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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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zero. where ever you are. facing reality your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that orders hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. he had a story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. this is al jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here or to headquarters in doha i'm has a while continues get out of first terror attack in new york since nine eleven
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a man drives a truck into a crowd of people in manhattan in the world trade center the city's mayor calls it a cowardly act president donald trump is calling for tougher measures for people coming into the u.s. we're live in new york with the latest on the investigation how mass hands over control of the gaza strip border crossings the fact that so recently the two palestinian groups what aunts but they've signed a deal to make up the hand-over the first major step to end the decade old rift what does it mean for those who live in gaza we're live from the erez crossing. and a protest in eritrea demonstrators taking to the streets in the capital angry after the government orders a religious school to ban ajab and islamic education elise are accused of shooting at demonstrators but the government is downplaying the protests calling them small it's a bold famous terrorist and sacred to indigenous people that entity is well known.
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the bees cowed by time as i'm signed a hiatus now to tell you why the ban is a win for aborigines but a long time. thank you thank. you with us hello you're with the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and al-jazeera dot com u.s. president donald trump has taken aim at the country's visa system and promised an overhaul after the attack in new york city called for a merit based system of immigration and tougher vetting of foreigners entering the u.s. eight people were killed and eleven seriously injured when a man drove a truck into a cycle lane in manhattan five of those victims were arjen time friends celebrating a high school reunion the twenty nine year old suspect from uzbekistan was shot by police and is being treated in hospital where his trump here's what trump had to say in a treat the terrorist came into our country through what is called the diversity
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visa the visa lottery diversity visa lottery program chuck schumer beauty i want merit based. we have correspondents covering this story from new york and went to sorry swill be speaking to theresa bo in a moment but first let's go to kristen salumi so kristen first off where things stand right now on the investigation into tuesday's attack. while the investigation is happening on several fronts we know that federal authorities are at the bedside of the suspect twenty nine year old say follow sipar where he is recovering from surgery asking him questions reports are that he is lucid and talking at this stage we don't know a lot about what they're details of that conversation at this point behind me you can see the scene where the attack took place is still very much an active crime
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scene and dozens and dozens of police cars just on the side fourteen blocks of western manhattan shut down that's where the truck drove and hit those people that try the right person and person starting to run away we're going to go live right now to a news conference that the new york police department is happening. holding right now to update us on that investigation works in a visit to a great city because no one in this city is complacent we saw the strength of that resolve last night with a very large crowd that attended the attenuate the annual halloween parade in the village and will see it again on sunday when fifty thousand people compete in a marathon another two point five million people cheer cheer them along the route the n.y.p.d. the f.b.i. and all of our law enforcement or private sector partners remembers our past and we work very very hard together each and every day to prevent the type of thing that occurred here yesterday what happened yesterday was not ok it will never be
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something any of us will just accept as inevitable. since nine eleven we again along with our partners at the local state and federal level have disrupted or prevented two dozen plots against new york city callous lives have been saved but none of that matters when eight innocent lives are taken by a criminal committing a cowardly act driving a rental truck we're working hard to get to the bottom of exactly what happened yesterday and why and we're working tirelessly to prevent anything like this from getting repeated i tell you as often as i can that true public safety is a shared responsibility law enforcement government agencies are doing what we can and the men and women who work with us do it better than anyone anywhere in the world but we need everyone's help there are more than eight point five million people in new york city plus all the people who commute in every day and all the tourists that's a minimum of seventeen million extra eyes and ears and gut feelings that remain
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vigilant on behalf of all of us i talk about this all the time if you see something out there that doesn't look right if it makes you want comfortable you have an obligation to make a call or to flag down a police car at least give us the opportunity to investigate that i want to thank everyone for their ongoing help today and every day and thank you again for the swift response yesterday by the n.y.p.d. officers the new york state police the firefighters and ems workers who did a really great job under the circumstances and right now let me introduce the n.y. commissioner dan i grow and going to give an update on the injuries from yesterday dan. thank you and i'm going to be of a very nonspecific regarding the privacy of the victims there were twenty victims to us at yesterday's attack six of them were pronounced dead at the scene we transported fourteen victims to three hospitals two of those victims were pronounced so the total number of deaths were eight. six of those were citizens of
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other countries five from argentina one from germany two were americans of the twelve remaining thankfully three have been released from the hospital nine remain in the hospital four of those were critically injured but are in stable condition the others are seriously injured the injuries ranged from a bilateral amputation to serious head neck back and chest trauma and trauma to arms and legs. this was a heinous attack that resulted in eight deaths and serious injuries our prayers are with the families of those who died and those remain in the hospital. but thank you commissioner nye grow and thank you to all the men and women of the f.d.a. and why all the first responders all the young teens who went to the aid of those who were afflicted and did it so well i want to start by thanking all of my
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colleagues here thank you governor cuomo and all of our state partners who are here all of our federal partners thank you congressman jerry nadler for joining us everyone's here in common cause this was an attack on united states of america an attack on new york city an attack on our people and it was the definition of terrorism an effort to take away people's hope and spirit and to make them change and what new yorkers showed already is we will not change we will not be cowed we will not be thrown off. by anything and this cowardly act targeting the most innocent people in the middle of the most innocent pursuits was meant to make people feel they could not go about their daily lives and what we saw last night governor cuomo and i went to our annual halloween parade a million new yorkers showed up for that event and as we spoke with them they were
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undeterred they were strong and maybe very proud of new york city and all the people this country to see that strength in the face of adversity this morning people went to work kids went to school no one thought there was any choice but to stand up to this act of terror so as we now move forward we start with giving our prayers to the families of the eight who were killed they as you heard six of them came from other nations here. because they saw new york as a special place to be and we now and forever will consider them new yorkers they shared this tragedy with us we will remember them as new yorkers they were here because this city is a beacon to be able all over the world
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a place that every kind of person comes to and is respected and that won't change. eight hundred million people here we understand this was an attack on our values it was an effort to break our spirit but as an effort to break our spirit it failed new york city is a very strong and resilient place we have great faith. in the men and women who protect us we have such pride in the n.y.p.d. . and we see them on duty and we know they are the very best so we're strong we're resilient people because we know we're protected and we know that this place works when people don't feel deterred and i'll tell you this violence was an effort to make us blink and we won't
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blink we won't change. the n.y.p.d. yesterday showed us once again how much new yorkers can rely on them and i want to commend officer ryan nash i spoke to him earlier today a good young man five years on the force he was very humble about what he did but what he did was extraordinary and gave people such faith and such appreciation in our police force now this investigation as you've heard has just begun it's important to emphasize again this morning that we do not see any additional credible and specific threats against new york city we will constantly keep people posted but we do ask everyone to be vigilant commissioner o'neill laid out what everyone has to understand be
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a part of the solution share what you know with the police don't think twice give information to our officers and many of those previous efforts to undermine us the commissioner reference those almost two dozen previous efforts to attack new york city a number of them were stopped because good people came forward with information in time and we need everyone to understand that they can do that too as we move forward we are. well look forward to the marathon on sunday it will go on as scheduled it will be an extraordinary event as it always is it will be well protected as it always is and we will take additional measures to ensure that but my message to all new yorkers is do what you do best be new yorkers be strong be proud to be resilient show the whole
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world right now. that we will not be moved by terror. again you see everyone here. every agency united in common cause and this is also part of what makes us strong and with that i want to thank for his efforts and the state's efforts and welcome governor cuomo thank you. thank you very much let me begin by asking us all to remember no thoughts and prayers the eight lives that were lost tragically. that that is damage that can never be undone and there are families today feeling pain that is unimaginable. mayor de blasio to the n.y.p.d. the f.t. n.y. the state police. i was on the scene yesterday the performance was phenomenal
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and the coordination and the effort was top shelf and it gives one reassurance to know that there is this level of professionalism and expertise protecting the people of this city and this state. it's also too important to remember that while the leadership of the police the partment is top shelf. officer nash five years on the job twenty eight years old he was a hero and the n.y.p.d. is not just the leadership it's the men and women who are out there every day. who are on the first line and i think officer nash really showed how important they are and how talented and how brave so we all applaud and congratulate him
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i spoke to the homeland security secretary yesterday who pledges full coordination with all the federal efforts and the f.b.i. i think it's important that we are all working as one and in this kind of situation there is no alternative this is not a time to have politics this is not a time to point fingers this is not a time to find blame it's a time to come together and work for a common goal the effort yesterday. killed eight people. but in my opinion the effort failed because the effort was not. to kill eight people the effort was to disrupt us to terrorize us to scare us. to create mayhem that's the effort that's the goal on all of
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these attacks. new york is a special target because we have that statue of liberty in our harbor that we're proud of holding up the torch for freedom and democracy but we've seen it all around the world and it is to create mayhem and terrorize and it failed the mayor is exactly right the hollowing parade last night was a beautiful example of the failure of the attempt a million new yorkers came out with their families with their children they celebrated they were there. just a number of hours after the incident and it was new york's way of saying we will not be deterred we are not terrorized you will not when we said that in one thousand nine hundred three of the world trade center bombing the
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first time we said that after nine eleven and we said that yesterday unprompted spontaneously they were all there and. the mayor and i marched and it was really reassuring to see the resilience of new yorkers now you'll see increased police presence all across the metropolitan area where you're going to double the number of bodies at places of congregation. airports tunnels. penn station which has six hundred thousand people that go through it every day the most heavily traveled transportation hub in the hemisphere i don't want anyone to draw any inference from that we don't know anything and we're not responding to anything it's just as a precaution same thing at the marathon the marathon will go on. because new york
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goes on and it's an important event for all of new yorkers. again i want to and where i started the effort by the first responders was phenomenal the reaction by new yorkers as evidence last night this morning people got up they went to work children went to school and that's what makes new yorkers special that strength that resilience that ability to be undeterred in the face of ugliness and the actions of a dupré ved coward because that's what this was this was the actions of a dupree eved coward there is no grand statement to what was done. it was the act of a coward. and that's that's the way it should be regarded because that's the way it
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was i was proud to be the governor of the state of new york last night i'm proud every day but seeing the yorkers response. made me feel especially proud and again to the team you see assembled up here the f.b.i. the n.y.p.d. the n.y. the seamless coordination. really is is something to behold and a source of strength and comfort i hope for all new yorkers thank you thank you governor thanks mr mayor just. to reiterate what the governor and the mayor said now's the time not to time to live in fear it's not the time to be fearful that's the time for all new yorkers to be strong as we always are right now chief carlos gomez he's our chief of the palm and he's going to talk about what we're doing to increase security throughout the city across. i could morning everyone immediately following yesterday's attack in lower manhattan. all right we've just
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been listening to senior officials there from the city of new york updating the media. on the attack that happened on tuesday less than twenty four hours ago the killed people we just heard a moment ago from. new york state governor andrew cuomo and then before him the mayor of new york city bill de blasio and the police commissioner all there at the new york city police headquarters. praising the efforts of the police and emergency services saying that new yorkers will remain undeterred by this attack that they should also remain vigilant and all efforts are being made to. ensure that new york and new york are safe and security being stepped up as well kristen salumi is standing by for us live in new york city so kristen not a whole lot of new information there on the attack itself and the investigation as
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you would probably expect since we're still less than twenty four hours after it happened. but i guess it was more the message that we were hearing from leaders there that message of unity that people should go about their daily business undeterred and and they should not be cowed by this. absolutely the governor and the mayor of new york presenting in front saying that this was an attack on our values that america said an attempt to break our spirit but our spirit will not be broken he talked about the fact that new yorkers came out for how we prayed last night after the attacks in new york city marathon scheduled for this weekend looking amid a very heightened police presence with major landmarks being flooded with double the police officers we're seeing it happen all around me maybe you notice behind me more barricades going up along the route here and the crime scene if anything is getting bigger not smaller there's
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a good fourteen blocks. i mean on the west side of manhattan that is shut down as police continue to investigate this this horrible scene this is where the truck was driven that's where eight people were killed another twelve were injured some of them very very seriously i can tell you in terms of the investigation what we do know the governor saying earlier in the day that they do believe there is a link between the twenty nine year old suspect here and i saw according to a note that was left in the truck that he rented and used for this attack now they say that they do not know of any wider plots or any connection to any other people in this area they have no specific other threats that they are concerned about at this time but obviously very heightened vigilance the governor also saying earlier that the suspect came to the united states from his back to stand legally in two thousand and ten so this is where things are right now of course also this
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investigation continuing in new jersey where the man was living and working as a driver conducted more than fourteen hundred trips with ordinary citizens around here driving them around prior to this attack so at this stage lots of questions i should also point out that investigators are speaking with the suspect at this time at his hospital bed even as he recovers from surgery the gunshot that he says the son of so very much an active investigation but as we saw in that press conference new york officials wanting to present a unified front and say that this is not going to change the city where we are standing strong in the face of such a horrible about. all right kristen thanks but from a christmas salumi lifeforce in new york is a city that has always attracted tourists from all over the world and as we mentioned five of those killed in the attack were from tina old from this one town
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which is very much a town in mourning right now it's a race about joins us live from the arjun time capsule when osiris with more on that. well that's correct five argentinians were killed were killed on tuesday's attack one of them was seriously injured and he remains in the hospital they were part of a group of nine friends high school friends that had travelled to the capital to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their graduation apparently it was something that they did quite often to remember all time some of them could not afford the tickets and they helped each other out in order to make it to new york city there were some businessmen some architects between forty eight and forty nine years old but i'll cite your is a city that's about three hours away from the capital is that in the province of some the fair and is hopeful the place where football star you're nearly may see was born right now that city is completely in shock we've heard that the mayor has declared three days of mourning we also heard that the school that this man
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attended there was a small ceremony this morning and that their friends are calling for a vigil the seventy at this point we know that the argentinean government is trying to help the victims also trying to help the relatives that are traveling to new york city at this point and also seeing when to repaginate the bodies we also heard a very strong statement from president mauricio markedly who condemned the attack obviously but he also said that there are times that the government at this point cannot be gray that all governments around the world need to condemn terrorism and be willing to fight and that is about a lot for us there in want to do it. john whole point is a reporter for newsweek magazine he says trump strategy to quiet down on immigration will face legal pushback. the accused attacker here arrived in the united states in two thousand and ten from uzbekistan and was radicalized after he arrived united states you know there's
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a similar situation with the perpetrator of the orlando attack he was born in the united states he was radicalized here so i think we need to ask what is it about isis that so appealing that people who are legally in the united states are becoming radicalized rather than will more extreme vetting procedures in terms of immigration keep us safer and are we just going to keep adding more and more countries whose back to stan is not on this list trump has had to revise this list several times he's faced a number of legal hurdles he's even added u.s. allies to the list chad which is a vital u.s. ally in africa so you know i think we need to ask some tough questions about is this approach to terrorism is approach to trying to keep america safe logical out palestinian authority of president mahmoud abbas has taken over three border crossings in the gaza strip the hamas movement which governs the territory surrendered its control of the checkpoints the handover part of an agreement
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between political rivals hamas and fattah that handover does not mean that people in gaza will be able to move through crossings they still need to apply for an israeli travel permit the authority will now control the palestinian side of gaza's borders with israel in egypt though the borders border crossings include edits in the north and i will sell them in the south of gaza crossing on the border with egypt is expected to reopen in two weeks will burn a smith is the areas crossing he joins us live now. how is all of this going to affect. life for the palestinians there on the practical side. palestinians hear those wishing to cross from gaza into israel it has little impact really because israel who controls who goes in and out it's more the crossing down rougher between gaza and egypt were not open in
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a couple of weeks time little be significant now we know that hamas and fatah officials mediated by the egyptians were discussing all through the night tuesday into wednesday exactly how these border crossings would be handed over eventually agreed to relinquish all and any influence at the border crossings between israel and gaza between gaza and egypt and that's for the first time in ten years the palestinian authority has been back in control of the borders within palestinian territory in gaza. deconstruction for the reconstruction of palestinian unity in gaza this was until this morning hamas is customs post near the border with israel. al-jazeera was last here almost three weeks ago and this is where i have to have a visa for permission to enter the gaza strip. now
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it's been taken apart. the. mediators from egypt along with officials from hamas and fatah oversaw the hand-over part of hamas is agreement to return control of gaza to the palestinian authority this is going to be the end of the division chalo this is the first time to be the end at the end of the journey because we see everything as was that is it that is what has he said from. the other guys this is the seventh attempt i was doing in reconciliation in gaza in the last ten years but this is the first time that we've seen the physical tearing down of hamas is institutions here and it's that it's giving weary palestinians in gaza faint glimmer of hope this time reconciliation might just work. the cost of living should also come down hamas used to levy taxes on goods and food a car could be twenty five percent more expensive here than in the west bank that's now stopped. at this crossing the handover of power will have little practical
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impact the palestinians because israel let's hardly anyone leave the few that left today were hopeful the conditions might improve when measured on abortion reconciliation is good for the people in gaza it will help to solve electricity problem believed to siege and solve other problems it's the border between gaza and egypt that people here are desperate to see reopened construction work is keeping it closed for another two weeks when it's ready i was stinney and will be able to travel freely outside gaza for the first time in ten. years. now the hours employees used to work at this border checkpoint are among the forty thousand or so civil servants and security officials hired who worked for hamas whose jobs are now on the discussions essentially what happens to them they'll be committee starts up over the coming months to decide what's going to happen to all those employees may be paid off given early retirement but it's important that some sort
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of satisfactory resolution is reached for them in the territory where there is more than sixty percent unemployment already. burner smith my first there near erez crossing in gaza thank you hamas and fattah have reached an agreement but the differences remain adnan abu ahmed is the head of the political science department at the university of the in gaza he has an opinion piece on al-jazeera dot com where he highlights three issues that could derail this deal and you'll find his article under the opinion page or just search for. palestinians around the world are demanding an apology one hundred years ago since the it's a hundred years since the balfour declaration was written leading to the division of powers times street protests taking place in bethlehem against the israeli occupation protesters made an effigy of the former british foreign secretary after balfour which was shot at by the israeli military now that declaration is widely
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celebrated by israelis but regarded by palestinians as a betrayal either way it's set in motion a conflict that remains unresolved today our u.k. correspondent barnaby philips looks back one hundred years. a man of the british establishment in one thousand nine hundred seventeen arthur balfour was foreign secretary his country fighting the first world war on many fronts including in what the british called the holy land against the ottoman turks when balfour issued his fateful declaration his majesty's government view with favor the establishment in palestine of a national home for the jewish people and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non jewish communities in palestine or the rights and political status enjoyed by jews
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in any other country the british government wasn't thinking about when it made that declaration is the simple truth it was thinking about its immediate goals for the war for the are more about propaganda of rivalry and also securing for itself a loyal population in palestine the serious can go the route the imperial context is terribly important to understand what was happening but then in one thousand nine hundred ninety but for the arab majority balfour's promise however vague was a betrayal in the twenty's and thirty's britain governed palestine as a league of nations mandate and discovered that balfour declaration had not balance the demands of jewish and palestinian nationalism it had exacerbated them. by the time the british left with the foundation of israel in one nine hundred forty eight
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they were despised by many on both sides with the creation of the state of israel and the palestinian nakba that resulted from that the consequences of still with us all today and palestinians do see a direct link if you talk to. the israeli occupation today it's. just markets. fiftieth is a direct result. in. a gathering in london to mark the centenary the. with. the thanks. i think with drew lines on maps and give away territory without consulting the people who live there yes different era but one with profound consequences today
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many israelis will celebrate the centenary many palestinians. for britain this is put on the classroom. abare phillips is live for us now in london so barbie britain is a far different country today than it was a hundred years ago but the role that it played in a conflict that still goes on today is undeniable how is britain treating this anniversary. the certainly a lot of discussion within the political class as you would imagine has and some disagreements the british government says that. it's avoiding the use of the word celebration it says that it's commemorating the anniversary and it acknowledges that whilst the first part of balfour's promise the creation of a jewish homeland has happened the second part relating to the rights of palestinians obviously has not been met the question is what can britain
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do about that now there are many people on the opposition benches of parliament who say well now is the time that britain should recognize palestine that would be if you like almost an atonement for what happened back in one thousand nine hundred seventeen the government does not agree but there are dissenting voices within the governing conservative party i've been talking to a prominent conservative m.p. his name is crispin blunt he follows arab affairs closely i asked him how britain should mark this and. i voted for the recognition of the state of palestine the government is current in a different place and is wanting to see more progress towards a two state solution before the united kingdom gets the point i have to disprove them and i think we should recognize a palestinian state however the reality is that's going to be a gesture in current circumstances because the unhappy reality on the ground is that the moment a two state solution is simply not
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a prospect because of what's being created on the ground and it's on that process and then on the decision makers of the state of israel that we've got to look to see that the whole of the balfour declaration is delivered by both the first bomb that supported a homeland for the jewish people as well as the second part that was meant to respect the rights of the people who already live there. well tomorrow evening the the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu will be here in london for an official dinner with theresa may the british prime minister to mock the seventeen or any one person who will be notably absent he was invited is the opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn who's been an outspoken supporter of the palestinian cause in the past he says that he has other engagements back to you donna philips live for us in london thanks bobbie now john bond is a spokesman for the balfour project which was created by british citizens to
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highlight britain's record in palestine before and during its mandate he joins us now from london to talk more about this thanks for being with us so what is the message that you that you and your group are are trying to get out there today with this. well yesterday we had a meeting in westminster central hole next to parliament and twelve hundred people attended the theme of the meeting was britain's broken promise time for a new york pro church and we had wished parliamentarians bishops a rabbi and. academics speaking and the call was that we need to recognize palestine as a sovereign state emily thornberry the shadow foreign secretary made clear that the labor party if they came to power do that immediately. for the foreign minister a lot o.
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and said it is true we did break our promise and then he put forward several ideas on what could be done to try and fulfill insofar as we can that promise. but what do you say to those who argue. while they're there is an argument that can can be made you know what you've just said there that this is perhaps a little idealistic and that britain needs to recognize the reality of its relationship with israel that there is an economic and political relationship there . that where if it moves too quickly it will not want to upset that what it what do you say to do to those critics. well a conflict that's gone on for one hundred years has to be resolved and britain which played a major role in creating that conflict by a whole series of contradictory promises which do actually shame our nation. during the time of the mandate certainly needs to play a prominent part in working out
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a solution that's of vital importance to israel as it is to palestine and there are ways forward and we need to pursue them. just one final question before for you let you go what influence does britain have today i mean as we were saying earlier it's it's not. it's not the big empire that it was a hundred years ago and its influence in the world has certainly waned since then what place does it have in trying to to to change the situation in the middle east . well britain still has considerable influence and a lot of countries take their lead from british approaches also i think i think we have to accept that we did wrong in not implementing the second part of the balfour declaration and the arafat meeting last night was to make that clear
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that many british people recognize the great did wrong at the moment many palestinians of pretty well hate is not too strong a word for it. the feeling that we betrayed them and therefore that needs to be put right if we are ready to express that which i hope our government will express at some stage then we may start to build the kind of trust which means that people do start to listen to us all right. good to speak with you jon bonet joining us there from london thank you well our documentary program al-jazeera world takes an in-depth look at this declaration it looks at events dating back to world war one and how they played a role in the signing of the declaration its repercussions and impact on the middle east and its people on al-jazeera world documentary section or just search for balfour declaration at one hundred seeds of discord all right over
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now to sort of we we now move on to a northeastern african nation which doesn't get much international media attention sort of high as has more on a rare process that's happening in eritrea id has been in fact multiple videos have been shed on you tube facebook and twitter of a process in eritrea's capsule a smart the us embassy has advised citizens to voice the areas that protest appeared to be more pervasive and. now activists online have accused the security forces of shooting at them in straits is now we've not been able to verify that what we do know is the violence has centered around a school in a predominately muslim korean neighborhood and the eritrean government has ordered it to ban its students from wearing the headscarf class and its religious based islamic education now of course as you can imagine this hasn't gone down too well with the locals in fact students from the islamic school started protesting is
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a picture that i found on facebook of the school and the school headmaster was arrested now that ninety year old has a messiah he's a well regarded elza in his community and he's opposed the government why is a plan to make changes to schools as well as its curriculum and those talking. the girls come into the school wearing he jobs are our daughters they're muslims and it's part of their religion to wear it so no one can hurt them for that we are ready to bear all the consequences there is no man who is not willing to defend die or be imprisoned for his religious beliefs. so you heard from there but those talking about this story online have mainly been people opposing his arrest now sabrina says the eritrean government wanting to shut down the school is religious discrimination and she used the hash tag release mr now that's been a that's been used quite often but from eritrea has tweeted this image in arabic this is the by the way just that picture of him and this is the tweet just here
6:44 pm
which are zoom in for you so i can can see a little bit better playing up but what it's saying is there a train regime isn't only interfering in the schools the way they run as well as universities but it's also getting involved in how we run our mosques and he uses the hashtag social movement is a must now malik has also been tweeting in arabic the hash like a smart protest that's the capital saying this nation has not been on the world radar for years but has now started to stand up for its human rights now the information minister in eritrea has also been tweeting he did confirm that there had been some violence in trouble but he also downplayed reports of this violence saying a small demonstration by one school and asked more dispersed without any casualties is hardly breaking news now some people in eritrea have accused the school of preaching religious extremism under the pretext of education one of them is jamal
6:45 pm
a man saying i'm a sim but what do ya islamic school of us maher was doing to write a close young followers was on acceptable and here's another tweet from someone called some some who believe that the government secularization of education is that graham policy needed to last in peace and progress but as always we want to hear from you perhaps you're living in eritrea or maybe your from there living elsewhere get ahold of me on twitter my handle is. sort of thanks very much now human rights groups are accusing police in kenya of using excessive force against protesters that's after last week's presidential election rerun at least six people were killed and dozens injured in the violence more than thirty people have died in protest since august when the supremes court overturned president hu kenyatta when catherine sawyer reports from the gori. mary a ten year old son callings a chicken was shot during clashes between police and protesters after last week's
6:46 pm
election she says he was outside the house in the town of me gori in western kenya and in all the bitterest yes you. will be president but we are hardly from the things his police have done to us people have been demonstrating peacefully we are not here to have our children beaten and shot. in another part of town. family is in mourning the father of six was shot in the head. i never imagine that god will take away my friend so now i've been left to make children i'm not the only one crying. several rights groups have accused police of using excessive force and live ammunition the protesters were mainly stones and sling dozens of people have now been killed since august when the supreme court overturned the fast election because of irregularities security forces are blamed for many of the deaths if we don't break the cycle of impunity police officers will
6:47 pm
have no reason not to do this again and you know we need to see accountability but . they need to be taken to court. this regional commission one charge of four counties where the election was cancelled because of violence say that not all parties peaceful no i think more that has been done or other means are. started by stopping. the music the young. kids will buy you. a police station with. them. but some people we talked to say the police have been attacking them at home many people in this neighborhood say police used tear gas to force them out of their homes they also used live ammunition leyva he was shot in the stomach recall what happened. they got us out of the house and told us to. one then shot me and another hit me on the knee.
6:48 pm
investigations into some of the killings have started but people here are not optimistic they will get justice catherine so al-jazeera liguori western kenya now in an exclusive interview with al-jazeera opposition leader raul odinga says he will not give up until kenyatta is out of office i think the movement is. because it is. expressing the frustration the. political the provision the. loss faith and confidence of the people. the people. getting what is the right. to governance. what is.
6:49 pm
the constitution the. people. with. you know and you can watch that exclusive talk to al-jazeera interview on sunday at nineteen thirty g.m.t. and on monday at fourteen thirty or got a whole section on the kenyan elections at al jazeera dot com as well you can read opinion pieces including this one what came out of the election and our current affairs program inside story with richelle carey and a panel of guests takes a look at what is next after the disputed pope. or climbing will be banned at one of australia's most famous tourist sites but that's not happening to twenty nine thousand so sought out why is there a conversation about this on line well as i'm in a room is the name of the rock trending worldwide and that's because it's the largest monolith in the world and apart from being a tourist attraction most importantly it's
6:50 pm
a sacred site for aboriginal australians now will or is management which is mostly made up of aboriginal leaders votes as unanimous need to close the rock to climb and a decision they say was long overdue after decades of campaigning. for all you are going to get i've talked it interacted with many visitors every day and the question they always asked me was when are you thinking of banning the climbing this place will need to make spirits to help us work out how we restore and rehabilitate if that's what the traditional owners want and how i think. the word that was used today was how we heal some of the scars that might be on a limb. and here's a bit of the background on the significance of it every now the red rock formations stands in the ballroom national park and it's thought to be hoffa a billion years old around three hundred thousand people visit the unesco world heritage site every single year but the indigenous and i'm group people have for
6:51 pm
a very long time said that their sacred site has turned into a theme park over the years now there is already a sign asking crime is not just the route but it remains largely ignored by the visitors and tourists but not everyone is happy about the ban including column is called chris kenny now he believes this is one of his tweets but the ban is nonsense he tweeted people can respect and still crime next year want us all to give up fish on fridays or pork or contraception or alcohol and the majority of people online using the hash tag route have been actually celebrating the decision now richmond says they don't climb our churches crime and tory m cemeteries icons so should we should not climb there's now the tourism central australia has also welcomed the decision and it said it has a long supporter of the policy outlined in the rue gazza juta national parks management plan and recognizes the rule as
6:52 pm
a sacred and culturally significant place for and i'm going to its traditional owners but as always what do you think get in touch with us using the hashtag eighty new spirit i'm afraid of you'll find me on twitter. i saw it on the farm will be here with all the sports you'll be looking at how the baseball world is gearing up for the biggest game of the season.
6:53 pm
oh yeah let's get to school for not who hasn't thank you so much it all comes down to one night the world series is heading to a deciding game seven dollars dodgers pulled off
6:54 pm
a win against the houston astros on choose day to level series wednesday's game seven will also be played in l.a. so how malik reports. with justin voted back on pitching duties the houston astros looked to have the advantage going into game six of the world series with the l.a. dodgers. and that's how the early innings played out right in the top spot no one has the dog to struggle for hits george springer hit a solo home on to put the astros ahead we're told he would not be changing the way the doj has finally got to grips a violent in the sixth inning you could be chris taylor had an avi i dealt with to tie the game a one one god will one check. and then corey sega had to sacrifice fly to give the dodgers a two one lead. you think you. could get him scoring exactly juicy
6:55 pm
steamships you want to add extended the lead to three one in the seventh when john pattison hit a solo home run it was pure we were for the second straight year the world series heading to a decisive game seven i think you dream about it as a kid i think it's a big for me and i think all of us to. to just remember it's still baseball game these two teams mirror one another and the compete in the fight in both teams is the most important thing that i see as similarities. but again we were we worked all year long to have home field advantage and here we are so it's only fitting for the series yet just because you can shut the door just stadium is getting ready to stage a world series game seven for the very first time so while mallett al-jazeera. might carlson is a baseball broadcaster he says the astros efforts have been a rallying point for the people of houston after devastating floods earlier this
6:56 pm
year. it's the kind of thing you think back to say when the new orleans saints won the super bowl in american football after hurricane katrina had devastated the city it is a great rallying point sport does tend its best to bring people together and i think that's what's happened in houston and as i was saying for the non baseball fans you know that game five in houston which the astros managed to win thirteen to twelve against probably the best pitcher in baseball pitching for los angeles clayton kershaw had the best playoff pitcher pitching for houston and that really captured the imagination huge high scoring last night's game was more of a classic baseball game and there is nothing better you know when when the game is low scoring when every pitch really counts and and what you get now in a game seven unlike a super bowl or an f.a. cup final where you have just have one game for a championship it's a series of seven games but it's the culmination of one hundred sixty two game
6:57 pm
season three rounds of playoffs we're into november now and baseball is supposed to be done while the weather is still good but global warning warning means that back in l.a. at the beginning of the series was over one hundred degrees fahrenheit there which is unheard of for for a world series so now you've got everything depending on just one game the pressure is intense as i said every single pitch is going to matter and i just think that this is sport its very best. now remember these images from last week there of houston who was caught in the dugout making a racist gesture towards darvish many dodgers fans were upset when lee decided grell would serve his suspension at the start of next season a lot of people criticize the league for allowing darrelle to continue playing in the world series is dodgers pitcher darvish pears to pitch the game of his life let's see what people are saying on twitter nerdy asian sides so the dodgers asian pitcher you darvish has to play
6:58 pm
a team that condones and asian racism directed at him do better m.l. be a better word tweeted out if karma is a thing you darvish will throw a complete game tonight and he'll strike out to cap it off make it happen universe for more on this you can tweet me directly at f. underscore is fall it's back to has it. all right that'll do it for the newsgroup join us again same time to more.
6:59 pm
it's the end of the breeding season as we take a ferry through the straits of magellan to mark the island today the island is a penguin colony sanctuary with access to tourists accompanied by foot nine this and penguin expert lloyd we learned the penguin colonies in south america are under threat climate change is one reason it is well documented that changing rain patterns or spend was to abandon flooded nests warmer ocean temperatures have diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially
7:00 pm
plastics are also killing penguins in colombia transforming urban waste into building blocks just for a sample of their waste plastic and the more we can finish their house in. just ten years and in singapore for a chicken farms and living building anything you do on land on the ground doesn't make sense to do that on a building now can we make of not just decorative but from a market biologically productive earthrise discovers cutting edge solutions for sustainable city at this time on al-jazeera. the white house calls for tougher immigration rules after a truck plowed into cyclists and civilians in manhattan.


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