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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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where there is water there is life but finding it and australia's arid desert is a skill few still possess they took us to a small wet spot in the in the desert and this was this is a very important place that i've been telling us about for the last five days to clean it out. and warn is against all odds an aging population is posse on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback at this time on a. zira .
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everyone i've been to welcome to this news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. meeting at the media the deposed leader caseloads turns up in brussels to break his silence. opposition leader calls for the election result to be an old saying it undermines the public's face in democracy. russia's foreign minister denies interfering in last year's us presidential election following monday's grand jury indictments. and in sport the knockout rounds of the european champions league are in sight neymar could feel their place in the last sixteen later this day. we begin this news hour in brussels where the deposed leader of catalonia has spoken for the first time since charges were filed against him for declaring independence from spain colace pushed him all says he's not in belgium to seek
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political asylum but to act in quote freedom and safety madrid impose direct rule on friday dissolving the regional government and orders new elections in december and push them all says he'll accept the outcome of that vote series andrew symonds reports from barcelona. is almost a mission trying to get international support while at the same time justifying why he left. after charges were filed against him by the spanish prosecutor i'm not here. i'm here in brussels as a result of euro. this is not a matter of the. question of the. new relationship. i'm here. to act with freedom and safety. push them all says
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he needs guarantees if he comes back and he wouldn't say how long he'll be away in the organization that's involved in all the big procession demonstrations the mood lifts a little here i think it only makes sense that at least part of the government can remain operative outside the country because it would not be safe for them to stay in spain push them on spent a low profile weekend apart from a call for peaceful support then came the heat on monday with charges filed and he was nowhere to be seen when he emerged in belgium his supporters have a range of emotions from outright anger to dissent what's the mood like now and has pushed the mall's decision to go to brussels done damage personally i think. it did but it's something that we can only. analyze with time if he hadn't speak today it has been it would have been
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a problem for us because you cannot do that on a friday then go out like have a weekend of and we don't know if we are a republic of we had we are still part of spain and his missing christine and athena has pavan secession for the past seven years she thinks bush tomorrow is right to leave the us consulate but. i thought he was in political exile or that he wanted to internationalize the conflict both things thing good to me initially we were this concerted but now we see it clearly but nothing is clear over what's in store for sacked ministers who have stayed in catalonia vanish from their offices there arrive for work at the dissolve parliament instead insisting their go. al-jazeera barcelona and have zero honey joins us live now from barcelona and in the past few minutes there's been another big development in this story has an.
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absolutely national court has summoned. other members of the now dissolved regional government to appear in court in madrid on thursday or friday now there's a difference the national court. pick that only deals with cases of attacks against the state if you if you wish it's a big cases like in the past. cases it's very different than the court the high court where this week of the parliament and five other people are also due to appear on thursday or friday now this is a big development and it comes just hours after. the man from brussels said that he would appeared in court if he had the guarantee that it will be
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a fair hearing and he sort of hinted that he didn't have that guarantee at all so certainly this is a big development as we speak now the cabinet is meeting we still haven't heard from them but we are told that at the end of this extraordinary meeting there will be a statement and maybe even a press conference here in barcelona probably this is quite a symbol is for the government in madrid to hold a press conference here in barcelona as a way of showing that actually article one five five and the extended powers are now in full swing things are so uncertain now for the people of catalonia what are they saying out on the streets the ordinary people those who are not really very political. well this is certainly this is all this is causing a lot of stress for people on both sides of the divide really i think in the
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sort of independence camp and the morale was very very low on sunday when no one knew exactly where carlin. was and there was all sorts of theories that he had escaped that he had gone into hiding they didn't know why i actually left now after listening to him today some people say well maybe it is a good step some people see it as a step. to actually take the catalan cause and bring it on an international level something that everybody knows about people would tell you that it wasn't a conversation in the past it was very difficult to hold this independence conversation in the past now is a conversation on the national level and by going to brussels it's become also on the international level even though they they say it's going to be a very difficult time here and some say maybe the leader should among his people or i told her honey but the latest thank you kenya is opposition leader raul has
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called for the results of the presidential election rerun to be president or her kenyatta was declared the winner but the election was widely boycotted by opposition supporters kenyatta took ninety eight point two percent of the vote the turnout below forty percent but again made no mention of a legal challenge but will the election result will undermine the public's faith in democracy has more from nairobi. by loading us says he will not accept the results of the rebound election that were released on monday evening and that president hu looking at or is in office illegally he says he has now embarked on what he calls a companion for electrode justice and he says he will achieve that by calling on his supporters to come out and protest picket and also boy caught goods and services belong to companies of the president's family and also other people allied
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to his dibley party this is what raila odinga had to say this illusion. must no stunt. if a load is turned. complete look at the list of those. be the end of the vote as a means of instituting a government in kenya. real destroy the public confidence in the vote. who will not turn out to vote. with the term and outcomes. comments will not come as any consolation to many kenyans who want to move forward and leave the whole process behind them it's been a long electoral process we've been hearing of this election since june this year and it's been a process marked with violent protests attacks on judges and threats to the electoral commission staff all these signs of
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a country on the brink and it promises to be even a longer process and more painful one if raila continues with his uncompromising stand. russia has invited thirty three syrian groups and political parties to attend what he called a syrian congress on national dialogue in the black sea resort of sochi in mid november russian officials have indicated one of the points that could be considered would be a new constitution for syria meanwhile a seventh round of talks aimed at ending syria's war has now wrapped wraps up in cassocks capital. the talks in a starter have concentrated on strengthening the deescalation zones in syria established in september those owns include it live province northern homs eastern ghouta and parts of the border with jordan security in the zones has been guaranteed by russia and iran who backed the syrian regime and by turkey who backed the rebels that keeps the foreign powers firmly entrenched on the ground in syria
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but the charity international rescue committee is concerned that civilians have been forgotten the safety of civilians has not improved with the establishment of the so-called deescalation areas with so many armed groups not covered by cease fire agreements we have even seen periods of increased aerial bombardment the idea that peace is somehow broken out in syria is far from the reality we see civilians trapped in the area a pessimistic that the astonished talks will change anything. the entire us down a process is a failure it is nothing but empty promises we will do this we will do that all life . the horse start a process is a failure many years have passed since the beginning of the revolution and nothing has changed to me the situation more i mean as it is. the syrian opposition also claims civilians are being targeted the escalation areas which are being
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breached by the regime and iran on almost daily basis and russia's are going to and it's supposed to do something about that the deescalation zones are in place for another six months however that might get extended but what the astonished talk seem to be proving is that russia is leading the charge however they are walking a tightrope between the international community and all the different syrian factions but they do seem to be backing syrian president bashar al assad it's not just the deescalation zones that are under discussion the syrian opposition want a prisoner exchange but there's been no agreement on that so far u.n. backed talks are scheduled for geneva in late november iran can a stone ten people have been killed in the shelling of a rebel held area in syria including six children at a school gate the attack on the town of just train ten kilometers east of the capital damascus also injured thirty other people according to the syrian observatory for human rights it's another breach of those so-called deescalation
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zones agreed at the last us donna talks in september. the egyptian military says it has made a successful targeted strike against isolate filiation fighters in the western desert region says a large number of fighters were killed with weapons ammunition and explosives were also destroyed at least sixteen policemen were killed in an ambush in that area just over a week ago. they are not going to get safety to you that's why i'm saying here refugees refused to leave an australian run prison camp in papa new guinea saying their lives will be in danger. peruvian activists take their fight against a major mining company to a court in london. korea takes on the winter olympic torch organizers are hoping interestedly event.
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first russia's foreign minister says allegations his country meddled in last year's u.s. presidential election are fun to see so again lavrov made the comments the day after the first charges related to moscow's alleged involvement in the election were made public. because. without a single piece of proof we are as you know being accused of meddling not only in the us election but also elections in european states recently there was no allegation that moscow decided the minister in south africa there is no limit to fantasy. the lawyers of social media giants facebook twitter and google will testify before u.s. senators in the next half hour up its part of the investigation into whether russia used the tech companies to interfere in the election facebook says about eighty thousand posts were produced and as many as one hundred twenty five million
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american uses alone may have seen the russian based content let's get out as she's in washington d.c. for us right now and can we explain how significant is this hearing in terms of the larger russia investigation. it's significant in that there is no doubt in the minds of u.s. senators and members of congress on all of these senate committees including the subcommittee which is set to begin its hearing that there's a need to get to the bottom of the level of interference of the twenty sixteen u.s. election it's believed by russia and so that this won't happen again and well it has been concluded that the outcome of the election would be unlikely to have changed in twenty sixteen certainly what isn't in dispute is that there was a level of manipulation particularly on social media so we have these tech giants coming out testifying before not one but two committees given the fact will be the
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testimony that is set to begin as well as on wednesday for the senate intelligence committee which of course is investigating not only russian interference of the twenty six thousand u.s. election but the concerns there may have been possible collusion between the truck campaign and russia so certainly this is significant because the area of social media is relatively unregulated with respect to u.s. elections this is something that one top republican senator lindsey graham called kind of the wild west of the technology added with regard to the election and certainly there is sort of an exploratory pathway being looked at in terms of whether or not there needs to be some sort of regulation to make sure that the level of manipulation does not occur in future u.s. elections also drama of course all. involving three former trump advices one day also all about how is the white house now reacting have they suddenly more . well certainly the president came out strong on twitter this morning here in
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washington sending out three tweets in just the span of an hour certainly focusing his attention as the media has as well on this gentleman george papadopoulos who has pled guilty to lying to f.b.i. investigators the white house on monday portrayed him as a volunteer to the campaign but certainly there is interview our interviews from the president audio that where he has been praising him as an excellent guy in march of two thousand and sixteen even photographs released by the campaign where george papadopoulos is seated at the table of the president in the future attorney general again from march of two thousand and sixteen so this explanation that he was a low level volunteer certainly doesn't seem to be jiving with the audio that's been released as well as some of the photographic evidence why is this concerning will certainly according to indictments that have been put forward on monday in fact he is cooperating with the moeller investigation into the wider and broader russia probe what the concern is is that there could be more charges coming from any
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information he may have gleaned as a result of working with the f.b.i. on its investigation a story that is going to run and run and we think can be how could thank you. refugees have barricaded themselves inside an australian run detention center in papa new guinea and are refusing to lay them out of sight and compound was closed on tuesday after a court damed it was illegal but the six hundred refugees who remained say it's too dangerous to leave because they'll be attacked reports. after these refugees are desperate to stay inside a detention center that they forced to close our men. are safe. they carry you see here maybe not who knows our lives in. danger. refugees was sent to the man asylum detention seem to by a stray or four years ago
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a holding pain until a permanent solution was found and a deterrent for those who might follow. the locals of pup a new guinea were always hostile it was an attack in twenty four tane that left one refugee did the concept and conditions of men a silent who widely condemned finally according to the legal and astray are agreed to close the center and pay refugees compensation. but as the facility was decommissioned and security forces left on tuesday refugees reported. yesterday in authorities all out of the center and in in these refugees essentially. and they have serious concerns for their safety on madison and whether they may be are not so barricaded themselves into the center. it's now a see each water electricity and food supplies have been cut off.
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the water. as best i can tell we know it's good to die. but we are at the stage the asylum seekers were. given alternative accommodation on the island but they say it isn't equipped to protect them from the locals they are not going to get safety going to you that's what i'm saying here this is a crazy situation everybody's been screaming about wanting to get out of the place where we saw that we had to close it and move them into a different facility and require those the refugees to go back to their country of origin and now they want life is government says the prison closure is a matter of a pup in new guinea and yet pup in new guinea disputed that in a statement on sunday which leaves refugees caught between two governments and a hostile native population shallop ballasts al jazeera. a court here is in london is hearing
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a case brought by twenty two people from peru over violence at a process there in twenty twelve the lawyers are arguing that the mining company glencore should be held responsible for the deaths and injuries caused by the peruvian police representatives of the great bringing the legal action say they're confident the british court will provide justice for their community. think the court will act in a transparent way without any bias towards either side. yes we think that here one way or another they are going to listen to our complaints and justice will be done here in this country justice for the problem. and justice for it and its different communities. such as more from peru's capital lima on the background to this case. the clashes turned deadly in the highlands of blue in may two thousand and twelve protesters have been demonstrating
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for days blocking roads leading fires and attacking police with rocks but then riot police opened fire using live ammunition to demonstrators were killed and more than forty protesters and police wounded mine workers and indigenous farmers have been rallying against xstrata copper mining company a subsidiary of mining giant glencore they one of the company to contribute more to the region's development close a mine waste tailings dam and reduce the contamination impact on the environment now a high court in london will determine if police committed human rights violations the claimants say the company is also to blame because it provided police with equipment food transportation and information about community members in companies to hire of duty officers to protect the property the claimants allege that. on this occasion the company encourage the police to mistreat protesters an accusation it
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strongly denies instead xstrata are now renamed and the buckeye mining company says it's given a lot to the people of the spinout in southern beirut since two thousand the poor indigenous peruvians have demanded mining companies provide basic health and education services to their communities in exchange for allowing mining on their land or kill him but it's i mean nader in this case the mining company gives them schools and clinics something the state should do so the population wants more because the state is absent it doesn't guarantee those basic needs and the population demands that from the companies. but now the people of this banana say they want justice for what they see are human rights violations by the police aided by the company many innocent decide to cedar. customs officials say iraqi forces have taken control of the country's only border crossing with turkey from the
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kurdistan regional governments or border crossing is located within the official boundaries of the semi autonomous kurdish region of northern iraq. the president of the kurdistan regional government is in the last twenty four hours of the job as presidential term finishes on wednesday and he says he won't extend it while the end of his twelve year run follows the controversial referendum also session that he pushed through last month zero stephanie dowrick has been finding out what people in the regional capital bill think about him standing that. time affords an element of perspective and even though daily routines here haven't changed the political landscape has shifted for the kurds of northern iraq so how is it seen by the youth we meet mohammed an engineer he is currently unemployed and like many playing away their time here they're educated but find it hard to get a job. you don't present time expired not now but
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a few years ago yes he is a symbol of our nation but in the end someone has to replace his position if you believe in democracy in any country any leader when he finishes his period he needs to let someone replace him i think it was a good move by the president. the backlash to the controversial referendum on secession is viewed by many as the reason for brazil in his decision to step aside love him or hate him he is a man many view as a historic figurehead of the kurdish struggle. leaves his post you can consider that our kurdish nation will disintegrate because we see him as a father we don't just see him as a leader here's our kurdish father leave the presidency aside what barzani did for the kurdish nation no one else can do and no one else will so what now commentator he says it's the first time in kurdish history a leader of his caliber gives up his post in this manner a possible scenario is that we may. know president. a
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president who president. with very little power. of course something like this numbers that he would accept a position like this i don't know who's going to be the next prime minister but i can bet. quite a lot of money on him being a present. and that's the bottom line even if my suit by design he isn't the president he will continue to wield enormous influence i think by him stepping back he's allowing his nephew. and much of amber's zani to lead the negotiations went back that you know the top priority now in kurdistan is not forming a government is not putting the kurdish house in order. it is important but the top priority in buying it today in kurdistan is to form a united representative delegation that is powerful and goes to
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baghdad. most people we speak to say the hundred year old dream of an independent kurdistan one which suddenly seemed so close has been broken but they also firmly believe that it can be fixed stephanie decker al-jazeera. if you notice have been taking place in gaza for eight people killed when israel destroyed a tunnel on monday five were fighters from islamic jihad and two were members of hamas is armed wing who were trying to rescue them israel says the incomplete tunnel towards its territory was intended for attacks but i must say it was for importing food and supplies and its destruction is a dangerous escalation. as smith was at one of the funerals. and i says that israel's timing of the attack on this town it was a futile attempt to sabotage efforts to repair palestinian unity because in the last three weeks i must be coming over control for the government institutions here
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in gaza to the palestinian authority and significantly this week it's expected that control of the posts will be hunted from us to the neither side wants to shoot to escalate israel has already pointed out that it took this tactic this attack took place on its side of the border what is crucial now is that manages to. persuade them mitch to retaliate against israel launching rockets over the border because that would seem. negative impact on attempts to repair it's. now events are being held in london this week to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the balfour declaration which paved the way for the creation of israel the declaration was made during the first world war after the defeat of the ottoman empire results is in the division of its territories including palestine
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the text was agreed by the british cabinet on october thirty first nineteen seventeen and issued two days later as an open letter from the foreign secretary arthur balfour to child a senior member of britain's jewish community in a single sentence of just sixty seven words it said that his majesty's government view. with favor the establishment in palestine of a national home for the jewish people and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of these objects the statement continued it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing northern jewish communities in palestine or the rights but it will state is enjoyed by jews in any other country in nineteen twenty two the league of nations mandated britain to run palestine and to establish a jewish homeland the first of the declaration was given clear precedence over the second person used force to crush an uprising by palestinian arabs allowed to
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syria's body phillips is in westminster where the event of britain's broken promise is being held and we can join him live now so what the people bobbie at this event want to achieve. i think felicity the clue is there isn't it in the title britain's broken promise so you were referring to the first part of the declaration the pledge to create a jewish homeland well that happened israel was born in one nine hundred forty eight and i think people on both sides of the divide in palestine and israel would see the balfour declaration as a seminal moment towards the creation of israel but the second part of the promise regarding the rights of the non jewish communities well in that regard britain and indeed the wider international community failed quite singularly and obviously the palestinian people continue to pay the price of that failure to date the call from
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the great and good who have gathered in this hall here and they include some fifty or so members of parliament of members of the house of lords from across the political spectrum their argument is that britain should join the one hundred twenty or so countries around the world who have recognised the state of palestine and that in some small way might be an atonement they would say for some of the mistakes britain made in what it called the holy land in the first part of the twentieth century and got to be how comfortable do you think the british government is with they said being marks. i think there is some awkwardness marked is the word commemorated careful not to use the word celebrated. and although binyamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister will be here in london on thursday attending a dinner with juries are made to mark the centenary of the labor leader jeremy
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corbyn who's been an outspoken advocate of the palestinian cause is staying away it was interesting to hear boris johnson the foreign secretary speaking in the house of commons yesterday he said that the balfour declaration was an indispensable part in the birth of a great nation israel and britain should be proud of its role but he would acknowledge likewise that the entirety of the declaration have not been delivered if you like and the fault line is on that question of ignition should britain recognize palestine now what difference would it make really to israel or indeed the united states boris johnson's argument by extension the government's argument is that you play that recognition card once it's a gesture politics if you like and what changes as a result perhaps not very much the settlement building continues and so on that's the fault line not all members of parliament even from his own conservative party
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agree with him there are a number of them here tonight arguing that britain should recognize palestine all right barnaby in westminster thank you. and still has all the news still in custody cambodia's top court refuses to release the opposition leader kim so-called he's facing challenges a treason. tiger woods announces plans for yet another golfing comeback. hello and welcome back we'll take a look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia but of cloud pushing through but you know it's quite remarkable temperatures there are twenty three and almighty and really this time of year temperatures should be about ten degrees best well we will find cold weather eventually pushing in across this
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region as we head through into the latter part of the weekend in particular so drop by about ten to thirteen degrees same goes for type can't meanwhile we've got colder air further towards the west you can see there across parts of turkey temperatures struggling a little bit of snow as well the higher elevations cooler conditions around the eastern side of the mediterranean and pleasant effort by that highs of thirty one kuwait city to look at my sort of thirty three here in the arabian peninsula the humidity is still fairly high temperatures are up for this time of year to thirty four though still very pleasant here only get better with time really on the other side of the peninsula is looking fine for a medina and mecca temperatures there again in the mid thirty's so nice weather conditions there to have a across into southern parts of africa we've got to have variable amounts of cloud actually coming through the convergence is developing so far as the forecast is concerned it's looking largely dry and fine pleasant day ten and twenty one we've got some showers in the eastern side of madagascar.
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sixty seven words that spelled promise for one people but ended up a disaster for another. lead to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians. hundred years on al-jazeera world tells the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east. seeds of discord this time. in colombia transforming urban waste into building blocks of years just of course same for the west blasting the war we can finish in charge. in just ten years and in singapore fridge ago farms and living building anything you do on land on the ground doesn't make sense to do that on a building now can we mike of not just decorative but can we make it biologically productive earthrise discovers cutting edge to do shit for sustainable cities at
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this time on al-jazeera. hello again reminded of the top stories here on the al-jazeera news the to produce leader of catalonia has spoken for the first time since charges were filed against him declaring independence from spain. says he hasn't gone to belgium to seek asylum. kenya's opposition leader raul adinda has called the results of the presidential election we run to be an old warning it could undermine the public's faith in democracy. and the lawyers of social media companies facebook twitter and google are due to testify at a u.s.
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senate hearing into russian interference in last year's presidential election. at least three people have been killed in a bomb blast near the u.s. embassy in kabul afghanistan defense ministry says at least fifteen others were injured in the suicide attack it happened in an area where many foreign embassies and government departments. are meanwhile a quarterly report to u.s. congress on tuesday found that all groups are increasing their control and territory across the country and civilian casualties are up fifty two percent on the same time last year well for more on this i'm joined now by david said me who's a senior associate at the center for strategic and international studies as you can see he's with us now live from washington d.c. thanks for being with us on the program how concerned are you by the increase in the number of afghans who are now living in an area that's either controlled by all influenced by the taliban. well unfortunately i think the cigar figures that you mentioned are not really quite accurate it's not really possible
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to estimate with the kind of precision that they attempt to use what percentage of people are living under taliban control what's really important is that the taliban at the beginning of this fighting season in their operational plan called operation months or after their recently deceased leader their goal was to take a provincial capital and hold it this year they failed in that goal they also wanted to control several provinces by the end of the year they've also failed in that so whatever little marginal gains they've made have actually come while they failed in their major strategic goals at the same time a sharp increase in u.s. and coalition air activity has prevented the taliban from carrying out the large scale attacks that they were trying to achieve last year and finally the recent recovery of key hostages u.s. canadian family that was recovered after cooperation being pakistani and u.s.
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intelligence in pakistan shows that pakistan may finally be starting to take action against the taliban so strategically the taliban is on the back foot and i think this report really misses the point ok that's what you believe despite what the report says i mean how concerned should we all be by that increase in the number of civilian casualties being caused by coalition in afghanistan as we know there's as strikes have increased therefore it's up by fifty percent the number of civilian casualties you've been affected by those as strikes. again i would caution you and other media outlets to be can look carefully behind the story the figures that the cigar cited which are figures from the u.n. are of course sharply disputed by u.s. international forces which say the actual number of civilian casualties caused by the bombing is about ten percent of the numbers you cited so it is a concern but the real concern here is the fact that the collarbone over the same period have killed larger and larger numbers of civilians such as the attack that
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you mentioned at the beginning of this of the segment of the taliban because they have not been able to achieve their strategic goal or killing more and more civilians the stories that were put out by the cigar in this report unfortunately are based on an accurate figure is disputed figures and as i said before missed the big strategic picture that this coming year could be a decisive point for the taliban and could lead to their eventual defeat well this report covered the last fifteen years in afghanistan have to make i haven't read all three hundred ninety pages of it it is a very large report but it does conclude by saying and forgive me i'm going to crisis the u.s. has failed to understand the complexities in scale of the mission required to set up a mental security forces in a country suffering from thirty years of war misrule corruption and deep poverty the u.s. still needs to address the problems of defining mission requirements in afghanistan and executing those missions adequately that does sound pretty damning you just facing all of us as well. i think that is accurate in some
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respects and not in others the united states over the last fifteen years has made some good moves and some bad news the united states has not had a coherent policy and i think what we've found over that time is a lot of back and forth that's resulted in a lot of. afghan casualties what i do think is there through the recent decision by the trumpet ministration to increase forces in afghanistan increase support for afghanistan and put more pressure on pakistan holds the promise really for the first time of there being a sustainable long term u.s. policy so i'd say check back in six months and i think you're going to see things really quite different we saw it we'll be keeping an eye on this all important story and that is that me we really appreciate your time and your thoughts thanks so much for joining us now the cleanup of a contaminated fishing community in ones urea has finally started almost ten years
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after to oil spills shells fifty five year old pipeline ruptured and spilled millions of liters of crude oil off minidress reports from bodo in the niger delta . and it was teated many groups who are being prepared for restoration in nigeria's delta this used to be the breeding ground for fish and other marine creatures for months now these workers have been clearing sludge and other contaminants it's about trying to mop up that oil which is which is free within the environment within the mangroves on the water but i think more important than that phase one is about quantifying and designing the more robust phase two cleanup which will be about physically agitating cleaning flushing and where necessary execute treatment of the sediments might was part of the united nations environment team that reported on the extent of the pollution. progress is slow.
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after removing the top soil and the devery workers try to wash the oil from the mud and riverbed then the poaching oil is trapped by the booms installed right over there as the oil flow out the process will then move up river this needs to be defeated in some four thousand active month in bordeaux one of the worst affected communities in the oil rich niger delta. what i want to focus is on cleaning and restoring only one thousand hectares in bordeaux after four years of difficult to engage with with the local community we have to break down those barriers and walls of. you know people just didn't trust each other and a lengthy process finally finally finally with lots of ups and downs years of inaction by all companies and government in addition to more spills only made the devastation worse but the bigger cleanup is still at the planning stage and those
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who fought for it on to entirely excited by the current work out along up before like. that would be known resumption or operational going to land without addressing the lead to make demands of why people. are going to be you know rights so if you ask me what i do going to be i would tell you no but shall try strongly these concerns there's a clear determination to make this work the impact to a clean up is not just from the spews that we're talking about there's been lots of illegal activities around us because you know and all that and there's also one of the biggest concerns we have the illegal activities he's talking about include some of the pipelines and the theft of oil and that is still happening committee grease . board all in nigeria's delta. cambodia's top court has refused to release
9:45 pm
the opposition leader kemp's a car so car is charged with treason accused of working with the u.s. to overthrow the ruling party if convicted he faces up to thirty years in prison when hayes in the capital phnom penh. this was the day that cambodia's opposition leader hoped he would walk free but for the second time courts rejected kim so cars appeal against his ongoing detention on treason charges and again the leader of the cambodian national rescue party was denied the chance to be in court to argue his case a few opposition supporters and members showed up only to witness another setback for their party that's now being threatened with the dissolution this is on the people support. the government run through its all of. the people. live his party in local elections in june and it may begin roads into the dominance of the ruling cambodian people's party but on september the third he
9:46 pm
was arrested and charged with treason for a speech he gave four years ago in it he talked about winning power with help from the united states since his detention around half of the opposition members of parliament have left cambodia fearing arrest they say the government is scared of losing the general election in july next year so is trying to wipe the opposition out the c.n.n. r.p. wants targeted sanctions introduced against some members of cambodia's government a move that's been backed by several united states senators but there's a sense that prime minister hun sen feels emboldened by the significant financial support this country receives from china but china is also interested in stability and if that's under threat it may start to question the actions of the cambodian government. but there's no sign that the government will back down despite international condemnation rights groups want kim so. released immediately. we want
9:47 pm
more clarity both in terms of safety his whereabouts but more importantly we want to introduce trumped up charges are dropped we are also concerned that there will be more victims on the way is the election day draws near or without a credible opposition the election may be largely meaningless and would almost certainly see one cynic stand his rule on the sixteenth of november the court will begin to decide if they will grant the government's wish and dissolve the cambodian national rescue party wayne hay al jazeera phnom penh. has on the program a look at some of britain's best buildings is that architects five of the u.k.'s most prestigious industrial but. on a south africa and sport south africa looks set to host the rugby world cup for the first time since nineteen ninety five hour has more coming up. with her.
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9:49 pm
and again six finalists for the united kingdom's most prestigious architecture award the royal institute of architects stunning prize recognizes the building that is made the greatest contribution to the evolution of architecture in the past year so a photography studio a pair and a low cost housing developments are among the shortlisted buildings. to take a look. behind austere looking for sorry west london heights a cool calm space sparse concrete walls stand alongside courtyard gardens it could be japan or a monastery perhaps there are work office and private spaces designed for one of
9:50 pm
the world's most famous fashion photographers yeah i can tell i mainly was really looking for a space where i could think in breeze so it's like my on the wall factory kind of space you know where things happen here and i don't have to have to leave large. it's wonderful and it's green and it's it's much better than i ever could have wished this tranquil building confidently and playfully answer some of the biggest challenges the architects face in a city like london how to maximize space a light. what about making three separate that day from public to private and in dispatching a to three daughters and always you'd have sidelights day and you have top like that it was a photographer studio and the whole site could be the studio the buildings the judge for originality sustainability and also how much they enrich the world around
9:51 pm
them the baseline is the quality of architecture must be absolutely excellent and in terms of defining what quality architecture is we need to be very clear that it is a contribution that contributes to the well being of society public buildings including appear on the south coast of england and private houses are being judged side by side this apartment block in north london uses simple sustainable materials brick straw and vast amounts of wood fire resistant wood that is its cost effective good for profit driven property developers and good for buyers but is it good to live in. ages and has a pattern or so the more you knock it that's part of the aging process the lessons that we've learnt is sometimes if you do it with less then the aesthetic actually sometimes is a bit more pleasing the finalists have already made their mark on the british
9:52 pm
landscape but only one will define british architectural history neve barker al-jazeera london it is time to get a nice falsities he is far. felicity thank you so much places in the knockout rounds of the european champions league can be secured later on this chews day p.s.g. could progress into the last sixteen if the result in their groups other games goes their way these two former title winners meeting in scotland with celtic taking on byron munich a home defeat would end celtic's hopes of reaching the knockout rounds while a win would draw them level on points with biron the german team will be without injured striker robert levin dow ski. my job is to convince the players that they can go on really be competitive in how we play at that level now that is very very difficult thing to do because the plan against you know players that. a lot the time of group speed and the techniques at top level to be consistently at that
9:53 pm
level for a reason but like i say that's just my job. because. we're looking forward to the fantastic atmosphere we can put pressure on but hopefully the atmosphere would be good but not too good because it is too good that means that it's a winning i don't miss you we want to win. so group the leaders p.s.g. will look to extend their one hundred percent record at home and under like to have yet to pick up a point kid she will secure qualification for the last sixteen if they beat the belgian side and celtic failed to win against byron munich chelsea are top of group c. going into their match against roma a win for the english champions in italy would see them heading into the last sixteen athletico madrid and carra bag the other teams in this group roma came back from two goals down to take a three three draw at stamford bridge two weeks ago. eight games in all this choose day barcelona will qualify for the last sixteen if they better the results of sporting lisbon who are at home to eventis in group a manchester united are also
9:54 pm
inside to the next round the three time winners will qualify if they win and c.s.k. moscow failed to be basel romelu lukaku is set to start for united the one hundred million dollars striker has failed to score in his last five games. england's victorious under seventeen football team have returned home after their world cup win in india england beat spain five two in the final to cap an incredible year for the country's junior teams england also won the under twenty world cup in the under nineteen european championships by contrast senior team has become famous for under achievement having failed to win a major title in more than fifty years. just the very opportunism. youth in english football that you are not in the twenty's when the world called the ninety's when your us we've obviously worked with as well so that you have a future that so bright or earlier i spoke to matthew white house author of the book the way forward solutions to england's footballing failure he says despite
9:55 pm
their success there's no guarantee young players will get the chance to play in top level teams in england the english premier league unfortunately is a little bit more owned by people who want exactly english so they're going to look for the best players more so than producing young players also the money in the league doesn't really need you to bring young players through so there is a big problem because what we have that is young players with the potential to play and the quality to play on get the opportunity is so they need to go to have the leagues with the top leagues to to progress you look at young players who come through the league in the belgian league and then progress into the top leagues maybe our young players need to do more of that but i think important for our formulates we embrace the young players we've got and success on the international stage like we've seen this summer it really will force clubs in order to use these players they clearly are quality players there's no excuses without now so i think it's important those players now given the chances in order to progress in the first team level south africa is almost certain to host the two thousand and twenty three rugby world cup after a recommendation from the sport's governing body the decision is likely to be confirmed at
9:56 pm
a vote in mid november south africa has outflanked ireland and france to move ahead in the bidding race at last stage the event in one thousand nine hundred five and will use some of the stadiums built for the two thousand and ten football world cup tiger woods has announced details of his latest comeback the fourteen time major champion is set to play at the hero world challenge at the end of november the event in the bahamas is organized by what some self the forty one year old has had four back operations in three years and hasn't played competitively since february last week woods was sentenced to a year's probation after pleading guilty to reckless driving. four time olympic champion fara has ended his partnership with controversial coach alberto salazar far has been based in the united states but will now return to his home in the u.k. as he focuses on marathon rather than track success morris says his decision to is related to the ongoing u.s. anti-doping investigation into the cuban coach salazar has always denied any wrongdoing and far has given him on wavering support.
9:57 pm
project going to. yes i'm coming but. it's going to be. very excited to start a new project. steph curry scored thirty one points and kevin durant's added nineteen as the golden state warriors beat the los angeles clippers one hundred and forty one to one hundred thirteen all much closer was the contest between miami heat and the minnesota timberwolves just scored twenty three points as a timber wolves of the heat hundred twenty five two hundred twenty two win over time. by. next year's winter olympics have moved a symbolic step closer at a time when south korean organizers are still struggling to sell tickets the olympic torch has been officially handed over to the organizing committee in the
9:58 pm
greek capital of athens where the games began all the thirty percent of tickets have been sold so far the torch will now be taken on a relay of south korea head of the opening ceremony on february the ninth. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to london. and that is just bought it for me and the news out team based here in london stay with us. in a couple minutes more than a snooze thanks which. with. november
9:59 pm
on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me in my bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of the i have. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across tunisia. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bone to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when east brings captivating stories and award winning film. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump embarks on a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera. the bucket it oh is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on sect a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship base is
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a dialogue tweet us with hostile into a stream and one of their pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed job and was satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a study his biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. catalonia is the post president says he's staying in brussels for safety as spain starts processing rebellion charges against.


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