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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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five years after the siege of the city. al-jazeera world travels to libya. to hear the stories of those who fought in the battle of misrata. al jazeera world at this time. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm adrian for the good in this is that is our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a former trump campaign advisor myths that he lied to the f.b.i. about meetings with alleged russian go betweens. trump's former campaign manager paul manifold and another aide plead not guilty to conspiring to defraud the u.s. . spanish prosecutors seek rebellion charges against cattle earliest opposed process session leaders. and where areas of gaza get as little as four hours of power a day those who have to ration it face harassment and assault. have been major developments in the investigation into links between russia and the campaign to get donald trump elected as u.s. president trump's former campaign manager paul manifest that his business associate has been charged with conspiring against the u.s.
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it's also a nurse that a third man who served cat as a. unpaid adviser has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia the white house though is distancing itself saying that none of this has anything to do with donald trump a white house correspondent kimberly hellcat reports. donald trump do solemnly swear donald trump has been in office less than a year but this is perhaps the most significant day of his presidency so far on monday two of his former associates avoided handcuffs and turned themselves into the authorities in washington the first is paul mann afford the former chair of donald trump's presidential election campaign the other is rick gates a longtime business associate of matter forts and worked with the white house until march both men appeared in court pleading not guilty to a dozen charges they include conspiracy against the united states also to launder
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money acting as an agent for a foreign principal providing false statements to investigators and failure to report foreign bank accounts. there is no evidence that mr mann a fort with a trench campaign colluded with the russian government the announcement which caught many off guard that a third person tied to the truck campaign george papadopoulos had pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. that was over the timing of his meetings with alleged go betweens for russia he is now cooperating with the special investigation led by robert muller as with paul mann afforded rick gates the white house is pushing back diminishing the role of papadopoulos as a foreign policy advisor this individual was the member of a volunteer advisory council them at one time over the course of a year and he was part of a list that was read out in the washington post and hardly call that some sort of regular advisor however it's the case of paul man a for which is getting the most
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attention the indictments paint the picture of a man living a lavish lifestyle when f.b.i. agents raided his home they even photographed his suits as evidence of money laundering more than seventy five million a form payments through offshore bank accounts on twitter trump reacted to the arrests he has repeatedly called the investigation into ties between his two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign and russia a witch hunt by political adversaries and the media without offering any evidence the white house says it expects the russia probe to wrap up soon and will the indictment states man a fourth charges involve actions from twenty sixteen on twitter trumped contradicted the claim arguing the charges against man a fort emanate from actions taken before chairing trumps presidential bid trump against stated there was no collusion between his campaign and russia metaphor it's
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lawyer calls the charges ridiculous and on capitol hill top u.s. senators are also issuing state. it's about the indictments claiming it is proof the justice process is working kimberly help hit al-jazeera washington al-jazeera should have pretends it has more now on the main players in this unfolding political drama and who else could be put under the spotlight. poor amount of four is seen as a pioneer in selling access to the us presidency he used his republican party times developed during the gerald ford and rolled reagan eras to market a variety of warlords and dictators to washington's political establishment among his former clients jonas savimbi of angola ferdinand marcos of the philippines and move to say yeah well presented as devoted cold war allies for the us rick gates is seen as his right hand man having worked with battle for in his political consultancy firms from the mid two thousand on woods both took senior roles in the
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trump campaign manager for was trump's campaign manager for three months in the summer of twenty sixteen until he resigned following reports about his lobbying for the ukrainian government gates followed his boss into the trump campaign and remained a key member until the presidential inauguration the third figure who emerged on monday is george papadopoulos he served as a foreign policy adviser to the trump campaign there was actual foreign policy experience has been difficult to corroborate he's pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about contacts he had with a russian professor during the presidential campaign who he understood to have kremlin time the professor told him he had quote good and quotes on hillary clinton in the form of thousands of e-mails have adopted us also lied about another meeting with a russian national adoption is reported to have offered to arrange a meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin during the campaign an offer that trump staffers declined however there was discussion apparently at
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a senior level about the young staffers proposals for contact with russia meanwhile several other figures in the trump campaign are being investigated the special counsel's investigation continues and they will be looking into all sorts of other people who are involved in this matter clearly they're looking at jared kirshner and donald jr so i think that there are many more months to go and it is quite likely we'll see other indictments in the future not of the charges against man a for. related to allegations that the campaign could mooted with russia in the attempt to influence last year's presidential election with the decision by the special counsel to choose monday the same day that those two men were indicted to announce the plea bargain deal he made with papadopoulos about allegations of russian collusion are a signal that avenue is still being pursued aggressively. the al-jazeera washington let's get a view now from ryan goodman a professor at the new york university school of law he served as special counsel
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in the department of defense under the obama administration he's with us now live from new york good to have you with us professor metaphor that got all the headlines today but it was probably was the more significant news wasn't it i think sir think the puppet police statement is something of a bombshell that reveals that maher has a lot of information that might lead to the heart of the issue which is a potential collusion between the trunk campaign and the russians just how close though does this bring these accusations to president trump so it brings in quite close one of the things that's quite remarkable in the papadopoulos statement is that trump himself is mentioned as being in a meeting with papadopoulos much in march thirty first two thousand and sixteen and papadopoulos reports today meaning his connections with the russians so that
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directly implicates the president and then secondly there are many instances in which that statement refers to quote unquote high ranking campaign officials who papadopoulos kept informed of his connections and communications with the russians so i think once again that's getting mighty close to the president himself at least his senior advisers is a professor of law where do you think this investigation is going to go next. it's difficult to know i do think that this is a watershed in the investigation in part because it shows that muller is willing to engage in what i call rolling indictments meaning that he's not going to wait until the very end where he says everything up and then tells us what's happened but he's actually willing to indict people along the way so i think this is just a very first step and it does indicate to me that he is likely trying to press manner for it this is just one indictment against metaphor he can always supplement
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it and i think he's sending a very strong signal with papadopoulos as a plea bargain that he's willing to go to the mat he's willing to go against people if they lie to the f.b.i. and he is certainly signaling that the collusion part of the investigation is still wide open professor good to talk to you but i think steve right goodman that in new york president trump says that a libyan man linked to a twenty twelve attack of american diplomatic compound in benghazi has been captured attackers killed the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans in a statement trump says that special forces quicked up the stuff mom in an operation in libya he says that will face justice in the u.s. . at least eleven people were killed in four airstrikes in the libyan city of dead up in the east of the country witnesses say that civilian areas were hit with women and children among the dead. spain's chief prosecutor is seeking charges against
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several regional politicians over catalonia its recent votes on to session the cattle and leaders could face up to thirty years in prison if convicted of rebellion sedition and embezzlement meanwhile the post capital and president pushed amount as travel to brussels seeking support for the bid to split from spain as andrew symonds reports from. the police may be guarding it but the seeds of regional government here no longer has a president as its head the spanish state is in charge its flag didn't get removed when says session was declared by parliament last friday the only sign of carlos. is his portrayed his name is among twenty others on the charge sheet filed by spain's chief prosecutor. the prosecution has filed several charges for rebellion addition and embezzlement against the main political leaders of the catalan regional government with their actions and decisions over
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the past two years have caused an institutional crisis that resulted in the unilateral declaration of independence this was carried out without observing and ignoring our constitution these charges are the worst case for the sat catalan leaders sedition carries a maximum of fifteen years in jail and rebellion a maximum of thirty years. some ministers braved it out by appearing folk were then being asked by police to leave one was defiant. we will continue. later came separate meetings of both parties that were in the government coalition and they both agreed to take part in the elections called by the spanish government for december more twists and turns in a crisis with so many dimensions and now the threat of jail hanging over politicians who declared a republic but now want to stand in the elections and do simmons' al-jazeera pass
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alone this is the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program. the. anger in kenya after her kenya declared the winner of the controversial presidential election we won. a desert battleground the u.s. pledges millions to back a new joint force in africa and in sports the houston astros edge one of the most dramatic games in world series history. china and south korea have agreed to improve diplomatic relations after a year long standoff for the deployment of u.s. made anti missile systems in south korea seoul and beijing say that their work together to resolve the nuclear issue in north korea let's go live to seoul tony
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bartley can tell us more about this announcement tony. very positive move as far south korea is concerned china imposed sanctions earlier this year which affected the south korean economy it was basically because of the american deploying the. missile defense system which was put in place in march that's operated and used by the americans china was very concerned that this missile defense system could be basically a window into china and would affect their security so they're there for the imposed sanctions those sanctions were across the board but basically they hit south korean car making in china and also the chinese tourist boom in south korea nearly half the seventeen million visitors to south korea come from china and they're big spenders so it's estimated that cost nearly five billion dollars to the south korean economy this move now is a very good move ahead because it is normalizing they're going to normalize these relations we think the sideline meeting of the apec the asia pacific economic
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cooperation organization in vietnam next week certainly a step in the right direction president xi president moon will meet that bilateral meeting and basically put to bear some of the things that a bit concerning china about the missile system they haven't said that they want that missile system to be removed before the talks and south korea has said those missile systems will have to stay in place but they've agreed to talk about it so encouraging news there ok what exactly did they say in their announcement tony. just basically they want to get the normalization of relations back on track they both said that they want to per pursue peaceful means of getting a deal. of north korea which is also very encouraging something the south korean government so described also and that means a belittle bit less of tension on the korean peninsula and as you know in recent
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weeks the tensions have mounted here we got a visit by president in a week's time and there are concerns about what may happen when he comes because his rhetoric has been anything rather than peaceful negotiation he's been ratcheting up the rhetoric fiery fearing he was saying the total destruction of north korea so people now see this new move between south korea and china as a way of toning down that kind of rhetoric tony many thanks to anybody there live in seoul have been celebrations and protests in kenya where hurricane yet has been declared the winner of the presidential election rerun results show that he took ninety eight point two percent of the vote but the opposition has dismissed kenya as a victory citing low voter turnout from either miller reports from nairobi. the official announcement that who kenyatta had secured his second term in office was no surprise for millions of kenyans but a low voter turnout of eighty percent has raised questions around the legitimacy of
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the selection which was ordered by the supreme court after it and now old august presidential vote saying the little commission had committed illegalities. children to six. months to get support. from. the. the statement. of their love. and support of my son. and the support was me god. trace. the rerun was marred by violent protests when opposition leader raila odinga and his national super alliance party boycotted the election preventing at least one point eight million
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kenyans in opposition strongholds from voting. in total at least twelve million kenyans stayed away from the polls observer mission say besides the impact of the boycott violence and intimidation kept many of the voters away from polling stations. joe you described the vote as a sham with the electoral commission not making the reforms the opposition had demanded for it to participate in the vote virtually every other issue that that last time is present in this election. and what has happened is that this time around i think i was in a crisis of legitimacy a crisis of trying to shore up the numbers so that it appears that there is a legitimate mandate for president and in the course of they have done and imaginable things i can think of at least seventeen different grounds from the official even if the election is challenged at the supreme court there are concerns
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the courts may not act independently concerns around the independence of the judiciary was heightened when the court refused to hear a petition to perspire own last week's rerun saying there weren't enough judges present whether or not this election is challenge legally there are many kenyans that hope this final announcement will bring months of political tensions and uncertainty to an end but is kenya to address the nation asking for unity protests began hitting fears of both political and ethnic rivalries are far from over. and zeros catherine so i witnessed firsthand some of those processed sent assuming that opposition stronghold in western kenya. so people here in kisumu are very young by this saying they reject the results. of the direction from the leader right away what. is going to determine what happens next but
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first straight ahead they say that this is a sham election they also say that they want a fresh election in one thousand days so you think. commission chair given the wrong result there is. no actually the solution lies within the to. the protagonists of course fighting for power but the end result is the common man is not getting anything on the table. i don't see anybody really don't. think it's going. to work we don't want. this is one of four counties where the election was cancelled because of security reasons and collectively there are about one point eight million registered voters and people here are very young.
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soldiers and they will do whatever he tells them to do the u.s. is pledging sixty eight million dollars to support a new force to patrol the south western sahara desert the so-called g. five so hale nations that's mauritania mali became a fascination and chad a combining to fight groups in the area diplomatic it's a james pace report. the u.n. already has a peacekeeping force in mali but it often faces attacks from the north lightly organized outside the country's borders the so hale is a vast desert region where armed groups can roam with considerable freedom a new force known as the g five mission is now being set up this is its headquarters but it lacks the necessary logistical support and funding of over four hundred ninety million u.s. dollars that's why the security council's been meeting everyone around the table
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acknowledges the force is needed but they disagree on what help and money the u.n. should give up is that artists on the field are smart enough what's going on in addition to the issue of financing the joint force will also require support in spheres such as infrastructure information and communication technology and ziad technology training medical training and many vet passerby as well as supporting terms of both air and land a transport of their work yes not only it's pretty clear the u.s. is not giving the new mission a blank check we understand the force will need ongoing support and are eager for opportunities to work closely with our partners to make this effort a successful one but we believe that the g. five force must be first and foremost own by the countries of the region themselves the u.s. has announced that it will give up to sixty million dollars in funding the death of
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four u.s. servicemen in the share earlier this month perhaps moving the up the list of washington's priorities it's not clear where the rest of the money will come from or how the u.n. will support the new g five force james pays out jazeera at the united nations at least eight people were killed when israel destroyed a tunnel in gaza prime minister benjamin netanyahu says that advanced location technology was here. to identify the tunnel in the canyon is syria the masses describe the killings as a dangerous escalation it says the tunnels are used for importing food and supplies israel says they're a front for smuggling weapons. the first priority for any government is to provide security for its citizens those who try to hurt us we hurt them i have said several times we are developing a pioneering technology to deal with the total threat today we discovered undestroyed air tunnel we hold hamas responsible for any attempts to harm our
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sovereignty outside its territory i assure you that we will continue to defend israel's borders and the. occupation which targets the palestinian resistance is targeting the efforts to repair palestinian unity and continue with planning and preparation for the defense of our people and our holy land this is a guarantee right as long as there is occupation and aggression life for palestinians in gaza was supposed to improve for reconciliation agreement between rival groups hamas controls gaza while fattah runs the palestinian authority but elektra city is still being rationed three weeks after that deal but it's with reports from gaza there nicknamed unkindly the a cursed because wherever these men are from garza electricity go. darkness follows we always have to listen to people insulting us he says. in june israel agreed to reduce the electricity supply to garza at the request of west bank based
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palestinian president mahmoud abbas. it was one of a number of tactics to force hamas which runs gaza to the negotiating table. in this everything is bad one to the old lady big me not to turn off the power it was so embarrassing i called my boss but he said no turning it off as i tried to do it five young men came with sticks and knives and started arguing with me then i had to run off and leave the power on each district rotates a for hours on twelve of shad jule half of the two million people who live here rely on expensive private generated networks to fill the gaps. but they're not affordable luxury for the other one million residents the power is going to be off here now for another twelve hours the difference in this area is that people don't have backup generators now it's about three weeks since hamas started handing control of gaza back to the palestinian authority but still the palestinian
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president mahmoud abbas has not increased the electricity supply. israel's blockade of gaza meant that there was only ever up to eight hours of electricity a day but these latest cuts normal life to a standstill the life stops every everything you do. nowadays you know we have. online we have work on our computers we have. you know. connection with the world and about. the palestinian authority says the electricity supply will improve but it hasn't said when hearing gaza they've had to get used to waiting burnitz meant al-jazeera gaza. the u.k.'s foreign minister says that he's proud of the declaration signed one hundred years ago that led to the creation of israel the balfour declaration was a nine hundred seventeen british statement supporting
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a jewish state in palestine boris johnson says that parts of the agreement dealing with arab rights of top and fully realized he's calling for a two state solution the balfour declaration paved the way for the birth of a great nation the state of israel has prevailed over every obstacle from the harshness of nature to the visceral hostility of its enemies to become a free society with a thriving and innovative economy and the same essential values that we in britain hold dear liberty democracy and the reel of law found a home in israel more so than anywhere else in the middle east most of all there is the incontestable moral purpose of his road to provide a persecuted people with a safe and secure environment one hour from our u.k. correspondent bobby phillips. you saw boris johnson's very complimentary remarks
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about israel there but i think his overall message was slightly more nuanced he was saying that there was unfinished business that the balfour declaration had led to the creation of israel but it also in his words had led to injustice and tragedy for the palestinian people i think what's interesting was the marked difference in tactics when the main opposition party the labor party spoke their foreign affairs spokesman emily thornberry she's saying look britain has to recognize palestine now if not now then when boris johnson's reply you can only play that recognition card once by implication britain only has so much influence over the israelis and let's face it the americans you play that card well guess what the occupation does not end so for me i think the really interesting thing is a hundred years ago britain could rewrite the map and the history of the middle
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east today it looks on in futility and frustration. syrian government forces have stalled one of the last neighborhoods held by i saw in the eastern city of dollars or one hundred years the most populous area still under the armed groups control the syrian army broke i saw as four years siege on darrow's or last month but small pockets of resistance remain the seventh round of talks aimed at ending syria's six year war have begun in kazakstan capital istana the meetings expected to call for a ceasefire between government forces and rebel groups for at least six months the talks are sponsored by iran and russia who support the syrian government and turkey which backs the rebels al-jazeera continues to demand the release of its journalist marco to say it has been a gyptian prison for more than three hundred ten days he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which both here and al-jazeera strongly deny mahmoud has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail. we got
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a weather update thanks to when i was a zero then. protests in paris over attributes to a controversial film director roman polanski. i may quote reporting on the remarkable. hasn't been seen in britain for centuries and the control the sea is causing by its ability to take down trees had to change the whole landscape and in sports houston texans players react to comments made by that. who compared them to inmates. from the blue sky. to the fresh breeze in the city. we've got more heavy rain pushing into central areas of vietnam central and southern vietnam since the big downpours at the moment northeasterly winds continue
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to feed. in across the south china seas further north is fine and dry some lovely weather into southern parts of china hong kong at around twenty celsius twenty two for manila and more humid here that we are going to say yeah the usual heavy heat of the day showers rumbling away. way down across much of southeast asia usual thunderhead still some rather wet weather there to southern parts of vietnam maybe also into cambodia maybe just pushing across into thailand as we go on into wednesday. any possibility to into indonesia and showers or longer spells of right looking on the cots for a good part of southern india this little area just around the world continue to feed some disturbed weather across the area into carola we've had some of thundery showers here recently set to continue further north it is generally try a little on the murky side new delhi with the fog and small problems temperatures
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no higher than around thirty degrees celsius not too bad in karachi fine dry and sunny with a high of thirty three. the weather sponsored by cats and always. with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. oh is it when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that. address or if you join us on saturday i'm a member of the ku klux but we struck up a relationship is
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a dialogue tweet us with hostile stream and one of your pitches might make the actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. get a grip for the going here and with the news from al-jazeera our top stories the investigation into russian links with donald trump's presidential bid has seen his former campaign manager pull and the business charged with conspiring against the u.s. they pleaded not guilty a man who served as a campaign advisor has admitted lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with moscow. u.s.
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president donald trump says a libyan man linked to a twenty twelve attack on an american diplomatic compound in benghazi has been attacked. has been captured attackers killed the ambassador to libya and three other americans trump says the stuff in mom will face justice in the u.s. . spain's chief prosecutor is seeking charges against several senior cattle and politicians by the recent session referendum if convicted of rebellion sedition and investment they could face up to thirty years in jail. social media giants have revealed evidence of russian entities trying to influence the outcome of last year's u.s. election facebook twitter and google are due to testify at a congressional hearing this week facebook says that russia based operatives published eighty thousand posts over a two year period relating to the election and political issues and this to me it's that one hundred twenty six million americans could have seen those posts that's
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around half of the u.s. population of voting age twitter found russian linked accounts put out one point four million election related tweets between september and november last year half of them were automated and google says it identified four thousand seven hundred dollars in advertising spending during the election cycle the can be traced to a pro russian government group dave cuffe is the associate professor of media and public affairs at the george washington university he joins us now live from washington dave good to have you with us the question is did russia's use of social media during the election campaign influence the outcome. it's unlikely that it had a very large impact on the outcome this was a close enough election that anything can change the outcome technically but what i think your viewers need to keep in mind is that us elections are multi-billion
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dollar industries that last over a year and a half so in the course of those elections there's so much political communication that even though we're seeing an awful lot of conversation on facebook and on twitter from these russian agents it's unlikely that that conversation led to a major impact in voting behavior but one hundred twenty six million americans of voting age saw posts sponsored by russia or russian entities during the election campaign what are the implications of that for the social media platforms and the companies that own them well i think there's two major implications the first for how we understand twenty sixteen is that this is evidence that there was a large coordinated effort by foreign actors to inject propaganda into the u.s. election and influence the outcome whether it was effective or not and there's
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investigations going on right now with the congress i think that's important for us an understanding that there was a major attempt here it's also important because looking forward to the next few elections right now television advertising is a regulated space and digital advertising is largely unregulated so i think this is going to provide an opportunity for us to try to get this under control so it doesn't continue to grow in future elections and is that controlled at the social media giants should should look to take right now i mean how do they go about mitigating threats in the future or is government going to get involved here we're going to have new regulations slapped upon the digital advertising space. we're going to need some sort of regulations those will either come from government interacting with industry or from industry coming together and setting its own standards. and what they're going to need to do is focus on transparency focus on
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some bright line guidelines for what is and is not allowed and then monitor for strategic behavior from foreign actors and malicious entities in future elections ok i don't i'm just intrigued as to how a social media company would actually go about doing that mitigating this threat well it's going to be difficult but they have a lot of data and they use that data in order to figure out how people are behaving on their site and to ward off malicious attempts to lie to people to trick people into taking commercial action they need to apply that same data and that same policymaking that they use in the commercial realm to the political realm ok good to talk to you dave cope associate professor of media. at george washington university. protesters have disrupted an event in paris to celebrate the life's work of the controversial film director roman polanski the city's spinner's home
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since the one nine hundred seventy s. when he fled charges in the u.s. of having sex with a teenager protesters say that the tribute is an insult to the victims of sexual assault david chase are reports. of aggressor and the drumbeat of hands on the cinematheque windows greeted polanski's arrival another four women have come forward to claim they were sexually assaulted by him still a wanted man in the united states for drugging and raping a thirteen year old girl four decades ago he admitted the charges but escaped to paris before he was sentenced. but the director of the cinematheque said it was not the institutions role to be judge or jury or to moralize polanski's films have received worldwide acclaim include chinatown the pianist the ghost writer and rosemary's baby and his latest one based on
5:40 am
a true story critics say barely rises above cliche in. women's rights campaigners describe the polanski retrospective as an affront to all rape victims. crazy he said the whole film industry defends him supports him organizers he's impunity by always running out the red carpet for him. i'm really going to enjoy this i'm going to try and see everything. should anyone continue practicing their art after having done things like that i still wonder if we can separate the men from the art of. the cinematheque very say polanski's amount to nothing less than a history of the twentieth century. and try three i can tell a blind performer who. polanski's original victim is now in her. fifty's and spoke in public this year about the rape i was a young sexually active teenager and it was
5:41 am
a scary thing but it was not an uncommon thing. polanski has lived and worked in france for more than forty years and has been inducted into the french academy of fine arts for his work in cinema. cinema tech francaise say they will not abandon their fundamental mission to tarsus the show the work of great filmmakers david chase al-jazeera paris a u.s. court has blocked president donald trump's ban on transgender people serving in the military transgender service members had appealed the band saying the trumpet violated their constitutional rights the president made the announcement via twitter in july pointing to what he called tremendous medical costs and disruption the move cost international anger the trial of cambodia's opposition leader is getting underway carr was arrested in september charged with treason accused of
5:42 am
collaborating with the u.s. to overthrow the country's ruling party if convicted he faces up to thirty years in prison it is just the latest move in a crackdown that critics say is motivated by prime minister hun sen's desire to cling on to power after a surge in popularity for soccer's party the c.n.r. p. media outlets critical of the government have been shut down for alleged breaches of regulations earlier this month the cambodian ministry of interior initiated formal legal proceedings to dissolve the c.n.n. r.p. half of its members have fled the country that attacks on non-governmental organizations have intensified since twenty fifteen they've been required by law to be politically neutral let's go live now to the capital phnom penh al-jazeera sway the hay is there wayne is. actually going to appear in court this time. well so far adrian no there is no sign of him so we've seen some of his legal team entering the supreme court behind me
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for the beginning of that treason case but again no sign of self in fact we have told by his family that he is still in the prison where he's been since he was arrested on the third of september and again no sign of him coming here that prison is around one hundred fifty kilometers to the north of the capital so you would assume that if he was going to be here if they were going to bring him here then perhaps he would have left by now there was a similar situation last month when he was supposed to be in court because his lawyers had filed an appeal against his pretrial detention at that time the police said that they wouldn't allow him to leave prison for his own safety apparently this time according to local media reports the government is saying that doesn't need to be in court today because his lawyers can answer the questions on his behalf so we wait to see exactly what comes out of the course on the first day of
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this trial but just remind us when what is this trial all about. well as you mentioned this goes back to two thousand and thirteen when kim gave a speech in australia where he talked seemingly pretty innocently about wanting to change the political makeup in cambodia with the advice of foreign governments like the united states now the government here has interpreted that as being treasonous so it's charged them the good the big question is why now why did it take four years for them to bring this case against the leader of the opposition well the opposition itself to see an r.p. and critics of the government say it has nothing to do with the law it is all about politics it's all about the prime minister who in sin and his government wanting to stay in power we had local elections in june this year and the see an r.p. made pretty significant inroads into the dominance of one since party the cambodian
5:45 am
people's party ended in july next year we have a general election and everyone was expecting the c.n. r.p. to do even better in the general election than it did in the local elections and this is not an isolated case this case regarding kim so the previous leader of the c.n.r. peace sam rainsy is in exile living in france avoiding a two year jail term for defamation and now the government is asking the courts to dissolve the sea an r.p. completely in that case will begin on the sixteenth of november when many thanks indeed way hey they live in. the future of a historic ceasefire agreement in colombia as in downtown to an armed group admitted killing an indigenous leader the national liberation army or e l n says that it was questioning our neo is obama for a stero on links to colombia's intelligence services when he tackled one of its members says that he was shot in self-defense on friday colombia's president said
5:46 am
that if the killed for a stero it would constitute a breach of the deal more now from. who's in bogota. in a statement the year len leadership said that one of its unique shot the indigenously there after detaining him for questioning he was accused of being a military informant in the western region of choke or. deeply regretted this incident but also insisted in their state of mind through that there was no order to kill or harm the indigenous leader in any way and nonetheless this is of course a major flub on part of the rebels and a breach of the cease fire that had started just a month ago that cease fire deal will stand at least for now because according to the protocols of the cease fire and incidental however serious there's not mean an out and i think and to the cease fire or did talks there is however increasing
5:47 am
criticism coming from the opposition here in colombia and even among many government officials about the wisdom of continuing the talks with your land which will become only worse if the un decides not to turn in those responsible for the killing the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere rose at the fastest rate ever recorded last year the world meteorological organization says that c o two levels increased fifty percent faster than the average in the previous decade means the temperature could rise by two to three so serious and sea levels by ten to twenty meters. still to come on the news hour in sports the football brain storm that saw one player heading his teen in the wrong direction.
5:48 am
5:49 am
hello again an animal that was hunted to extinction in britain nearly five hundred years ago is making a return last year the scottish government ruled that beavers will have protected status and will be allowed to stay and the clock reports. wissmann is would be more in southwest england the last remnants of an ancient forest again slowly relic of a time past that some in heart would like to see return britain was once covered in wilderness like this and in this wilderness lived all manner of animals including baz wolves and lynx of course all those animals are now long gone hunted to
5:50 am
extinction is the human population grew and cleared land for agriculture where there is a species that hasn't been seen for hundreds of years and has now returned and here in devon the fascinating evidence felled trees and dammed waterways the trademark work of not only active beavers reintroduced after an absence of five hundred years now the focus of license monitoring trials at different locations in the u.k. they're really good engineers they're also very industrious creatures as well as feeding they're looking to maintain expand their landscape but the good thing about beavers is that it's a landscape that suits lots of other animals too so it's virtuous circle it's what we call a keystone species that the changes its landscape but it changes the wildlife as well that fills that landscape such cautious monitoring of the beavers reintroduction is essential five hundred miles to the north in scotland the impact of unchecked beaver populations is a big problem for farmers yeah this is normally dry and they've belted down just in
5:51 am
the ditch over here and they are busy trying to flood this area on a swathe of prime farmland across this year and beyond a group of b vision let loose illegally in two thousand and two has grown to an estimated four hundred fifty individuals it cost me four to five thousand pounds a year to degrees out because i have to hire an addict but when the water rises blocking out the drains it causes flood damage into the fields which we're trying to produce crops often produce food off. that is a major problem for us we need to manage. is responsive to the needs of farmers that recognize the different bits of law and can cope with fevers in different ways but accept that management is a fundamental part of having the species in this country in two thousand and sixteen the scottish government announced to be visit will have protected status and will be allowed to stay and i know that laos roam these lands in the sixteenth
5:52 am
century is back for good where it is allowed to live clearly needs to be carefully considered and controlled but in the right place it's a welcome return to the ecosystem of the british isles. al-jazeera. scott time now for sport has fara. thanks very much the houston astros well attempt to win their first ever world series title on choose day when they take on the l.a. dodgers in game six the astros now lead the series after beating the dodgers on sunday in one of the most dramatic games in baseball history so home alex reports. the wild swings of game five. with the houston astros four one down against the los angeles dodgers you need to escape being banned from this world series for making a racist gesture in game three it took three run homer for the astros to level the school for four. in the fifth and you responded in kind for the dodgers.
5:53 am
with the series poised to chew on a bound to head back to los angeles the dodgers look to be taking charge of their three run advantage was restored. that's a chance to win but in this game no legal say. to be so much the number three on home and the game was never that seven sevens. in the seventh inning george springer of the astros summed up the explosive nature of the nine steps to this homerun triggering an early fireworks show. and. the astros extended the lead to three runs in the eighth inning by now houston had also become the first team in world series history to have five different plays homa in the game. but with the lay down to the final strike in the nine. to six the tension level still had room to rise as the dodgers never the game once again at twelve twelve. off the all the home runs there were there was
5:54 am
a question before the astros bragg's in the ten that finally decided the game offer more than five hours back from. thirteen twelve win for. the two best teams in baseball fighting to the very end and coming toe to toe with each other i mean that. everybody was used on both teams pretty much everything every single player and it's special for us to come out on top i think this whole series has been an emotional roller coaster it's the two best teams playing for a championship and these are two teams that play twenty seven outs like we've talked about and so you're not going to expect those guys to lay down. the series and all the drama with human los angeles with the astros one win away from the first ever world series title. from hell malik. you since n.f.l. team have also been making headlines after a majority of players kneel before sunday's game in response to comments made by
5:55 am
the franchise owner about forty houston texas players kneeled ahead of the game against the seattle seahawks texans owner and bob mcnair is quoted as saying we can't have the inmates running the prison when referring to ongoing player demonstrations during the pre-game anthem the movement was started by former san francisco forty nine ers quarterback calling copper neck to protest against racial injustice. we're a family as a team and you know it you know we came together as a team and wanted to you know send a message home and and that's why we started to do and i stand by my brother. chicago bears zach miller had to undergo emergency surgery to save his left leg after suffering a gruesome injury during a game against the new orleans saints but thirty three year old dislocated his knee while attempting to catch a touchdown pass doctors say the operation was a success. lewis hamilton says the film cool runnings inspired him to believe that
5:56 am
one day he could become a world champion the britain is now enjoying that feeling as a formula one driver for a fourth time a nine place finish of the mexican grand prix was enough for hamilton to win the title with two races left in the season hamilton began his career in go karting and says the true life story of the jamaican bobsled team making it to the winter olympics convinced him that he too could reach the top. i was a back to you know my favorite movie was cool runnings and. when they arrived at the top of the hill for the first time in the rusty old bus that that's exactly how me and my dad arrived at the go kart track you know and everyone kind of it was almost like a one stop to look at us you know it's such a cool. thing now looking back to when it was kind of daunting at the time but. i just saw how much work and how much sacrifice my family. did and went through in
5:57 am
order for us to be where we are today rafa nadal will almost certainly remain the world number one at the end of the tennis season after roger federer pulled out from this week's paris masters the swiss number two had closed the points with a win in basel on sunday but his withdrawal has put a doll in position to finish top for a fourth time in his career let's say i need to win a match. maybe something that. and here to play my best i've seen every tournament. was if that happens will be something important for me but season is not over is not the moment to think much about that just to think about it have the right for bracing for the tournament and then. to be ready for the first match all mccourt dutchman robin has flashed american steve johnson in the opening round of the paris masters six two six one the final score. now to a contender for one of the strangest penalty incidents football has seen in recent
5:58 am
years this happened in the scottish league to the game between cabin b. and their rangers look fact to finish no real until counted in jordan guard and tried to tackle an opponent with his head as brainstorm resulted in a foul in a penalty barrack scored the spot kick and won the game gatenby are bottom of the table and that's all your support for now more later for many thanks david that's where this draws to a close derren jordan waiting in the wings pacing like a caged tiger he'll be there with the latest news just a few votes i'll see again thanks for watching. well i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them
5:59 am
don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds mean we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can sit on juries in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly is where those two cultures north and south america needs us to teach to very important. it's us president donald trump first visit to asia the goals to forge relations and strengthen the resolve to confront the threat from north korea but what impact can this visit really have will be live across asia to bring you the very latest coverage here on al-jazeera. everything you do is being analyzed it's being weighed and measured that's what intelligence agencies are they are tossed to do things in secret that are unlawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. they could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass
6:00 am
surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks. through the street. and the story builds steam jobs so much better marketeers building when people need to be heard they thought they were american until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the model and would winning documentaries and live news on air and online. ok former aides of president trump a charge as part of the inquiry into links between russia and his election campaign .


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