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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2017 8:00am-8:33am AST

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good logical rational crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. a particularly cowardly act of terror eight people are dead in new york city after a truck plows into pedestrians and cyclists and.
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jordan this is al jazeera live from doha coming up. minister returns home from belgium to try to buy protestors. we hear more about plans by. to end on a stray and run prison camp. in the fight against hepatitis doctors gather to eliminate the disease that kills one point three million people every year. u.s. president donald trump is vowing to step up so-called extreme vetting of foreigners after a truck was driven into cyclists and pedestrians in new york city eight people were killed five of them from argentina the twenty nine year old suspect was shot at the scene in lower manhattan and taken to hospital. as the latest. a frightening sight
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of mangled bicycles after a deadly truck attack just blocks from the september eleventh memorial police say a man deliberately drove this rental truck into a bike path mowing down cyclists and pedestrians causing multiple deaths and injuries ever instead of running the resort and running two. times. according to authorities after striking the pedestrians and cyclists the truck traveled several blocks before crashing into a school bus with kids on board and i witnessed filmed this video moments after the crash he told us this is the suspect who fled the truck. i thought maybe. but when i heard the gunshot then i. scared the way that. police shot the suspect the twenty nine year old male and took him into custody the suspect is reported to be safe. from uzbekistan authorities say the suspect made
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a statement when he got out of his truck those words are why officials are considering this an act of terror let me be clear to based on the information we have at this moment this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians aimed at people going about their lives who had no idea what was about to hit them the governor is calling on new yorkers to carry on with their lives we felt the pain before we feel the pain today. but we go forward together and we go forward stronger than ever well it's being investigated it's a potential act of terror the governor said there are no indications of any wider plot or threat to the city nevertheless the police say they'll have extra officers out in force in the coming days just to be sure gabriel is on how does the new york
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. catalonia is ousted interior minister has returned to boston loan at the chance of trying to buy union his protest is there no man you see. him for now on the rest of the council on cabinet have been fired by spain central government for one has been in belgium with the former president catalyst who didn't want all fourteen members of the council on time when it facing possible charges of rebellion. it's not clear what the colors put them on or returned to madrid for questioning in court he says he's in belgium to enjoy his freedom and safety and says he still catalonia is a legitimate president under simmons reports from boston. carlos pushed him on is on a mission trying to get international support while at the same time justifying why he left his homeland after charges were filed against him by the spanish prosecutor i'm not here to do in desirability because i'm this is not
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a belgian question of the use of i'm here in brussels as a result of europe. this is not a matter of the. question of the. new relationship. i'm here. to act with freedom and safety. pushed him all says he needs guarantees if he comes back and he wouldn't say how long he'll be away in the organization that's involved in all the big procession demonstrations the mood lifts a little i think it only makes sense that at least part of the government can remain operative outside the country because it would not be safe for them to stay in spain push them on spent a low profile weekend apart from a call for peaceful support then came the heat on monday with charges filed and he was nowhere to be seen when he emerged in belgium his supporters had a range of emotions from outright anger to dissent what's the mood like now and
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has pushed the mole's decision to go to brussels done damage personally i think. it did but it's something that we can only. analyze with time if he hadn't speak today it has been it would have been a problem for us because you cannot do that on a friday then go out like have a weekend of and we don't know if we are a republic of we had we are still part of spain and his missing christina thena has paved secession for the past seven years she thinks pushed him all is right to leave to the us consulate but. i thought he was in political exile or that he wanted to internationalize the conflict both being seeing good to me initially we were this concerted but now we see it clearly but nothing is clear over what's in store for sacked ministers who have stayed in catalonia vanish from their offices
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they arrive for work at the dissolve parliament instead insisting their government is still legitimate and drew simmons al-jazeera barcelona. a quarter earnings do you want a lawsuit challenging the closure of an australian run offshore prison camp tensions running high at the facility on pop in again his money reports of looting by locals there are reports the country's army plans to enter the facility leading to fears it will force the six hundred refugees to move toward tentative accommodation there also reports the army only intends to provide temporary security at the camp saw police reports. these refugees are desperate to stay inside a detention center that they fought to close our men. are safe it is my last. you see here maybe not who knows our life is in deep danger. us train authorities all this into
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a bad thing these refugees essential really. and they have serious concerns for their safety on medicine and whether they may be are not so barricaded them so. it's now a c h we water electricity and food supplies have been cut off. the water. as best they can. but we are staged the asylum seekers were given alternative accommodation on the island but they said it isn't equipped to protect them from the locals they are not going to get us safe to go into that's what i'm saying here this is a crazy situation everybody has been screaming about wanted to get out of the place where we saw that we had to close it and move them into a different facility and require those the refugees to go back to their country of
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origin and now they want life is government says the prison closure is a matter of a pup in new guinea and yet papa new guinea disputed that in a statement on sunday which leaves refugees caught between two governments and a hostile native population ballasts al jazeera. well as told to nick mckim he's incensed at the tasmanian the australian greens party he's on mount assad in what has been bombed from entering the prison camp he joins us live on the phone for you describe what's happening on minus as a humanitarian emergency tell us briefly what's happening to the refugees now that the camp has officially been closed. the repeat juries have determined that the camp is the most life for them and that by simply barricaded them into the camp by have. more than all drinking water and food which they think hoarding for the last couple of weeks and i have rigged
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up at hawk. channel four water to try and catch water off the roof of the camp. and buy off the line that. the rubbish bins i was using in the camp. with the concerns here are the size of the refugees from militias and. they're not so bad but there are also twenty percent of the refugees who. is clinically depressed or suffering from post-traumatic stress and i have access to their flock to track the medication now cut off as well which will really calamitous mention have come and there are medical professionals in this trial warning to die that. in the future are ok inevitable australia's immigration minister peter dutton has accused you of
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breathtaking depletes city and suggests your party is deliberately inciting trouble on mannesmann what's your response to that. well i've got a couple of responses. on from a serial human rights abuse and administer the. torture camps on nine a solemn and for the last. response to that there is a tragedy here on man a solemn and all i think in relation to. that he called him a critical they use the one that will have blood on his hands not sort of let me off to who is actually responsible for the refugees on mount something popular guinea's say hang on it's australia trainee and say it's papa new guinea i mean they're both blaming each other who is responsible well that's exactly right and
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i abacha climbing each other in a pool six hundred skulls. cracked in the middle. it's really not that you know i could not. and at some length i did very clearly in reminding a struggle of responsibility and not just because one man it's all about the hundreds of men women and children there are in similar conditions on another small to be called on to and the united nations has minded abundantly clear on multiple occasions that on international or playful fridays responsibility and a strong virtue probably makes to back you like the can and type everybody in that prison can't decide in astride the law it's a risk a humanitarian color not let me get a final thought from you so and so what about the refugees who have already moved to temporary accommodation what are conditions like for them. the
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condition to a temporary accommodation by jury has access. and water but there are. facilities can the operation one of them be by szekely i presume to be on the outskirts of all the capital city of man asylum the attack on cold mondale the other facility is an art and facility it has nothing to eat and the refuge of the absolutely terrified that if i move to a facility that i can fit into that cycle five attacks from lichens and remember the top of any of my feet assaulted the refugees with shotguns and submachine guns . and tried to storm the tents in the trying to kill your p.j.s i agree with actually in case there is danger and the refugees that might a collective decision to start with iraq senator nick mckim thank you very much for
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talking to al-jazeera a lot more still to come here what did lawyers from facebook twitter and google tell congress about alleged russian meddling in the u.s. elections plus. new evidence in the killing of an environmental activist in honduras more than. how are we still have a chance of showers affecting turkey pushing out of the black sea just not going across towards the caspian sea you see a little bit of cloud just coming in here at the moment and this we go on through this day possibility wanted to share was there any pushing down into northern areas of syria elsewhere it does stay fine and dry little wet weather a possibility up towards into the far south of iraq will see warm sunshine once
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again into tashkent twenty seven celsius on matty twenty four degrees twenty four for kabul as well largely fine in trying across a good part of the middle east over the next couple of days by thursday perhaps a little bit of cloud just sneaking its way into northern parts of iran but to run still getting up to around twenty three degrees celsius so those numbers from for abu dhabi thirty two celsius pleasant sunshine across the reagan plain over the next couple of days thirty three thirty four degrees as we go on through thursday here in doha looking good in just a gentle breeze a summer a pleasant sunshine coming through present enough to enjoy a good part of southern africa a little more clout there across the western side of the region those in the may be seeing a little bit of damp weather it's a go through the next day or two further east is fine dry and sunny. al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count cabana dot.
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tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his death was one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count at this time on al jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump's value to step up so-called extreme vetting of foreigners after a truck was driven into cyclists and pedestrians in new york city eight people were
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killed several others injured and what police say was a terrorist attack the twenty nine year old suspect and identified in media reports and. several of catalonia is ousted cabinet ministers are returned to barcelona they've been involved with former president. all fourteen members of the cabinet a facing possible rebellion charges from spain's central government. and a court rulings do in a lawsuit challenging the closure of an australian run offshore prison camp tension is high at the facility on pop in again his manner where refugees are barricaded themselves inside fearing attacks by locals there are reports the army plans to enter the facility. now the lawyer for social media giant facebook has admitted the company should have done more to pick up on russian links meddling in last year's u.s. election he was joined by officials from twitter and google. the questioning at a senate hearing into moscow's influence on the vote jabatan see reports from
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washington d.c. . facebook now says it estimates that approximately one hundred twenty six million people may have seen content produced by a kremlin linked company at some point between twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen the foreign interference we saw is reprehensible that foreign actors hiding behind fake accounts abused our platform and other internet services to try to sew division and discord and to try to undermine the election. it's directly contrary to our values but facebook also says the russian content represents point zero zero four percent of news feed content in that period or approximately one out of every twenty three thousand articles in fact even as they emphasized the seriousness of the issue all three companies say the content trace to the russians has been minuscule as a proportion of total content and much didn't reference the elections all the
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candidates nonetheless members of congress are urging action even as the goal of russian actors remains murky these ads are clearly intended to worsen racial tensions and possibly violence their goal is to divide us and discredit our democracy. that ability to influence is said to have been displayed at this rally after the election thousands gathered in new york to protest against donald trump it's alleged would be nice this black matters for us were linked to the russian internet company that was advertising on facebook as internet companies trying to understand what's happening and attempt to prove that they're taking the issues seriously they're already censoring posts focusing on race or social inequality because they're deemed divisive and anti-american and that has some concerned various sites that tend to publish more kind of radical thoughts had seen significant drops in their search traffic and obviously google has
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a monopoly on search and is that's responsible for the majority of the search traffic that the site will see so that is one indication that that goes out arrhythmic updates tend to favor sites more like the washington post the new york times it's unclear what the russians who bought social media content were trying to achieve nor want if any effect that content had on last year's election but can't will now be needed that any reforms that are made in the name of u.s. democracy don't leave uses only with content that's been deemed acceptable by silicon valley and members of congress shabbat hansie al-jazeera washington. e.u. politicians are warning cambodia it could face aid and trade sanctions if it doesn't improve its human rights it's the strongest threat of action so far since the arrest of opposition the that came so car in september on tuesday cambodia's top court ruling must remain in prison while he awaits trial for treason the
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government's intensified its crackdown against political opponents independent media and human rights groups in recent months protests have been taking place in eritrea as capital they've been reports of gunshots in the predominantly muslim korea neighborhood it's where an islamic school has been ordered by the government to change its curriculum including a ban on him and religious education some school board members have been arrested. a team of lawyers has new evidence on the death of an environmental activist in honduras claimed that phone records prove birth of the child us was the target of a murder plot john coleman has more from mexico city. to cast his one international recognition for leading the length in people in honduras against the hydroelectric dam planned on their land by company desa. to attack a river that has life the has spirit i think it signifies life for me that's worth
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more than the pain of this. she was killed more than one hundred other activists since two thousand and ten what's become the deadliest country in the world for environment defenders really is not who was the case became emblematic of that violent a punitive and five international lawyers took it up now they have new phone record evidence on how killing. the murder of birds because sarah's was not a spontaneous act it is a result of careful planning in which top executives and company are linked. there are reports says that also use surveillance threats and contract killing to eliminate opposition from villages and activists to be i was project in a statement twelve zero at the company denied all wrongdoing and indicated that the investigation was politically motivated it said i was totally on involved in any act of violence in the project tax in every instance according to honduran law the
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project is totally orientated towards generating jobs and developing opportunities for communities and we have respect to the environment the company said. according to human rights groups mega projects sponsored by doing business and political elites regularly ride roughshod over the rights of poor locals we. what we've found is that communities have been invaded by these projects and that it's the companies that are creating conditions for violence against communities. the report also says that during security forces failed to protect cassidy's despite years of death threats. after her murder eight men were arrested but authorities have yet to get to those who ordered the killing and have withheld information from the independent investigation according to the five lawyers. from through an attorney general's office didn't respond to our desires requests for
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comment john home of. mexico city. now a summit is underway in argentina that's aiming to eliminate viral hepatitis the disease kills more than one point three million people every year that's more than all other chronic illnesses combined including hiv malaria and tuberculosis donald has more. they've all recovered from hepatitis c. they're relieved and grateful and want to pass on their experiences to help in the fight against the disease their group when a good life meets frequently one of cyrus to help new sufferers and raise awareness . principle is to give information the patient arrives with little knowledge and is shocked after being diagnosed with a chronic illness the patient thinks they're going to die so we start to tell them what is happening and why hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver tissue some have no early symptoms while others develop jaundice and suffer vomiting tartness
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and abdominal pain that may be temporary or long term. had to liver transplants. the virus returned four months after the second transplant and put the liver at risk the truth is i didn't have much hope but thank god i was given this new treatment and it cured me pretty much one hundred percent just. after thirteen years with the disease he's now healthy the whole group watching developments in the cell paolo with interest hepatitis is a global problem but the solution is also global each country with its own characteristics coming together in the south to share their experiences in the fight to eliminate the disease by twenty thirty argentina is one of the few countries to have a national program to fight the disease scientists and health experts work with governments and civic society for the sufferers a model the world health organization and world hepatitis alliance is keen to
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promote in sao paolo. but i don't have but i did point of view we had a lot of. tools to get that control we have. one of the writers who's already seen nowadays and also. innovation with the treatment with a new and so effective in control information anyone who talk about it but i do see the cure the target at the cell power summit is to focus on the fight to eliminate viral hepatitis by twenty thirty the challenge to raise awareness raise the funding and the sure that all of working together against the disease that no one should have to suffer from. there are two zero one osiris. now they are zero media network is celebrating its twenty first anniversary on wednesday while remaining in the crosshairs of the gulf diplomatic crisis the u.a.e.
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bahrain and egypt led by saudi arabia all accuse qatar of supporting terrorism charges that doha strongly denies in a long list of demands they want al-jazeera to be shut down tomorrow so our reports thank you. since it's first broadcast in one thousand nine hundred six al-jazeera has attracted millions of viewers around the world. it's reports and breaking news keeping the public informed but it hasn't always been easy the network has come under attack throughout the past two decades its offices in kabul baghdad and gaza have been bombed its journalists have been killed and others imprisoned two thousand and seventeen has been no different in egypt mahmoud has seen remains in jail more than three hundred days after his arrest simply for being a journalist and with no international law to properly protect journalists or punish those who target them it seems repressive governments have become emboldened in their attempts to suppress press freedom in june egypt saudi arabia the united
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arab emirates and behind laid siege to qatar one of their demands in order to lift the blockade is that doha shuts down the al-jazeera network the aim to quash media freedom in the middle east qatar has rejected that demand insisting that it's the duty of government to protect face acumen rights as in trying by the geneva convention including the right to information when you tell me to close a channel like al-jazeera history were right one day in fifty or sixty seventy years how it changed the whole idea of free speech in the region israel truly has joined the attack on press freedom unhappy its coverage of illegal settlement expansion and the killing of civilians as reported by israeli human rights groups such as. i'm going to request from the government press office to revoke the press cards of al-jazeera network reporters who are operating in israel i've spoken to the cable and satellite companies that expressed willingness from their end to
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consider going dark and al-jazeera broadcasting cables and satellite but as al-jazeera marks its twenty first anniversary the message from its management is clear a commitment to its viewers that regardless of the challenges the network will continue to be the voice of the voiceless we're not going anywhere we are consistent in our journalism we produce quality journalist. we cover the world all stories wherever they're happening all over the world and we're going to carry on doing that we've won international awards raj on this and we stand by the quality and the integrity . and we're not going to be bullet we're not going to be censored we're not going to be intimidated and we're going to carry on our this newsroom has transformed the media landscape the world over but that's come at a price many of the people here have friends or colleagues who've sacrificed a great deal for what they consider to be sacrosanct that is the right for people to be informed but the message from journalists here is clear regardless of the
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continued campaign against al-jazeera is and that's work as an idea cannot be shut down. i just don't have. the mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump's value to step up so-called extreme vetting of foreigners a truck was driven into cyclists and pedestrians in new york city eight people were killed and seven others injured in what police say was a terrorist attack the twenty nine year old suspect has been identified in media reports as an immigrant named safe safe both new york's mayor bill de blasio called the incident a cowardly attack let me be clear that based on the information we have at this moment this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians aimed at people
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going about their lives who had no idea what was about to hit them. several of catalonia has ousted cabinet ministers of return to barcelona to chants of traitor from unionists protesters they've been in belgium with the former president governors boojum want all fourteen members of the sacked cabinet are facing possible rebellion charges from spain the central government. a court rulings due on a lawsuit challenging the closure of an australian run offshore prison camp tension is high at the facility on popular guinea's minus island where refugees and barricaded themselves inside fearing attacks by locals there are reports the army plans to enter the facility facebook has admitted it should have done more to pick up on russian links meddling in last year's u.s. election twitter and google representatives told a senate hearing they found evidence of russian backed posts trying to influence the vote protests have been taking place in eritrea as capital as they've been reports of gunshots in the predominantly muslim neighborhood it's where an islamic
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school has been ordered by the government to change its curriculum including a ban on the hit job and religious education some school board members have been arrested and e.u. politicians are warning cambodia could face a trade sanctions if it doesn't improve its human rights as the strongest threaten action so far since the arrest of opposition leader. in september on tuesday cambodia's top court rules must remain in prison while he awaits trial for treason . well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the listening post thank you that's watching cracking up. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. u.s. backed forces and syrian are celebrating the defeat of isis in iraq letting rocket
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is a major blow for ice chest and i think richard struck i'm not exactly such a success how much goes with that then i think that i mean a hot button issue that brought us back to force a spin around us and oppression. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post this week we're examining the media.


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