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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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a swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastic are also killing penguins in colombia transforming urban waste into building blocks of years just for sampling their waste plastic the more we can finish the house in china in just ten years and in singapore fridge go farms and living building anything you do on land on the ground doesn't make sense to do that on a building now can we make of not just decorative but can we might get biologically productive earthrise discovers cutting edge traditions for sustainable city at this time. the white house calls for tougher immigration rules after a truck plowed into cyclists and civilians in manhattan.
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hello i'm watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. an order to ban religious teachings at a school leads to a rare public protest in the northeast african nation of eritrea. and historic agreement for failed hamas leaders handed over control of four border crossings to the palestinian authority. palestinians parade an effigy of off a bow for us protests mark the run up to the centenary of his famous declaration. in the last hour police have said the suspect in tuesday's new york truck attack was acting in support of i still and had planned the attack for weeks new york
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mayor bill de blasio says his city will not be intimidated eight people were killed and eleven others injured when a pickup truck drove down a cycling in lower manhattan the suspect is a twenty nine year old man a rigidity from beck a stun us president donald trump says he'll implement more extreme vetting of foreigners police of interview the man in hospital based on the investigation overnight it appears that mr say probably had been planning this for a number of weeks he did this in the name of isis and along with the other items recovered at the scene was some notes that further indicate that. he appears to have followed almost exactly to eighty the instructions that isis has put out and its social media channels before with instructions to their followers on how to carry out such an attack let's get more from kristen salumi is live for
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us in new york and kristen we're hearing more about the suspect what is the latest on the investigation. well we know that the police came to that conclusion that this was inspired by a cell from a note that was left in the truck that he used to plow into those people killing eight people injuring twelve more on the bike path that goes along this roadway behind me this remains an active crime scene we've been pushed back by police officers here because they are still very much looking at what's happening not only or what happened not only here on the west side of manhattan there in new jersey investigating where the man lived where he rented his vehicle from and they've been talking to the suspect twenty nine year old. from his back a sound as well now they say that they do not have any indication that other people here in the united states were connected to this attack although they do say
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that he was inspired by i saw and followed their instructions to carry out such an attack pretty clearly to the t. as we just heard they are continuing to look for those other connections however they say this is a man who had never been the subject of a and y p d or f.b.i. investigation but they're now looking to see if he's connected to other people that were on the radar how he came to the united states while legally in two thousand and ten from baucus and the president of the united states donald trump picking up on that apparently after hearing a report on fox news that the suspect was allowed in through a diversity visa program calling for more that ing of people who come into the united states immigrants into the united states of course this was a campaign issue for him. investigators however believe that this man was radicalized after he came to the united states not before so that's what we have
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latest from comments from investigators earlier today because it's a resilient city and people became to. but what does this mean for new york going forward. well we're seeing already increased presence of police officers on the streets doubling up according to officials of police at major landmarks like penn station where thousands of commuters travel every day the new york city marathon is taking place this weekend however and that it will not be canceled but you can bet that there will be added protection along an already very protected route here in new york as thousands of people gather to watch and take part in that annual spectacle of officials are actually encouraging people to go about their business however this is the largest attack on new york city since nine eleven but dozens of others have been thwarted in between the nine eleven and today and yesterday's attack so the mayor and the governor calling on people to continue
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to go about their business and not be deterred by what they called an attack on our values an attack to break the spirit of new york in the united states thank you very much kristen salumi with all the latest from new york. but been violent protests in the capital of eritrea an opposition group says at least twenty eight people have been killed in us mara and more than one hundred injured though the claims can't be independently verified a spokesman from the right see afar democratic organization says the protest was spot by government attempts to close a muslim community school the u.s. embassy in eritrea reported gunfire at several locations in a small are on choose day earlier we spoke to salaam kidani who's the director of the human rights group release eritrea she says protests in eritrea are on hurdles . i think it's about controlling civil life i don't think it's about religion at
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all whatsoever because if it was religion it would have been done in consultation with the people and getting the people on board i think this is a draconian measure to yet again control of the air tran public and squeeze out any public space and any freedom of expression any print i'm afraid just less ship any form of liberty civil liberty one of my colleagues describe it to me as bringing more by the short term to asmara this is a very useful city but they describe it as black hawk down moment for us tomorrow where shootings were were heard in the streets separate shootings and even when children were coming out of school equaling nursery school children very small children young people being chased through the streets of us tomorrow. and complete pandemonium protests are not just rare enough announcement i've never seen or heard
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of the protests since eric has independence or maybe even before that so this is this is a very unique and maybe even a one of this young people have taken matters into their own hands and yet there i mean this is this is a country that is ruled by fear and yes people are taking enormous risks and it's a very courageous step to take. at least twenty six people have died in as strike in the northern side a province in yemen a stronghold for the hoofy rebels as thought the saudi led coalition was behind the strike the plane struck a hotel in a market and this a hard distrait near the saudi border the coalition hasn't confirmed or denied that it was behind the attack. the palestinian hamas movement has handed over administrative control of three border crossings to the palestinian authority it will now control the palestinian side of gaza's border with israel and egypt but the handover may not mean an end to the blockade on gaza as bonnet smith explains.
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the construction for the reconstruction of palestinian unity in gaza this was until this morning hamas is customs post near the border with israel. al-jazeera was last here almost three weeks ago and this is where i have to have a visa or permission to enter the gaza strip. now it's been taken apart. the. mediators from egypt along with officials from hamas and fatah oversaw the hand-over part of hamas is agreement to return control of gaza to the palestinian authority this is going to be the end of the division shylock this is the first time to be the end of the journey because we see everything was very easy as you said. this is the seventh attempt i was doing in reconciliation in gaza in the last ten years but this is the
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first time that we've seen the physical tearing down of hamas is institutions here and it's that it's giving weary palestinians in gaza a faint glimmer of hope this time of reconciliation might just work. the cost of living should also come down hamas used to levy taxes on goods and food a car could be twenty five percent more expensive here than in the west bank that's now stopped. at this crossing the handover of power will have little practical impact for palestinians because israel lets hardly anyone leave the few that left today were hopeful the conditions might improve. reconciliation is good for the people in gaza it will help to solve electricity problem. lift the siege and solve other problems it's the border between gaza and egypt that the people here are desperate to see reopened construction work is keeping it closed for another two weeks when it's ready i was students will be able to travel freely outside gaza for
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the first time in ten years bernard smith al-jazeera gaza. the palestinian authority says it's planning to sue the british government over the balfour declaration a policy statement that pave the way for the creation of israel for just as in bethlehem in the occupied west bank made an effigy of affable for who was persons foreign secretary on november second in one nine hundred seventeen when the declaration was signed the pledge is generally viewed as one of the main catalysts of the not the ethnic cleansing of palestine in the one nine hundred forty eight many palestinians blame belfour for a century of conflict. elsewhen breath landing banksy has been marking the anniversary in his own unique way sorry for said was that. between the separation wall and his walled off hotel here in bethlehem the british street artist banksy is putting on a twisted version of a street party a british street party in commemoration of one hundred years since the balfour
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declaration in which britain signed up to support the project of a jewish national home here in palestine only committing to the support of the civil and religious rights of the ninety percent of the population at that time which it defined as non jews i the palestinians and so there are fifty palestinian children from nearby refugee camps who are here enjoying this street party what we are waiting for is the unveiling of a banksy artwork which we expect to reference the balfour declaration. so there it is. in to the separation wall an apology of sorts from britain of course the palestinians have long been arguing for a proper official apology from the united kingdom right now the israeli prime minister is in the u.k. for functions marking one hundred years since about four declaration the british government has expressed pride in its role in securing
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a national home for the jewish people although it does say that so far the other part of the balfour declaration safeguarding the civil and religious rights of the non jews has yet fully to be realized as far as palestinians are concerned it's much worse than that the two hundred years have been characterized by dispossession division displacement and occupation there will be protests both here in palestine and in london. and watching. using excessive force against protesters as the fallout from last week's election in iraq continues . and it kills more than. people a year now doctors are gathering in brazil to find ways to eliminate the titus.
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however we have the rain clouds heading towards china over the next diode say but not just yet so still looking fine and dry more pleasant autumnal sunshine hong kong at twenty nine degrees celsius shows just edging towards taiwan the spilling out of the philippines and they'll continue to nudge the way a little further north which as we go on through friday just not so the winds are pushing in from the northeast this is the northeast the monsoon in that same northeasterly monsoon has been producing some very heavy right into the southeast of in the air you can see how the cloud has been rolling in the cross. chennai four hundred five millimeters of rain in the past forty eight hours and was for this time of year is around about three hundred millimeters for the entire month so this has been exceptionally wet just for the last couple of days and further shows longer spells afraid as we go on through thursday schrank are also seeing some flooding rains coming through here and that wet weather not just there on thursday still in place as we go on through friday further north it is generate dry karate
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thirty three celsius with some pleasant sunshine continuing thirty three celsius here in doha as well lovely weather continuing across much of the arabian peninsula the hazy sunshine is set to persist with a little more cloud to the southern end of the region. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera a quick look at the stories making headlines this hour the new york police deputy commissioner says the suspect behind choose days truck attack had planned it for a number of weeks and appears to have done quote in the name of ice. at least twenty eight people have been killed in rap protests in the capital of eritrea the demonstrations began on monday allegedly over a government attempt to control and community school. now been protests in the occupied west bank to mark the hundred year anniversary of the balfour declaration the palestinian authority says it's planning to sue the british government over the policy statement to pave the way for the creation of israel. now iraq
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is moving to take control of a key border crossing into tuckey from the kurdish regional government the crossing separates the semi autonomous kurdish region from turkey iraq humanitarian chief visited the turkish side of the border on choose day but kurdish officials deny they've taken control of the crossing baghdad has vowed to take over all kodesh controlled crossings in retaliation for holding an independence referendum last month stephanie deca has more. there's been a lot of back and forth rumors and reports about who is in control that. this is the border crossing with turkey well at the moment the kurdistan regional government remains in charge when speaking to people here who will tell us that they haven't heard of any change that needs to be done but baghdad has made it very clear it is going to reassert federal authority federal control over every single border crossing that the p.r.g. control. now just a fifteen minute drive down the road from abraham his fish cardboard no fifa board
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is a border crossing with syria syria is just across the river and these two border crossings are the ones that baghdad is looking at to take for stalks are underway and baghdad is keen to stress there are not negotiations this is talks between military and technical delegations to figure out how to do this because it is going to happen these two and the other border crossings that the k.r.s. you controls now we've been speaking to pressure america who are at the checkpoints here we're not allowed to film them and they will say they just told us that they don't really have much to say when it comes to the political decisions but they do say of baghdad is going to try and take away all of their autonomy it's not going to end well two police officers have been stabbed in an attack in front of tunisia's parliament building the attacker who said to have been known to authorities was arrested at the scene in tunis officials say he challenged at the policemen an act of what they call jihad one of the offices is still being treated in hospital after being wounded in the neck power and water have been cut off as an
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australian run detention center in papa new guinea where around six hundred asylum seekers are refusing to leave the man asylum detention center was shot on choose day following a ruling by a popgun court that it was unconstitutional asylum seekers fear being attacked by locals if they moved the un refugee agency says the new accommodation is still being built is not fit to live in andrew thomas is following the story for us from sydney. refugees inside what is now the full the prison amount of saddam's on getting any new food brought in nor fresh water they using rainwater and nor is there any poly inside the prison that's been shut off as well they are managing to eat a little bit of energy to power up mobile phones and that's how we're getting information from them via social media but essentially they are living on their own barricaded in and they're also fearful fearful that locals might break in it has happened before when the word god in the prison back in twenty forty when i was on my side
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and some of the locals described the refugees as animals you have to treat them like that they said so you can see the kind of content that both sides have for the other and where these fears come from they're also fearful of the place and the military force ablate removing them and taking them to the nearby town we spoke to propagate immigration minister there on wednesday and he denied that was going to happen from the start it just felt like if you look at. it if you saw them if you as you pointed out though the immigration minister doesn't have direct line management about the military not. just listening to the u.s. president donald trump he's been speaking about the attack which took place in new york. eight people. and injuring very very seriously at least eleven more all of america's praying in grieving for the families. who lost their precious loved ones horrible act our hearts break for them and we
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pledge to renew our result in their memory my administration is coordinating closely between federal and local officials to investigate the attack. and to further investigate. this animal who did the attacking and updates will be provided as available. i am today starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program. i'm going to ask congress to immediately. initiate work to get rid of this program diverse jury and diversity lottery. diversity lottery sounds nice it's not nice it's not good it's not good it hasn't been good we've been against it so we want to immediately work with congress on the diversity
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lottery program on terminating it getting rid of it we want a merit based program where people come into our country based on merit. and we want to get rid of chain migration. this man that came in and or whatever you want to call him. brought in with him. other people and he was a point he was the point of contact the primary point of contact for and this is preliminarily twenty three people that came in or potentially came in with him. and that's not acceptable so we want to get rid of chain migration and we've wanted to do that for a long time. and i've been wanting to do it for a long time and we'll be asking congress to start working on it immediately there are bills already about ending chain migration and we have a lot of good bills in there were being stopped by democrats because they're
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obstructionists and honestly and don't want to do what's right for our country we need strength we need resolve we have to stop it so we're going to get rid of this lottery program. as soon as possible he came in through the diversity program as you know and we're going to stop we're going to as quickly as possible get rid of chain migration and go to a marriage face midst of terrorists and constantly seeking to strike or a nation and it will require the unflinching devotion to our law enforcement homeland security and intelligence professionals to keep america safe we will take all necessary steps to protect our people and our communities and to protect our nation as a whole we have to get much tougher. we have to get much smarter and we
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have to get much less politically correct was so politically correct that we're afraid to do anything. and that's not only our country that's other countries too that are having very similar problems and we have to get tough we have to get smart we have to do what's right to protect our citizens we will never waiver in the defense of our beloved country ever. and we'll never ever forget the beautiful lives that have been taken from us. that was a horrible event and we have to stop it and we have to stop it cold. we also have to come up with punishment that's far. and far greater than the punishment these animals are getting right now they'll go through court for years at the end they'll be who knows what happens. we need quick justice and we need strong
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justin's much quicker and much stronger than we have right now because what we have right now is a joke and it's a laughing stock. i don't want to do it so much of this stuff takes place and i think i can speak for plenty of other countries through that are in the same situation. so with that being said we will be starting our cabinet meeting today you know a discussion that and focus on vital issues of tax cuts and tax reform. it will be the largest tax cut to the history of our country by far the house is doing very well take it an extra few hours which will go in tomorrow and into tomorrow and we'll be announcing and i'll probably be standing with the believers you know for sure we're leaving on friday morning so up and standing with them sometime tomorrow
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we'll be announcing massive tax cuts and reform not just the script it's tax cuts which to me is the most important but it will be tax cuts and reform. we right so we've been listening to u.s. president donald trump saying that the investigation into the attack in new york continues trump called the suspect an animal but also a very significant announcement saying that he will now start the process of terminating the immigration law saree program this is a mechanism a longstanding mechanism that's been in place for many years which facilitates migration to the united states by granting people from outside the u.s. with green cards the suspect in this attack you see here obtained his green card to the u.s. in this way president donald trump saying that he will ask congress to close the
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immigration laws reprogram. now and i was stories of following a lawyer for catalonia is deposed president says carlos budged a month will not return to spain to testify on charges of rebellion sedition and embezzlement but demands along with thirteen members of his dismissed cabinet have been summoned to madrid course on thursday three former cast lead leaders including the interior minister have returned to barcelona they travel to brussels on monday as spain's chief prosecutor sought charges linked to catalonia is a declaration of independence. liberia's supremum court has suspended next week's planned presidential runoff election until a challenge to the first round of results can be heard the legal case is being supported by the ruling unity party as candidate finished second it accuses current president ellen johnson sirleaf of interfering with the vote sirleaf is stepping down after twelve years in office and as for now with her party's leadership. a
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summit in brazil is looking at ways to eliminate viral hepatitis which kills more than one point three million people around the world every year that's more than all other chronic illnesses including hiv malaria and tuberculosis daniel schorr in law has more. they've all recovered from hepatitis c. they are relieved and grateful and want to pass on their experiences to help in the fight against the disease their group when a good life meets frequently what osiris to help new sufferers and raise awareness . principle i am is to give information the patient arrives with little knowledge and is shocked after being diagnosed with a chronic illness the patient thinks they are going to die so we start to tell them what is happening and why hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver tissue some have no early symptoms while others develop jaundice and suffer vomiting hardness and abdominal pain it may be temporary or long term. had to liver transplants.
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the virus returned four months after the second transplant and put the liver at risk the truth is i didn't have much hope but thank god i was given this new treatment and it cured me pretty much one hundred percent. after thirteen years with the disease he's now healthy the whole group watching developments in sao paolo with interest hepatitis is a global problem but the solution is also global each country with its own characteristics coming together in sao paolo to share their experiences in the fight to eliminate the disease by twenty thirty argentina is one of the few countries to have a national program to fight the disease scientists and health experts work with governments and civic society for the sufferer's a model the world health organization and world hepatitis alliance is keen to promote in sao paolo. but i don't have but they did point of view we heard
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a lot of. tools too good that quantrill would have boxing's hall of the writer whose already has seen no days you know saw. innovation with the treatment with the new york diner and the way those that are slow in. controlling anyone who talk about why they do you see the cure. the target at the sell paolo summit is to focus on the fight to eliminate baro hepatitis by twenty thirty the challenge to raise awareness raise the funding the sure the all the working together against the disease that no one should have to suffer from. what osiris. but look at the top stories now the new york police deputy commissioner says the
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suspect behind she's day struck attack and planned it for a number of weeks and appears to have done so in the name of myself mayor bill de blasio says new york will not be intimidated by the incident and sunday's marathon will go ahead as planned eight people were killed and eleven others injured when a vehicle plowed into a cycle lane in manhattan a twenty nine year old suspect who's originally from his back is don was shot by police and is being treated in hospital u.s. president donald trump has condemned the attack and says he's considering terminating the green card lottery program i am today starting the process of terminating the diverse jury lottery. program. i am going to ask congress to immediately. initiate work to get rid of this program diverse array and diversity lottery. diversity lottery sounds nice it's not nice it's not good it's not good it hasn't been good we've
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been against it. in our other top stories at least twenty eight people have been killed in protests in the capital of eritrea according to an opposition group of protests and began on monday an escalated on cheese day a spokesman for the red sea a far democratic organization says the protest was sponsored by government attempts to close a muslim community school. at least twenty six people have died in an ass strike in northern province in yemen a stronghold for who see rebels a plane struck a hotel in a market in the so hard to straighten out a saudi border a saudi led coalition says it's investigating the strike the palestinian hamas movement has handed over ministers of control of three border crossings to the palestinian authority will now control the palestinian side of gaza's border with israel and egypt. and that been protests in the occupied west bank to mark the hundredth anniversary of the balfour declaration the palestinian authority says
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it's planning to sue the british government over the policy statement that pave the way for the creation of israel. you're up to date with all of our top stories a full but isn't coming up for you in about twenty five minutes but that's off the witness which starts now stay with us.


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