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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. with and for us. refugees stand their ground as a former australian run prison camp in papua new guinea.
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once i mean this is al jazeera live from the hall so coming up. this was an act of terror. eight people are killed in new york after a truck plows into pedestrians and cyclists in lower manhattan. a catalan minister returns home from belgium to chance of traitor by protesters plus. living on the syrian rebel stronghold pays the price for staying defiant six here. now u.s. president. to step up so-called extreme vetting of foreigners off what police are calling a terrorist attack in new york city people were killed and several injured when
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a driver plowed a pickup truck into cyclists and pedestrians in lower manhattan the twenty nine year old suspect was shot by police and is being treated in hospital. has the latest. a frightening sight of mangled bicycles after a deadly truck attack just blocks from the september eleventh memorial police say a man deliberately drove this rental truck into a bike path down cyclists and pedestrians causing multiple deaths and injuries ever instead of running the resort and running to clear all in one shot. according to authorities after striking the pedestrians and cyclists the truck traveled several blocks before crashing into a school bus with kids on board and i witnessed filmed this video moments after the crash he told us this is the suspect who fled the truck i thought i thought maybe. but when i heard the gunshots then i got scared when that. police shot the
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suspect the twenty nine year old male and took him into custody the suspect. is reported to be safe. from uzbekistan authorities say the suspect made a statement when he got out of his truck those words are why officials are considering this an act of terror let me be clear to based on the information we have at this moment this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians aimed at people going about their lives who had no idea what was about to hit them the governor is calling on new yorkers to carry on with their lives we felt the pain before we feel the pain today. but we go forward together and we go forward stronger than ever well it's being investigated as a potential act of terror the governor said there are no indications of any wider
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plot or threat to the city nevertheless the police say they'll have extra officers out in force in the coming days just to be sure gabriel's andro. york. now pappa new guinea's immigration minister tells al jazeera the country's police have no plans to clear out a form australian run prison camp six hundred refugees have barricaded themselves inside it now refusing to leave the man asylum site was decommissioned on tuesday strain and stuff of left the facility despite a last minute court. to block its closure. i'm to thomas is following the story from sydney and andrew one of the things i know is they removed electricity generators from the facility wednesday morning where does this leave not only conditions but our abilities stay informed of what's going on inside that. well that's right because we're getting most of our
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information from the refugees inside prison i've spent the last three or four years communicating with them via social media because many of those refugees the prisoners inside the prison have mobile phones have mobile phones and they've been using twitter and various other forms of communication with me whatsapp and so on and i was asking them the same questions i said the photographs of the information how are you doing this you've got no power or they have got some very basic solar panels and they really are preserving their phones is their lifeline their communication line with the outside world so very basic power generated through solar they do have what they don't have is food they've hoarded food from the last few days when it was a managed prison likewise the water they hold water they're also now collecting rainwater and we need bins and using a lot to drink so you so those are the basics for life have gone the lights obviously in the center are working on either it's
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a dark and pretty dingy place at the moment they're also fearful of the place and the military who are around the camp now you heard the immigration minister from papa new guinea there who we spoke to earlier on wednesday he said that there are no plans to forcibly remove anybody but the refugees inside don't necessarily believe that they have also noted that the immigration minister does not have direct control over the troops are not in his line of command and they say that in the past troops place have acted unilaterally without government orders so they're still fearful of those people breaking in and indeed of locals breaking in remembering twenty fourteen locals did break into the present when it was garbage and beat up refugees very badly they killed one so they are fearful and they are running very low on supplies and what is in effect a seat situation the camera turns to being a military base wednesday from the perspective of foresees where does that leave the status of those people who continue to refuse to leave. well
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officially they are now trespassing but as you have an immigration minister that he doesn't intend to forcibly remove them but there is this problem about whose responsibility they are they pop in you get us that's what study says or they'll straightly it's responsibility that is what proper new guinea says julie bishop australia's foreign minister was interviewed on the wednesday this is what she had to say some had already managed to be through to confidential truth services are available at no two digit accommodation and water electricity and medical support. from you can start and i will not be referred to the next train. because we have to remember andrew there are other this is not a train is concerned. go ahead sorry andrew go ahead sorry sam go i was going to say we should call you sometimes other places or the end of the people of that has. all right ok we'll have to thank andrew thomas that will try to get another
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hour now this training opposition greens party integrations folks when nick mckim is on man aside and he told out to see the refugees at the camp been fending off looters. it's the concerns here are the safety of the refugees from the villages and about fifty militants got into the camp there not to god but they're also twenty percent of the refugee truth and are now is clinically depressed or suffering from post-traumatic stress and i have had access to their flock the tracking medication now cut off as well which will probably calamitous mental count half comes and there are medical professionals in the strike warning to die that suicide in the near future on the inevitable if united nations. and at some length might get very clear that they mean reminding a struggle of responsibility and not just because one man of. the hundreds of men
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women and children there are in similar conditions on the mountain another small if it be called on to hand the united nations has made it abundantly clear on both for casualties that on the international or very stable are right with responsibility. catalonia is deposed in syria ministers returns abbas alone the chance of a traitor by unionist protesters is what he said you. saw him fall in and the rest of the catalan cabinet will find by the central government office the region declared independence last week form has been in belgium with form a regional president catalyst to jim all hole full team members of the sacked cabinets are facing rebellion charges. spain's top criminal court has summoned the deposed leaders for questioning it's not clear whether the child has put them all will return to madrid for the hearing the andrew symonds reports from buffalo.
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carlos pushed them all is only a mission trying to get international support while at the same time justifying why he left his homeland after charges were filed against him by the spanish prosecutor i am not here in order to do in desirability for he goes on this is not a belgian question of the use of i'm here in brussels and given all of europe. this is not a matter of the. question of the. new relationship. i'm here. to act with freedom and safety. push them all says he needs guarantees if he comes back and he wouldn't say how long he'll be away in the organization that's involved in all the big process session demonstrations the mood lifts a little i think it only makes sense that at least part of the government can remain operative outside the country because it would not be safe for them to stay in
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spain pushed him and spent a low profile weekend apart from a call for peaceful support then came the heat on monday with charges filed and he was nowhere to be seen when he emerged in belgium his supporters had a range of emotions from outright anger to dissent what's the mood like now and has pushed the mall's decision to go to brussels done damage personally i think. it did but it's something that we can only. analyze with time if he hadn't speak today it has been it would have been a problem for us because you cannot do that on a friday then go out like have a weekend of and we don't know if we are a republic of we had we are still part of spain and he's missing christine and the thena has pavan secession for the past seven years she thinks bush tomorrow is right to leave the us consulate but. i thought he was in political exile or that he
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wanted to internationalize the conflict both things thing good to me initially we were this concerted but now we see it clearly but nothing is clear over what's in store for sacked ministers who have stayed in catalonia vanish from their offices they arrive for work at the dissolve parliament instead insisting their gov. it's still there just some of the and drew simmons al-jazeera barcelona. protests have been taking place in eritrea as cattle are smarter there's been reports of gunshots in the predominantly most of them a clear neighborhood where an islamic school has been ordered by the government to ban the hejab and end religious education some school board members have been arrested displays of public protests are rare in eritrea. the latest round of russian led talks aimed at resolving the war in syria have ended without agreement
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in the kazakh capital. government and opposition delegations remain divided on the issue of starting a national dialogue opposition representatives want russia to be the first to stop military operations envoy to syria criticize the opposition stance. in the. hope the dialogue would cover most of the groups as the syrian people do the syrian opposition should therefore take part in it however people who are against this principle against a united syria or refuse to be a part of this process are risking being marginalized in this political process. in syria people in a besieged neighborhood in homs were hoping talks would lead to a lasting cease fire agreement or a pause from ghazi and tap in neighboring turkey. mohammad and his family lost their house in an airstrike like thousands of people with no income in whole or
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rebel stronghold in homs mohammad relies on aid from local charities but as the government imposed cease continue live has become even more challenging. i cannot afford to buy food for my family there's no water and electricity is daily struggle. has been under siege since two thousand and twelve civilians wary of the government might let it continue to force people to surround what evacuated the area. around one hundred thousand people live here they remain defiant but that defiance comes at a price owns a small grocery store supplies are in decline and prices on the rise. we said it's high prices because of the shortages of basic commodities sometimes the roads are blocked and which it was are out of stock for days when supplies arrive they are insanely expensive and my clients are poor and they pay for their
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needs. runs the only local field hospital in the area for years the clinic was operated by charities but recently charities and organizations which unite access. we used to treat patients and give them medicine for free now we can't do that anymore our stock is running low if we don't get immediate supplies one month from now i am afraid we will have to close this facility the clinic could become one of the dozens of health facilities shut down in besieged areas across syria putting the lives of thousands of people. the un has described the syrian government's siege of homs and outrage asking for its immediate lifting so that aid can we. are dying from hunger and cold weather.
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still to come on al-jazeera in kenya accusations police used excessive force in trying to contain election protests the u.s. congress summoned some of the world's biggest social media companies to explain their contacts with russia during last year's presidential election. well i'm pleased to say we've got some quiet weather into central and eastern parts of europe over the next couple of days winds coming in from more of a northwesterly direction as opposed to that screaming northerly that we're seeing across a central air is still wintry enough there in moscow temperature is a high that around one degree celsius. struggling to get above freezing possibility of some wintry flowers still in the forecast but they're going further west. double figures there into vienna and getting up to around fourteen london paris that
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streaming in from the atlantic at this time of year it is going to be going to be dull and i because because the weather will be coming in from the southwest the bright today as we go on through thursday the northerly winds coming in sunshine then false. always going to be a bit of a chill in the air with the winds coming in from the north but it's coming into spain and portugal over the next day or two but for central and eastern parts of the mediterranean as fodder dry nineteen celsius the right and for athens want to try to get parts of north africa but possibility want to. into the far north of libya maybe into northern areas of the west it should be generally fine and dry but increasing cloud making its way to morocco.
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welcome back you're watching out the syria time to recap the headlines now the u.s. president trump is vowing to step up what he calls extreme vetting of foreigners after what police are calling a terrorist attack in new york city eight people were killed when a driver plowed
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a pickup truck in cyclists and pedestrians for new guinea's immigration minister tells al jazeera the country's police have no plans to clear out a former straightly and run prison camp silent six hundred refugees are refusing to leave the camp was decommissioned on tuesday. spain's top criminal court has summoned catalonia sacked leaders for questioning after the central government imposed direct rule on the region it's unclear if deposed regional president. will return from brussels to madrid for the hearing. us president trump says a former aide has been indicted in the in the inquiry into alleged russian meddling in last year's election is a liar trump downplayed the importance of george papadopoulos who's admitted lying to the f.b.i. about his russian contacts it's the closest link so far identified between a member of trump's election campaign and moscow i white house correspondent
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kimberly healthcare reform. it is the white house claiming it has nothing to hide yet it is on the defensive with donald trump's former campaign manager paul man authority and his close associates under house arrest awaiting their next court appearance the white house is working hard to distance its. from the third man but perhaps the most significant george papadopoulos you guys seem completely obsessed with this while there are a lot of other things happening around the country and frankly a lot of other things that people care a lot more about the former trump foreign policy adviser has pleaded guilty to lying to f.b.i. investigators tuesday on twitter he was characterized by the president as being a liar and nothing more than a campaign volunteer but photographs released in march twenty sixth by donald trump's own campaign show papadopoulos says association was not low level he's
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pictured at a national security meeting seated at the table with then candidate trump the same month in an interview with the washington post he praised papadopoulos as a real live in the g q so excellent as part of the special counsel's indictment against papadopoulos he's listed as a proactive cooperator that suggests he's working with the f.b.i. gathering evidence in robert muller's collusion investigation he was working with a special counsel's office perhaps doing something like wearing a wire talking to other members of the trump campaign and that's the information that we can expect to see laid out in future indictments mahler's indictment states papadopoulos sent e-mails trying to set up meetings between a female russian national and members of the tribe campaign court documents suggest the goal was to gather information to harm tribes democratic opponent hillary clinton the twenty sixteen u.s.
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election the indictments against papadopoulos show that muller's team is working with photic lee to show that the trunk campaign at least entertained getting help from russia president trump has repeatedly denied colluding with russia in the lead up to the election speaking at the white house he tried to focus attention on his tax reform agenda will dodge. reporters' questions about the investigation. thank you thank you the standard play from the political playbook in the face of increased scrutiny attempt to divert attention something increasingly difficult for the trump white house kimberley health al-jazeera washington. now the e.u. commissioner for humanitarian aid and crisis management is visiting bangladesh to assess the crisis the trip by still in this comes a week after the e.u. and member states pledged two hundred twenty eight million dollars to help or
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hinder refugees more than six hundred thousand have fled me and mass and the army launched a crackdown in. two months ago. described it as the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world. it was a painful experience to visit these. if you do come. i'm sure by the much. of what i. hear today. i'm shocked by the scale of the medes. incredible scale i'm shocked. by the scale of. of the. number of people. human rights groups are accusing police in kenya of using excessive force against protesters following last week's presidential election rerun at least six people were killed dozens were injured in the violence fertile people have died in protest
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since all this when the supreme court overturned president a hole when covering so i reports from in western kenya. mariam ten year old son callings a cheer was shot during clashes between police and protesters after last week's election she says he was outside their house in the town of gori in western kenya and. yes. will be president but we are hunting from the things his police have done to us people have been demonstrating peacefully we are not here to have our children beaten and shot. in another part of town thomas family is in mourning the father of six was shot in the head. i never imagine that god will take away my friend so now i've been left in my children i'm not the only one crying. several rights groups have accused police of using
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excessive force and live ammunition the protesters were mainly armed with stones and slingshots dozens of people have now been killed since august when the supreme court overturned the fast election because of irregularities security forces are blamed for many of the deaths if we don't break the cycle of impunity police officers will have no reason not to do this again you know we need to see accountability but. they need to be taken to. this regional commission one charge of four counties where the election was canceled because of violence says that not all part of peaceful mordor has been done or other means are. started by stopping the. but. you have. them. but some people we talked to say the police have been attacking them at home
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many people in this neighborhood say police used tear gas to force them out of their homes they also use live ammunition. was shot in the stomach what happened. they got out of the house. one then shot and other. investigations into some of the killings have started but people here are not optimistic they will get justice catherine al-jazeera the gory western kenya the u.k. court is hearing a case brought by twenty two peruvian miners over violence at the protest there in two thousand and twelve lawyers are arguing the anglo swiss mining company glencore should be held responsible for the deaths and injuries caused by peruvian police. think the court will act in a transparent fair way without any bias towards either side.
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yes we think that here one way or another they are going to listen to our complaints and justice will be done here in this country. for the problem. and justice. and its different communities the us will return to voting against a un resolution that criticizes his embargo on cuba the u.s. has opposed the resolution every year since nineteen ninety two when cuba introduced it abstained last years relations improved the cuban american relations are strained again trump accuses cuba of being behind sonic attacks on diplomats in havana. climbing will be banned at one of australia's most famous tourist destinations. the world's largest monolith isn't just a tourist draw card in the country's isolated an arid center it's also a culturally significant site for aboriginal australians their anger people are
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worried the red rocks becoming a theme park tourists are already asked to refrain from climbing but it will be officially banned from october two thousand and nineteen a lawyer for social media giant facebook has admitted it should have done more to pick up on russia linked meddling in last year's u.s. presidential election he was joined by representatives from twitter and google for questioning at a senate hearing she had returned to reports from washington d.c. . facebook now says it estimates that approximately one hundred twenty six million people may have seen content produced by a criminal in the company at some point between twenty fifteen and twenty seventeen the foreign interference we saw is reprehensible that foreign actors hiding behind fake accounts abused our platform and other internet services to try to sow division and discord and to try to undermine the election. it's directly contrary
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to our values but facebook also says the russian content represents point zero zero four percent of news feed content in that period or approximately one out of every twenty three thousand articles in fact even as they emphasized the seriousness of the issue all three companies say the content trace to the russians has been minuscule as a proportion of total content and much didn't reference the elections all the candidates nonetheless members of congress are urging action even as the goal of russian actors remains murky these ads are clearly intended to worsen racial tensions and possibly violence their goal is to divide us and discredit our democracy. that ability to influence is said to have been displayed at this rally after the election thousands gathered in new york to protest against donald trump its alleged will deny this black matter as us were linked to the russian internet
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company that was advertising on facebook as internet companies trying to understand what's happening and attempt to prove that they're taking the issues seriously they're already censoring posts focusing on race or social inequality because they're deemed divisive and anti american and that has some concerned various sites that tend to publish more kind of radical thoughts had seen significant drops in their search traffic and obviously google has a monopoly on search and is that's responsible for the majority of the search traffic that the site will see so that is one indication that that goes out arrhythmic updates tend to favor sites more like the washington post the new york times it's unclear what the russians who bought social media content were trying to achieve nor want if any effect of that content had on last year's election but can't will now be needed that any reforms that are made in the name of u.s. democracy don't leave uses only with content that's been deemed except. by silicon
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valley and members of congress. washington. time to take you through the headlines here now just here and now papua new guinea's immigration minister tells al-jazeera the country's police have no plans to clear out a foremost training run prison camp one man a silent six hundred asylum seekers are refusing to leave fearing attacks by locals the camp was decommissioned on tuesday straightly as foreign minister is urging the refugees to end the standoff. had already moved to be true to. your services no to visit accommodation and water electricity and medical support. and i will not be referred to the. u.s. president donald trump is vowing to step up what he calls extreme vetting of
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foreigners after what police call a terrorist attack in new york city eight people were killed when a driver plowed a truck into cyclists and pedestrians the twenty nine year old suspect was shot by police and is being treated in hospital catalonia is deposed interior minister has returned to barcelona to chance of traitor by unionists protesters. and the rest of the catalan cabinet were fired by the central government after the region declared independence last week spain's top criminal court has summoned for questioning. protests have been taking place in eritrea capital asmara have been reports of gunshots in the for dominantly muslim my career neighborhood that's where an islamic school has been ordered by the government to ban the hijab and religious education some school board members have been arrested. facebook says it
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should have done more to pick up on russia linked meddling in last year's u.s. election twitter and google representatives told a senate hearing they found evidence of russian backed hosts trying to influence the vote it's inside story next so stay with us. if you are president donald trump first visit to asia the goals to forge relations and strengthen the resolve to confront the threat from north korea but what impact can this visit really have will be live across asia to bring you the very latest coverage here on al-jazeera. three of donald trump's former advisors are indicted the probe into russia's involvement in the u.s. election is. so his name could be honest next and could this investigation sink the u.s. president's administration this is inside story.


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