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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2017 10:00pm-10:33pm AST

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that has tied into a stream and one of their pitches might make the next shot join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed job and was satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. catalonia is the post president says he's staying in brussels for safety as spain starts processing rebellion charges against.
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you watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program the. kenyan opposition leader calls for the presidential rerun votes that he boycotted to be unknown lawyers for facebook twitter and google go before congress to explain how russia allegedly used them to influence. this president from mrs a former campaign aide indicted in the russian as a low level volunteer and. also coming up we'll tell you why refugees are refusing to leave the man of the tension center that they fought to close. thank you for joining us the pows leader of catalonia has spoken for the first time since charges were filed against him for declaring independence from spain karla's
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for the moment is currently in brussels but he says he's there to act in quote freedom and safety not to seek political asylum this is spain's high court prepares rebellion and sedition charges against him and thirteen members of his sac that ministration they've been called to testify on thursday and who simmons has more now from barcelona. carlos pushed him on is on a mission trying to get international support while at the same time justifying why he left his homeland after charges were filed against him by the spanish prosecutor i am not here you know the man desirability for he goes on. this is not a belgian question you're losing i'm here in brussels as a capital of europe. this is not a matter of the. question of the belgian politics there's no relationship. i'm here. to act with freedom and safety. pushed him all says
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he needs guarantees if he comes back and he wouldn't say how long he'll be away in the organization that's involved in all the big procession demonstrations the mood lifts a little thing it only makes sense that at least part of the government can remain operative outside the country because it would not be safe for them to stay in spain pushed him on spent a low profile weekend apart from a call for peaceful support then came the heat on monday with charges filed and he was nowhere to be seen when he emerged in belgium his supporters have a range of emotions from outright anger to dissent what's the mood like now and has pushed the mall's decision to go to brussels done damage personally i think. it did but it's something that we can only. analyze with time
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if he hadn't speak today it has been it would have been a problem for us because you cannot do that on a friday then go out like have a weekend of and we don't know if we are a republic of we have we are still part of spain and his missing christine and athena has paved secession for the past seven years she thinks pushed them all is right to leave the us consulate but. i thought he was in political exile or that he wanted to internationalize the conflict both things good to me initially we were this conservative but now we see it clearly but nothing is clear over what's in store for sacked ministers who have stayed in catalonia vanish from their offices they arrive for work at the dissolve parliament instead insisting their government is still there just a minute and drew simmons al-jazeera barcelona let's go live to had a bell hamida was in barcelona for us with the latest the first of all give us the
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latest from spain national courts which we understand is preparing rebellion and sedition charges against them all. well actually we just heard again from judge brinn she is the judge of the national court that moment not only carlist was demand. of his cabinet to appear in front of her on thursday and friday in madrid now she did say that if carlos project man didn't appear then. and. i'm so sorry apologies we seem to be have to be having problems with the audio from her that they'll meet who is in barcelona for us so we will definitely be talking to her again either in this program or at the next. to get the latest on all developments from there now though let's go to kenya where the opposition leader
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raila odinga has called for the result of the presidential election rerun to be an old president a hurricane yeah tell was that cleared the winner of the election was widely boycotted by opposition supporters can get or took ninety eight point two percent of the vote with the turnout though below forty percent well they got made no mention of a legal challenge but warned the election result will undermine the public's faith in democracy mohammed there has more now from nairobi raila odinga so yes he will not accept the results of the election but were released on monday evening and the president who can is in office illegally he says he has now embarked on what he calls a complete for electrode justice and he says he will achieve that by calling on his supporters to come out and protest picket them court goods and services
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to companies all the presidents from delhi and also all other people allied to his dibley party this is what reloading god to say this illusion. must not stand. if allowed to turn. complete mockery of illusions. and of the bollocks as a means of instituting a government in kenya. will completely destroy the public confidence in the vote this will not turn out to vote. with determined outcomes. comments will not come as any consolation to many kenyans who want to move forward and leave the whole process behind them it's been a moan electoral process we've been hearing of this election since june this year and it's been a process marked with violent protests attacks on judges and threats to the
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electoral commission staff all the signs of a country on the brink and it promises to be even a longer process and more painful one israel continues with his uncompromising stand to go back to our top story now and crossed over the bellamy who is live for us in barcelona the story of course being that the pows leader of catalonia has that charges filed against him for the clarion independence from spain so what a lot of that what's the latest that we've heard from spain's national court on this. well re just heard in the past hour or so from. the judge to summon carlist and thirteen other members of the regional government to appear in court in madrid on thursday and friday now she did. didn't make the court make the court appearance and she will issue an arrest
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warrant against him now bear in mind that on the same day in another court in the high court you have. the speaker of the dissolved. parliament and five other members who are jews here as well all of these people actually regardless of which. facing. charges of sedition rebellion embezzlement of public funds. and that's of course if this band-aid catalonian cabinet what about the spanish cabinet meeting this one going on right now what are we hearing well there's one going on right now we haven't heard much from the spanish government over the past forty eight hours i would say just a few in direct statements about the whereabouts of a moment when nobody knew where he was really in belgium or not but ever since we haven't heard anything else now this is an extraordinary meeting and we do expect
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a statement at the end of that specially that we haven't heard any comment after the press conference given by carlists in brussels or the bill hamid with the latest from barcelona thank you. u.s. president donald trump has this missed the importance of a former campaign aide indicted in the russian choir branding him a liar on twitter it was revealed on monday that george papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his russian contacts the president once described the thirty year old as an excellent guy but he now says is one time foreign policy adviser was a young at low level volunteer and proven to be a liar meanwhile two other former trump aides including his former campaign manager paul moran a fourth were charged on monday as part of robert mueller his inquiry the new
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developments have prompted russia's foreign minister to again deny suggestions his country interfered in the u.s. presidential election because you know what because. without a single piece of proof we are as you know being accused of meddling not only in the u.s. election but also elections in european states recently there was navigation that moscow decided the minister to appoint in south africa there is no limit to fantasy . meanwhile right now lawyers for social media giants facebook twitter and google are testifying at a congressional hearing in washington d.c. it's part of the investigation into whether russia uses social media to influence last year's u.s. election the three companies have revealed they found more evidence of russian activities on their sites facebook says russia based operatives that published eighty thousand posts during and after the election it estimates that one hundred twenty six million americans could have seen those posts that's about half of the
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voting age population twitter found russian linked accounts generated one point four million election related tweets between september and november last year and half of them were automated google says pro russian groups uploaded more than a thousand videos to its you tube service well in his opening address the lawyer for facebook said the company is striving to do better. we have found that foreign actors used fake accounts to place ads on facebook and instagram that reached millions of americans over a two year period and that those ads were used to promote pages which in turn posted more content people shared these posts spreading them still further many of these ads and posts are inflammatory some are downright offensive and much of it will be particularly painful to communities that engaged with this content believing it to be authentic we'll have our times he joins us live now from
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washington d.c. so she had what are they trying to achieve with this hearing. but there are several goals depending on which which bit of this the committee and indeed the those those appearing before the committee ones thinking about the committee as a whole clearly wants to know what i actually happened what's the scale of the russian influence on these social media platforms the timeline when facebook google and others knew something weird was happening what they can do about it in the future the democratic members of the committee are keen to keep pushing this idea that russia hijacked the election that the social media activities completely social media activities or russia vindicate their position that one of the main reasons the and i sort of quite recovered from this that hillary clinton managed to lose the presidential election to donald trump was because there was this coordinated campaign from the kremlin that was to destroy hillary clinton in favor of dollar trouble that we've not seen any any evidence of that yet we just had
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opinions from various intelligence agencies for the technology companies they want to make it clear to congress that they're taking this seriously they were accusing the past of not taking it seriously now they're saying look we do take it seriously and we're acting and we're going to be able to try and keep investigating this and do something about this but we have to put those numbers into context because facebook and others a look at these numbers seen huge as you say one hundred twenty six million users may have seen some sort of content that may have originated somewhere in russia and so on but if you put that into the context of facebook's entire output that works out of one out of twenty three thousand one out of every twenty three thousand pieces of contents are point zero zero four percent of facebook content may or may not have originated somewhere in russia and may have something to do with the kremlin then what system may have been seen by by viewers what does that even mean to the something just appeared on our facebook feed that influence the election does that have that affect the way that i vote these are some of the more interesting questions that we hope will be explored not only in this congressional
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meeting or this congressional hearing but also in the in the hearings tomorrow on capitol hill which are perhaps a bit more substantial of what with the russians trying to do if they were by. this kind of content on social media seems like an odd way to try to influence an election especially since by by facebook's accounting many of these things are paid off to the election so how does that affect the election what is going on i think is what the rest of us want to know who don't necessarily have an agenda and how can we be careful to take a look at all of this stuff without reducing freedom of speech on social media that would be rather a great way to these these hearings could could could move forward although we certainly agendas are going to be on display in these hearings with it's difficult to know whether we'll actually get to those questions well we'll have to see if we do i know you'll be following all developments for us and we'll be checking in with you over the next few hours while this young continues for the moment thank you. and still to come in this half hour of news a shell said a school in one of syria's deescalation killing several children as the latest round of holds. and we look at some of the buildings vying for the u.k.'s most
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prestigious architectural. how i will i'm pleased to say we've got some quiet weather into central and eastern parts of europe over the next couple of days winds coming in for more of a northwesterly direction as opposed to that screaming northerly that we're seeing across a central air is still wintry enough there into moscow temperatures so high that around one degree celsius on wednesday so struggling to get above freezing possibility of some wintry flowers still there in the forecast but look a little further west berlin double figures there into vienna getting up to around fourteen celsius there for london and paris that milder streaming in from the atlantic at this time of year it is going to be martyrs is going to be dull and
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overcast because the weather will be coming in from the southwest the bright today as we go on through thursday the northerly winds coming in sunshine then for thirteen celsius always going to be a bit of a chill in the air with the winds coming in from the north but a bit of time weather coming into spain and portugal over the next day or two but for central and eastern parts of the mediterranean as fodder dry nineteen celsius for rob and for athens for to try to across a good part of north africa the possibility want to coast to showers into the far north of libya maybe into northern areas of aged further west it should be generally fine in try but increasing cloud making its way to morocco. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on the network of channels for the line this year i'm about to do it but i'm about to be fresh perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we look at the world
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. cup. al-jazeera world at this time on al-jazeera. now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera spain's national court has called catalonia is the president to mount to testify on thursday as a processes of rebellion and sedition charges against him for declaring independence from spain kenya's opposition leader raila odinga has called for the result of the presidential election rerun to be an old warning it could undermine
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the public's faith in democracy and the lawyers of social media companies facebook twitter and google are testifying at a u.s. senate hearing into russian interference in last year's presidential election. at least five people have been killed in a bomb blast near the u.s. embassy in kabul afghanistan as the fence ministry says at least fifteen others were injured in the suicide attack that happened in an area where many foreign embassies and government departments a base a quarterly report to the u.s. congress has highlighted just how much the situation is deteriorating in afghanistan it says armed groups are increasing their control and territory across the country and civilian casualties are up fifty two percent on last year david said me is a senior associate at the center for strategic and international studies speaking to al-jazeera a little earlier this was his analysis of the report. it's not really possible to
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estimate with the kind of precision that they attempt to use what percentage of people are living under taliban control what's really important is that the taliban at the beginning of this fighting season in their operational plan called operation months or after their recently deceased leader their goal was to take a provincial capital and hold it this year they failed in that goal they also wanted to control several provinces by the end of the year they've also failed in that so whatever little marginal games they've made have actually come while they failed in their major strategic goals at the same time a sharp increase in u.s. and coalition air activity has prevented the taliban from carrying out the large scale attacks that they were trying to achieve last year customs officials say iraqi forces have taken control of the country's only border crossing with turkey from the kurdish regional government the harbor border crossing is located within the official boundaries of the semi autonomous kurdish region of northern iraq
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which angered the central government with last month's referendum on secession russia has invited thirty three syrian groups and political parties to attend what it called the syrian congress or national dialogue in the black sea resort of sochi in mid november russian officials have indicated one of the points that could be considered would be a new constitution for syria meanwhile a seventh round of talks aimed at ending syria's war has now wrapped up in kazakhstan scapula stunna imran khan has more. the talks in a starter have concentrated on strengthening the deescalation zones in syria established in september those owns include it live province northern homs eastern ghouta and parts of the border with jordan security in the zones has been guaranteed by russia and iran who backed the syrian regime and by turkey who backed the rebels that keeps the foreign powers firmly entrenched on the ground in syria
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but the charity international rescue committee is concerned that civilians have been forgotten. the safety of civilians has not improved with the establishment of the so-called deescalation areas with so many armed groups not covered by cease fire agreements we have even seen periods of increased aerial bombardment the idea that peace is somehow broken out in syria is far from the reality we see civilians trapped in the area a pessimistic that the astonished talks will change anything. actually the entire us donna process is a failure it is nothing but empty promises we will do this we will do that all life . the horse start a process is a failure many years have passed since the beginning of the revolution and nothing has changed to me the situation more remain as it is. the syrian opposition also claims civilians are being targeted the escalation areas which are being
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breached by the regime in iran on almost daily basis and russia's are going to and it's supposed to do something about that the deescalation zones are in place for another six months however that might get extended but what the a stunt to talk seem to be proving is that russia is leading the charge however they are walking a tightrope between the international community and all the different syrian factions but they do seem to be backing syrian president bashar al assad it's not just the deescalation zones that are under discussion the syrian opposition want a prisoner exchange but there's been no agreement on that so far u.n. backed talks are scheduled for geneva in late november imran khan al-jazeera the star ten people including six children have been killed in the shelling of several rebel held areas in syria one of the attacks in eastern huta which is east of the capital damascus into school thirty people were injured that's according to the syrian observatory for human rights it's another breach of the so-called the
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deescalation zones which were agreed at last at the at last the talks. refugees have barricaded themselves inside an australian run the tension center in papua new guinea refusing to leave the man a silence compound was closed on tuesday after a court saying that illegal but six hundred refugees of remain say it's too dangerous to leave because they'll be attacked charlotte ballasts reports. these refugees are desperate to stay inside a detention center that they fought to close our men. are safe maybe it's my last day kerry you see here maybe not who knows our lives in. danger. refugees was sent to the man asylum detention seem to by a stray here four years ago holding pain until a permanent solution was found and
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a deterrent for those who might follow. the locals of papa new guinea were always hostile it was an attack in twenty four tane that left one refugee did the concept and conditions of men a silent who widely condemned finally according to the legal and astray are agreed to close the same to and pay refugees compensation. but as the facility was decommissioned and security forces left on tuesday refugees reported. yesterday and authorities all out of the center and in in these refugees essentially. and they have serious concerns for their safety on manison and whether they may if so many are not so barricaded themselves into the same time. it's now a see each water electricity and food supplies have been cut off. the water tank is empty. as best i can go we know it's good to die.
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but we are looking at this stage the as. because we're given alternative accommodation on the island but they say it isn't equipped to protect them from the locals they are not going to get safety going to you that's why i'm staying here this is a crazy situation everybody's been screaming about wanting to get out of the place where we saw that we had to close it and move them into a different facility and require those the refugees to go back to their country of origin and now they want life destroyers government says the prison closure is a matter for papa new guinea and yet papa new guinea disputed that in a statement on sunday which leaves refugees caught between two governments and a hostile native population shallop ballasts al jazeera the japanese man has been arrested after police in tokyo found the dismembered bodies of nine people in his
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apartment twenty seven year old attack a hero sherry she has confessed to killing the eight women and one man cutting up their bodies and hiding them in coolers covered with cat litter investigators were searching for a twenty three year old woman who disappeared last week after exchanging internet messages with. cambodia's top court has ruled that the opposition leader must remain in prison while here they awaits trial for treason he was arrested at the beginning of september and accused of working with the u.s. to overthrow the ruling party if convicted he faces up to thirteen years in prison concerns government is also thinking steps to dissolve him such as cambodia's national rescue party the only opposition party with seats in parliament. six finalists are vying for the united kingdom's most prestigious architecture award which is due to be announced in just over an hour and a half the royal institute of architects stirling prize recognizes the building
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that's made the greatest contribution to the evolution of architecture in the past year a photography studio a pier and a low cost housing development are among the shortlisted buildings barker went to take a look. behind austere looking for some the west london heights a cool calm space sparse concrete walls stand alongside courtyard gardens it could be japan or a monastery perhaps there are work office and private spaces designed for one of the world's most famous fashion photographers you can tell and i mainly was really looking for a space where i could think in breeze so it's like my on the wall factory kind of space you know where things happen here and i don't have to have to leave large. it's wonderful and it's green and it's much better than i ever could have wished this tranquil building confidently and playfully answer some of the biggest
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challenges the architects face in a city like london how to maximize space a light. what about making three separate buildings that they from public to private and in dispatching a to three thought and always you'd have sidelights. and you have to apply that it was a photographer studio and the whole site could be the studio the buildings the judge for originality sustainability and also how much they enrich the world around them the baseline is the quality of architecture must be absolutely excellent and in terms of defining what quality architecture is we need to be very clear that it is a contribution that contributes to the well being of society public buildings including appear on the south coast of england and private houses are being judged side by side this apartment block in north london uses simple sustainable materials brick
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straw and vast amounts of wood fire resistant wood that is its cost effective good for profit driven property developers and good for buyers but is it good to live in . ages and has a pattern or so the more you knock it that's part of the aging process the lessons that we've learnt is sometimes if you do it with less then the aesthetic actually sometimes is a bit more pleasing the finalists have already made their mark on the british landscape but only one will define pretty shark attack actual history neve back al-jazeera london much more on that and all the other stories we've been covering on our website al-jazeera. now remind of the headlines on al-jazeera spain's national court has called catalonia the polls president bush to mold to testify on thursday as
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a process is rebellion and sedition charges against him for the clearing independence from spain he says he is not in belgium to see political asylum but to act in freedom and safety but would impose that direct rule on catalonia on friday dissolving the regional government and ordered new elections in the same wisdom and says he will accept the outcome of that vote. in regards to the elections called by the spanish central government we think they are a democratic challenge and we're not scared by democratic challenges quite the opposite if the spanish government wishes to carry out these elections to legitimize article one five five use of course we will face these elections. kenya's opposition leader has called for the result of the presidential election rerun to be an old presenter who was the clear the winner on monday with ninety eight hundred two percent of the vote the turnout was below forty percent because
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the poll was boycotted by opposition supporters made no mention of a legal challenge but warned the election result will undermine the public's faith in democracy the lawyers of social media companies facebook twitter and google are testifying to u.s. senators in washington it's part of the investigation into whether russia use the companies to interfere in last year's presidential election facebook says about eighty thousand posts were produced and as many as one hundred twenty five million american users may have seen russian based contact. at least five people have been killed by a bomb near the u.s. embassy in kabul the attack took place in an area where many foreign embassies and government departments are. russia has invited thirty three syrian groups and political parties to attend what they call the syrian congress on national dialogue in sochi in mid november russian officials have suggested
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a new constitution for syria could be a key discussion point those are your headlines i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour stay with us so the stream is coming up next. with the at. the end. i answer me ok and your in the stream five months after he captured murari city in the philippines i saw has been defeated but take a look at the devastation that has.


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