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tv   Living Beneath The Drones  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2017 9:00am-10:00am AST

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vehicles. are actually with detailed coverage. from around the world this is supposed to last for a month but. the program out of the top stories here on al-jazeera says the countries behind the gulf crisis are trying to force a change of leadership i mean been any speaking to the u.s.
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television program sixty minutes been living under a blockade for almost five months since four arab states cut diplomatic and economic ties his mike hanna. there was no sign of friction among gulf leaders when they met president trump on his first foreign trip it was all smiles and a common pledge to combat terrorism in all its forms it less than two weeks later the blockade against cutter was launched much to the surprise of carter's emir shaikh bin. we were praising each other. laughing with each other this cussing you know how to solve this terrorism that is a threat for the rest of the world they're making demands of you that you shut down al-jazeera that you may given your word that you're not supporting any islamic groups are you going to meet these demands our sovereignty is a red line we don't accept anybody interfering in our sovereignty when you tell me to close a china like al-jazeera history were right one day in fifty or sixty seventy years
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how it changed the whole idea of free speech in the region do you believe that they want regime change yes they won they want a regime change it's obvious history as well tells us teaches us that they tried to do that before in one thousand nine hundred six after my father. became the emir of qatar has denied any support for terrorism. offered this explanation as to why the taliban was allowed to open an office in doha the reason why they came here it's not because we asked them to come here because other people like the united states america united states wanted the taliban here they wanted to have dialogue so they asked us if we can host them here and have the dialogue so that we host of them here this is the reason why they're here how with this in we want to turn and believe me charlie we want to turn. but nothing is going to be above our dignity our sovereignty but we want to turn i only say that if they go walk one meters
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toward me i'm willing to walk ten thousand miles towards them but it may be left to others to persuade those continuing the blockade to take that first step mike hanna al-jazeera washington may know bahrain's foreign minister is calling for cattle to be frozen out of the regional bloc the gulf cooperation council holligan ahmed al khalifa has tweeted that bahrain won't attend the upcoming g.c.c. summit unless qatar meets the demands of bahrain and the three other blockading nations the president of the kurdish regional government in iraq is stepping down massoud barzani was the driving force behind last month's referendum to secede from iraq the parliament voted to distribute his powers between itself the government and the judiciary hundreds of thousands of people have rallied in barcelona to call for spain to stay united is the biggest show of force yet from the so-called silent majority who don't support catalonia is independence been some are even demanding
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the arrest of such catalan leader. somalis police and intelligence chiefs have been fired after two suicide bombings in mogadishu at least twenty seven people died in saturday's attack which has been claimed by the armed group al-shabaab kenya's main opposition leader has called the presidential election rerun a sham he's demanding a new vote within ninety days the poll was marred by violence and a turnout of just forty three percent puerto rico's power company says a three hundred million dollar deal to restore electricity to the island was not illegal even though it's being scrapped the contract between white fish holdings and the bankrupt by utility was cancelled because there was no competitive bidding about seventy five percent of homes and businesses in the u.s. territory are still without electricity. two u.s. sailors who had been adrift in the pacific ocean for five months have been brought ashore in japan and jennifer appellant. left hawaii in may bounce for tahiti the
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trip was supposed to take three weeks but bad weather dom's their engines arms of distress calls fail until tuesday when they were spotted by a taiwanese vessel which alerted the u.s. navy well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera often living beneath the drugs that are watching whether. it's impossible to measure the true cost of war. it's not only the physical devastation caused by bombs and mortars survivors struggled with psychological damage that can last a lifetime. and. afghanistan
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has been a battlefield for decades generations shattered by endless conflicts. around three quarters of the population have mental health problems. but the journey. now and we'll show. that missing the unit want to know when you. are much more than half a million western troops have fought in afghanistan since two thousand and one thousands returned home diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder or p.t.s.d. . these invisible but catastrophic mental scars of war have finally been acknowledged in the west but enough to understand there is little help or
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recognition for those suffering from p.t.s.d. but many are treated like criminals. and i mean one of the now that's going to be our way shall not be said i was on you know yourself. and the latest weapon of war the drones that constantly fly overhead add to the sense of terror amongst the people here. where you know you know mike you know yeah the more you work on it ok the reason those drones are there. to assist the innocent civilians not to harm us. but as an afghani journalist cooperation has reported on the war since the first us
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air raids in two thousand and one. he has witnessed the devastating impact of the missiles firefights and suicide bombs on his country and on its people. now he's seeing the terrible consequences of the latest political technology drones the existence of a drone all the time even they're not firing is them frightening because they're thinking i'm a mormon they come to bomb. man that's why they are really really frightening that . crazy has been invited to meet the man who has survived the drone attack and who has all the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. our crew had to his family home in cannot province. there are constant checkpoints on the three hour journey from kabul reminders of how insecure and dangerous of finest all remains after decades of war.
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why are. you. going there. it's six years since the drone attack near the hotel was worked as
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a cook. tell was close to an american base in donna passion which was attacked by the taliban. in response the americans use drones to bomb the surrounding area with taliban fighters were hiding. the taliban know it on the ground on land. and i would say that. relive the attack over and over again in his mind. desperate to find the cure his family took him to pakistan where he underwent neurosurgery. sick to scan their.
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us to learn it and i mean yes. for that. time i went to. the can with a y o down my left. with the. go it's a fair one with a hostile north on the lookout for the point i'm going to have for probably. you can. only think of my friend. i first met one. two years after the drone attack the ongoing violence in afghanistan shattered the lives of this family yet again when psychical was younger brother's a hero love was badly injured in a land mine explosion. already mentally frail it was simply too much for something
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called to bring. up when you say i'm not a man like you do you know for the funny. the way you know a man i want you know not for his look at son your doctor but then i thought no more but i started out oh no lost the beauty. of. the.
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people who are in the restaurant war are killed in front of his eyes. in afghanistan if somebody died in front of somebody they keep crying and beating them . at the moment is still doing the same thing. although most western troops have pulled out. suicide attacks gun battles and drone bombings are still the norm here. each week there are so many deaths so many horrific injuries that healing people's minds has never been a priority. if there's any country that would be as a nation experiencing p.t.s.d. it would be a nation that's been out war for our way now for generations and do it. peter
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singer is a us expert on robotics warfare and drones this is a nation that starting in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine has experienced utter horror for multiple decades and the horror ranged from the taliban murdering people in soccer stadiums to bomber strikes from dado that hit the wrong people to drones today. najibullah quraishi travels to a refugee camp outside kabul where you meet some of those who have lost everything they had in this war. originally from muso kuala in helmand province this man and his family have moved from one camp to another since their home and their lives were destroyed by bombs dropped by drones. the no i get
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over to all of. the. humor that there have been i had a sort of a. wheeze mother one of of out. his mother for now let others know. that it is my fault for that cause i'm in the minds of the same she does i done as i did that i have a mind in mind does my much money with my little rattled our cars our money she does. john warner who doesn't she be a terrible kind he was not she that. was does not i don't follow. yo yo you want something to put up the money money all the ones i can find you and sometimes i guess not surely not there was a pretty one instance with. the time of the. man each day i think the. power. to pierce the photo with.
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them i know but doesn't a double minded double minded mushroom and real action. visually now critics remind. you has a more america is a than in this month for the. last time it was her happy. put that one. aside. and i mean. that the whole world at. nudgee below could ratio has come to talk to one of the country's most respected psychologist about the impact of war on the mind. dr mohamed not dead alimi was responsible for building of understands only specialist mental health hospital in creation's hometown of mazar e sharif. john i join me james on this issue in the under the ticket because if i
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john with us i will ask you. sued under. but. the notice of that. card. how do i my wife be sure you don't walk you know i'm a going to get hold of big eyes again i wasn't. yet you know afforded jane. in a hurry for the sick and then what i'm not i mean about american men but i know what i mean about medicare and i want and what i've seen the morning my daughter was fourteen my son called my doctor early me and his colleagues at this private mental health clinic treat thousands of people each year. many are suffering from p.t.s.d. . there are forces she's killed or destroyed. by mr george was
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a watermelon emotions by the shaft. a movie i saw of the hour here in cambridge where the. club was. not alive. so i don't measure how you know. i mean name kids are the same post-traumatic stress this hour. he and his colleagues treat anyone affected whether civilians soldiers or even taliban fighters. the dinner i might have drawn isn't a given get. a moderate islamist government like a talking would but. as kind of a joy to get she'd know that young miss him said in my room that i could have junk as a. young young. woman i said after. her recovery show me from a doctor what you're going to have in the what about head you know it by age
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because it ties in with you this introduction and we're. at the time. with nine years of the story. you know moving a caution. white near the source make of the rang me with the mission. can good god knew all the. time no hope could stand around us as you probably. could have just. because you are special. they are still there you tell the ranger don't notice. dr lee new takes najibullah quraishi to the regional government hospital in mazar which is one of only a handful in afghanistan that also has a mental health club. there are no m.r.i. or c.t. scanners for diagnosis but most care here is free mr wright want us.
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to hold up right one is after the mother which i'm sure my journey has a vision you can see. why me a magazine about the future i see i am sure i'm who bowed to she's on her last. holiday. but there is a shame and social stigma associated with mental health which means many are reluctant to seek help. in such a conservative society families don't want their loved ones to be seen by friends or neighbors in a psychiatric ward. you. can only raise kids are some of the news business. mr shulman the she's the one you don't need but i hope. you are the get out of this one and not you're going to doctor be sterile where you'll be stuck i mean what does it mean american way to get the fish when mission control and what a felony that needed was a lot of mostly by the capacity of costco deal as and they did much like
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a softener we saw just but the one i. left the way google bottles in a magazine look as softeners in the game was like madeline one yet you'll be given to me jan oh by the time you ignore my past. the fighting and bombing still rages in many regions here according to the united nations around three quarters of civilian deaths are the result of insurgent attacks and three percent by coalition forces. retired u.s. air force general david dipped to love the man who introduced the drone program two of his stun claims they're the safest form of modern warfare. there is plenty of evidence. in fact evidence that has been monitored and
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provided by the united nations that contrary to popular perception remotely piloted aircraft drone operations result in the greatest perceived and least amount of civilian casualties than any other means of force employed if you take a look at the last un reports regarding civilian casualties in afghanistan over the last several years they attribute less than one percent of civilian casualties to the use of drones. but this doesn't take into account the mental anguish of drones flying over your village or town. but i don't seem to know them so i communicate well thank you. for that while fighting me when i can it killed off most of the young don't. need get on as you said they couldn't even and. if i don't you know what you mold to get the television the
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mission. figures from u.s. central command show that from two thousand and eight to two thousand and twelve there were around a thousand drone attacks a thirty six thousand armed drone flights averaging twenty five a day people never know when one might drop a bomb. reports and. visit the site of a drone bombing in wonder how the. provinces on the pakistan border are all from targeted because taliban fighters are known to hide out here. children are now told intends to this school was totally destroyed. and we're going to know how i'm going to get up there with. the drones killed thirteen taliban fighters who sought the refuge in the school during a firefight. a night watchman also died. the
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other watchman hi out was the only survivor. i knew and you don't cut her from. the roof and out of the well you. know if you want to get if you want to have an owner for the elderly that you know that are tough. and that you can have here that i wouldn't ever want to live in a better political wonderful gulf of motherhood that you get if you like you know. the thing about you know your own if ever the feeling that you. know what i you know you want to get in but that i do look at notably for a little bit with. a little bit of. gravity of looking that good how do you deal with an over three and. a bomb from a drone both the battle to a close. look them over the weekend to what is really kind of you know you are in
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a way you're one of the you know one of another. after the attack afghan soldiers found high at school unconscious they handed him over to the americans. they said i was alone but i. have to go. no more to get it under their name but you get. no letter rather than. being told you are being taken to bog down is enough to frighten anyone in afghanistan. the largest u.s. run airfield and detention center in the country it has been associated with allegations of torture and human rights abuses. i think it was going to go without . but look better than anything you feel that everyone should feel like i'm going to do i'm going to look. at that you. know that. you know you want to look at it.
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but not you can begin to look at them and. not this video was filmed but the tunnel by and the immediate aftermath to only one of the commanders killed inside the school witnessing the bloodshed has left high at school with classic symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. but i'm not going to go over those who were meant for me when i get my ged when i get where you're going to go to for some of. that nobody had any. need don't you want to thank you i don't know i'm a failure i don't know how you have ended up. going to this and i want to you know there's so many people you know he doesn't know that you a lot of if you're proud of what drew she i want you with a direction but you know. national get it. the reason those drones are there is to assist the innocent civilians
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not to harm by the way the average missed distance of an artillery round is about a thousand feet the most accurate mortars average missed this tense around three hundred feet and in fact remotely piloted aircraft drones because of their number one defining characteristic and that's persistence allows us to provide the greatest degree of ethical oversight and for season when weapons are actually being used than any other means of force application at a distance. but others are critical of a system that allows bombs to be dropped on off console bites. people sitting in command centers up to seven thousand miles away. i think the worry is is the technology enabling an attitude that war is
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somehow both precise i.e. no mistakes and easy i.e. no consequences or at least no consequences for me that's a very slippery slope because it makes it easier to undertake decisions that should be weighed with the most serious consequences. like so many in afghanistan i at school is too poor and too far from a hospital to get treatment. but as not to block way she discovers some families will do almost anything to try to cure their loved ones taking them to shrines but those in charge use bizarre methods to cure them. by stop people or war on chain. six locks on their feet some other.
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witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. it is the inhabitants of a nation that give it its unique identity. each culture maintained and developed by the endeavors of its people in a six part series just to read those into two ms yes rich tapestry through the prism of six extraordinary individuals. my son is. coming soon. al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count folk abene dot
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. tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his death would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm down in jordan doha with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera. has told a u.s. television program sixty minutes that the country's behind the gulf crisis want regime change this country's been living under a block i have almost five months after four arab countries cut ties in june yes they won they want
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a regime change it's obvious history as well tells us teaches us that they tried to do that before and nine hundred ninety six after my father. became the emir you know bahrain's foreign ministers calling for qatar to be frozen out of the regional bloc the gulf cooperation council. has tweeted that bahrain won't attend the upcoming g.c.c. summit unless qatar meets the demands of bahrain saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt. the president of the kurdish regional government in iraq is stepping down. he was the driving force behind last month's referendum to secede from iraq the parliament voted to distribute his powers between itself the government and the judiciary. hundreds of thousands of people have rallied in barcelona to call for spain to stay united is the biggest show of force yet from the so-called silent majority who don't support catalonia has been for independence some are even demanding the arrest of sacked catalan leader. somalis police and intelligence
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chiefs have been fired after two suicide bombings in mogadishu at least twenty seven people died in saturday's attack which has been claimed by the armed group of . kenya's main opposition leader raul od'ing guys call the presidential election a rerun a sham he's demanding a new vote within ninety days the poll was marred by violence and the turnout of just forty three percent puerto rico's power company says a three hundred million dollars deal to restore electricity to the island was not illegal even though it's being scrapped the contract between white fish energy holdings and the bankrupt power utility was cancelled because there was no competitive bidding about seventy five percent of homes and businesses in the u.s. territory are still without electricity after last month's hurricane. two u.s. sailors who've been adrift in the pacific ocean for five months have been brought ashore in japan pelham touched off weaver left hawaii about to take the trip was supposed to take three weeks but bad weather damaged their engines they packed
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enough food to last a year those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after living beneath a drug that's what. journey into the mountainous region of mungo hard at the pakistan border our reporter. has heard about the shrine with people with mental health problems are kept in cells chained to the walls. that gentleman actually. measure mother from church but. she. sure. why don't. you know chris brown. i think where ever that we're going to get
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a she got. their own shrines all over afghanistan which attracts people with different medical conditions who hope to be cured through prayer and charms but that the shrine near jalalabad the mentally ill are chained and only given limited food mainly bread black pepper and tea they are not allowed to wash and are kept here for up to forty days many have lost touch with the reality around a hundred. to washing up and. many here suffer from p.t.s.d. the psychological legacy of the war some as the result of fighting the suicide attacks others from drones. some of the men
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here for once amongst the most respected in their communities. is a former commander of the afghan national army now he struggles with p.t.s.d. . so it's only time he takes to send us some recent news i'm going to judge by this name. but i feel welcome a lot of what he says is a traditional. retail you can see them additionally so look at what you can either but the markets have more than. our. development why we want them in one basket they can eat one thing was ok and i'm up one other question the. commander nobby's family live only a few kilometers away. last year year next
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. you know our summer. session wishing just. one of those that don't want to go you know that's a show all of them do i think but. even with the nicobar we got out of some of them the. mind on good. that is the other went on with the new g.a.o. it's a feel good to talk about image and get hope. about what it was it is a major thing it was a good what are you washy cussed out because what i'm what bothers is that the daughter we're laura sydell they're going after the down them to present. the family once had a very comfortable lifestyle. but since commander now became ill they've lost
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everything. his eldest son also has mental health problems. his youngest son is now forced to support the family by selling coal. dust come with you. know while we were there. we just thought. it would make it was too much you know we should. give us just used an awful lot of the media god what do you make that you did they got it it got it it got out of. they go to god go to go on with. the. well you know what that was in the moment and i'm a fan of our children and our very good i mean i want to hire them by life because i'm young yeah i'm all right. i am around the alarm but i'm up for sparkle but i'm
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alone and i think that my stand on this armani run that model that i'm going to have me at this juncture that i'm the same one that may come a. michelle who are the moves the satellite with all her life for the solid hours us live it's really nice but i want to show more yes i want to go on work. measure the cargo mission really boggled your mission not him to sell it to what i'm buying back their money don't want to get money by see i do the same nobody made me borrow money got stuck with me. who wants to. keep. the whole. shebang. the whole done in a single whiskey the rest of the week i wish i was. that even got.
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me a golem hater is one of the guardians of the shariah. he has no medical training and limited knowledge of islam but he tells nigel look ratio his family has been in the business of what he terms curing the mentally ill for over one hundred years passing on the tradition from father to son how little discipline. by the. way whatever he does from what it was that we don't yet know. that idea why did. i say i love oh no it was you know at the moment with. much of what i don't want to.
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she learned. that as much as they did. what they want and i want. another guardian again with no obvious islamic or medical training writes down alternative names for of love and blows his blessing onto this young mentally disturbed the victim of the war. you're no. more me that's like you. know that's how the. music does him because he. in the rule of afghanistan f f i child gates some headache or something their families believe that if they take to mullah if you read some koran then you will gate will but what i saw in the shrine was different i didn't see any koran it was just some piece of paper and himself was writing it you know looking for me you know i'm
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really. not a lot of the love africa dr mcadams used doxology that maybe alarms are here or not but is your dogs out of the shuttle or available to a lot of calls that have been difficult. the shrine's caretaker. started working here a month ago from kabul he is known to some inmates as shooting them. in the day they want to know as much barnyard so want to. push it down the design of the. murder gun issue no bullshit issue by the. right. to change that. the men and women of the. stuff has my thinking so i come to the northwest of mononoke that i say go with these in age as a word. do you want to watch as i watch or whether.
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anyone is. thank you you know. that it was you know what in the. room. but did in a book that without my neck. but. keep enough. to matter much still you when you keep. the car out the job was not going to. like most others shared gould is being held against his will another victim of the war and the system he shows clear signs of p.t.s.d. . married with four young children he was driving a truck for the u.s. forces when his convoy came under attack from the taliban he managed to escape from
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his burning vehicle but missed many others dying. his family say the surrounding area was then bombed by drones. was there more of them were sort of more got started on a i. mean i don't know i told. you nothing i mean. now that's going to be on our show not just me that he said i was on you know wish i was out and i'm out i spoke it was i'm going to. god i'm a partial god i'm a kind i guess what are all of my. peers and that you have. so much idea they will resign over the well. my giant to. watch a one hour job to work on the song. she did. this and i.
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said. yeah. yeah. sure one of the time. but you're giving jessica what you're getting now because you're not good enough. where martin are just a bunch. of the bunch almost like a lunatic. i don't know. how it can work out that a person sharp enough there's not enough content as a particle. has come a time. and do not understand why much and so i mean just as i want to be just. like about sharknado not of the same as when i could not make it stop somewhere. i know how did i learn a sense of the design of what it was the thing that i don't want is not to. love
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them. well enough to come they're going to get it was. fun but actually. i don't really know what that was i did a whole duty or not. i am. not. going to do it i was too much. my you mean you know. there's a lot of good work there with our. guys. you know that we don't you know i mean. oh yeah i was a. young guy i was the guy that i mean this time i love when i get on would you
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go back when i was with i mean. the. shrine selling talismans as cures are common here but not your beloved chris she and the afghan cruel are shocked at the practices at me ali baba. they decide to head back to the clinic in mazar e sharif to find out from dr ali me whether these men could suffer long term harm as a result. i see that. as all that icky the kind of the destruction was a close but second of what we saw so much they're going to. destroy him even i mean what about him what would you guess that the language will tell you hold money she could all come true that i was the gentlest i mean as i was just you get yourself to want to for their will to lose it but not make each other well i don't want to
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cut that is keep this just cut the show on the same mistake you. know more to see here. well anderson. as i have. even to but you know let me let me when i know who are to do genre going to jail for some kind of what each of you going to. joe and i can that you can only be just react understand if you can in common with your quality just when i was young i something get it done. but challenging of religious shrine is no easy task. earlier this year fuck under my legs other a twenty seven year old religious graduate attempted to stop those at the shrine in central kabul from claiming their amulets and charms could heal people the mullahs tired of her interference falsely accused her of burning a koran within
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a few minutes she had been beaten to death by the furious crowd. the incident caused unprecedented protests throughout the country and international outrage. the police were unable to say for come the nevertheless najibullah quraishi decides to confront the regional chief of police for eastern afghanistan about the me ali baba shrine. and fellow. american but my. mother was in the wimpy hand of the muslim well. as all of my denise then as one bishop in economy if. only i could manage to know how come i asked as how this subject question well lead to either me or can give. mislead shopaholic want to show us a planet about her that she. had been due to the torch himself in my mom and i will
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make around me did he what will the source kitty hydrocarbon when i didn't run hard because i'm not of the what me thing where you most of the men with any courses were going into jelly we don't want to be getting well on a horse that you cuss as dinham about i.q. stuff so he's the father no. but naji bullah qureshi has little faith in the police taking action in the immediate future and is concerned at the extreme distress of one of the patients currently held at the shrine. he decides to travel to the north of kabul to meet shared goals family. as charitable as brother so is going to take us to his home to meet his family to find out why they didn't take you to the doctor i wired believing that if they put them on jane he would be gate that well so these are all the questions i'm going to find out. if
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my. shared goal forth with the majority dean against the russians in the one nine hundred eighty s. but his family say it was the more recent attack on his convoy and subsequent bombing by drones the triggered his mental illness. a social value for what. they have a. point you know they'll move there. and . that kind of. man who we need to. share cool was once the respected head of the family bringing up his younger
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brothers like his own children but his mental illness has made him problem to violence even towards them. you get to show. them with. she shot him and then make other better. i mean. the changes left his children frightened and confused. maybe. she was. thinking i.
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don't know what you mean the people you go to. they would be out there watching. that i think. i want to be with. my. the effects of the war and the bombs are etched on people's faces everywhere yet there is no end in sight and drones are seen as the way forward not only but the u.s. at least eighty different countries right now on the formal military side have drones are using them within their military it is a technology that has gone from being science fiction to abnormal to the new normal
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of both war but also all the rest of civilian life the iraq war three point zero is a great illustration of the proliferation of drones and that every single actor and the fight from the u.s. military to the iraqi military to the iraqi militias that are really are rainy and to isis are all using drones. i'm not worried about the exploitation of aircraft around the world because ninety eight percent of the use of drone operations does not involve the use of force is there to provide oversight overwatch increase the knowledge of what's going on in an area so that operations can be conducted in a much more precise fashion. they keep using drones they did then to stop that and they are
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a stand in afghanistan and they will be in afghanistan for another decade or so that's why i can't see any any good future. of showgirls brothers decide to visit him at the shrine. joins them on the three hour journey but shared goals mother is too weak to travel with them. and their family. misses the mission. you know. the brothers weren't previously away or it would have cost them less to have shed gold treated at a government hospital forty days at the shrine doesn't come cheap. you . know what they have. no money. no matter
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what i thought it would. have. i know you've got now how do you know what i was going to. share girl hasn't eaten properly in twenty days but he still happy to share the eggs and dried fruit from his mother with his brothers you know. despite their mental health problems the men here are treated more as prisoners than patients. for many in afghanistan their entire homeland has become a prison. this is a nation traumatized by war.
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family abandoned their mountain home and numbed after a drone killed five people in the next village they fled hoping to escape the drones but it seems there is no escape. and i know if you have very. good afternoon after you. were. going to like. but when i saw insurgents now spreading into afghanistan from syria and iraq the fighting is expected to escalate it's very likely the number of drone operations will actually increase. for the afghan people who have suffered almost forty years of
9:57 am
conflict the silent threat from above is likely to remain for a long time to come. howlers bit of wet and windy weather on its way across the eastern med to the levant at the moment the most active stuff from satellite is up over turkey heading towards the caucasus but ahead of it the winds are already picking up and forecast for as we're knocking temperatures back to the low twenty's the cloud will pick up you know if i was forced to rain in passing showers which may well get as far north as the far north of iraq in the next day or so but most will be concentrated still further north twenty nine degrees is the forecast in baghdad but going to get to choose day for that thirty two down in kuwait has been a bit of a drop but two rounds hang on that was to see the sunshine throughout iraq which is
9:58 am
still true throughout the arabian peninsula but temperatures still low to mid thirty's on this side low to high thirty's further west but nothing hitting forty you'll notice but it on shore breeze in means increase humidity in salalah maybe a bit more cloud even the potential for a shower running off the horn of africa is a facet of yemen but most of the rain africa is concentrated still in the tropics and that's curling dion's here i'm going to botswana it's tailed off in the eastern side of south africa and mozambique where recently we've seen wet weather but it looks for the next two days it will be ready to speaking dry and warm. provoking debate challenging the established line every single one of the three people who was killed with a drug dealer yes join mehdi has sung for up front this time on al jazeera.
9:59 am
it's us president donald trump visit to asia the goal is to forge relations and strengthen the resolve to confront the threat from north korea but what impact could this visit really have we'll be live across asia to bring you the very latest coverage on al-jazeera. that is different but have yet to have no i'm not sure. that. we wanted for them and that's our formulation. that. just. jumped on the dr. was the one today. this time on al-jazeera sixty seven words that spelled promise for one people but ended up
10:00 am
a disaster for another. that led to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians one hundred years on al-jazeera world tells the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord at this time. spanish prosecutors are jus in cold shortly to seek formal charges against catalonia as independence leaders.


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