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tv   The Minister Of Garbage  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2017 6:32am-7:01am AST

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their total we hold harmless responsible for any attempts to harm our sovereignty outside its territory i assure you that we will continue to defend israel's borders syrian government forces of storming one of the last neighborhoods held by iceland the eastern city of dare resort i'll have a d. is the most populous area still under the armed groups control the syrian army broke ourselves for years siege of their resort last month u.s. president donald trump says a libyan man linked to a twenty told attack on the american diplomatic compound in benghazi has been captured attackers killed the ambassador to libya and three other americans trump says mustapha will face justice in the u.s. opposition supporters in kenya have reacted angrily to who kenyatta being reelected in a rerun of the presidential vote supporters of his rival. boycotted the election. and the future of an historic ceasefire agreement in colombia is in doubt after the group admitted killing an indigenous leader the national liberation army known as
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the end says it was questioning for a stereo or links to colombia's intelligence services when he tackled one of its members it says he was shot in self defense well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness statement thanks so much and i found. i'm counting the cost of italy's wealthy lol the region safe seats are more autonomy but who are the forces reshaping european politics how might china's new leadership lineup affect the economy plus why trade is the hong kong stock exchange is saying bye bye to the fact it can't be the cost at this time i'll just.
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go to the gotta have been made to she see you don't want to commit if you see do. you say. to president bush it is not the luckiest. well if you can if. there's a good news or. so i did them do not. get it. to say that. we suffer for this.
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mission. which is also the first. left because. a freak sophisticated don't want to defeat but being essentially kind of freaked. out but i think it will be. money i don't know if you did.
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it with them when you get the local must make medical leave and that will do nothing. to stop. even. real. but. what about shall. we put it. like a bucket of ice also we may need to. start on time to go. home. anything a second but. is anybody. considering that. it's like if you go nine the one dollar more as a. full moon as a freak but most of problem so far.
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you go. out of this. but me and i mean he said the movement. now but the good to be an obsessive never got to have it. lose our moment of the moment to tell one about the other the cabinet will take on the winds and on food
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like he did now that will take our. luncheon was it as it was did about the group will come from alone is that the material that did not create our one up. and one up to six pm it was not about the blue and pull out of this. there was no sampling i don't mean i'm supposed to get the good ol. local microwave i think it in the food except aside from. the same book i didn't see how one. that. second. i doubt that soon that will simply be so. i feel. if i share me. i don't think that the get blown up class is
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a plot the action of the solutions to songs to do just that this is pretty campaign issue not sure that he. is one is that they've got to get close enough to get him to show. you can see the side down for you need. something to hear from him to do one time flip can be shown the limits. keep it up the fed a lot on gushing and i don't get yes and if i love. the p.c. . don't she lost it in the subject to. do let me pull. double dose of it don't call it political. at those shows no but then it is not good at all that. it will affect. in this spot it is so so the book is what it
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will. lead to so that spread the seal is a poser they get. legs out of minnesota. one of three it was simply just the most selfish completely. bizarre bit of enough even to. use a good to see a. young fellow who was not his son. to be he did get was one is sick gung ho to from the last song to the board yeah. whatever sullivan but we did that dick would preclude it from complaining. bruce the subtle discerning about. the saying that is something because i would base bust his question that. i don't think. they should go but some of them because i have
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a good. movie that would fit. the wizard. of oz to. be got that make them love. me. just get it plus. i see them going. to so damn much that includes who. is it cool. if you just will be sure to put one up something close to something like that is it is a. opinion
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a machine that barbara let me. in it for that makes a good plan but i just just see popped another. one here. so. i will tell you but the fabric of the fact that i. don't know what it was just not that which i want to see but i need enough fun to be good but you can see why says i if this. hadn't worked myself said you and i don't like this experimental separated taboo i looked. down by such women by at. my school done from a key part of. my nature to see. if she.
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could. make women look cool instead of the. problem that would be going. pretty well. she should bill feel it potentially on the hook out of a leisure level to the way i. was in the post above. you did up to and tell you no more specific good limited not just immature decent yeah . i'm a problem so yeah. african market. dumps enough to keep my. thank you mean with i will come and i. was going to look because in the morning i'm single like last night and i can. imagine being young then i never go through life. as you more well
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i. do and i'll assume i'm bound. to make as you move while i'm busy aside but i. have. two thousand and i saw you actually design. number of wendy. wendy when i would was a sticker on my new car. the. day and zambian i am william w. well most of.
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i don't know who knock you. have been. through much but could only get five in you . to be sure we put them up there. but this report is wrong. you have to work at a straw from work i don't. want to know long. story when. cell phone pings were listed. on them but. there's an exhaustive. list of. all things you said is so.
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today many. of them said it it that. she began to see. my friends a surrogate beat the bug to use a mistake if. she didn't think it was somewhat deserve that. she did know something . bad. to do some of. these militant. attacks listen to what you said not. in the circuit. city just. live in a. somewhat.
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you. know this is the person with. an easy he did a little but. see he was. told. some time and you know. the. word though they've also been you know they know that a lovely big one of the butt of digital and they want to.
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know. that night i pushed myself. to go why. not don't look for such a man but. i mean i think of. it i'm a bit upset unquote also. now i can pick with a suit to. ask if and when you. don't but keep the nose up the side so close that i must have been a bit. sad
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i'm santa they come in. handy would be down i. know that if somebody. did take them but i'm going to come. back one day about. but they decided to take you for a. couple of was on my mind the view but why do you feel. that they could be opened up one. morning. to say said if you see me i want to know if you focus. they must press good. to see who to secure your son to make. one up i said about one thing to my minute tonight i'm going to tell me a reasonable demoted to my oh. fuck. when
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i'm looking at this. you know about. the same thing she said be deep well if we're not. really able to develop the. ministry to prevent. am now for the. wealthy but i don't want to be so different to what sort of a couple anyone who says that. i don't know about the. new food you will know you by because i want to be like. me but i would lead up a sense because i've. now and we see the beauty of the best of them. now those on our side of. sound but. only time i. was only in was that of another life. that in. their lives they. were.
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committed to living. in a collection for the. journey for some. dishy . call. button once. again to hear from austin just to walk together he can see some wave off it. play in the busyness of city of a friend you see in the posse. next day and september at the end of the last who said that there. was a second let's see some process of using sumo. is fun i'll give it a shot does it mean you're a composer put together some. moved in for a fix so recipients pollution of the future looked into it and metro some seated in
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the bus. surely the list siljan us a few commuters was off ideal for. a post pretty big one the money could fix it with just a short joystick to mr this boy. where there is water there is life but finding it on australia's arid desert is a skill few still possess they took us to a small spartans in the desert and this was this is a very important place that i've been telling us about for the last five days to clean it out. and order has been fed up against all odds an ageing population this
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pos in on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback at this time on a jersey you know. the nature of news as it breaks because you can see there in the distance all shia militia vehicles the dust you can see on the horizon there the peshmerga telling us are actually tanks with detailed coverage when the mine closed in one thousand nine hundred four many people lost their jobs stabbing is i thought making money from around the world this is supposed to last for a month but people of hellas that it only lasts for eight days if you look around and this is the only ford available in this household. that's. five years after the siege of the city. al-jazeera world travels to libya. to hear the stories of those who fought in the battle of misrata. al jazeera world at this
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time. al-jazeera. where ever you. former aides of donald trump as part of the inquiry into links between russia and his presidential election campaign.


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