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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2017 8:00am-8:34am AST

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yes how do we know that you didn't try the prosecutor. up front at this time on al-jazeera. and we went. on that time. that i want this to be over in. al-jazeera english because the news. and any of the news and you can watch my. former aides of donald trump a charge just part of the inquiry into links between russia and his presidential election.
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day one down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up spanish prosecutors seek rebellion charges against deposed leaders. israel says it's use advanced technology to destroy a tunnel in gaza people. plus nearly everyone describes how they had been basing. it on the island they're terrified about moving to the main town. the standoff at an australian prison camp in papua new guinea as it faces closure. donald trump's former campaign manager pullman a ford and his business associate have been charged with conspiring against the u.s. so also emerged a third man who served as a campaign advisor has admitted lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia but the white. this is deflecting the news saying
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none of it was anything to do with trump a white house correspondent kimberly halkett reports. trump do solemnly swear donald trump has been in office less than a year but this is perhaps the most significant day of his presidency so far on monday two of his former associates avoided handcuffs and turned themselves into the authorities in washington the first is paul mann afford the former chair of donald trump's presidential election campaign the other is rick gates a longtime business associate of man affords and worked with the white house until march both men appeared in court pleading not guilty to a dozen charges they include conspiracy against the united states also to launder money acting as an agent for a foreign principal providing false statements to investigators and failure to report foreign bank accounts. there is no evidence that mr mann a fort with
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a trunk campaign colluded with the russian government the announcement which caught many off guard that a third person tied to the truck campaign george papadopoulos had pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. that was over the timing of his meetings with alleged go betweens for russia he is now cooperating with the special investigation led by robert muller as with paul mann afforded rick gates the white house is pushing back diminishing the role of papadopoulos as a foreign policy adviser this individual was the member of a volunteer advisory council them at one time over the course of a year and he was part of a list that were spread out in the washington post and hardly call that some sort of regular advisor however it's the case of paul manna for which is getting the most attention the indictments paint the picture of a man living a lavish lifestyle when f.b.i.
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agents raided his home they even photographed his suits as evidence of money laundering more than seventy five million a form payments through offshore bank accounts on twitter trump reacted to the arrests he has repeatedly called the investigation into ties between his two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign and russia a witch hunt by political adversaries and the media without offering any evidence the white house says it expects the russia probe to wrap up soon. and while the indictment states manna for its charges involved actions from twenty sixteen on twitter trump contradicted the claim arguing the charges against manna fort emanate from actions taken before cheering trump's presidential bid trump again stated there was no collusion between his campaign and russia metaphor its lawyer calls the charges ridiculous and on capitol hill top u.s. senators are also issuing statements about the indictments claiming it is proof the
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justice process is working kimberly helped hit al jazeera washington spain's chief prosecutor is seeking charges against several regional politicians of the catalonians recent vote on succession the council on leaders could face up to thirty years in jail if convicted of rebellion sedition and embezzlement meanwhile deposed counted on president got his put amount travel to brussels seeking support for the bid to split from spain under simmons reports from barcelona. the police may be guarding its but the siege of regional government here no longer has a president as its head the spanish state is in charge its flag didn't get removed when says session was declared by parliament last friday the only sign of carlos. is his portrayed his name is among twenty others on the charge sheet filed by spain's chief prosecutor. in the new study of the prosecution has filed
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several charges for rebellion addition and embezzlement against the main political leaders of the cattle and regional government in their actions and decisions over the past two years have caused an institutional crisis that resulted in the unilateral declaration of independence this was carried out without observing and ignoring our constitution these charges are the worst case scenario for the sat catalan leaders sedition carries a maximum of fifteen years in jail and rebellion a maximum of thirty years. some ministers braved it out by appearing folk were then being asked by police to leave one was defiant. we will continue. later came separate meetings of both parties that were in the government coalition and they both agreed to take part in the elections called by the spanish government for december more twists and turns in a crisis with so many dimensions and now the threat of jail hanging over
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politicians who declared a republic but now want to stand in the elections and do simmons' al-jazeera possible and. at least eight people have been killed after israeli forces destroyed a tunnel in gaza prime minister benjamin netanyahu says advance location technology was used to identify the tunnel in the heart unicef area a mass described the killings as a dangerous escalation he says the tunnels are used for importing food and supplies but israel says they use for smuggling weapons. the first priority for any government is to provide security for its citizens those who try to hurt us we hurt them i have said several times we are developing a pioneering technology to deal with the total threat today we discovered undestroyed their total we hold how most responsible for any attempts to harm our sovereignty outside its territory i assure you that we will continue to defend israel's borders and the. occupation which targets the palestinian resistance is
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targeting the efforts to repair palestinian unity and continue with planning and preparation for the defense of our people and our holy land this is a guarantee right as long as there is occupation and aggression. life for palestinians in gaza was supposed to improve after reconciliation agreement between rival groups haskin trolls gaza while fatah runs the palestinian authority but electricity is still being rationed three weeks after the deal smith reports from gaza. there nicknamed unkindly the occurs because wherever these men are from gaza electricity go. darkness follows the minister not in the we always have to listen to people insulting. he says. in june israel agreed to reduce the electricity supply to garza at the request of west bank based palestinian president mahmoud abbas. it was one of a number of tactics to force hamas which runs gaza to the negotiating table. in
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this everything is bad once of the old lady big mean not to turn off the power it was so embarrassing i called my boss but he said no turning it off as i tried to do it five young men came with sticks and knives and started arguing with me then i had to run off and leave the power on each district rotates a for hours on twelve of shad jule half of the two million people who live here rely on expensive private generated networks to fill the gaps. but they're not affordable luxury for the other one million residents the power is going to be off here now for another twelve hours the difference in this area is that people don't have backup generators now it's about three weeks since hamas started handing control of gaza back to the palestinian authority but still the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has not increased the electricity supply. israel's blockade
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of gaza meant that there was only ever up to eight hours of electricity a day but these latest cuts have bought normal life to a standstill the life stops every everything you do you do. you know we have. online we have work on our computers we have. you know. connection with the world when the boat goes off the palestinian authority says the electricity supply will improve but it hasn't said when hearing gaza they've had to get used to waiting burnitz with al-jazeera. china and south korea have agreed to improve diplomatic relations after year long standoff over the deployment of u.s. made anti-missile systems in south korea seoul and beijing say their work together to resolve the nuclear issue in north korea to anybody has more now from the south korean capital they issued
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a press statement saying that they want to get the normalization of relations back on track that's encouraging neither side would be a lab rating on the third missile defense system but both said that they remained in position with their stand on china wanting the missile system to be withdrawn and south korea saying it must stay but they've agreed to talk about that in the future that is encouraging it's one of those methods now of reducing tension here because in the last few weeks the rhetoric between p.r. yang in the north and washington in particular with president trump has really gone up a ratcheting or two a couple of notches so there are concerns about the fire and fury and the threats of total destruction north korea the threats by north korea basically of a another nuclear nuclear test at this one atmospheric so a lot of concern and with president trump about to arrive in south korea in the next week there are concerns about what may happen both china and south korea in
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addition to these meetings of both reaffirm their commitment to peace for ways of trying to get north korea to denuclearize that is actually good news everyone sees this as a very highly emotional and tense situation in korea and the korean peninsula and very much those concerns that it may lead to something happening an unpredictable nature that in celebrations and protests in kenya where rahul kenyatta has been declared the winner of the presidential election rerun results show he took ninety eight point two percent of the vote but the opposition has dismissed his victory citing low voter turnout to me the miller reports from nairobi. the official announcement that i had secured his second term in office was no surprise for millions of kenyans but a low voter turnout of thirty eight percent has raised questions around the legitimacy of the selection which was ordered by the supreme court after it's an old ogust presidential vote saying the electoral commission had committed
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illegalities. to sixty nine percent of. all the same. ones. or. was. it. was nothing more. than the realization. of a. state. ten. or so. and so forth. trace. the rerun was marred by violent protests when opposition leader raila odinga and his national super alliance party boycotted the election preventing at least one point eight million kenyans in opposition strongholds from voting. in total at least twelve million kenyans stayed away from the polls observer mission say
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besides the impact of the boycott violence and intimidation kept many of the voters away from polling stations. joe you describe the vote as a sham with the electoral commission not making the reforms the opposition had demanded for it to participate in the vote what you and me every other issue that last time is present in this election. and what has happened is that this time around i think i was in a crisis of legitimacy a crisis of trying to shore up the numbers so that it appears that. the president and in the course they have done unimaginable things i can think of at least seventeen different ground. even if the election is challenged at the supreme court there are concerns the courts may not act independently concerns around the independence of the judiciary was heightened when the court refused to hear
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a petition to perspire own last week's rerun saying there weren't enough judges present whether or not this election is challenge legally they are many kenyans that hope this final announcement will bring months of political tensions and uncertainty to an end but is can ya to address the nation asking for unity protests began years ago both political and ethnic rivalries are far from over. also to come here not just there including at desert battleground the u.s. but just millions to back a new military force in africa. and the u.k. government promises to act on claims of sexual harassment in parliament on the stay with us.
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hello we've got more very heavy rain just spilling out of turkey at the moment big area a cloud here moving across the country stretching up into the black sea into the caspian sea feeding further eastward possibility of some rain and snow there for georgia for armenia maybe pushing a little further research over towards the caspian sea want to to showers also just stay extending their way into northern parts of syria much of the eastern side of the med fine in try beirut's twenty three celsius and lovely sunshine coming through here and lovely sunshine too across the arabian peninsula was a chance of one of two showers just around the southern end of the red sea into the gulf of aden elsewhere is fine and dry doha could see temperatures struggling we can say that struggling to reach thirty three degrees celsius ice and lovely weather here as we go through the next couple of days meanwhile the sloshy find a dry across a good part of solemn africa the western cape in with a chance of a little more cloud just spilling in march to see one of two showers to just easing over towards mozambique over the next day or so not
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a little further north woods and maybe wanted to those showers just creeping into tanzania and the showers continue across central africa just around the ethiopian highlands the horn of africa right across into the gulf of guinea more widely showers the southern nigeria. on counting the cost to italy's wealthy northern region say seeds of more autonomy but who are the forces reshaping european politics how might china's new leadership lineup affect the economy plus why trade is that hong kong stock exchange is saying bye bye. can't you look at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here on al-jazeera the investigation into russian links with donald trump's presidential bid as charged his former campaign manager. and his business associate with conspiring against the united states a third man who served as a campaign advisor has admitted lying to the f.b.i. about his russian contacts. spain's chief prosecutor is seeking charges against several senior cats and politicians over the session though they could face up to thirty years in jail if convicted of rebellion sedition and. an israeli forces have destroyed a tunnel in gaza killing at least eight people minister binyamin netanyahu says advanced location technology was used to identify the tunnel described the killings
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as a dangerous escalation. social media giants have revealed evidence of russian entities trying to influence the outcome of last year's us election facebook twitter and google are due to testify at a congressional hearing this week facebook says russia based operatives published eighty thousand posts in a two year period relating to the lead. and political issues estimates one hundred twenty six million americans could have seen those posts that's around half the u.s. population a voting age twitter found russian linked accounts put out one point four million election related tweets between september and november last year half of those were automated and google says it identified four thousand seven hundred dollars in advertising spending during the election cycle that can be traced to a pro russian government group where dave carney is from george washington university he says any russian campaign was unlikely to have had a significant effect on the election result. i think your viewers need to keep in
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mind is that us elections are multi-billion dollar industries that last over a year and a half so in the course of those elections there's so much political communication that even though we're seeing an awful lot of conversation on facebook and on twitter from these russian agents it's unlikely that that conversation led to a major impact in voting behavior this is evidence that there was a large coordinated effort by foreign actors to inject propaganda into the u.s. election and influence the outcome whether it was effective or not and there's investigations going on right now with the congress i think that's important for us an understanding that there was a major attempt here it's also important because looking forward to the next few elections right now television advertising is a regulated space and digital advertising is largely unregulated so i think this is
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going to provide an opportunity for us to try to get this under control so it doesn't continue to grow in future election cycles the u.s. is pledging sixty million dollars to support a new force to patrol the southwest and solve a desert the so-called g. five so i'll nations that's mauritania mali. and chad joining to fight groups didn't want to get is it james base has more. the u.n. already has a peacekeeping force in mali but it often faces attacks from the north lightly organized outside the country's borders the so hale is a vast desert region where armed groups can roam with considerable freedom a new force known as the g five mission is now being set up this is its headquarters but it lacks the necessary logistical support and funding of over four hundred ninety million u.s. dollars that's why the security council's been meeting everyone around the table
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acknowledges the force is needed but they disagree on what help and money the u.n. should give up is that artists on the field are smart enough what in addition to the issue of financing the joint force will also require support in spheres such as infrastructure information and communication technology and ziad technology training medical training and many vet passerby as well as supporting terms of both air and land a transport it evoked us not only it's pretty clear the u.s. is not giving the new mission a blank check we understand the force will need ongoing support and are eager for opportunities to work closely with our partners to make this effort a successful one but we believe that the g. five force must be first and foremost own by the countries of the region themselves the u.s. has announced that it will give up to sixty million dollars in funding the deaths of four u.s. servicemen in the share earlier this month perhaps moving with us
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a hail up the list of washington's priorities it's not clear where the rest of the money will come from or how the u.n. will support the new g five force james phase out jazeera at the united nations. not the future of an historic ceasefire agreement in colombia is in doubt after an armed group admitted killing an indigenous leader the national liberation army known as the eleven says it was questioning the forest arrow on links to colombia's intelligence services when he tackled one of its members says he was shot in self defense or someone petty as more. in a statement the year len leadership said that one of its unique shots the indigenously there after detaining him for questioning he was accused of being a military informant in the western region of choke or land said they deeply regret for this incident but also insisted in their state of mind too that there was no
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order to kill or harm the indigenous leader in any way and nonetheless this is of course a major flub on part of the rebels and a breach of the cease fire that had started just a month ago that cease fire deal will stand at least for now because according to the protocols of the cease fire and incidental however serious there's not mean and out and i think and to the cease fire or the talks there is however increasing criticism coming from the opposition here in colombia and even among many government officials about the wisdom of continuing the talks with the land which will become only worse if the decides not to turn in those responsible for the killing. hundreds of refugees are barricading themselves inside australia's offshore prison camp and popping a guinea there defying attempts to close the facility thomas explains.
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four years ago australia began sending refugees to try to get to its shores to remote island prisons in papua new guinea and no roof instead on tuesday the man asylum prison will close the refugees held there are demanding that they be allowed to stay saying forced evictions into the papua new guinea and community is dangerous even the local community threatening us every day if we're. trying to walk away from us frustrate is policy did deter people from trying to reach its shores by boat but its legacy was more than two thousand people left in limbo human rights groups condemned conditions in the prisons and demanded they closure after papua new guinea and court said detaining refugees was illegal australia agreed to close the man asylum prison and pay refugees compensation but the refugees don't want to leave they say few preparations have been made for their
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lives outside. after locals broke in and attacked them in twenty fourteen one was killed there fearful of worse violence when they're not protected by guards i spoke to forty refugees and asylum seekers and nearly everyone described how they had been beaten stabbed or assaulted on menace island they're terrified about moving to the main town of largo australia's government says those it calls genuine refugees should start new lives in papua new guinea some may later be transferred to the united states under a deal between australia and the obama administration those that considers not genuine refugees must return to their countries of origin this is a crazy situation everybody's been screaming about wanting to get out of the place where we said it we're going to close it and move them into a different facility. require those the refugees to go back to their country of origin and now they want life australia's government says the prison closure is
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a matter for papua new guinea but on sunday p n g's immigration minister released a statement it says the refugees remain the responsibility of. and that p. and g. is concerned about human rights issues particularly the removal of services once the prison is closed one australian has gone to extreme lengths to highlight what she calls her government's lack of compassion for a month she's been on a hunger strike i'm not doing this because it's fun and i'm not wanting to harm my myself i don't understand what has happened to us we go to a place where. refugees amount aside and fear violence on tuesday their advocates say the men on manis and families held on the roof should be transferred to australia or another country able to resettle refugees safely andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney prime minister to resign may's
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vying to crackdown against complaints of sexual harassment in the british parliament but with a political career spanning two decades many are asking why she only making the statement now john a whole explains. the british parliament is a long way from hollywood but the harvey weinstein affair resonates here to the palace of westminster gripped now by allegations of sexual harassment and abuse current and historic by m.p.'s and ministers against colleagues volunteers and junior staff few individuals have been named so far international trade minister mark garner is one revealed to have asked an assistant to buy items for him at a sex shop a claim he hasn't denied and a dossier according to british media reports details allegations against dozens of m.p.'s including serving ministers of inappropriate behavior and sexual advances towards both men and women while the growing scandal is not confined to any one
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party those listed are all members of the ruling conservative party i think there's a feeble sense in the palace of westminster tonight and more broadly in government about where this scandal leads some m.p.'s have been asking me whether this is the next m.p.'s expenses scandal on that scale i think it very much depends what happens now the question is to what extent will new allegations be raised and how far will they go up in the chain of governance prime minister tourism a has called on the speaker of parliament to improve measures for reporting and investigating allegations of abuse she's told the thousands of westminster workers to come forward with allegations that her spokesman says will be taken very seriously all of which puts the prime minister in a difficult position not only does the focus fall for now and comfortably on her own party but with allegations pointing to a long history of sexual abuse in parliament and she's been in parliament for twenty years the question will be asked why is she only acting on it now. one labor
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party m.p. said the prime minister's response did not go far enough these ways of handling it are a fundamental part of the problem now these are people who have sat on their hands before they know who the major offenders are they haven't acted upon them and they need to do now in a show of serious intent to resume a was in parliament on monday to hear a statement by commons leader and real lead so i am well aware that the public rightly expect m.p.'s to display the highest standards and is the prime minister outlined in her letter yesterday they can place the harassment abuse or misconduct in politics parliament and the government may well look forward to a day when the dominant political story is and breaks it but not all will have welcomed a day like this jonah how al-jazeera london. remind
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of the top stories here on al-jazeera the investigation into russian links with donald trump's presidential bid has seen his former campaign manager paul man a thought on his business associate charged with conspiring against the united states they've pleaded not guilty a third man who served as a campaign advisor has admitted lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with moscow. spain's state prosecutor seeking charges against several senior cattle and politicians over the recent votes on succession they could face up to thirty years in jail if convicted of rebellion sedition and embezzlement israel destroyed a tunnel in gaza killing at least eight people minister benjamin netanyahu says advanced location technology was used to identify the tunnel and i says describe the killing as a dangerous escalation. and the. occupation which targets a palestinian resistance is targeting the efforts to repair palestinian unity and
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continue with planning and preparation for the defense of our people and our holy land this is a guarantee right as long as there is occupation and aggression. the first priority for any government is to provide security for its citizens those who try to hurt us we hurt them i have said several times we are developing a pioneering technology to deal with the total threat today we discovered undestroyed their total we hold how most responsible for any attempts to harm our sovereignty outside its territory i assure you that we will continue to defend israel's borders. opposition supporters in kenya have reacted angrily to who are. being reelected in a rerun of the presidential vote supporters of his rival rhino dinka boycotted the election. the future of an historic ceasefire agreement in colombia is in doubt after the group admitted killing an indigenous leader the national liberation army
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known as the ill and says it was questioning for a steno on links to colombia's intelligence services when he tackled one of its members it says he was shot in self defense well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after counting the cost that so much of that. some. five years after the siege of the city. al jazeera world travels to libya. to hear the stories of those who fought in the battle of misrata. al jazeera world at this time.
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and this is counting the cost and. weekly look at the world of business and.


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