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tv   The Minister Of Garbage  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2017 12:32pm-1:01pm AST

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our sovereignty is a red line we don't accept anybody interfering in our sovereignty when you tell me to close a china like al-jazeera history were right one day in fifty or sixty seventy years how it changed the whole idea of free speech in the region media reports in myanmar say the government is considering setting up a special economic zone in iraq and state the mean mom military says peace and stability in the region has been stalled and the government minister has told local media it's likely one hundred fifty ringers will be repatriated today about six hundred thousand room to have fled from the right kind of bangladesh since the military crackdown began in. kenya's opposition leader has branded the presidential election rerun. he's calling for a new poll within three months the vote was marred by violence and a low turnout of just forty three percent to american women who'd
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been adrift in their boat in the pacific ocean for five months arrived in japan after being rescued by the u.s. navy jennifer. left hawaii in may for a three week trip. there's the headlines it's witness now so stay with us. in india women his oldest seventy are defined there having maybe one or one eats meats these elderly mother. is too old to give birth at this time on al-jazeera. i love the.
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number definition to be to. not to see it thinking i'm sick during a song. gotta get it by the way she. meant. it. it's good to see caution it's been an ever more chicago. city by more. industry the big ashrafi like. city do not tell people. what was it you. go to the forgotten been the gifts you don't want to commit if you see you do. the
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same. because of it because it is not the luckiest jennifer jennifer. says of the misery. so i did them to numb you so. let me. just say this if we suffer before this.
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machine. which is also the first. left because similar to. what. a freak would be sophisticated i don't want to give the budding assembly a kind of freak. to be set. up but i think it will be. money i don't know if you did. it with him when you get the local bus we never will be back and that will do nothing. to stop. you but
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i really don't wanna. but. what if i shall never. go to. any. of them and to go. home. anything a second but. is anybody. considering that. it's like if you go to the one dollar more as an honest. woman who suffered the most of problems so far.
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out of this. man i mean he said the woman. now but the good to be an obsessive never got to have a. loser moment at that moment to tell one about the other the cabinet will take on the winds in and did and that would take our. lunch it was it as it was that about
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the will come from alone is that the material did that to not create our one up. and going up to six pm it was not about the blue and pull out of this. there was no sampling i don't mean i'm supposed to look at the good ol. local microwave i think it in the food except aside from. the same book i didn't see how one. that. second. i doubt that soon and that will soon be soon. five feet. by ship me. i don't think that the get blown up less is a plucky action a decision still songs to do just that this is pretty
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campaign issue not sure that he. is one is that they've got to get close enough to get him shown. you can see the sarge homefront you need something to hear from him to do one time flip can be shown the limits. keep it to something different a lot i'm gushing and i don't doubt him cinnabar love. the p.c. . don't she lost it in the subject to. do let me pull. double bass a fit don't call it. good. at those shows no better than it has been done to the dome and. it will affect them in the spot it is so so that proves what imo. and the so they spread the show only supposedly again. less out of minnesota.
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one of three it was simply just the most in no self completely. bizarre but apparently enough people. to listen to he. was not his son. pussy bt that was one to seek gun or two from the last song to the board. to bash and put up a sullivan but we did that to coop equally complaining i don't produce them. it's a. question that. i don't. know the magic it was a little bit having. to live that way with the rebuttal and
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the wizard. of oz to. you got. to her feet. and i see them pinning. is it cool. if you just. saw. them at that is it is a. see
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. scene from the pit. i live. in a fox. let me remember a little. just exodus on of your own in my mind all politicians are marketing is activity in men a good majority see all of the miserable. two people dead. before us for as long.
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manage. to any. man. can. that's what. i was too good to. get to put him into temptation. but at.
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the. end of the film are. different to so to ensure not something to my delight. would show up the. feeling of. not imagine a cinema six when. not he as you folks see. the day. your. kids your. kids who to love you miss you the family. the look of the sick it's enough for me i want to have a santa. monica to talk to do. they make jade dog the elephant make up. and they do cut trees ect. and they put it in a recent album but let me put it in there for that makes you feel better just to
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see popped another sect and of course one here. are already by loss. of what i. don't know what but with just enough to which i want to see. in the fun begin with then you can see why says at face value as i do one myself said you and i don't like the six people to separate the two i looked. at. my school from a key part of. my nature to see. if you. could hear them making it look worse than the. club left with you but if.
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you. prefer. to bill feel it potentially a live look out of a ledge eleven to the way i. was in the post above. did up just and tell you no more just subject good limited artist image or diffuse well yeah. i'm a problem so. i pick a market. and. i'm going to keep my. i think you mean with all came and i. was going to look because in the morning i'm sitting back last night and i keep. my d.v.d. young then i never go through life. as you more when i.
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do analysis on my own you. may as you move while my p.c. aside by the. way. i think you sound like. two thousand and seven actually design. number of wendy. wendy when i would was a sticker on my new car. and i was. like. goes and i still got several melange like the and zambia i am william w. well most of.
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i don't know who knock you. off i've been you. but this. is wrong good. you have to work at a straw from work i don't. want to know long. story when you. shop for someone listed. on them but. i listed. all things a service so. today many.
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of them said it did. you. see. to zig zags no my friend is a surrogate. to use a mistake if. she didn't think it was somewhat deserve this. he did know something . about that. to some effect on. the news and you know what you said. in the second. level of. this somewhat.
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then. you. know the key not a person with change. he did it but you see that he was. told. some time if. you. don't know. how to let go they've also been you know nothing else at all let me big that i did buy a little do you want to put up with. me i want you. to
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night i pushed myself. to go lie down but. not on what you said your number. i met you cut. it good i'm. going also keep looking. now i can pick with a suit. a skiff and when you. don't like to. mess up the saddle so close that i must make this.
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new one samson and they come and. they will be down there. so that if i got back. he did take them but i don't know. about her death but. we. but they decided to take you for a. couple of was on my mind but why do you think. that they could be opened up one. morning. to say said if you see me i want to focus. on them i suspect good. to see who took you up here so to make. one up i said about one thing to my minute tonight i'm going to tell me who isn't on the market. for. what i'm looking at this. you know about. me he said she said be deep well
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if you like to be able to develop the. ministry to prevent. am now for. the well. so what are you so different to what sort of a couple anyone who says that. i don't know about the. new food you will know you about because i want to be like. you but i lead up a sense because i want to be doing. now and we see. the best of them. now those on our side of. town but. i. there's only one set of another live. that out of. their lives they.
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were. committed to living. in a collection. to have course. to share. but the one. i get if i was just wad could get. some wave off it. claim a bus service a city of of really see. in existence as september at the at the last who said that there. was a secular system bosses of using suitable. good gets funneled. good it was a short war political stuff. moved into a fix some recipients to pollution at a future use of a dent in it amid fossil seeding debussy. surely
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the lists illusion of a sufficient to do this was off idea of for. the. bank history to be one of the money critics and it took a straw a joystick to miss them just. silly. business update brought to you by currents are they always going places together.
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business updates brought to you by karzai always going places together. right.
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al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count folk abene dot . tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his death would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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a welcome my name's peter w. watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha come.


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