whose books and articles have ensured that folk a bun adults place in history will not be forgotten. they were the inspiration for this film.
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or. hello there is an active cold front marching through victoria new south wales on the satellite picture is just edging in from the bite and it's gone through adelaide and is active because it changes the feel of the weather quite dramatically by the time we looked about the middle day on monday there it is gone through melbourne adelaide's a drop of but more than ten degrees of max temperature and you can see the difference across sydney's a very warm thirty two and
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a head in that when swings around you lose that amount so take you a day beyond that and sydney's down to ninety degrees again a huge shift the fronts going offshore by this time temps have not recovered in bell been or adelaide that big circulation suggest won't return to the west and it is perth is up to twenty three in the sunshine now don't be worried in new zealand you saw what's happening in australia but actually it seems to dissipate of the tasman sea so i think you've got a couple of pretty good day it really eighteen to twenty one degrees the breeze coming down from the tropical north and it's bright if not sunny this a hint of cash is closing on the west coast of south island to give you the right if you really unlucky but i think otherwise it's too good days maybe bright rather than sunny i have to say pretty warm really the time of year. that sank i found. five years after the
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siege of the city thank god. al-jazeera world travels to libya. to hear the stories of those who fought in the battle of misrata. al jazeera world at this time. via. this is al-jazeera. arabic.


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