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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2017 3:00am-3:33am AST

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when i went. to all. this time and how does it. we understand the different. and the similarities of cultures across the world send a matter how you take al-jazeera will bring in the news and current events that matter to. key former aides of u.s. president trump a charge as part of the inquiry into links between russia and his election campaign .
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and i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up spanish prosecutors secret belly and charges against cattle areas to post-process session leaders plus. the. anger in kenya after her kenya as a is declared the winner of a controversial presidential election rerun. and fighting breast cancer at its stigma we look at how one organization is confronting the challenge in sierra leone . there's been major developments in the investigation into links between russia and the campaign to get donald trump elected as u.s. president trumps former campaign manager paul modified and his business associates at been charged with conspiring against the u.s. it's also in the us that a third man who served as a campaign advisor has pleaded guilty to lying to the. f.b.i.
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about his contacts with russia the white house though is deflecting the news saying that none of this has anything to do with donald trump a white house correspondent kimberly helka reports. trump do solemnly swear donald trump has been in office less than a year but this is perhaps the most significant day of his presidency so far on monday two of his former associates avoided handcuffs and turned themselves into the authorities in washington the first is paul mann afford the former chair of donald trump's presidential election campaign the other is rick gates a longtime business associate of matter forts and worked with the white house until march both men appeared in court pleading not guilty to a dozen charges they include conspiracy against the united states also to launder money acting as an agent for a foreign principal providing false statements to investigators and failure to
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report foreign bank accounts there is no evidence that mr mann of fort with a trunk campaign colluded with the russian government. the announcement which caught many off guard that a third person tied to the truck campaign george papadopoulos had pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. that was over the timing of his meetings with alleged go betweens for russia he is now cooperating with the special investigation led by robert muller as with tall man afforded rick gates the white house is pushing back diminishing the role of papadopoulos as a foreign policy advisor this individual was the member of a volunteer advisory council them at one time over the course of a year and he was part of a list that was read out in the washington post i'd hardly call that some sort of regular advisor however it's the case of paul manna for which is getting the most attention the indictments paint the picture of a man living
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a lavish lifestyle when f.b.i. agents raided his home they even photographed his suits as evidence of money laundering more than seventy five million a form payments through offshore bank accounts on twitter trump reacted to the arrests he has repeatedly called the investigation into ties between his two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign and russia a witch hunt by political adversaries and the media without offering any evidence the white house says it expects the russia probe to wrap up soon and will the indictment states man a fourth charges involve actions from twenty sixteen on twitter trump contradicted the claim arguing the charges against him out of fort emanate from actions taken before chairing trump's presidential bid trump again stated there was no collusion between his campaign and russia metaphor its lawyer calls the charges ridiculous and on capitol hill top u.s.
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senators are also issuing statements about the indictments claiming it is proof the justice process is working kimberly helped get al jazeera washington live out of washington al-jazeera as alan fischer is set there for a silence of the white house saying that none of this has anything to do with donald trump with a right. well a couple problems with that first of all seeing that charges all relate to his time before with the campaign they don't want the indictment covers up to february twenty seventh in all over the period when paul minor four was the campaign manager for donald trump no the white house is trying to don't play the role that paul minor for played in the campaign but he was campaign manager for a lot longer than steve bannon who eventually got donald trump over the line and he played a key part in formulating the platform for the republican convention and also was the man who essentially pushed mike pence into the vice presidency put him before donald trump and said this is the guy you need to pick when donald trump was pretty
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keen on getting chris christie the job but george papadopoulos the man who's played guilty to misleading f.b.i. agents that brings the whole thing a lot closer to donald trump because even though the white house says look he played a minor advisory volunteer role he was e-mailing senior people in the campaign and saying look the russians could give us some information on hillary clinton and at no point did someone from the campaign think wait a minute if they've got thousands of e-mails they must have got them illegally we should tell the f.b.i. about this essentially he was given the green light to in at least follow that thread so these are two things which will can say on the trump white house they might stand back and say this is nothing to do with ayers it's all just moving through the process but there are threads there the f.b.i. and the special counsel can pull out and see what eventually unravels allen many thanks alan fischer in washington let's get a few now from all of them again
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a former senior policy adviser to president bill clinton he joins us live from texas what do you make of the day's events particularly. the revelation that george peppard openness has pled guilty to misleading f.b.i. agents. well this is going to be the flush and sausage making that's going to take place in an obscure far act which really has been prosecuted for a one in forty years that we've seen. a conviction on this and this is going to be opening pandora's box i think we're going to see a whole lot of things spilling out as a result of this we're in a global lee geo political economy right now that has network extra analyses and network connections across the globe and we need to be looking at how we do the far
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compliance which is really a transparency compliance law and we have to do some reporting to the justice department about all sorts of activities that are taking place across our borders our international borders both on the left and the right at the geo political sphere so i think everyone right now is rather cautious in washington because we're going to see a lot of fallout in this pandora's box i like to call it the farrah fawcett and that faucet is spilling open and right now everyone sort of kind of looking cautiously at prosecution a special prosecution that really is just looking at the nexus between democracy and politics and justice and that nexus is the leverage what we have in this indictment today is leverage getting people talking getting people to share what they think happened speculation is everywhere and naturally this white house the trump white house is being very very cautious at this time because it does not
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we're going to have a constitutional crisis on our hands so both the left and the right in washington ok so you're saying that the this could this pandora's box that you talk about could end up brain not just republicans people associated with a tribe campaign but democrats too but how close to do today's events bring donald trump to the this russian inquiry. i think like most like most of the investigation inquiry trump is very very far away from what they call collusion and again collusion is not is not against the law but i think we've got a long stretch before we take the day's events and put it in the lap of a sitting president who is in charge of. law and order and justice so when we start looking at that nexus right now at a prosecution trying to establish leverage we have to stand back and be cautious and do less is best and wait and see because right now even before the announcement
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of this came today everyone that the beans were spilling all over the table with regard to the left and clinton clinton background and all kinds of piece pieces that of the political sphere were spilling all over the floor. what you can take from me right now and way my face is looking right now i'm very cautious a very very cautious and concerned is what i'm seeing across the across the spectrum in washington d.c. about how to handle this very very carefully we need to let the prosecutor do their work and then basically wrap this up because this is a four year that is really only been prosecuted very few times four hundred cases in the last forty years and we only have nine people in the justice department actually processes these transparency and disclosures ok it's an important transparency disclosure but it is not always basically pulled into this realm of commerce of criminal criminal indictment ok out of the gate good story to so many
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thanks to our special prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich but he thinks de thank you. spain's chief prosecutor is seeking charges against several regional politicians cattle earliest recent votes on suspension the cattle and leaders could face up to thirty years in jail if convicted of rebellion sedition and embezzlement meanwhile the post catalan president pushed amount has travelled to brussels seeking the seeking support for the bid to split from spain andrew symonds reports from barcelona. the police may be guarding it's put the seeds of regional government here no longer has a president as its head the spanish state is in charge its flag didn't get removed when says session was declared by parliament last friday only sign of carlos. is his portrayed his name is among twenty others on the charge sheet filed by spain's chief prosecutor. in the studio the prosecution has filed several
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charges for rebellion addition and embezzlement against the main political leaders of the cattle and regional government in their actions and decisions over the past two years have caused an institutional crisis that resulted in the unilateral declaration of independence this was carried out without observing and ignoring our constitution. these charges are the worst case scenario for the sat catalan leaders sedition carries a maximum of fifteen years in jail and rebellion a maximum of thirty years. some ministers braved it out by appearing folk were then being asked by police to leave one was defiant. we will continue. later came separate meetings of both parties that were in the government coalition and they both agreed to take part in the elections called by the spanish government for december more twists and turns in
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a crisis with so many dimensions and now the threat of jail hanging over politicians who declared a republic but now want to stand in the elections and do simmons' al-jazeera pass alone or pencil operations and protests in kenya where who are can ask has been declared the winner of the presidential election rerun results show that he took ninety eight point two percent of the votes but the opposition has dismissed kenya has victory saying the low turnout means that he doesn't have a mandate to lead from either miller reports from nairobi. the official announcement that who're kenyatta had secured his second term in office was no surprise for millions of kenyans but a low voter turnout of eighty eight percent has raised questions around the legitimacy of the selection which was ordered by the supreme court after it an old august presidential vote saying the electoral commission had committed illegalities . two hundred sixty nine percent. of
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the same. ones. where. it. was nothing more. than a realization. of. state. forest. and. trace. the rerun was marred by violent protests when opposition leader raila odinga and his national super alliance party boycotted the election preventing at least one point eight million kenyans in opposition strongholds from voting. in total at least twelve million kenyans stayed away from the polls observer mission say besides the impact of the boycott violence and intimidation kept many of the voters
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away from polling stations. joe you described the vote as a sham with the electoral commission not making the reforms the opposition had demanded for it to participate in the vote virtually every other issue that we raised that last time is present in this election. and what has happened is that this time around i think i was in a crisis over legitimacy a crisis of trying to shore up the numbers so that it appears that there is a legitimate mandate for president and in the course of they have done i mean might enable things i can think of at least seventeen different grounds from the official even if the election is challenged at the supreme court there are concerns the courts may not act independently concerns around the independence of the judiciary was heightened when the court refused to hear a petition to perspire own last week's rerun saying there weren't enough judges
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present whether or not this election is challenge legally they are many kenyans that hope this final announcement will bring months of political tensions and uncertainty to an end but is kenya to address the nation asking for unity protests began years ago both political and ethnic rivalries are far from over. u.s. president onil trump says the libyan man links to a twenty twelve attack on an american diplomatic compound in benghazi has been captured attackers killed the ambassador to libya and three other americans in a statement trump said special forces picked up the stuff. in an operation in libya he says that will face justice in the u.s. at least eleven people have been killed in four air strikes in the libyan city of dan up in the east of the country witnesses say that civilian areas were his women and children among the dead a weather update next to zero dead
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a killing in colombia that's threatening historic cease fire deal will tell you. every one of the five. in the stand off for the stray in prison camp in papua new guinea as it faces closure later today. by the time. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. hello we've got more heavy rain pushing into central areas of vietnam central and southern vietnam sings the big downpours at the moment north easterly winds continue to feed more steering across the south china seas further north is fine and dry some lovely weather into southern parts of china hong kong at around twenty
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eight celsius twenty celsius two for manila and more humid here that we are going to see the usual heavy heat of the day showers rumbling away and i shower stretch their way down across much of southeast asia usual thunderhead still some rather wet weather there to southern parts of vietnam maybe also into cambodia maybe just pushing across into thailand as we go on into wednesday showers so much for malaysia some showers and a possibility to into indonesia and showers or longer spells of right looking on the cards for a good part of southern india this little area cloud just around tumble nadu will continue to feed some disturbed weather in across the area into carol and we've had some thunder showers here recently set to continue further north it is generally try if a little on the murky side new delhi with the fog and smoke problems temperatures no higher than around thirty degrees celsius not too bad in karate fine dry and sunny with a high of thirty three. the weather sponsored by cattle race.
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al jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts for cabana dot. tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his death would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count at this time on al jazeera. hello again top stories this hour on al-jazeera the investigation into russian
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links with donald trump's presidential bid to see his former campaign manager for man a foot at his business associates charged with conspiring against the u.s. they pleaded not guilty a third man who served as a campaign adviser has admitted lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with moscow. spain's chief prosecutor is seeking charges against several senior catalan politicians over the recent vote on session they could face up to thirty years in prison if convicted of rebellion sedition and the vessel but that opposition supporters in kenya reacted angrily to the hurricane yet of being reelected in the presidential election rerun supporters of his rival trial. boycotted the election. syrian government forces have stormed one of the last neighborhoods held by i saw in the eastern city of debtor's all have a dear is the most populous area still under the armed. groups control the syrian
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army broke eyesores four years siege or last month but small pockets of resistance remain. at least eight people have been killed when israel destroyed a tunnel in gaza prime minister benjamin netanyahu says that advanced location technology was used to identify the tunnel in the car near this area. the first priority for any government is to provide security for its citizens those who try to hurt us we hurt them i have said several times we are developing a pioneering technology to deal with the total threat today we discovered undestroyed air tunnel we hold hamas responsible for any attempts to harm our sovereignty outside its territory i assure you that we will continue to defend israel's borders in the future of a historic cease fire agreements in colombia is in doubt after an armed group admitted killing an indigenous leader the national liberation army or the l.n. says it was questioning aleo islamophobia stero on links to colombia's intelligence
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services when he tackled one of its members it says that he was shot in self-defense on friday colombia's president said that if the airline killed father stero it would constitute a breach of the deal more from either side of m.p.'s in bogota. in a statement the year len leadership said that one of its unique shot the indigenously there after detaining him for questioning he was accused of being a military informant in the western region of choke or land said they deeply regret this incident but also insisted in their state of mind too that there was no order to kill or harm the indigenous leader in any way and nonetheless this is of course a major flub on part of the rebels and a breach of the cease fire that had started just a month ago that cease fire deal will stand at least for now because according to
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the protocols of the cease fire and incidental however serious this is not mean and out and i think and to the ceasefire or the talks there is however increasing criticism coming from the opposition here in colombia and even among many government officials about the wisdom of continuing the talks with the land which will become only worse if the decides not to turn in those responsible for the killing. hundreds of refugees a barricading themselves inside a strain is offshore prison camp in papua new guinea there defying attempts to close the facility which will see the six hundred remaining refugees moved to temporary accommodation on the island that are among more than two thousand people originally deported by a stray or to deter asylum seekers from arriving by boat and thomas explains. four years ago australia began sending refugees to try to get to its shores to
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remote island prisons in papua new guinea and no roof instead on tuesday the man a silent prison will close the refugees held there are demanding that they be allowed to stay saying forced eviction into the papua new guinea and community is dangerous even the local community threatening us every day. they will kill us and now is truly is trying to walk away from us for australia's policy did deter people from trying to reach its shores by boat but its legacy was more than two thousand people left in limbo human rights groups condemned conditions in the prisons and demanded they closure after papua new guinea and court said detaining refugees was illegal australia agreed to close the man asylum prison and pay refugees compensation but the refugees don't want to leave they say few preparations have been made for their lives outside. after locals broke in and
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attacked them in twenty fourteen one was killed there fearful of worst violence when they're not protected by guards i thought the forty refugees and asylum seekers and nearly everyone described how they had been beaten stabbed or assaulted on men a silent they're terrified about moving to the main town of largo australia's government says those it calls genuine refugees should start new lives in papua new guinea some may later be transferred to the united states under a deal between australia and the obama administration. those it considers not genuine refugees must return to their countries of origin this is a crazy situation everybody's been screaming about wanted to get out of the place where we said it we're going to close it and move them into a different facility and require those the refugees to go back to their country of origin and now they want life australia's government says the prison closure is a matter for papua new guinea but on sunday p n g's immigration minister released a statement it says the refugees remain the responsibility of. and that p. and g.
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is concerned about human rights issues but the removal of health services wants the prisoners closed one australian has gone to extreme lengths to highlight what she calls her government's lack of compassion for a month she's been on a hunger strike i'm not doing this because it's fun and i'm not wanting to harm my myself but i don't understand what has happened to. go to a place where. refugees amount of silent fear of violence on tuesday their advocates say the men on and the families held on the roof should be transferred to australia or another country able to resettle refugees safely under thomas al-jazeera city the trial of cambodia's opposition leader is due to begin in the next few hours khem sako was arrested in september
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and is charged with treason accused of collaborating with the us to overthrow the ruling party wait hey reports from phnom penh security is expected to be tight for the appearance in court of him so the leader of the cambodian national rescue party it's expected that many roads leading to the supreme court here in phnom penh will be blocked as authorities try to prevent supporters of the opposition coming here to protest or to show their backing for kim so he was supposed to be in court again last month as his lawyers filed an appeal against his pretrial detention but the police refused to allow him to leave prison apparently for his own safety so there is a chance that could happen again in this case since he was arrested on the third of september around half of the opposition members of parliament have left cambodia fearing for their safety and now the government is calling on the courts to dissolve the c.n.r. the the opposition says this is all politically motivated by a government that's afraid of losing the general election in july next year. women
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with breast cancer in sierra leone a facing more than just a battle with a disease that dealing with huge medical costs and the stigma of breast cancer awareness month needed to various reports from freetown one organization is doing to improve understanding of the disease. mariama mabie who prepares dinner for her family it's not a difficult task but she's grateful she can even do it she's a breast cancer survivor and it's not been an easy journey she couldn't afford the operation to have a lump removed or by medications. have no money my friends have been helping me even my kids. have to x. my friends on church members mariam his daughter keeps an eye on her as she still suffers pain and there's a chance the cancer could come back. the world health organization states five hundred seventy thousand women died from breast cancer in twenty games and that
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figure is on the rise particularly in developing countries women jordi of women are diagnosed early stage in sierra leone or register was only started in two thousand and twelve i can estimate up to twenty percent from ten percent when this rate issue was created to now because of the freeze up to twenty percent of all freemen i suffered from breast cancer qantas's because of a lack of awareness women don't seek a diagnosis early enough but it's hope that will change for breast cancer awareness month one local organization called the well woman clinic has been offering free screenings for people to detect for lumps and also showing them how to do some breast examinations the screenings also look for any other abnormalities that can best diagnose breast cancer specifically for older women undergoing breast changes these could be natural if you process the breast but it could be conscious as well
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but that if you look at the chair then you know you don't look at the clinic it's. in funds for a mammogram machine most women can't afford to go abroad for treatment jennifer renner thomas helped found the clinic after losing family i have a strong passion i want everybody to be blessed by way because i know what i went through with my aunt and my sister and i don't think people should go through that but many are still too shy to talk about breast cancer some saying it's still seen as a stick my her community mariama has a message for people dealing with breast cancer. i want to tell my fellow women. that's just one more challenge that he still take time to overcome need of reason al-jazeera freetown sierra leone. it is good to have you with us adrian figure here in doha the headlines and i was there at the investigation into russian links with donald trump's presidential bid
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has seen his former campaign manager paul benefit and his business associates charged with conspiring against the u.s. there and they've pleaded not guilty a third man who served as a campaign advisor has admitted lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with moscow alan fischer reports from washington. the white house is trying to don't police say the role that paul mcgeough were played in the campaign but he was campaign manager for a lot longer than steve bannon eventually got donald trump over the line and he played a key part in formulating the platform for the republican convention and also was the man who essentially pushed mike pence into the vice presidency put him before donald trump and said this is the guy you need to pick when donald trump was pretty keen on getting chris christie the job but george papadopoulos the man who's pled guilty to misleading f.b.i. agents that brings the whole thing a lot closer to donald trump president trump says that a libyan man linked to a twenty twelve attack on an american diplomatic compound in benghazi has been
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captured attackers killed the ambassador to libya and three other americans trump says the stuff will face justice in the u.s. . spain's chief prosecutor is seeking charges against several senior cattle and politicians over the recent votes on session they could face up to thirty years in prison if convicted of a rebellion sedition and embezzlement opposition supporters in kenya have reacted angrily to kenyatta being declared the winner of a rerun of the presidential election supporters of opposition leader but iowa dingo boycotted the vote. at least eight people have been killed after israel destroyed a tunnel in gaza israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says that advanced location technology was used to identify the tunnel in the can yunus area hamas has described the killings as a dangerous escalation more news for you i was here after inside story next.
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kenyans have had two elections the opposition leader wants a third countries divided and there are fears of another cycle of post-election violence one that happened ten years ago eleven hundred people died so what does the future hold this is inside story.


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