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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2017 12:00am-1:01am AST

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but what impact does it really have. to bring. on. where there is water there is life but finding it on australia's arid desert is a skill few still possess they took us to a small part in the desert and this was this is a very important place they've been telling us about for the last five days. against all odds an aging population is passing on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback at this time on a. zero .
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out of their hundred who don't know this is the news hour live from london coming up president trump's former campaign manager paul mann afford another former aide plead not guilty to conspiring to defraud the u.s. this is a former campaign adviser pleads guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about interactions with alleged go betweens for russia plus. there were a kenya after supporters celebrate as he's declared the overwhelming winner of kenya's presidential. calls for urgent action after a c o two in the earth's atmosphere surges to a level last seen more than three million years ago. and i'm far as small with the sport as houston astros one of the most dramatic games in world series history a thirteen to twelve win over the l.a. dodgers putting the astros in sight of a first world series title. their
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warm welcome to the news our u.s. president former campaign manager paul mana for has been charged with crimes including conspiring against the u.s. along with one of man affords business associates gates both of pleaded not guilty in court well charges stem from the investigation into links between russia and the trump campaign it's also merged that a former campaign adviser has been guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about contacts with people who claimed to have links to top russian officials a white house correspondent can be counted as morning in washington d.c. . trump do solemnly swear donald trump has been in office less than a year but this is perhaps the most significant day of his presidency. so far on monday two of his former associates avoided handcuffs and turned themselves into the authorities in washington the first is paul mann afford the former chair of
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donald trump's presidential election campaign the other is rick gates a longtime business associate of matter forts and worked with the white house until march both men appeared in court pleading not guilty to a dozen charges they include conspiracy against the united states also to launder money acting as an agent for a foreign principal providing false statements to investigators and failure to report foreign bank accounts the announcement which caught many off guard that a third person tied to the truck campaign george papadopoulos had pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. that was over the timing of his meetings with alleged go betweens for russia he is now cooperating with the special investigation led by robert mueller as with paul man of fort hood rick gates the white house is pushing back diminishing the role of papadopoulos as a foreign policy adviser this individual was the member of
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a volunteer advisory council them at one time over the course of a year and he was part of a list that was read out in the washington post and hardly call that some sort of regular adviser however it's the case of paul man a for which is getting the most attention the indictments paint the picture of a man living a lavish lifestyle when f.b.i. agents raided his home they even photographed his suits as evidence of money laundering more than seventy five million a form payments through offshore bank accounts on twitter trump reacted to the arrests he has repeatedly called the investigation into ties between his two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign and russia a witch hunt by political adversaries and the media with a. not offering any evidence the white house says it expects the russia probe to wrap up soon and while the indictment states manna for its charges involved actions from twenty sixteen on twitter trump contradicted the claim arguing the charges
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against matta fort emanate from actions taken before chairing trump's presidential bid trump again stated there was no collusion between his campaign and russia metaphor its lawyer calls the charges ridiculous and on capitol hill top u.s. senators are also issuing statements about the indictments claiming it is proof the justice process is working kimberly help hit al jazeera washington well after the court hearing paul manna forte's lawyer also said there was no evidence his client colluded with russia. i think you also are today the president donald trump was correct there is no evidence that mr mann a fort with a trump campaign colluded with the russian government this command of foreign represented pro european union campaigns for the ukraine.
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and in that he was seeking to further democracy and the help ukraine come closer to the united states and the e.u. let's get more from alan fischer who's at the white house hi there alan so two men pleaded not guilty but papadopoulos on the other hand says he is guilty. he pled guilty before these indictments were handed don't only the decision was revealed in court documents that were issued on monday and papadopoulos is an interesting figure the white house has played down his rule as they have done with matter for it as well but they say he wasn't really an advisor he was part of a voluntary code so what you have to remember is he was e-mailing senior figures in the trump campaign saying look i have these links with russia the big problem he has of course is he sat down with f.b.i. investigators and said any contacts i had with russia that was before i was
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involved in the trump campaign they could check his e-mails and find that simply wasn't the case and if you lie to f.b.i. agents then you're in big trouble and there is a suggestion and it is only a suggestion that he has pled guilty has come up with some sort of plea deal and may well be helping the campaign from here on in of course the trump will try and diminish his role as they have done with paul minor for they said throughout the summer you have to remember pomona for it was only with the campaign for a very short space of time but he was significant he spent more time as chairman of the trump campaign than steve baron who is widely regarded as the man who finally steered him over the line into the white house and paul munna ford is widely regarded as the man who pushed donald trump into picking mike pence as vice president so he wasn't and then significant figure so all of this despite what the trump white house is saying today is not good news for donald trump and what we will find out in the coming weeks and months because this is still very early in
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this investigation is that maybe a lot more to come out people have said that the miller investigation was going to wrap up and that certainly a narrative that the white house has picked up even on friday before we find out these are day indictments were coming but you've got to remember that when their investigations into bill clinton and also going back as far as richard nixon it took more than a year for the investigation to get to this point so this investigation is actually moving in washington terms quite quickly alan once been there their reaction stateside. well you've got republicans coming out including cory alone who is another former campaign chairman for donald trump saying this is a nothing burger that is a phrase that we've heard it's a knocking it's inelegant but this is a nothing burger there is nothing to this democrats are saying look we've said all along let robert mueller do its job let him go where the facts lead them and let's see where we are at the end of this process and as we see we're just at the start
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of this process there are other republicans too are saying look this is no got to go the fool and through we find out and if there is any suggestion as has been suggested over the summer that donald trump might be considering pardons that he shouldn't even begin to think about that because that would be seen as obstruction of justice so i think there is consensus on the republican and democratic side that this investigation whether they wanted to or not whether they thought it was a good idea or not know has to run its course and see what eventually texas elevation there live from the white house allan thank you well let's talk more about all of this with liz kennedy who's director of democracy and government reform at the center for american progress she joins me live from washington d.c. let's have a warm welcome to the program thank you for your kennedys your company it's been a fascinating day and we've seen this guilty plea from papadopoulos we've also heard from trump that he thinks that the inquiry will wrap up soon but this is going to run and run surely. what we are seeing today is the tip
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of the iceberg it is absolutely correct that this investigation has been happening happening expeditiously and you know with with efficiency but then the fact that they moved this quickly to the. charges is impressive however there is no sense that they will be wrapping up this is clearly two things i think chasing after the money connections by going after man afford and. currently but then also with papadopoulos guilty plea we're clearly she's seeing connections to the trump campaign that can't be ignored the trumpet ministration has. tried to distance itself from all allegations today but in real terms how can the u.s. protect itself from any interference whether the was any here or not we don't know
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but how can i protect itself going forward. well first of all we do know that it has been the unanimous assessment of the u.s. intelligence agencies that there was active russian interference in the twenty sixteen election this in this investigation is meant to tied down those that understanding and see if in fact there are proven connections between the trump campaign and the russian campaign to elect trump but there are three things that we need to do first of all we absolutely need to follow this account about come to believe trail to demand accountability for any americans who are acting with or supportive of the russian campaign to interfere with america's elections in twenty sixteen and second of all we need to do to further things to prevent future russian and american elections first of all we need to invest in the security of america
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election infrastructure and it is incumbent upon congress to immediately pass federal funding to enable upgrades to that election infrastructure now that we're aware of the larger vulnerabilities in the current threat environment and it's the fifteenth anniversary of the help america vote act where congress last presented federal funds and there is really it's irresponsible for them not already to be moving forward on that in a bipartisan manner and second of all they need to take steps together to understand the role of disinform ation and particularly some of the social media platforms and take steps to crack down on the ability for example of even foreign actors to use the dark money channels that have opened in american politics where people are able to spend secretly in politics to influence elections right now particularly on the internet when there is bipartisan agreement that there should be disclaimers for internet ad with the with the honest ads act that was recently
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introduced by senators clover starr and senator graham and recently. we there was also bipartisan agreement about the need for election security funding so i think that the important thing to remember is that it is completely unacceptable for russia to interfere in the u.s. democracy we need to demand accountability for any americans who are supportive of that and breaking the laws to do so and we need to turn and look forward to how we can take effective urgently needed actions to protect our elections and democracy in the future as well the scandal there joining me live from washington d.c. liz thank you now a u.s. court has blocked donald trump's administration from enforcing a ban on transgender people serving in the military made the announcement via twitter in july citing the medical costs associated with allowing transgender servicemen and women but a group of servicemembers asked the court to block the ban all their claims are considered. president trump says u.s.
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special forces have captured a libyan man going to the twenty twelve attack on the u.s. diplomatic compound in benghazi the attack killed ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans in a statement trump said the capture of mr. happened on his orders and he'll face justice in the united states. at least eleven people have been killed in four air strikes in the city of daraa now that's in eastern libya witnesses say they targets in civilian areas with women and children along the dead eight other people were injured in monday's attack. coming up on the news hour calm in catalonia despite spain acting to take direct control and prosecutor seeking the bellingen charges against the rejects the calls cletus the growing calls for injustice in indonesia after a deadly fire in a far worse factory which killed at least forty eight people and is bored he stood in texan players react to comments made by their team owner who compared them to
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the next. kenyan president who are kenyatta has won the rerun of the presidential election with ninety eight percent of the vote kenya's electoral commission says the poor was free fair and credible despite being postponed in some areas but it was held without a strong opposition candidate and for many questions remain about the president's mandate for me to miller reports from nairobi. the official announcement that who're kenya to had secured his second term in office was no surprise for millions of kenyans but a low voter turnout of thirty eight percent has raised questions around to the jetta mysie of the selection which was ordered by the supreme court after it's an old or because presidential vote saying the electoral commission had committed illegalities. ninety percent of.
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all the same. ones. or. it. was nothing more. nothing more. invalidation. state. or worse. or. trace. the rerun was marred by violent protests when opposition leader raila odinga and his national super alliance party boycotted the election preventing at least one point eight million kenyans in opposition strongholds from voting. in total at least twelve million kenyans stayed away from the polls observer mission say besides the impact of the boycott violence and intimidation kept many of the voters
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away from polling stations. described the vote as a sham with the electoral commission not making the reforms the opposition had demanded for it to participate in the vote virtually every other issue that we raised that last time is present in this election and more and what has happened is that this time around i think i was in a crisis over legitimacy a crisis of trying to shore up the numbers so that it appears that there is a legitimate mandate for president grouping up to and in the course of they have done unimaginable things i can think of at least seventeen different grounds from the official even if the election is challenged at the supreme court there are concerns the courts may not act independently concerns around the independence of the judiciary was heightened when the court refused to hear a petition to perspire own last week's rerun saying there weren't enough judges
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present whether or not this election is challenge legally they are many kenyans that hope this final announcement will bring months of political tensions and uncertainty to an end but is kenya to address the nation asking for unity protests began fueling fears of both political and ethnic rivalries are far from over. spain's chief prosecutor has called for catalonia supposed leaders to be charged with rebellion sedition and embezzlement this is the region's deport. president calls and other cabinet members are reported to have headed to brussels if convicted they could face up to thirty years in jail. the police may be guarding its but the siege of regional government here no longer has a president as its head the spanish state is in charge its flag didn't get removed when says session was declared by parliament last friday only sign of carlos. is
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his portrayed his name is among twenty others on the charge sheet filed by spain's chief prosecutor. the prosecution has filed several charges for rebellion addition and embezzlement against the main political leaders of the catalan regional government with their actions and decisions over the past two years have caused an institutional crisis that resulted in the unilateral declaration of independence this was carried out without observing and ignoring our constitution. these charges are the worst. for the sat catalan leaders sedition carries a maximum of fifteen years in jail and rebellion a maximum of thirty years. some ministers braved it out by appearing for work then being asked by police to leave one was defiant. we will continue.
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later came separate meetings of both parties that were in the government coalition and they both agreed to take part in elections called by the spanish government for december more twists and turns in a crisis with so many dimensions and now the threat of jail hanging over politicians who declared a republic but now want to stand in the elections and do simmons al-jazeera apostle and. the seventh round of talks aimed at ending syria's war have begun in the cuss extern capital delegates are expected to call for a cease fire between government forces and rebel groups for at least six months clearing mines prisoner swaps and the release of hostages are also on the agenda the two days of negotiations are taking place behind closed doors there sponsored by iran and russia which support the syrian government and turkey which backs position imran khan is following events for us in a stand that. the talks here in a start to continue on monday and tuesday the main thrust has been
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a technical aspect of the talks this is in regards to the deescalation zones that were created on the talks here in estonia in september it's the guarantors of those talks that have been speaking today have been talking to each other today trying to figure out what role the take and that's russia turkey and iran however the syrian opposition are here as well and they have a very definite idea of what they want to have happen at these talks and what they want to take away from these talks first is the issue of the detainees or the prisoners or the people or almost three hundred thousand people taken hostage actually. and such an issue is beyond negotiations the second thing is the escalation areas which are being breech by that is jim and iran on almost daily basis and russia's are going to and it's supposed to do something about that now whether they get those prisoner exchanges and anything else they want is likely up
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to the russians the iranians and the turkish and the talks that they have with the syrian opposition as well the syrian regime will be involved also here the u.n. and the united states and jordan as an observer member of syrian government forces have stormed one of the last remaining neighborhoods held what i saw in the eastern city of deraa so or. is the most heavily populated area in the city still under the group's control the syrian army book isis for years siege of doing so in september but they're still facing small pockets of resistance. twenty six syrian hostages who escaped from i still have received an emotional homecoming in the city of homs were among seventy people taken nine days ago pro-government forces regained control of the desert so a sister and of all courier tade syrian authorities say i saw also killed more than a hundred residents just before they were pushed the time. last year saw
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a record search in the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere to a level last three seen three to five billion years ago the u.n. world meteorological organization says the twenty six thousand increase in c o two levels was fifty percent higher than the average of the past ten years now its latest greenhouse gas bullet or more is that this could feel a twenty meter rise in sea levels and add three degrees to temperatures scientists blame the rise on a combination of human activities and the el nino weather phenomenon they say more drastic emission reductions are needed a sense of urgency. well for more on this i'm joined from washington d.c. by durward zulkey who's the president of the institute for governance and sustainable development a very warm welcome to the program adore would just explain for us a bit more about why it is that we are seeing this rise in c o two. well we have more people on the planet we have more cutting of our forest
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that otherwise absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and we have more dirty energy that is propelling our society so we're seeing a continuing build up of these carbon dioxide climate pollutants we're also seeing the build up of non carbon dioxide climate pollutants like the black carbon tropospheric ozone methane and h f c's we're also seeing the oceans absorbing last c o two we're seeing droughts that are propelled by el nino that are also slowing down the absorption of c o two by our forest and other vegetation so we're now extremely dangerous moment with the climate system and what about the effects for you know different people around the world what kinds of sin if
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significant factors can happen from the things that you've mentioned. well i mean we're going to see sea level rise at an unprecedented level ten to twenty meters that thirty to sixty feet that's going to cause mass migration of people who live on low lying islands and coastal areas we're going to see heat that is so warm that millions of people will not be able to live where they're living today so we're on the verge of climate chaos and we need to move as quickly as we can to slam on the brakes with our emissions of carbon dioxide by moving into clean energy and by moving into super energy efficiency including of our appliances like air conditioners. we need to learn how to pull c o two out of the ambien atmosphere
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because it stays in the atmosphere for hundreds and hundreds of years and we have to learn how to pull it out and we have the brilliant technology to start with of photos synthesis pull c o two out puts it into biomass and into the soils and so we can accelerate that by protecting our forest and by expanding the way we grow our biomass and then we can also cut as fast as we can the now. again that's the black carbon methane and hydro fluorocarbons and we passed this past year the montreaux protocol gali amendment to get rid of one of the six main greenhouse gases the age of seas so the world needs to ratify and implement that immediately the world needs to pursue the paris implementation as fast as possible and then we need to get ready for a pretty tough climate future we just did
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a report with thirty three co-authors including. nobel laureate mario molina professor rama nonfinite scripts and and many others that had to come up with a new risk category moving beyond catastrophic to existential and we still have a chance to avoid this but we really have to get off the dime mobilize the world the same as we would on a war footing to change our industrial production to save the future for ourselves and for the children of the future. there would and so keep joining me there. well that's just more still to come this hour. nighttime in gaza we joined them and it's still growing. which three weeks after the palestinian we can say. the u.k. government promises to act on claims of sexual harassment in parliament. and i support this and once again that world title winning feeling for the fourth time
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has come in. the stormy weather is now making its way into eastern parts of europe squatting down across central air is still pieces of cloud here but the other think of cloud the area of low pressure responsible for those storms at the end of the weekend now pushing a a switch dragging quite a cold wind still single figures moscow four degrees celsius with some snow still single figures there for vienna warsaw six seven eight degrees celsius i was caught in numbers the mall rat is making its way in from the line take and that will feed in little area of high pressure just nosing in across england and wales you see temperatures getting up to around thirty to forty degrees and by the time we get to
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where to stay we're looking at double figures. and also for the end a little more cloud coming through as is normally the case at this time of the if you get the model weather usually means damp dahlan cloudy for the south it's fine dry and sunny in that pleasant sunshine stretching across a good part of the maddest right into northern areas of africa went to the low to mid twenty's head general looking set with a good deal of sunshine twenty two celsius for about michelle as well they continue across central parts of africa as one might expect stretching from the whole of africa right across to the gulf of. everything you do is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured that's what intelligence agencies are they are tossed to do things in secret that are a little small or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a.
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big could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations was it was so many nationalities. just. different places but it's one that gives us gives us the ability to identify when the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. our
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mind of our top stories here on our president trumps former campaign manager paul man a ford has pleaded not guilty to charges including money laundering and defunding the u.s. is business associate brigades also pleaded not guilty to the charges which stem from the investigation into alleged russian meddling in last year's connection it's also merged that a third person with links to the truck campaign george papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators over his contacts with russian opposition supporters in kenya have reacted angrily to kenya been declared the winner of the rerun presidential election. they tell media in may in mar reporting that politicians and businessmen are meeting to discuss setting up an economic zone in what kind state thousands of people marched in young dong young gong on sunday to show their support for the military's operation in northern me in my yarmulke claim to pieces debility has now been returned to the region
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a military crackdown was launched after andro hinge attacked peaceful and an army base since august more than six hundred thousand were injured have fled to bangladesh forest louis has more now from young gone. the government is keen to portray that a sense of normalcy has returned to northern rakhine state this is the state owned media global new light of myanmar and its lead article says entrepreneurs to develop recalling this follows a meeting on sunday between local politicians and businessmen to talk about such setting up new industries in more as well as an economic zone there and this is the area that's been hardest hit by a military crackdown that started on august twenty fifth an opinion piece in the same paper also said because peace and stability have returned to the area it's time to think about development projects. that will help alleviate poverty there
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and while this is happening or hinder activists say they are still receiving reports and videos of houses where hindu houses being burned down not by the military but five a kind that is small to these reports that extremely difficult to verify because journalists have not been granted unrestricted access they are allowed into the area only on government as court to trips but this should call into question the government narrative and analysts have also said focusing on economic development alone will not help resolve the real hinge or crisis when you have an entire population and in time when already severely discriminated against and persecuted. union leaders in indonesia are demanding the resignation of a government minister after a deadly factory fire that killed at least forty eight people most of them women the owner and director of the fireworks factory have been arrested step vasant explains. more than one hundred workers were crammed together in this small factory in a just after suburb when there were explosions course a police by sparks from
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a well the store. through not been body was found at the back of the building the fourteen year old was the first to be identified because of her braces she started working at the factory a month ago and paid around twenty dollars a week her mother are stuti as yet to hear from the company was dipping into but i want those who are responsible for this to come forward and they need to compensate me for my losses as a but they are up and said that. the factory owners are not only facing charges for lack of safety procedures but also for child labor in indonesia you have to be at least eighteen to do hazardous work police are investigating how the factory managed to get its permits and avoid inspections a school with more than one thousand children is across the street those strong enough to escape through hole in the wall managed to survive charred bodies of young girls were found trapped behind in another tragic accident and one of the
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initial stop to raise that often operate with m p a safety regulations on the. labor unions blame the government for prioritizing economic growth before safety in two thousand and fifteen official figures show more than two thousand three hundred people died due to work related accidents. we are asking the minister to step down and take responsibility if he doesn't feel the need to step down because he's not embarrassed the president should dismiss someone but the pathetic. in two thousand and fifteen indonesia ratified the occupational safety and health convention of the international labor organization the ministry of manpower inspections are done regularly but the government relies mostly on companies to hire safety specialist. for the number of government work safety and health supervisors in the whole of indonesia is one thousand nine hundred thirty three people up there are twenty
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million companies including small ones but the government is so far regulated two hundred forty thousand there is a big gap. so in us model her only child was happy with her job and never asked about safety regulations because like millions of other poor indonesians she was glad she had an income despite it being well below the minimum wage step al-jazeera. the trial of cambodia's opposition leader is due to begin in the next few hours came so close arrested in september he's been charged with treason and is accused of collaborating with the u.s. to overthrow the country's willing party if convicted he faces up to thirty years in prison when he has more now from rome. security is expected to be tight for the appearance in court of him so the leader of the cambodian national rescue party it's expected that many roads leading to the supreme court here in phnom penh will be blocked as authorities try to prevent supporters of the opposition coming here
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to approaches door to show their backing for him so he was supposed to be in court again last month as his lawyers filed an appeal against his pretrial detention but the police refused to allow him to leave prison apparently for his own safety so there is a chance that could happen again in this case since he was arrested on the third of september around half of the opposition members of parliament have left cambodia fearing for their safety and now the government is calling on the courts to dissolve the c.n.n. op the the opposition says this is all politically motivated by a government that's afraid of losing the general election in july next year life for palestinians in gaza was supposed to improve after reconsider agreement between rival groups hamas which controls gaza and fatah which runs the palestinian authority but electricity is still being rations of four hours a day three weeks after the deal was originally caught on the orders of the
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palestinian president to force hamas to the negotiating table but it smith reports . the nicknamed on kindly the a cursed because wherever these men are from gaza electricity go. darkness follows mr norman models we always have to listen to people insulting. he says. in june israel agreed to reduce the electricity supply to garza at the request of west bank based palestinian president mahmoud abbas. it was one of a number of tactics to force how mass which runs garza to the negotiating table. in this everything is bad once of the old lady big mean not to turn off the power it was so embarrassing i called my boss but he said no turning it off as i tried to do it five young men came with sticks and knives and started arguing with me then i had to run off and leave the power on each district rotates
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a for hours on twelve of shad jule half of the two million people who live here rely on expensive private generated networks to fill the gaps. but they're not affordable luxury for the other one million residents power is going to be off here now for another twelve hours the difference in this area is that people don't have backup generators now it's about three weeks since hamas started handing control of gaza back to the palestinian authority but still the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has not increased the electricity supply. israel's blockade of gaza meant that there was only ever up to eight hours of electricity a day but these latest cuts have bought normal life to a standstill. the life stops every everything you do. no days you know we have we have. online we have work on our computers we have work. you know. you lose connection with the world when the board. of
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the palestinian authority says the electricity supply will improve but it hasn't said when hearing gaza they've had to get used to waiting burnitz with al-jazeera. the british prime minister to resign may's encouraging any workers in the u.k. parliament who've been selected sexually harassed to come forward meaning that there have already been a number of allegations but many are asking why it's taken the harvey weinstein scandal to make the government take the seriously its own home of course the british parliament is a long way from hollywood but the harvey weinstein affair resonates here to the palace of westminster gripped now by allegations of sexual harassment and abuse current and historic by m.p.'s and ministers against colleagues volunteers and junior staff few individuals have been named so far international trade minister is one revealed to have asked an assistant to buy items for him at a sex shop
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a claim he hasn't denied. and a dossier according to british media reports details allegations against dozens of m.p.'s including serving ministers of inappropriate behavior and sexual advances towards both men and women while the growing scandal is not confined to any one party those listed are all members of the ruling conservative party i think there's a fear sense in the palace of westminster tonight and more broadly in government about where this scandal leads some m.p.'s have been asking me whether this is the next m.p.'s expenses scandal on that scale i think it very much depends what happens now the question is to what extent will new allegations be raised and how far will they go up in the chain of governments prime minister tourism a has called on the speaker of parliament to improve measures for reporting and investigating allegations of abuse she's told the thousands of westminster workers to come forward with allegations that her spokesman says will be taken very seriously. all
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of which puts the prime minister in a difficult position not only does the focus fall for now uncomfortably on her own party but with allegations pointing to a long history of sexual abuse in parliament and she's been in parliament for twenty years the question will be asked why is she only acting on it now. one labor party m.p. said the prime minister's response did not go far enough these ways of handling it out a fundamental part of the problem now these are people who've sat on their hands before they know who the major offenders are. they haven't acted upon them and they need to do now in a show of serious intent to resume a was in parliament on monday to hear a statement by commons leader and grill it so. i am well aware that the public rightly expect m.p.'s to display the highest standards and as the prime minister outlined in her letter yesterday there can be no place for harassment abuse or
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misconduct in politics parliament and the government may well look forward to a day when the dominant political story isn't breaks it but not all will have welcomed a day like this jonah how al-jazeera london controversial film director roman polanski has been mobbed by angry protesters at an event in his honor in paris warning the footage we're about to show you with flashing images event organizers ignored a petition of twenty six thousand signatures to styling instead to continue with the event celebrating his films woman polanski is accused of a string of sexual assaults including the statutory rape of a thirteen year old girl in the one nine hundred seventy seven. danish inventor peter manson has admitted dismembering the body of a swedish journalist on his submarine came volves remains were found at sea after she interviewed manson on his homemade vessel initially denied cussing up her body
12:44 am
and said she died accidentally after being hit by a heavy hatch cover you know says the thirty year old died of carbon monoxide poisoning whilst on board. students in greece of world petrol bombs at peace during a protest in tense face responded by firing tear gas into the crowd shop windows a bus stops with spanish guards garbage bins set on far hundreds of students are protesting against education budget cutbacks which of course shortages in school books and teachers. now it's always breast cancer awareness month it's the most common cancer in women around the world survival rates vary greatly depending on when the cancer is detected as well as the quality of treatment in sierra leone one organization is working to improve understanding of the disease as nina devised reports from free time. mariama babie who prepares dinner for her family is not a difficult task but she's grateful she can even do it she's
12:45 am
a breast cancer survivor and it's not been an easy journey she couldn't afford the operation to have a lump removed or by the medications. that we really have no money for my friends have been helping me even my kids can't always know me i thought of to alex my friends on church members mariam his daughter keeps an eye on her as she still suffers pain and there's a chance the cancer could come back. the world health organization states five hundred seventy thousand women die from breast cancer in twenty games and that figure is on the rise particularly in developing countries where the majority of women are diagnosed at a late stage in sierra leone or register was only started in two thousand and twelve i can estimate up to twenty percent from ten percent when distribute shores created tomorrow because of the freeze up to twenty present all freemen are suffering from breast cancer conti's says because of
12:46 am
a lack of awareness women don't seek a diagnosis early enough but it's hope that will change for breast cancer awareness month one local organization called the well woman clinic has been offering free screenings for people to detect for lumps and also showing them how to do some breast examinations the screenings also look for any other abnormalities. and stop the clinic give talks about the disease one of the biggest challenges is a lack of equipment including mammogram machines this can best diagnose breast cancer specifically for older women undergoing breast changes these could be a natural aging process the christ but it could be construed as well but that if you look in the chair then you know you don't look at the clinic it's raising funds for a mammogram machine most women can't afford to go abroad for treatment jennifer renner thomas helped found the clinic after only. family i have a strong passion and i want everybody to be with the way because i know what i went
12:47 am
through with my my sister and i don't think people should go through that but many are still too shy to talk about breast cancer some saying it's still seen as a stick my her community mariama has a message for people dealing with breast cancer i bought them a computer and i want to tell my friend the woman. that's just one more challenge that he still takes time to overcome need of reason al-jazeera freetown sierra leone still ahead this news hour in sports a football brainstorm that saw this player heading his team in the wrong direction plus. i'm a quote reporting on the remarkable war to be audible but as a means to even britain for some truth on the control of us and its cause and by its ability to take down trees or to change the whole landscape. business update brought to you by always going places together.
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business update brought to you by chance are always going places to go.
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let's get all the day's sports news that he has fired. julie thank you so much the houston astros will attempt to win their first ever world series title on tuesday when they take on the l.a. dodgers and game six the astros now lead the series after beating the dodgers on sunday and one of the most dramatic games in baseball history so how moloch reports the owner of the wild swings of game five starts today with the houston astros four one down against the los angeles dodgers. who escaped being banned from this world series for making a racist gesture and game three hit a three run homer for the astros to level the school for four. in the fifth and you responded in kind for the dodgers. with the series poised to chew on
12:50 am
a fountain head back to los angeles the dodgers look to be taking charges as their free run advantage was restored. and that's changed. but in this game no legal say . to be so much the no other three run homer and the game was never that seven seven. in the seventh inning george springer of the astros summed up the explosive nature of the night due. to this home run triggering an early fireworks show. and. the astros extended the lead to three runs in the eighth inning by now houston had also become the first team in the world series history five different plays homer in the game. but with the lay down to the final strike in the ninth. the tension level still had room to rise as the dodgers never the game once again at twelve twelve. off the all the home runs it
12:51 am
was a walk off in before the astros brags in the ten that finally decided the game offer more than. thirteen twelve when we asked the two best teams in baseball fighting to end and going toe to toe with each other i mean that. everybody was used on both teams pretty much every every single player and it's special for us to come out on top i think this whole series has been an emotional rollercoaster it's the two best teams playing for a championship and these are two teams that play twenty seven outs like we've talked about and so you're not going to expect those guys to lay down. the series and all the drama with human los angeles with the astros one win away from the first ever world series title. houston's n.f.l. team have also been making headlines after a majority of players kneeled before sunday's game in response to comments made by
12:52 am
the franchise owner about forty houston texas players ahead of the game against the seattle seahawks texans owner bob mcnair is quoted as saying we can have the inmates running the prison and when referring to ongoing player demonstrations during the pre-game anthem the movement was started by former san francisco forty nine ers quarterback calling capper nick to protest against racial injustice. chicago bears sack miller had to undergo emergency surgery to save his left leg after suffering a gruesome injury during a game against the new orleans saints the thirty three year old dislocated his name while attempting to catch a touchdown pass and doctors say the operation was a success. that was how often says the film cool runnings inspired him to be led to believe that one day he could become a world champion the britain is now enjoying that feeling as a formula one driver for a fourth time a nine place finish at the mexican grand prix was enough for hamilton to win the
12:53 am
title with two races left in the season hamilton began his career and go karting and says the true life story of a jamaican bobsled team making it to the winter olympics convinced him that he too could reach the top. i was a back to you know my favorite movie was cool runnings and. when they arrived at the top of the hill for the first time in the rusty old bus that that's exactly how me and my dad arrived at the go kart track you know and everyone kind of is almost like a one stop to look at us you know it's such a cool cool thing now looking back when it was kind of daunting at the time but. just so how much work and how much sacrifice my family. did and went through in order for us to be where we are today rafa del will almost certainly remain the world number one at the end of the tennis season after roger federer pulled out of this week's paris masters the swiss number two had closed the points with
12:54 am
a win vasile on sunday but his withdrawal has put it down in position to finish top for a first fourth time in his career let's say i need to win a match. might be something that. i am here today my best i've seen every tournament. was it that happens will be something important for me but. season is not over is not the moment to think much about that just to think about it have the right flipper ration for that for the tournament and then. to be ready for the first match all mccourt dutchman robin has flashed american steve johnson in the opening round of the paris masters six two six one the final score. now to a contender for one of the strangest penalty incidents football has seen in recent years this happened in the scottish league to the game between cabin b. and bear rangers will expect to finish. until counted in jordan garden tried to
12:55 am
tackle an opponent with his head as brainstorm resulted in a foul in the penalty barrack scored the spot kick and won the game gatenby are bottom of the table. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to julie in london thank you fara now an animal that was hunted to extinction in britain nearly five hundred years ago is making a comeback the beaver's been reintroduced and now has protected status in scotland but his return is being welcomed by everyone as nick clark reports. wissmann is would be more in southwest england the last remnants of an ancient forest a ghostly relic of a time past that some in part would like to see return britain was once covered in wilderness like this and in this wilderness it's all manner of animals including baz wolves and lynx of course all those animals are now long gone hunted to extinction is the human population grew and cleared land for agriculture where
12:56 am
there is a species that hasn't been seen for hundreds of years and has now returned and here in devon the fascinating evidence felled trees and dammed waterways the trademark work of not only active beavers region joost after an absence of five hundred years now the focus of license monitoring trials at different locations in the u.k. they're really good engineers they're also very industrious creatures as well as feeding they're looking to maintain expand their landscape but the good thing about beavers is that it's a landscape that suits lots of other animals too so it's virtuous circle it's what we call a keystone species that the changes it's landscape but it changes the wildlife as well that fills that landscape such cautious monitoring of the beavers reintroduction is essential five hundred miles to the north in scotland the impact of unchecked beaver populations is a big problem for farmers yeah this is normally dry. just in the ditch over here.
12:57 am
trying to flood this area on a swathe of prime farmland across this year and beyond a group of b visit let loose illegally in two thousand and two has grown to an estimated four hundred fifty individuals it cost me four to five thousand pounds a year to degrees out because i have to hire an addict but when the water rises blocking out the drains causes flood damage into the fields which we're trying to produce crops often produce food off. that is a major problem for us we need a management is responsive to the needs of farmers that recognizes the different bits of law and can cope with the verse in different ways but accept that management is a fundamental part of having the species in this country in two thousand and sixteen the scottish government announced the beavers will have protected status and will be allowed to stay and i know that laos roam these lands in the sixteenth century is back for good where it is allowed to live clearly needs to be carefully
12:58 am
considered and controlled but in the right place it's a welcome return to the ecosystem of the british isles. al-jazeera. school well that's it for me jenny went on and for this news hour i will be back in just a moment with more of the day's news in the meantime of course you can head to our website. al-jazeera. got loads of video on demand input from our correspondents and contributors from all over the. scene of.
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