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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm AST

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about for the last five days the plaintiff. and one has been fed up against all odds an aging population is passing on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback at this time. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to. the white house calls for tougher immigration rules after the manhattan truck attack.
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hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up. an order to ban religious teachings at a school leads to a drab public protest in the north east african nation of eritrea. palestinians parade an effigy of off the balfour as protests mark the run up to the santini of his famous declaration should. be limping flame arrives in seoul ahead of next year's winter games but can it rekindle public interest in him that. police say the suspect in tuesday's new york truck attack was acting in support of i cell and had planned it for weeks new york mayor bill de blasio says his city will not be intimidated eight people were killed and eleven of those injured when
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a pickup truck drove down a cycle lane in lower manhattan the suspect is a twenty nine year old man originally from his back is stung u.s. president donald trump has condemned the attack and says he's considering terminating the green card lottery program i am today starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program. i'm going to ask congress to i'm really really. initiate work to get rid of this program diverse array of diversity lottery diversity lottery sounds nice it's not nice it's not good it's not good it hasn't been good we've been against it. so let's get the latest from kristen salumi his life first in new york so a significant announcement from president trump on the green card lottery program but how straightforward is it going to be full
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a president to actually enforce his pledge. well look the president ran on tougher immigration policy for the united states he's three times now tried to impose bands that have been whole or in part been struck down by the courts because they were viewed as muslim bands and based on religion and not on other sound principles he's run into opposition from democrats certainly who have said that his policies and his ideas are against the spirit of the united states and the country that's been based on immigration so while he is talking about ending this diversity lottery and going to a more merit based system in fact he has been talking about this for a long time getting some form of a system that congress can agree on of course will be difficult he's also talked today about the possibility of sending this suspect twenty nine year old so i followed. to go on tata mowbray as an enemy combatant an issue that was first
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brought out by senator lindsey graham of south carolina earlier today saying that investigators should treat this man as such that would give them more leeway in their investigation and give the suspects fewer rights in his prosecution and we have been learning more about the attack and way his allegiances lie what is the latest on the investigation. well we know now that there was a note inside of the truck that pov used to run down the street behind me and kill those eight people and injured twelve more the note did express some allegiance to ice all according to local officials here in new york it says they say that he was radicalized in the united states after coming here in two thousand and ten from his back a stand we know that they have been talking to him at his bedside after he received
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surgery for a gunshot wounds that were inflicted by police we know they've been in new jersey where he was living investigating his home and vehicle that hit that store where he rented that truck to use in the attack and they're still investigating here on the scene they say that they were he was never the subject of an f.b.i. or n.y.p.d. investigation we know that the federal and local authorities work very closely on terrorism issues and have so many ongoing investigations and lists of people that they've been looking at two dozen planned attacks have been thwarted here since nine eleven this one got through he was not on investigators radar so now they are widening their search they're looking at whether or not he was connected to other known suspects and whether or not there was any wider plot or any wider connections with the group here in the united states they say so far they have not seen any connection of that but this is still very much
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a young and active investigation in fact they're calling on new yorkers and visitors to new york anyone he was here who may have seen something anyone who knew the suspect in his role in his life in new jersey and so on to come forward if they have any information that they may think is used that may be useful to this investigation as they continue to look for those connections and i thank you very much for the latest from yale kristen salumi. well five of the eight people killed on tuesday were from argentina they had traveled to new york as part of a larger group celebrating a school reunion trey's a bow has more from one as irish five argentinians were killed on tuesday's attack one of them was seriously injured and remains in the hospital they were part of a group of nine friends that got together in new york city to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their graduation apparently they did this quite often to remember all time some of them could not afford for the ticket so they helped each
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other out some of them were businessmen architects between forty eight and forty nine years old about three hours away from the capital is in the province of of some buffett the place where football star your mail may see was born and at this point that city is completely in shock of the mayor there has declared three days of mourning at this high school that this man attended there was a small ceremony earlier this wednesday and also their friends are calling for a vigil later on wednesday night at this point the argentinean government is trying to assist the victims are trying to help the relatives reach new york city and at some point of course repatriate the bodies for right here president of course condemned the attack and he also said that at this point there is no time this is not the moment to be great that all nations around the world need to condemn terrorism.
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now they've been violent protests in the capital of eritrea an opposition group says at least twenty eight people have been killed and a smaller and more than one hundred injured are the claims can't be independently verified a spokesman from the red c.f.r. democratic organization says the protest was sparked by government attempts to close a muslim community school the u.s. embassy in eritrea reported gunfire at several locations in s. lar on cheese day earlier we spoke to salon kidani who is the director of the human rights group release eritrea she says protests in the country are on heard of i think it's about control. of the life i don't think it's about religion at all whatsoever because if it was religion it would have been done in consultation with the people and getting the people on board i think this is a draconian measure to yet again control of the eritrean public and squeeze out any public snarl where shootings were were heard in the streets separate shootings and even when children were coming out of school equally nursery school children very
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small children and young people chased through the streets of us tomorrow. and complete pandemonium protests are not just rare enough announcement i've never seen or heard of protests since eric has independence or maybe even before that so this is this is a very unique and maybe even a one of this young people have taken matters into their own hands and yet they're i mean this is this is a country that is ruled by fear and yes people are taking enormous risks and it's a very courageous step to take. the palestinian hamas movement has handed over administrative control of three border crossings to the palestinian authority it will now control the palestinian side of gaza's border with israel and egypt but the handover may not mean an end to the blockade on gaza as bernard smith now explains. the construction for the reconstruction of palestinian unity in
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gaza this was until this morning customs post near the border with israel. al jazeera was last here almost three weeks ago and this is where i have to have a visa for permission to enter the gaza strip. now it's been taken apart. the mediators from egypt along with officials from hamas and fatah oversaw the handover part of hamas is agreement to return control of gaza to the palestinian authority this is going to be the end of that division shylock this is the first time to be the end of that the end of the journey of course was the everything was very easy that is what has he said from. the other guys this is the seventh attempt i was doing in reconciliation in gaza in the last ten years but this is the first time that we've seen the physical tearing down of hamas is institutions here and it's that it's giving weary palestinians in
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gaza a faint glimmer of hope this time of reconciliation might just work. the cost of living should also come down hamas used to levy taxes on goods and food a car could be twenty five percent more expensive here than in the west bank that's now stopped. at this crossing the handover of power will have little practical impact for palestinians because israel lets hardly anyone leave the few that left today were hopeful the conditions might improve when measured up on a question reconciliation is good for the people in gaza it will help to solve electricity problems leave to siege and solve other problems it's the border between gaza and egypt that the people here are desperate to see reopened construction work is keeping it closed for another two weeks when it's ready i was tinian will be able to travel freely outside gaza for the first time in ten years bernard smith out has their own gaza well in other developments the palestinian
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authority says is planning to sue the british government over the balfour declaration a policy statement that pave the way for the creation of. rail protesters in bethlehem in the occupied west bank made an effigy of arf a bell for it was britain's foreign secretary on november the second in one thousand nine hundred seventeen when the declaration was signed a pledge is generally viewed as one of the main catalysts of the not ethnic cleansing of palestine in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight many palestinians blame balfour first century of conflict or elsewhere in bethlehem the british artist banksy has been marking the anniversary in his own unique way are a force that was there. in the occupied west bank a twisted version of a british street party to mark the hundred year legacy of the balfour declaration it's the work of street artist banksy outside his bethlehem hoto the guests of honor palestinian children from nearby refugee camps and her majesty queen elizabeth the second sort of. sort of saying sorry.
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that has supported the national aspirations of a people who'd suffered discrimination and violence for hundreds of years the wording of the declaration contained a disparity that's borne bitter fruit in the hundred years since promising a national home for the then and future jewish immigrants while only safeguarding or committing to the civil and religious rights of the non jews who lived in palestine of a time ninety percent of the population here. on the other side of the separation barrier students and academics at hebrew university debate its consequences it was one in mongar many and gave a very important thing is for the corporation but nevertheless what happened on the garland was even more important what happened on the ground happened under the author of the british mandate which began a year after the declaration in centers like jaffa palestinian economic and
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cultural life emerging from autumn and rule was beginning to flourish at the same time jewish immigration accelerated the zionist project already underway now had the support of a major nation to do i think you this is the beginning of israel and also the beginning of the recognition of israel by the world wide net of the balfour declaration deprive many of their properties nine one of them i mean refugee i live in to fight refugee camp i can't go back to my original village. by the one nine hundred forty s. britain worried about a forcible creation of a jewish state was attempting to hold back jewish immigration now the zionists targeted the british ninety one people were killed. in the bombing of mandate headquarters at jerusalem's king david hotel. i was told the cost little sympathy for the jewish cause surged in one hundred forty eight when the british withdrew the state of israel was declared. the palestinians that moment is remembered as the nakba strophe when hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes and land
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students at the university in the occupied west bank say it all began with balfour and. we won't settle for an apology return what he made us lose then we'll accept the apology. and in bethlehem palestinian protesters weren't settling for british commemoration no matter how satirical for them the centuries since the balfour declaration has been one of displacement disposition and occupation force it better have in the occupied west bank. and watching al-jazeera much want to tell you about on the program our emotion was shot office in australia in one detention center improperly guinea six hundred refugees are refusing to leave. and it kills more than a million people each year and now doctors are gathering in brazil to find ways to eliminate the titus.
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however they weather is fine and dry lovely weather across much of the middle east at the moment we have still got a fair amount of cloud around the black sea the caspian sea stretching all the way into pakistan further south it is generally settled in sunny warm sunshine so a warm one there in task came to the around twenty nine celsius twenty four celsius the kabul but you can see the clouds look into these just drift its way further eastward so as we go on through the next couple of days it's not a little further south which is just around the caspian but will clear out there still in place as we go on through friday to. be fun to drive around twenty one thirty three celsius that kuwait city thirty three celsius here in doha maybe thirty three thirty four over the next couple of days in the pleasant sunshine continuing across cotta and much of the arabian peninsula but a little more clout that just around southern end. pushing down towards yemen
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little more cloud to into the western side of southern africa at present just drawing out of the tropics right down across through maybe a into the western cape and that's going to be my focus for and whether that we do see over the next few days you can see some rather heavy downpours a possibility as we go on through friday just edging a little further east from pos fine and dry social africa on the other hand plenty of showers.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the stories making headlines now the u.s. president donald trump says he plans to end a so-called diverse. program which he says allowed the is back suspect of cheese days truck attack to enter the country. at least twenty eight people have been killed in rare protests in the capital of eritrea the demonstrations began on monday allegedly over a government attempt to control a muslim community school. protests new york abide west bank to mark the hundredth anniversary of the balfour declaration the palestinian authority says it's planning
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to the british government over the policy statement the pave the way for the creation of israel. now in all the stories we're following iraq is moving to take control of a key border crossing into turkey from the kurdish regional government the crossing separates it semi autonomous kurdish region from turkey rockey military chiefs visited the turkish side of the border and choose day but kurdish officials deny they've taken control of the crossing baghdad has vowed to take over all kurdish controlled crossings in retaliation folding an independence referendum last month. there's been a lot of back and forth rumors and reports about who is in control that. this is the border crossing with turkey well at the moment the kurdistan regional government remains in charge when speaking to people here who will tell us that they haven't heard of any change that needs to be done but baghdad has made it very clear it is going to reassert federal authority federal control over every single
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border crossing that the p.r.g. control. now just a fifteen minute drive down the road from abraham is fish cardboard aboard is the border crossing with syria syria is just across the river and these two border crossings are the ones that baghdad is looking at to take first talks are underway and baghdad is keen to stress they're not negotiations this is talks between military and technical delegations to figure out how to do this because it is going to happen these two and the other border crossings that the k.r.s. you controls now we've been speaking to pressure america who are at the checkpoints here we're not allowed to film them and they will say they just told us that they don't really have much to say when it comes to the political decisions but they do say of baghdad is going to try and take away all of their autonomy it's not going to end well. two police officers have been stabbed in an attack in front of tunisia's parliament building he said to have been known to authorities was
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arrested at the scene in tunas officials say he ciancia a policeman an act of what they call jobs on of the offices are still being treated in hospital after being wounded in the neck. now saudi arabia says it's investigating him as strike in yemen saga province that killed at least twenty six people it happened when planes struck a hotel in a market in the sahara district near the saudi border a stronghold for the who see rebels. the head of kenya's election observation group says last week's repeat presidential election was not free and fair the main opposition boycotted the election in an exclusive interview with al-jazeera opposition in iran are adding a says he will continue to fight until her kenyatta is out of office i think the movement is a very liberal movement because it is clearly expressing the first dilutions the or the. the political to proven just being
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done with the june of last few than a confidence of the people no force would drop the people created from getting what is the both of them good to great to governance that what is going to end in the article one of our constitution the bill. is written the people going will come to rely on that eventually community good leader to do so and you can see the full interview with reiner a danger on talk to al-jazeera and nine hundred thirty g.m.t. on sunday. now power and water have been cut off in australian run detention center and papa new guinea where around six hundred asylum seekers are refusing to leave them on a silent detention center was shot on shoes day following
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a luring by pop one course it was unconstitutional asylum seekers fear being attacked by locals if they move the un refugee agency says the new accommodation is still being built and isn't fit to live in thomas is following the story from sydney. refugees inside what is now the full the present amount of saddam's aren't getting any new food brought in nor fresh water they're using rainwater and nor is there any power inside the prison that's been shut off as well they are managing to eat a little bit of energy to power our mobile phones and that's how we're getting information from them via social media but essentially they are living on their own barricaded in and they're also fearful fearful that locals might break in it has happened before when the word god in the prison back into the fourteenth when i was on my own i saw and some of the locals described the refugees as animals you have to treat them like that they said so you can see the kind of content that both sides have for the other and where these fears come from they're also fearful of the place and the military forcibly removing them and taking them to the nearby town we
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spoke to propagate immigration minister there on wednesday and he denied that was going to happen from the start if you're forty if you know fifty. or forty if you some number if you as you pointed out though the immigration minister doesn't have direct line management about the military nor the place and they have acted unilaterally in the past now strike me as foreign minister was talking to the australian media on wednesday about this problem you get he said refugees all australia's responsibility this is what she had to say had already managed to be suited commendations services are available you know to shoot accommodation and water a treaty and medical support. and i will not be restricting strain do you the ship is suggesting that the refugees may be exaggerating the level of threat they face in an attempt to soften australia's stance she is saying that is not going to happen australia is still firm they will never come to australia and
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that the accommodation that is being provided elsewhere on the other even though it's not protected and even though refugee advocates say is only hauffe built certainly not suitable to be moved into yet she says it is and they should go there now. a summit in brazil is looking at ways to eliminate viral hepatitis which kills more than one point three million people around the world each year that's more than all other chronic illnesses including hiv aids malaria and tuberculosis daniel shaima has more. they've all recovered from hepatitis c. they are relieved and grateful and want to pass on their experiences to help in the fight against the disease their group when a good life meets frequently in what osiris to help new sufferers and raise awareness. principle i aim is to give information the patient arrives with little knowledge and is shocked after being diagnosed with a chronic illness the patient thinks they're going to die so we start to tell them
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what is happening and why hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver tissue some have no early symptoms while others develop jaundice and suffer vomiting tiredness and abdominal pain it may be temporary or long term. to liver transplants. the virus returned four months after the second transplant and put the liver at risk the truth is i didn't have much hope but thank god i was given this new treatment and it cured me pretty much one hundred percent. after thirteen years with the disease he's now healthy the whole group watching developments in the cell paolo with interest hepatitis is a global problem but the solution is also global each country with its own characteristics coming together in sao paolo to share their experiences in the fight to eliminate the disease by twenty thirty argentina is one of the few countries to have a national program to fight the disease scientists and health experts work with
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governments and civic society for the sufferer's a model the world health organization and world hepatitis alliance is keen to promote in sao paolo. but i don't have but i did point of view we heard a lot of. tools to get that control we have back things who are of the world those whose already has a vaccine nowadays and also. innovation with the treatment with the new director and the way those that are slow effective in. control information anyone who talked about it by the see the cure the target at the cell paolo summit is to focus on the fight to eliminate viral hepatitis by twenty thirty the challenge to raise awareness raise the funding the sure the all the working together against the disease but no one should have to suffer from daniel schorr and there are two zero one osiris. now the intake flame has arrived in south korea ahead of the winter
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games in cannes chang organizers are hoping the torch relay will generate excitement for the factory gang's journey but reports from inshallah. thirty years after seoul summer games the olympic flame returned to south korea on wednesday ready for the winter and paralympics in february he came by plane direct from athens and was carried by kim yawner the korean figure skater who won a gold medal at the vancouver games. the slogan for the torch relay is let everyone shine it means that the inextinguishable olympic flame will shed light on the hope passion and future of everyone the games being held in going one province eighty five kilometers from the north korean border and after more than a decade of work to fail bids and chapters of controversy over venue locations construction delays and costs the organizing committee says that nearly everything
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has now been completed with the entire project costing thirteen billion dollars korea needs these games to be a financial success not just a sporting one it's not just the cost that's causing these olympics it's also the threat posed by north korea in the current crisis and that's reflected in poor international ticket sales organizers are hopeful that with the arrival of the olympic flame it will kick start. the south korean public has been largely apathetic so far with many complaining about high ticket prices and a shortage of accommodation it's worrying local businesses which have invested heavily for the games. it is regrettable that the olympics boom is falling short of our expectations so far however green people react when they are pressed for time so i expect the boom to spears explanation old growth for the remaining two hundred days we're about to read and what we are trying to achieve is peace on the korean
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peninsula therefore there should never be any armed conflict and cannot be any military moves on the peninsula without our preapproval. north korea hasn't said. yet whether it will be sending a team to the games flame is set off in a two thousand kilometer tour of the south before reaching people in china for the opening ceremony on february the ninth many here believe the success or failure of these games depends on what the north does or doesn't do. tony berkeley al-jazeera incheon south korea. that's up to you on the top stories this hour now u.s. president donald trump says he plans to end the diversity visa last reprogram which allowed the is back suspect to choose days truck attack to enter the country eight people were killed and eleven others injured when a vehicle plowed into a cycle lane in manhattan
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a new york police deputy commissioner says the twenty nine year old suspect had planned it for a number of weeks and appears to have done so in the name of i sell i am today starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program. i am going to ask congress to immediately. initiate work to get rid of this program diverse array and diversity lottery diversity lottery sounds nice it's not nice it's not good it's not good it hasn't been good we've been against it. at least twenty eight people have been killed in protests in the capital of eritrea according to an opposition group the protests in us mara began on monday and escalated on tuesday a spokesman for the red sea a far democratic organization says the demonstrations were sparked by government attempts to close a muslim community school. the palestinian hamas movement has handed over
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ministries have control of three border crossings to the palestinian authority the p.a. will now control the palestinian side of gaza's border with israel and egypt is part of deals between hamas and fatah brokered by egypt in october but the handover may not mean an end to the blockade of gaza. and other developments have been protests in the occupied west bank to mark the hundredth anniversary of the balfour declaration palestinian authority says it's planning to sue the british government over the policy statement that pave the way for the creation of israel. and has more on that story and everything else right here al jazeera dot com for the latest comment analysis and video on demand you can watch us live right there as well inside story is coming up next the news hour is after that so on in about twenty five minutes time.
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what happens when the oil runs out rich gulf countries are being warned the future is bleak and they say diversify and become this reliance on oil so what are the alternatives and how is the current blockade on cats making things worse this is inside story.


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