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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2017 10:00pm-10:34pm AST

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oh is it allison where they're online we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on sect. one but. it will a few this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag eight a stream and one of your pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. i am today starting the process of terminating the diverse jury lottery program. donald trump announces plans to crack down on immigration in the wake of
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the new york truck attack that left eight dead. nor in taters hours are live from london also coming up. at least twenty eight people are killed in rare protests in eritrea one of the most reclusive nations in the world. and of us three so bitter that even a satirical tea party marking one hundred years since the balfour declaration is too much for some palestinians to stomach. and we talk to victims of election violence in kenya killed dozens in small west rights groups say they used excessive force. and the u.s. president donald trump says he will shut down the visa program which are now the suspect in the new york truck attack to enter the country so for those type of came
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to the u.s. what was back is time in twenty ten under the diversity visa lottery program better known as the green card lottery eight people were killed and eleven others injured when a pickup truck plowed into cyclists and pedestrians in manhattan. i am today starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program. i am going to ask congress to immediately. initiate work to get rid of this program diverse array and diversity lottery diversity lottery sounds nice it's not nice it's not good it's not good it hasn't been good we've been against it but we can speak to our white house correspondent can really help it so swift move here from president trump what's the reaction been to it. well there's been a bit of amazement really that the president is using the attack in new york to
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justify a need for a complete revamping of the immigration program in the united states is a stark contrast many believe to the reaction of george w. bush following the september eleventh attacks where he used that as an opportunity to try and unite americans to console many feel that president trump another republican president is doing just the exact opposite but in fact even dividing americans by suggesting that controversy or reforms be made so soon after the attack when many americans are grieving now the diversity visa programs long been contentious in the united states it allows as you point out those from countries who are don't typically immigrate to the united states to enter and have a pathway to citizenship but this president has pointed out is he believes a source of security risk in the united states he not only said this in the cabinet room he said it on twitter and then pointed to top democrats including chuck
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schumer the top democratic senator in the u.s. senate as being the reason that this occurred even sort of essentially blaming chuck schumer for the attack that occurred in new york something that the senator pushed back on rather strongly on the floor of the senate accusing the president of not only didn't dividing the nation but also politicizing a tragedy and it's hard to not what else to try to say about it. well some of the other remarks the president made which are particularly controversial is not only that he has called this suspect an animal but that he has suggested that he should be sent to guantanamo bay prison in cuba and of course tom obey has long been controversy will it was suggested in fact under barack obama that it should be close something that donald trump on the campaign trail has promised to reverse of course is rel the reason this is controversial is that those that have been held there often for more than a decade have been held without charge so the point that the president is trying to
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make is that he believes this person deserves that not to have sort of the the rights that american citizens are extended when they are accused of a crime and also the point he is making is that lotteries in his view let in the wrong people expected this is a point that will be echoed by sarah huckabee sounders when the white house briefing begins within the hour can be how could thank you very much indeed police say the suspect had been planning the attack for weeks and that he'd been studying instructions on how to carry out such attacks posted by our school on social media crews on to has the latest on the investigation. shortly after daybreak and crime investigators continue their search of the scene after the worst terrorist attack in new york city since the nine eleven world trade center attacks in two thousand and one while the investigation is still in its early phases authorities said on wednesday the suspect saifullah. a twenty nine year old from his back to stand who had been legally living in the u.s.
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for seven years was linked to terrorism police search site pops home in new jersey but indicated he was not on any f.b.i. watch list based on the investigation overnight it appears that mr safe had been planning this for a number of weeks he appears to have followed almost exactly to eighty the instructions that isis has put out site pops horrific attack began when he drove his rental truck onto the west side highway bike path near west house in st he then traveled some twenty blocks down the pathway down cyclists and pedestrians his truck came to a halt in the tri beca neighborhood where he crashed into a school bus injuring more people on board after abandoning his truck witnesses say sight pov raced around the intersection before being shot and arrested by police he remains in the hospital among the eight killed five friends from rosario in argentina who are in new york celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their high
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school graduation argentina's president. said the country was in shock. there were five young entrepreneurs model citizens in recent rio society and i can only imagine with beautiful families this is something that has impacted all large and signs myself in particular the other three who died were two americans and one belgian several people remain in the hospital some with serious injuries new york's governor said this city has faced down terrorism before. or and will do it again that strength that resilience that ability to be undeterred in the face of ugliness and the actions of a dupré ved coward the city is to deploy an unprecedented number of anti terror police on sunday for the annual new york city marathon it's expected to drop fifty
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thousand runners and two point five million spectators but the event will go on gabriel's on doe. new york. let's get more now from christensen amy in live in new york for us so give us an update on the latest in the investigation. but we know that investigators have been interviewing side in his hospital bed where he's recovering from gunshot wounds to his stomach and surgery but it was a note that was found in that rented truck that first link decide to eisele investigators say that the note was written hand written in arabic and said essentially that i saw will endure forever and of course as we just heard followed the playbook put forth by isilon and social media and web sites in terms of how he conducted this attack right down the highway north of here where he veered off on to that bike path the governor of new york andrew cuomo says that he was
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radicalized here in the united states. he was not known however to new york investigators nor to the federal bureau of investigation he was however apparently or appears to be connected to other subjects that were under investigation by these authorities and that's what they're looking at now who was a circle of friends and contacts and are there any more threats out there right now the mayor of new york bill de blasio has said that they have no other credible threats against the city but there is an increased presence of police and law enforcement really state federal and local law enforcement that we're seeing not only here at the crime scene but all over the city atlanta marks and there will be more of this presence as well at the new york city marathon this weekend where millions of people are expected to show up and watch this annual event this of course to reassure the public that things are still safe in the mare's actually
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encouraging new yorkers to continue to go out and conduct their normal daily business he says that this was a town. an attack on the values of the city and. an attempt to break the spirit of new yorkers but we will not be broken he's not only encouraging them to go about their business however he's encouraging them to come forward with any new information any concerns they might have about another threat or anything that could be related to the attack that happened here pointing out that in the past it has been the public that's how soiled events like oil runs like this and in the hopes that they can get some new information that will help them understand exactly what led this man to do this act and whether or not he has any connections here that we should know about personally thank you very much. but we want to protest in the capital of eritrea an opposition group says at least twenty eight people have
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been killed in a smaller and more than a hundred people injured although these claims cannot be independently verified a spokesman from the red sea a far democratic organization says the protests were sparked by government attempts to close a muslim community school the u.s. embassy in eritrea reported gunfire at several locations in a spiral on tuesday so he done is the director of the human rights group release eritrea she says the government's response was very heavy handed i think it's that they should that they should take arms against effectively high school students and their parents that's how it started out so i think they're taking it extremely sick neurotically seriously actually to shoot at. children that's what they're doing but also there has been funny responses on twitter that hasn't been. acknowledged meant or any official. statement pertaining to this but on twitter the information
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minister actually tried to play it down and accuse the people who were actually breaking it into the international news. iran's supreme leader has told russia's president that they need to step up corporation to isolate the united states and restore peace in the middle east ayatollah ali how many is reported to have made the comments during trilateral talks with vladimir putin and azerbaijan's leader in tehran the war in syria and twenty fifteen nuclear deal dominated the talks with putin labeling threats by the u.s. president to withdraw from the deal as unacceptable a lawyer for catalonia as deposed president says calloused pushed him on will not return to spain to testify on charges rebellion sedition and embezzlement wisdom on along with thirteen members of his dismissed cabinet have been summoned to a madrid court on thursday three former catalan leaders including the interior minister have returned to barcelona they travel to brussels on monday spain's chief prosecutor sort charges linked to catalonia as declaration of independence. still
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to come on the program no power no water we report on the plight of six hundred asylum seekers refusing to meet the man asylum detention center. and the plane touches down in south korea. sparking interest in the winter games. hello bellows just spent about twenty four hours and in the snow fall as this snow storm study went through then disappeared into western russia but you can see it on the cloud through northern europe have it don't particularly deep is not particularly bright in michigan right back out to the atlantic again so what's it doing well it's trying to bring slightly warmer across what was recently rather wintry weather and it's succeeding to some degree the temperature up to about ninety warsaw but moscow sitting in the blue at about plus one if you take it head
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next two days you'll notice that skirting around that cold air is what's coming into the atlantic service now on the edge otherwise it's all rain moscow still in the cold and the warmth held back a bit of us polo poland back to jim go talk about double figures now so it's still only warming up not as warm still as portugal and spain but even here the weather's changing cloud and rain coming into the a big difference to the last week or so just isn't locked in temperatures back so it was a bit of a wintry spell and his dad got a little bit milder you notice in the sun start to come out again to show whatever snow fell on the mountains so i mean there's no longer cold air coming down through the g. and we've leveled off in the low twenty's are still showers forecast around the coast of libya maybe egypt and rain is edging back slowly into morocco. where there is water there is life but finding it in australia's arid desert is
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a skill few still possess they took us to a small wet spot in the desert and this was this is a very important place they've been telling us about for the last five days. and one is against all odds an aging population is passing on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback at this time are not just. one of the top stories. president donald trump says he wants to shut down the visa program which allowed the suspect in the new york truck attack to enter the country
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. with deputy commissioner says the suspect. had planned it for a number of weeks and appeared to have done so in the name of i saw. at least twenty eight people being killed in rare protests in the capital of a retread the demonstrations began on monday and over a government attempt to control a muslim community school. as you know far from just to the british government over the balfour declaration a policy that statement that pave the way for the creation of israel just as in bethlehem the west bank made an effigy of off about for britain's foreign secretary on november the second in one hundred seventeen on the declaration signed many palestinians blame balfour's pledge for a century of conflict. elsewhere in bethlehem the british artist banksy has been making marking the anniversary in his own unique way it was that. in the occupied west bank a twisted version of
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a british street party to mark the hundred year legacy of the balfour declaration it's the work of street artist banksy outside his bethlehem hoto the guests of honor palestinian children from nearby refugee camps and her majesty queen elizabeth the second sort of. sort of saying sorry. that has supported the national aspirations of a people who'd suffered discrimination and violence for hundreds of years the wording of the declaration contained a disparity that's borne bitter fruit in the hundred years since promising a national home for the then and future jewish immigrants while only safeguarding or committing to the civil and religious rights of the non jews who lived in palestine of a time ninety percent of the population here. on the other side of the separation barrier students and academics at hebrew university debate its consequences it was one in mongar many and indeed
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a very important case for declaration but nevertheless what happened on the golan was even more important what happened on the ground happened under the author of the british mandate which began a year after the declaration in centers like jaffa palestinian economic and cultural life emerging from autumn and rule was beginning to flourish at the same time jewish immigration accelerated the zionist project already underway now have the support of a major nation to do i think you this is the beginning of israel and also the beginning of the recognition of israel by the world wide net for the balfour declaration deprive many of their property as nine one of them i mean refugee i live in to flood refugee camp i can't go back to my original village. by the one nine hundred forty s. britain worried about a forcible creation of a jewish state was attempting to hold back jewish immigration now the zionists targeted the british ninety one people were killed in the bombing of mandate headquarters at jerusalem's king david hotel. holocaust sympathy for the jewish
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cause surged in one hundred forty eight when the british withdrew the state of israel was declared. the palestinians that moment is remembered as the nakba or catastrophe when hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes and land students at university in the occupied west bank say it all began with balfour and. we won't settle for an apology return what you made us lose then we'll accept the apology. and in bethlehem palestinian protesters weren't settling for a british commemoration no matter how satirical for them the century since the balfour declaration has been one of displacement disposition and occupation force it al-jazeera had in the occupied west bank. the head of kenya's election observation group says last week's repeat presidential election wasn't free and fair the main opposition boycotted the election in the exclusive interview with
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al-jazeera opposition in iran a dinger says he will continue to fight until a hurricane yet is out of office i think that. is. resting. on the. political vision. that does not. know for us. from. the. governance. what is going to end in a go one of our constitution. the. problem is built in the people going to come. and that eventually can be the design and you see the full interview with rollo digger on top trailers there at
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nineteen thirty g.m.t. on sunday if you missed that you can catch it again at fourteen thirty on monday human rights groups are using police in kenya of using excessive force against protesters or in last week's presidential election rerun at least six people were killed and dozens of others injured all the thirty people have died in protest since august when the supreme court overturned president her knesset as win from the gori in western kenya catherine sawyer reports. mary a ten year old son callings a chicken was shot during clashes between police and protesters after last week's election she says he was outside the house in the town of gori in western kenya. rice yes. will be president but we're hunting from the things his police have done to us people have been demonstrating peacefully we're not here to have our children
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beaten and shot. in another part of town thomas a family is in mourning the father of six was shot in the head. i never imagine that god will take away my friends. now i've been lifted my children i'm not the only one crying. several rights groups have accused police of using excessive force and live ammunition the protesters were mainly stones and slings dozens of people have now been killed since august when the supreme court overturned the fast election because of irregularities security forces are blamed for many of the deaths if we don't break the cycle of impunity police officers will have no reason not to do this again and you know we need to see accountability but . they need to be taken to court. this regional commission one charge of four counties where the election was cancelled because of violence says that not all
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part of a peaceful no i didn't order has been done or other means are. started by stopping . the music. by you. but some people we talked to say the police have been attacking them at home many people in this neighborhood say police used tear gas to force them out of their homes they also used live ammunition leyva he was shot in the stomach recall what happened. they got us out of the house and told us to. one then shot me and another hit me on the knee. investigations into some of the killings have started but people here are not optimistic they will get justice catherine. the gory western kenya saudi arabia says it's investigating and astrakhan yemen's northern set up province that killed at least twenty six people
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it happened when planes struck a hotel in a market in the sun han district near the saudi border a stronghold for he rebels united nations as it fits to find a political solution to the war as a general comment we remain deeply concerned that civilians including children continue to bear the brunt of the conflict we underscore that all parties to the conflict must abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law including the fundamental rule of proportionality distinction and precaution to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure against attack the secretary john he was very clear as was missing in her statement yesterday and i think the report that the secretary joe issued also makes his position clear what we're continuing to see in yemen very unfortunately is the continuing suffering of of the civilian population of men women and children whether it's from attacks whether it's from
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a denial and of access to humanitarian aid and this only redoubles or our efforts to find a political solution power and water being cut off at an australian run detention center in papua new guinea where around six hundred asylum seekers are refusing to leave the man i saw in detention center was shot on tuesday following a ruling by a popular court but it was unconstitutional because fear being attacked by locals if they move the un refugee agency says the new accommodation is still being built and isn't fit to live in under thomas's following the story from sydney. refugees inside what is now the full present amount of saddam's aren't getting any new food brought in nor fresh water they're using rainwater and nor is there any power inside the person that's been shut off as well they are managing to eat a little bit of energy to power up mobile phones and that's how we're getting information from them via social media but essentially they are living on their own barricaded in and they're also fearful fearful that locals might break in it has
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happened before when the word god in the prison back into it fourteen when i was on my own i saw and some of the locals described the refugees as animals you have to treat them like that they said so you can see the kind of content that both sides have for the other and where these fears come from they're also fearful of the place and the military forcibly removing them and taking them to the nearby town we spoke to propagate immigration minister there on wednesday and he denied that was going to happen almost forty if you know fifty. or forty if you some number if you as you pointed out though the immigration minister doesn't have direct line management about the military nor the place and they have acted unilaterally in the past and australia's foreign minister was talking to the australian media on wednesday about this problem you get he said refugees all australia's responsibility this is what she had to say had already managed to be suited commendation truth services are available at you know to shoot accommodation and water a treaty and medical support. and i will not be referred to the next training
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do you the ship is suggesting there that the refugees may be exaggerating the level of threat they face in an attempt to soften australia's stance she is saying that is not going to happen australia is still firm they will never come to australia and that the accommodation that is being provided elsewhere on the other even though it's not protected and even though refugee advocates say is only half built certainly not suitable to be moved into yet she says he's and they should go there now. then a big flame is arrived in south career ahead of the winter games in pyongyang organizers are hoping the torch relay will generate excitement for the february games so far ticket sales have been slow with the event overshadowed by security fears caused by the north korea crisis tony but he reports from incheon. thirty years after seoul summer games the olympic flame returned to south korea on wednesday ready for the winter and paralympics in february he came by plane direct
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from athens and was carried by kim yawner the korean figure skater who won a gold medal at the vancouver games. the slogan for the torch relay is let everyone shine it means that the inextinguishable olympic flame will shed light on the hope passion and future of everyone the games being held in going one province eighty five kilometers from the north korean border and after more than a decade of work to fail bids and chapters of controversy over venue locations construction delays and costs the organizing committee says that nearly everything has now been completed with the entire project costing thirteen billion dollars korea needs these games to be a financial success not just a sporting one it's not just the cost that's causing these olympics it's also the threat posed by north korea in the current crisis and that's reflected in poor
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international ticket sales organizers are hopeful that with the arrival of the olympic flame it will kick start. the south korean public has been largely apathetic so far with many complaining about high ticket prices and a shortage of accommodation it's worrying local businesses which have invested heavily for the games. it is regrettable that the olympics boom is falling short of our expectations so far however grim people react when they are pressed for time so i expect the boom to be explanation old growth for the remaining hundred days we're about to read and what we are trying to achieve is peace on the korean peninsula and therefore there should never be any armed conflict and cannot be any military moves on the peninsula without our preapproval so. north korea hasn't said you. whether it will be sending a team to the games flame is set off in a two thousand kilometer tour of the south before reaching people in china for the
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opening ceremony on february the ninth many here believe the success or failure of these games depends on what the north does or doesn't do. tony berkeley al-jazeera incheon south korea. their media network is marking its twenty first anniversary and it continued calls for its closure from gulf nations cattery emir has been attending celebrations in doha saudi arabia egypt bahrain in the u.a.e. all accused of supporting terrorism charges doha vehemently denies their long list of demands they want al-jazeera to be shut down but the emir says he will not bow to pressure that interferes with sovereignty and freedom of speech with the money he can always catch up with our website address for that is our dot com. top stories when i was there u.s.
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president donald trump says he will shut down the visa program which allowed the suspect in the new york truck attack to enter the country so for those type of came to us from uzbekistan in twenty ten under the diversity visa lottery program better known as the green card lottery eight people were killed and eleven others injured when a pickup truck plowed into cyclists and pedestrians in manhattan i am today starting the process of terminating the diverse array lottery. program. i am going to ask congress to immediately. initiate work to get rid of this program diverse array and diversity lottery. diversity lottery sounds nice it's not nice it's not good it's not going it hasn't been good we've been against it. and he's twenty eight people are being killed in protests in the capital of eritrea according to an opposition group protest in. began on monday
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and escalated on tuesday a spokesman from the red sea a found a practical one as ation says the demonstrations were sparked by government attempts to close a muslim community school and the protests in the occupied west bank to mark the one hundred year anniversary of the balfour declaration forty says it's planning to sue the british government over the policy statement that paved the way the creation of israel. at least twenty six people have died in an airstrike in northern province in yemen a stronghold for goofy rebels the planes struck a hotel in the market in the so hard district near the saudi border a saudi led coalition says it's investigating the strike iran's supreme leader has told russia's president that they need to step up cooperation to isolate the united states and restore peace in the middle east ayatollah ali how many is reported to have made the comments during trilateral talks with about amir putin and
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azerbaijan's leader in tehran the war in syria and the twenty fifteen u.k. deal dominated the talks with putin labeling threats by the u.s. president to withdraw from a deal as unacceptable to some of the stream is next more news for you after that by phone or. today one nation overdosed we look into the opioid epidemic in the united states how do you tackle the problem with.


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