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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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the weather sponsored by qatar airways. as native amazonian is increasingly struggle to survive in today's world. top to al-jazeera travels to brazil to meet leaders of endangered tribes. and those trying to protect them at this time. this is al jazeera.
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welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes madrid asserts its orthorexic charging catalonia as leaders with rebellion sedition and financial wrongdoing. president trump's former campaign manager has surrendered to the f.b.i. he is the first person charged in the investigation of ties between the trump campaign and russia. tension in kenya as the electoral board prepares to announce the final results of the presidential election rerun. in s'pore the houston astros edge one of the most dramatic games in world series history a thirteen twelve when are the l.a. dodgers putting the astros in sight of a first world series title. ok we have three big stories for you here on the news we start in spain where spain's
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top prosecutor has filed charges against those responsible for catalonia as independence declaration jose manuel moussa is calling on catalan leaders to testify on rebellion sedition and charges of embezzlement as well a court now has to decide whether to accept the charges against the leaders who were dismissed by the madrid government on friday. if found guilty they could face up to thirty years in prison and begin when you know the leader of the only in the studio the prosecution has filed several charges for rebellions addition and embezzlement against the main political leaders of the cattle and regional government in their actions and decisions over the past two years have caused an institutional crisis that resulted in the unilateral declaration of independence this was carried out without observing and ignoring our constitution well the catalan separatist e.r.c. party which was part of the government that was ousted by madrid says it will take
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part in catalonia as a regional election is supposed to take place december the twenty first oh come. on december twenty first we will find a way to take part whether we run or not for the election but we will surely be present in the vote it's another opportunity for us to consolidate the republic. under simmons is correspondent standing by for us in barcelona this andrew clearly very serious charges what do they mean. what they mean while sedition is a serious charge rebellion much more serious usually involves violence many of the lawyers of vising the government that's been sacked. say that it's unlikely they would hold rebellion charges but nevertheless train filed by the prosecutor then of course misuse of public funds that's the lesser charge a maximum six year sentence or much fifteen years maximum sentence for sedition and
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thirty years you pointed out for rebellion is the maximum sentence now what we're hearing is that the procedure just goes like this it is fairly straightforward in the sense that in criminal terms of the charges have been filed the judges will consider them they will then decide which charges fit them they will then issue summonses bringing the individuals to the court to answer those charges now we've got this right. clarification here because there are fourteen members of the cabinet those fourteen ministers will go to the national court because they've been sacked they have no privileges whereas there are six parliamentary figures involved in the parliament itself they have protection they have a form of privilege and they are there for going to the supremes court and now as far as reaction goes we've heard nothing from the figures involved in this the
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session decision in parliament last friday but there are demonstrations going on now in a city that is the home city of color speech tomorrow now his whereabouts have not been clear at all no one really sure but we are now getting unconfirmed reports that he is in delhi. there's one suggestion that he could be with some ministers as well meeting flemish politicians we cannot confirm this but that is the report that is circulating right now lots of different reports circulating about his whereabouts it was even one slight scare when a public he sent to a posting on instagram of a low angle shot of part of the roof of an ornate building very similar to this one the local media were suggesting that that was taken today monday but no proof of
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that and so basically what's happening now is that a series of meetings have taken place one with p.d. cats which is the main a coalition party. and also as you were reporting earlier the partner in the coalition c b r c party saying it would go all the way and would compete actually take part and run in the elections which are being called by the spanish government the same applies to p.v. count according to all sources they will run in what form that there will actually run whether they'll run in the form of a coalition with the other party or whether or not they'll have many members to actually take part of it bearing in mind all the criminal actions taking place is unclear is there a sense there today andrew that this idea of an election on december the twenty first surely on the one hand must be
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a complete nonstarter because on the other hand they're now focusing in on the reality of almost a judicial timeline between now and when we see what mr putin wants next move might be. there are so many dimensions to this crisis but that's a very valid question yes the judicial timeline will be rolling out the same time as the preparations for the democratic election will affect that election. very likely indeed so that is really the point that a lot of people are concerned about and also the tactics being involved one commentator referred to it as effectively a chess game everyone is trying to sort of work out the next maneuver and what's happened with the government that's been sacked which still describes itself as being part of a new republic but obviously is the position to him impose any any power here
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they are effectively playing very carefully in terms of not wishing to be seen to be provoking violence or provoking any form of of act that could be involved in any further criminal charges against them but there is a frustration without any shadow of doubt in the secession movement now because they had very little guidance over the weekend as to what was happening and all the momentum according to people i've spoken to seem to be coming from the spanish government not the parties that declared unilateral secession in parliament to the absolute delight of millions of people the horror of millions of people who are against it we saw that playing out on sunday with those big demonstrations by union is saying they wanted their voice
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heard in all of this and they wanted to see the independent movement finished off now no one's suggesting that that has happened with the course of action taken by the spanish government but certainly things are tense here without any shadow of doubt peter you keep us posted i'm sure pardon me in the meantime thanks very much . ok another breaking story for you the united states has reportedly charged the former campaign manager man a fort with conspiracy the former campaign manager he had handed himself over to the f.b.i. a little earlier today there were pictures on social media of the man you're now looking at in. a four by four in the company of his lawyer mr mann a fourth and his former business associate rick gates of being charged as part of the inquiry into alleged russian meddling in last year's a us presidential election a federal grand jury led by the special counsel robert muller will hear evidence
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our white house correspondent kimberly how kit joins us live now from washington kimberly events moving very fast what's the latest. have the latest in just the last few moments we've gotten an understanding of what those charges are specifically against the former campaign chair of the truck campaign paul man of fort as well as his protege an associate by the name of rick gates we know that there are twelve counts that in total are these men are facing collectively the first conspiracy to launder money cording to the federal grand jury who has approved these charges also and being an unregistered agent for a principle as well as false and misleading statements being given to investigators and as well seven counts of failure to report money to of received or to a foreign bank and financial accounts now this is pretty significant because we've known for some time particularly the paul man afore it was
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a focus of robert muller's investigation in fact over the summer he was told by prosecutors that he would be charged he was. in his home in fact was raided in a surprise raid over the summer in alexandria virginia it was very detailed in terms of the investigation even photographing his suits and now months later we have the culmination of this the next step which really marks a significant escalation in robert muller some vesta geisha in that we should point out is into whether or not there was collusion between russia and the trunk campaign of the twenty sixteen presidential election now this again is significant because not only is this targeting poll man a for which we suspected would be the case and certainly he was fired by the trump campaign for not disclosing more than twelve million that he received an undisclosed payments from a former ukrainian leader who was in fact a pro russian leader viktor get a covert but also to the fact that this is now happening certainly is the next
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stage in what many believe will be an investigation by robert mueller that will go on not months but in fact years. kimberly thanks very much. well joining us here in the news. pardon me she's director of the graduate school of political management at george washington university she joins us from washington d.c. laura welcome back to al-jazeera what's your reading of where we are right now well i agree with kimberly completely that this does mark a significant escalation of events we are moving from a sort of political story into a legal one and what that really means is that there are rules and procedures that no one can dispute so while the president has oftentimes referred to this investigation as a witch hunt what we are about to see is a legal process unfold and that could be very serious both for those around the president as well as himself no wishing to push on to legal thin ice and
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wrapping my next question up with a massive allegedly there is talk of multiple sealed indictments what areas do you think they might cover and whose names are in the frames. well i think what we have to first begin with is really what we know about paul man of four and his business partner rick gates which as kimberly explained is focused on money issues financial money laundering reporting issues representing foreign entities without having made that clear to the u.s. government now all of those issues are concerned because paul man of four was the campaign chairman from march through just after the republican national convention in july and he was asked and brought in to president trump's
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campaign to ensure that the delegates would go trump's way and that he would be able to secure the nomination so it is very i would say disconcerting for anyone who was involved in the presidential campaign in terms of what was done to make sure that president could secure the nomination not necessarily the election many months later and clearly a long long process maybe move the months maybe a year or so maybe a couple of years but i guess at some point somebody has got to ask the question who knew what and when did that knowledge go all the way to the highest office in the land that's exactly where we are what we have to realize is that this is a beginning of a process of starting with paul man afore and rick gates but it certainly could
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extend to some of those others that we have heard throughout the summer and over the year that robert muller is investigating people like michael flynn carter page even the president's son and also jared kirshner his son in law. very briefly laura as well i mean mr trump has not spoken about this on twitter do you get the feeling perhaps that somebody is saying to him look you know you can have a shoot from the hip session on twitter about something else but about this you absolutely cannot in upper caps go do something on your twitter feed well i think the problem is is that the president isn't very good at listening to advice so we will see what happens when and how he frames this i do think that what we've seen in the past is a reasonable individuals around the president have advised him many times to not
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engage either on twitter or in one on one interviews with the media but he does seem to believe that he knows best and that could be to his detriment just one last last point do you detect a certain change in the the timber those people who ferociously support mr trump over the past say three or four days there's been an awful lot of their critics would say diversion going on here talking about the uranium one story about who sold uranium to the russians and when and where it came from also talking about lock her up talking about hillary clinton was that diversion always that genuinely felt genuinely expressed political sentiment and there are questions to be answer there. well i do believe that many of the people who supported president. have issues with what happened in the clinton in the clinton time as secretary of
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state as well as in her campaign so the obama administration is being sort of looked at in terms of what those relationships were with secretary clinton and the foundation with her husband bill clinton but i do think that much of that even if it's genuine it is somewhat irrelevant because what we have is essentially an ongoing investigation of a ministration not one that has left office and that many of those trails are if you will called. again many thanks lots more still to come for you here on the news hour including our sovereignty as a red line we don't accept anybody interfering our sovereignty the meerkats all reaffirms the importance of safeguarding his country's integrity but also his
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willingness to resolve the ongoing gulf crisis. in sports the houston texans players react to comments made by the team owner compared them to inmate. kenya's election board is announcing the final results from the presidential election a rerun that's despite the vote being perspire and in some areas president uhuru kenyatta ran without a significant challenger after the opposition leader. pulled out he called the poll a sham in a moment we'll be live in the opposition stronghold of kisumu katherine sawyer standing by for us first two for me to miller in nairobi where the electoral commission is announcing those official results how do you think it's going to go. well there be no surprises in this case the electoral commission has already said
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that the results for a canard to show that he got a least ninety eight percent of the vote to allow him his second term in office it's not a surprise but ultimately this election has been plagued by a lot of criticism controversy and concern around the way forward for the country you mentioned that the opposition the only main contender other than who can you are to raiding they had pulled out of this election and already at that point there really could there was concern around how this election would eventually take place just a week before the rerun the electoral commission chairperson had said he didn't believe there would be a free and fair election by the time the rerun came around he had said ok we will hold elections the we will go forward with this and even then we saw a number of protests from opposition supporters and we've heard the opposition leader call it a farce a it's a sham with at least six million opposition supporters not voting but ultimately
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twelve million registered kenyans haven't gone to the polls which leaves the mandate for work a lot of questionable people angry about this or are they resigned to the reality of what we're about to see unfolding in the next couple of hours. there certainly are a significant number of kenyans who just want to this electoral cycle want this period to end but based on the protests we've seen from opposition supporters we don't expect them to to go away quietly raila odinga says he will make a big announcement following the announcement by the electoral commission that will declare who kenyatta the president winning his second term reading the had said that there was a wing within his national super alliance that would form a resistance movement he called it he hasn't given much detail around exactly what that means and what they will do but they is a plan from the opposition party and certainly there are protesters out on the
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street who are already angry who say that who are akin yatta shouldn't be in office we do expect that these protests will continue just in nairobi we've seen traffic build up in the last forty five minutes as people rush home a try rushing home ahead of the announcement to avoid getting caught up in any type of fighting that we might see that we've clashes primarily between police and opposition supporters but in recent days we have seen to some extent ethnic overtones which is concerning for many kenyans as opposing groups taking aim at each other so it isn't necessarily guaranteed that this will die down any time soon you keep us posted in the meantime many thanks catherine saw it live for us in the opposition stronghold of sunni in western kenya so let's just fast forward a little bit catherine kenyatta is declared to one of the election even though the turnout was what thirty seven thirty eight percent how will people there react to think. well already people are starting to react people are
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very angry and on your way to this location peter a lot of people watch shouting we're just waiting for this announcement so that we can show in the strongest way possible how we reject those results and just to give you a brief background to just put context to the relationship between right and this region called neons where these four counties are these are people who are fiercely loyal not just to rile loading up peter but to the adinda family there why even more loyal to his father. who was kenya's first vice president and particularly after the fall out just after independence we've. just passed president who is who are king arthur's father and since then people here have felt targeted by successive governments people have felt marginalized and even now we talked to a lot of people including young people who say that they really feel they really feel disenfranchised and those who are talking to us saying that while it's going
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to happen working out is going to be declared we know so what needs to be done going forward and with all these talks now of you know and calls of a dialogue between. people who are saying what really needs to be done are one of the priorities really should be the issue of inclusion particularly when it comes to matters of governance when we were talking this time yesterday to william ruto the deputy president he was basically saying democracy is alive and well in kenya we will accept the result of the electoral commission but we will not have a rerun of the rerun and we will do you with mr doing that very much on our terms that doesn't seem to be any wriggle room in there for anyone on either side of this debate. that doesn't seem to be any wriggle room. told though is insisting that he will not have any talks that do not include having
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a fresh election in ninety days and people here really are echoing those sentiments they say they want a fresh election. in one thousand days as i said they say that they will not accept . a victory and like we were saying and talking about this a national resistance movement that he started i asked people here what do you think it means do you think this is going to be. the one thing that's going to push the government to do this people are hoping so they don't really understand what this resistance movement they don't really still trying to understand what he means by himself has come out though to say that it's not an armed resistance it's a peaceful resistance that's going to use legal means boycotting fighting services and products perhaps. individuals he also says that they're going to use the goal means to pressure the government he also says that this national resistance movement is not replacing the national coalition opposition movement that.
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they had this going to be in this coalition so people here are saying they're waiting for more information they're waiting for this announcement. perhaps later in the day to also mop their way forward but they are saying that they are soldiers over and they will do exactly what he tells them peter catherine thanks very much. the american reiterating the importance of safeguarding his country's sovereignty but also his commitment donna long to resolve the gulf diplomatic crisis shake to mean been hammered for speaking to the u.s. t.v. program sixty minutes. almost five months after saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cut diplomatic and trade towers mike hanna story from washington . there was no sign of friction among gopher leaders when they met president trump for his first foreign. it was all smiles and a common pledge to combat terrorism in all its forms it less than two weeks later
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the blockade against qatar was launched much to the surprise of carter's emir shaikh bin. we were praising each other. laughing with each other this cussing you know how to solve this terrorism that is a threat for the rest of the world they're making demands of you that you shut down al-jazeera that you may given your word that you're not supporting any islamic groups are you going to meet these demands our sovereignty is a red line we don't accept anybody interfering our sovereignty when you tell me to close a china like al-jazeera history were right one day in fifty or sixty seventy years how it changed the whole idea of free speech in the region do you believe that they want regime change yes they won they want a regime change it's just so obvious history as well tells us teaches us that they tried to do that before in one thousand nine hundred six after my father. became
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the emir of qatar has denied any support for terrorism. offered this explanation as to why the taliban was allowed to open an office in doha the reason why they came here it's not because we asked them to come here because other people like the united states america united states wanted the taliban here they wanted to have dialogue so they asked us if we can host them here and have the dialogue so that we host of them here this is the reason why they're here how with this in we want to turn and believe me charlie we want to turn but nothing is going to be about our dignity our sovereignty but we want to turn i only say that if they go walk one meters toward me i'm willing to walk ten thousand miles towards them but maybe left to others to persuade those continuing the blockade to take that first step. mike hanna al-jazeera washington. well bahrain's foreign minister is calling for cassel
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to be frozen out of the regional bloc the gulf cooperation council colleen bin ahmed al khalifa has tweeted that bahrain won't attend the forthcoming g.c.c. summit unless castle meets the demands of the blockading countries sultan by the carters director of conflict and humanitarian studies at the institute he's with us here on set in doha what you make of the the tone of what the amir was saying there it seemed very cool calm collected refusing to get stressed out by all of this because this has been going on for five months now i think it's quite remarkable how calm and confident he has come across in this interview clearly he as has overall. coped very well with this initial shock the usual shock of the blockade the siege is a trial now they've they've gone beyond that stage and he's calculating his longer term strategies and somehow we kind of refer to it when he mentioned iran and the fact that food and supplies were allowed to come from iran to qatar and i think the
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real issue here is whether this goes on much longer what will be the options for qatar clearly he's he's identified sovereignty as a red line he's not going to compromise in any way on the issues of sovereignty and the book heading countries i've got to revisit the list of demands now if that doesn't happen and the book aid continues carter would have very few options but to actually turn more towards iran and other partners to supply itself and that in effect will amount to the saudis and they moralities in particular almost shooting themselves in the foot because this is would be this would be another issue that they intended to harm iran with and they end up losing it too to iran what do you make of the apparent difference in the thinking when it comes to the time. in line of this i mean in the initial days of this g.c.c. crisis there were people in the region saying oh weeks months maybe longer it might
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fizzle and die the amir however particularly in reference to al-jazeera talking about an arc of forty fifty years and obviously perceiving al-jazeera and this is significant because it was one of the key demands closed al-jazeera all of al-jazeera every place. he's obviously perceiving it as an almost perfect journal of record an impartial broadcaster an impartial website in a region i mean we do have to see in a region where impartiality is something of a rarity depending upon what you listen to in the country you watch it in well i think he was referring to the twenty plus years of establishment of his era to today and the years to come clearly introduce something new to the region and that is freedom of expression freedom of speech the ability to have this platform where you express your views and someone else can express counter views without and solely. using violence and that is
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a very important value that cutter i think would want to stick to because it has become very much the brand of what carter's foreign policy is all about and it is linked to a lot of activities that they do in terms of conflict mediation between parties within the region and beyond that now i think in terms of al-jazeera itself would be very interesting to take his comments in conjunction with the with what was said by the former prime minister a few days ago on qatar t.v. who was key to establishing and using it and he did say that the principle of freedom of speech was very much there but in fact in a few years' time it became an irritant to policymakers because a lot of complaints were coming from arab states who were not used to this kind of politics very briefly empowered me for interrupting you are almost out of time there were significant comments from the former prime minister not very long ago how do you. dovetail those together with the amir what he said and his stance right now i think they dovetail very well on the former prime minister he just talked
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about historic facts and how we reached this point and what where they shoes that have led to the current crises over over the years and the clearly the. on the same page and now the news looking forward to see how they could continue. going forward with their development with a degree of his in south america many thanks thank you very much al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mark meant to say in who's now been in prison in egypt for more than three hundred ten days he's accused of broadcasting false means to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny mahmoud has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail. puerto rico's power company is scrapping a three hundred million dollars deal to restore electricity but insists the agreement was not illegal in the contract between the whitefish energy holdings company and the bankrupt power utility was cancelled because there was no
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competitive bidding around seventy five percent of homes and businesses in the u.s. territory is still without electricity after last month's hurricane opal going to be in the it will go out contract is being evaluated our procedures are being evaluated i have been called by the congress of the united states to provide information in person and answer some questions so we are come because we are sure everything was done according to the norms and the law as for the implication or the results of these cancellation it hasn't been an easy decision ok time whether his everton have got everything going on across north america the moment paid or we have a tropical storm yesterday that's turned into something of some proper autumn weather even a little bit of snow for sam you can see this big cloud now making its way up across the northeastern corner something of a nor'easter this one so it's been dragging in that moisture the very very wet and windy weather across new england into the eastern side of canada and behind that
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we've got some pretty cold air just tucked in behind you can see the deep blues showing up on our chart so some snow along with a very very strong winds we're looking at around eleven celsius there for art's we're still around seventeen degrees in new york city chicago highs of around eight degrees celsius as we go on into where tuesday the worst of the snow not just a little further northward so outs of manitoba through ontario towards quebec bright skies along the eastern seaboard but we have got some clouds lurking down towards the southwestern corner and perhaps a little bit a snow here that snow is standing a little further north was up towards the big state as we go on into the middle part of the week and gradually that will make its way further east was just watch out for some flooding rains that will make its way back into that eastern side of texas easing towards louisiana eventually pushing up towards arkansas longline a cloud up towards the lakes towards the east coast it's looking fine bright and sunny peter. evan thanks very much lost most on the news government office to take
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back some or enjoy refugees but the numbers don't add up. i'm reporting on the remarkable return of the animal that has been seen in britain centuries and they control the sea it's caused by its ability to take down trees and to change the whole landscape. and in sports news we'll hear from the tennis player celebrating the biggest win of her career. i'm counting the cost of italy's wealthy northern region say seeds of more autonomy but who are the forces reshaping european politics how might china's new leadership lineup in fact the economy plus why trade is that hong kong stock exchange is saying bye bye to the back to the cost at this time on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job.
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where there is water there is life but finding it and australia's arid deserts it is a skill few still possess they took us to a small wet spot in the in the desert and this was this is a very important place they've been telling us about for the last five days who came in. and orders against all odds an aging population is passing on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback at this time on a. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera
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a reminder of our breaking news stories these this hour spain's top prosecutor has filed charges against catalan leaders responsible for declaring independence. is calling on them to testify on rebellion sedition and embezzlement charges. another top story u.s. president on drums former campaign manager this man paul manifold has handed himself over to the f.b.i. man a fourth and a former business associate face twelve charges as part of an inquiry into alleged russian meddling in last year's elections the charges include money laundering and fraud. let's take you live now to nairobi because kenya's election board says the presidential election rerun was free fair and credible we're learning that in the past few minutes pardon me that's despite the vote being perspire and in some areas the boards announcing the results of that poll as you see right now president kenyatta around without a significant challenger after the opposition leader raila odinga pulled out he
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called the poll a sham. ok. let's get more now on those charges against separatists in catalonia miguel. is a political analyst he joins us now from madrid are there more serious charges that they could have gone with the seem to have hit the nuclear option with this. yes indeed it was expected to steer somewhat controversial partly because there are law experts who say that it doesn't really feed the bill that. the charge of rebellion in the spanish penal code manes that you have to race against the constitution publicly and violently and this is where where the questions arise whether these applies to to the case of the catalonian preyed upon this movement which has been largely peaceful obviously illegal and and have raised against the
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constitution but but not violently. there was speculation yesterday at a pretty high level in belgium about some sort of asylum there are reports today in the last hour saying mr preacher mont is in brussels is it really going to get that surreal is he going to start talking to the belgian government saying well i can't go back to catalonia. well it seems possible although. this is still not confirmed of the report catalan president or former president in the view of the of the central government in spain will speak publicly in the coming hours so we will know it is true that there were some reports that belgian had offered asylum to the catalan government dismissed council and government but those reports where then deny the way claims and counterclaims the issue is not very clear so we will have to wait and see if it happens it would be
4:40 pm
a major turn of events because well spain wouldn't be very happy about it and we will have a diplomatic crisis between the two countries but of course it's too early to say there was some analysis of this perhaps three or four hours ago as the day moved very quickly saying that everyone involved in this wanted to take the temperature out of the situation take a pause and deflate this this political balloon if you will and yet these charges are so headline grabbing surely the administration the government in madrid the judiciary in madrid they must have known the potential consequences of charges of this magnitude. yes i think the idea was to threaten with these charges when they could still have a deterrent effect now the problem is that let's say the judiciary is hostage of the strategy and now it has to to go along with what they'd have promised and still
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the judge has to decide whether these charges are of clickable to the defendants where we'll see the truth is that this judge in particular is seen as rather harsh and she has already sent to jail to try to leave this jail they have been imprisoned without bail to very important cuts and live it so she may accept these charges but as for the government if the government could stop these hijo they would because it obviously is not going to do them any good but of course justice is independent and now it will follow it's called are we heading towards a situation assuming that mr putin what is in brussels assuming he comes back a lot of assumptions i know but are we in a situation where we are going to see him in handcuffs having his head dipped as he put into the back of a police car and then taken away to a court someplace. it is possible in fact of the state prosecutor have vowed to
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the guards not just to indict him for for rebellion answer vision but actually to send him to prison without bail but that was said informally and before before the turn of events which meant the imposition of the right reading cuts alone you know things have some wants come the little bit since then for example the state prosecutor has not demanded from the judge the. prison without variable which could signal some softening of his stance but still if mr putin on mom or not does not appear in court to deliver testimony in front of the judge he could be arrested what we arrested and even if he appears in court he can be arrested the same prosecutor can the man from the judge these prisons without bail i ask you did with these two other senior counsel the nationalist politicians go thank you very much. to me in manner where the state media is reporting that politicians and
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businessmen are meeting to discuss setting up an economic zone in rakhine states the army they claim to peace and stability returned to the region six hundred thousand people from the minority re-injure community have fled will come in since august after the military crackdown in bangladesh a myanmar government minister told local media it's likely the two hundred fifty ranger will now be repatriated every day florence louis has more from young gone. the government is keen to portray that offense of normalcy has returned to northern rakhine state now this is the state owned media global new light of myanmar and its lead article says entrepreneurs to develop recurring this follows a meeting on sunday between local politicians and business men to talk about set setting up new industries in more as well as an economic zone there and this is the area that's been hardest hit by a military cracked. on that started on august twenty fifth an opinion piece in the
4:44 pm
same paper also said because peace and stability have returned to the area it's time to think about development projects that will help alleviate poverty there and while this is happening or hinder activists say they are still receiving reports and videos of houses were hendra houses being burned out not by the military but five of a kind but this month these reports the extremely difficult to verify because journalists have not been granted unrestricted access they are allowed into the area only on government escorted trips but this should call into question the government narrative and analysts have also said focusing on economic development alone will not help resolve the ranger crisis when you have an entire population and entire minority severely discriminated against and persecuted syrian government forces of storm one of the last remaining neighborhoods held by eisel in the eastern city of heroes or media is the most populous area still under the armed groups control one hundred eighty people live there the syrian army broke eyesores
4:45 pm
four years siege of the resort in september but there are still small pockets of resistance the seventh round of talks aimed at ending syria's six year long war underway in the council capital a stone the meeting is expected to call for a cease fire between government forces and rebel groups for at least six months the talks are sponsored by iran and russia which support the syrian government and turkey which backs the rebels and one car has more now from a stunner. there started talks have started and these are closed door talks between all of the major parties now who is in attendance but we have the syrian government the syrian opposition delegations from both of those we have the united nations and also the united states but mainly it's of the three guarantors of the deescalation zones and that's russia turkey and iran now there is some concern about these deescalation zones there has been clashes taking place within the mind of clashes that the syrian opposition but they say that civilians have been affected now
4:46 pm
russia says that actually those who have been just operations against extremist groups that they call groups like. isis fighters and the civilians are affected now the talks are taking place right now seem to be of a technical nature which country does what role what the russia what do the russians do what the iranians do what do the turkish do now whilst all of this goes on we'll also have another round of talks taking place in november that's november twenty eighth in geneva with the u.n. and the interim syrian delegations now the russians are hoping that these peace talks these deescalation torso as well as the prisoner exchanges and everything else that's been discussed here will dovetail into those talks it seems to me it seems to many observers of the process here and son of the president bashar assad is in a very strong position now that's something that turkey is concerned about it's something that the russians have wanted for a while now to see him in a strong position so they can bring about an end to the conflict we're also hearing
4:47 pm
from local russian media reports about the russian military role so it's likely that something is going to come out about their role about the size of their role within syria in the next twenty four hours two american women who had been adrift in their boat in the pacific for five months arrived in japan after being rescued by the u.s. navy jennifer poland tasha who alba left hawaii in may so to haiti on a trip that was meant to take three weeks but the engine on their fifteen meter boat was damaged because about weather hundreds of distress calls failed until last week on a time when he was fishing vessel spotted them and then alerted the navy. we saw the navy were like yes someone who could actually help but. it was great just like. kissing blowing kisses and being ever so grateful like we had here is going down i don't like ok. an animal that was hunted to extinction in the u.k.
4:48 pm
nearly five hundred years ago is now making a return last year the scottish government ruled that beavers will have protected status the clock has a story. wissmann is would more in southwest england the last remnants of an ancient forest a ghostly relic of a time past that some in part would like to see return britain was once covered in wilderness like this and in this wilderness it all manner of animals including baz wolves and lynx of course all those animals are now long gone hunted to extinction is the human population grew and cleared land for agriculture where there is a species that hasn't been seen for hundreds of years and has now returned and here in devon the fascinating evidence felled trees and downed waterways the trademark work of not only to leave is reintroduced after an absence of five hundred years now the focus of license monitoring trials at different locations in the u.k.
4:49 pm
they're really good engineers they're also very industrious creatures as well as feeding they're looking to ninety nine expand their landscape but the good thing about beavers is that it's a landscape that suits lots of other animals too so it's virtuous circle it's what we call a keystone species the beaver changes its landscape but it changes the wildlife as well that fills that landscape such cautious monitoring of the beavers reintroduction is essential five hundred miles to the north in scotland the impact of unchecked beaver populations is a big problem for farmers yeah this is normally a dry belt just in the ditch over here and they are busy trying to flood this area on a swathe of prime farmland across this year and beyond a group of b. visit let loose illegally in two thousand and two has grown to an estimated four hundred fifty individuals it cost me four to five thousand pounds a year to degrees out because i have to hire an addict but when the water rises
4:50 pm
blocking out the drains it causes flood damage into the fields which we're trying to produce crops often produce food off. there's a major problem for us we need a management plan is responsive to the needs of farmers that recognize that different bits of line can cope with the verse in different ways but accept that management is a fundamental part of having the species in this country in two thousand and sixteen the scottish government announced to be visit will have protected status and will be allowed to stay and i know mole that law is rome these lands in the sixteenth century is back for good where it is allowed to live clearly needs to be carefully considered and controlled but in the right place it's a welcome return to the ecosystem of the british isles. al-jazeera. school. on al-jazeera in the smallest news lewis hamilton gets that well title winning feeling for a fourth time in his career. time
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
for sports news with andy about baseball just went on and on and on more than five five i was seventeen minutes i think i leased a heart that was how i finished in the end he said i streisand won one of the most dramatic games in world series history the astros baiting me and i told his thirteen twelve and i now laid the series it's already produced a record number of home runs like reports. the wild swings for game five started early with the houston astros four one down against the los angeles dodgers
4:53 pm
. who escaped being banned from this world series of making a racist gesture in game three it took three run homer for the astros to level the school for four. in the fifth and you responded in kind for the dodgers i spoke with the series boys that you and i found to head back to los angeles the dodgers look to be taking charge so i was there three run advantage was restored. and that's. but in this game no legal say. to be smashed the now the three run homer and the game was never that seven seven. i. in the seventh inning george springer of the astros summed up the explosive nature of the night still. to this homerun triggering an early fireworks show. and trying to beat the astros extended that lead to three runs in the eighth inning by now
4:54 pm
houston had also become the first team in the world series history now five different plays in the game. but with the lay down to their final strike in the ninth. super the tension level still had room to rise as the dodgers never the game once again at twelve twelve. after all the home run there was a request. before the after the break ins in the tent that finally decided the game after more than five hours of action i heard team twelve win would be after the two best teams in baseball fighting to the very and and cone toe to toe with each other i mean that. everybody was used on both teams pretty much every every single player and it's a special for us to come out on top i think this whole series has been an emotional rollercoaster it's the two best teams playing for a championship and these are two teams that play twenty seven hours like we've talked about and so you're not going to expect those guys to lay down. their
4:55 pm
theories and all the drama with human los angeles with the astros one win away from the first ever world series title. so he'll malick. you since football team has also been making headlines after a majority of players it nailed before sunday's game i was in response to comments made by the franchise owner about forty houston texans players nailed out of this game against the seattle seahawks texans on above mcnair is quoted as saying we can't have the inmates running the prison when referring to ongoing player demonstrations during the pre-game out of the movement was started by former san francisco forty nine ers quarterback colin happening to protest against racial injustice. we're a family as a team and you know it you know we came together as a team to want to do you know send a message home and and that's when we started to do and i stand by my brother. lewis hamilton says the film cool runnings inspired him to believe that one day he
4:56 pm
could become world champion the britain is now enjoying that feeling as an f one driver for a fourth time and ninth place finish of the mexican grand prix on sunday was enough to win the title with a couple of races left in the season and some began his career in go karting and says the true life story of a jamaican bobsled team making it's the winter olympics convinced him that haiti. you could reach the top. i was a back to you know my favorite movie was cool runnings and. when they arrived at the top of the hill for the first time in the rusty old bobsled that's exactly how me and my dad arrived at the go kart track you know and everyone kind of is almost like a one stop to look at us you know it's such a cool cool thing now looking back upon it is kind of daunting at the time but. and just so how much work and how much sacrifice my family. did and went through in order to for us to be where we are today. the fans of
4:57 pm
a spanish football team zero and i've been enjoying one of the biggest wins in their club's history the cattle on the side or in spain's top five for the first ever time and on sunday they'd be champions right on madrid to want right now eight points behind leaders fossilised. and pakistan script has made a triumphant return home as they beat sri lanka in the most important much pride in the country since two thousand and nine pakistan winning the t twenty international in lahore by thirty six runs sri lanka are the first major test side to play in the country since government attacks their team bus that was in the same city eight years ago. and caroline wozniak has been reflecting on the biggest win of her career on sunday wozniak epeat venus williams to win the finals despite being a former world number one the dane has never won a grand slam title and finished as a runner up at this season ending event back in two thousand and. three i'm just
4:58 pm
happy that i've won this week it's a huge title for me and a big step for me in my career and i'm just going to enjoy this and you know. it's going to be a good push for the for the next season. ok that is how sports is looking for an andy many thanks when we come back in about three minutes we'll take live updates for you out of barcelona talking about mr putin mount where is he will also get a live update out of washington on pole manner for us and he's given himself in to the f.b.i. stay with us. it is the inhabitants of a nation that give it its unique identity. each culture maintained and developed by the endeavors of its people in a six part series algiers iraq those into tunisia has rich tapestry through the
4:59 pm
prism of six extraordinary individuals. tunisia coming soon on a jazzier. everything you do is being analyzed it's being weighed. measure that's what intelligence agencies are. to do things in secret that are unlawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. they could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. we here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover this story with a lot of intimate we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and go on this is. pretty incredible this is where talks happening
5:00 pm
and what happens there matters. the consequence of. that just doesn't go away. for a living out of trouble for the last couple years. he's homeless. follows a group of us veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. at this time. madrid assert his authority charging leaders with rebellion sedition and financial wrongdoing.


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