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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2017 5:00pm-5:34pm AST

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yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute if you didn't show the shot that one saw you join mehdi has sung for up front at this time on al-jazeera news has never been more available it's a constant barrage the bit with every day but the message is a simplistic you have been trained good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. this was an act of terror. and a particularly cowardly act of terror. the u.s. president donald trump vows to step up extreme vetting of foreigners after eight
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people were killed when a truck plowed into pedestrians in manhattan. well again i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up refusing to budge refugees say they won't move from a former australian run prison camp in papua new guinea plus. an order to ban religious teachings school leads to a rare public protest in the north east african country of eritrea. and historic agreement fulfilled hamas leaders hand over control of the border crossings to the palestinian authority. the us president donald trump has condemned his country's immigration system and
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promised an overhaul after the attack in new york city on tuesday we're going to live pictures now from the scene in manhattan the suspects reported to be an uzbek immigrant who came to the u.s. illegally through a lottery visa program eight people were killed and eleven seriously injured in what the police are calling an act of terrorism the attacker drove a truck into a cycle lane before being shot by the police he's in a critical condition in hospital most of the victims were foreign tourists including a group of argentinean friends celebrating a high school reunion the president of his backers stan has offered assistance in the investigation gabriel elizondo wraps up the latest. a frightening sight of mangled bicycles after a deadly truck attack just blocks from the september eleventh memorial police say a man deliberately drove this rental truck into. the bike path moaning down cyclists and pedestrians causing multiple deaths and injuries ever instead of running the resort and running to clear all anticipated gunshot. according to
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authorities after striking the pedestrians and cyclists the truck traveled several blocks before crashing into a school bus with kids on board and i witnessed filmed this video moments after the crash he told us this is the suspect who fled the truck. i thought maybe something from the halloween but when i heard the gunshots then i got scared for that. police shot the suspect the twenty nine year old male and took him into custody the suspect is reported to be safe. from uzbekistan authorities say the suspect made a statement when he got out of his truck those words are why officials are considering this an act of terror let me be clear to based on the information we have at this moment this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror. aimed at innocent civilians aimed at people
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going about their lives who had no idea what was about to hit them the governor is calling on new yorkers to carry on with their lives we felt the pain before we feel the pain today. but we go forward together and we go forward stronger than ever while it's being investigated as a potential act of terror the governor said there are no indications of any wider plot or threat to the city nevertheless the police say they'll have extra officers out in force in the coming days just to be sure gabriel's andro. your ok let's take you live now to the story christensen is there for us in kristen what's the latest on the suspect. while the suspect remains in critical condition in hospital as investigators work feverishly to try to understand what motivated him to do this attack and whether or not he had any assistance or associates that
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were also involved in the plot or a wider plot at this point they say they have no indication of that but investigators remain here on the scene of the attack fourteen blocks from the western side of manhattan close down the truck that he used to strike people still on the scene that's where they found a note apparently from. linking him to i saw the governor of new york andrew cuomo said as much this morning to local media he said that there is an association with them. but the suspect was radicalized after he came to the united states in two thousand and ten and again at this point no evidence of any connections or wider plot but he stressed that the investigation is still in the very very early stages of course investigators will want to talk to when he comes out of his critical condition and they are able to do so already we are hearing calls from senator lindsey graham of south carolina to treat the. suspect as an
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enemy combatant this would allow investigators to interrogate him under the laws of war that would give him fewer rights than an american citizen would have and give investigators much more leeway and how they gather evidence but clearly that would be a controversial step or could be a controversial step here in the united states as it was used. against al qaeda suspects that were held and getting all they were treated as enemy combatants and has resulted in a lot of legal issues so something that will be discussed later in the day and in the coming days no doubt as this investigation continues and clearly for the people running the investigation kristen they want this individual to stay alive because they want to talk to him they want to track him on social media they want to look at his laptop kind of thing they want to talk to his family and his friends. absolutely and they've been at his home in new jersey as well investigating just exactly those elements looking for those things that you mention interesting this morning hearing from president donald trump he is saying that while did come to the
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united states legally in two thousand and ten he tweeted that he came into the country through what's known as a diversity lottery program and he is calling for an end to that program this morning calling for more of a merit based system he said this is a chuck schumer beauty the lottery program referring to the leading democrat in the senate of course the president has been very strong and trying to do immigration into this country a lot of his initiatives have been stalled and blocked by the courts but seizing on this moment to talk about restricting immigration further into the united states now again not clear if something like that would have prevented an attack like this given the fact that investigators are saying that he was radicalized after he came to the united states but something that the president is talking about and will be a lot of discussion about in the again in the coming days and weeks christine
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thanks very much. we're joined by john halter one goh he's a breaking news reporter for newsweek magazine he's in new york john welcome to al-jazeera more extreme vetting will that make america safer well i think that when we're talking about this i've just heard your last guest make a great point that the accused attacker here arrived in the united states in two thousand and ten from uzbekistan and was radicalized after he arrived in united states you know there's a similar situation with the perpetrator of the orlando attack he was born in the united states he was radicalized here so i think we need to ask what is it about ice's that so appealing that people who are legally in the united states are becoming radicalized rather then will more extreme vetting procedures in terms of immigration keep us safer and how big can that list be made that list of countries from where people cannot travel to the u.s.
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. yeah exactly i mean are we just going to keep adding more and more countries whose back to stan is not on this list trump has had to revise this list several times he's faced a number of legal hurdles he's even added u.s. allies to the list chad which is a vital u.s. ally in africa so you know i think we need to ask some tough questions about is this approach to terrorism its approach to trying to keep america safe logical is there a certain hypocrisy here and i'm not wishing to devalue at all what new york is going through right now but a white guy kills fifty six people in less vegas and the official line is oh hang on it's too early to talk about gun control a man who comes from a country originally that ends in stan does what this individual did in a pickup truck and we go straight to politicizing another debate about the visa lottery program because that's in effect what donald trump has done. yes i
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think it's absolutely hypocritical and it does reveal quite a large double standard in terms of how terrorism is portrayed by our politicians by the us media by some in the u.s. media yes i mean let's face it gun violence last year alone killed fifteen thousand americans over fifteen thousand americans since nine eleven including the two deaths yesterday because a number of the deaths actually were foreigners only two of the deaths yesterday were americans there's five arjan tines and one individual from belgium but including those deaths from yesterday there's been a ninety seven deaths from jihadism in the u.s. on u.s. soil since nine eleven and every single one of those deaths is tragic but it pales in comparison to the number of deaths from the opioid epidemic for example i mean over one hundred people a day die from opiate overdoses and you know it took months to even declare that you know he said he was going to clear it a a national emergency just declared a public health crisis he hasn't said anything about gun control in the wake of
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last vegas which was again the worst mass shooting in modern history but yeah immediately he politicizes what occurs in manhattan yesterday yet you know people on his side on the right are saying after the incident las vegas well it's not correct to politicize this it's too soon meanwhile hundreds of americans are in in the hospital with gunshot wounds and very briefly finally please john is there also a chance here that this might actually be good news for donald trump's white house because as we speak and tomorrow morning the front page she's not talking about manifold they're not talking about puppets all polish they're not talking about. well i think that's a great point i was actually on a news program yesterday preparing to discuss the miller probe as the news of the terror attack broke and i kind of distracted from that in that moment so yes i do think that this distracts from the mall
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a probe that has americans thinking about terrorism again and it has its offer trump an opportunity to push his immigration agenda and try to press present his position on immigration as correct he seems to feel vindicated which is quite sad frankly john paul two and go with newsweek in new york many thanks poppy new guinea's immigration minister has told al jazeera the country's police have no plans to clear out a former australian run prison camp six hundred refugees have barricaded themselves inside and they are refusing to leave them on the side of the site was decommissioned on tuesday australian staff has left the facility despite a last minute quarter application to block its closure and thomas is following the story for us out of sydney. refugees inside what is now the full present amount of saddam's aren't getting any new food brought in nor fresh water they're using rainwater and nor is there any power inside the person that's been shut off as well they are managing to eat
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a little bit of energy to power up mobile phones and that's how we're getting information from them via social media but essentially they are living on their own barricaded in and they're also faithful fearful that locals might break in it has happened before when the word guards in the prison back in twenty forty when i was on man i saw and some of the locals described the refugees as animals you have to treat them like that they said so you can see the kind of content that both sides have for the other and where these fears come from they're also fearful of the place and the military forcibly removing them and taking them to the nearby town we spoke to propagate immigration minister there on wednesday and he denied that was going to happen from the start it is. not fair. or forcefully if you saw. it should be pointed out that the immigration minister doesn't have direct line management about the military nor the place and they have acted unilaterally in the past now strenuous foreign minister was talking to the australian media on wednesday about this point when you get inside the refugees all
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australians responsibility this is what she had to say had already been relieved to be suited commendation services are available you know to shoot accommodation and water a treaty and medical support. and i will not be referred to the. ship is suggesting there that the refugees may be exaggerating the level of threat they face in an attempt to soften australia's stance she is saying that is not going to happen australia is still firm they will never come to australia and that the accommodation that is being provided elsewhere on the other even though it's not protected and even though refugee advocates say is only hauffe built certainly not suitable to be moved into yet she says and they should go there now. now it's the northeastern african nation of eritrea where security forces have. opened fire on protesters in the capital asmara the violence is centered on the mainly muslim clear neighborhood. where a religious school has been ordered by the government to ban the hit job and
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islamic education. public protests are rare in eritrea which has been ruled by after work e. since gaining independence in one thousand nine hundred three some observers describe the country as the north korea of africa the government has often faced condemnation from overseas last year a un report described the widespread program of indefinite military service as mass enslavement the government has denied accusations of crimes against humanity including torture rape and murder by the security forces. still ahead here on al-jazeera in kenya accusations the police used excessive force in trying to contain election protests. however we have the rain clouds heading towards china over the next diode say but
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not just yet so still looking fine and dry more pleasant autumnal sunshine hong kong at twenty nine degrees celsius shows that just edging towards taiwan the spilling out of the philippines and they'll continue to nudge the way a little further north which as we go on through friday just not so the winds are pushing in from the northeast this is the northeast the monsoon in that same northeasterly monsoon has been producing some very heavy right into the southeast of in the air you can see how the cloud has been rolling in the cross. chennai four hundred five millimeters of rain in the past forty eight hours and was for this time of year is around about three hundred millimeters for the entire month so this has been exceptionally wet just for the last couple of days and further dispose of fright as we go on through thursday saying some flooding rains coming through here and that wet weather not just there on thursday still in place as we go on through friday further north it is generate dry karate thirty three celsius with some
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pleasant sunshine continuing thirty three celsius here in doha as well lovely weather continuing across much of the arabian peninsula the hazy sunshine is set to persist with a little more cloud to the southern end of the region. oh is it allison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new york has to address or if you join us on saturday i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile stream and one of your pitches might make an actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome if you're just joining us you're watching al-jazeera live from the headlines donald trump is promising to step up what he calls extreme vetting of foreigners after what police said was a terror attack in new york city eight people were killed when a driver plowed a pickup truck into cyclists and pedestrians. new guinea's immigration minister has told al jazeera the country's police have no plans to clear out a former australian run prison camp. six hundred refugees are refusing to leave the camp was decommissioned on tuesday. and security forces in eritrea have opened fire on protesters in the capital. the violence took place in the mainly muslim neighborhood that's where a religious school has been ordered by the government to ban the hit job and islamic education. the palestinian hamas movement has handed over administrative
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control of the three border crossings to the palestinian authority authority will now control the palestinian side of gaza's borders with israel and egypt the handover is part of deals between hamas and fatah brokered by egypt in october but the handover may not mean an end to the blockade of gaza israel still controls the flow of people and goods through most of the territories crossings. the border posts that are being handed over are areas karma and the rough crossing rough earth the main border south of the strip has been largely close to garza's population of two million since hamas took over bernard smith has more now from the area's crossing the handover of control of this crossing here at beit hanoun between beit hanoun and areas in israel is the first visible sign for palestinians in gaza hamas is control of the institutions here is being stripped away for the last two or
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three weeks other ministries been handed over but this is the first time people here in gaza can actually see something and the real test of this will be when rafa the border between gaza and egypt opens on the december fifteenth it's been handed over as well today but because of construction work there it has been opened to palestinians here in gaza they're desperate for that open because that is the way out for people in garza to get to egypt and the rest of the world here israel control to go in and out and really there's very little people traffic here apart from humanitarian cases got when rough first open on december fifteenth that is the day palestinians here in gaza hope to see real progress hope to see real benefits on this reconciliation between fatah and how iraq is working to take control of a key border crossing into turkey from the kurdish regional government the. crossing is located within the official boundaries of the semi autonomous kurdish region of northern iraq on tuesday iraqi military chiefs went to the turkish side
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of the border stuff deca reports. there's been a lot of back and forth rumors and reports about who is in control the future of this is the border crossing with turkey well at the moment the kurdistan regional government remains in charge and speaking to people here will tell us that they haven't heard of any change that needs to be done but baghdad has made it very clear it is going to reassert federal authority federal control over every single border crossing the p.r.g. controlled. now just a fifteen minute drive down the road from abraham highly illustration board or board is a border crossing with syria syria is just across the river and these two border crossings are the ones that baghdad is looking at to take first talks are underway and baghdad is keen to stress they are not negotiations this is talks between military and technical delegations to figure out how to do this because it is going to happen these troops and the other border crossing that the k r g controls now
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we've been speaking to pressure america who are at the checkpoints here we're not allowed to film them and they will say they just told us that they don't really have much to say when it comes to the political decisions but they do say of baghdad is going to try and take away all of their autonomy it's not going to end well palestinians around the world are demanding an apology is the mark the one hundredth anniversary of the balfour declaration this was a british government policy statement widely seen as leading to the division of palestine protesters in bethlehem in the occupied west bank and an effigy of a man after whom that declaration is named about so was the u.k. foreign secretary in one thousand seventeen human rights groups are accusing the police in kenya of using excessive force against protesters following last week's presidential election rerun at least six people were killed and dozens were injured in the violence more than thirty people have died in protests since august when the supreme court overturned presidential order kenyatta's victory catherine saw in our
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reports from the gori in western kenya. mary a ten year old son callings a chicken was shot during clashes between police and protesters after last week's election she says he was outside the house in the town of gori in western kenya. rice yes. will be president but we're hunting from the things his police have done to us people have been demonstrating peacefully we're not here to have our children beaten and shot. in another part of town. family is in mourning the father of six was shot in the head. i never imagine that god will take away my friends. now i've been lifted my children i'm not the only one crying. several rights groups have accused police of using excessive force and live ammunition the protestants were mainly stones and sling dozens of people have now been killed
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since august when the supreme court overturned the fast election because of irregularities security forces are blamed for many of the deaths if we don't break the cycle of impunity police officers will have no reason. to do this again and you know we need to see accountability but. they need to be taken to court. this regional commission one charge of four counties where the election was cancelled because of violence says that not all part of. the more that has been done or other means of. started by stopping. by you talk. to them. but some people we talked to say the police have been attacking them at home many people in this neighborhood say police used tear gas to force them out of their homes they also used live ammunition leyva he was shot in the stomach what happened
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. they got us out of the house and told us to. one then shot me and another hit. investigations into some of the killings have started but people here are not optimistic they will get justice catherine so i'll just zero be gorry western kenya. in an exclusive interview with this channel the opposition leader raila odinga says he won't stop until kenyatta is out of office i think that movement is very relevant because it is really expressing the first divisions. of the. political the provision just being done where the g.m. does lost faith and confidence of the people no force will stop the train from
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getting what is the. right to governance that what is going to go on our constitution that. within the people going will come. and that eventually you know the the. wealthy or more of that exclusive interview with the kenyan opposition leader i was talk to al jazeera on sunday at nine hundred thirty hours g.m.t. . bahrain is to impose entry visas on all cattery nationals and residents starting on the end of the tenth king hamad bin i saw al khalifa called for the measure to ensure the safety and security of the kingdom is the latest move in egypt a matter of crisis that saw bahrain saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt sever ties with cattle in june. the al jazeera media network is celebrating its twenty first birthday on weapons day while remaining in the
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crosshairs of the g.c.c. crisis. since its first broadcast in one thousand nine hundred six al-jazeera has attracted millions of viewers around the world. it's reports and breaking news keeping the public informed but it hasn't always been easy the network has come under attack throughout the past two decades its offices in kabul baghdad and gaza have been bombed its journalists have been killed and others imprisoned two thousand and seventeen has been no different in egypt mahmoud has seen remains in jail more than three hundred days after his arrest simply for being a journalist and with no international law to properly protect journalists or punish those who target them it seems repressive governments have become emboldened in their attempts to suppress press freedom in june egypt saudi arabia the united arab emirates and behind laid siege to qatar one of their demands in order to lift
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the blockade is that doha shuts down the al-jazeera network the aim to quash media freedom in the middle east qatar has rejected that demand insisting that it's the duty of government to protect face acumen rights as in trying by the geneva convention including the right to information when he told me to close a channel like al-jazeera history were right one day and fifty or sixty seventy years how it changed the whole idea of free speech in the region israel truly has joined the attack on press freedom unhappy its coverage of illegal settlement expansions and the killing of civilians as reported by israeli human rights groups such as. i'm going to request from the government press office to revoke the press cards of al-jazeera network reporters who are operating in israel i've spoken to the cable and satellite companies that expressed willingness from their end to consider going dark and al-jazeera broadcasting cables and satellite but as
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al-jazeera marks its twenty first anniversary the message from its management is clear a commitment to its viewers that regardless of the challenges the network will continue to be the voice of the voiceless we're not going anywhere we are consistent in our journalism we produce quality journalist. we cover the world all stories wherever they're happening all over the world and we're going to carry on doing that we've won international awards rajon this and we stand by the quality and the integrity of our journalism and we're not going to be bullet we're not going to be censored we're not going to be intimidated and we're going to carry on our work this newsroom has transformed the media landscape the world over but that's come at a price many of the people here have friends or colleagues who have sacrificed a great deal for what they consider to be sacrosanct that is the right for people to be informed but the message from journalists here is clear regardless of the continued campaign against al jazeera as and that's work as an idea cannot be shut
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down. mr contestants have turned a pageant into a protest instead of reciting their measurements they took turns to quote statistics on violence against women who is one of south america's most dangerous countries for winning for us an evening where the twenty three finalists in sunday's televised program gave voice to thousands of women who were victims of sexual violence physical abuse and murder. me let me go my name is camilla and i represent lima my figures are two thousand two hundred and two cases of reported femicide in the past nine years in my country. to check out the website al jazeera dot com is the address you need from reaction to iceland far right tax compared is our top story. these are your headlines so far today with me peter dhabi here in doha donald trump
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is vying to step up what he calls extreme vetting of foreigners after what police say was a terror attack in new york city eight people were killed when a driver plowed a pickup truck into cyclists and pedestrians and twenty nine year old suspects an immigrant from his pakistan was shot by police and is being treated in hospital. papua new guinea's immigration minister has told al-jazeera the country's police have no plans to clear out a former australian run prison camp six hundred refugees have barricaded themselves inside and they are now refusing to leave them an asylum site was decommissioned on tuesday australian staff of left the facility despite a last minute court application to block its closure australia's foreign minister is urging the refugees to end the standoff had already moved to be there to meet commendation essential services are available at no two to the commendation and food water eight hundred seventy and medical support. for me to study and i will
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not be reinforced with. the security forces in eritrea have opened fire on protesters in the capital as the violence took place in the predominantly muslim korean neighborhood that's where a religious school has been ordered by the government to ban the hit job and end islamic education. the palestinian hamas movement has handed over a ministry of control of three border crossings to the palestinian authority the authority will now control the palestinian side of gaza's borders with israel and egypt and over is part of deals between hamas and fatah as brokered by egypt last october but the handover may not mean an end to the blockade of gaza israel still controls the flow of people and goods through most of the territorial crossings. iraq is working to take control of a key border crossing into turkey from the kurdish regional government the abraham crossing is located within the official boundaries of the semi autonomous kurdish
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region of northern iraq on tuesday iraqi military chiefs went to the turkish side of the border has them is here with the news group at the top of the hour up next it's the stream for me peter dhabi and the team here in doha thanks for watching we will see you very soon. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. ok. five months off to capture. the philippines i still have. to take a look. behind just a few weeks before the end of the battle and. have a look.


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