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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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sixty seven words that spelled promise for one people but ended up a disaster for another. that led to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians one hundred years on al-jazeera world tells the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord at this time. spanish prosecutors are due in court shortly to seek formal charges against catalonia as independence leaders.
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say that this is al jazeera live from coming up in a u.s. television interview. to resolve the crisis dividing the gulf state and its neighbors. the leader of the iraqi kurdish region is stepping down as he defends his controversial push for secession plus. i'm reporting on the remarkable. scene in britain. and the control it's causing by its ability to take down trees and to change whole landscape. spain's top prosecutor is expected to seek rebellion charges against those responsible for a vote that led to catalonia declaring independence many have called for the arrest of sacked catalan leader. and other officials on sunday hundreds of thousands of people rallied in barcelona calling for
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a united spain under sentence reports. two days after the vote to break from spain and for anyone who wondered how strongly those opposed to the move feel then is the answer. i think cool for the jailing. and they describe themselves as the silent majority you couldn't find silence in the center of barcelona this sunday in. the seat of power for a regional government that's been sacked by the state it was tense and a small number of pro unionists pushed against barriers in front of the government . overall it was a peaceful protest though. the crowds cheering the spanish national police helicopters that provoked anger win over flying procession demonstrations for those who say catalonia should stay in spain this they belong to them aside from the age
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range of people here what's striking about it is the number of people who are actually demonstrating for the first time this is a family day out louisa column a and two of her daughters were reticent about. six years banished out like you wouldn't normally do this people would literally in the street. fighter whatever and i don't know what like i wouldn't feel comfortable doing it because of that. to be quite. the kind of hate kind of people sometimes a mother says unionists are not extremists they are left people they are not right we are not fascist i'm never in the social splits it will be maybe two generations three generations. in a neighborhood nearby some of the session campaigners are working out their next moves and the mood isn't celebrated. this man says the movement is losing momentum because the regional government is spending
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a weekend doing little while the madrid government makes all the moves and he isn't alone we have confidence in our president and in. but it's very difficult vice president him care us but it's very difficult for us to understand read seem very mind. most of the campaigners here say they're prepared to defend public buildings if the police try to arrest politicians with institutions all returning to work on monday their plans could soon be put to the test. andrew simmons joins us now live from barcelona under one of the key tests to look for today is simply who shows up for work at public administration buildings and what they do. that's right so i may well that's the doorway that's the key to it all the doorway to the government palace and you can be sure that there are many police behind it
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and we're told that colors pushed him on will not be allowed in should he show up and we're also hearing that sainz santamaria the deputy prime minister who has been delegated the role of basically running got the lumia has in turn delegated one of the inner circle a man called. castro more to actually take over and more or less run with a direct line to madrid in this building the catalonia region so right now there's been tension building all the way through the weekend very little in the way of anything substantial from the the the the government what was the regional government here and is still. making defiant sorts of messages under the cover so to speak because nothing publicly is being said that's untoward in the sense of stirring up any form of
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a violent action but what we are seeing is really a lot of you could call it dissent amongst the neighborhood committees the citizens who are demanding that they move forward rather than stay still so you have this dilemma right now of government ministers and special advisers all of whom have been sacked there are one hundred fourteen advisers and representatives from overseas people who are on short term or long term contracts not starve civil servants one hundred forty of them fired so basically what madrid is doing is cutting out all possible parts of the machinery of government that was in place here and that made that very defiant declaration of secession. another key thing to watch out for what starts national and regional police take.
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well that's an interesting one he was one of the first things the first sacking was of the police chief of lawsuits which is the regional police force seventeen thousand officers. we understand from our source who is a former most use officer has actually been put in the front line so to speak more suse is responsible for the security around the government building it is also tasked with dealing with any public disorder is that the spanish national police in the background all the time here in very large numbers it has to be said so the whole thing could escalate quickly if that was to take if there was some resistance from us is to do what there were ordered to do because they did actually act rather controversially as far as madrid is concerned joining the october the first referendum which was to play it illegal if they stood between the people and the spanish national police but what we're really going to see
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possibly is an attempt to try to do this without any violence on either side because on the one on the one hand the leadership of the regional leadership here don't want perhaps don't want a confrontation they've said categorically they want a peaceful pressure to be put on the madrid government which they accuse of being or for tarion and breaking the law both sides claim they broke the law so you have pushed a ball now with a lot of legal advice over the weekend preparing to hear what sort of charges he will face and we understand that the charge affected charge which means rebellion is a serious charge and could mean jail and then there's another alternative charge which could be sedition which we we are unclear how that will go in the madrid courts but we're also going to hear from the constitutional court sometime on monday as as far
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. what we're hearing from from pushed on himself well he's put a tweet out the football match between a juror and real madrid which went to one injury in his favor he said the victory of juror c. is one of the biggest against one of the biggest teams in the world is a referent for this for many more situations a clear attempt to actually compare it with the struggle that he's engaged in right now all right thanks so much under symons there now the seventh round of talks aimed at ending syria's six year war is getting underway in the kazak capital i stand or the meeting is expected to call for a cease fire between government forces and rebel groups for at least six months the clearance of mines prisoner swaps and the release of hostages are also on the agenda the talks are sponsored by iran and russia which support the syrian government and turkey which backs the rebels run car and joins us now live from
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a style are they going to also talk about those deescalation zones which direction are they the powers the estancia powers and we can call them that expected to head on that. well the delegations have arrived here and they're clearly talking about those deescalation zones now they actually happened at the sixth round of talks in september they were seen as a major breakthrough they've happened in four separate areas which include adlib homes and taqiyya and they're seen as being very crucial these deescalation zones are being guaranteed by three main powers that's iran russia and turkey now the syrian opposition far from unified has had some problems with the fact that turkey and iran are involved they say that these the escalation zones have seen violent clashes take place and civilians have been affected the russians have said actually what we're doing is going after groups like. cher and i saw fighters in
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those areas that we're not attacking civilians now these are closed door talks that are happening today on monday they very much technical talks about who takes what role and what happens now the main focus is on the deescalation zones what role turkey will take what role iran will take and what role russia will take whether these escalate deescalation zones will be extended by another six months they currently do to run for six months also they are going to be talking as you said about prisoner swaps about also bringing in independent observers to the star on a talks process which will allow for much more transparency say the russians now this is being discussed as i say behind closed doors right now but there are delegations here from both the u.s. and the united nations from the syrian opposition from the syrian government and from those three guarantor countries so a lot of talking going on a lot of technical talks going on today of talking going on will come back to later
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see where all heads thanks so much for now i'm wrong com. myriad's rated the importance of safeguarding his country's sovereignty but also his commitment to dialogue to resolve the gulf diplomatic crisis shaped i mean been. to the us television program sixty minutes culture it's been under a blockade for almost five months after saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and the gypsy cut diplomatic and trade ties mike hanna reports from washington d.c. . there was no sign of friction among gulf leaders when they met president trump on his first foreign trip it was all smiles and a common pledge to combat terrorism in all its forms it less than two weeks later the blockade against cutter was launched much to the surprise of carter's emir shaikh been. we were praising each other. laughing with each other this cussing you know how to solve this terrorism that is a threat for the rest of the world they are making demands of you that you shut
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down al-jazeera that you may give them your word that you're not supporting in islamic groups are you going to meet these demands our sovereignty is a red line we don't accept anybody interfering in our sovereignty when you tell me to close a china like al-jazeera history were right one day in fifty or sixty seventy years how it changed the whole idea of free speech in the region do you believe that they want regime change yes they won they want a regime change it's just so obvious history as well tells us teaches us that they tried to do that before in one thousand nine hundred six after my father. became the emir of qatar has denied any support for terrorism. offered this explanation as to why the taliban was allowed to open an office in doha the reason why they came here it's not because we asked them to come here because other people like the united states america united states wanted the taliban here they wanted to have
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dialogue so they asked us if we can host them here and have the dialogue so that we host of them here this is the reason why they're here how with this in and we want to turn and. believe me charlie we want to turn but nothing is going to be about our dignity our sovereignty but we want to and i almost say that if they go walk one meters toward me i'm willing to walk ten thousand miles towards them but maybe left to others to persuade those continuing the blockade to take that first death my cannot al-jazeera washington or bahrain's foreign minister is calling for qatar to be frozen out of the regional bloc the gulf cooperation council highly been akhmed has tweeted bahrain won't attend the upcoming g.c.c. summit unless carter meets the demands of the blockading nations. small still ahead on al-jazeera trump denounces the russian investigation as
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a witch to speculation builds the first arrests could come as early as monday. hello sunday was not a quiet day for germany and austria as the winds screamed dancer it pushing or following this cloud down now that's cold air that's coming down as a cold front and the be a big change in the weather throughout most of central and eastern europe so overnight because snow for the top is just to prove the confidence of the air then it gets clear temperatures will reveal what's the difference is vienna is next is nine book rest ten anchor eleven is to hang on to the twenty's just about in italy and ingrates for that won't necessarily last the center of the storm but this time it's more as of east and better tension stocker best for london's down to twelve
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still run about twenty one in madrid you'll notice in this part of europe if anything is going to get away with it and not change very much but we're still at nine in vienna or nine in berlin a slightly lower wind speed on tuesday sun's out but definitely feels like a change in the character so you know it's happening of a europe that we're going to screamed out of the gene for a while and it's already knocked him for his back to the max and temperature likely in tripoli all mondays twenty five three twenty two in benghazi even cairo is not back below thirty the breeze will ease but the still cloud around and temperatures are going to recover.
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partnership. you're watching out this year i reminded our of our top stories spain's top prosecutor is expected to seek rebellion charges against those responsible for a vote that led to catalonia declaring independence many have called for the arrest of sacked catherine leader colors huge demand. the seventh round of talks aimed at resolving syria's war has begun in the kazak capital i stana that meeting is
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expected to call for a cease fire between government forces and rebel groups for at least six months the clearance of land mines and prisoner swaps are also on the agenda carter's amir says he wants to resolve the gulf diplomatic crisis as long as there has sovereignty is respected shake to mean but he spoke to the us television program sixty minutes present has been under a blockade from most five months after saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt cut diplomatic and trade ties. the president of iraq's kurdish region is stepping down let's turn ends in two days and he won't be standing for reelection he was the driving force behind last month's controversial kurdish referendum months the section which triggered a regional crisis from out of bill stephanie decker reports. an independent kurdistan was supposed to be his legacy and yet it seems to have led to his
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downfall a somber looking message better than he finally addressed the people directly on sunday night after relative silence for weeks when on and. according to the law the presidency camp extended by the parliament however i informed the parliament and i will not extend my term i will not accept any amendment in the law to extend my term as president. supporters of the president gathered outside parliament they managed to get into its grounds despite the presence of riot police at the entrance opposition media was attacked and these men also asked around for the names of critical opposition m.p.'s but it didn't disrupt parliament which after hours of talks approved the redistribution of presidential powers among the government parliament and the judiciary. after twelve years as president come wednesday by design he will take some lot of a back seat he remains head of the k.g.b. party and he'll still lead the high political council a body created to deal with the post referendum phase and he said he will remain what he called the highest rank of references to the peshmerga featured heavily in
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his televised address last saturday. in the fight against. great bravery the people of kurdistan short of defending spirit the international community came here the role of the peshmerga the people of kurdistan but unfortunately at the time they had to show action they all went back to their own interests and all the principles disappeared you also referenced a kurdish proverb saying again we realize that the kurds only have the mountains as our friends but he also mentioned the betrayal over losing her cook in reference to fellow kurds in an opposition party at the end of his address present must food but is that the kurds to be unified they've always been internal divisions here but the aftermath of that controversial referendum seems to have widened those cracks in kurdish unity could perhaps be the biggest challenge in the short term stephanie decker al-jazeera. kenya's opposition leader has branded the presidential election
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rerun a sham and called for a new poll within three months by loading church leaders and supporters in the capital nairobi on sunday as the country remains in political limbo the poll was marred by violence and a low turnout of just forty three percent mohamed atta has more from nairobi. there's little doubt president to hook headed for lunch slide when after thousands election was point quoted by the opposition but his shrunken electrum monday to you to a time out continues to tarnish the credibility of a process that has deeply polarized this nation. opposition leader raila odinga is leading the company to discredit that. i think. is the best way to describe. i think really no elections no one. you know because of the turnout.
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because you know from the record of. the kim skids we had then to fill. the void three point five million people but it pitted in the so-called election on thursday. it was on the ballot of and voyeurs declared that he would play no part in the run up to the repeat election but to get demanded the electoral commission make reforms that he believed necessary to avoid previous mistakes that did not happen the election commission has promised. vaulting will take place in twenty five constituencies in western kenya where security fears and violence prevented polling from taking place with voting incomplete it's unclear whether the commission would wait or declare victory. it's violence between can now
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turn right in a supposed is the most kenyans consigned in nairobi scalding water as members of canal to. stand over the remains of their houses and shops of clashes with supporters. both sides who are armed with machetes my and other crude weapons what started the violence is disputed with each side blaming the other yet both acknowledge the thing is it's a place it's part kenya's deputy president says they're willing to hold conditional talks with the opposition we cannot engage in any discussion outside the legal framework on the constitutional provisions that fix to change these or that we believe in dangerous situations of our country. police also accused of brutality and killings in opposition strongholds in the capital and was then kenya. erico to nose brother paul was shot and killed in mother slums in nairobi yes palos short
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but how many pointing banks now i'm amused are trying i mean margin dependence well you know in this oddest thing is that by the end is buying the child and then he's a very marked thing its kenya crisis is a two thousand and seven vote sparked months of post-election violence that left one thousand one hundred people that mohamed atta welch's it or it will become. the us media reporting the first charges have been filed in the vest again into russian meddling in last year's election campaign though so far no individuals have been named a federal grand jury's been hearing evidence led by special counsel robert. reports from washington d.c. . john trump do solemnly swear that the road to indictment began in january when the u.s. intelligence community concluded russia meddled in the twenty sixteen election on behalf of donald trump i have not yet seen any temp tentative that didn't have
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collapsed and i've seen a lot of bad and set the rations for very active in trying to imply once the election f.b.i. director james comey was investigating possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign when president trump abruptly fired him in may trump soon admitted coma's dismissal was related to the russia investigation the justice department then appointed robert muller a former prosecutor and f.b.i. director and gave him broad authority to conduct a wide ranging investigation which is now about to bring its first charges. become your jersey governor chris christie is a trump supporter and also a former federal prosecutor but when you're going after the smaller fish to get the bigger fish usual charge them that's usually stuff that's working behind the scenes because what you want to do is keep that smaller fish having turned secret because it helps them to be able to gather more information some muller's team has
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interviewed current and former administration officials including former national security advisor michael flynn who was fired for lying about his meetings with russian officials during the presidential transition former trump campaign manager paul manna ford is under intense scrutiny by miller we know that the russian government through intermediaries was reaching out to the trump campaign reaching out to all metaphors another's and offering information hillary clinton they fought would help the trump campaign moller has widened the investigation to include possible obstruction of justice as well as the trump family's business and financial dealings and has taken a keen interest in the june two thousand and sixteen meeting at trump tower. attended by donald trump jr trump son in law jared cushion or and a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin at that meeting trump jr expected to receive damaging information about hillary clinton from russian contacts. now the
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question we continue to test again is. was the campaign coordinating in the russian help still remains to be seen there certainly evidence that's highly suggestive of that in terms of the meeting in trump tower but a lot more work needs to be done trump has called the inquiry a witch on there's no clear indication that trump himself is the target of muller's investigation most constitutional scholars believe a sitting president cannot be indicted and that the only remedy for improper or illegal behavior by the chief executive is impeachment and removal from office by congress robert oulds al jazeera washington. now an animal that was hunted to extinction in britain more than four hundred years ago is making a return last year the scottish government ruled that beavis will have protected status and will be allowed to stay holds. wissmann is wood
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more in southwest england the last remnants of an ancient forest against the relic of a time past that some in part would like to see return britain was once covered in wilderness like this and in this wilderness it's all manner of animals including baz wolves and lynx of course all those animals are now long gone hunted to extinction is the human population grew and cleared land for agriculture where there is a species that hasn't been seen for hundreds of years and has now returned and here in devon the fascinating evidence felled trees and dammed waterways the trademark work of not only active beavers reintroduced after an absence of five hundred years now the focus of license monitoring trials at different locations in the u.k. they're really good engineers they're also very industrious creatures as well as feeding they're looking to maintain expand their landscape but the good thing about beavers is that it's
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a landscape that suits lots of other animals too so it's virtuous circle it's what we call a keystone species that even it changes its landscape but it changes the wildlife as well that fills that landscape such cautious monitoring of the beavers reintroduction is essential five hundred miles to the north in scotland the impact of unchecked beaver populations is a big problem for farmers yeah this is normally dry and they've built just in the ditch over here and they are busy trying to flood this area on a swathe of prime farmland across and beyond a group of b. visit let loose illegally in two thousand and two it's grown to an estimated four hundred fifty individuals it cost me four to five thousand pounds a year to degrees out because i have to hire an addict but when the water rises blocking out the drains causes flood damage into the fields which we're trying to produce crops often produce food off. that is a major problem for us we need to manage. is responsive to the needs of farmers
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that recognize that different bits of one can cope with the verse in different ways but accept that management is a fundamental part of having the species in this country in two thousand and sixteen the scottish government announced to be was will have protected status and will be allowed to stay and i know all that laos roam these lands in the sixteenth century is back for good where it is allowed to live clearly needs to be carefully considered and controlled but in the right place it's a welcome return to the ecosystem of the british isles. al-jazeera. and time to take you through some of the headlines here now just here and now spain's top prosecutor is expected to seek rebellion charges against those responsible for a vote that led to catalonia declaring independence many have called for the erast
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sacked catalan leader. on sunday hundreds of thousands of people around the barcelona calling for a united spain. the seventh round of talks aimed at ending syria's six year war is getting underway in the kazakh capital as stana the meeting is expected to call for a cease fire between government forces and rebel groups for at least six months the clearance of mines prisoner swaps and the release of hostages are also on the agenda the talks are sponsored by iran and russia which support the syrian regime and turkey which backs the rebels. cultures amir's says he wants to resolve the gulf diplomatic crisis as long as don has sovereignty is respected shake to mean been spoke to the us television program sixty minutes he also accused the nation's blockading culture of trying to bring about regime change in doha saudi arabia u.a.e. and egypt cut diplomatic and trade ties with carter almost five months ago yes they
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won they want a regime change it's just so obvious history as well tells us teaches us that they tried to do that before in one thousand nine hundred six after my father. became the emir behind's foreign minister is calling for carter to be frozen out of the regional bloc the gulf cooperation council. has tweeted bahrain won't attend the upcoming g.c.c. summit unless qatar meets the demands of the blockading nations the president of the kurdish regional government in iraq is stepping down masoud barzani was the driving force behind last month's referendum to secede from iraq the parliament voted to distribute these powers between itself the government and the judiciary. kenya's opposition leader raila odinga has branded the presidential election rerun . he's calling for a new poll within three months the vote was marred by violence and
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a low turnout and just forty three percent kenya's deputy president says his government is willing to hold talks its inside story next stay with us here on in al-jazeera. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. his dreams of a kurdish homeland dashed a super zani a stepping down as president of iraq's kurdish region but does that in the current struggle for independence and was it ever a possibility this is inside story.


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